Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Almond Joys | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • Grated coconut may not be everybody's cup of tea, but there is no denying that this candy is an absolute classic. In this episode, Claire Saffitz attempts to make a gourmet version of Almond Joys, that almond, coconut and chocolate Halloween staple.
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Almond Joys | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Yawnty/Zonesart
    Yawnty/Zonesart 7 hours ago

    arent there other methods of tempering that arent all about temperature? Like adding extra cocoa butter or xyz thing? ;o

  • Aleismar Rentas
    Aleismar Rentas 7 hours ago

    Brad totally resembles a golden retriever

  • Katrina Stewart
    Katrina Stewart 10 hours ago

    Third day curse!

    RACINGMIX 10 hours ago

    I'll buy the almond Joy thanks. It'd be better to create almond Joy butter cups and not worry about the form factor which looks like a multi day pain in the...

  • Genius Suga!
    Genius Suga! 11 hours ago

    These were my childhood candy I remember putting the almond Joy in the fridge and letting it freeze over night and then I would eat it in the morning or afternoon

  • Laena Martinez
    Laena Martinez 11 hours ago

    Claire, you’re look way better! Sorry Peter Paul

  • Gloria C
    Gloria C 15 hours ago

    You didn't say if you used the toasted coconut!?

  • Rabab Wahid
    Rabab Wahid 16 hours ago

    I feel like Brad and Claire secretly like each other 😋

  • Ales Busquim
    Ales Busquim 17 hours ago

    Oh my God Claire looks so much like Rogue

  • Femarie Sabado
    Femarie Sabado 18 hours ago

    I wish they had macapuno

  • Farhaanah
    Farhaanah 18 hours ago

    Claire: this is a test kitchen
    Kitchen: (on fire 🔥)

  • Time Out
    Time Out 18 hours ago

    talk about being full of herself... LOL I am BORED to death.

  • J.Lender333
    J.Lender333 22 hours ago

    You did great

  • Adalyn Montgomery

    please make gourmet hot tamales!!!🥵

  • KingNightstar
    KingNightstar Day ago

    Great job! But... this is not an almond joy.. its an almond mounds. Do you have something against milk chocolate? Every chocolate challenge you switch to dark chocolate. Not saying it wouldn’t be good but it’s not true to the product you’re recreating.

  • TheZebinator
    TheZebinator Day ago

    Brad the birdman

  • Melissa H Lee
    Melissa H Lee Day ago +4

    Brad: This one seems easy.
    Claire: I know right?
    Me: (stop the video and see the vid is 31 minutes long).

  • Noelle
    Noelle Day ago +2

    “This seems like an easy one!”
    *glances at the video length*

  • Cielo Delfinado
    Cielo Delfinado Day ago

    Claire: *Holding a knife with a gourmet almond joy on the tip* "I've been saving this half for you
    Chris: *Walks towards the almond joy intrigued like it's NOT STABBED IN A KNIFE POINTED TOWARDS HIM* "coool"

  • m m
    m m Day ago

    You did great Claire. I would love to taste mounds with almonds.😊

  • Florence Raines
    Florence Raines Day ago

    I love Almond Joy. I love you for doing this vid.

  • Ava Self
    Ava Self Day ago

    Is it just me but if brad and Claire were the same age and single they would be the perfect couple😂

  • Peter Domzalski
    Peter Domzalski Day ago

    Since Claire dreads making chocolate why don't they hire a chocolatier to help her out

  • sany
    sany Day ago

    Carla always just nods and says oh yeah 🤣 never any advice

  • Trey Love
    Trey Love Day ago

    Damn Claire is thick. Gotdamboi

  • Jake Cox
    Jake Cox Day ago +1

    freeze-dried cocoa butter to temper chocolate

  • Lora
    Lora 2 days ago

    Claire *finds any excuse to talk to or call Brad*

  • aaron bradham
    aaron bradham 2 days ago +6

    "Chris is never wrong."

    Two words. Beef. Wellington.

    • DooDoo Brown
      DooDoo Brown Day ago

      Let's see how close you come to nailing a complex dish when they only way you can gather the information on the ingredients is what you can gather by smell, touch and sound

  • 삔쎄요
    삔쎄요 2 days ago +4

    oh my god the "hi everyone" at the beginning gave me war flashbacks of james charles 😂😂😂😂

  • Ave Vee
    Ave Vee 2 days ago

    Blegh... hate almond joy. Hate coconut. And almonds...

  • Maddie
    Maddie 2 days ago

    almonds are naturally really high in fats right? maybe that's why peter paulie double roasts theirs! to evaporate all the fat so it doesn't migrate through to the chocolate and ruin the temper

  • Kendra Jenson
    Kendra Jenson 2 days ago

    pop rocks pls

  • Moet Cristal
    Moet Cristal 3 days ago

    I just saw Claire’s doing Twix just came out and let out a scream! Lol! Love this content!

  • NeonGooRoo
    NeonGooRoo 3 days ago

    I like how you all enjoy these harmful, full of sugar snacks even though are you, professional cooks, just like all of us do.
    This is a kind of thing I really miss sometimes in other things, like movies or music for example. People make up "elite" of themselves by listening to their favorites and just calling everything else trash for normies.

  • The Canes Couple
    The Canes Couple 3 days ago

    Make a gourmet SLIM JIM

  • Spark Industries
    Spark Industries 3 days ago

    I really like Claire's eyes..

  • Pedro Henrique Zarranz Loures

    Claire, seeing how they got the fats mostly on the nuts, I don't think that it was the coconut oil, but maybe the "no need to double roast" kind of thing in the almond. The double roast may be to lower the amount of oil present on the almonds - since all nuts have a lot of oil, hello peanut butter - and that may be why the chocolate failed, not that the tempering was bad, but the almond roast was, hahaha.

  • Naomi Yokoi
    Naomi Yokoi 3 days ago +1

    14:20 Claire saying brad sound like a sister talking to her brother

  • Grilled Cheese
    Grilled Cheese 3 days ago

    where is everyone

  • BA
    BA 3 days ago

    14:33 Brad laughs and bobs his head like a Muppet 🤣😂

  • Madeline Condil
    Madeline Condil 3 days ago +5

    just random fire in the background lol

  • Moraco Mole
    Moraco Mole 3 days ago

    who the hell buys this crap?
    this video had to be sponsored by Hershey

  • mid air stars
    mid air stars 3 days ago

    Just to have to say...loved that casual fire in the back like she just walks away from it so casually something I'd expect from Gaby if it was her.

  • Hi There
    Hi There 4 days ago

    You should make girl scout cookies! Preferably thin mints :)

  • greta s
    greta s 4 days ago +1

    Pleaseee do gourmet kinder bueno

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis 4 days ago

    Whatever store you purchase all the candy and what not from must be pretty happy when you come in for a new episode. I mean, you literally buy like three cases of the product in question.

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis 4 days ago

    Whatever store you purchase all the candy and what not from must be pretty happy when you come in for a new episode. I mean, you literally buy like three cases of the product in question.

  • GranTruismo4head
    GranTruismo4head 4 days ago

    I wish almond joy was available in Canada... would totally have em

  • mdispenz716
    mdispenz716 4 days ago

    Can you please do nestle aero chocolate bars🙏

  • Armon Tay
    Armon Tay 4 days ago

    Bounty is better.

  • flibbertygibbette
    flibbertygibbette 4 days ago

    Gourmet Klondike Bar! Good for summer, and you can temper more chocolate.

  • Maari Axelson
    Maari Axelson 4 days ago

    Making some gourmet almond joys? why not? go nuts! but like why do you feel the need to also purchase 24 bulk boxes? lmao

  • Alicia Rowe
    Alicia Rowe 4 days ago

    I used to love eating out of the bags of sweetened coconut too! Terrible for you, but so good.

  • Manuel Millan
    Manuel Millan 4 days ago

    Why being a professional kitchen you guys never have coconut out of the shell ?????? in the fridge ??? perhaps???? or use any oil to prep your chocolate molds????

  • 2jz swapped bentley
    2jz swapped bentley 4 days ago

    I want to be Claire’s almond joy

  • Endoph Daize
    Endoph Daize 4 days ago

    Sorry... not worth the all that effort.

  • Shann’s World
    Shann’s World 5 days ago

    Instead of tempered chocolate why not just use regular chocolate. I’ve done a similar thing with a different treat and it did fine. Although maybe I just didn’t really care about the appearance because it really doesn’t matter

  • Chalsey Wilder
    Chalsey Wilder 5 days ago


  • xinyiii
    xinyiii 5 days ago

    actually why didnt she just dip the whole thing in chocolate like dunking it in almost...? just a curious question

  • skips
    skips 5 days ago +18

    *smashes coconut*
    _laughs nervously_
    Claire: everything's fine.

  • Ella M
    Ella M 5 days ago

    can an american tell me what accent brad has pls

  • Cheyanne Broxson
    Cheyanne Broxson 5 days ago +13

    Ok so let me just say is that bag of coconut throw was so satisfying 11:05

  • Pepe The frog
    Pepe The frog 5 days ago

    gourmet stroop waffles

  • Luh BrazArt
    Luh BrazArt 6 days ago

    All she needed to achieve the chewiness was green coconuts instead of the dry ones. That's how we do in tropical countries, it'd defo make it a slightly easier process. x'D Amazing job regardless. pfft

  • wholahayy
    wholahayy 6 days ago

    Can you make gourmet takis?

  • JustWHY
    JustWHY 6 days ago

    Alternate for tempering: just add cocoa butter or microwave in 10 second intervals until just melted. Or follow how to cook that 's tutorial on tempering chocolate

  • Samiah Pierce
    Samiah Pierce 6 days ago

    I’ve never even had an almond joy before

  • Bob James
    Bob James 6 days ago

    You forgot seed the chocolate on the last step of tempering.

  • Anais Clermont
    Anais Clermont 6 days ago

    Make turtle chocolate

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell 7 days ago +1

    Almond bark would of gave you the results you wanted but it isnt that sweet.

  • Senior pantalones
    Senior pantalones 7 days ago

    You guys should try using freeze dried cocoa powder which I heard is easier to use for tempering chocolate. I don’t have any personal experience with this so do you should do research on how it works, but it could potentially become a godsend for this series and Claire.

  • Julia Nova
    Julia Nova 7 days ago

    Y'all I love brad

  • Nicolas Modugno
    Nicolas Modugno 7 days ago

    11:04 That throw and catch was sooo smooth

  • Lindsey Ellefsen
    Lindsey Ellefsen 7 days ago +1

    love these videos! i’m recovering from a tonsillectomy which is AWFUL & these keep me going. but i do wish i could eat these foods instead of broth & apple juice😂

  • ZZ J
    ZZ J 7 days ago

    MILK DUDS!!!

  • Suertsje
    Suertsje 8 days ago

    Maybe after you form the coconut mixture into the almond joy shapes you could coat them in powdered sugar....or maybe something like corn starch to form a barrier against the chocolate.

  • Jeffery Wells
    Jeffery Wells 8 days ago

    IMO you need more agitation. From what I've read, tempering is all about getting the right kind of crystals forming all throughout the chocolate, and to do that they need to be distributed well as they form.Typically that means stirring as the chocolate arrives at the crystallization temperature, which is really hard to do when it's in a sous vide machine I think the premise of the sous vide is that the whole batch achieves the crystallization temperature at the same time, but I would guess you still need good agitation to get a good clean temper.

    I've never done it though, so this is third-string armchair quarterback analysis here.

  • Reha Dar
    Reha Dar 8 days ago

    I’m fine with my store bought almond joy 😂

  • yourfavginge
    yourfavginge 8 days ago +7

    "we? no we don't make anything, you've made that very clear." im dying

  • Andrei Budris
    Andrei Budris 9 days ago

    Almond joy=bounty with a almond

  • Blake Waller
    Blake Waller 9 days ago

    You should do m&ms next

  • Lucía Correia
    Lucía Correia 9 days ago

    I hate almonds and coconut but im still watching this, the bon appetit channel own my soul

  • DD
    DD 9 days ago


  • Aquarius Moon
    Aquarius Moon 9 days ago

    Should totally make gourmet Twix

  • djsnowman06
    djsnowman06 9 days ago

    Tin knockers Haha. Those guys make sooo much noise. Clang clang clang for 8, 10, 12 hours a day...

  • Dannon Olsen
    Dannon Olsen 10 days ago

    I ship brad and Claire

  • natalie grace
    natalie grace 10 days ago

    "I noticed the depression "

  • Lowlife Scum
    Lowlife Scum 10 days ago

    chris has like, really good sitting posture

  • KidPlays42
    KidPlays42 10 days ago +20

    Claire: This doesn't seem hard
    Video is 31 minutes long

  • Brittany Brevoort
    Brittany Brevoort 10 days ago

    You could use gulf wax in the chocolate.

  • RelativelyRandom
    RelativelyRandom 10 days ago +1

    Almond coconut and sugar=31 minutes

  • Lennin Jimenez.
    Lennin Jimenez. 10 days ago

    Claire is so damn beautiful, Goddamn!

  • Fam0us.M0net
    Fam0us.M0net 10 days ago

    m sorry but I feel like the Carla has no idea what Claire was saying and is just agreeing to everything she says so she can eat and leave faster

  • Fam0us.M0net
    Fam0us.M0net 10 days ago

    Claire: * gets different pack of coconut
    Me: what was the ReASoN

  • Fam0us.M0net
    Fam0us.M0net 10 days ago

    Claire Says I’m fine
    me looooool

  • Fam0us.M0net
    Fam0us.M0net 10 days ago +1

    Claire : it seems pretty easy
    Me: You ArE JINXING ITTTTttttttTtT

  • Fam0us.M0net
    Fam0us.M0net 10 days ago +5

    Claire : doesn’t seem that hard
    Me: *looks at video time*
    Me: pssssshh ya jinxed it Claire Ya JiNxeD ittTtT

  • Kimzy Unicorn
    Kimzy Unicorn 10 days ago +1

    Claire struggling with the coconut grinder brings back a lot of memories! Back home in India, we have this customized one, made of wood, with a seat and that curved and serrated blade thing. You could sit on it and grate away (with a huge bowl under the blade of course!). One the same thing you can clean fish or prawns! I would advise you to get the bench version of the grater cuz it's much efficient, although it takes a bit of practice to get into the rhythm of grinding.

    • srushti oza
      srushti oza 10 days ago

      @Kimzy Unicorn HONESTLY SAME 😂😂😂✔️✔️✔️👏👏

    • Kimzy Unicorn
      Kimzy Unicorn 10 days ago +1

      srushti oza my nani would have hit me with a slipper trying to break the coconut with the mallet 😂😂

    • srushti oza
      srushti oza 10 days ago +1

      OMG yes! I was thinking about that all the time they show someone trying to shave coconut!

  • Ian Switzer
    Ian Switzer 10 days ago

    I think the streaks look cool

  • Kristen Marshall
    Kristen Marshall 10 days ago

    Pop tarts next