Senegal's Second Hand Clothing Boom

  • Published on Sep 8, 2016
  • Global Thrift Store (2014): In Senegal, cotton fields stretch as far as the eye can see. Yet this natural wealth is increasingly overlooked in favour of used foreign imports as the country experiences a boom in second-hand trading from Europe.
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    "The French throw these clothes away? Really? They throw them away?" Fatou Dia, an employee at one of Senegal's second-hand sorting centres, is surprised to learn the origin of their stock. The country is experiencing a boom in second-hand trading, and separating unwanted garments enables Fatou to equip her daughter with school supplies. "I'm buying it little by little. I buy one thing, and then the next thing the next month. In this way, I manage". What is a lifeline to some is a business opportunity to others. "As far as wealth is concerned, human beings are never sated. Because he who does not have his own house is nothing". For Aliou Diallo, this cheap European clothing was a route to a better life. But in a country whose textile industry is rapidly disappearing from view, are these new imports doing more harm than good?
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Comments • 560

  • Gorgoroth Bergen

    Disgusting, now i realised all the clothes given to charity ends... no it is unbelievable.

  • MotoAtheist
    MotoAtheist Day ago

    Poor as fuck, but has 6 damn children!!! Let's just keep the poverty cycle going... pump out as many children as they can to keep the flow of slave labor.

  • Rocky Disaster
    Rocky Disaster 2 days ago

    In India we but second hard clothes though not on large scale bt we do as well.>>>>>>>>>

  • Anar Chy
    Anar Chy 3 days ago

    they are poor ... but they have 6 children each .......... well done.

  • LeadBlastin22
    LeadBlastin22 9 days ago +1

    Hi, My name is Chewbacca from Senegal, I make 150 Euros a month tossing clothes into a basket and yet still decide to have 6 kids which I can't afford to feed or shelter.. UNREAL

  • B S
    B S 9 days ago

    This is like flee markets in Serbia. Second hand clothes everywhere...

  • Lucy
    Lucy 9 days ago

    I bet they have some awesome vintage pieces in there.

  • Lucy
    Lucy 9 days ago

    I learned about this in an economic anthropology class in college

  • matt k
    matt k 10 days ago

    cant watch this shit with filthy euro french language they speak

  • Bounty Sarr
    Bounty Sarr 11 days ago

    🇸🇳🇬🇲 much love

  • me me
    me me 13 days ago

    Still not clear why they have so many children yet. Just do a control of birthrate. Ask the UN to bring free condoms for everyone.

  • Renata Dračková
    Renata Dračková 13 days ago

    Can somebody help me to find or if somebody knows whats the name of the workshop/ company in the video, which is weaving cotton from Senegal?

  • Aroma2
    Aroma2 15 days ago

    Second hand shops are common through out Europe too.

  • Benjamin  Couwenberg
    Benjamin Couwenberg 15 days ago

    why does one need 6 children ffs

  • red headed stepchild
    red headed stepchild 15 days ago

    Stop having babies !!!
    Stop having babies !!!
    You are covered in rags !! Rags !!!
    Stop having babies
    You are beggars

  • Micheal Kelly
    Micheal Kelly 17 days ago

    Amazing determination and drive from all interviewed

  • Vanessa Larik
    Vanessa Larik 19 days ago

    18:07 where can i find his mixtape ???

  • t3b0g0
    t3b0g0 20 days ago

    everyone dresses well in this town

  • Clint Wolf
    Clint Wolf 21 day ago

    Very interesting documentary. Thanks.

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer 21 day ago

    A 28 years old African man working and running his own business in such condition and living a comfortable life with his family. The same could apply in America, but the Black in the state decide to collect warfare while the Chinee bring the businesses in their neighborhood and make money off of them sad but true

  • Robin Childs
    Robin Childs 22 days ago +2

    You learn something new every day. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Filbert TECK&CHEA
    Filbert TECK&CHEA 22 days ago

    Do check out for Used Clothing export!

  • Latheefa
    Latheefa 22 days ago

    Very nice

  • Nick Burkitt
    Nick Burkitt 23 days ago

    I literally and genuinely hate the continent africa... England abandoned their colonies cause theyre not profitable oh the joy in my heart when china and india realizes they also will fail. maybe not though they dont need to worry about inferior SJW beings shrieking SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR AFRICA at the chinese business's taking over.... marvel at what blm acts like theyre so proud of.. Go on marvel at it... Kangz in their natural environment... You wont see snoop dog or yg or anyone like that who hate trump and LUVV BEING KAYYYNGZ actually doing anything positive for africa... the world would be so much better if countries just cared about themselves not trying to force a first world life on those who CLEARLY don't want it

  • CheezPegasus Network
    CheezPegasus Network 24 days ago

    wHAT AM i TAKING fUCKING crazy pills??? HELLO???
    fabric,nutrition,building material{highly suitable for climate btw}
    Medicine ect..... We are suffering from mass collective amnesia!!! wake up !!!!
    the infrastructure is lying around, the crop grows itself and is endlessly renewable!!


  • Shrivatsan K Chari
    Shrivatsan K Chari 26 days ago

    This video can be a great introduction to economy for school kids

  • Spesh
    Spesh 26 days ago

    what in da fuckkk am I watching

  • Fort Road
    Fort Road 27 days ago

    That 28 year old is amazing, to come from nothing to where he's at is extremely impressive.

  • Jamal Labarge
    Jamal Labarge Month ago

    Good for them! We have lots of second hand clothing stores in the US.
    We also buy rejects from factories. They have small blemishes but are easy to pass as used clothing.


    Hey 28 and he's running shyt good for him.

  • Floofi Floof
    Floofi Floof Month ago +1

    Here where I live there is a Christian second hand branch store, you donate your clothes or other things and they sell it in their stores for a really cheap price. I always donate my stuff there, because I believe in re-using. Even though I got money to buy completely new clothes, I always first go to that store :)

  • Derek Allan Elj
    Derek Allan Elj Month ago

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  • Gary L
    Gary L Month ago

    Why bother with developing an indigenous Africa clothing industry ,or any industry at all for that matter, when one can buy cheap second hand crap from
    the West or work for Chinese Overlords? Keep Africans poor and dependent (except, of course , for the tiny educated middle class and the elites).
    It used to be called IMPERIALISM & COLONIALISM. Now its called "global capitalism"=SAME DIFFERENCE.

  • MattVon Scruger
    MattVon Scruger Month ago

    Why do this African monkeys so many childrens? Fucking hell stop it

  • Evie
    Evie Month ago

    6:19 donated a dog too lol

  • Shernette Layne
    Shernette Layne Month ago

    I'd really like to get a hold of some of those bulks of clothes. So many needy people in my country

  • magnus sean
    magnus sean Month ago

    The french bluntly assassinating the Senegalese textile industry....smh.

  • Abhijit Kashyap
    Abhijit Kashyap Month ago

    I can't even begin to explain how impressed I am with this documentary. Despite being an African country (please note that there is no racism in my tone while saying so), there are no cliches present of stupid and mindless fighting, drug abuse, civil wars, et al. Just a bunch of people who are going about their regular lives and making an earnest effort every day to better their lives and carve out a honest and decent future like any other people around the world or, perhaps even better. Thank you for bringing forth a highly civilized side of Africa.
    I wish you all the best wishes that I can gather my Senegalese brothers. And much love and appreciation to you all for setting an example of simple living and high thinking for the rest of the world to emulate.
    - From India.

  • kolera xyz
    kolera xyz Month ago

    1:00 she got a beautiful smile.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago

    I find it insane that a person would rather where a second hand brand name shirt than a brand new no brand name shirt for the same price.

    • Lucy
      Lucy 9 days ago

      I don't but then again i like vintage clothes made in the USA and not China crap.


    worldwide where is NO 100% charity on anything. the costs are very high. sooner of later money HAS to be involved. i live in greece in a city called volos. i do this full time to help people in need. i HAVE to ask for a symbolic sum, p.e. 1 euro every 100 pieces of clothing given to someone. no way for me to keep doing what i;m doing without this money.

  • P Guid
    P Guid Month ago

    Those blacks are great at picking cotton

  • MsPaze Moore
    MsPaze Moore Month ago

    What language are they speaking, Wolof? It doesn't sound like French.

  • SJ
    SJ Month ago +1

    CHARITY BREEDS POVERTY! Time to help people help themselves.

  • SJ
    SJ Month ago

    Lazy people get into these situations. Why not clean up at least? Agree with Ingrid RS

  • Arthur Kristmas
    Arthur Kristmas Month ago

    Indemental Media Group wants to send American dollars to you for REAL need address Indemental Media Group 2502 Shangrila Trail Columbia, Tn 38401

  • LeTechPreneur
    LeTechPreneur Month ago

    Very insightful documentary!

  • Richard Graham
    Richard Graham Month ago

    They are getting 250 Euros a month plus another 60 Euros a month plus they have all their medical expenses paid, and they are trying to say they are on a low wage! You have to be taking the piss right? I bet half of Africa would give their eye teeth for that type of setup. What is the average monthly wage in Senegal then?

  • Brandon Simpson
    Brandon Simpson Month ago

    Fascinating! The resilience of the entrepreneurs in this doc was awe inspiring!

  • leinaddf
    leinaddf Month ago

    and these are the cloathes you give charities

  • mit mumo
    mit mumo Month ago

    What I learned after watching this documentary is...Senegal is fckd!

  • Bindair Dundat
    Bindair Dundat Month ago

    with those white people in there with all of that cash it seems like some savages would just kick in the door and rob the shit out of them but I guess maybe they have security

  • Zeeqtee Prn
    Zeeqtee Prn Month ago

    Damn shame. We give the clothing for free and they sell it abroad for a profit. They lie and tell use it’s going to charity. What a shame they are charging these people. I tell ya these rich people will always find a way to make money off of poor people.

  • TBV Bosnian Bible Translation

    Does anyone have contact info of the French second hand clothes delaer ?

  • yzeoallday221
    yzeoallday221 Month ago

    Arab always exposing the African.

  • Russ G
    Russ G Month ago

    Unmentioned is the fact that this whole business has replaced local, subsistence clothing industry and of course the literal cultural 'fabric' of Third World nations. Anywhere you go on Earth people are dressed in Western-style garments made in India, China, Sri Lanka, Honduras, etc mass-produced in sweat shops from synthetic fabrics.

  • Russ G
    Russ G Month ago

    Irony here is that most of this stuff was made either in Asia or Central America. I'm seeing informal 'sorting centers' operating out of self-storage joints. The workers are Haitian, Dominican, Cape Verdeans, etc. and the goods are packed in plastic barrels for resale in those countries. BTW, I wonder if these women working in the Senegalese sorting centers get the first pick of the good stuff?

  • Bridges Dont Fly
    Bridges Dont Fly Month ago +1

    I've noticed a trend. The more children you have, the less money you have🤔. For most nation's.

  • `
    ` 2 months ago

    why do all these poor people have children? it is much easier to feed one mouth than a bunch. this makes no sense.

  • humberto montoya
    humberto montoya 2 months ago


  • Fava Fava
    Fava Fava 2 months ago

    My point exactly . Charities , as they are deemed , big buisiness under the guise of tax fraud name , five and six figure salaries for management and ceos , company cars with all the extra perks . . The workers are treated like scum , with by the way , no salaries for the , commoners , supplied by british government ie , work experience , back to work vetting , before any smartarses reply , , these practices I have witnessed first hand . Dealers for expensive things or collectables are on speed dial . Fact . The public has no clue how charities work .

  • Benjamin israel
    Benjamin israel 2 months ago


  • kaniel Jarrett
    kaniel Jarrett 2 months ago

    I hope in time they won’t have to and can send every piece back to france

  • kaniel Jarrett
    kaniel Jarrett 2 months ago

    It’s hard to watch this

  • dan forbes
    dan forbes 2 months ago

    i know i will get shit for saying this but i will. then need whites in there to tell them were they are going wrong big time and show them and help them learn. :(

  • Mark Conrad
    Mark Conrad 2 months ago

    better than brand new fake knock offs from China

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 2 months ago

    Wow they are payed well!!! 150 a month is great for what they do!!! So fair! I'm proud of this boss if the number is correct. Plus 60? 210? A fair wage.

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 2 months ago

    Africa has ensured they will live in poverty for the next two centuries. They all have 5 pr more children even though mortality rate for children is low and mortality rate for people over 50 is high. So the whole "help them in their old age" doesn't work. They really need a no children policy NOW. Imagine if European citizens(Europe is the most densely populated continent btw) all had 5 or more children? We would all starve.

  • a i t o r
    a i t o r 2 months ago +1

    things you very rarely hear: "they moved to senegal in search of a better life"

  • Patrick BlackRock
    Patrick BlackRock 2 months ago

    Ever ask yourself why do europeans and its descendants feed on negativity? They breathe, eat, drink, think and enjoy bullying, destroying and dehumanizing others, the only way they feel safe and alive. Hyena in nature pig in appearance. ​

    • Patrick BlackRock
      Patrick BlackRock 24 days ago

      Pigs deserve no air!

    • S. M-K
      S. M-K 25 days ago

      Just shut up already.....look at the negativity you spew.

  • Patrick BlackRock
    Patrick BlackRock 2 months ago

    Notice how CGTN portrays Africa and how europeans always portray a glorious continent in a very negative light. These things called europeans are imbued with such hatred for humanity that dehumanizing others is the only way they can feel like they are alive.

    • Patrick BlackRock
      Patrick BlackRock 24 days ago

      First learn what 'racist' is and what group of beasts invented it.

    • S. M-K
      S. M-K 25 days ago

      Spew that racist shit somewhere else or better yet keep that poison to yourself!!

  • Drives The Car
    Drives The Car 2 months ago

    For six of the last eight years I had to buy clothes at Goodwill because I could not find a decent job!
    With the help of three friends I finally found a very very good job, so for the last 7 months I still shop at Goodwill! Why waste money on new clothes to get them dirty and damaged in a factory!?

    • Drives The Car
      Drives The Car 25 days ago

      +S. M-K ❤ Thank you!!
      Just a hint how much better... my 1st check was 3X (THREE TIMES!!!) what I took home from the previous job! 😉😆

    • S. M-K
      S. M-K 25 days ago +1

      Congratulations on your new job and hope you keep moving up!

  • Buddy Bud-Bud
    Buddy Bud-Bud 2 months ago

    Blacks... can't do anything for themselves

    RU5T3Y SH4CKL3F0RD 2 months ago

    No money for stationary but money for clothes to look like a clown?

  • DontTread0nMe
    DontTread0nMe 2 months ago +1

    Niggas gonna nig

  • DontTread0nMe
    DontTread0nMe 2 months ago

    Africans are the dumbest people on earth

  • Praveen Ranganathan
    Praveen Ranganathan 2 months ago

    Why dont you all just head to UK... free clothes , house , money....

  • suhail ahmed
    suhail ahmed 2 months ago

    This is where all tge charity clothes go they are sold in these markets

  • Grace
    Grace 2 months ago

    Interesting and glad that those people can work, and get a living out of it, but on the other side, am questioning my self, aint those cloths meant to be given away freely in form of charity????????? Aint the same cloths we drop in those charity containers/bins???? am confused.

  • Dave Parsons
    Dave Parsons 2 months ago

    Poppin tags!

  • J M
    J M 2 months ago

    He either comes from Europe or the United States and they get all the free stuff because the Christians give it to them but what are these troglodytes give to the white race nothing but trouble. You talk shit about all the second-hand clothes had a virus on it maybe tuberculosis

  • Gabor Kevlar
    Gabor Kevlar 2 months ago

    looks to me as smart guys can make it anywhere

  • Gordon Chin
    Gordon Chin 2 months ago

    The women in this video are so bright and pure.

  • TheRealBajan
    TheRealBajan 2 months ago

    Westerners with only negative comments need not apply. keep the greedy capitalist away my fiends and advance your craft.

  • JLuis Isaula
    JLuis Isaula 2 months ago

    akon 18:12

  • Jethro Dacanay
    Jethro Dacanay 2 months ago

    atleast the man made his fortune from hard work and dedication not from those people who are corrupt and can kill and lower their dignity for a dime.

    JOHN WAYNE 2 months ago

    Amazing documentary, I really appreciate how well this was made.
    Definitely a new fan of your high quality videos, well done.

  • hombero
    hombero 2 months ago

    Around 3 minutes they have to cut a bolt lock off the back of the truck to open it. Seems a little sketchy.

    • americanbobtail1
      americanbobtail1 2 months ago

      Not really, because they do not want the driver to have the keys to the lock to prevent him/her from stealing the inventory.

  • Autistic Sideburn
    Autistic Sideburn 2 months ago

    Whenever I first read the title, i thought this video was about how Senegal was having its second, hand fashion boom. I was picturing tiny tuxedos on hands and everything.

  • Gluluman
    Gluluman 2 months ago +1

    Developing countries need to understand one thing, Senegal like many other under-developed countries will never make a step forward so long they keep importing cheap trash from Europe; without industries, manufacturing, processing and textile included, an educated masses, competent governance most Africans will remain poor in perpetuity.
    Importing millions of tons of cheap second hand clothes has and will forever damage Senegal economy, which has at one point a flourishing textile industry, I believe one of the largest in Africa called Sotibal, which has now gone belly-up due to the importation of cheap second hand clothes.
    I first visited Senegal in 1983, it had then a vibrant educated population and many light and medium industries included textile.
    In 2016, when I last visited Senegal I was shocked with the level poverty and decay of course due to various factors, included the importations of second hand cloth, second hand cars, cheaply made Chinese trinkets, second hand Europeans waste, which led to Senegal light industries to be disseminated most if not all those industries are gone. In fact Senegal now ranked among the world poorest country from where they once were.
    Second hand clothes are bad for Senegal or any other developing country. Fact in Africa wages are low enough to attack garment industries wile creating millions of jobs. That model is far better for Senegal’s economy in the long run than the second clothes market is capable of providing.
    Second hand clothes should be bared from entering Senegal for they carry diseases, not to mention hygiene standard, who knows what is luring in these old, worn out possibly dirty clothes; and women wearing second hand underwear, talk about unhygienic.

    • Niko Ništa
      Niko Ništa 2 months ago

      1)Yes, they need to develop their own industries, HOWEVER, cheap imported clothing is not necessarily a bad thing: You can have the best of both worlds by taxing it and investing the money into education and other branches of the economy.
      2)Errrr, you do know "washing" exists as a thing, right?

  • Phan Nguyen Thi
    Phan Nguyen Thi 2 months ago

    black people and coton most raced compernation

  • Zaxaris Petixos
    Zaxaris Petixos 2 months ago

    Do they want my boxers with holes?

    THE ATOMIC CLAP 2 months ago

    I'm in mass. Usa. I used to volunteer at a thrift shopthat was attached to a non profit homeless shelter. People would donate, we would sort and sell what we could. there was a company that used to come and take the excess clothing and compress it then ship it " overseas" now i know where. i dont know if this is good or bad but if people can make out from it im ok with it. I hear they do the same thing with electronics and that child labor is involved and the recycling poisons everybody with lead cadium and toxic smoke from burning of coated copper wire. Thanx for posting this documentrary.

  • strongdan1
    strongdan1 2 months ago

    last time I was there 1979 in darker i saw a man wearing heavy winter clothie in the sun i laugh but is Africa who care

  • strongdan1
    strongdan1 2 months ago

    this is small Germany Spain is the biggest charity black market European clothiers

  • Claudio Saltara
    Claudio Saltara 2 months ago

    I remember when I was a child there were stalls selling 2nd hand clothes that were coming from America. Because it was after the war people were buying them. My mother would what she liked and alter them as she knew how sew. It was fine. Now the market shifted to Africa. There is nothing wrong to it. It saves people money and helps the environment. There are second hands stores all over America. It’s is not degrading, and I visit them occasionally and find good buys. Even though I can afford to buy new clothes I think people should be thrifty. At times I bring good discarded clothes because I hate to throw them in the garbage.

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 2 months ago

    It's a charity of western country. Where ever they go they suck money like leech suck blood.😤😤😤😤😤

  • Pala Otis
    Pala Otis 2 months ago

    Also in Kenya

  • IRD Parfait
    IRD Parfait 3 months ago

    so, sad!!!
    this is a serious challenge for African industries due to this scums.
    why most of africa's governments don't need to ban those scums??

  • عبدالله إسماعيل

    Salute Senegalese people's from Somalia