Top 10 Scary Sounds Heard On A Baby Monitor

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Sounds Heard On A Baby Monitor
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    This Scary Top 10 List ranks what we hold dearest to ourselves. Our babies and their security. But what if the very thing that is protecting them is also showing how in danger they are. Is Ignorance bliss? Will you be getting a baby monitor after this list on Most Amazing Top 10.
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Comments • 885

  • AnonymousGHC
    AnonymousGHC 12 days ago

    often this cheap baby monitors work on a variation of frequences ( with channels marked like 1 2 3 etc .. or A B C etc ) with a some a CTCS code ... these frequences are often not that far appart to eachother , 6.5 , 10 or 12 Khz steps and if 2 sets are close enough to eachother you can hear on set 1 ( for example set on frequency 1 ) noises from set number 2 ( set on frequency 2 ) because the frequency's are very close to eachother , as i said only a few Khz next to eachother.
    Also people with the right equiptment can tune in to frequency and disturb it.

  • nicole gignilliat
    nicole gignilliat 16 days ago

    that pearson in the baby monitor it soud like baldi from baldi basiks

  • ashley halligan
    ashley halligan Month ago

    I think number 10 was a big fart.

  • Lil Snow
    Lil Snow Month ago

    Never use a baby monitor

  • ImMrPeach
    ImMrPeach 2 months ago

    Voices are just radio interface.

  • Yoni C
    Yoni C 3 months ago

    Aliens? An auctioneer? Or an alien auctioneer?

  • famfiv
    famfiv 3 months ago

    Uhhhhh demend 👿👹😈


    Oujia board ??

  • Charlotte Stoker
    Charlotte Stoker 5 months ago

    Love how the parents would rather film the baby monitor than go check on their child... great parenting

  • WhteSox725
    WhteSox725 5 months ago

    Number 2 could be baldi

  • cromagnon232
    cromagnon232 5 months ago

    Landon Do-not-sing. Like an argonian from skyrim

    MARTIN GONZALEZ 5 months ago

    At 6:02 I heard “here’s chamal” when I slowed it down

  • John Act
    John Act 5 months ago

    When I ever hear a baby monitor say" I am coming for you ."I would say "boi you have the wrong number"

  • Astrid Moon
    Astrid Moon 5 months ago

    Getting sounds from elsewhere on a baby monitor is not unusual nor is it new. I had this experience in the early 1990's,

  • Ruth Fierro
    Ruth Fierro 5 months ago

    OK.... I watch so many supposedly scary videos and only a rare few have even given me goosebumps. This ain't even close! *sigh* I'll never find a truly scary video, EVER!!!!!!

  • Jared Mannarino
    Jared Mannarino 5 months ago

    A number of these are just signal interception

  • Asia Johnson
    Asia Johnson 5 months ago


  • jason nuch
    jason nuch 5 months ago

    Number to it was picking up a police monitor that's them calling out the calls in the address it's just too distorted to understand it

  • jason nuch
    jason nuch 5 months ago

    All baby monitor is a one-way walkie-talkie which means you could be picking up other signals that are going around near you it's a well-known thing and it happens all the time

  • drummie 25
    drummie 25 5 months ago

    i thought the #10 was just a baby fart

  • Moskau Melols
    Moskau Melols 5 months ago

    Oh no baby music becomes scary

  • amanda nave
    amanda nave 5 months ago

    Oh and why did after the hacked monitor sounded like jeffy

  • K.C. World
    K.C. World 5 months ago

    #1 it's frecency fr another monitor from a neighbor's house, they must have the same exact monitor, and baby monitors pick up walking talky frequency's also like #2, some ppl r so nyeve

  • K.C. World
    K.C. World 5 months ago

    Have u never watched paranormal activity, that baby on the crib, at number 4 is from a movie😂😂😂

  • GamerConnor 6
    GamerConnor 6 5 months ago

    #4 IS THAT ME

  • King of Peking Ravioli
    King of Peking Ravioli 5 months ago

    Ghost yelling? It sounds like the baby just sharted. Change it please.

  • bubba pacha
    bubba pacha 5 months ago

    baby monitors are notorious for picking up other signals

  • bubba pacha
    bubba pacha 5 months ago

    #4 looks like the baby was pushed at the end

  • Robert Haight
    Robert Haight 5 months ago

    Most of these instances can be explained. Baby monitors are basically short wave radios and are subject to interference and in some cases they can pick up other signals in the same frequency leading to other noises. Im not saying all of what we watched is that but i only got chills from like 3 of these clip's.

  • Silver Addie Fun Pack
    Silver Addie Fun Pack 5 months ago

    “Demonic demons”

  • Terry Cameron
    Terry Cameron 5 months ago

    There's nothing like a childs laughter.unless its 1 a.m. and your home alone😨😱

  • TheRed Ghostman
    TheRed Ghostman 5 months ago

    If a werewolf comes up on a baby monitor that baby will be dead not taken

  • Lucky Playz
    Lucky Playz 5 months ago

    3:20 sounds like something my mum heard as feedback whilst on the phone to my auntie. i know the sound because i were in the car and my mums phone was connected to the bluetooth in the car and it genuinely sounded like something from the Independence Day movies, or the ‘Signs’ film with Mel Gibson where the aliens communicate through radio frequencies picked up on phone calls and baby monitors

  • Saint Gospel rap
    Saint Gospel rap 5 months ago +1

    Throw out yo baby stuff and throw out yo house and move into a new one

  • Sparky 1998
    Sparky 1998 5 months ago

    #10= Fart #8= Fax Machine #6=Wolves #2 Robots

  • G A Y F R O G S
    G A Y F R O G S 5 months ago

    6:56 I can do that =)

  • Allie felkins-dohm
    Allie felkins-dohm 5 months ago

    Video number four is caused by a phenomenon called hysterical adrenaline and the baby was actually in a balance class for babies.

  • Scott Ledger
    Scott Ledger 5 months ago

    No4 is crazy

  • scp 173
    scp 173 5 months ago

    I'm terrified of the baby monitor thing. CAUSE MY NAME IS ALSO CONNOR

  • Peter Pagliarini
    Peter Pagliarini 5 months ago

    What’s Gucci! Is this real life right now??

  • dankest_ memes4u
    dankest_ memes4u 5 months ago

    8:50 sounds like jeffy talking in to the walkie talkie

  • Rob Mackey
    Rob Mackey 5 months ago

    Not one to watch before sleep haha

  • Golden Chocolate Gacha Girl

    My mom doesn’t believe this stuff lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Cheeky Feathers
    Cheeky Feathers 5 months ago

    "Who the hell is rake" me has a heartattack for him not knowing

  • Tower of Terror
    Tower of Terror 5 months ago

    #2 sounds like a police scanner, kinda

  • Nate Unrestricted
    Nate Unrestricted 5 months ago +1

    It could be a cross of the radio waves

  • Prism Jerry
    Prism Jerry 5 months ago

    I heard pls dont sub to T-series

  • Alpha Dragon Queen
    Alpha Dragon Queen 5 months ago

    You sure that's not a fart? Lol

  • Bansheebah *
    Bansheebah * 5 months ago

    Baby monitors are known to pick up other frequencies from time to time. Not always clear but unnerving. Even more scary... people have been known to hack into some as well. 😬

  • Shawnta Hickman
    Shawnta Hickman 5 months ago

    A lot of wireless baby monitors can pick up people on cell phones cop radios and other baby monitors

  • Tony johnson
    Tony johnson 5 months ago

    In answer to your question if I would be brave enough to video myself in an extraterrestrial or paranormal yes I would.

  • spencer james
    spencer james 5 months ago +1

    Anyone else hiding in the comments?

  • Lari Michaelis
    Lari Michaelis 5 months ago

    I've had baby fever since the age of 7. I'm 24 and still with no child. lol But that is by choice as I would prefer to be financially stable before I have a kid.

  • Ñøvá Èçhœ
    Ñøvá Èçhœ 5 months ago

    Number two actually sounds like a messed up radio signal from a trucker

  • Ñøvá Èçhœ
    Ñøvá Èçhœ 5 months ago

    No.6: Father believes their son was taken by aliens.

    Lol freaken Dale Gribble

  • Talia Bacon
    Talia Bacon 5 months ago +1

    Honestly in 4, the baby looks like he was pushed back into the crib instead of falling 😬

  • Charly Dear
    Charly Dear 5 months ago

    most of them just sound like interruptions/ cheep monitor play ups.

  • Jfer D
    Jfer D 5 months ago

    The 1 one wasn't scary

  • crunchy bananas
    crunchy bananas 5 months ago


  • Dark Starr
    Dark Starr 5 months ago

    Number 10 sounded like somebody farting into a baby monitor.