House Republicans respond to articles of impeachment l ABC News

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Rep. Kevin McCarthy remarked that it is “a sad day for America.”
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  • LiL Benny
    LiL Benny 9 days ago

  • Frank B
    Frank B 22 days ago

    Support your president see :

  • Brody Elgersma
    Brody Elgersma 25 days ago

    thank God someone from California has a brain lol

  • Greg Battles
    Greg Battles Month ago

    Republicans a bunch of cowards scared of a stupid retarded old Orange man who never had any political or military back ground

  • Prince of all Saiyans

    Impeach the pussy grabber!

  • Flawless
    Flawless Month ago


  • Raffi Sarks
    Raffi Sarks Month ago

    What a pathetic ignorant people
    Useless republicans

  • Skipper Russell
    Skipper Russell Month ago

    Trump 2020 for another four years of fake impeachment!

  • Robert Johnston
    Robert Johnston Month ago

    All you shady democrats and media outlets need to be jailed. This is treason and a attack on the Republic.

  • Sean Briscoe
    Sean Briscoe Month ago

    They're not donors you stupid ass there people who work for you your own people testified against him the people he hired testified against him you stupid bitch. Stop the fucking lying man!

  • Ricky Ostrom
    Ricky Ostrom Month ago

    The Democrats called for impeachment the same day Trump took his Oath of Office. Exactly what did he do wrong on day one? The impeachment is a sham.

  • Save America TV
    Save America TV Month ago

    Look at all you idiots in the comments. This isn't even a republican vs democrat issue, this is a constitutional issue. And the bullshit media is clearly against Trump as well. Feeding your bullshit bias and hatred beyond all logic and common sense. THIS IS WHY I'M NOT A DEMOCRAT ANYMORE. I didn't vote for Trump in 2016, but I sure as hell will come 2002... Come hell and high water if these people don't kool their shit the Patriots will hang them all in the New American Civil War...

  • Kamara Sune
    Kamara Sune Month ago

    Gloves off this is war.

  • Jennyblake Blake
    Jennyblake Blake Month ago

    you need to get rid of the psychopaths running your country. I see it as the most dangerous country in the world. Just because of how corrupt it is. and the constitution only works for the rich its a joke

    • Rich Rocket
      Rich Rocket Month ago

      I mean no disresect, Jenny Blake. However, I'm honestly offended by your comments. It's not what you've said (although I do disagree with everything you've said). It's your terrible punctuation and grammar I find offensive. 😁

  • Ray Herbst
    Ray Herbst Month ago

    Given the propensity of debunked conspiracy theories spread by Republican leadership, I am gravely disappointed that you even provide a platform for them to speak.

  • Noel Blake
    Noel Blake Month ago

    Amen send it to the Senate so this shit can go away already what a waste of fucking time

  • Huffner_W
    Huffner_W Month ago

    Kevin McCarthy and the GOP are so full of sh!t I can smell them through my monitor.

  • Matthew Lemke
    Matthew Lemke Month ago

    How is it better for the GOP to defend this guy who hijacked their party rather then get him out of office and put an establishment Republican on the ballot?

  • Kris Alexander
    Kris Alexander Month ago

    The GOP forfeited its conscience long ago. What about the honor and the privilege to faithfully execute the constitution. To say nothing about extortion, emolument grifting, obstruction, ignoring subpoenas, witness intimidation, sexual assault, but your right, nah... not much there.
    It’s not moral hopscotch, choosing the parts you like and ignoring the rest that are inconvenient. I have heard repeatedly about lack of due process, the lack of integrity and fairness, yet given the opportunity this executive branch fails to comply with congressional subpoenas that are intended for this very purpose or witnesses they insist are above reproach and can vindicate the president. Rather it is the disrespect, fundamentally towards this presidents oath of office, his dereliction of duty and lack of moral and ethical compass that is insane and most threatening of our democracy.

  • Linda Reinen
    Linda Reinen Month ago

    They are trying to set laws up in the Government and against Our Constitution, so that the only party allowed in a presidential position is Democrat!

  • Prince hossain
    Prince hossain Month ago

    This man lying like shut lmao. They all be so embarrassed. All they say is there is enough evidence they should not impeach him but where is all the evidence. He so scared that he’s not even letting Vice President nor the mike pumpeo going before Congress. Republicans are some shit party now days. We need them rats outta our gov

  • Akow
    Akow Month ago

    Wow, I didn't know so many lies could be told in under 10 mins LOL

  • John Jauregui
    John Jauregui Month ago

    Concerning the current impeachment proceedings and LEADERSHIP within the House of Representatives, BOTH Schiff AND Nadler have DUAL citizenship. Are you aware of that???? Do you think that matters? Do you think THAT is a COINCIDENCE? Call your Congressman and ask why do we have dual citizens in Congress and why is the impeachment leadership EXCLUSIVELY dual citizens. DO IT, call and ask. Get answers. The media won't. Why not?

  • Perry Lowe
    Perry Lowe Month ago

    Lies...lies.....lies.....and more lies....Some Americans are dumb, selfish & unpatriotic....But many ARE NOT!
    ✋ SPEAK TO THE HAND !!!!!
    We see right through this shit your selling!

  • Isaac Wilee
    Isaac Wilee Month ago

    They have to divide us to conquer us, surely I'm not the only one who sees what these slimey F,'s are doing.

  • alicecapone
    alicecapone Month ago

    Is this the arena for stand up comedians?

  • Butch L
    Butch L Month ago


  • sylvia seri
    sylvia seri Month ago

    I don’t understand why the MSM gives these Republicans the opportunity to spread their lives. They are polluting the minds of people and allowing ‘alternative facts’ to be the norm and not what is true! Truth is truth, lies are lies and should not be given the opportunity to become truth! Stop with the ‘both sides’ argument. Sometimes there is only one side, TRUTH!!

    JERRY DELICH Month ago

    Stop lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REPUBLICANS

  • Ronald Wedel
    Ronald Wedel Month ago

    And now you got a third year law professor who doesn't have enough age to really understand the Constitution put on mark Levin he is a constitutional law person not this third rate kid who probably never read the Constitution just knows what her professors told her and you make me sick that's why you are fake news sitting the bar so low hell my HS teacher probly knows more than het

  • Tony Harris
    Tony Harris Month ago

    Impeach the motherfuker

  • Tony Harris
    Tony Harris Month ago

    Donald J Trump go to hell.

  • Rob Van Gessel
    Rob Van Gessel Month ago

    We already know Trump's GOP stooges in the Senate will block any conviction, regardless of how far collusion with Russia has gone in messing with our political system, and regardless of Trump withholding documents requested by investigators since 2016. So, the inquiries should absolutely continue after the Senate blocks the impeachment. As evidence accumulates, following trails of money laundering and tax evasion, some level of justice will catch up with Trump. Addendum: Trump is a mascot for the oligarchs, which include Putin and the Russian mafia, and they are using accumulated wealth now not just to control our political system but alter it from the ground up, to the point of redefining the Constitution itself. The goal is to turn the American system into as pure an oligarchy as possible.

  • shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia


  • S. D.
    S. D. Month ago

    McCarthy is yet another knee pad wearing GOP protector of Donaldskaya Trumpov who has sold out his duties, the constitution and the rule of law...

  • Tim Duenas
    Tim Duenas Month ago

    the Dems should of charged Donald Trump with conspiracy to commit bribery

  • iCuL8r
    iCuL8r Month ago


  • iCuL8r
    iCuL8r Month ago


    • Revel Heir
      Revel Heir Month ago

      You described Democrats to a "T"

  • Leif Giering
    Leif Giering Month ago +1

    This country is in deep shit either way, whether Trump gets impeached or not.

  • Lloyd Vancil
    Lloyd Vancil Month ago

    he's a Russian shill. hope he's proud

  • Chris Austin
    Chris Austin Month ago

    I hate this channel, so biased

  • Chris Austin
    Chris Austin Month ago

    Nancy and many more will surely burn in hell

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams Month ago

    Still living in the *alternative world* huh?

  • Steve Dee
    Steve Dee Month ago

    Why are these lunatics defending a racist lunatic like trump that is a sad day for America

    • Steve Dee
      Steve Dee Month ago

      joe palos well I suggest that you crack on supporting trump and see where he takes and what he really thinks of you he’s doing everything against the rules I’m British and being a outsider looking in trust me it doesn’t look good I’m not saying that our government is any better cause they are not I don’t believe in politics I just believe that we should all be allowed to live in peace. But at the moment on the worlds stage of politics Trump stands alone for the title of the most racist lunatic and he is the biggest threat to world peace since Hitler

    • 49ers Miners
      49ers Miners Month ago

      Steve Dee I’m brown and I love Trump 😂🙏 I am not brainwashed like u liberals

  • Friar Tuck
    Friar Tuck Month ago

    who are these slimeballs?

  • str8jonezn
    str8jonezn Month ago

    Look at the faces of the two individuals behind McCarthy during his epic bombast. Classic! LMAO! They make this tirade watchable.

  • Frances Romero
    Frances Romero Month ago

    The only thing these Republicans are good at is lying so that they can continue to do their dirty deeds.

  • Jstebb_ 97
    Jstebb_ 97 Month ago

    Do they not realize that trump asked a foreign government to investigate and interfere with our internal affairs for his own campaign interests?..

  • Chickenbeek
    Chickenbeek Month ago

    I would say the saddest day is in 2016 when Hillary Clinton in league with msm and the FBI CIA and DNC attempted to steal the election, Subverted Bernie Sanders, created the LIE of Russiagate and were never held accountable. Hillary Clinton that narcissistic ROT stench of Death GAVE YOU Trump. And they'd have him again apparently over Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders, bet your ass on that. Crooks and liars. Funnily enough we're damn near close to USSR style Russia in msm propaganda, partisan politics in our intelligence, fbi, cia, working with the media in collusion creating lies and chaos. Shit show all around, and it started long before Drumph walked through the door..

  • Anderson Ricardo
    Anderson Ricardo Month ago

    These clowns are a disgrace!!!!!

  • Tuyet Pham
    Tuyet Pham Month ago

    Congress abuse the power over of this country

  • Tuyet Pham
    Tuyet Pham Month ago

    Democrat they want Our Country become Communism, DEMOCRAT enemies Trump-Pence 2020

  • jose mendoza
    jose mendoza Month ago

    What a joke the GOP is...Traitors

  • Kathyl Anderson
    Kathyl Anderson Month ago

    Is this the same opportunities you gave Clinton for his hearing, other countries no longer respect us because of this president, when a president stands aside an enemy and talk down our intelligence agencies is ashame

  • darthrudious
    darthrudious Month ago

    The hypocrisy of the Democrats is overwhelming.

  • NightOwl16
    NightOwl16 Month ago

    Its funny how they keep focusing on what Democrats said instead of looking at the facts

    • Revel Heir
      Revel Heir Month ago

      What facts, that the president couldn't commit extortion if Zelensky didn't know he was being extorted? Facts not feelings, owl.

  • kinya wofford
    kinya wofford Month ago


  • Inquiz- Ahteev
    Inquiz- Ahteev Month ago

    It's time to see which Republicans have a patriotic spine or who are those who are more concerned with lining their coffins with cash. Clearly, if the articles came sooner it would be too fast. It was declared today so it took to long. I call
    💨 Bullshnit!!

    FRUITFUL Month ago

    This is so completely insane!!!!!! people are actually walking around in blind denial! it's just sickening! Liars and Deniers!

  • amanda handscombe
    amanda handscombe Month ago

    AT & T owns CNN now that's a really dirty deal made with the democrats...