• Published on Jun 23, 2019
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Comments • 13 450

  • Joshua Glass
    Joshua Glass 9 minutes ago

    Is this click bait

  • jaynameme 45
    jaynameme 45 10 minutes ago +1

    and this is how woman work

  • Fred nelson
    Fred nelson 12 minutes ago

    Muslek you steal from lazar loser

  • Largestgeini0
    Largestgeini0 Hour ago +1

    Wow, I’m 5 foot 9 inches And taller then craytor.
    But I’m 13 years old.

  • adrianispops
    adrianispops 2 hours ago


  • Nydoit
    Nydoit 2 hours ago

    Did you guyss notice that Muselk says alot of LIKE

  • Xander Turtle_YT
    Xander Turtle_YT 4 hours ago


  • Stealthy
    Stealthy 4 hours ago


  • Liams Clan
    Liams Clan 7 hours ago

    I have rewatched all these vids they are so GOOD seeing them just intrecatevdfvgbdygbdbgb it’s great

  • Carlton Imperial
    Carlton Imperial 7 hours ago

    Lufus heartrate were like waves

  • Carlton Imperial
    Carlton Imperial 7 hours ago

    Loserfruit acts like she killed JFK

  • Cortland Lavender
    Cortland Lavender 8 hours ago +1

    Cray and Marcus in the tree kissing

  • BLOBBY!!! plays
    BLOBBY!!! plays 8 hours ago

    I was so cringy watching this...

  • Gaming With Bryn
    Gaming With Bryn 9 hours ago

    Lannan: FBI!!!
    Also lannan: *lives in australia*

  • Natsu D.D.S.
    Natsu D.D.S. 9 hours ago

    Cray and Tanner should date

  • TRS_Robert Slayer
    TRS_Robert Slayer 9 hours ago

    Cray is nasty

  • im a big kid now
    im a big kid now 11 hours ago

    I had to turn my headphones down dang it Elliot

  • Me A Person
    Me A Person 11 hours ago

    13:50 OMG she DID WTAH

  • Rplay12
    Rplay12 11 hours ago +1

    In The Who’s most likely to video Kath said bazza was most likely and then holds up herself, so basically two videos confirmed lufu killed someone

  • Mini_Clops
    Mini_Clops 12 hours ago

    Hey anyone noticed Lannan wearing Lochlan’s merch

  • Alexis Wegleitner
    Alexis Wegleitner 12 hours ago +1

    anyone else ship cray and tannar lmao

  • Jonathan Pounds
    Jonathan Pounds 12 hours ago

    When muselk was trying to say why he wasn't the best youtuber in click and in my head he is saying best content, most views, and funny and I keep thinking Lazarbeam

  • DestroyingNoobler
    DestroyingNoobler 12 hours ago

    Bazza your dream has come true it has died

  • Jace Poe
    Jace Poe 12 hours ago

    So we just gon ignore the fact that she has killed someone

  • Laura Lassiter
    Laura Lassiter 13 hours ago

    oh my god I wish that cray and tannar were together.. I MEANNN YEAH

  • Koda Puppy YT
    Koda Puppy YT 13 hours ago

    24:28 NOOO

  • pretty average gamer guy

    Wait I'm 12 and taller than cray

  • gaming_allday
    gaming_allday 13 hours ago

    Kath killed muselk now elon live at click house

  • oDraco
    oDraco 13 hours ago

    Lazerbeam wearing a lachlan merch

  • Patriot10
    Patriot10 14 hours ago


  • the Richter Family
    the Richter Family 17 hours ago

    iimm subbbinnng to everyone's thatt liiiķes and suubbbbbs tooo me GOGOGOGO

  • kevin ticas
    kevin ticas 19 hours ago

    I think fresh and lachlen shoukd move into the click house

  • Anthony Leija
    Anthony Leija 20 hours ago

    That’s my sister LMAO

  • Saizzy
    Saizzy 20 hours ago


  • Kaspars Vītols
    Kaspars Vītols 21 hour ago

    so fake even the interegator is lennons sister

  • Lazar Lazer
    Lazar Lazer 21 hour ago

    You have kill someone in fortnite

  • charlie Dethridge

    no one absoloutly no one


  • Im_c21
    Im_c21 Day ago

    LuFu: was so nervous throughout the video

  • Will Quin
    Will Quin Day ago

    Marcus is mason

  • Dalton Kelly
    Dalton Kelly Day ago

    Is that Tanar

  • for the people
    for the people Day ago

    Fucking stupid click crew has to be the worst youtube channel ever, make Australians look like fucking retards you stupid dumb fuck knuckle dragging apes oxygen thief

  • ranger95 _678
    ranger95 _678 Day ago

    Why is muselk and lannan are wearing Lachlan’s merch

  • legends legends
    legends legends Day ago

    wHEN pEOPLE GET CONFUSED AND NERVOUS AND THEY HOPE IT TURN OUT TRUE OR LIE ! your mechine get messed up it loses its credibility

  • Itzlighting_ Gaming

    She didn't have the finger clips on her during the kill a person part. But I think it was for content

  • Darius
    Darius Day ago


  • char char
    char char Day ago

    lufu is a FUCKIN MURDERER

  • Anayah Baker
    Anayah Baker Day ago

    I feel like I’m watching the Steve Wilkos show😂

  • RuIn ClaN
    RuIn ClaN Day ago

    Marcus sleeps with a killer!!

  • James McDaid
    James McDaid Day ago

    Conspiracy alert

  • srg. evans
    srg. evans Day ago

    Holy shit he looks like Elon musk

  • Angel Camacho
    Angel Camacho Day ago

    Dmm they should do have you ever Cheated

  • TTV Volatile
    TTV Volatile Day ago

    What’s up with the Lachlan merch

  • Devin Michaux
    Devin Michaux Day ago

    Elliot is wearing Lachlan merch in the vid

  • PixelPlaysOfficial
    PixelPlaysOfficial Day ago +4

    Did you drug lufu when taking her to the basement, she was laughing way to much.

  • andrew williams
    andrew williams Day ago

    lannnan bi?

  • Kiel Heyr
    Kiel Heyr Day ago

    Call FBI life killed god dam

  • Emoji 8 Boi
    Emoji 8 Boi Day ago

    me: 12yo 5.5
    not trying to flex

  • Shanilis Colon
    Shanilis Colon Day ago

    The Juduth death run u said I’m so glad I stole this from vikk

  • Ihsaan Ali Khan
    Ihsaan Ali Khan Day ago

    Lufu did murdered some insects

  • Alicia Macias
    Alicia Macias Day ago

    pH stand for porn hub

  • Dogs Rise
    Dogs Rise Day ago

    It goes from is Eliot the messiest to have you killed someone

  • samurai X
    samurai X Day ago

    What alpha male means or alpha means “the founder of the pack therefore he is the alpha male”

    • samurai X
      samurai X 21 hour ago

      The alpha male is Elliott

  • Jesus Coito
    Jesus Coito Day ago

    Literally no-one:
    Not a single sound:
    Cray: I g0t aSthMa

  • Will Bekish
    Will Bekish Day ago

    How come lazarbeam and Musulk wear Lachlan’s merch

  • Faze Logic
    Faze Logic Day ago +1

    Umm how does Tannar even know how to do this

  • Thespicyduck998 Playz

    As long as she has not cheated
    Luffu: *looks at cray *

  • Bizzymcbob
    Bizzymcbob Day ago

    Can I have my 30 minutes back?

  • Bendooks
    Bendooks Day ago

    why is Elliot and Lannan both wearing Lachy merc

  • That Guy
    That Guy Day ago

    Kath it’s ok... so have I

    POKÉMON MISTRO Day ago +1

    I killed some one 😡