• Published on Apr 17, 2016
  • Hey guys, so as mentioned, here is an introduction to our new baby. We are so happy and blessed and this has been a journey, but were are on the other side and elated. Thank you for the love and support and I can't wait for the future.
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  • Annie Speller
    Annie Speller 4 hours ago

    New Subscriber! I know this is late but Grace is adorable. Beautiful family.

  • Safa Sahnoun
    Safa Sahnoun Month ago


  • just our everyday things

    Going on a patricia marathon because i cant sleep😁
    My labor was just weird.
    I was admitted for preeclampsia and they put me on a iv to start the contractions, I felt nothing so my husband brought me some suggest 😍
    The nurse went to check on me and I saw panic on her face... she pushed a button and I saw like 6 people around me in a few seconds .
    Against all the odds the head was almost out 🤣the nurse had never seen it before because I didn't felt it when I was eating 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • cha Bella
    cha Bella 4 months ago


  • April Love
    April Love 4 months ago


  • Tima Time
    Tima Time 4 months ago

    Hearing this makes the vlog makes more sense. Why she was wailing when she heard the baby and crying so loudly. It was wonderful regardless

  • Lisandra Macline
    Lisandra Macline 5 months ago

    I love this video, Its been a while since i was looking for it..

  • Madeleine Brown
    Madeleine Brown 6 months ago

  • Brittany Miller
    Brittany Miller 8 months ago

    How many weeks were you when she was born?

  • sasprilla Jo
    sasprilla Jo 8 months ago

    Awwww precious beauty

  • Tammy James
    Tammy James 8 months ago


  • Kgabo Thamaga
    Kgabo Thamaga 9 months ago

    You have such a cute baby girl

  • Catharina Hollander
    Catharina Hollander 9 months ago

    Congratulations to you both with you're beautiful little baby, wishing you much Happiness and health!

  • shontapl
    shontapl 10 months ago

    She is adorable

  • i -
    i - Year ago

    baby grace!aw

  • Sheena Bailey
    Sheena Bailey Year ago +1

    I rewatching this about two years later. Lol

  • Brenda Tajik
    Brenda Tajik Year ago

    Although I'm coming in late to your feed but I wanted to say congrats, she is beautiful!

  • Anne K
    Anne K Year ago

    She is beautiful!

  • Heather Elliott
    Heather Elliott Year ago

    Congratulations Patrica, obviously Grace isn’t Quite a new born now but she arrived safely so well done Mummy. It’s a huge thing to give birth and to sit back after it’s happened and look at this new tiny baby 🍼 and think wow !!! I’m a MUM NOW I can’t BELEIVE that this beautiful baby grew inside me for 9 months. SHES QUITE THE CUTIE 💜

  • Emma 誠真 Koh
    Emma 誠真 Koh Year ago

    i feel so much for your story...

  • Marva Houpe
    Marva Houpe Year ago

    She is beautiful!! Congratulations!! ❤️❤️

  • Christina Kasko
    Christina Kasko Year ago

    So sweet. Just ‘met’ you 2 days ago. Love your videos. Really enjoy you. Yup, keep doing you and I will keep being fascinated by how flawlessly graceful you are. I’ve got stuff to LEARN here!! God bless you chicka!!

  • This is Irrelevant

    Awwe this is so weird, cause my mom's name is Patricia and I was supposed to be named Grace, but they changed it to Hannah but it means the same thing

  • Sarah Locklear : UNCENSORED

    Girl my son was 9lbs and my daughter was 6'12 lbs

    • Sarah Locklear : UNCENSORED
      Sarah Locklear : UNCENSORED Year ago

      C sections I couldn't birth my son and my daughter I could but I was scared I'd bleed out...I didnt get milk with my son and my daughter I tried and I said hell no bc I could feel the milk coming out and I freaked out and my boob got so big omg nobody told me that I would see where the milk came out my boob bc a few hours later it was hurting I said hell no nobody told me this but I was on pain meds so I wanted to try either way but it wont my cup of tea

  • gr04ce 8
    gr04ce 8 Year ago


  • Yams Coco
    Yams Coco Year ago


  • Gontlafetse Mbeha

    Am watching this... Again 😍😍😍

  • Ashley Kennedy-Secrest

    Wanna send LOTS of love.... I know im wayyy late! Im a new follower.... I just found ya.

  • Ashley Kennedy-Secrest

    Im SOBBING !!! Im such an empathetic its crazy.... i feel others emotione even if idk them.. If i see someone having a really bad day ill cry.... even if its on tv! It drains me sometimes if its sometging TERRIBLY bad! Like if there is a massive crisis, ill be sick from stress for days.

  • Laura Elizabeth
    Laura Elizabeth Year ago

    Aww she's 2 now!! Such a beautiful feeling, post birth euphoric glow 💕

  • Daniela Martinez
    Daniela Martinez Year ago

    A black and white person makes a weird babies

  • Candyce Evette
    Candyce Evette Year ago

    Awwww 😍😍😍 my baby's name. Is Grace. Grace Nicole ❤️💜💛💙💚

  • alex shaw
    alex shaw Year ago

    #Atlanta #CASTING~DATING and family disapproves of your relationship? Are they trying to separate you and your partner b/c of their #religion, #race, #sexualorientation, #age #politicaldifferences etc? or write! ❤️💲

  • Kim Beck
    Kim Beck Year ago

    Lol her face when she said she got gas 🤣🤣🤣

  • B W
    B W Year ago +1

    “I need to poo, I really really need to poo” 😂😂

  • B W
    B W Year ago +1

    Her birthday’s coming up!!💗xx

  • Amy Lorenz
    Amy Lorenz Year ago +1

    Patricia- I'm kind of whispering
    also Patricia- BABEEE

  • Sophia Livingstone

    I had my daughter on the same day but I had a c-section

  • Rodas Bisrat
    Rodas Bisrat Year ago

    I hope she has a wonderful birthday coming up :D

  • zennah williams
    zennah williams Year ago +1

    999. That's cool to know! Congratulations 🎈🎉🍾

  • ME and DC
    ME and DC Year ago

    Beautiful. I'm 5 months pregnant w/ my first, a babygirl and I was trying so hard not to cry. Happy tears.

  • Brenda Prewitt
    Brenda Prewitt Year ago

    She is So beautiful Baby Grace

  • jack.leigh shameer

    You and your baby are absolutely beautiful .

  • vianca cardenas
    vianca cardenas Year ago

    Congratulations girl God bless your family 💜

  • Duchesse de Berne

    One of the most beautiful babys ever 😍
    In the UK they use this gas thing to breath in. On the continent its far less known it seems. At least what I heard of, never had a baby.
    It's frightening that they send mothers away and then they give birth in a car etc. it happens so often these days.

  • Aaminah X
    Aaminah X Year ago

    I’m so happy for you grace has grown so much!!!,

  • Christine Q
    Christine Q Year ago

    I wish I knew about your channel sooner than I have😭♥️

  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose Year ago

    You are by far my favorite youtuber. Your personality is awesome and you have a great sense of humor. I love your videos ❤❤

  • Anne Wagner
    Anne Wagner Year ago

    I know this isn't really related to your video but your hair looks bomb! Perfect curly hair. Do you have any secrets to share? I have a similar curly hair pattern and problems with frizz

    • Alexandria Blue
      Alexandria Blue Year ago

      Annie Tsering I know this is late but she wears a wig here

  • mrs. booklover
    mrs. booklover Year ago

    I was literally freaking out your so beautiful Patrica if don't even think you had any children but bless you And your baby is gorgeous

    PRXISES Year ago

    I saw this on my feed and thought you magically popped out a new baby and then I was sent into momentary confusion loool

  • Erline ju
    Erline ju Year ago


  • Hailey Deokie
    Hailey Deokie Year ago

    My mom said it was the most painful and fucked up thing to have a child and most un bearing pain she's ever felt to give birth to my sister and I. I really don't want to give birth because I throw up on my period 😂😂 so I'm adopting older kids because I also don't like toddlers and want to give an older child a better life

  • Alexis McFarland
    Alexis McFarland Year ago

    Why am i just now seeing this, also why am i crying so hard from the cuteness oh gosh

  • Lathi-Tha Mlahleki

    I loved this so much congratulations and I wish you guys all the best with your beautiful family❤️

  • De De Lewis-Ortiz

    Awesome, she is now 1, will she be 2 in April on 14? She is so beautiful you all are Blessed. I pray God continue to give you comfort. Amen.

  • Claire and Abby Love

    Omgosh all of you are gorgeous! God bless y'all 💘

  • Jennifer Bennett
    Jennifer Bennett Year ago

    She’s so beautiful

  • AichaBlueSky
    AichaBlueSky Year ago

    Labour is exciting and scary/tough at the same time. Belated (one year late) congratulations

  • Mr. Wonderful
    Mr. Wonderful Year ago

    Grace Bright.. what a beautiful, beautiful name

  • Rita Bandele
    Rita Bandele Year ago

    so precious

  • Elizabeth Mclean
    Elizabeth Mclean Year ago

    Congrats that's awesome

  • Tandem Bicycle
    Tandem Bicycle Year ago

    Congratulations 🎉 your baby girl is very beautiful!

  • Jasmin Roma
    Jasmin Roma Year ago

    When you’re having contractions and the nurses tell you to go home and “get some rest” like yeah let me try sleep through the pain of my uterus contracting every 15 minutes ! 😅😁

  • Tina Phillip
    Tina Phillip Year ago

    Beautiful baby

  • Precious John
    Precious John Year ago

    watching for like the 100th time

  • iKia
    iKia Year ago

    😩😩 I can’t do it!!!! 😂😂

  • SovietComrade
    SovietComrade Year ago +4

    How can people dislike this video........ i just dont understand

  • Delilah Lynx
    Delilah Lynx Year ago

    You are such a beautiful couple and have such a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations and you are so strong!

  • Luann H
    Luann H Year ago


  • sally lee
    sally lee Year ago

    Ahh bless you both Congratulations on having Baby Grace she so beautiful

  • joey c
    joey c Year ago

    she’s so cute !!! and i love your hair in this video !!!!

  • Alliandra Bennett

    Awwwwwwww. She's so precious. Such a beautiful story

  • SimsQueen
    SimsQueen Year ago

    I'm watching this in 2017 but she's beautiful😍

  • Priscilla Silva
    Priscilla Silva Year ago

    We love you Gracie

  • H MS
    H MS Year ago

    Wow you look amazing

  • نهال عزيز

    So cute

  • Shannon Crowley
    Shannon Crowley Year ago

    Our birth story's are so similar! my son was born 8lbs, at 6.21am & had to call an ambulance an hour after I got back from the hospital as they said it would be a while as I was only 2cm, I was pushing on the living room floor, finally got to the hospital again and gave birth. crazy how births can work out so different to how we imagine it! ☺️

  • Kami Anderson
    Kami Anderson Year ago

    I’m about to start my first job straight out of nursing school as a labor and delivery nurse! This video gets me so excited to listen to other women’s stories ♥️☺️ love you Patricia!

  • Harriet Satterly
    Harriet Satterly Year ago +3

    "I had the top of a baby's head coming out of my poonani". I'm dead

  • Heggie Melon
    Heggie Melon Year ago

    So precious. I love kids.

  • Jessica Combrinck

    I apsolutely love this video. You are such a great person and I love watching your video's. Grace is so gorgeous like her mom❤

  • Caleb's Amazing Adventures

    I just found your channel & we subscribed. I loved hearing your birth story. I felt euphoric after my daughter was born. Everything feels so clear and amazing I felt. I agree with the recovery. After my emergency c section I was a wreck and a mess for weeks but after my natural home birth, I felt amazing straight away and breastfeeding was a breeze. Grace is beautiful.

  • B.J Robin
    B.J Robin Year ago


  • nona
    nona Year ago

    Oh you are a MOM ! and dark skin mom too with white man ❤ I loooove when people being non_racial 😩😩😩❤

  • Nini Lopez
    Nini Lopez Year ago

    Omg I'm super late! Beautiful baby omg

  • Aleia Clemons
    Aleia Clemons Year ago +1

    Goals. Just Goals. 😍

  • Cat Rowlands
    Cat Rowlands Year ago

    This made me so emotional

  • Emily Jones
    Emily Jones Year ago +1

    am I the only one who thinks she should do a haul of baby stuff

  • Jennifer Villa
    Jennifer Villa Year ago


  • Grace Whitley
    Grace Whitley Year ago

    I know this is a little late but my name is grace and she’s just so pretty

  • Jasmijn van de Kemp

    Same birthday with baby grace ♡

  • Paris Isabella
    Paris Isabella Year ago +1

    Re-watching this because I’m due with my first baby in 11 weeks...😬😬😬

  • Afroza Khanom
    Afroza Khanom Year ago

    U look better without makeup 😍

  • Fernbe Dienung
    Fernbe Dienung Year ago

    so adorable


    How the crap can 231 people "dislike" this video?! That's ridiculous!! She is absolutely beautiful, YOU are absolutely beautiful! I know it's been a year, but savor every moment, it goes by so fast! :) Love your videos!

  • Ciara A
    Ciara A Year ago

    im not crying, you are 😭

  • Alannah Beidari
    Alannah Beidari Year ago

    I know im late but this video was absolutely beautiful hearing the birth story im just elated hearing all of these stories as i am ttc sooo beautiful your baby girl ❤️