iPhone X vs Makeup Transformation (Face ID TEST)

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  • Patrice Roshe
    Patrice Roshe 2 hours ago

    Hmmm android had facial recognition like years ago. Still its nice to see Apple leveling their game up.

  • Eva popescu
    Eva popescu 4 hours ago

    You are the queen of makeup

  • nvr_mnd
    nvr_mnd Day ago

    You should use the wax to make yourself look like someone else and try to unlock their phone!

  • Pink bunny
    Pink bunny 2 days ago

    Put a beard on!!

  • Babbygirlsel
    Babbygirlsel 2 days ago

    Loved this video!

  • NMtube
    NMtube 2 days ago

    Men are beautiful.

  • Dee Lor
    Dee Lor 2 days ago

    Transform your husband into you and try to see if it unlocks. I want to see.

  • Cristina Zarnescu
    Cristina Zarnescu 3 days ago

    the transformation is crazy

  • Brain J
    Brain J 4 days ago

    4:40 Fake

  • Zoe h
    Zoe h 4 days ago

    I swear to god i need Promise to come do my makeup for me everyday so i actually look like i do in my photos hahaha

  • Valery Villatoro
    Valery Villatoro 4 days ago

    It did unloock at 3:06

  • Candlelight
    Candlelight 4 days ago

    Apple’s made a video about growing a beard, caking on makeup, it will still enable it to let you in . It’s your EYES that it looks at, the face is just for structure
    And yes bitch if you get a different chin or nose then it most definitely won’t let you in, don’t act so shocked when it stays locked. 😂

  • My user name is: WaterDragony

    You added many makeup =.=

  • fabmazing tutorials
    fabmazing tutorials 5 days ago

    Promise Phan you are amazing I have... Had and iPhone 5S and well... It was good but it was nowhere near the iPhone 10 I didn't even know that has made an iPhone 10 honestly and a video request I would like to see you do is copy my profile pic on my TVclip and you can copy it from this comment and I want you to do a makeup tutorial of me. Smiley I know you've never done that before you know anyone else but maybe you could do it with me as well. Also please do a reaction video to one of my makeup tutorials I'd recommend the Kesha tutorial.

  • megoldások Lili
    megoldások Lili 6 days ago

    You are VERY beutiful!😍✨

  • Alina MNE
    Alina MNE 6 days ago

    You are so beautiful☺😊😀

  • Jasmin Garcia
    Jasmin Garcia 6 days ago

    James Charles and her should do a vid together

  • sparkle a little
    sparkle a little 6 days ago

    Your make up is on fleek! GIRL

  • Social Newsfeed
    Social Newsfeed 7 days ago

    yaaas! she mentioned Mariah Carey! <3

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  • PabloVEVO
    PabloVEVO 7 days ago

    You’re not supposed to keep on opening it ! Face ID Starts learning your face !

  • Nejla Zilic
    Nejla Zilic 7 days ago

    You should do Eleven from Stranger Things !

  • Ceho Ciuch
    Ceho Ciuch 8 days ago

    She looks way better without makeup woah

  • jojo_ 1929
    jojo_ 1929 8 days ago

    I LOVE ❤️ putting makeup 💄 but when it comes to taking it off I am so lazy someone make a life hack plzzz 🙏🏻

  • vanessa Rodiguez
    vanessa Rodiguez 8 days ago

    She look like someone from imvu😂

  • Olson Family
    Olson Family 8 days ago

    get colored contacts

  • Rylie Blankenship
    Rylie Blankenship 8 days ago

    I knew she looked familiar when she said “Mariah Carey”😂😂

  • Morgan Fullmore
    Morgan Fullmore 8 days ago

    She look a little like mariah Cary

  • Matea Trajanovska
    Matea Trajanovska 8 days ago

    2O18 anyone?

  • Christina ;3
    Christina ;3 8 days ago

    Emma Watson lips 😂

  • Silvia Saechao
    Silvia Saechao 9 days ago

    It opens because it scans the bone structure

  • Tate Walker
    Tate Walker 9 days ago

    When she says she is going to put on a wig.... but the wig is almost exactly like her normal hair.

  • Cotton candy
    Cotton candy 9 days ago +2

    Wait hold up did no one notice that she put glue on her eyebrows Edit: at 1:10

  • Christy Jdaidany
    Christy Jdaidany 9 days ago

    It sees ur bone structure and when u changed ur nose and chin ur bone structure looked different to thr phone

  • Nyla Hi
    Nyla Hi 10 days ago

    5:41 I have an actual extra chin. That's offensive

  • Dream Desk
    Dream Desk 10 days ago

    Bitch u kno it’s 3D not actual look that matters

  • Moi Gizalien
    Moi Gizalien 11 days ago

    What if you tried to make yourself look like someone else to open their iPhone 10?

  • Noki's Kitchen
    Noki's Kitchen 11 days ago +49

    Doesn't face recorgnition refer to the shape of your eyes, nose, chin (Things that cannot be changed by makeup). Unless you have cosmetic surgery to alter your nose, eyes, chin etc... the phone will still open!!!

    • Kevin Feng
      Kevin Feng 7 days ago

      Yes it’s true, I have tried blocking my forehead and cheeks and it still worked

  • Loren Alejandre
    Loren Alejandre 11 days ago

    Before you contoured you looked like kourtney Kardashian

  • Michelle Wolfhard
    Michelle Wolfhard 11 days ago

    Kylie Jenner/Kim Kardashian

  • Gin_Ira 1996
    Gin_Ira 1996 11 days ago

    Asian to western in a minute...this is not make up.

  • Easter Myo Aung
    Easter Myo Aung 11 days ago

    I got really freaked out when her eyebrows were gone😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ayee ASMR
    Ayee ASMR 12 days ago

    Mine doesn’t recognize my face when I first wake up and yours literally works every time except when you put a fake nose and chin on. Wtf Apple?

  • prathi prathu
    prathi prathu 13 days ago

    no need to do nose surgery.. we can buy just the nose wax and make the nose sharp and nice..

  • Angel Moana
    Angel Moana 13 days ago

    U should transform me into a girl :)

  • crazy crazy
    crazy crazy 13 days ago

    You should do the pretty little liars transformation. Like so she can see this!

  • jess i
    jess i 13 days ago

    the wig was the same style as her natural hair

  • Shreeya
    Shreeya 13 days ago +1

    Who thinks that when she puts on makeup she looks like someone from sims 4😂😂

  • R Gambler
    R Gambler 14 days ago

    u can unlock a celebritys iphone by doing a makeup transformation

  • Jesse Rangel
    Jesse Rangel 14 days ago

    it reads your facial points like Snapchat

  • Courtney _Pauler
    Courtney _Pauler 14 days ago

    2nd to last looks like if Barbie + Kim Kardashian had a baby, it would be you. 😂

  • maijawilhelminaa :3
    maijawilhelminaa :3 15 days ago

    extra chin 4 life baby

  • slime it up up
    slime it up up 15 days ago +1

    why did u get the same color wig as ur hair btw u look so creepy omg

  • Super Samara
    Super Samara 15 days ago

    She looks like a robot .....Lolzz😇😂

  • Jazily
    Jazily 15 days ago


  • Natali Potter
    Natali Potter 15 days ago

    it unlocked because it could still recognize your face features

  • nixymax
    nixymax 15 days ago

    She turned on FACE ID unlocking on her new iPhone X.
    -She took off her makeup ......
    Then, she took her phone to the Apple Store to unlock.....
    lmao, true story 😂😂😂

  • AyeItz NAZ
    AyeItz NAZ 15 days ago

    you looks like one of the little mix member •0•

  • Meghan Lynn
    Meghan Lynn 15 days ago

    U get mad when it opens why

  • Ria Cel Castañeda Hussain

    " If this not work I'm probably gonna rip my hair”"

  • Jordan Ravenscroft
    Jordan Ravenscroft 15 days ago

    Why was she pressing the lock button on the last one? If it wasn’t open then she didn’t need to lock it. Maybe it did open but she didn’t want to let it win

    • Jordan Ravenscroft
      Jordan Ravenscroft 15 days ago

      You don’t get me

    • Alexia Poidevin
      Alexia Poidevin 15 days ago

      It didn't open because she added some skin (a fake chin) to her face, which means she changed of features. The phone recognizes features, no matter how much makeup you put. What she did at the end was changing her face features as if she's somebody else, of course it didn't unlock. If it had unlocked, that would've meant that the phone unlocks to everybody and that face id is a bad password which does not work.

  • Kinichi Kun
    Kinichi Kun 15 days ago

    Before you said you were going for the Mariah cheekbones, i was already thinking about that lol

  • just me
    just me 16 days ago

    good idea for video im cz

  • clarisa bonton
    clarisa bonton 16 days ago +3

    😂 iphone was like siis i know its you

  • Hį bã
    Hį bã 16 days ago

    Your look like donia batma 😂

  • Jae7rush
    Jae7rush 16 days ago

    I would love for you to transform me xoxo

  • E Davis
    E Davis 16 days ago

    no offense but in the thumbnail you look like an imvu character

  • Patty MSP
    Patty MSP 17 days ago

    but you look beautiful without make-up

  • Zara
    Zara 17 days ago

    the wig literally looked the same

  • Ashley Kelly
    Ashley Kelly 17 days ago

    The iphone x face lock is based on bone structure

  • Debo the vampire guy
    Debo the vampire guy 17 days ago

    You look more good without the makeup.

  • Presley Ann
    Presley Ann 17 days ago


  • Julia Trischitta
    Julia Trischitta 17 days ago

    Why are you upset you should be happy and if you look at the design it show your face shape

  • Marta Bednarska
    Marta Bednarska 18 days ago +1

    4:50 you wish

  • Defne Yıldırım
    Defne Yıldırım 19 days ago +3

    Face ID is not testing your face, It’s testing your Retina from your eyes.

  • ayeee itz me
    ayeee itz me 19 days ago

    Is it just me or does she look like an IMVU character 😂

  • _ARMY_
    _ARMY_ 19 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was sims 4

  • xYoukie
    xYoukie 20 days ago

    You most beautyfull without make up 😘

  • Vijay Tiwari
    Vijay Tiwari 20 days ago

    Your real hair look more beautiful

    SQUISHY MY MINYOONGI 20 days ago

    You look like michelle dy.

  • deeds federico
    deeds federico 20 days ago

    If that’s is her friends phone when she gives the phone back how will her friend get in

  • Chelia Hani
    Chelia Hani 20 days ago

    Maybe iphone x hate kylie jenner😂LOL

  • Lily Smith
    Lily Smith 20 days ago

    Get on her level James Charles

  • Prince Jess
    Prince Jess 20 days ago

    tell me how she look like she is from IMVU. is it just me ?

  • Sylas Tricky
    Sylas Tricky 20 days ago

    Its funny how girls use makeup to make them selves look pretty

  • Sincerful
    Sincerful 20 days ago

    You should do someones makeup making them look like you and see if it unlocks the phone

  • Franklin Peña
    Franklin Peña 20 days ago

    She looks like Mariah Carey in the makeup kinda

  • Queen Nya
    Queen Nya 20 days ago

    Why does the time on the phone say 14:25?🧐🧐

  • Sori Sorinela
    Sori Sorinela 21 day ago

    I like TVclip make-up❤️

  • Masud Ali
    Masud Ali 21 day ago +1

    congratulations on 4M

  • Stella-Gamez
    Stella-Gamez 21 day ago

    Because it matches facial structure

  • little liar
    little liar 21 day ago

    Wtf glue

  • AngelaPretty
    AngelaPretty 21 day ago

    Actually, iPhone X has a scanner that doesn't just recognise your face but also your bone structure. That's why it recognises you although you look completely diferent because of makeup and beauty products. Sunglasses don't let the iPhone recognise your bone structure because of their darkness. That's why when Jeffree Star (for example) tried wearing sunglasses, the iPhone did not unlock.

  • Siyeon Lee
    Siyeon Lee 21 day ago

    I cant believe some people think that the iPhone won’t recognize you 😂. The iPhone X shoots little dots at all of your facial features and shape which you can’t really change with makeup.

  • Bunniegirl13
    Bunniegirl13 22 days ago

    It does not do Face ID it does eye Id

  • Алексей Хованский

    You look like Kim ♔

  • Jinnie
    Jinnie 23 days ago

    Why don't you just set up your Face ID, transform yourself completly and then try it. Maybe it doesn't work because you check inbetween the stages of transformation.

  • Wareesha Ijaz
    Wareesha Ijaz 23 days ago

    please do the cosplay of hermione granger i love her so much please do it

  • Linus Gerds
    Linus Gerds 23 days ago

    I like your make Update

  • Deborah Mesfin
    Deborah Mesfin 23 days ago +13

    I'm so sorry but you're way prettier without makeup