Why Dunkin' Donuts Is Failing in India

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
  • Dunkin' Brands has become synonymous with breakfast pretty much everywhere, with more than 12,600 restaurants in 46 countries. In the United States, Dunkin' has seen a steady revenue growth over the last few years. But in India? The chain is struggling there.
    Dunkin' granted exclusive franchising right to Jubilant FoodWorks in 2012. In a statement to CNBC, Dunkin' Brands said it finds it important to include core Dunkin' products alongside more regional menu items to cater to local tastes.
    As Dunkin' tried to get the formula right in India, it focused on products like burgers that strayed away from the doughnuts and coffee it's long been known for. Even in the U.S., the chain has played with its menu and is now rebranding itself as just Dunkin'.
    Despite efforts to cater the menu to Indian tastebuds, the franchisee has now closed more than half of Dunkin' stores in less than two years.
    Jubilant FoodWorks cited a lack of profitability and operational inefficiencies. Dunkin' did not comment on its store closures in India.
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    Why Dunkin' Donuts Is Failing in India | CNBC

Comments • 10 089

  • Purushotam Krishnareddy

    I didn’t know people ate donuts for breakfast

  • soedesh bechan
    soedesh bechan 17 hours ago

    In short US tries to push their sales culture to a family focused (cohesion before adhesion) culture.
    Is loud and agressive.
    Is pragmatic opportunistic so NEVER bother to betray own identity.
    US CULTURE does not fit East hemisphere, including Europe. Too loud, too agressive.
    Europe prefer democrats in US because of war agendas. Eu preferred business before war.
    East has also something magical to the Western mindset. Old ROOTS.
    European appreciate old cultures. Mesopotamia is also their roots development. Own historians refer to it that their culture spread from their.
    East businesses are more successful in the West.
    More QUALITY focused.
    More respectfully.
    Gaining favours factors.
    For example EU has GOOD cars, still Japanese brands able to take big share of market.
    Japan copied Westerners sales strategy but added own culture of respect and perfection. Add some toerist eastern philosophy and mindsets start to absorb.
    Above first and second layers of Maslow piramide, identity issues becomes extreme importantly. Meaning of life questions pop-up.
    Cheap sales gurus try to fill in that gap via amusement while refering to other cultures.
    EMPOWER East magnetism.
    BUSINESS development:
    --> survival issues first, ECONOMY development
    --> identity development along the way, answear questions of Why, What for Who.... identity focused.

    US YOUNGER AS Europe, still tries to dictate EU lifestyles. Betray own ROOTS. Europe is their FIRST ROOTS.
    Europe was more conservative, business focused. US SALES SABOTAGE for own profits, push individuality agenda. They left EUROPE mainland because no ties. Has own strong independence feeling.
    Sales culture did not develop own ECONOMY
    ( too pragmatic, too opportunistic), so depended at their European roots, which was conservative. Had some strong businesses as results. IDENTITY focused.
    Europeans value traditions, express it in their Art.

  • GatoKa
    GatoKa Day ago

    I looooove donuts.

  • Mr. Mackey Mmmkay

    Why not have curry dunkin donut.

  • dinakar nag
    dinakar nag Day ago

    I guess Dunkin donuts has failed mainly due to pricing...it's not America to think 2$ is cheap.. here it 140rs dude.. they dono simple calculation...😅😅😅

  • fix mix
    fix mix 2 days ago

    India is bureaucrazy.

  • Kishore Ravi
    Kishore Ravi 3 days ago

    There's no haha emoji reaction for comments. Bloody!

  • Saumyaranjan Mishra
    Saumyaranjan Mishra 4 days ago

    There is nothing new in a donut for Indians , as we have vada which is spicier version of donut.

  • Remedy
    Remedy 4 days ago

    Starting the day with what is essentially a *bagel made of cake* might be fine if youre going to be napping in a police car...

  • hiya
    hiya 5 days ago

    now i know y Americans have high obesity rates. In india maida(all purpose flour) is considered unhealthy since forever i can tell u. so we have no food staple that uses maida. its only used in fried and sweet foods which people will eat only once in a while. most indians dont eat bread everyday either. infact 2ice a week at the most. before a business enters a market it should know the culture of the country. if i try to introduce spicy food in america and expect people to have it for breakfast it wont work.

  • hiya
    hiya 5 days ago

    i can't get over this video ! rofl! u really thought indians will have donuts for breakfast ? without chking all the breakfast competitors? 😂😂😂

  • hiya
    hiya 5 days ago

    lets be honest. the donuts are really bad from all 3 brands. so we prefer waffles and pancakes or good old cakes and cupcakes.
    and woman how can u compare doughnut and ice creams? have u seen the temperature and climate of india? lol this whole video was hilarious

  • Shreyans kesarkar
    Shreyans kesarkar 5 days ago +1

    Make a video why CNBC struggles in India 🤭🤣 🤣

  • Abhilash Jha
    Abhilash Jha 7 days ago

    # we prefer vadapaw over Dunkin.😂😂😂

  • Rishabh Dwivedi
    Rishabh Dwivedi 7 days ago +1

    Dunkin donuts go dunk in India. 😜😂

  • Akash Chanda
    Akash Chanda 8 days ago

    It astounds me when massive corporations fail to do basic market studies. Just talking to a handful of people in their target markets would reveal that Indians don't like eating things like donuts for breakfast or that they're not mad about coffee.

  • manoj yadav
    manoj yadav 8 days ago

    *Crazy about coffe?*
    *Country runs on chai.*

  • Milan Gurung
    Milan Gurung 10 days ago

    I prefer my proper English breakfast, not donuts for breakfast. Eugghh

  • rampalli teja
    rampalli teja 10 days ago

    Is donut sweet Vada? 😂

  • Amrit Shahi
    Amrit Shahi 12 days ago

    I sometime eat donut for breakfast along with a tea but donut does not need to be too sweet as it interferes with sweetness of tea. That is another reason too sweet donuts/breakfasts are avoided in india as almost everyone like tea.

  • reesha toms
    reesha toms 12 days ago

    We don't want sugary things.

  • jesusixhairandikepilleissai

    Americans maderchod hai

  • Fun Destination 410
    Fun Destination 410 12 days ago

    With that .price .. i can have hydrabadi Chicken biryani plate , cup of tea in uncle's shop, and Some chicken pakorass

  • Ninconpop
    Ninconpop 13 days ago

    Wtf...I ain't paying 100 rupees for some sweet.

  • Abhishek Srivastava
    Abhishek Srivastava 13 days ago

    Indians don't eat donuts. They don't know what a donut is and they don't crave for it.

  • rpXXXX
    rpXXXX 13 days ago

    Well good to see we are still left with healthy eating habits

  • Rebel 06
    Rebel 06 14 days ago

    I’m American and I hate donuts! Your basically eating unbaked dough.

  • Alexander Sam
    Alexander Sam 14 days ago +1

    What? Dunkin is in India too? Never knew, Never cared. I would rather have a plate of Pav Bhaji(20₹-50₹) than having a Doughnut (100₹-200₹).
    People in America/Europe-"Kaise Khate hoo tum ye Sab, Issiliye indian food k thele Foreign countries main bohot chalte hain."

  • Rosh S
    Rosh S 15 days ago

    Yay to India! who wants donuts???!!!
    We have such awesome breakfast options which are healthy and yummy :)

  • gerard burton
    gerard burton 16 days ago

    I am surprised that DD would want to deal with India.

  • Habibur Rahman Bappa
    Habibur Rahman Bappa 16 days ago

    I only eat doughnut if someone offer me for free. I think doughnut is waste of money. Where you can buy vadapao for 10rs

  • Riti Aggarwal
    Riti Aggarwal 17 days ago

    A tip for brands coming to India:
    Typically fusion food, when it comes to big franchises, is considered cringey in urban subculture. We’re fine with butter chicken & pizza separately, but butter chicken pizza sounds terrible. My point is: unless you’re a fusion restaurant, fusion food usually doesn’t work and we’d much rather have entirely one cuisine or the other. It’s hard to get fusion right w/out throwing us off the concept.

  • Sajith Channadathu
    Sajith Channadathu 18 days ago

    The way would hav been. They should have targeted the kids , that would have been the way to go . as treat for kids

  • chander ramaraju.
    chander ramaraju. 18 days ago

    Donut???? It looks like wada ...i would prefer ginger chutney or coconut chutney with it instead of those sweet creams n chocolate chips.

  • akash nepak
    akash nepak 19 days ago

    Dunkin should probably do some market research before entering into a market...which sticks to its traditional roots...proabably change product line up..revamp their marketing structure

  • Tarush Jain
    Tarush Jain 20 days ago

    Dunkin just didn't advertised Donuts as they should have done.

  • Harish Kiran
    Harish Kiran 21 day ago

    Such a pathetic dish for breakfast when we have a thousand alternatives which are better in any way!

  • Jose Gallegos
    Jose Gallegos 21 day ago

    Its global expansion has been slow going and not always successful.
    It's tried and failed in several countries like Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Argentina, Venezuela Bolivia, Israel, Puerto Rico, Curaçao, Mexico, China, Several Europe (Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Hungary, Romania, Czechia, Italy, & Greece) & South Africa
    From now Dunkin Donuts is back in Mexico and China

  • Aditi Rana
    Aditi Rana 21 day ago

    199 for tea never i will better make it myself

  • Jack Teerawat
    Jack Teerawat 21 day ago

    Unless the Indian setup worshipping cows 🐮 their gods, fast food chains with lots of beef 🐄 in their menus will succeed in India 🇮🇳.

  • sumanshu chadha
    sumanshu chadha 22 days ago +17

    let me sinplify it for you
    who are we? : indians
    what are we known for? : spicy food
    how donuts taste? : sweet

    • sumanshu chadha
      sumanshu chadha 3 days ago +1

      @Vipul Rajput well, in that case i am afraid that you must be a kejriwal supporter 😜

    • Vipul Rajput
      Vipul Rajput 3 days ago

      I'm Indian and I hate spicy food

  • onkar mane
    onkar mane 22 days ago

    My heart melted for that BR’s chocolate scoop

  • Bhuvanesh Nagpal
    Bhuvanesh Nagpal 23 days ago

    Why it didn't work? Because there are hell numerous options in India for breakfast dessert or even in sweets much much much better than donuts which are available on the streets in India...

  • The Fourth Lens
    The Fourth Lens 23 days ago

    No one eat baloo sahee and meetha vada in breakfast

  • TSP
    TSP 23 days ago

    Simple difference:
    - indians take warm & salty breakfast with hot & sweet beverage such as chai or coffee
    - Americans take cold & sweet breakfast with sweeter juice or coffee
    You can't expect 1.3B to change their eating habits conditioned since ages

  • GreaTMaX32
    GreaTMaX32 23 days ago

    Donuts for breakfast? Weird americans.. Donut is for dessert or a snack not for breakfast...

  • Subit Nath
    Subit Nath 23 days ago +1

    Cnbc fckg cnbc: Why....... is failing in India.?
    Because we have struggled for money throughout our life and we know value of every $.

  • Miss shah
    Miss shah 24 days ago

    We Indians especially do not like foreign food for breakfast. Having a foreign cusine for Lunch or dinner every once in a while is desirable for an average middle class family but breakfasts are still strictly local, no Indian would prefer starting the day with so much sugar

  • halkatgp
    halkatgp 24 days ago +2

    Did I just see 200 rupees for a cup of ginger chai? That's 10 times more expensive then the most expensive road side tea stall price. But then again you pay for the experience.

  • Anand Potukuchi
    Anand Potukuchi 25 days ago +37

    Next video: "why do ALL foreign food outlets fail in india"
    Because idiots.. we have our own cuisine..

    • Aniket B
      Aniket B 4 days ago +3

      Not all mcd, kfc, pizza hut, dominos, baskin robbins etc are doing great yeah maybe you can say mostly in the urban parts of india

    • Shamik Ghosh
      Shamik Ghosh 12 days ago +2

      And most of it is god damn better than most of what the foreign food chains bring

  • Sujata Waghmare
    Sujata Waghmare 25 days ago +2

    Well I'm really happy with my gulab jamuns so no thanks

  • Izuru Kamakura
    Izuru Kamakura 25 days ago +1

    Do we really need a video to explain why???
    It's common sense at this point

  • gary devito
    gary devito 26 days ago +1

    kind of ironic ,most of the dunkin donuts I've been in are run by indian people.

  • Cherry Blossoms
    Cherry Blossoms 26 days ago +1

    American food is selfish food. While other food in other country. Is all about bolding with family and friends.

  • call me mr Tom Reagan
    call me mr Tom Reagan 26 days ago +1

    Dunkin donut 🍩 left because it’ was too many rats in India 🇮🇳 !!!!!!

  • James R
    James R 26 days ago +1

    India is hot and humid in most places. If I want something sweet, I'm going for an ice cream in an air-conditioned store, before a donut or a tea.

  • James R
    James R 26 days ago +1

    American marketing that prides itself on creating demand, branding and location, did not have any marketing staff with a marketing degree launch its shops in India. They went against all of the basic marketing principles and then wonder why they failed.

  • Robert Montes
    Robert Montes 26 days ago +1

    Majority of indians like spicy foods even some of their bread have a chilli on it they dont like sweets on bread

  • Tusarkanti Chakraborty

    India is not interested in donuts that is the simple reason

    GOURAV AGARWAL 26 days ago

    I realised this brand existed after watching this video😂