THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Official Trailer (2018) Uma Thurman, Matt Dillon, Lars von Trier Movie HD


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  • ONE Media
    ONE Media  6 months ago +60

    The 3 intense first clips of the movie are available right here >>
    Can't wait to watch it!

    • The Truth Is From God
      The Truth Is From God 13 days ago

      you cant wait.... I know that you cant wait to see this for real.

    • Azriel
      Azriel 2 months ago

      +June Rose-Sommer. What would you expect from Lars von Trier?

    • David Seriff
      David Seriff 3 months ago

      ONE Media when is it coming out?

    • David Seriff
      David Seriff 3 months ago

      ONE Media when is it coming out?

    • June Rose-Sommer
      June Rose-Sommer 5 months ago +2

      Vile and disgusting!!!!!

  • Luca Renzi
    Luca Renzi 7 hours ago +1

    Fucking misogynist shit. Go to hell.

  • Benoit Pellet
    Benoit Pellet 7 hours ago

    Matt Dillon is one of the few actors who can really play both a likable good guy and a seriously menacing, terror-inducing, chillingly horror creating, bad guy. He might just get the Oscar or a Golden Globe for this one.

  • Jack Fahy
    Jack Fahy 19 hours ago

    Anyone know when this gem of a film is out ?

    • Jack Fahy
      Jack Fahy Hour ago

      Francis 4033 I reckon it’ll be released on DVD in my country (Ireland) but I highly doubt it will be released in cinemas

    • Francis 4033
      Francis 4033 Hour ago

      +Jack Fahy I don't think it'll be released here in Costa Rica either

    • Jack Fahy
      Jack Fahy 18 hours ago

      Francis 4033 nice one man, I’ve a feeling it won’t be released where I’m from haha

    • Francis 4033
      Francis 4033 18 hours ago

      Hope you read this

    • Francis 4033
      Francis 4033 18 hours ago +1

      I know it will have it's premiere in Denmark on November 28th, then, the Worldwide release is on December 14th

  • Szabolcs Nagy
    Szabolcs Nagy 2 days ago

    Anyone knows the song of the film?

  • Author Christy Heron

    Lars!! Yay

  • Hauke G.
    Hauke G. 5 days ago

    What a pity that the US-version will be cutted. Only European cinemas will show the movie 100% uncut.

  • Ruben T
    Ruben T 6 days ago

    So Hollywood took a break from lecturing middle America on our moral shortcomings to put out a gruesome movie that glorifies and makes a spectacle of the deepest recesses of depravity to which a human being is capable of sinking? Cool.

    Choke on your own dicks, Hollywood.

  • Lsa F
    Lsa F 7 days ago

    I'm gonna have to beef up my violence tolerance limit somehow because this film is just too interesting not to watch.

  • Andrew Mark
    Andrew Mark 7 days ago

    Uma Thurman is so perfect for Lars Von Trier films!

  • Frank Morris
    Frank Morris 7 days ago

    About time, I’ve been waiting for Matt’s return!

  • RiSHi Negi
    RiSHi Negi 8 days ago

    I don’t know about any controversy, I am here only for *UMA THURMAN*

  • RiSHi Negi
    RiSHi Negi 8 days ago

    Didn’t looked like a trailer ....

  • Mary Dundree
    Mary Dundree 8 days ago

    This looks like it would give me PTSD. No thanks.

  • Malik Arran
    Malik Arran 8 days ago

    WtF is happening?

  • Aditya Sinha
    Aditya Sinha 9 days ago +1

    But what about the house that *AJ STYLES BUILT*

  • sclogse1
    sclogse1 9 days ago

    Why do you watch films?

  • tll23
    tll23 10 days ago +1

    Three words that scare me when put together; Lars. Von. Trier.

  • HeadBlasted
    HeadBlasted 10 days ago

    I'm going to see this movie expecting to hear metallica's "the house that Jack built"

  • boss Ambedkarite
    boss Ambedkarite 11 days ago

    1:20 MAGA hats

  • neo İlbasan
    neo İlbasan 11 days ago

    lars von trier is a genıus. i feel like i am in a paralel universe in his movies. and dont forget the philosophic referances. sipirit/mind, platon/aristo. the road to truht and enlightment. (sorry for my bad england :D )

  • victoria long
    victoria long 11 days ago

    Yesss! I saw the trailer in April gonna be insane!

  • Kire Zetroc
    Kire Zetroc 11 days ago

    I’d really like to know when this is coming out

  • Anaïs
    Anaïs 12 days ago

    This kinda makes me think of the belgian movie " c'est arrivé près de chez vous"

  • Slappy McSlapster
    Slappy McSlapster 12 days ago

    I'm going to take the kids!

  • mayanksezso
    mayanksezso 13 days ago

    Aah...the fascination with serial killers!

  • markponicki
    markponicki 13 days ago

    Excellent choice to use that classic funkadelic beat

  • thepiewasalie
    thepiewasalie 13 days ago

    It was actually more funny than gruesome, i was expecting it to be worse.

  • The Truth Is From God
    The Truth Is From God 13 days ago

    This is all about the coming of Satan

  • alejandro espinoza
    alejandro espinoza 13 days ago

    jack the builder, are you?

  • Adonay Rivas
    Adonay Rivas 13 days ago

    This movie is amazing

  • Alexandra Rieloff
    Alexandra Rieloff 13 days ago +1

    Lars does this to his actors and audiences ... but they keep coming back. His darkness stems back to his relationship with his mother; are you surprised. He is an auteur of his demons. I think Matt Dillon, also desperately wanted to get out of his 'good boy, good looks' syndrome. Lars is hard on his actors, but he pulls stellar performances from them as well.

  • Life with Tina
    Life with Tina 14 days ago

    does anyone knows the song ? *---*

  • Allan Santiago
    Allan Santiago 14 days ago

    I'm not gonna see it. From what I can see it has fine acting, great dialogue--Matt Dillon is pretty phenomenal--just not my cup of tea. Maybe in the future when i'm in the mood for something dark and weird, I'll rent it from Redbox.

    VIRAL ESCAPE 15 days ago

    Riley Keough brought me here. Don't care that she's married.

  • Botond Németh
    Botond Németh 15 days ago

    1:05 whats the name of this musical masterpiece?

  • Tony Johnsen
    Tony Johnsen 16 days ago

    Does the titlen and story has anything to do with the nursery rhyme?

  • TTF Entertainment
    TTF Entertainment 18 days ago +5

    Just came out of the theatre. DO NOT MISS THIS FILM!

  • Chris Weidner
    Chris Weidner 19 days ago

    Way way over the top. Unwatchable. Enough with this cruel sensationalist crap.

  • erik harr
    erik harr 19 days ago

    This film was made in sweden

  • cmcdmb
    cmcdmb 20 days ago

    I liked it better when it was called American Psycho

  • Mooonlightist
    Mooonlightist 20 days ago

    A vous dégoûter de la pizza 😁

  • Kyu Won Moon
    Kyu Won Moon 20 days ago

    What's the piano song called?

  • Melanya Hamasyan
    Melanya Hamasyan 21 day ago

    Glenn Gould..

    RAYITO JAY JAY 21 day ago

    Piano song?

  • belush34
    belush34 24 days ago +3


  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton 25 days ago +1

    It's hard for me to enjoy any Lars Von Trier film. It's like he tries so hard to disturb the audience that he overlooks narrative and character arcs. But I can count on him when I want to feel bad for the rest of the evening, that's for sure.

  • Jozeph Casta
    Jozeph Casta 25 days ago

    que porqueria de pelicuala tan grotesca no ire a gastar mi diero en esta mierda

  • Pgh Comix
    Pgh Comix 25 days ago +1

    Motherfuck does this look good

  • Vicki Takacs
    Vicki Takacs 25 days ago

    I think it's interesting that it is mostly guys who are ripping Lars up one side and down the other. In case you hadn't noticed, Trier writes about women. I'd say he understands them very well. This will be a departure and I'm not sure he can work the same magic with a man.

  • Thomas Baker
    Thomas Baker 26 days ago +1

    Just saw this at the opening night here in Australia - three hours of awesome! Five stars!

  • chasbo13
    chasbo13 27 days ago

    Same old boring themes, its been done already

  • Themis Gkio
    Themis Gkio 28 days ago +3

    Genius movie,not everybody can handle it.
    It leaves you a little bit clueless at some points but it lets you imagine what you want.
    Would definitely recommend.

  • Rose Vlogs
    Rose Vlogs 28 days ago +1

    Muito ansiosa 🖤💘💙

  • oncall21
    oncall21 28 days ago

    I absolutely loved Breaking the Waves and Dancer in the Dark and the end scene had me in tears. Since then I've seen all of von Triers films and in a word, meh.

  • Nowor Nevery
    Nowor Nevery 28 days ago

    I am just here waiting for a Metallica song reference.


    i am not a fan of von trier movies but this one has definitely done something to me...excellent performance by matt dillon ...this actor is unfairly script ...atmospheric music...reminded me of mother a far as the allegoric part is concerned...definitely a must see

  • fajar ahmad setiawan

    Lars Von Trier, right? No wonder. Have you seen his trilogy? Sickening

  • Eponymos Archon
    Eponymos Archon Month ago

    Bach partita 2 and Glen Gould.

  • James Sienicki
    James Sienicki Month ago +1

    Who else came here because of Metallica?

  • Susanna Vesna
    Susanna Vesna Month ago

    That music!! I was about to laugh cz it was such a cool tune! Then realised im watching people getting murdered! That is some serious mind-fucking, Mr Lars! I need to watch this!

  • Harry O'Keam
    Harry O'Keam Month ago

    what is the name of the piano tune?

  • julianva
    julianva Month ago

    I see Lars, I click.

  • Alex Cisneros
    Alex Cisneros Month ago

    anyone ever see American Psycho?

  • sunkissed748
    sunkissed748 Month ago


  • Nóra Szoboszlai
    Nóra Szoboszlai Month ago

    I dont understand why someone has to make films like this. Like we dont we have enough horror anyway in the world. Find this utterly disturbing and waste of money.

    • jerooo159
      jerooo159 17 days ago

      Film is an art form and shouldnt be limited by anyone's feelings

    • Mrbigweeknee
      Mrbigweeknee Month ago

      Nóra Szoboszlai I'm sorry you can't find value in this film. But maybe others can.

    • Mia
      Mia Month ago +1

      I hear that a lot.

    • Nóra Szoboszlai
      Nóra Szoboszlai Month ago

      Mia , thank you for your valuable comment, for you it was definitely worth getting up this morning.

  • Dick Taylor
    Dick Taylor Month ago

    Is the Lamb going to get raped? A-la Island Of Death? That would be something worthwhile seeing.

  • Dick Taylor
    Dick Taylor Month ago

    Why such stupid music on the trailer? Is this being marketed as comedy?

    • jerooo159
      jerooo159 17 days ago

      >David bowie
      >stupid music
      Neck yourself

  • Dick Taylor
    Dick Taylor Month ago

    It's funny how respectable auteurs turn to lowbrow genres just for the sake of selling tickets, while those filmmakers who have been doing it all the time are generally ignored.
    There is no way Trier would have made such a film in the 90s or even ten years ago. Dont forget the rules of the Dogma manifesto which forbade depictions of physical violence. But some people will sell out to the drop of a hat.

    • Chitty Bang Bang
      Chitty Bang Bang 19 days ago

      It's not his best work, but he's hardly a sellout. Trust me. Any film, like Aronofsky's Mother!, that will offend the general public (because the general public has their collected heads up their own asses) with its supposedly tasteless antics, will not really sell tickets in the end. Mother! should have made a fucking killing, because it's a fucking punch in the gut to our society, to the way things are. But it bombed, because it's too fucking edgy for these cunting conformist masses of ours.

  • Abhishek Chaudhary
    Abhishek Chaudhary Month ago +3

    Waiting for this movie.

  • Zrko Enesovic
    Zrko Enesovic Month ago

    he looks like a nihilist

  • Lajla Aslani
    Lajla Aslani Month ago

    Who else get here for Metallica song???


    Matt Dillon was always underrated!

  • King 4_$$hole
    King 4_$$hole Month ago

    Lars Von Trier pisses people off. In other news, grass is not purple.

    • Chitty Bang Bang
      Chitty Bang Bang 19 days ago

      People generally watch shitty movies that have nothing to say about anything. In other news, grass is green.

  • My Grandpa Says He's D.B. Cooper

    H. H. Holmes is back. This time he build a house. .......................................aaaaaand calls himself Jack.

  • Duygu Sensum
    Duygu Sensum Month ago

    Just watched it and it was really bad... Some people left pretty early and maaaan they made a good choice!!! Can't believe that I stayed

  • Timehacker
    Timehacker Month ago +10

    Have just seen it. Best film of the year. Best serial killer movie ever. Matt Dillon should get an Oscar.

  • Park Jeong
    Park Jeong Month ago

    what has phil dunphy become

  • arief rahmanto
    arief rahmanto Month ago

    I'M IN.

  • Daniel Gregory
    Daniel Gregory Month ago

    English subtitles for a movie in English. Must be an art film.

  • jasper van der meer

    Signal crew discourse recording silk assumption date look chief character foot fund right crawl.

  • VirDiligo
    VirDiligo Month ago

    Hottest serial killer ever.

  • alessandro randi
    alessandro randi Month ago

    Name of the song at 1:36?

  • Pacen Peppers
    Pacen Peppers Month ago +1

    When the hell does this come out

  • Tako
    Tako Month ago

    Quentin Tarantino who?

  • Jaxson Maass
    Jaxson Maass Month ago

    Uh this kinda looks like a comedy

  • Rauol Acosta
    Rauol Acosta Month ago +1

    Great film making strikes a nerve in the viewer. Makes them feel something or to ask questions about themselves. Mr. Von Trier is at the top of his game. The most underrated film maker of modern time.

  • Joe Crush
    Joe Crush Month ago

    Wtf is that????

  • Agus Abuin
    Agus Abuin Month ago

    Does anybody know what song is the piano playing in min 0.24? Thanks

  • lyn's life
    lyn's life Month ago

    Didn't know what to expect when I clicked. All I know is my eyes probably turned into saucers at least once

  • AngeloValentin Vevo

    Inb4 Lars becomes a serial killer

  • arhat goel
    arhat goel Month ago

    I am Jack's smirking revenge.

  • Kitty Gonzalez
    Kitty Gonzalez Month ago

    Gear candy size observe title post stop excuse greatly silver.

  • Historical Significance

    Whats the piano song piece called? Anyone please tell me

  • rogerman pistol
    rogerman pistol Month ago +2

    love it will piss off snowflakes

  • Sam Neill
    Sam Neill Month ago

    Song at the start?

  • Arnold Orbach
    Arnold Orbach Month ago

    Artists such as the director often times have real world experience in their material written in.....just sayin.....💀

  • Sean Samuels
    Sean Samuels Month ago

    Wtf did Iiiiiiiii just watch!!!! I wasn't expecting that by no means ..

  • Mariam Shotadze
    Mariam Shotadze 2 months ago


  • Azalea Meruno
    Azalea Meruno 2 months ago

    Dont glorify men who kill women.simple!