Seth Meyers' Wife Gave Birth in Their Apartment Lobby


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  • K. Beezley
    K. Beezley 20 hours ago

    The more babies u have the quicker they usually come. They should have known that!

  • Jill Dallman
    Jill Dallman Day ago

    I miss this Seth!! So great to see you talk about something NOT political.Stopped watching late night TV altogether.

  • Robin Holbrook
    Robin Holbrook Day ago

    Tears... of joy and gratitude. And may we NEVER FORGET!

  • Bonnie Fernandes

    Seth, for future reference, subsequent babies often come faster than their elder siblings. :)

  • US Marine Fitness

    Great story!

  • Shannon Dean
    Shannon Dean 2 days ago

    before the pictures i was just imagining that one episode from last man on earth

  • LoveCaliforniasDiversity Diversity

    Love your story, Thank you for sharing Axel's 👶birth story🤗🤗🤗

  • ok ok
    ok ok 10 days ago

    He reminds me of Mike from Suits

  • catrina malloy
    catrina malloy 10 days ago

    Welcome lil baby

  • catrina malloy
    catrina malloy 10 days ago

    Congrats Seth!

  • Nikki Culver
    Nikki Culver 10 days ago

    CONGRATSS ON YOUR SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marisatowler
    marisatowler 11 days ago

    great story AND he tells the story while still wearing the hospital band on his wrist. mazal, seth!!

  • Claire Gloyne
    Claire Gloyne 12 days ago

    This is an awesome story. 😊

  • ESE
    ESE 13 days ago


  • Amanda
    Amanda 13 days ago

    He loves his wife and children so much, my heart is full!

  • Walt F.
    Walt F. 14 days ago

    Why don't you put HER in charge!? LOL

  • La Thinktopian
    La Thinktopian 14 days ago

    So cool! What a lovely family they are.

  • Rootje
    Rootje 14 days ago

    What a amazing story😄 Congratz with your newborn👶

  • Sawdust Ninja
    Sawdust Ninja 14 days ago +1

    I just made a cheese burrito in my toaster oven and the tortilla had a smiley face from the factory and I didn't take a photo and post it on the internet so I figured I should say something.

  • Sherry Sink
    Sherry Sink 15 days ago

    Who are these 2K+ punks who gave this vid a thumbs-down? Seriously?! For what? Why? It's a great story!

  • katzenkotzen
    katzenkotzen 15 days ago

    A truely born lobbyist!

  • saramaitri1
    saramaitri1 15 days ago

    congratulations Seth! Perhaps you and your wife should investigate home birth with a midwife next time

  • Fouzia Siddiqui
    Fouzia Siddiqui 15 days ago

    Congratulations! Wow what an amazing and incredible experience! Thank you for sharing 😊

  • torrent torrent
    torrent torrent 15 days ago

    How is anyone disliking this video??

  • rusty mugg
    rusty mugg 16 days ago


  • Colt45Caliber
    Colt45Caliber 16 days ago

    That means there's time it's not a days yet. Take a stance against circumcision. With your platform and reach it could be the most important thing you do in your life. Please. And while you're out and explain that quote and God said unto Abraham that children shall be circumcised unquote is the reason that the Muslims cut the girls as well. We can't forget. And we shouldn't. This is rape.

  • SraPollofrito
    SraPollofrito 17 days ago

    How about Hose "A". And before you say anything, I am Mexican. :)

  • David Copperfield-not the magician

    8:36 - Oh know...of course, Axel has the Meyers dimples, too! Perfect!

  • Aditya Waghmare
    Aditya Waghmare 21 day ago +1

    This turned from a Child Birth Story to *Thank You Speech at Awards*

  • Christine Still
    Christine Still 21 day ago

    Yeah, he mentioned they had a DOULA Great, I was a doula (aka birth assistant

  • Paula Brown
    Paula Brown 22 days ago


  • Lydia Kinloch
    Lydia Kinloch 23 days ago

    This is the kind of story we need right now. Congratulations!

  • Izere Lynda
    Izere Lynda 24 days ago

    I watch this video every now and then cos its so uplifting and beautiful. Saved it too!

  • Mary Graham
    Mary Graham 26 days ago

    Incredible story. U can't make this up!

  • GravitySloth
    GravitySloth 26 days ago +1

    mazel tov!

  • Roxann Watson
    Roxann Watson 27 days ago

    I have just watched this (6 months later...) Thank you for your incredible story. Congratulations! All of the horrific and traumatic things going on around us right now I cry everyday. Thank you so much for this happy cry. I needed it desperately.

  • MikeLima777
    MikeLima777 Month ago

    You have to admit, a very efficient birth lol.

  • Megan Streeter
    Megan Streeter Month ago

    How could u do this to Stefon smh

  • Penelope Petite
    Penelope Petite Month ago

    I remember volunteering to help feed prisoners at a jail and one lady who was in for a traffic violation she could not pay clasped and went into labor. I remember her crying "No! I don't want my baby here!" I felt so terrible for her

  • ever forever
    ever forever Month ago

    I freaking LOVE Seth Meyers

  • Herman Justice
    Herman Justice Month ago

    Such a cool family . Sons are cute. Seth is the best host. Love his show.

  • alyssa melton
    alyssa melton Month ago

    Maybe if you have another baby plan on a home birth lol

  • Joan Anne Wallace
    Joan Anne Wallace Month ago

    Congratulations - what a great wife to deliver so calmly in a lobby. Fabulous story.

  • Valhalla
    Valhalla Month ago

    I guess this uber-driver created 2006 youtube accounts to dislike this video?

  • JanineBean
    JanineBean Month ago

    This just makes me sad that I can’t marry Seth Meyers

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton Month ago

    Has this been a Closer Look? 😁

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton Month ago

    The doors of the elevator open and you feel you’re having a rebirth 😂

  • Harshvardhan Krishnamoorthy

    Managing to crack a joke while getting choked up... this is why we love you Seth Meyers! You’re awesome!

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    Why would you question the woman having the actual fucking baby about what she feels lmao

  • Mem Mustafa
    Mem Mustafa Month ago

    Legit the greatest story ever!!

  • Laura C
    Laura C Month ago +1

    Omg he’s still wearing the hospital band 🤣

  • Potátó Potátó
    Potátó Potátó Month ago +4

    Your wife is giving birth and you call an UBER INSTEAD OF AN AMBULANCE??

    • Potátó Potátó
      Potátó Potátó 17 days ago

      +R S i don't know man giving birth is not an uber ride to me in any way.

    • R S
      R S 17 days ago +1

      She had just begun contractions. Why would he call an ambulance, they had time to get to the hospital (or so they thought)

    • Potátó Potátó
      Potátó Potátó Month ago

      Yeah. I know it isn't free in the USA but he doesn't seem like someone who' can't afford it.

    • Bellatrix Silverly
      Bellatrix Silverly Month ago

      Potátó Potátó I would’ve called an ambulance

    • Bellatrix Silverly
      Bellatrix Silverly Month ago

      Potátó Potátó people in the 21st century

  • Kaylin Smith
    Kaylin Smith Month ago

    I'm not saying I cried when he thanked his wife, but I fucking cried when he thanked his wife.

  • Emma Ventura
    Emma Ventura Month ago

    Wonderful story. His wife is really a rockstar.

  • Tanya P
    Tanya P Month ago +1

    I cried and cried Congratulations

  • Oreo Emesis
    Oreo Emesis Month ago +1

    I hope they are planning to have the next one at home. Good thing the doula was there.

  • Nano 02
    Nano 02 Month ago

    I know it sounds weird, but what if Brooklyn 99 airs an episode like that😂😂

  • entertain7us14
    entertain7us14 Month ago

    This just shocks me that someone can go into contractions and literally 5 minutes later the baby will be out. Both my mum’a labour’s lasted around 40 hours!

  • Lea W0rld
    Lea W0rld Month ago

    Seth awww your speech at the end.

  • barkergirl33
    barkergirl33 Month ago

    The news is so bad right now and coming back to this story is the ultimate "story we need right now".

  • Helene Chau
    Helene Chau Month ago +1

    Beautiful story, Seth and Congratulations!

  • Melizma Tea
    Melizma Tea Month ago

    Omg, that is INSANE!!! That's the craziest birth story I've ever heard!

  • ysa j
    ysa j Month ago +1

    He’s so awesome!!!

  • H
    H Month ago

    Thank your wife, first?

  • Courtney Palmer
    Courtney Palmer Month ago +1

    Love this guy

  • G. Andaluz
    G. Andaluz Month ago

    Fuckin' A, Seth! Right on!

  • Norma Bonner
    Norma Bonner Month ago

    Congrats...Axel is so beautiful

  • sandy roberts-anderson

    Love your birth stories. I came close to matching them. We managed to get to the hospital 20 minutes before my second was born, but only 6 minutes before my 3rd was born. I told the nurse that the baby was out and she pooh-pooed me until she took a look. Then she screamed, “THE BABY IS OUT!” The doctor didn’t make it to the room, but the baby sure did.

  • Paige Burris
    Paige Burris Month ago

    Hilarious! Love the guy in the car having to wait til you get the ambulance out of the way!

  • Emily D
    Emily D Month ago

    1.9k people think this isn't what the lobby is for

  • Camille McKenzie
    Camille McKenzie Month ago

    This is hilarious, heartwarming, and awesome all at once.

  • Debra Mccrimon
    Debra Mccrimon Month ago

    Beautiful story

  • 3tylersmith
    3tylersmith Month ago

    Who in the heck would “thumbs down” this crazy and genuine story?!! Seth obviously was Sincere and Grateful as he thanked everyone involved. His Wife has to be Amazing and Tough💪 (she probably has to make up the difference for what Seth lacks😏)

  • Mark Jenkins
    Mark Jenkins Month ago

    Ha in Seth’s Best Trump Voice “I know better only having one baby” as Trump is the best at being the number 1 45th President

  • Rhyan Shelby
    Rhyan Shelby 2 months ago

    Well I mean thats one way to do it

  • Ada Meleliott
    Ada Meleliott 2 months ago

    But... why is he telling this incredibly private and intimate story in a worldwide television show ?? I guess this is where my understanding of Americans stops ^^’ (anyway congratulations, above all to his very brave wife)

  • The Noble and Mighty Beaver

    My only question is why are you taking an uber to the hospital if she''s that close? You're rich, call an ambulance man!

  • beccabunny09
    beccabunny09 2 months ago

    My daughter is 11 and tells me how lucky babies born now are because they're to young to remember when Donald tump was president and don't have to deal with all the stress he puts her under. I'm so proud.

  • Cynthia Moothart
    Cynthia Moothart 2 months ago +2

    Watched this in real time; so sweet still. Seth is a national treasure.

    • Myrt Myrtle
      Myrt Myrtle 2 months ago +1

      I did too but I just came back to watch it again. It was a real feel good moment and I loved it just as much this time around.

  • JM Cast
    JM Cast 2 months ago

    I think she got more loving care birthing in the lobby than she would in hospital

  • Romy Browne
    Romy Browne 2 months ago

    He deserves an Emmy just for this monologue

  • Michelle Halman
    Michelle Halman 2 months ago

    This is the story we need right now:
    The baby was healthy.
    The mom was fine.
    The surrounding people were caring and trying to help.
    And the firefighters photographed a free family photo for you guys.

  • Suzanne Reilman
    Suzanne Reilman 2 months ago

    ...aaaccchh, I'm kvellllling!!☮⚜

  • Bill Jenkins
    Bill Jenkins 2 months ago

    Nice suit. Does he shop in the dark?

  • murderoustendencies
    murderoustendencies 3 months ago


  • Pamela Timmins
    Pamela Timmins 3 months ago

    Congratulations Seth and Alexi on the birth of your precious gorgeous son Axel

  • Pamela Timmins
    Pamela Timmins 3 months ago

    Seth you are so adorable, what a great husband and father you are. What a wild story of Axel's birth you are an amazing family. God bless you all

  • Marley Bee
    Marley Bee 3 months ago

    "You could have been hose!" I love Seths stories.

  • Glenn van Nijevelt
    Glenn van Nijevelt 3 months ago +1

    What an incredible story!

  • Nissi Toro
    Nissi Toro 3 months ago

    The small details that happened within the story as so relatable if u live in New York

  • sportstalk23
    sportstalk23 3 months ago

    hilarious congrats

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 3 months ago

    once upon a time.. the END! good story.👍

  • jackie pollard
    jackie pollard 3 months ago

    Congratulations Seth and Alexi (?) He's beautiful.

  • Kerrie Redgate
    Kerrie Redgate 3 months ago

    Well, Seth, your new little boy has class! I don’t blame him for wanting to skip the hospital. He had the finest protective bodyguards in attendance, and even his own doorman to invite him into the building! He’s destined for big things! Congratulations to your family!!

  • avgStan1234
    avgStan1234 3 months ago

    Axel Hose sounds familiar!

  • Ellen ms
    Ellen ms 3 months ago

    Wow that beats my birth story!

  • Rafaela Rodriguez
    Rafaela Rodriguez 3 months ago


  • Mabel Caceres
    Mabel Caceres 3 months ago

    Congratulations Set ! Your wife it's a Rock star and you are such a good husband. For the part of your in-laws of your wife family I totally agree, that if it was not for them that escaped the Holocaust, your wife could not have been born. So that is awesome that you aknowledge that. Congratulations again you are awesome!!

  • AmethystEyes
    AmethystEyes 3 months ago +1

    Mazel Tov! May you, your wife, your sons and your family live a long, happy, fulfilling life together! ❤️
    Your story about your wife’s grandparents was beautiful Seth. Thank you so much for sharing that.