5 Ways to Grow Your Nails FAST!


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  • Rainbow Sparkle Animates

    Dawn dish detergent this is for you: OH NO NO NO NO NO!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • April Msp
    April Msp Day ago +1

    I bite my nails

  • Katie Cookie Crumble

    I bite my nails

  • Theyoutube Ber
    Theyoutube Ber 3 days ago

    Does it work?

  • A&J stuff
    A&J stuff 4 days ago

    How to grow your nails ........ just be patient and it will grow 🤣

  • bellbellrodriguez loves

    Last on got me

  • Gummy Gabby
    Gummy Gabby 8 days ago

    My nails grow long and strong naturally... anybody else?

  • Eshwar Essarani
    Eshwar Essarani 11 days ago

    Every time bit my nail

  • Simba Cat
    Simba Cat 12 days ago

    Just snapped my nail

  • Robloxloverforever _5
    Robloxloverforever _5 12 days ago

    Hardeners wouldn't be very good bc if you use it too much they can break

  • Chocolate Sparks
    Chocolate Sparks 17 days ago +1

    Is anyone else scrolling through comments to see if these work

  • Gabrielle Lopez
    Gabrielle Lopez 18 days ago

    If you have I have 4 and 5

  • Gabrielle Lopez
    Gabrielle Lopez 18 days ago

    I have nothing

  • zia Rahman
    zia Rahman 20 days ago

    2019 I'm so late

  • Laxmi Patil
    Laxmi Patil 26 days ago

    Laxmi to

  • Sophia. A
    Sophia. A 26 days ago +1

    Can I just use Vaseline for my nails

  • KBeth
    KBeth 26 days ago

    I use the Salley Hansen maxium growth that's what I use and it works!

  • ItzAmazingSav
    ItzAmazingSav 27 days ago

    For the biting nails problem, I stopped years ago by applying some coat that tastes bad and whenever I bite them, and the taste lasts very long... Just saying.

  • caroljoywolf
    caroljoywolf 29 days ago

    Much easier and healthier is to take biotin, 10,000 units worth every day. Also watch what goes into your nail protection...some nail polishes have icky stuff in them like toluene.

  • Bill Hartford
    Bill Hartford Month ago +1

    umm... why do my nails look like a tyrannosaurs rex.

  • Chaos
    Chaos Month ago +1

    Does top coat work as protection on nails?

  • Cupcake Lover
    Cupcake Lover Month ago

    my nail fell off so I need this😢

  • yousra eljattari
    yousra eljattari Month ago


  • Jillian Santiago
    Jillian Santiago Month ago

    When you always wash your hands or do with water you can feel and either see the results that it get longer

  • mando j
    mando j Month ago

    Omg ur nails r awesome......

  • Holly Kington
    Holly Kington Month ago +1

    Nail hardeners can make your nails prone to snapping because it prevents your nails from bending when under certain amounts of pressure so I would stick with a normal base coat 😊

  • Amanda Isabelle
    Amanda Isabelle Month ago

    I can’t even get my nails to look like the before

  • Jadelynn Markle
    Jadelynn Markle Month ago

    Did this work for anyone?

  • Kelley Matthews
    Kelley Matthews Month ago

    I used to bite my nails but now I stopped and now my nails are growing

  • Nilza De Jesus
    Nilza De Jesus Month ago


  • ROCIO Ana
    ROCIO Ana Month ago

    You forgot 1 last thing, dont cut them😂

  • Amarys YT
    Amarys YT Month ago

    Dunni what im here... I naturally have long nails but, they are too soft and they break.

  • Rose Aguirre
    Rose Aguirre Month ago

    ok to be honest i don't like long nails i like it a little bit long cause I'm afraid to break it 😅

  • Galaxy Star
    Galaxy Star Month ago +1

    The trick is...


  • Angela Potato
    Angela Potato Month ago

    Me: grows nails

    *bites off*

  • ملكه باخلاقي

    بليز اذا في حدا فهم يترجملي

  • Edith Galvez
    Edith Galvez Month ago +3

    That is not true because the nails are all ready long

  • Praxina TheVitta
    Praxina TheVitta Month ago

    Already knew these 5 heh. BTW, I kept telling my little sister about number 5! She bites her nails and it disgusts me so much 😐

    BIG CHUNGUS 2 months ago

    Honey you can’t grow your nails fast

  • Kevin Redican
    Kevin Redican 2 months ago

    Do not use nail harderners

  • Nunya Buisness
    Nunya Buisness 2 months ago

    Uhh this isn't helpful at all..

  • Lara Baldwin
    Lara Baldwin 2 months ago +1

    I watch here when I have school and I NEED To fall asleep AND I MEAN IT IN THE NICEST WAY POSSIBLE

  • Sofia Molinaro
    Sofia Molinaro 2 months ago

    UHHHH??? She said 5 ways to grow nails were are the examples??? She is just show in us how to protect them

  • Each & Everything
    Each & Everything 2 months ago

    Is it true?

  • •obsessive•
    •obsessive• 2 months ago

    I need to grow mine out more for ukulele, I’m so annoyed because I cut them soo short.

  • Lps Amna
    Lps Amna 2 months ago

    I genetically get really long nails in a week without doing these things. but the problem is I bite them of XD

  • zlClutchy
    zlClutchy 2 months ago

    Bruh just stick your nails in some dirt

  • Mapuii Peking nu
    Mapuii Peking nu 2 months ago


  • ZUBAIR Bhai
    ZUBAIR Bhai 2 months ago


  • Cherlyne Castillo
    Cherlyne Castillo 2 months ago

    Omg me and her both have wide nail beds!

  • Nugget McNugget
    Nugget McNugget 2 months ago

    did i miss the part where shetold us how to grow them? XD

  • Holly_Holy Water _
    Holly_Holy Water _ 2 months ago

    I wanna grow my nails but I play the violin :

  • PikaSurprise Ag
    PikaSurprise Ag 2 months ago

    I just broke both of my tumbnails

  • ŋıɬཞơƈąɖɱıąɛ

    Your nails are litteraly 3 times longer than mine,I'm not even kidding my nails are hella short
    Mainly because I have a phobia of long nails,I don't mind seeing them on screen but if I had long nails I would be terrified,well my toe nails are longer than my fingernails

  • Umesh Butiya
    Umesh Butiya 3 months ago


  • Fabiola Desjardins
    Fabiola Desjardins 3 months ago

    It's my b day on the giving do can I get 3k likes

  • Nasra Ali
    Nasra Ali 3 months ago +1

    Cmon it takes at least 4weeks or more to grow ur nails long and haelthy so u have to be patient k guys♡

  • Analise Enriquez
    Analise Enriquez 3 months ago

    I always Bite my nails

  • Sallee Becerra
    Sallee Becerra 3 months ago

    If only I dident play the violin :-(

  • Evelyn Palma
    Evelyn Palma 3 months ago

    Who has long nails because i do

  • Unicorn girl Rainbow!
    Unicorn girl Rainbow! 3 months ago

    Who’s watching this to make your nails big to like my comment

  • Irene Vivian
    Irene Vivian 3 months ago

    i cba

  • Zai Zai Sandwich
    Zai Zai Sandwich 3 months ago

    That moment when you forget you play piano

    PAMPA BANERJEE 3 months ago

    Oh! I feel my nails grow when I swim. I'm a swimmer

  • Milica Škiljević
    Milica Škiljević 3 months ago


  • Angelina xoxo
    Angelina xoxo 3 months ago +1

    1 like = prayer for my nail

    KHAN KHAN 3 months ago

    Your nails are so pretty I wish that my nails are like your nails😊😊😊😊😊

  • Aeriale E
    Aeriale E 3 months ago

    My nails are shorter than before:-):-):-) in thumbnail

  • kaylee boss
    kaylee boss 3 months ago

    She did not say anything about how to make your nails grow. All she did was tell you how to protect them
    from breakage and keep they strong :P

  • Fist Power
    Fist Power 3 months ago

    I already born with super nails that grow into full mode in just 10 hours

  • Maddy Vorhees
    Maddy Vorhees 4 months ago

    Only my pinkies and my thumb nails grow so

  • Myras Weird Channel
    Myras Weird Channel 4 months ago

    My nails are okay. I cannot stand it when my nails bend and brake off. Plus, I’m going a group where everything is based off of nail polish and stuff and I want my nails to be nice

  • saria muneer
    saria muneer 4 months ago

    it wont grow i tried
    it several times

  • girlof silver22
    girlof silver22 4 months ago

    HELP! I don't have a habit of biting my nails, but peeling them off! How do I stop this?

  • Giriraj Kanwar
    Giriraj Kanwar 4 months ago

    0:44 crying ??

  • I lovesquishies
    I lovesquishies 4 months ago

    Yea every time my nails are long my mom says CUT THEM OR ELSE WILL TAKE AWAY ALL YOUR SLIMES and then I am like WHAT THATS NOT FAIR 😒

  • Hailie Anderson
    Hailie Anderson 4 months ago

    Who is going throw the comments to see if it works

    NARASIMHAREDDY A 4 months ago

    anta abadam

  • uwu
    uwu 4 months ago

    So basically......always use some protection

    *(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  • Lilly백합
    Lilly백합 4 months ago

    My nails arent even that long in the before picture:/

  • Game オタク, food is life

    "long and strong"

  • Banana Cakes
    Banana Cakes 4 months ago

    No.1 should be stop biting your nails! Kinda weird how she put it one no.5

  • Freezing
    Freezing 4 months ago

    Guess what my I cut my nail to short

  • TheCringeFactor
    TheCringeFactor 4 months ago

    Did this work for anyone...?

  • VSK Naya
    VSK Naya 4 months ago

    Does Lakme nail Polish remover contains acetone??????

  • wendy cho
    wendy cho 4 months ago

    Good nutrition goes a very long way too in growing long healthy nails...

  • Angelica Sanchez
    Angelica Sanchez 4 months ago

    Water for some reason makes my nails thin so I try to keep them away from water

  • Aaliyah Dalen, van
    Aaliyah Dalen, van 4 months ago

    who else is reading the comments and look if it worked XD

  • Czaee Patil
    Czaee Patil 5 months ago

    My nails are shorter than the ones in the thumbnail

  • Dulal Hossain
    Dulal Hossain 5 months ago

    are u crying

  • Summer Playsz
    Summer Playsz 5 months ago

    IDK why I am here because my nails are natural long

  • Rode juria وردة جورية

    العرب لايك واشتراك بقناتي ومردودة انشالله😊😊

  • Cameron Bell
    Cameron Bell 5 months ago

    How is this helping to grow them?

  • Shreya Pokhrel
    Shreya Pokhrel 5 months ago


  • Bright Side Msp
    Bright Side Msp 5 months ago

    For all the people that have dry nails and don't know how to fix it because you don't have the stuff required, you can use dish soap! Just rub it on your nails then rub thoroughly, but makes sure the dish soap says "Tough on grease" which will make the process faster, but normal dish soap is also fine!

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 5 months ago

    Those are some tiny nail beds!

  • BTS Fan
    BTS Fan 5 months ago

    Can't do any of them ;-;

  • Hadoti Adda
    Hadoti Adda 5 months ago

    Nailpolish nahi milti

  • Hadoti Adda
    Hadoti Adda 5 months ago

    Cuticle cream ka price kya hai

  • Female Admirer
    Female Admirer 5 months ago

    Your nails are worthy of worship