Piques Explains Where Vine Went Wrong

  • Published on Dec 5, 2016
  • By now everyone knows that Vine will soon cease to exist. In this video, former Vine star, and now notorious twitter content thief "Piques" explains how he planned to fix the million-dollar company.

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  • Toxo 27
    Toxo 27 2 years ago +1800

    You should have enough subscribers to make a living so we could get more content

  • md
    md 9 days ago


  • Kłōvęr Ćhåñ
    Kłōvęr Ćhåñ 2 months ago

    That moment when you forget you had to do your homework

  • Dynamite
    Dynamite 3 months ago

    This was great

  • Koda .-.
    Koda .-. 4 months ago


  • VJR 22_6
    VJR 22_6 4 months ago

    Why does it sound like a transformer at the end

  • Krissy
    Krissy 7 months ago +1

    This is good shit right here. Thank god im on a drew and danny spree

  • Achia
    Achia 9 months ago

    Why was this so random

  • Onizuka
    Onizuka Year ago

    Drew, Cody and noel are the only great viners, fuck the others

  • lil soop Official
    lil soop Official Year ago +11

    I just realized the thumbnail of this video is the picture that clickbait article used lol

  • punkinduh
    punkinduh Year ago +3

    "wait, so he's not even drunk?"
    "I think it just makes him feel good to pretend"
    This made me laugh way harder than I'd like to admit

  • Beatriz Amorim
    Beatriz Amorim Year ago +1

    Love ur comedy honestly

  • Alovatololo
    Alovatololo Year ago +2

    How in the world did you get a beer bottle? You're too young.

  • Bigby Wolf
    Bigby Wolf Year ago +1

    you have good taste in beer

  • Cleo Hedin
    Cleo Hedin Year ago +1


  • King Katy
    King Katy Year ago +1

    Acting drunk but the cap is still on

  • JipseeJ
    JipseeJ Year ago

    your beer in the intro was not opened

  • Thomas Paget
    Thomas Paget Year ago

    The 21 dislikes is all of piques fans

  • Patrick !!!
    Patrick !!! Year ago +374

    I just realized the thumbnail for this video was the picture used in that article in that clickbaity article video.

  • Celebrity Martyr
    Celebrity Martyr Year ago

    This is the post the Facebook people took

  • Linnamonroll
    Linnamonroll Year ago +2

    lol thumbnail of this vid is the pic from his new video

  • Alex Nostalgic
    Alex Nostalgic Year ago +2

    vine went wrong when piques started making videos

  • Josie Di
    Josie Di Year ago

    I love that the bottle isn’t even opened😂😂😂😂

  • Reghan Blake
    Reghan Blake Year ago

    I Goggled “Piques Age”. He’s gonna be 32 in June. Curtis Lepore is gonna be 35. They’re both in their thirties. And they’re friends with each other. And they are utter pieces of shit.

  • Mairead Klim
    Mairead Klim Year ago

    I thought it was gonna end with:
    ‘hes gonna be asleep for a while’
    ‘Wanna fuck?’
    ‘Yeah okay’

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin Year ago +170

    I like how Drunk Drew is holding an unopened beer bottle.

  • Uncle Drax
    Uncle Drax Year ago

    this made me laugh so hard. I had rewatch it like 3 times

  • harold the big chunky nigga


  • Luke Millar
    Luke Millar Year ago

    you should establish Piques as an actual character and do more sketches with him in it, cuz this was dang funny

  • caitlin Luciaa
    caitlin Luciaa Year ago

    Vids a gooden

  • Austin Montgomery
    Austin Montgomery Year ago +53

    he didn't even have his first beer, it's closed for the whole skit

  • annA Clare
    annA Clare Year ago

    you not knowing how to blink is why piques thrives

  • Boom boom Shackalaka

    Why hasnt ur channel blown up yet

  • Neeshadee
    Neeshadee Year ago

    I've always thought Drew is cute!

  • yepisuredolikecats
    yepisuredolikecats Year ago +1

    "it just makes him feel good to pretend"

  • Lil Bleach
    Lil Bleach 2 years ago

    They needed more ads

  • GlazeStelar
    GlazeStelar 2 years ago +6

    This is much funnier now that I know who penis is

  • CharlieMemorial
    CharlieMemorial 2 years ago

    I have those same curtains

  • Brynn McKenna
    Brynn McKenna 2 years ago +196

    "I think it just makes him feel good to pretend" 😂

  • Brianna Houle
    Brianna Houle 2 years ago +25

    You remind me of a knockoff Ben Wyatt

  • leonor salgueiro
    leonor salgueiro 2 years ago +8


  • FiftyMango
    FiftyMango 2 years ago +7

    hey Drew I saw your super edgy cool computer case are you, a part of the master race?

  • Anthony Zastoupil
    Anthony Zastoupil 2 years ago +3

    Holy shit 1k likes and only 4 dislikes

  • Anonymous Gangnum Style Lover

    While I do like your channel, you can tell a channel is full of only children when there are only nice comments.

    • Crazy_ Person
      Crazy_ Person Year ago +2

      Yeah, when a comment section isn't filled with curse words, slang, or some form of 'Pauler'. You know the fan base is mainly adults, or, mature people

    • Eric Kanervalainen
      Eric Kanervalainen 2 years ago +4

      That's actually the opposite.

  • oh louda
    oh louda 2 years ago +1


  • _Harrison
    _Harrison 2 years ago +13

    When did Vine go wrong? When they put it on the App Store.

  • David RG
    David RG 2 years ago +466

    the only viner who went to youtube and did it the good way

  • TheGamingFreak101 /TGF101

    Didnt he have 54 k subs yesterday?

  • Owen Pook
    Owen Pook 2 years ago +20

    Jesus this channel is increasing in subscribers by like 20% every day

  • Rose Child
    Rose Child 2 years ago +13

    I think this just describes what's wrong with trickle down economics...sortof

    • ian O'Shea
      ian O'Shea Year ago +2

      Rose Child you have a very limited knowledge of what trickle down economics is

  • Sam Lewis
    Sam Lewis 2 years ago

    Implying that Viners actually spent at least 20 minutes on every vine? No, not really kek

  • Eve Clee
    Eve Clee 2 years ago +587

    You have a beautiful bone structure

  • Alessa G
    Alessa G 2 years ago +21


  • Stephen
    Stephen 2 years ago +11

    Also did this happen in real life??

    • erica
      erica Year ago

      yeah this was live footage of the conversation

    • otnines
      otnines 2 years ago +15

      Yes sadly, Brandon Calvillo (another former Viner) posted on Twitter alluding to a lot of big viners demanding Vine pay for them to keep doing Vine (Lele Pons, King Bach, Brittany Furlan, all of those viners etc.) as the video showed

  • Jessie whoop whoop Oh yeah!

    Y0 you deserve so many more subscribers, this is literally so mother trucking funny

  • Jessie whoop whoop Oh yeah!

    this was so funny!

  • Stephen
    Stephen 2 years ago +11

    Piques left a dislike

  • itspouringrayne
    itspouringrayne 2 years ago +380

    What do you know about math? You're not the one in high school, I am!

  • blankity blank
    blankity blank 2 years ago +43

    one dislike. wonder who that could be.

  • Madeleine Morris
    Madeleine Morris 2 years ago +56

    Why has this got so few views