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  • Stephanie Brabender
    Stephanie Brabender 31 minute ago

    I was so here at 10 years old for all of that. RIP

  • PikaaMochii
    PikaaMochii 21 hour ago

    4:56 I’m dead 😂😂😂

  • Jared Jackson
    Jared Jackson 4 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that googled if you can die from embarrassment after she said yes ?

  • Silver Moon Wolf
    Silver Moon Wolf 4 days ago

    In the first video, I had the sweatshirt version of that shirt.

  • Ava Chmie
    Ava Chmie 6 days ago

    the only videos i actually laugh at

  • punkaddict
    punkaddict 6 days ago

    shes like a female drew gooden

  • L7Blue Fire
    L7Blue Fire 8 days ago +1

    2:01 *Did She Fucking Fall On Her Face?*

  • JoJo is awesome/ the best. Lego and slime videos

    Who else watches her old music videos because they're awesome I can't stop watching them my favorite one firework and I had to watch the official music video and I love it

  • •//•hursttt•\\ •

    you look like that chic from camp rock 😂😂

  • Jordan Woolley
    Jordan Woolley 11 days ago

    lol this is literally the funniest thing I have ever seen! Thankyou Jenn!

  • Kayla Rogers
    Kayla Rogers 11 days ago

    You should recreate them

  • Presley B
    Presley B 12 days ago

    Omg I used to LIVE for these when I was younger. & freaking 12 year old Mac. Oh my god.

  • BrysonTiller4ever
    BrysonTiller4ever 12 days ago

    Her 13 year old self created

    sorry tik tok literally the dumbest name made sense wtf is tik tok???

  • BrysonTiller4ever
    BrysonTiller4ever 12 days ago

    You did have good music taste kid cudi is the BESSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTR

  • Ashley Yeung
    Ashley Yeung 12 days ago


  • Ashley Yeung
    Ashley Yeung 12 days ago

    This looks like musically before it was invented

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah 12 days ago

    Did braces cause that mouth bump

  • Charlie Winters
    Charlie Winters 13 days ago

    Lmfaoooooo this made my day

  • Melynda Valdivia
    Melynda Valdivia 13 days ago

    Wtf! 😂😂😂😂 loved it 😂💀💀💀

  • Ali Epstein
    Ali Epstein 14 days ago

    Giiirrrlll u had dem clout googles!!

  • Hnin W
    Hnin W 14 days ago

    ahh its such a memory for you tho

  • Queen Bonnie
    Queen Bonnie 15 days ago

    So, Jenn your 22 in 2018

  • Emma Roberts
    Emma Roberts 16 days ago

    U should recreate some of these

  • Ashley Sanders
    Ashley Sanders 16 days ago

    Jenn this was awesome , loving and beautiful 😍also very cringy😐😂

  • Lunar Senpai
    Lunar Senpai 17 days ago

    I'll laugh at my videos when I get older xd

  • Iconic Kweens
    Iconic Kweens 17 days ago

    And I thought I was a cringey kid 😂

  • Sabrina D
    Sabrina D 17 days ago

    4 40 song?

  • gogoslimes
    gogoslimes 18 days ago

    u look like a who from the grinch

  • Sophia Angeles
    Sophia Angeles 18 days ago

    I laughed so hard

  • Wɐɹᴉo
    Wɐɹᴉo 18 days ago +1

    You know, this is what i live for. Jenn reacting to Jenn.

  • Itz Sophie Potato
    Itz Sophie Potato 18 days ago

    Lol it’s better than mine 😂😂😂

  • BJ DJ
    BJ DJ 19 days ago

    5:24 You...WHAAAAATTTT??????!!!!!!!!

  • Imogen Asher
    Imogen Asher 19 days ago

    You looked like a really bad version of justin bieber back then

    • Imogen Asher
      Imogen Asher 19 days ago

      Oml, i commented that before you said you did. Oml

  • Sydney ackermen
    Sydney ackermen 19 days ago

    I feel like these were her embarrassing nudes and she leaked them her self -_-

  • Dylan Cowan
    Dylan Cowan 19 days ago


  • Dylan Cowan
    Dylan Cowan 19 days ago

    your skin is fucking yellow

  • JuliaBaki
    JuliaBaki 20 days ago

    I started watching this channel when some of these were still up hahah what a time

  • SJ Clements
    SJ Clements 20 days ago +1


  • Mariella Brechin
    Mariella Brechin 20 days ago +1

    Best first video I’ve seen of you

  • romeo
    romeo 20 days ago

    4:46 omg lady gaga hahaha

  • Crazy slime Queen
    Crazy slime Queen 20 days ago

    I was two in 2009

  • starxdust :3
    starxdust :3 20 days ago

    you can also die from cringe .o.

  • Faux Fox
    Faux Fox 20 days ago

    You are so brave Jenn

  • c h i m m y
    c h i m m y 21 day ago


  • Elizabeth Jaeger
    Elizabeth Jaeger 22 days ago

    How musically got started 😂😂

  • Lil. nina.r.r
    Lil. nina.r.r 26 days ago +2

    Gurl u were cringy af but we can't deny the fact that U GOT EDITING SKILLS!!!

  • mochinistic
    mochinistic 26 days ago

    in 2009 i cant even walk

  • Saima Bhuiyan
    Saima Bhuiyan 26 days ago +1

    I don’t know why I think those videos are AWESOME & GREAT. When I was 13 I didn’t even had camera or any app to edit, I just used to dream doing all these (I’m 20 now)

  • Logi Gaming
    Logi Gaming 27 days ago

    i actually remember watching those vids. At the time i was obseesed with people singing or lip syncing

  • Logi Gaming
    Logi Gaming 27 days ago

    jesus im cringin twice as much as u are. you will get throught the pain (never will)

  • Michelllin Mansss
    Michelllin Mansss 28 days ago

    I still listen to Day ‘n Nite ITS A BOP

  • Madison Smith
    Madison Smith 29 days ago +1

    Ok not trying to be rude but it looks like she has tobacco in her lip

  • Harry Gorman
    Harry Gorman 29 days ago


    JILLY JUICE Month ago +1

    You can die from embarrassment because of *STRESS!*

  • JoJo is awesome/ the best. Lego and slime videos

    You're super cute and beautiful and amazing in those videos and now

  • hayden the limelight

    she invented musically before baby ariel

  • idk lol
    idk lol Month ago

    I actually love this😂💛

  • G I D E O N K E M P

    these videos are cringy but the editing and aesthetics are next level

  • Lyra's Kiwis
    Lyra's Kiwis Month ago

    She was so cute

  • chris jimenez
    chris jimenez Month ago +1

    Lol u probably hated that so much XD

  • chris jimenez
    chris jimenez Month ago

    I'm a big fan of u and I'm just 9 plus ur really funny and u make me laugh every day thank u Jenn for making my life better

  • chris jimenez
    chris jimenez Month ago +1

    Ur eyes are so pretty

  • chris jimenez
    chris jimenez Month ago


  • Leah poku-amanfo
    Leah poku-amanfo Month ago

    Do another one please

  • Leah poku-amanfo
    Leah poku-amanfo Month ago

    Did u notice she still has the same nails

  • Leslie T
    Leslie T Month ago

    Too bad you cant act

  • It's me! Carrie K
    It's me! Carrie K Month ago

    somebody gave jenn a camera and she just went off! XD

  • Saamia Shahzad
    Saamia Shahzad Month ago

    i died at your reactions 😂😂😂

  • Agus Zucca
    Agus Zucca Month ago +1

    ahahahaha i needed videos like this jenn, youre like one of the few youtubers that havent really changed

  • Shook Potato
    Shook Potato Month ago

    Glow up much?

  • Finley Flamingo
    Finley Flamingo Month ago

    Honestly Jen seems like your friends cooler older sister when she was younger

  • Queen of hearts
    Queen of hearts Month ago

    2009 you was 12
    2009 i was 4 so that means me and you are 8 years apart
    Now I am 12 and you are around 20

  • Julia Desrosiers
    Julia Desrosiers Month ago

    this is like musical.y lol

  • AnnaleighAba
    AnnaleighAba Month ago

    im 13 going on 14, if i did something like, my life = over

    CMPLCTED Month ago

    I honestly think that it is so much better than what kids make these days. At least you didnt grind and twerk and lick your lips like all the fucking kids do right now on either musicaly or tictoc which is just cancer.

  • Maddy Loves Corgis
    Maddy Loves Corgis Month ago +15

    So this is basically tiktok in the early 2000's

  • Mukbang King
    Mukbang King Month ago

    So creepily cringe 💗

  • Lanez
    Lanez Month ago +2

    Honestly just a really long tok

  • Cammilla Rose
    Cammilla Rose Month ago +1

    I love your voice. Like, just you speaking is awesome. It's a badass voice

  • milc c
    milc c Month ago +1

    why have i..seen these before

  • Kyleigh Parker
    Kyleigh Parker Month ago

    glow upppp

  • D • E • V • Y • N

    I love your TVclip show

  • shahd HUSSAIN
    shahd HUSSAIN Month ago


  • Lulu W.
    Lulu W. Month ago


  • alexia figueroa
    alexia figueroa Month ago

    ok but she looks the same

  • Sydney Showen
    Sydney Showen Month ago

    6:27 “I’m close bitch”💀😂

  • jesica bauer
    jesica bauer Month ago

    Do morrrreee!!!!

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Month ago

    one minute and thirty seconds into the video and you did not start it yet. XD

  • Haniina Mufidah
    Haniina Mufidah Month ago

    What I want to know is, r u gay?? Becus I think u are.. I wish to.

  • XxGacha_ CrystalxX
    XxGacha_ CrystalxX Month ago

    5:32 like seriousoy why does she look like justin bieber

  • Tacky Wacky
    Tacky Wacky Month ago

    u havent changed

  • Lillian Ulrich
    Lillian Ulrich Month ago

    Basically longer videos?😂

  • Frances Arneman
    Frances Arneman Month ago

    glow up

  • catyeep
    catyeep Month ago

    "Whyyy do I look like Justin Bieber?!" 5:35 Lmao

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    well in 2009 i was 2

  • Hey_Its _Winter
    Hey_Its _Winter Month ago

    Just imagine when she was recording these... her neighbors were watching her just sitting in her yard and probably feeling worried for her 😂😂

  • Min Yoongi Suga Agust D Lil Meow Meow

    When she was younger she looked like Sam Pucket from iCarly

  • Iyanna Thornton
    Iyanna Thornton Month ago

    Do another one

  • maya poelvoorde
    maya poelvoorde Month ago

    i feell rlly bad for laughing xD

  • 우유배토
    우유배토 Month ago

    I'm glad that I always deleted a video/picture back then. But oof at the same time I kinda regret it now