Which Pokemon Is The Most EVIL?


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  • Chris Neyland
    Chris Neyland Hour ago

    Incinerator...is my favorite Pokémon... HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY ANGLE!!jk good vid Ron

  • Quis Ut Deus
    Quis Ut Deus 4 hours ago

    Drink cactus juice. It'll quench ya. Nothings quenchier! :D

  • WestSunnyside 429

    The most evil thing in Pokemon is that one trainer who trades you a haunter with an everstone in Gen. 4

  • Ethan Galloway
    Ethan Galloway Day ago +1

    Zubat is evil

  • Wolves Gaming
    Wolves Gaming 2 days ago


  • Rockey526
    Rockey526 3 days ago

    I know! Thunderus Would make lightning a burn plants which leaves nutirents so new ones grow better!

  • 2071Johnny
    2071Johnny 3 days ago

    We need a Pokemon who is worthy of being called the Satan of Pokemon, the exact opposite of Arceus. Oh, and it can't be Giratina, since its part of a regional trio. Also, no non-action humans who have zero-fighting ability. Giovanni, Maxie, Archie, Cyrus, Ghetsis, Lysandre, Guzma, and every syndicate leader out there. M. Bison these guys ain't.
    I guess the best option would be something like Primal Darkrai, a Pokemon that was original _pure evil_ , until Arceus purified it of everything short of its dark attributes.

  • Rachel Henry
    Rachel Henry 3 days ago

    Don't forget about Chandelure, it literally sucks your soul out of your body to burn it and your body is left to wander forever. Creepy.

  • nunya marie
    nunya marie 4 days ago

    This Is A AMAZING vid! but the most evil pokemon is........ME! dun Dun DUNNN!

  • Wolfgirlinfinity
    Wolfgirlinfinity 5 days ago


  • Rot Z
    Rot Z 6 days ago

    I really hope Giratina isn't on this list!
    *watches video*
    Ok, thank you!

  • simplicitylost
    simplicitylost 6 days ago

    "When you can't hold a hoe, you turn to hunting!" I've been saying this for decades!

  • Red
    Red 7 days ago

    Hydreigon needs more love, it's adorable.

  • endy 05
    endy 05 7 days ago


  • branndon g
    branndon g 7 days ago

    Nine tails just needs a hug

  • Nalafloof, Scarfloof

    drifloon would be the most evil in my eyes

  • welp
    welp 7 days ago


  • Eksa Stelmere
    Eksa Stelmere 8 days ago

    I have to disagree with your perception of evil. Many murderers are the natural result of their upbringing. In short, they can't help but do evil things because that's all they know. In short, you won't convince me that someone can't be evil because that's all they know. Having said that, it does bring to mind the fact that truly evil people are often tragic.

  • clem3806
    clem3806 8 days ago

    8:15 *cracks hand joints* Alright, I guess it's time to go on a rant about Giratina. *breathes in*
    I'm going to trust your word about the dev interview, mostly because I can't be bothered to look for it, but hear me out. Yes the devs might have said that, but one of the devs of Metroid Other M said the Prime games weren't canon, yet they still are. And having Giratina represent antimatter makes no sense whatsoever when it comes to it's powers and the Distortion world. If a universe was made entirely of antimatter, it'd be virtually identical to ours, only difference would be the electric charges would be opposite to our world's, and beings in that world would call antimatter what we call matter. No weirdness happening, as antimatter is just the mirror image of matter, they just so happen to anihilate when they enter in contact, and do so instantly. That and, just like matter, antimatter isn't inherent to space-time and... Well... What trio is Giratina part of already? Also, antimatter only causes anihilation of matter, not distortion. It's mass does, but so does matter's. And that effect has a name that you probably know. Gravity. Which would explain:
    1 How Giratina is stronger than Palkia and Dialga combined as gravity bends both space and time, where antimatter does practically nothing to it;
    2 The way matter behaves in the Distortion World, every platform having vastly increased and altered gravitational fields, among other phenomenons;
    3 The "illusions", as they would be gravitational lensing, bending light to make objects appear where they aren't, or possibly small objects we can't distinguish due to limitations of the console appearing larger or the other way around for hidden obstacles;
    4 And even Shadow Force, as Giratina disappears while performing this move, giving two options: gravitational lensing or wormhole travel.
    And gravity can be as destructive as antimatter, just look at black holes.
    But my point is, if the devs only know antimatter by the vulrgarisation (for those who don't know that means "made accessible to people not trained in the relevant field of science"), and I think it's safe to assume that, I doubt they'd fully know what it entales. If the devs say something that doesn't make sense, is it still true?
    *breathes out* There.
    Also, I don't remember where i found the theory that Giratina is gravity, but I didn't come up with that on my own. Credit to whoever thought of that.

  • Xavier Hege
    Xavier Hege 8 days ago

    Giratina is actually the "Lord of Gravity". Gravity distorts time and space and was ruining what dialga and palkia were creating.

  • Jimatronius Maxiumus

    Actually some plants need fires to clear out old plants so they can grow.

  • Mr. Phantom
    Mr. Phantom 9 days ago

    Dude Giratina is Gravity

  • Hasan boyraz
    Hasan boyraz 9 days ago

    Darkrai Or Yveltal Or Giratina

  • Lionel Bichotte
    Lionel Bichotte 9 days ago

    Actually, Scrafty and scraggy are known to prey on and beat up pokemon for no apparent reason besides that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Zorua and Zoroark are also child kidnappers known to sometimes replace children with themselves. Drapion also kills anything that it meets in the desert to show off its strength.

  • Douglas Proctor
    Douglas Proctor 9 days ago

    In the Sun/Moon entries for Hypno, It says that it is actually trying to protect the person it "kidnaps"

  • Barb W.
    Barb W. 10 days ago

    Do you know the most evil pokemon? Probably not, the most evil pokemon is......Chansey, in the safari zone.....

  • LPS Gracie
    LPS Gracie 10 days ago

    i had some some deja vu at 1:17


  • EvolUtioNcomunati
    EvolUtioNcomunati 10 days ago +1

    What the name of the ost in the beginning of the video?

  • TheDarkSkullOfficial
    TheDarkSkullOfficial 10 days ago

    Ey! Representing my boy Giratina! You have earned a giant like!

  • shingshongshamalama
    shingshongshamalama 10 days ago

    Thicc the Leavanny.

  • Christine McKinley
    Christine McKinley 11 days ago

    Cactus juice. It's the quenchiest!

  • Adam Sibert
    Adam Sibert 11 days ago

    f...ing ratta

  • Veerle Heirman
    Veerle Heirman 11 days ago

    he who must not be named huh

  • Caleb Shepherd
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  • Sufii Tomei
    Sufii Tomei 12 days ago

    This is my list about evil pokemon
    5.Alolan ninetales why? Toxic Toxic
    6.Mega lucario
    9.Mega charizard x
    10.Yveltal and Giratina origin

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans 13 days ago

    I say hydreigon is the most evil Pokémon in existence

  • cwtdos1994
    cwtdos1994 13 days ago

    What's the song at 6:06?

  • Raphael Supangat
    Raphael Supangat 13 days ago

    I believe that yveltal is the most evil

  • Maggo
    Maggo 13 days ago

    Nintales is a Kuyubi, tho alolan one isn't

  • Alaina Robb
    Alaina Robb 14 days ago

    I like that you like Harry Potter

  • Supreme Sran
    Supreme Sran 14 days ago

    Miltank. Enough said...

  • edchanful
    edchanful 14 days ago

    Thats so detail, thank you!! Love this video!!

  • Jensen Oswald-Stevens
    Jensen Oswald-Stevens 14 days ago

    What about necrozma? It's said to be the only Pokemon to be pure evil...

  • Stormgem Thunder
    Stormgem Thunder 14 days ago

    Darkrai's pokedex entry literally says 'it means no harm'
    Hey guys, if you were a pokémon what type(s) would you be and why?
    I'd be psychic/fighting because I'm smart (I'm in top maths set) and I know karate

  • Ervin Family
    Ervin Family 14 days ago

    In one roblox game Bidoof evolves into Marshadow XD

  • SnowyStormz
    SnowyStormz 15 days ago

    I keep mistaking Hydreigon's other heads for its hands I'm disturbed

  • Kiwi Life
    Kiwi Life 15 days ago

    Before watching this video is it hoopa unbound

  • sho sub
    sho sub 15 days ago

    Hoops unbound is only evil because the darkness in prison bottle took over hoopa.

  • Adrian and Daphnie
    Adrian and Daphnie 15 days ago

    What about bewear

  • ron cogan
    ron cogan 15 days ago

    Everyone says giratina is the most evil, but i am choosing gengar and absol

  • Aslak Bech
    Aslak Bech 16 days ago

    while i don't think that he's evil, i think you should have at least MENTIONED Necrozma, as he is the ONLY Pokemon that was the main antagonist in a pokemon game, rather then a human.

  • EnergyBitNeon
    EnergyBitNeon 16 days ago

    Thank god Saybeleye is not on here

  • Shakiel Taylor
    Shakiel Taylor 17 days ago

    Pokemon is so lovecraftian

  • F Gamer
    F Gamer 17 days ago

    There is ninetails and where is NARUTO UZUMAKI

  • Konter Themonsier
    Konter Themonsier 17 days ago

    So wait...

    Lickitung is Spiritomb?

  • pagkalinawan zach
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  • Blue Greninja
    Blue Greninja 18 days ago

    E.V.I.L B.O.Y.S

  • SparksOmega
    SparksOmega 19 days ago

    The giratina jumpscare gets me every time

  • The Skylan Show
    The Skylan Show 19 days ago

    Lol there is an ad on the side for *Truegreen* lawn care

  • Foxy And Pokémon
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  • Yudith Gonzalez
    Yudith Gonzalez 20 days ago

    Murkrow the most evil Pokémon

  • Azzza Bazza
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  • John Sturgeon
    John Sturgeon 20 days ago

    What about mega evolutions?

  • domehammer
    domehammer 20 days ago

    Forest Fires help the environment as some forests live in a cycle where forest fires keep them healthy by disposing of old trees.

  • PranEpic !
    PranEpic ! 20 days ago

    Who noticed that the background music was a lavender town theme mix

  • ayah jaber
    ayah jaber 20 days ago

    Exactly yveltal is not evil its in the circle of life 1000 of years waiting to fufill its purpose

  • GreninDead
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  • Lovepokemon12074
    Lovepokemon12074 20 days ago

    Wait what happened to litwick,lampet, and chandelure?

  • qpoj[erwa[jto459jgflkhng

    If you want to get into general Pokemon, than I suppose you are right. But if you want to get into specifics, then 100% the most evil Pokemon is Darkrai from Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. The thing wanted to paralyze the entire world simply for it's own amusement and due to how much it loves the dark. It then tried to trick freaking Palkia into killing the player and partner, then disguised itself as Cresselia to trick the player and partner to be willing to let themselves be killed. Then as a final attempt it tried to trick the player into joining him. Damn this thing is evil.

  • ZERO9725
    ZERO9725 21 day ago

    As for thundurus, forest fires are at times necessary for the ecosystem. They're a big problem today becauae they can cause massive damage, but forest fires tend to purify the land, so perhaps he is doing his part in nature

  • avril williamson
    avril williamson 21 day ago

    7:36 Voldemort?

  • The diamond Pikachu
    The diamond Pikachu 21 day ago +2

    Thank god my favorite Pokemon isn’t evil he’s only misunderstood

  • Aaron Ward
    Aaron Ward 21 day ago


  • spicy memes are good

    The most evil pokemon is bidoof legend has it that bidoof kills people purposely just by having the human look at its face

  • Carly Bob Marly
    Carly Bob Marly 22 days ago

    8:55 did he say Hygleigon

  • GamingWithAaron
    GamingWithAaron 23 days ago

    Caterpillars is the mist evil

  • Chinchilla General
    Chinchilla General 24 days ago

    Zubat. Zubat is THE most evil.

  • Maxx Nieves
    Maxx Nieves 24 days ago

    You could argue Giratina is actually gravity( a force uneffected by time, space, matter etc and is equally destructive, black holes and such) but I agree, not evil, evil requires intent. I'd vote Mewtwo though, arguably the villain of Pokemon. I'm pretty sure he's still one of the only Pokemon to be shown actually killing people in the anime(I think the only others were like Arceus and Marshadow, haven't seen the Marshadow movie yet but I heard he kills a certain someone again who gets revived again).

  • Sumthinorother
    Sumthinorother 25 days ago

    Why would Weavile need a hoe though? Those claws could surely tear the ground apart just as well.
    And with Weavile's intelligence,(Ultra Moon Pokedex confirms high intelligence)Surely they could find less Malicious ways to find food than what they actually do. But maybe I'm just blinded by vegetarianism. Even so, surely Weavile should be considered at least a little evil for being SO brutal in it's hunting.

  • Yudith Gonzalez
    Yudith Gonzalez 25 days ago

    The most evilest Pokémon gastly

  • Hashim Hassan
    Hashim Hassan 25 days ago

    You should get 100000 subcribe

  • Dylan Patrick
    Dylan Patrick 25 days ago

    What about Primeape.??

  • Jackson Sailer
    Jackson Sailer 26 days ago

    1:25 This part is reminiscent of Paarthurnax's lesson about nature. You know the one.

  • HyenaWhiskers
    HyenaWhiskers 27 days ago +1

    Ur videos are amazing however STOP SAYING POCKET MONSTERS

  • Dynamite M
    Dynamite M 27 days ago

    It’s called nine tails because it has nine tails

  • The31st
    The31st 27 days ago

    i mean mewtwo had compassion as a kid, and he was made into a pure evil villain by 4 kids because western children aren't smart enough to understand complex villains.

  • Talha Nizamani
    Talha Nizamani 27 days ago

    Thunderes is not evil

  • Zyclone
    Zyclone 27 days ago

    5:54 You COULD classify Drapion as evil, swing as it attacks to show off it's strength, as opposed to defensively, like normal scorpions.

  • Benja Freeman
    Benja Freeman 27 days ago

    Malamar is the most terrifying pokemon ever.

  • Umbreon
    Umbreon 28 days ago +1

    Good Too Know I'm Not Evil
    Jk I'm Evil Not All Umbreon's Are But I Am

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor 28 days ago

    Great colab. Also you forgot Shedinja. Who take a your would FOR NO REASON.

  • Galactic Vaporeon
    Galactic Vaporeon 28 days ago +1

    Why does no one cover Gourgeist? I mean it literally tortured for the fun of it. Also good video!

  • Jaymee Krüger
    Jaymee Krüger 28 days ago


  • Stephan MacNiallghuis
    Stephan MacNiallghuis 28 days ago

    How dare you hate on hypno!its my fav pokemon

  • Walrus Junior
    Walrus Junior 28 days ago

    Giratina? Lol

  • christian venegas
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  • Frog Lawyer
    Frog Lawyer 28 days ago

    Damn, Mewtwo is a straight up mavrick

  • Kelly Gaskin-Powell
    Kelly Gaskin-Powell 28 days ago

    But.. One last thing. Guzlord isn't actually a Pokemon, it's an Ultra Beast which are completely different. Even though you can catch them both in a poke ball, and use them in battle... They're just not the same thing! Still great vid tho

  • Kelly Gaskin-Powell
    Kelly Gaskin-Powell 28 days ago

    Also i thought that part where you said, "i get destroying a few things, like this neo-notsy" was funny too! I didn't hear the Pokemon you said with it because i was laughing too hard and forgot to pause it.

  • Kelly Gaskin-Powell
    Kelly Gaskin-Powell 28 days ago

    "Spiratoom-i mean he who shall not be named" Hahahahaha!! I'm sorry! But that part just cracked me up so bad! 😝 great vid, and sorry if i spelled the Pokemon's name wrong.