Which Pokemon Is The Most EVIL?


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  • You in an alternate universe

    Pfft, you think Hydreigon could destroy Aromatisse? Don’t forget type matchups, truegreen

  • suprised Gallade
    suprised Gallade 5 months ago

    Cuddles vs kricketot who will win

  • Auryn Art
    Auryn Art 5 months ago

    Let's be real here

    Zubat is pure evil.

  • Mega Gengar -The destroyer

    Who cares if Gengar killed a few people, he's still cute. All he wants is some fun. :D

  • philipjwh2580
    philipjwh2580 5 months ago

    I don't think we should judge individual Pokemon by the action of their pokerace. You big pokeracist

  • Jouni Seppälä
    Jouni Seppälä 5 months ago +8

    I honestly hate it when people call absol evil and one who brings destruction, it just warns people for upcoming disasters, absols don't cause them

  • AuraSilverHero
    AuraSilverHero 6 months ago

    I have another thought on how Yveltal may not be considered evil. Seeing that its two wings and tail are all shaped exactly the same, I quickly thought about the yatagarasu, the Japanese three-legged raven. When I looked up the yatagarasu (it was Wikipedia, so it might not be accurate), it said yatagarasu had to do with divine intervention. One rather common form of divine intervention is destroying cities that had become too wicked. This could be interpreted as Yveltal waiting until the region had become too corrupt before it awakened and cleared them out.

  • YouGachaGetaLife Get reked

    But malimars are like the best cookie ever

  • Ryan Meek
    Ryan Meek 7 months ago

    Forest fires are necessary.

  • Coco Parkinson
    Coco Parkinson 7 months ago

    I just realized that Thundurus is like Zeus *facepalm*

  • Wizoop
    Wizoop 7 months ago

    The trainer might be dark type
    Bidoof is evolving Bidoof yeyeyeyeyey
    Bidoof: But? But why would you do this
    I can't understand why? Why would you do such a thing with no content or compassion all because you didn't want me to evolve to a grownup
    You are truly a monster babyboytrainerman69 I don't know why I would follow your orders;-;

  • Bao Anh Tran
    Bao Anh Tran 7 months ago

    Hey where is mimikiu

  • Sufii Tomei
    Sufii Tomei 7 months ago


    Magikarp is the MOST EVIL



    YA YEET!
    YA YEET!

  • Julie Stark
    Julie Stark 7 months ago

    102 souls #spiritomb

    SUPERSTAN777 7 months ago


  • THE GZ
    THE GZ 7 months ago

    7:06 "Some of the evilest pokemon can be found in Sinnoh"
    Bidoof: *appears on screen*
    Me: *Jumps in terror*

    OUTATIME 7 months ago

    Which is why I've liked Kanto 151... NO Dark-type Pokémon! Lol

    OUTATIME 7 months ago

    +Death Adder (Mii)

  • Sub Hermit
    Sub Hermit 7 months ago

    Gengar is my fav regardless if it is evil in the Pokedex.

  • Steampunk Goat
    Steampunk Goat 7 months ago


  • •__Gacha Koneko__•
    •__Gacha Koneko__• 7 months ago +2

    everyone said Giratina and Vivillion are quote "the pokemon devils", I never understood Vivillion being that way, I looked up number 666 in the pokedex and found Vivillion in THAT space, I guess that could work...

  • Jacqui campion
    Jacqui campion 7 months ago

    magikarp hunts it's victims for days acknowledging every little detail about thinking about the most painful thing possible for that person, it wil gleefully gorge eyes out, skin people alive ,smash every bone int the body but most of all it will splash you.

  • Deanna Vanderpoll
    Deanna Vanderpoll 7 months ago

    Bob Dylan the same way to do that than I was was was the only way to make sure the only one

  • Cierra Anglin
    Cierra Anglin 7 months ago

    Spiritomb is Voldemort

  • RTRCrafter
    RTRCrafter 7 months ago

    "Look at this Pokemon."
    "You can't say #108 is evil."

  • ultimate upgrade
    ultimate upgrade 7 months ago

    Greninja is a dark type but it isn't evil

  • Derpy McSquid
    Derpy McSquid 7 months ago

    Okay...okay, I have to argue on one of your points, Malamar. while its true these pokemon are extremely intelligent and have been used for evil deeds, in the anime (I'm sorry if this is not a credible source I'm just speaking what I think I don't mean to offend anyone) Malamar have known to be calm and peaceful in the wild, while mostly just evil Malamar are used by evil people as its just trying to obey its trainer. also, I'm not sure if I'm right this is just a thought, maybe the way Malamar use their mind control may be a reference to the way that the Cuttlefish (a close evolutionary relationship with the squid) hunt. They use their camouflage to move atround shapes and colors on its body to stun, confuse or maybe even put it in a state similar of a hypnotic trance and then proseed to eat the target, maybe Malamar (and maybe inkay) use similer hunting technieches but with the lights on their body that are known to flash in hypnotic trance. So that was my kind of reasoning behind why i dont think malamar is evil, again this is just what i think. Thank you for reading this long comment.

  • Nathan Hackett
    Nathan Hackett 7 months ago

    Hypno gets framed

    The real culprit is Mr. Mime.

    • Nathan Hackett
      Nathan Hackett 7 months ago

      also hypno protects a kid from a driftloon in ultra sun and moon

  • Nathan Hackett
    Nathan Hackett 7 months ago

    Darkarai is trying to control its powers
    why do you think it went to a remote island?

  • CJCroen1393
    CJCroen1393 7 months ago

    I'd say any Pokemon that _willingly_ and/or _knowingly_ joins forces with the Villain Teams can be counted as "evil". Hence, Lysandre's Gyarados, Cyrus' Honchkrow, and Team Rocket's Meowth are evil because they're actively and loyally serving an evil group, whereas Ghetsis' Hydreigon _isn't_ evil because it's being _forced_ into it. Mewtwo is a special case--it was _forced_ into working with Team Rocket in both the anime and the games, but it was also created without compassion as you mentioned and rather than instantly going good after breaking ties with Giovanni, it simply became an independent baddie. Also, Necrozma.
    In defense of Hypno, it also gains sustenance from dreams and it's claimed to kidnap children so that it can feed off of their dreams. As terrifying as the kidnapping is, one could argue that Hypno is only doing it on instinct.

  • Ashleigh Henry
    Ashleigh Henry 7 months ago

    Litten the man I love litten

  • Jacqui Chandler
    Jacqui Chandler 7 months ago

    What about Nihilego?

  • phantom130 5
    phantom130 5 7 months ago

    Love this. This really changed my perspective on some of my favorite pokemon.
    The only one I really disagree with is Mewtwo. There's a difference from it being able to do harm or it actually being known to cause harm like Gengar, Ninetales, or Hypno.
    I don't believe Mewtwo necessarily follows a moral compass despite knowing right from wrong, but i can't imagine it harming others simply for the fun of it either.

  • Rosephantom945
    Rosephantom945 7 months ago

    Gengar is weak to psychic types due to the poison typing tho

  • Rosephantom945
    Rosephantom945 7 months ago

    Supernatural evil
    Me: hold up, let me call a priest

  • Tanks A Lot
    Tanks A Lot 7 months ago

    2:38 Please tell me that was your giratina

  • Jay Grant
    Jay Grant 7 months ago +2

    Pringle Ghost😂

  • Jocy Aguilera
    Jocy Aguilera 7 months ago

    You forgot necrozma because it hates humanity as shown in ultra sun and ultra moon

  • cali4nia luv
    cali4nia luv 7 months ago

    Froslass, its favorite food is the souls of men.
    Oooook I'm gonna have to stay away!
    It only goes after men it thinks are handsome.
    Oh okay, I'm safe then!

  • Luna_Cat 101
    Luna_Cat 101 7 months ago +1

    I love ninetales.Anyone else

  • Luna_Cat 101
    Luna_Cat 101 7 months ago +3

    Absol is NOT evil,Absol is a angel of darkness. Ok I love that song go look it up!!

  • Square
    Square 7 months ago

    I am so much like Mewtwo.

  • David Lee
    David Lee 7 months ago +1

    Magikarp is the most evil Pokemon... Using splash...

  • Ramen resangen
    Ramen resangen 7 months ago

    One of thoes pokemon were called thicc at 2:41


  • AnimeTrue and a kitten too

    also i used to think yveltel was pronounced ya evil

  • AnimeTrue and a kitten too

    i love zoarark and if you dont i will kill your pokemon

  • Kirby Lover805
    Kirby Lover805 7 months ago

    Maybe crabrawler is crawdaunt’s cousun

    KJONE YT 7 months ago


  • Akline090
    Akline090 7 months ago

    In my opinion I don't think Mewtwo should be on the list mewtwo is only evil because he was made evil by teamrocket and it wasn't born with compassion so it's not mewtwo's fault

  • Akline090
    Akline090 7 months ago

    1:45 was my favorite part it was so cute how you said "just hungry" that's so nice

  • Nyta Sam
    Nyta Sam 7 months ago

    Funny that the ghost types are more evil than the "evil" types. The dark types are mostly either egotistical, doing violent stuff unintentionally, and just do hunting a lot more gruesome than others.

  • Moe Thauk
    Moe Thauk 7 months ago

    Hypno, man. He kidnaps children.

  • Matthew Pompa
    Matthew Pompa 7 months ago

    Diantha's Gardevoir is evil.

  • MinecraftLover58
    MinecraftLover58 7 months ago

    Can I just say how happy I was that you didn't put Hydreigon on the final list?

  • S- CC
    S- CC 7 months ago

    I'd probably have a job being the Piped Piper of Banettes if they were real, comsidering how often I end up at garage sales...

  • Shiny Greninja
    Shiny Greninja 7 months ago

    Honestly, Thunderus is kind of in the same boat as Yveltal.

  • Chicken Joe
    Chicken Joe 7 months ago +1

    You didn't say which one was the most evil...

  • Jakob Sprague
    Jakob Sprague 8 months ago

    Absol should be Fairy type now not Dark

  • Fozzy Bear
    Fozzy Bear 8 months ago

    But Chandelure is the worst surely.
    Black and White 2 pokedex entry: The spirits burned up in its ominous flame lose their way and wander this world forever.
    Not killing you but literally making your body immortal and lost.

  • Kritzlof
    Kritzlof 8 months ago

    Did you just sneakily tell your audience Neonazism is bad? ( 9:07 ) Good on you! One can't be too clear about that nowadays.
    Great videos btw! You have a nice, happy voice to listen too and you seem to really enjoy researching things. :)

  • Great Sage T20 The Mii
    Great Sage T20 The Mii 8 months ago

    Malamar is great. I used one in US and contrary is a hilarious ability

  • Shyla Forbes
    Shyla Forbes 8 months ago

    it sounds wierd wut i said i know

  • Shyla Forbes
    Shyla Forbes 8 months ago

    hoopa unbound is not evil it just got carryed away with summoning pokemon it says it in the movie litterally it says that.

  • Chris Neyland
    Chris Neyland 8 months ago

    Incinerator...is my favorite Pokémon... HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY ANGLE!!jk good vid Ron

  • Quis Ut Deus
    Quis Ut Deus 8 months ago

    Drink cactus juice. It'll quench ya. Nothings quenchier! :D

  • WestSunnyside 429
    WestSunnyside 429 8 months ago

    The most evil thing in Pokemon is that one trainer who trades you a haunter with an everstone in Gen. 4

  • Ethan Galloway
    Ethan Galloway 8 months ago +1

    Zubat is evil

  • SB -StarBoi
    SB -StarBoi 8 months ago


  • 2071Johnny
    2071Johnny 8 months ago

    We need a Pokemon who is worthy of being called the Satan of Pokemon, the exact opposite of Arceus. Oh, and it can't be Giratina, since its part of a regional trio. Also, no non-action humans who have zero-fighting ability. Giovanni, Maxie, Archie, Cyrus, Ghetsis, Lysandre, Guzma, and every syndicate leader out there. M. Bison these guys ain't.
    I guess the best option would be something like Primal Darkrai, a Pokemon that was original _pure evil_ , until Arceus purified it of everything short of its dark attributes.

  • Rachel Henry
    Rachel Henry 8 months ago

    Don't forget about Chandelure, it literally sucks your soul out of your body to burn it and your body is left to wander forever. Creepy.

  • Lacey Marie
    Lacey Marie 8 months ago

    This Is A AMAZING vid! but the most evil pokemon is........ME! dun Dun DUNNN!

  • Wolfgirlinfinity
    Wolfgirlinfinity 8 months ago


  • Rot Z
    Rot Z 8 months ago

    I really hope Giratina isn't on this list!
    *watches video*
    Ok, thank you!
    P.S. I also theorize, that Giratina is made of Dark Matter.

  • simplicitylost
    simplicitylost 8 months ago

    "When you can't hold a hoe, you turn to hunting!" I've been saying this for decades!

  • Red
    Red 8 months ago

    Hydreigon needs more love, it's adorable.

  • endy 05
    endy 05 8 months ago


  • branndon g
    branndon g 8 months ago

    Nine tails just needs a hug

  • Nalafloof, Scarfloof
    Nalafloof, Scarfloof 8 months ago

    drifloon would be the most evil in my eyes

  • welp
    welp 8 months ago


  • Eksa Stelmere
    Eksa Stelmere 8 months ago

    I have to disagree with your perception of evil. Many murderers are the natural result of their upbringing. In short, they can't help but do evil things because that's all they know. In short, you won't convince me that someone can't be evil because that's all they know. Having said that, it does bring to mind the fact that truly evil people are often tragic.

  • clem3806
    clem3806 8 months ago

    8:15 *cracks hand joints* Alright, I guess it's time to go on a rant about Giratina. *breathes in*
    I'm going to trust your word about the dev interview, mostly because I can't be bothered to look for it, but hear me out. Yes the devs might have said that, but one of the devs of Metroid Other M said the Prime games weren't canon, yet they still are. And having Giratina represent antimatter makes no sense whatsoever when it comes to it's powers and the Distortion world. If a universe was made entirely of antimatter, it'd be virtually identical to ours, only difference would be the electric charges would be opposite to our world's, and beings in that world would call antimatter what we call matter. No weirdness happening, as antimatter is just the mirror image of matter, they just so happen to anihilate when they enter in contact, and do so instantly. That and, just like matter, antimatter isn't inherent to space-time and... Well... What trio is Giratina part of already? Also, antimatter only causes anihilation of matter, not distortion. It's mass does, but so does matter's. And that effect has a name that you probably know. Gravity. Which would explain:
    1 How Giratina is stronger than Palkia and Dialga combined as gravity bends both space and time, where antimatter does practically nothing to it;
    2 The way matter behaves in the Distortion World, every platform having vastly increased and altered gravitational fields, among other phenomenons;
    3 The "illusions", as they would be gravitational lensing, bending light to make objects appear where they aren't, or possibly small objects we can't distinguish due to limitations of the console appearing larger or the other way around for hidden obstacles;
    4 And even Shadow Force, as Giratina disappears while performing this move, giving two options: gravitational lensing or wormhole travel.
    And gravity can be as destructive as antimatter, just look at black holes.
    But my point is, if the devs only know antimatter by the vulrgarisation (for those who don't know that means "made accessible to people not trained in the relevant field of science"), and I think it's safe to assume that, I doubt they'd fully know what it entales. If the devs say something that doesn't make sense, is it still true?
    *breathes out* There.
    Also, I don't remember where i found the theory that Giratina is gravity, but I didn't come up with that on my own. Credit to whoever thought of that.

  • Xavier Hege
    Xavier Hege 8 months ago

    Giratina is actually the "Lord of Gravity". Gravity distorts time and space and was ruining what dialga and palkia were creating.

  • Jimatronius Maxiumus
    Jimatronius Maxiumus 8 months ago

    Actually some plants need fires to clear out old plants so they can grow.

  • WorldBreaker AG
    WorldBreaker AG 8 months ago

    Dude Giratina is Gravity

  • Hasan boyraz
    Hasan boyraz 8 months ago

    Darkrai Or Yveltal Or Giratina

  • Lionel Bichotte
    Lionel Bichotte 8 months ago

    Actually, Scrafty and scraggy are known to prey on and beat up pokemon for no apparent reason besides that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Zorua and Zoroark are also child kidnappers known to sometimes replace children with themselves. Drapion also kills anything that it meets in the desert to show off its strength.

  • Douglas Proctor
    Douglas Proctor 8 months ago

    In the Sun/Moon entries for Hypno, It says that it is actually trying to protect the person it "kidnaps"

  • Barb W.
    Barb W. 8 months ago

    Do you know the most evil pokemon? Probably not, the most evil pokemon is......Chansey, in the safari zone.....

  • ¡ agnostice ¡
    ¡ agnostice ¡ 8 months ago

    i had some some deja vu at 1:17


  • EvolUtioNcomunati
    EvolUtioNcomunati 8 months ago +2

    What the name of the ost in the beginning of the video?

  • TheDarkSkullOfficial
    TheDarkSkullOfficial 8 months ago

    Ey! Representing my boy Giratina! You have earned a giant like!

  • shingshongshamalama
    shingshongshamalama 8 months ago

    Thicc the Leavanny.

  • Christine McKinley
    Christine McKinley 8 months ago

    Cactus juice. It's the quenchiest!

  • Duck Jesus
    Duck Jesus 8 months ago

    f...ing ratta

  • potter head
    potter head 8 months ago

    he who must not be named huh

  • Caleb Shepherd
    Caleb Shepherd 8 months ago


  • Sufii Tomei
    Sufii Tomei 8 months ago

    This is my list about evil pokemon
    5.Alolan ninetales why? Toxic Toxic
    6.Mega lucario
    9.Mega charizard x
    10.Yveltal and Giratina origin

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans 8 months ago

    I say hydreigon is the most evil Pokémon in existence

  • cwtdos1994
    cwtdos1994 8 months ago

    What's the song at 6:06?

  • Raphael Supangat
    Raphael Supangat 8 months ago

    I believe that yveltal is the most evil