Primitive survival skills: finding big Squid at River - cooking Squid eating delicious(09)

  • Published on Jan 22, 2019
  • Hello to day this i video i want to show you about:
    Primitive survival skills: finding big Squid at River - cooking Squid eating delicious(09)
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  • Liza Juwita
    Liza Juwita 29 minutes ago


  • Riska Azzahra
    Riska Azzahra Hour ago

    Wong kok mangas😂

  • axel gacha:3
    axel gacha:3 2 hours ago

    Eso es maltrato animal😂😂😂😂

  • Maly Duch
    Maly Duch 2 hours ago

    Does anybody else think she's on something?

  • Олеся Иванова

    Зачем орйж как жекарка

  • mimi53 :3
    mimi53 :3 3 hours ago

    Es mentira lo del pulpo jigante

  • mimi53 :3
    mimi53 :3 3 hours ago

    Mmmm qué rico(rico pero adlando mono osea bonito)

  • ทองใบ เชียงสวนจิก


  • Glceon buns ice
    Glceon buns ice 4 hours ago

    Wow so cool!

  • Glceon buns ice
    Glceon buns ice 4 hours ago


  • Aymaan Enayetullah
    Aymaan Enayetullah 5 hours ago

    That clickbait tho...

  • Oceanne Denault
    Oceanne Denault 5 hours ago

    Hou Hou Hou hou

  • Ofa Fonua
    Ofa Fonua 6 hours ago

    All i did throughout this video, when she was trying to catch the squids is laugh: Like the comments made me laugh even more.
    EDIT: SHE actually acts like a caveman.

  • Holly monie
    Holly monie 6 hours ago

    No squid were harmed in this video.

    VALE- KUN 7 hours ago

    y donde esta él pinshi calamar grande que salió en la miniatura >:v yo solo vine x eso._.( Sin decirlo en mala onda)

  • ArijOn Dauti
    ArijOn Dauti 9 hours ago +1

    3:48 me when i find my nintendo ds under my bed... 😐

  • pan jh
    pan jh 9 hours ago

    Parece un mono

  • son goku san
    son goku san 10 hours ago

    a o u a a a a o u

  • Ezel Yıldız
    Ezel Yıldız 11 hours ago


  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim 12 hours ago

    Oque eu mas ouvir: ou ou ai ai ou ou uh uh uuuuuuuhhhh

  • Aida Nurul
    Aida Nurul 12 hours ago

    I think all the squids are already dead before she found them😂

  • Bak Cell
    Bak Cell 12 hours ago

    She vomen there is

  • Eminem Cent
    Eminem Cent 12 hours ago


  • xXsnow WolfXx
    xXsnow WolfXx 13 hours ago

    Bruh i thought it she got a big squirt

  • Saray Anaya
    Saray Anaya 14 hours ago

    y endonde esta el pulpo grande que se ve ai

  • sujai lama
    sujai lama 14 hours ago

    Is she just kidding

  • Syifa Amalia Putri putri

    Ra iso bicara

  • nana nani
    nana nani 16 hours ago +1

    I don like she

  • Noah Nazly
    Noah Nazly 16 hours ago

    Ini org kan yak?, kok auukk aukk2an gitu 🙄

  • Nur Laila
    Nur Laila 17 hours ago

    cewe ini klo di bikin bintang porno ni pasti enak nii

    ZIED FOXER 17 hours ago

    وين العراقيين

  • Jewel mae Taligac
    Jewel mae Taligac 17 hours ago +1

    That is not a spuid that is a octopus

  • AN&KSK
    AN&KSK 17 hours ago

    Squid can't survive in freshwater

  • Mac Nol
    Mac Nol 17 hours ago

    Not real no squid or octopus in a river.. It all lie

  • Isabel Helfrich
    Isabel Helfrich 18 hours ago


  • Pek Telecom
    Pek Telecom 18 hours ago


  • 好看的六六
    好看的六六 18 hours ago

    What does she do the fucking going on???

  • 好看的六六
    好看的六六 18 hours ago


  • れいな
    れいな 19 hours ago


  • Rose Lendio
    Rose Lendio 19 hours ago

    Emposible happen 😁😁

  • VIP Army
    VIP Army 20 hours ago

    a crazy woman finding octopus at the river.
    and what kind of octopus that lives in the river

  • Deana DiiDii
    Deana DiiDii 21 hour ago +1

    Squids can't survive in freshwater 😒 It looked dead when she caught it.

  • DK S
    DK S 21 hour ago

    Octopus kaha se aa gya waha

  • Rhea Homul
    Rhea Homul 21 hour ago

    Girl are you tarzan?

  • Keith Kate
    Keith Kate 22 hours ago

    Everytime she do that weird sound it annoys the hell out of me 😂😂😂

  • Seyhda Gfta
    Seyhda Gfta 22 hours ago


  • Non RTM TV
    Non RTM TV 23 hours ago


  • ogee itanawe yagamo
    ogee itanawe yagamo 23 hours ago

    Tidak mungkin kalau cumi"ada di kali mungkin cuman naro aja bru tangkap 😒😒😒😒😒

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 23 hours ago

    ....Why do I feel bad laughing at this....

  • Sasha Villiard
    Sasha Villiard Day ago

    Dude wtf is that...she throwing a octopus like...😒

  • Vívian Santos Cruzeiro


  • Random videos
    Random videos Day ago

    That's not even a river that's a small stream. So octopus/squid lives in stream/river right?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • daniel zarco
    daniel zarco Day ago

    like si hablas español

  • daniel zarco
    daniel zarco Day ago

    cae mal como si nunca hubiera comido

  • Mel Grande Playz Roblox

    Good vid!!!!

  • Fantasia
    Fantasia Day ago

    What the typical youtube video would've looked like in the time of cavemen.

  • abakin life de todo

    Ya encontraste tu idioma dale like si sabes que idioma hablo :V

  • •Hydroxia Kitty wolf •

    you when you find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you.
    (The octopus= your boyfriend The women= you)

  • Tamara Swindle
    Tamara Swindle Day ago


  • Bandung Bondowoso

    Di ngentotin Enak tuh montok