Saoirse Ronan Knows Why You Love 'Lady Bird'

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • 'Lady Bird' star Saoirse Ronan explains why her new movie resonates so strongly with every demographic.
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Comments • 734

  • chintastic
    chintastic 11 days ago

    she’s such a beautiful soul.

  • wobiwan
    wobiwan 12 days ago

    i cant stop watching videos of saoirse i love her and her accent 😭

  • Negan Neganson
    Negan Neganson 12 days ago

    I'll say it wow she's beautiful

  • soulai 96
    soulai 96 13 days ago

    I love her since atonement, she is amazing , and her accent is dope

  • MysticalTechno
    MysticalTechno 15 days ago

    I love this woman but that movie absolutely stunk in my opinion. It was a miserable attempt at creating a teen indie film with no substance to it at all. It was basically a little white teen girl hating the city she grew up in (still unsure what was so bad about it), can't wait to move to a "cultured city" like New York, and when she finally gets there she realises she misses her hometown. Throw in some cliches like romantic attempts at losing virginity, the random gay kid coming out of the closet, etc.. The best bits are all in the trailer, making it look like it could be an interesting story, but ends up displaying nothing original. Everything seems rushed for the sake of inserting as many cliches as possible, instead of delving into certain issues to draw in the audience. When there's so many beautiful creative coming of age films like 'Me, Earl & The Dying Girl', 'Juno', 'Brick', 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower', 'Mysterious Skin', 'Moonlight', etc., how does this one get so much praise?

  • Aryaa Dixit
    Aryaa Dixit 16 days ago's like im watching brave again

  • darkstoneft
    darkstoneft 16 days ago

    She is Hannah lol

  • Sarah Galloway
    Sarah Galloway 16 days ago

    Anyone else get annoyed how he keeps cutting her off to ask her another question and doesn’t acknowledge her response?

  • steveforprez03
    steveforprez03 16 days ago +1

    Sorry, but I found Lady Bird to be the most overrated and pretentious film of 2017.
    Just another coming of age tale of a self absorbed spoiled brat who most people find annoying these days.
    Thumbsucker was a MUCH better film.

  • Matthhew Alex
    Matthhew Alex 19 days ago

    I just cannot stop loving her accent...

  • Symon Alex
    Symon Alex 21 day ago

    I first saw her in Brooklyn, immediately fell in love with her, she's so adorable and i could listen to her voice all day.

  • Erik Baran
    Erik Baran 21 day ago

    Laurie Metcalf was in the Toy Story movies, playing Andy's mom.

  • dev914
    dev914 22 days ago

    I’m from Sacramento and I am stunned that she is actually Irish
    In the movie she sounds just like most people I grew up around...
    The money is spectacular by the way.

  • Brennen Siemens
    Brennen Siemens 22 days ago

    she’s got such charisma

  • Korakaris
    Korakaris 22 days ago

    I fell in love with her in City Of Ember.

  • NYCSingleMom
    NYCSingleMom 22 days ago

    this interview clinched it for me to see it and it lives up to the critical hype!

  • willhunting1995
    willhunting1995 23 days ago

    Lady Bird is easily the most overrated and pretentious film of 2017.

  • rocketsauce08
    rocketsauce08 29 days ago

    Her response at the end to stephens question was spot on

  • Maryam Ojani
    Maryam Ojani Month ago

    0:25 dat jonah hill?

  • Prizz Cantu
    Prizz Cantu Month ago

    I could listen to her interviews all day...that accent!!!!

  • Júlia Guerra
    Júlia Guerra Month ago

    Typo Ronan lol

  • Júlia Guerra
    Júlia Guerra Month ago

    This interview is brilliant!

  • Nadlor 7
    Nadlor 7 Month ago

    At 7:11 her accent is too cute.

  • Ruth Christiani
    Ruth Christiani Month ago

    She’s so well spoken... I love the way she describes the film at the end...

  • abeejeet100
    abeejeet100 Month ago

    Love the way she speaks...

  • Charles Marvin
    Charles Marvin Month ago

    this woman is incredible.

  • Devious_99
    Devious_99 Month ago

    Unlucky how the light fell on her legs there. Looks like she fell on 'em a day ago or so.

  • Jenny M
    Jenny M Month ago

    I'm so annoyed when people cannot spell names right, it's not even hard to find out how you spell it. But I can understand pronunciation of names, it can be really hard. Love that she has stuck by her name, makes her more unique and special, and connects well to her heritage :)

  • Raymond Leggs
    Raymond Leggs Month ago

    Gorgeous Young woman.

  • Ro G
    Ro G Month ago

    I've finally seen enough of her in interviews that I can pronounce her name without hesitation. Thanks Saoirse!

  • Valquiria Mendonça

    she's perfect in lady bird!!!!!!!!! i'm a fan

  • lisbeth young
    lisbeth young Month ago

    its weird. in the movie she actually looks like a 17 year-old and in real life she is so mature and totally looks like an adult

  • Mamix.
    Mamix. Month ago

    mmmm, I seen her nipples!

  • Gerry Vy
    Gerry Vy Month ago

    Her makeup artist needs a lesson in contour

  • shark tank
    shark tank Month ago

    She is soo beautiful

  • Angelina Lulli
    Angelina Lulli Month ago


  • J. L' Ange
    J. L' Ange Month ago

    Wow she looks so great.^^

  • Caroline Bundy
    Caroline Bundy Month ago

    I wish she had social media

  • pumpuppthevolume
    pumpuppthevolume Month ago

    damn Big Bang Therapy..... her mom in the movie..... every time I'm thinking..... Sheldon's mom :P

  • Nephtali Robles
    Nephtali Robles Month ago

    I'm in love!

  • Deep Cuts
    Deep Cuts Month ago


  • Bob Vance
    Bob Vance Month ago

    Who is socrappyicoulddie?

  • Bob Vance
    Bob Vance Month ago

    best actress of the year!

  • Joseph Thomas Whiting


  • bluecali4na
    bluecali4na Month ago +1

    Saoirse’s best role was as a kid in Atonement. She was amazing! I liked Lady Bird and all but it started to feel repetitive in some parts. She made the movie work though! She’s one of my favorite actresses.

  • Reema Ameer
    Reema Ameer Month ago

    Greta Gerwig puts the apple in Apple Pie. And yes Apple Pie is capitalized.

  • Edgar Delovino
    Edgar Delovino Month ago

    Just here to hear her accent....

  • dccrocke
    dccrocke Month ago +1

    Stephen can be an awkward interviewer, but this one went quite well. She's a good fit for his show.

  • macy Gee
    macy Gee Month ago

    I never had any dislikes in any of Saoirse Ronan's films shed been a part of. Shes always leaving a sweet taste in my mouth. Amazing actress indeed!

  • YouTube ED
    YouTube ED Month ago


  • jalom
    jalom Month ago

    piss her off, and she'll go Hanna on your ass lol

  • Jessica Mills
    Jessica Mills Month ago +1

    I love irish accents

  • Jessica Mills
    Jessica Mills Month ago

    Loved lady bird so much

  • Defalt 503
    Defalt 503 Month ago

    Fuck me.

  • Roman Alexander
    Roman Alexander 2 months ago

    i can listen to her talk all day long

  • ItsAMe Brinyoh
    ItsAMe Brinyoh 2 months ago

    Her accent is music to my ears.

  • Helder Fernandes
    Helder Fernandes 2 months ago

    so nice , leather dress

  • urockit2011
    urockit2011 2 months ago

    Colbert is really selling this movie lol

    SPIDER LILIEZ 2 months ago +1

    Cannot stop not loving Saoirse.

  • thatswhatsup0493
    thatswhatsup0493 2 months ago +1

    As someone who's just a year older than her, I think she's the best actress of our generation! She does not get as much recognition as she should. She's just brilliant! Love her. She seems like such an interesting person too, I would love to just be able to grab a coffee with her.
    The movie was great!

  • thedarkmarch
    thedarkmarch 2 months ago

    Wonderful explanation of the movie

  • PeaceFan1
    PeaceFan1 2 months ago +1

    damn it, SHE IS F'ING GORGEOUS!!!!! XOXO

  • palss 115
    palss 115 2 months ago

    Isn't she the girl from 'The lovely bones' ? Holy shit she's all grown up, now I feel old 😞

  • RolandzPalmer
    RolandzPalmer 2 months ago

    Australia can not see this movie, legally. It disappoints me that the US- is so self involved- I have been watching SC but I am starting to realise I don't have time for this. As a child I went to church but realise many people on TV US (I can tell a liar) don't believe in God, in Australia they don't bother one way or the other and they don't care- who cares what you think! It is 47 degrees this afternoon, time to go to the beach tomorrow! Enjoy life!

  • mauk1328
    mauk1328 2 months ago

    Saoirse Ronan! MARRY ME!!!!

  • shrappnel21
    shrappnel21 2 months ago +1

    She's an Irish goddess.

  • jdooley1982
    jdooley1982 2 months ago

    6:56 Sent a chill up my spine too and I'm not even Catholic!

  • M NI
    M NI 2 months ago

    I think she’s faking her irish accent. I bet she’s actually a posh irish kid who is hiding her posh irish accent.

  • Will Yang
    Will Yang 2 months ago

    She’s literally an angel from Ireland!

  • Abdur Rahman
    Abdur Rahman 2 months ago

    Idk why he said Sacramento is boring.. does he have that right?

  • Alain Bruno
    Alain Bruno 2 months ago +28

    She is a good actress 👍

    • Jenna
      Jenna Month ago +6

      how the fuck are you everywhere

    • jay
      jay 2 months ago +2

      I like her. She killed it in "Brooklyn"

  • Jonah Hillman
    Jonah Hillman 2 months ago

    I think somebody has.a crush.

  • Sarah Mirza
    Sarah Mirza 2 months ago


  • Sarah Mirza
    Sarah Mirza 2 months ago


  • texshelters
    texshelters 2 months ago

    Ask her about Hanna, Colbert!

  • Carlos Pelaez
    Carlos Pelaez 2 months ago

    Beautiful legs 😍👌🏿

  • Aya Flores
    Aya Flores 2 months ago +1

    She's really a total package. Like what could u ask for.

  • Shadowed Kiss
    Shadowed Kiss 2 months ago

    I could listen to her speak all day.

  • Ivo Putri
    Ivo Putri 2 months ago

    She’s perf! 💔

  • theodore wickett
    theodore wickett 2 months ago

    what role did she play in atonement

    • Liz Ducos
      Liz Ducos 2 months ago

      theodore wickett briony tallis

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan 2 months ago +1

    I just love her accent.

  • Kill ua
    Kill ua 2 months ago

    So lovely

  • 008maguire
    008maguire 2 months ago

    Everyone commenting here on how she speaks and holds herself. Let me tell you, 90% of females in Ireland/Dublin speak and hold themselves like this, it's normal, this is how we are.

  • Robert Few
    Robert Few 2 months ago

    Brilliant actor, and SO HOT in leather!

  • Girl Q
    Girl Q 2 months ago

    I‘m in love with her♥️

  • Blair Brown
    Blair Brown 2 months ago +1

    Silver Banshee

  • TheePyroPrincess
    TheePyroPrincess 2 months ago

    I find I have listen twice to Colbert interviews. Once to hear him, and a second time to hear what the guest said whilst he was interrupting.

  • Samantha Stanley
    Samantha Stanley 2 months ago

    I saw the trailer once and I really want to see Ladybird!

  • LBrobie
    LBrobie 2 months ago

    Stephen, it's okay....Sacramentans KNOW our town is boring! if we want to do "something", we go to the City (San Francisco). ;)

  • Marnielle Lloyd Estrada

    She's a big girl. Not fat, but big!

  • Chazertron Fivethou-Sand

    She is a truly fantastic actress.

  • Stone Osborne
    Stone Osborne 2 months ago

    I love Irish accents.

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze 2 months ago

    Why the fuck was boob job bleeped

  • a person
    a person 2 months ago

    Woah, that accent just gave me butterflies.

  • masterbuck404
    masterbuck404 2 months ago

    Talk about Irish appropriation!

  • ethelhernandezplata
    ethelhernandezplata 2 months ago

    I love the movie City of Ember

  • meantime08
    meantime08 2 months ago

    Gerwig’s great. Saoirse was great in Brooklyn but spellcheck can’t quite comprehend her. Deliberate cornball stereotypes, Black, white, Irish or otherwise, is part of SNL & used to the main theme of In Living Color. The latter can’t be duplicated today but someone’s trying. Like the Ghostbuster2016 SNL crew.

  • forkmaster
    forkmaster 2 months ago +1

    That irish accent is so lovely to listen to! :)

  • RabbitRed
    RabbitRed 2 months ago

    8:55 mark

  • da96103
    da96103 2 months ago

    Who is a Saoirse fan? Test you knowledge.
    When Saoirse was young, she accused James McAvoy of improper behaviour towards her cousin when the real perpetrator was who?

    • eralcen
      eralcen 2 months ago +2

      Dr. Strange