Saoirse Ronan Knows Why You Love 'Lady Bird'

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • 'Lady Bird' star Saoirse Ronan explains why her new movie resonates so strongly with every demographic.
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Comments • 804

  • Raul Castellanos
    Raul Castellanos 9 days ago

    Now i know how girls feeel when They see Justin Bieber . Omg im in looooooooooove !!!

  • Marco Aurelio
    Marco Aurelio 10 days ago

    Did they really bleeped out the word "Boobs"? Are you fucking kidding me? Where does it stop... 10 years from now the snowflake generation will have entire movies bleeped.

  • millionleaks
    millionleaks Month ago

    but does she know why the Oscar's didn't?

  • Adam Adams
    Adam Adams Month ago


  • Angel Palomera
    Angel Palomera Month ago

    Get it Susie salmon

  • Greyson Hall
    Greyson Hall Month ago

    Haha, for all my jazz-nerds, the band plays the intro to "Lady Bird" by Tadd Dameron. Nice detail!

  • Rinti Biswas Biswas
    Rinti Biswas Biswas 2 months ago

    I Love her... Omg her voice is so perfect.

  • lei wang
    lei wang 2 months ago

    Terrible make up

  • Eriq Kunz
    Eriq Kunz 2 months ago

    Just now watched "Ladybird" and now my eyes are red and puffy from the damn tears.

  • Wil Ruelas
    Wil Ruelas 2 months ago

    I'm in love with magical woman

  • Christian  Smith
    Christian Smith 2 months ago

    I know the truth and so do so many people it's scary the thieves are being held to the fire by those th errr y don't know all know. The whole world

  • Christian  Smith
    Christian Smith 2 months ago

    I don't believe in movies

  • Ry Guy
    Ry Guy 2 months ago

    SHE IS FUCKING IRISH?!!!!!!!?!??!!?

  • Sushanth Ramesh
    Sushanth Ramesh 2 months ago

    I want her so bad❤ Her accent is❤❤❤❤😙😙😙

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist 3 months ago

    here accents are really nice (natural and movie one).

  • PubliusAfricanus
    PubliusAfricanus 3 months ago

    Can we get a version with Colbert cut out, for mresearch?

  • Jonathan Nickoson
    Jonathan Nickoson 4 months ago

    Why was tits bleeped?

  • Phoebe Gordon
    Phoebe Gordon 5 months ago

    "if Laurie Metcalf does not win Best Supporting Actress then I don't know what is that award even for" BIG MOOD

  • TheMaximus
    TheMaximus 5 months ago

    Das a tall ass bitch amirite? 🤣

  • Akshat Mainde
    Akshat Mainde 5 months ago

    Galway girl

  • Mari Christian
    Mari Christian 5 months ago

    Does she know why I hated "Lady Bird"?

  • Isabella Soares
    Isabella Soares 5 months ago

    I've got to be sincere, in Brooklyn and the Host I was not the biggest fan of Saiorse's acting, but in Lady Bird her acting was over the top!

  • Lackadaisical
    Lackadaisical 5 months ago

    im actually so upset she has an accent i really love ladybirds voice in the movie 😂😭

  • hollywoodshopaholic
    hollywoodshopaholic 5 months ago

    I love how there’s nothing phony about her. She’s so genuine and unpretentious.

  • Rosie Liu
    Rosie Liu 5 months ago

    It's difficult for me to fathom that she's that little girl in Atonement with eyes like a semi-frozen lake.

  • M M1989
    M M1989 5 months ago

    Am the only one who didn't find this movie as amazing as they're making it seem. I found it rather boring actually.

  • Sarah Skyler Bucu
    Sarah Skyler Bucu 5 months ago

    She does the knocking thing. Is that a universal one?

  • nitsa e
    nitsa e 6 months ago

    insulting my city.... hmmmm

  • Andy
    Andy 6 months ago

    Love her

  • Jane Nguyen
    Jane Nguyen 6 months ago +1

    I LOVE HER ACCENT. She's awesome.

  • Pedro soliano
    Pedro soliano 6 months ago

    if she played Luna Lovegood

  • Kat Duija
    Kat Duija 7 months ago

    lovely movie and lovely person. Lady Bird is so nostalgic for me and so many others.

  • guibox3
    guibox3 7 months ago

    Wow. I didn't know she had such a strong Irish accent. She hides it well in her movies!

  • karla gonzalez
    karla gonzalez 7 months ago

    Listening to Saoirse talk from 9:12 onwards almost brought tears to my eyes remembering the film. It's a jewel

  • Natasha B.
    Natasha B. 7 months ago

    I had no idea she was born in Bronx, New York.

  • Rockyblack smith
    Rockyblack smith 7 months ago

    "and sort of like 'LIKE ME!'"
    Well I've never thought of the irish accent that way, but boy is it working.

  • Baochi Bao
    Baochi Bao 8 months ago

    Finally an interesting interview with unique and personalized questions adequate to her as an artist and not only as someone with a difficult name to pronounce

  • Joshua Bicknell
    Joshua Bicknell 8 months ago

    He’s trying SO hard not to look at her cleavage 😂 I hate to bring the conversation down but it’s so obvious😂

  • Bitch, i'm Madonna
    Bitch, i'm Madonna 8 months ago

    I relate to lady bird so much it hurts .

  • Drackar
    Drackar 8 months ago

    What is this "sacramento is pretty" lie.

  • Ninja Channel
    Ninja Channel 8 months ago +1

    Oh, Saoirse. Just keep talking forever.

  • Itai lustgarten
    Itai lustgarten 8 months ago

    she's so lovely and sweet. excellent​ movie

  • Troy Goodall
    Troy Goodall 8 months ago

    I love her in Atonement and Lady Bird. Great movies

  • SUPERchakalaka1
    SUPERchakalaka1 9 months ago

    "God will be looking down on you, judging you, Stephen!"
    I really love how putting his name at the end of this sentence added 100000% Drama.

  • Kelsey Robinson
    Kelsey Robinson 9 months ago

    a) love Saoirse Ronan, she's amazing and I can't wait to see what else she does!!!
    b) don't talk to me about how "boring" Sacramento is when you haven't been to other parts of California. I'm from the Fresno area and like... they're not wrong about Sacramento, but CENTRAL CALIFORNIA HAS MORE BORING SHIT TO OFFER.

  • hsmoscout
    hsmoscout 9 months ago

    it's funny seeing him so enthusiastic in this, you can tell he hadn't seen it yet when interviewing greta gerwig

  • Miss Erika Dragu
    Miss Erika Dragu 9 months ago

    her Irish accent

  • tigressjolie
    tigressjolie 9 months ago

    As someone from Sacramento, it's always strange when people from other places say I have an accent.

  • Anna Twite
    Anna Twite 9 months ago +1

    God I love her accent!! and she's just a great actress! and Lady Bird is such a great movie!!

  • onefour14
    onefour14 9 months ago

    love her

  • I am Ellie
    I am Ellie 9 months ago

    she looks like me and so many people near me lol (im from the uk so it makes sense)

  • Alas Exile
    Alas Exile 9 months ago

    I love her accent so much and she's my new favorite actress.

  • Latest Fascination
    Latest Fascination 9 months ago

    Do you love Saoirse Ronan? I do too! Find out why here:

  • Machinelf
    Machinelf 9 months ago

    I didn't realize she was irish, I guess I should have known with that first name

  • 【Fenta】
    【Fenta】 9 months ago +2

    Her accent is cute

    DZASSTRUSS 9 months ago +1

    Irish Classic 💚

  • chintastic
    chintastic 10 months ago +2

    she’s such a beautiful soul.

  • silllk
    silllk 10 months ago

    i cant stop watching videos of saoirse i love her and her accent 😭

  • Negan Neganson
    Negan Neganson 10 months ago

    I'll say it wow she's beautiful

  • soulai 96
    soulai 96 10 months ago

    I love her since atonement, she is amazing , and her accent is dope

  • MysticalTechno
    MysticalTechno 10 months ago

    I love this woman but that movie absolutely stunk in my opinion. It was a miserable attempt at creating a teen indie film with no substance to it at all. It was basically a little white teen girl hating the city she grew up in (still unsure what was so bad about it), can't wait to move to a "cultured city" like New York, and when she finally gets there she realises she misses her hometown. Throw in some cliches like romantic attempts at losing virginity, the random gay kid coming out of the closet, etc.. The best bits are all in the trailer, making it look like it could be an interesting story, but ends up displaying nothing original. Everything seems rushed for the sake of inserting as many cliches as possible, instead of delving into certain issues to draw in the audience. When there's so many beautiful creative coming of age films like 'Me, Earl & The Dying Girl', 'Juno', 'Brick', 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower', 'Mysterious Skin', 'Moonlight', etc., how does this one get so much praise?

  • Aryaa Dixit
    Aryaa Dixit 10 months ago's like im watching brave again

  • darkstoneft
    darkstoneft 10 months ago +1

    She is Hannah lol

  • Sarah Galloway
    Sarah Galloway 10 months ago

    Anyone else get annoyed how he keeps cutting her off to ask her another question and doesn’t acknowledge her response?

  • steveforprez03
    steveforprez03 10 months ago +1

    Sorry, but I found Lady Bird to be the most overrated and pretentious film of 2017.
    Just another coming of age tale of a self absorbed spoiled brat who most people find annoying these days.
    Thumbsucker was a MUCH better film.

    • M R
      M R 8 months ago

      steveforprez You don't suffer from an inferiority complex, do you? What have you done to earn the presidency?

  • Allen Mathew
    Allen Mathew 10 months ago

    I just cannot stop loving her accent...

  • Symon Alex
    Symon Alex 10 months ago +1

    I first saw her in Brooklyn, immediately fell in love with her, she's so adorable and i could listen to her voice all day.

  • Erik Baran
    Erik Baran 10 months ago

    Laurie Metcalf was in the Toy Story movies, playing Andy's mom.

  • dev914
    dev914 10 months ago

    I’m from Sacramento and I am stunned that she is actually Irish
    In the movie she sounds just like most people I grew up around...
    The money is spectacular by the way.

  • Brennen Siemens
    Brennen Siemens 10 months ago

    she’s got such charisma

  • Korakaris
    Korakaris 10 months ago +2

    I fell in love with her in City Of Ember.

  • NYCSingleMom
    NYCSingleMom 10 months ago

    this interview clinched it for me to see it and it lives up to the critical hype!

  • willhunting1995
    willhunting1995 10 months ago

    Lady Bird is easily the most overrated and pretentious film of 2017.

  • rocketsauce08
    rocketsauce08 10 months ago

    Her response at the end to stephens question was spot on

  • Maryam Ojani
    Maryam Ojani 10 months ago

    0:25 dat jonah hill?

  • Prizz Cantu
    Prizz Cantu 10 months ago

    I could listen to her interviews all day...that accent!!!!

  • Júlia Guerra
    Júlia Guerra 10 months ago

    Typo Ronan lol

  • Júlia Guerra
    Júlia Guerra 10 months ago

    This interview is brilliant!

  • Nadlor 7
    Nadlor 7 10 months ago

    At 7:11 her accent is too cute.

  • Ruth Christiani
    Ruth Christiani 10 months ago

    She’s so well spoken... I love the way she describes the film at the end...

  • abeejeet100
    abeejeet100 10 months ago

    Love the way she speaks...

  • Charlie Van Horn
    Charlie Van Horn 11 months ago

    this woman is incredible.

  • Devious_99
    Devious_99 11 months ago

    Unlucky how the light fell on her legs there. Looks like she fell on 'em a day ago or so.

  • Jenny M
    Jenny M 11 months ago

    I'm so annoyed when people cannot spell names right, it's not even hard to find out how you spell it. But I can understand pronunciation of names, it can be really hard. Love that she has stuck by her name, makes her more unique and special, and connects well to her heritage :)

  • Raymond Leggs
    Raymond Leggs 11 months ago

    Gorgeous Young woman.

  • Ro G
    Ro G 11 months ago

    I've finally seen enough of her in interviews that I can pronounce her name without hesitation. Thanks Saoirse!

  • Valquiria Mendonça
    Valquiria Mendonça 11 months ago

    she's perfect in lady bird!!!!!!!!! i'm a fan

  • lisbeth young
    lisbeth young 11 months ago +6

    its weird. in the movie she actually looks like a 17 year-old and in real life she is so mature and totally looks like an adult

  • Mamix.
    Mamix. 11 months ago

    mmmm, I seen her nipples!

  • Gerry Vy
    Gerry Vy 11 months ago

    Her makeup artist needs a lesson in contour

  • shark tank
    shark tank 11 months ago

    She is soo beautiful

  • Angelina Lulli
    Angelina Lulli 11 months ago


  • AngelGirl
    AngelGirl 11 months ago

    Wow she looks so great.^^

  • Caroline Bundy
    Caroline Bundy 11 months ago

    I wish she had social media

  • pumpuppthevolume
    pumpuppthevolume 11 months ago

    damn Big Bang Therapy..... her mom in the movie..... every time I'm thinking..... Sheldon's mom :P

  • Nephtali Robles
    Nephtali Robles 11 months ago +1

    I'm in love!

  • Deep Cuts
    Deep Cuts 11 months ago


  • Bob Vance
    Bob Vance 11 months ago

    Who is socrappyicoulddie?

  • Bob Vance
    Bob Vance 11 months ago

    best actress of the year!

  • Joseph Thomas Whiting
    Joseph Thomas Whiting 11 months ago