The BIGGEST Supply Drop opening EVER! - (x11 DLC WEAPONS)

  • Published on Oct 6, 2017
  • My BIGGEST Supply Drop opening EVER - With over 11 DLC GUNS! :O
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  • hazza -
    hazza - 8 days ago +1

    Like : ww2
    Comment : bo3

  • Jimmyjohns xd
    Jimmyjohns xd 9 days ago

    Did anyone realize that in the but class he had the mx grand for the secendery.

  • LegoDom
    LegoDom 14 days ago

    And its called the ffar

  • LegoDom
    LegoDom 14 days ago

    Its for ar as in assault rifle dum dum

  • NotBlessed
    NotBlessed 16 days ago


  • Whippin
    Whippin 24 days ago

    My boy NerfNelly

  • tyz replays
    tyz replays Month ago +5

    Raidaway got 25dlc wepons😂😂

  • Nova Matador
    Nova Matador Month ago +5

    1 year ago and he still has the exact same thumbnails

  • Perka holic
    Perka holic Month ago

    Anyone still enjoying this game?

  • Avail CyyionX
    Avail CyyionX Month ago

    2019 anyone? Lol

  • stroudy 666
    stroudy 666 Month ago +1

    Cod ww2 is the best

  • koala gaming give me food

    i wish ali-a was james charles soo he could lose 2m subs

  • TaNjA Carmel
    TaNjA Carmel 2 months ago

    Who else came back here to get away from fortnite

  • TopicToast
    TopicToast 2 months ago


  • Leeroy child Roe
    Leeroy child Roe 2 months ago


  • Rayan Shafqat
    Rayan Shafqat 2 months ago

    I have all wepons

  • Swetnation
    Swetnation 3 months ago

    ALI A I would let you on my account

  • vSDFN
    vSDFN 3 months ago

    Back when Ali-A wasn’t autistic and I actually liked his videos

  • Guides & Compilations
    Guides & Compilations 3 months ago

    Guys let’s voice ops 3 now There is no contraband if you know what I mean like camo
    s or anything like that

  • Arno en Esther Van Wagtendonk

    5.49 weapen

  • Matt Ransom
    Matt Ransom 4 months ago

    I play on ps4 my name is ransom270

  • guest2738301
    guest2738301 4 months ago

    Don't do it he will scamm u

  • Jesse Walle
    Jesse Walle 4 months ago


  • Jesse Walle
    Jesse Walle 4 months ago


  • Luca Marino
    Luca Marino 5 months ago

    I want more

  • Vigilated •
    Vigilated • 5 months ago +5

    2019 anyone?

  • Foot Tickler
    Foot Tickler 6 months ago

    3:55 omg omg

  • Foot Tickler
    Foot Tickler 6 months ago

    2:46 i got scammed

  • 5000 Subs with gay videos

    When Alia was good

  • Big _Smash9000
    Big _Smash9000 7 months ago

    Ali i was wondering i am new to playstation and i just got bo3 and me and my friend are doing supply drop openings for his channel and i was wondering if you could put some cod points on my account 4 me that would be exellent hope u read this and let me know ur thoughts

    • big men
      big men 7 months ago

      he only plays cod bo4 and fortnite now lol

  • Mr.aston charles
    Mr.aston charles 7 months ago +3

    Loggin in my account I need some stuff plz

  • RG Blue
    RG Blue 7 months ago


  • Denis Daily
    Denis Daily 8 months ago

    Can you do it to me on my account

  • Ben Leach
    Ben Leach 8 months ago +1

    I got the banshii in a common supply drop. No bullshit.

    FUNKYTREE123 8 months ago

    I have fury’s song

  • Phillip Onevelo
    Phillip Onevelo 9 months ago

    Raid away got 25 dlc weapons

  • Bray Nando
    Bray Nando 9 months ago

    I got ak 47u out of a bribe and l4 seige Marshall out of a common and bushwhacker our of a bribe

    • Youssef Estefan
      Youssef Estefan 7 months ago

      FaZe Sicko how do get these bribes and all these really rare supply drops?

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia 9 months ago

    What is the intro song I would appreciate it

  • blessed kapz
    blessed kapz 9 months ago

    I'll love to do this for me I'm trying two start a TVclip with some dlc weapons

  • Khorey Aldridge
    Khorey Aldridge 9 months ago

    Who’s watching in 2028

  • Nadia Waheed
    Nadia Waheed 9 months ago

    Also smg and shotguns and rpg,

  • Nadia Waheed
    Nadia Waheed 9 months ago

    I've got all dlc weapons even snipers rifles malee

  • Daniel Worby
    Daniel Worby 9 months ago


  • WetCreeper 08
    WetCreeper 08 9 months ago +1

    I have the ppsh wrench and nightbreaker

  • Finn Stevens
    Finn Stevens 10 months ago +3

    God back to the dying game gg nice knowing you ali

  • i forgot
    i forgot 10 months ago

    please don’t ruin black ops 4 as well

  • LunaPickle
    LunaPickle 10 months ago


  • Alexander Perry
    Alexander Perry 10 months ago

    i am man

  • fortnite guide
    fortnite guide 10 months ago

    Anyone watching this in 2018?

  • WormboyGB
    WormboyGB 10 months ago +15

    *Talks about how the M1911 is so good.*
    *Shows gameplay from Advanced Warfare.*

  • Calvin shen
    Calvin shen 10 months ago

    OMG ye.. *ali a music

  • GoldenJaguar 432
    GoldenJaguar 432 10 months ago

    ur intro feels like me waking up to watching ur youtube videos early in the morning

  • TheCalmCodPlayer Get rid of dis

    You are the worst

  • Gaming Kid
    Gaming Kid 10 months ago

    Do you ever shutup?

  • Jay rative
    Jay rative 10 months ago

    I got the shitty mx garand from it

  • EliteFusionZ
    EliteFusionZ 10 months ago

    "The m1911 absolutely melts people!"
    Yet shows the gun in Advanced warfare where they could've increased the damage 😂

  • aka Krankdem90s :/
    aka Krankdem90s :/ 10 months ago


  • Aksha Ahmed
    Aksha Ahmed 10 months ago

    ali a gts look because hees a noob

  • Has nO AiM BoT
    Has nO AiM BoT 10 months ago

    Aw game play of 1911

  • Cheshire
    Cheshire 10 months ago

    I got the malice from a common supply drop that I said would have trash loot in it before I opened it lol

  • THG Weqid
    THG Weqid 10 months ago

    Ali would you be able to buy me crypto keys my family isn’t that rich but I want more dlc gunes

  • J4y_37____ _
    J4y_37____ _ 10 months ago

    He was a great YT before fortnite

  • Wolf_ Flamenix
    Wolf_ Flamenix 10 months ago

    When you were so good alia Fortnite ruined u

  • Brandon
    Brandon 11 months ago

    I have nearly got my triple play contract, would you be able to open, I don’t mind if you turn it into a video or if you don’t but I would love you too open it for me.
    Thanks pls reply your ideas

  • Brandon
    Brandon 11 months ago

    Your my favourite TVclip, love all the content you bring to us, your are an inspiration to me and others

  • Jesus Rivera
    Jesus Rivera 11 months ago

    I want that ps4 controller

  • David Barton
    David Barton 11 months ago

    He showed AW for the 1911 game play??????

  • Zac Sayer
    Zac Sayer 11 months ago

    In Fortnite battle royals

  • Jordan
    Jordan 11 months ago

    hello 9 years olds

  • Gamershow
    Gamershow 11 months ago

    you are a memer?

  • Te0 O’Neill
    Te0 O’Neill 11 months ago

    plz ali i really want a dlc gun

  • Mystic The Wolf
    Mystic The Wolf 11 months ago

    Btw don't play bo2 on xbox it's nothing but modded lobbys and not the good kind, there is an infection clip that is a two part thing made by xbox360isbest, that's his yt as well so to get the menu you need to watch part one and two until it says host ended game, if it says 2m and 30s that's not the real time limit same with part 2,

  • TheKiwiKaka12
    TheKiwiKaka12 11 months ago

    mate your so kind

  • Slinky 420
    Slinky 420 11 months ago

    I have No weapons I need help

  • Local Pencil
    Local Pencil 11 months ago

    Cringe is so real watching cringy-a