The BIGGEST Supply Drop opening EVER! - (x11 DLC WEAPONS)

  • Published on Oct 6, 2017
  • My BIGGEST Supply Drop opening EVER - With over 11 DLC GUNS! :O
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    BIG thanks to these guys for making the video happen:
    - Kabir61193585
    - oNellyyy
    - JLCP27
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Comments • 1 957

  • Isolate Luny
    Isolate Luny 18 days ago +1

    “This pistol melts people”
    Bruh you showed a clip from advanced warfare

    • Moto 69
      Moto 69 11 days ago

      Isolate Luny fr😂😂

  • Kristi Gutierrez
    Kristi Gutierrez 24 days ago +1

    Can u get me all of the guns maybe user on xbox one crashskull07

    • Moto 69
      Moto 69 11 days ago

      Kristi Gutierrez my guy he hasn’t touched this game in 2 years

  • Ringo My Tingo
    Ringo My Tingo 25 days ago +1

    I miss when Ali a made this kind of content

  • Skrkkt
    Skrkkt 25 days ago

    his last call of duty video while *active* recording only cod

  • Crazy Dude
    Crazy Dude Month ago

    Hello can you give some UC please please help me

  • jayden Martin
    jayden Martin Month ago

    After watching this I'm sad bc I almost never get dlc weapons I only have the MX grand

  • Marcus McCarthy
    Marcus McCarthy Month ago

    Hi hi hi man

  • VoX_Drex
    VoX_Drex Month ago +5

    who's here in 2019.

  • Obama Care
    Obama Care Month ago

    Ali a is black. I think

  • CSF1307
    CSF1307 2 months ago

    You melt

  • Hatete Korto
    Hatete Korto 2 months ago

    Pls reply if you can is the Olympia still available?

    • Hatete Korto
      Hatete Korto Month ago

      Thx I’m looking into playing the game I just thought it would go away but thx I wanted to know.

    • MilanOG
      MilanOG Month ago

      Hatete Korto why wouldn’t it be ?

  • Xx_FireWolf _xX
    Xx_FireWolf _xX 3 months ago +2

    Do you guys know how much crates do you need to open to get a weapon
    I got my weapon bride and got the Fury's Song

  • Hqsk
    Hqsk 3 months ago +1

    Pack opening start at 3.07 if you skipp that Like

  • The death maker Devil
    The death maker Devil 3 months ago

    Me please

  • reefer boy 87
    reefer boy 87 3 months ago

    Notice how we get rid of the 1911 instantly in zombies but try our hardest to get it in multi player

  • hazza -
    hazza - 4 months ago +2

    Like : ww2
    Comment : bo3

    BETYOUWONT SuB 4 months ago

    Did anyone realize that in the but class he had the mx grand for the secendery.

  • LegoDom
    LegoDom 4 months ago

    And its called the ffar

  • LegoDom
    LegoDom 4 months ago

    Its for ar as in assault rifle dum dum

  • Blesens2
    Blesens2 4 months ago +1


  • Brandon
    Brandon 4 months ago

    My boy NerfNelly

  • tyz replays
    tyz replays 5 months ago +6

    Raidaway got 25dlc wepons😂😂

  • Nova Matador
    Nova Matador 5 months ago +9

    1 year ago and he still has the exact same thumbnails

  • Perka holic
    Perka holic 5 months ago

    Anyone still enjoying this game?

  • Avail CyyionX
    Avail CyyionX 5 months ago +1

    2019 anyone? Lol

  • stroudy 666
    stroudy 666 5 months ago +1

    Cod ww2 is the best

  • koala gaming give me food

    i wish ali-a was james charles soo he could lose 2m subs

  • TaNjA Carmel
    TaNjA Carmel 5 months ago

    Who else came back here to get away from fortnite

  • TopicToast
    TopicToast 6 months ago +1


  • Leeroy child Roe
    Leeroy child Roe 6 months ago


  • Rayan Shafqat
    Rayan Shafqat 6 months ago

    I have all wepons

  • HarleyStreams
    HarleyStreams 7 months ago

    ALI A I would let you on my account

  • SyloFX
    SyloFX 7 months ago

    Back when Ali-A wasn’t autistic and I actually liked his videos

  • TheGamingChannel
    TheGamingChannel 7 months ago

    Guys let’s voice ops 3 now There is no contraband if you know what I mean like camo
    s or anything like that

  • Arno en Esther Van Wagtendonk

    5.49 weapen

  • Matt Ransom
    Matt Ransom 8 months ago

    I play on ps4 my name is ransom270

  • guest2738301
    guest2738301 8 months ago

    Don't do it he will scamm u

  • Jesse Walle
    Jesse Walle 8 months ago


  • Jesse Walle
    Jesse Walle 8 months ago


  • Luca Marino
    Luca Marino 9 months ago

    I want more

  • Vigilated •
    Vigilated • 9 months ago +10

    2019 anyone?

  • Foot Tickler
    Foot Tickler 10 months ago +1

    3:55 omg omg

  • Foot Tickler
    Foot Tickler 10 months ago

    2:46 i got scammed

  • 5000 Subs with gay videos

    When Alia was good

  • Big _Smash9000
    Big _Smash9000 11 months ago

    Ali i was wondering i am new to playstation and i just got bo3 and me and my friend are doing supply drop openings for his channel and i was wondering if you could put some cod points on my account 4 me that would be exellent hope u read this and let me know ur thoughts

    • tobotomizer
      tobotomizer 11 months ago

      he only plays cod bo4 and fortnite now lol

  • Mr.aston charles
    Mr.aston charles 11 months ago +4

    Loggin in my account I need some stuff plz

  • oli
    oli 11 months ago


  • Denis Daily
    Denis Daily Year ago

    Can you do it to me on my account

  • SorestHawk7
    SorestHawk7 Year ago +1

    I got the banshii in a common supply drop. No bullshit.

    FUNKYTREE123 Year ago

    I have fury’s song

  • Phillip Onevelo
    Phillip Onevelo Year ago

    Raid away got 25 dlc weapons

  • Brady Smith
    Brady Smith Year ago

    I got ak 47u out of a bribe and l4 seige Marshall out of a common and bushwhacker our of a bribe

    • Youssef Estefan
      Youssef Estefan 11 months ago

      FaZe Sicko how do get these bribes and all these really rare supply drops?

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia Year ago

    What is the intro song I would appreciate it

  • blessed kapz
    blessed kapz Year ago

    I'll love to do this for me I'm trying two start a TVclip with some dlc weapons

  • Khorey Aldridge
    Khorey Aldridge Year ago

    Who’s watching in 2028

  • Nadia Waheed
    Nadia Waheed Year ago

    Also smg and shotguns and rpg,

  • Nadia Waheed
    Nadia Waheed Year ago

    I've got all dlc weapons even snipers rifles malee

  • Daniel Worby
    Daniel Worby Year ago


  • WetCreeper 08
    WetCreeper 08 Year ago +1

    I have the ppsh wrench and nightbreaker

  • Finn Stevens
    Finn Stevens Year ago +3

    God back to the dying game gg nice knowing you ali