10 McDonald's Hacks To Have Breakfast and Lunch At The Same Time

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Here's a list of 10 McDonald's hacks to have breakfast and lunch at the same time. You don't have to choose, these are 10 McDonald's menu hacks to have breakfast and lunch at the same time.
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    Whether it's breakfast or lunch time, when you're on the go and jonesing for a crispy potato product or a beef patty in a soft bun, the golden arches beckon. And if you’re not sure what to have here are 10 McDonald's hacks to have breakfast and lunch at the same time.
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    0:19 Biscuit Big Mac
    1:44 Apple Pie Hotcakes a la Mode
    3:12 Breakfast McPoutine
    4:30 McBreakfast Salad
    6:06 McChicken Cordon Bleu
    7:36 Hotcake Chicken Wrap
    9:04 The Mc10:35
    10:34 Breakfast Bagel Burger
    12:05 Bacon and Egg McDouble
    13:38 The Chicken McGriddle
    - "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun". Many McDonald's fans remember the famous Big Mac jingle that was chanted from television sets in the 1970s.
    - This childhood fantasy dessert option is fit for birthdays, anniversaries and even just celebrating the fact that it's an ordinary Tuesday afternoon. If you're craving something so sweet it turns you into a straight-up gumdrop, decadent enough for royalty, dig into one of these.
    - This is a little bit crazy, but there's nothing wrong with that. It's crazy in a really, really good way. Order a McPoutine if it's offered where you are, and regular fries if it's not.
    - Nothing beats a hearty, breakfast-themed riff on a healthier lunch option that you maybe don't want to keep quite so healthy or quite so lunch. At McDonald's, the breakfast sandwiches and hash browns are a classic combo.
    - This is only for the fancy folk and certainly not for the faint of heart. The McChicken Cordon Bleu mimics the taste of a classic Swiss dish that is simply delicious. A cordon bleu contains chicken pounded thin, then wrapped around ham and sharp cheese.
    - McDonald's hotcakes are a favorite from the McDonald's breakfast menu, lasting since their introduction in the late eighties. Golden, fluffy, cakey and sweet, the hotcakes are a delicious addition to a morning feast.
    - This breakfast-lunch McDonald's hack has a little bit of history wound into it. The name comes from a time long, long ago in a land far, far away, before all-day breakfast at McDonald's was available for all of our enthusiastic enjoyment.
    - The Breakfast Bagel Burger is for folks who understand bread, which makes good bread and how to use bread to enhance a meal. It's no surprise, then, that the Breakfast Bagel Burger is only offered by McDonald's locations in France.
    - The McDouble is the best way to get a huge fix of McDonald's beef and cheese deliciousness into your mouth as quickly as possible. With two beef patties topped with cheese, the sandwich satisfies big hunger and a classic McD's craving at the same time.
    - Two McGriddle buns sandwich a crispy, fried chicken patty in this brunch creation. The smell of maple and deep-fried poultry, combined with the familiar taste that combines salty and sweet make this an addictive, crave-worthy treat.
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  • CoasterBoy27
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    I’ve only eaten the Fries at McDonalds

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    The McPoutine is loaded fries gone completely wrong. Who would think of something like that?

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    Poutine + Maple Sirop = Gross and not Canadian

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    THE SONG is Alonzo Vasquez - Rollout

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    I've got a Wendy's hack taco salad crush up the chips add a medium to large fry mix the chili all together. Awesome.

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    11:24 - "I'm just a big toasted cinnamon bun!"

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    I think I'm gonna puke now.

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    This is the most disgusting video I’ve ever watched.

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      Steve Urkel
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    Title should be - *How To Get Fatter Even Faster Eating McDonald's Food*

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    McDonald's fries + Taco Bell's nacho cheese sauce

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    Next mix a Dr Pepper with coca

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    another manipulative channel owned by McDonalds...
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      The person that posted this bullshit insulting comment is just as poor as the ones that comment.

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      @XD cat i doubt they would pay a random youtube channel, and the food tastes good. I work everyday and eat it on my break, but im not obese or anything, people just need to excersice

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      McDs even paid a doctors to claim it's "not so unhealthy", when every doctor know it gives cancer…….

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      Thats the stupidest thing ever

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      @BabbleTop hard to tell when y'all can't go a week (let alone a month) without making a video about or referencing McDonald's.

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    At the mcdonalds i work at there are totally different food options :(

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      @Christian Grugios thats so sad T^T

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      @Soviet Sandwich Prince Edward Island, Canada (We only have vanilla ice cream cones, and we have different breakfast items)

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      Where do you work

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    Breakfast? Lunch? Brunch? This is to much for me >_

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    It's time to try those hacks

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