Americans share their 1st impressions of the Netherlands


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  • Cask Strength
    Cask Strength 6 months ago


  • just a guy who loves chees
    just a guy who loves chees 7 months ago +21

    When Dutch people see their flag we click immediately

  • Marinka van der Zee
    Marinka van der Zee 11 months ago +8

    I appreciate the correct name for the Netherlands.
    Because 99% thinks it is Holland. But thats Provence. And the "Kingdom of Holland" doesnt exist anymore since 18th century

  • Hong Tse
    Hong Tse 11 months ago +4

    Now that I think about it ye, The Netherlands is pretty flat hahaha. Except Limburg ( where I live) we have hills not mountains though.

  • Cybercoin
    Cybercoin 11 months ago +12

    Can't finish a pancake by yourself?! Weakness disgusts me.

  • jve89
    jve89 11 months ago +2

    Dutch people in the TVclip reactions: ':p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p'

  • Marcel Capriosia
    Marcel Capriosia 11 months ago +3

    Dutch people are some of the tallest in the world.

  • eva kars
    eva kars 11 months ago +56

    why are travellers so many times imprest that we're tall and that our land is flat I mean we aren't that surprise when we are in a another county and they have mountains

  • Don Schinkel
    Don Schinkel 11 months ago +43

    Sharing pannenkoeken? Hell nah, keep 'em coming

  • Teun Bakker
    Teun Bakker 11 months ago +50

    i am dutch and have neve shared my pancakes

  • TW Champion
    TW Champion 11 months ago +11

    Pannekoeken!!!?! Lekkker i wil never split that!!!

  • Indi VD
    Indi VD 11 months ago +8


  • JoeyPsych
    JoeyPsych 11 months ago +29

    No offence to any religion you're representing, but you do realise that most of the Dutch (over 50%) do not a affiliate to any religion? I mean, we used to, but we realised that religion shouldn't control your life, so more than half of the Dutch are either agnostic or atheist. Now we don't attack anyone for following a religion (like the Brittish or United States atheists) but we chose not to follow a religion, so I'm afraid that setting up a mission in the Netherlands is a waste of energy. But never the less, you're welcome here regardless.

  • Pelle Meijer
    Pelle Meijer 11 months ago +23

    You dont split your pancake you eat it entirely

  • Kyma
    Kyma 11 months ago +9

    I live in the Netherlands, and I love my country, especially Breda, its the best city of the Netherlands. Everyone is talking about Amsterdam but there are so many other city's!

  • Leylin
    Leylin 11 months ago +8

    I think he had a family pancake, cuz a normal one, is easy 4 a person. And the way they said pannekoek is amazing, thats spot on

  • Djamie Arnold
    Djamie Arnold 11 months ago +223

    3 - 4 hour train ride? Where the hell did you end up?

  • business case VMT
    business case VMT 11 months ago +2

    Yeah Vlissingen bro!

  • Jan Kees de Bom
    Jan Kees de Bom 11 months ago +51

    what? cold in July? You must have been very unlucky then....

    • ger du
      ger du 11 months ago +5

      It's all stuff and nonsense. South of Kopenhagen, it is the bloody tropics, too blasted hot for civilised living.
      Hälsningar från Villa Villekulla

    • AwoudeX
      AwoudeX 11 months ago +6

      To some below 25 degrees celsius is cold. Fun fact, i knew some Swedes a couple of years ago, and during the spring, they dressed like it was freezing. The humidity drains your energy so much more than dry colder air that they could not get used to it.

    • crazydude
      crazydude 11 months ago +5

      Jan Kees de Bom well if you are from Florida or Arizona it can feel cold even in july

  • Anka Maagi
    Anka Maagi 11 months ago +2

    there are hills

  • BigMarvelWifeyyx
    BigMarvelWifeyyx 11 months ago +57

    So funny to hear all This This stuff, I’m from the Netherlands xD we don’t schare pannenkoeken we eat them alllll alone😊😂

  • Mushroom Kid
    Mushroom Kid 11 months ago +3

    “Why is everyone so tall? Why is everyone so huge! I’m a midget” me every time I walk through my high school..
    I’m literally shoulder length if I look at the people in my class, and I’m not even that short! I’m 1.60m, and almost 14, but the girls in my class are a full head longer than me :^(

  • ellen3131
    ellen3131 11 months ago +128

    I have never shared a pannenkoek in my life! :D I just mix up the two and have one with apple AND sugar :P

  • gaming channel
    gaming channel 11 months ago +2

    We can speak english but people from England cant speak dutch😁😁😁

  • Dr Bright
    Dr Bright 11 months ago +51

    good 2 see people actualy saying the name of our city's correctly A+ for effort

    • jve89
      jve89 11 months ago +2

      Dr Bright And if they didn't, it's because their native language isn't Dutch, so I would totally understand it aswell.

  • Mees Van Emden
    Mees Van Emden 11 months ago

    Just here to say hi from the Netherlands :D

  • broken warrior
    broken warrior 11 months ago +5

    Leiden the most lovely place for me

  • Mima Kake
    Mima Kake 11 months ago +15

    Fun to watch how people experience The Netherlands.

  • Wilco Nieuwelink
    Wilco Nieuwelink 11 months ago +2

    veel liefde uit nederland! lots of love from the Netherlands!

  • Jeffrey Freesen
    Jeffrey Freesen 11 months ago +157

    a 4 hour train ride gets you to spain dude...

  • Dingo Supreme
    Dingo Supreme 11 months ago +326

    Its not like we want to practice our English, its just a lot more convenient to speak English. We built this country on being efficient and conversation in English is just easier for both parties on those situations.

  • Mara Xanu
    Mara Xanu 11 months ago +440

    split a pannekoek? HAHAHAHA NO WAY!

  • Jimmy Van Til
    Jimmy Van Til 11 months ago +27

    Indeed we don't 😂😂 share pancakes my pancake mine! I usely eat 3 whit bacon and cheese and then i go for a desert😂😂

    • Maaike R
      Maaike R 11 months ago +4

      Jimmy Van Til And we thought Americans were big eaters. Dutch people can finish a pannenkoek by themselves with ease.

    • Borko Borko
      Borko Borko 11 months ago +2

      Jimmy Van Til the regular size, or the big ones from the pancake house? One big one with bacon and im full man.

  • Bas W
    Bas W 11 months ago +6

    What’s the name of the last guy?

  • Jonathan Kotterink
    Jonathan Kotterink 11 months ago +53

    Lots of love from the Netherlands

  • Iridium
    Iridium 11 months ago +2

    First comment, lol

  • Merthjen
    Merthjen 11 months ago +947

    ''you have to share a pannenkoek'' HAHAHAHA.... how cute....we dont...

    • Borko Borko
      Borko Borko 11 months ago +2

      Ye im full after eating one big pancake. But I won't share it, all mine mmhh

    • WillyWokkel
      WillyWokkel 11 months ago

      When you look at his hands while he says that i think they got more than one

    • Milked Memes
      Milked Memes 11 months ago +4

      Ikr? An american (known for the big foods) telling us to share a pakcake 😂😂

    • 3r5
      3r5 11 months ago +7

      Dutch people and sharing? Hell nah, we aren’t raised like that

    • Merthjen
      Merthjen 11 months ago +1

      I know, Its just cute, because.... we all eat them by ourselfs no matter how big

  • r juttemeijer
    r juttemeijer 11 months ago +98

    The greatest country in the world!

  • Helldeskr
    Helldeskr 11 months ago +218

    Kudo's for saying Vlissingen instead of Flushing :)

  • MyAcer20
    MyAcer20 11 months ago +5

    my first impression of America why is everybody so short XD

  • OhOhMerica
    OhOhMerica 11 months ago +22

    This is how I feel everytime I go back to the Netherlands since I live in the USA. I always miss it, but when it starts raining again, I want to go back to the US immediately :-). I also prefer the Dutch pancakes above the American pancakes ;-)! Love this video guys!

  • Bes Jen
    Bes Jen 11 months ago +3

    As a dutch person I'm offended.

    Not really

    • BinaryTeddyBear
      BinaryTeddyBear 11 months ago +1

      BJM funny This video is so offending!

      Said no Dutch person ever.

  • thegreeenbeast
    thegreeenbeast 11 months ago +492

    Why are Americans so overly dramatic. Im dutch and no matter how much i love hearing people talk about how special my country is, this is really over the top. Its just another western European country with not THAT much lifechanging stuff about it.

    • Bynam
      Bynam 11 months ago +25

      tipical dutch answer :P :P

    • JoeyPsych
      JoeyPsych 11 months ago +71

      Actually, we are, compared to the rest of Europe, we are considered to be the odd one out, we are flat, we are tall, we ride bikes all over the place, and we have a totally relaxed and open minded culture (if you don't account for the backwards Wilders voters). To any country not from Europe, this is something refreshing, I can understand their excitement, I've seen more over the top reactions to our country, compared to those, these people seem to have taken in a bit of the Dutch ease when describing our country.

  • ferraridevil
    ferraridevil 11 months ago

    im nederlandse hello!

  • Ricardo Schellings
    Ricardo Schellings 11 months ago +65

    knowing i am from the Netherlands, i am really curious as to how tall people in generally are in America hearing them all say we're tall.

  • Freek Mulder
    Freek Mulder 11 months ago +84

    Bikes, clouds and no mountains. Welp the first lady has great eyesight

    Edit: Awesome that they took him to a pannenkoekenhuis at the first day :)

  • Skweeky Turtle
    Skweeky Turtle 11 months ago +8

    lol the netherlands are awesome (im dutch)

  • Stefan de Bruijn
    Stefan de Bruijn Year ago +210

    "Nobody can eat a whole pancake, you have to eat two halves." 😶