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Tower of Power - You Ought To Be Havin' Fun


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  • Teri'lei Iokua-Williams

    I'm an Oakland native born and bred.....could not help but listen to Tower of of many many music talents that came out of Oakland,Can, some came from other cities around Oakland but nonetheless they represented Oakland....Tower of Power, Santana, Malo, Credence Clearwater Revival, Sly Stone, Larry Graham.....Oakland Pride.....

  • John Bankston
    John Bankston 3 years ago +1

    All I have to say is town business

  • byron stevens
    byron stevens 4 years ago

    Another one just like the othr one Beach............

  • Brute Bernard
    Brute Bernard 5 years ago

    oh yes I just love it- brings back my youth

    JERRY DAGNA 6 years ago


  • DannyBoy
    DannyBoy 7 years ago

    @islamisafraud ...Thanks for the info!

  • islamisafraud
    islamisafraud 7 years ago

    @MrHitwave1 I was questioning "Lenny White" vs. "Lenny Williams".

  • islamisafraud
    islamisafraud 7 years ago

    @islamisafraud To myself: Looks like that's been covered, sorry to all. Go ToP!

  • islamisafraud
    islamisafraud 7 years ago

    @dannyboyAZUSA Edward McGee was Lead Singer, yes. EM, however, replaced Hubert Tubbs, not Lenny Williams.

  • DannyBoy
    DannyBoy 7 years ago

    @MrPatricioG i always had a feeling that was true,but i didnt have all the 411... thanks for the facts!!!

  • MrPatricioG
    MrPatricioG 7 years ago

    @dannyboyAZUSA Yo Danny, Edward Mcgee didn't replace Lenny Williams. Hubert Tubbs replaced Lenny Williams and Edward McGee replaced Hubert. It was when T.O.P changed record companies and it was the record company that put McGee in because he was under contract with Warner Bros. Emilio was not happy with the choice they made. But none-the-less, great tune and I dig the whole "Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now" album.

  • LEGIT St.6IX
    LEGIT St.6IX 7 years ago

    THX4THS! do u have 'DEAL WITH IT'?

  • 45vinyljunkie
    45vinyljunkie 7 years ago

    I was a freshman in high school when this was released, and it got some airplay in the Hartford, Conn., area. That was the same period when I would listen to "American Top 40" with Casey Kasem every Sunday night and write down each of the 40 songs in a special notebook. Each week for a month or so I kept waiting for Casey Kasem to announce this song as a new entry, but it never happened. I was extremely disappointed that this song didn't become a big hit.

  • DannyBoy
    DannyBoy 7 years ago

    @ToneB1 Youu need to check your history cuz Ronnie Beck was the drummer...Edward Mcgee replaced Lenny Williams as lead singer!!!!

  • ToneB1
    ToneB1 7 years ago

    @islamisafraud By the time this came out, Ronnie Beck had replaced Lenny Williams as their lead vocalist.

  • Justin Rooks
    Justin Rooks 7 years ago


  • islamisafraud
    islamisafraud 7 years ago

    @MrHitwave1 Lenny Williams you mean

  • MRolskooln
    MRolskooln 7 years ago

    seen T O P in Phoenix AZ. they did not sing" by your side" which is one of the songs they should do while on tour, but they were excellent other than that..

  • MonkeyGami
    MonkeyGami 7 years ago

    How can anyone not like this?

  • yououghtabehavinfun
    yououghtabehavinfun 7 years ago

    Love this! It has The Bay Area written all over it -- Fruitvale Ave. East Oakland, a fun place to grow up during the 70's: We had it all --- Coliseum drive in, Diamond park, Lake Temescal --- Talk about talent: Tower of Power, Santana, Malo, Pointer Sisters, and to top it off Raiders and A's in the #1 spot!

  • roothands
    roothands 7 years ago

    My dad had this record, so I heard this song several times growing up. I'm glad to have it on 45 because it reminds me of my childhood

    JRSSWENANOS 8 years ago

    @surge2k7 yo you did you cant cruz down story & king or santa clara st any more were still CRUZING WHITTIER . BLV !!!!!!!!!

  • surge2k7
    surge2k7 8 years ago

    @JRSSWENANOS Yo we did the same on King & Story

  • graham2005ify
    graham2005ify 8 years ago

    incredible song

  • thuggie1208
    thuggie1208 8 years ago

    one of my favorites from high school, i have the 45 rpm record.

    JRSSWENANOS 8 years ago

    bad ass jam cruzing down WHITTIER .BLV. back in the days!!!!!!!!!

  • aquaiz
    aquaiz 8 years ago

    One of the most under rated lesser known songs ever!

  • Rick Jenkins
    Rick Jenkins 8 years ago

    Great song from my high school days.

  • reymundo121
    reymundo121 9 years ago

    saw them live at the U of W fieldhouse, I believe the BEST live performance I have ever seen.....and I have seen many. They had 11 in the group that night.....totally unbelievable ....with the original lead...before he died...horn section backed Hewy Lewis and the News...amongst many other artists they have FAVORITE...Soul Satisfaction......check it out...and Thank you.

  • Kissie Lee
    Kissie Lee 10 years ago

    Totally...this is the best..the vocals are so very soulful