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The Best Movies Ever Made (Top 40) (Greatest Films Of All Time)

  • Published on Jan 4, 2013
  • In my opinion: these are really the best 40 movies ever made!!! Unfortunately I forgot to mention some movies like INTO THE WILD, LIFE OF PI or SHUTTER ISLAND (or INTERSTELLAR cause it came out after I've created this video)... BUT:
    Movies like LORD OF THE RINGS, STAR WARS, FIGHT CLUB, GOODFELLAS, SCARFACE, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, 300, MAGNOLIA etc. or the whole old stuff like PSYCHO, CASABLANCA, CITIZEN KANE, 12 ANGRY MEN, THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY (entire Dollar-Trilogy),VERTIGO, CLOCKWORK ORANGE, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST, THE KID, MODERN TIMES, THE GREAT DICTATOR, SEVEN SAMURAI, RAGING BULL, SHINING, JAWS, 2001 etc. etc. etc. most of them are great, even very great, of course!!! AND YES I've seen them all!!! But in my opinion, they can not be counted among the 40 best movies of all time only cause they are old, classic and have good ratings TODAY, most of them from people older than 60!!! Why am I emphasizing TODAY? Cause many of these todays "Big Classics" were nothing special at their time, some even have been hated and only many many years later and mostly after the death of the director they become classics!!! So what is the fault of the todays directors whose masterpieces came after the Hitchcocks, Kubricks & Co.?! Who can say what people gonna think about Nolan, Spielberg, Fincher, Cameron & Co. in 20, 30, 40 years (if they are even today legends)? Then their movies of the last years become classics! So what? In contrast to many of you, I have my own opinion and I'm not being influenced and impressed by the years and the todays status of a movie, what only additionally do manipulate and raise up the value and impression of it! And by the way... all the movies of my list have everywhere !!!extreme high!!! ratings too... you can check it yourself (for example at IMDb)!!!
    I'm not really a Kubrick, Lynch or Hitchcock fan! (AND YES I've watched many of their movies!)
    And for the critics here are the IMDb (by far the most credible rating stage) ratings of my movies:
    Memento: 8,5
    The Lion King: 8,5
    Jurassic Park 8,1
    The Exorcist: 8,0
    The Last Samurai: 7,7 (lil bit underrated, could be an 8,0 as well!)
    The Elephant Man: 8,2
    Cast Away: 7,7 (underrated, deserves minimum 8,2)
    Pulp Fiction: 9,0
    Rain Man: 8,0
    Inception 8,8
    Se7en: 8,7
    Good Will Hunting: 8,2
    Million Dollar Baby: 8,1
    Hachi: 8,2
    Munich: 7,6 (extremely underrated - deserved minimum 8,4)
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: 8,8
    The Game: 7,8 (underrated - deserved minimum 8.4)
    Gran Torino: 8,2
    American Beauty: 8,5
    Avatar: 7,9
    Léon: 8,6
    Blood Diamond: 8,0
    Terminator: 8,1
    Terminator 2: 8,5
    Indiana Jones: - Raiders Of The Lost Ark: 8,6
    - Temple Of Doom: 7,6 (underrated - deserved minimum 8,0)
    - Last Crusade: 8,3
    American History X: 8,6
    The Pianist: 8,5
    The Sixth Sense: 8,2
    Life Is Beautiful: 8,6
    Pan's Labyrinth: 8,3 (Lil' underrated - deserved minimum 8,6)
    Titanic: 7,7 (underrated - deserved minimum 8,4)
    The Shawshank Redemption: 9,3
    The Godfather: 9,2
    The Godfather Part II: 9,1
    Alien: 8,5
    Aliens: 8,4
    Braveheart: 8,4 (underrated - deserved minimum 8,8)
    The Matrix: 8,7
    Forrest Gump: 8,8
    Batman Begins: 8,3
    The Dark Knight: 9,0
    The Dark Knight Rises: 8,6
    Gladiator: 8,5 (deserved 8,8)
    The Green Mile: 8,5 (deserved minimum 8,9)
    Schindler's List: 8,9 (deserved minimum 9,3)
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Comments • 4 874

  • Michael Donovan
    Michael Donovan 18 minutes ago

    what a sham...tom hanks be damned, neither green mile or forrest gump belong in the top twenty...godfather number one, forever...of the dark knight trilogy only the second one- the dark knight belongs in the top ten and i would rank it near the top...matrix, gladiator and braveheart? good films but top ten all time? get's mine:
    1. godfather 1 and 2
    2. dersu uzala
    3. the dark knight (#2 of the trilogy)
    4. psycho
    5. le boucher
    6. casablanca
    7. shadows of our forgotten ancestors
    8. the usual suspects
    9. a beautiful mind
    10. heaven

  • Peter Graham
    Peter Graham 6 hours ago

    Putting lists aside for the moment, the overall impression that this survey implies is that there were no films prior to 1970 of any comparable greatness to those films post 1980 (THE GODFATHER ‘s 1 & 2 being the only exceptions in this instance). This represents a pitiful lack of taste & knowledge regarding the cinema. Several films on this TOP 40 would in fact make my list if I were interested in making one but to simply ignore more than 60 years of American not to mention cinema from other countries is simply inexcusable.

  • jwsjourney
    jwsjourney 13 hours ago

    I can't believe that The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is not on your list. For me it is by far my favorite movie of all time

  • p40f20
    p40f20 18 hours ago

    Citizen Kane

  • Rick Gano
    Rick Gano 19 hours ago

    It may be more acceptable to make top movies in specific genres. Then compile a list of greatest movies from those.

  • Gary TRAYLOR
    Gary TRAYLOR 20 hours ago

    Disagree with most of this list!

  • Jim Gaul
    Jim Gaul Day ago

    I have one title which renders this list null and void “Gone with the Wind”

  • Chris Moody
    Chris Moody Day ago

    I only agree with about 20% of the choices.

  • Joseph LaCerra
    Joseph LaCerra Day ago

    Shutter Island is a real piece of crap film!

  • Joseph LaCerra
    Joseph LaCerra Day ago

    Gone With The Wind, Dr. Strangelove, The Wizard of Oz, Citizen Kane plus many others are ignored. There are some very good movies on this list ... and some clunkers (The Sixth Sense, puleeze!) All in all a very incomplete and silly list. Obviously the list is not in any order.

  • Chuck Westfall
    Chuck Westfall Day ago

    A youngsters point of view. You didn't even scratch the surface. Do your home work next time. They are probably in the top one thousands.

  • Andrea Talbot
    Andrea Talbot Day ago

    All great, but I would have replaced The Game with Fatal Attraction and Hatchi with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I liked that all genres were included. The number one movie of all time should have been Gone With the Wind, its held on for 100 years. -the peanut gallery lol

    ZIALANDER63 Day ago

    Lol...what was the criteria here? A shoebox with 'your' favorite films listed inside?

  • Nitish kaushik
    Nitish kaushik 2 days ago

    Where is Spiderman 2?

  • shanke300
    shanke300 2 days ago


  • Kirk Tingblad
    Kirk Tingblad 2 days ago

    While this is a fun list, it is obvious the listmaker has never seen a film before the late 1960’s.

  • nnoytommy
    nnoytommy 2 days ago

    LOTR Trilogy

  • alfredo gomez
    alfredo gomez 2 days ago

    Your list is very flawed. Some of your movies are no even average.

  • alfredo gomez
    alfredo gomez 2 days ago

    Are you kidding? Where are Gone with the Wind, Ben Hur and Casablanca??

  • Edward Gleeson
    Edward Gleeson 2 days ago

    Whoever drew up this list liked a lotta dark, violent stuff.Did he ever see a movie made before 1985?

  • marton biery
    marton biery 2 days ago

    Really I don't know who you are and don't really care would you call these the top 40 movies it blew it for me when you had Schindler's List at number 1 you better go back and regroup and get a life

  • Tim Hall
    Tim Hall 2 days ago

    Really? The Sound of Music?

  • Robert McHenry
    Robert McHenry 2 days ago

    Kind of ignores the entire film history before 1990... it is also only focused on "pop" movies... most of the best movies are not "blockbusters".

  • Vanessa STARS
    Vanessa STARS 2 days ago

    I'm not trying to be rude, but this looks like the list of a teenager. Sorry. 😊

  • Shawn Ice
    Shawn Ice 2 days ago

    This list blows

  • Sophie Winston
    Sophie Winston 2 days ago

    You are obviously a young man who has seen mostly recent American films. No knowledge of older or foreign films. Movie industry is over a hundred years old. Your title should be "the best 40 films I have seen".

  • Roy Heffner
    Roy Heffner 2 days ago

    Oh please. Maybe the best recent movies of all times. But not the best of all times. What about Lawrence of Arabia? 2001? Dr. Zhivago? The English Patient? The Wizard of Oz? Et al?

  • Nigel Thomas
    Nigel Thomas 2 days ago +2

    Citizen Kane, Vertigo, Tokyo Story, The Seven Samurai, The Seventh Seal, Breathless, 81/2, Space Odyssey 2001, Bicycle Thieves, Andrei Rublev, The Godfather, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, 400 Blows, La Jetee-Sans Soleil, Playtime...

  • jonas lan
    jonas lan 3 days ago

    my top 3 is
    1 taxidriver
    2 kill bill
    3 fight club
    4 i also enjoyed the fountain

  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo 3 days ago

    Okay, so, while I agree that the movies are great, what was your criteria for a great movie?
    Many of your titles I saw, I thought, “Damn! That WAS a great flick.” But what made you pick these.
    Also, as far as Kubrick not creating some of the greatest films and how many legends that weren’t legends at the time, is a highly debatable comment. For example, 2001 was way, way, way ahead of its time and it took that long for people to appreciate it for what it was. I’m using that as only an example but the point stands.

  • irsho54
    irsho54 3 days ago

    Whilst I totally agree with your choice for no. 1 of the best movies ever made - I am appalled that you did not even include "Gone With The Wind", which I think ought to have made no. 2 on your list. I am also stunned by the fact that not even one Meryl Streep movie has made your "Top Forty" list. I should have thought that at least one of this great actress's abundant movies would make any quality movies list. And lastly, how come "The Bridge on the Quai River" has not been judged fit to be included in your list? Very disappointing indeed.

  • Harry Lime
    Harry Lime 3 days ago

    Here is my list.
    The third man
    The Godfather
    Kind hearts and coronets
    Brief encounter
    Being there
    Pride and prejudice with Lawrence Olivier
    Knife in the water
    The French connection
    It happened one night
    42nd St.
    Apocalypse now
    Bridge on the river Kuai
    Ben hurr
    The original day of the jackal
    The last picture show
    The graduate
    The wild Bunch
    The walls of malapaga
    In the heat of the night
    Ryan’s daughter
    Summertime /w Hepburn
    Cool hand Luke
    Strangers on a train
    The quiet man
    The servant
    The remains of the day
    The gardener
    Double indemnity
    A new leaf
    The Wizard of Oz
    Fork in the road
    Just to name a few

  • Paulette Niemiec
    Paulette Niemiec 3 days ago

    STAR WARS! WTF? If you don't have them at #1 you're mad! It didn't even make your list. What are you stupid?

  • Caden Krajca
    Caden Krajca 3 days ago

    Let’s not forget Harry and the Henderson’s

  • The Duchess of Spring

    Anything before 1963, but I do have a few exceptions for some that came afterwards.

  • Wendy Brooks
    Wendy Brooks 4 days ago +3

    Great movies to be sure... but you only started in the 80s?

  • Mermaid We
    Mermaid We 5 days ago

    One of my favorites is "cloud atlas"

  • Cris Nerida
    Cris Nerida 5 days ago

    Hey, hey,... try classic films like...
    Gone with the Wind:clark gable...GIANT: James Dean nd Elizabeth Taylor
    Or SABRINA: Humphrey Bogart nd Audrey Hepburn.. i can't forget BUTTERFIELD 88 Elizabeth taylor... you might change ur mind of your top40

    • Cris Nerida
      Cris Nerida 5 days ago

      Ps: ROMAN HOLIDAY : Gregory Peck nd Audrey Hepburn is always top 5 on the list of every movie lovers

  • Michael Kirkpatrick
    Michael Kirkpatrick 5 days ago +2

    wow...what a waste of my time, thought it would be serious. a joke.. 10 good picks, rest of them would be very far down most people's lists, if at all. feel like a 15 year old did this

  • Gwendilynn Crow
    Gwendilynn Crow 5 days ago

    No star wars or lord of the rings?

  • Nicholson Science
    Nicholson Science 6 days ago

    I suggested or altered the stories for these films:
    Jurassic Park
    Last Samurai
    Cast Away!
    Good Will Hunting!
    Million Dollar Baby!
    American Beauty!
    Indiana Jones! 123
    The Pianist!
    Sixth Sense!
    Life is Beautiful!
    The Matrix!
    Forrest Gump!
    Dark Knight? Never saw them.
    3 Gladiator!
    2 Green Mile!
    1 Schindler's List!
    So I did 22 out of your 40! + Interstellar, too. I helped with Jaws I a little, the bit with the styrofoam cup vs beer can & not showing the fish. Star Wars, Rogue One, Last, I've never seen Pulp Fiction, so maybe.

  • Michael Knapp
    Michael Knapp 6 days ago

    You are of course, entitled to your opinion. Some of the movies you cited are very good. I estimate that 5 to 10 of them belong on the list. I just find it sad that you do not seem to understand what constitutes great cinema. You seem to be the type who would prefer " Alien " over "Moby Dick " or "Silverado " over " The Searchers " or even You've got mail " over " The Shop around the corner ".

  • Jane-Clare Swinson
    Jane-Clare Swinson 6 days ago


  • Theodore McGee
    Theodore McGee 6 days ago

    I believe those are all films you like and are emotionally attached to. Well, in film it's obvious you haven't seen too many films in your life time or know why many of the films you haven't included are in fact considered to be and actually are great films - all for reasons it would take far too long to explain to you. Just something you may wish to consider on your next foray into the film world, discover why some films are truly great and the ground they broke by being made - films that gave rise to other films and styles. It should also be noted, you are a little sheltered in your world - Other countries make good films and even great films. I did like your choice of Hachi - It was a wonderful film, made beautifully.

  • Faisal azeem
    Faisal azeem 7 days ago

    Devil's advocate?

  • micheledion2000
    micheledion2000 7 days ago +1

    where's the wizard of oz!?

  • shabir ahmad Janwari

    I would like to add two more names 1.Ben Hur 2.The machinist

  • gandalf the grey
    gandalf the grey 8 days ago


  • Chris Webster
    Chris Webster 9 days ago +2

    Temple of Doom is one of the 40 Greatest Movies of all time? You are kidding, right?

  • Michael O'Brian
    Michael O'Brian 9 days ago

    Your list is terrible. Stanley Kubrick didn't even make your top 40? Citizen Kane? Psycho? Weak!

  • Alex Wootton
    Alex Wootton 9 days ago

    Back to the future?
    Planet of the apes?
    Born on the fourth of July?
    Black rain?
    Like what was the point of this?
    Your a tool man, waste of time.

  • mark price
    mark price 10 days ago +1

    You must be a millennial. No sense of history or good writing, believable acting, or plot. Never read any of the classics, non pulp writers, or Shakespeare. Explosions, gore, nudity, foul language and CGI NEVER trump good writing. Good acting is gravy. Maybe you should try something like A Man For All Seasons, or Lawrence of Arabia or almost any drama before 1970. However there have been some good ones based on the classics since. BBC's DOWTON ABBY, though a soap opera type, is very well written and acted but one has to know something about history and literature to get the subtle references. There is some good writing since the early 60's, but not much... mostly trite and banal. Even 1930s and 50's B movies have better writing. That is, something better than 5th grade syntax and creativity. This is probably a waste of time, but someone may be able to understand and get something out of it... but to watch well written dialogue takes more than a 10 second attention span. IMHO.

  • Sudeshna Nandy
    Sudeshna Nandy 11 days ago

    Dnt agree

  • David Beckham
    David Beckham 11 days ago

    The room

  • annonamed
    annonamed 11 days ago

    My Top10:
    1. Interstellar
    2. Interstellar
    3. Interstellar
    4. Interstellar
    5. Interstellar
    6. Interstellar
    7. Interstellar
    8. Interstellar
    9. Interstellar
    10. Interstellar

  • prgjr4
    prgjr4 12 days ago

    Does this guy have brain damage? Suprised he didn't mention Smokey and the Bandit 2!

  • Kevin Medcalf
    Kevin Medcalf 12 days ago +1

    For including Alien in the top 10 you get a like

  • Jogurcik666
    Jogurcik666 12 days ago

    19:45 Wojciech Szczęsny in german unfiorm :O

  • x Will
    x Will 13 days ago

    do people really car that much that this is an opinion?

  • Angela Ferrario
    Angela Ferrario 13 days ago

    Most of the movies are dated from the 80s and beyond. Excellent movies were filmed before: one of the best is "To kill a mockingbird" for example.

  • Daltas DalTas
    Daltas DalTas 14 days ago

    i have seen some good movies but many are out of your (legends of the fall) (in the name of the fother) (lord of the rings trilogy) wich are better than some of your favorites.ok you propably havent seen those

  • jashpal singh
    jashpal singh 15 days ago

    Where is superman, lords of the rings, spiderman, hailboy etc

  • John Rogan
    John Rogan 15 days ago wonder our citizens are so depraved and hallow...john Travolta and "pulp fiction"...Gotti...come on...this is pathological!...scientology...a religion...really?

  • game changer
    game changer 15 days ago

    Nolan stole the show

  • Center1240
    Center1240 16 days ago

    2 or 3 right, out of 40. Not a bad percentage- an awful one.

  • Haresh Maher
    Haresh Maher 16 days ago

    TLOTR is 41m

  • Ashish Hazra
    Ashish Hazra 17 days ago

    Thank you for suggestions, and bast movie "Schindler's List" & "Hachi :A dog tail" ..........👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • SO NOW Productions
    SO NOW Productions 18 days ago

    Not one Kubrick film in here LOL

  • Jordan Venning
    Jordan Venning 18 days ago

    Avatar is 💩

  • Nico Adrian
    Nico Adrian 19 days ago

    No Star Wars? Bye.

  • Zahid N
    Zahid N 20 days ago

    Blood diamond...
    Pulp fiction
    Mad max fury road
    Interstellar... U must watch

  • Tumi Kganyago
    Tumi Kganyago 21 day ago

    300 number 3 really

  • Linda Pryor
    Linda Pryor 21 day ago

    Where is Apocalypse Now?

  • surfinmuso
    surfinmuso 21 day ago

    The Last Samurai lol

  • William Overly
    William Overly 21 day ago +2

    Apparently, there were no great movies prior to the 1980s. I suggest spending a little time with TCM.

  • Melissa Roberts
    Melissa Roberts 21 day ago

    How about a woman's list of favorites

  • Star Anna
    Star Anna 22 days ago

    Mr Hollands Opus
    It could happen to you
    The green mile
    Forrest Gump
    On Golden Pond
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    The Notebook
    The Sixth Sense
    Mrs Doubtfire
    What a Woman Wants
    When a man loves a Woman
    Morning Glory

  • Mircea Muceran
    Mircea Muceran 23 days ago

    Nu sunt de acord multe din filmele prezentate sunt plictisitoare gladiatorul bun dar unde este stăpânul inelelor etc etc

  • kevin horr
    kevin horr 23 days ago

    who else watches these things to look for movies to watch?

  • Rac SEM
    Rac SEM 23 days ago

    Here's my list=1)Its a mad mad mad mad world. 2) Duel3) The Game.

  • Seyfullah Demirtaş
    Seyfullah Demirtaş 24 days ago

    The list is totally wrong

  • wack beatz
    wack beatz 24 days ago

    Sad to not see Once Upon a Time in America getting a mention anywhere here. Easily a top 10 movie - amazing soundtrack, storytelling, and directing. Any of Sergio Leone’s films could easily make the top 10 of this list; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West, all classics.

  • Prince Chitova
    Prince Chitova 26 days ago

    top 5o without lord of the rings

  • Jeremiah Bodine
    Jeremiah Bodine 27 days ago

    I don't think so!

  • ignacio montesdeoca hormiga


  • Surya Rantonika
    Surya Rantonika 28 days ago

    I like nebraska

  • Sanim Ghimire
    Sanim Ghimire 28 days ago

    kill bill should be in top 10...

  • Sam Moss
    Sam Moss 28 days ago

    It tough picking things for people...get 3 couples together for a meal and a movie...after eating see how it goes to go see a movie all six want to see....sometimes picking the restaurant is a hassle.

  • Secret __
    Secret __ 29 days ago

    Imo the only thing that makes the dark knight (#4) movies bearable to watch is the villians (except 2 face). Everyone else in them was sub par at best.

  • Future President
    Future President Month ago

    When avatar is on the list, how great can it be? There are some good ones but most are mediocre to ok.

  • yyxy wise man
    yyxy wise man Month ago

    Fight club,Plup fiction, dusk til dawn,back to the future l and 2,terminator l and 2,ledgen of the fall,saving private Ryan,insidies bustards"brad Pitt.u no the movie",identity, one flew over the cookooz nest,Gladiator, shaw shank redemption, titanic man there are so many.Forest gump.

  • Longus Dong
    Longus Dong Month ago

    My commentStarship TroopersThe Good The Bad and the UglyStar WarsMad Max633 SquadronResident Evil...The whole series.AvatarJohn CarterThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.-all 3 moviesFameClockwork OrangeTitanicPredatorGone with the WindThe Alien series 1 -3JawsGladiatorFor those "Woosy" Chick Flicks (No offence meant)Mama MiaSteel MagnoliasThe Love Letter (Hallmark release)Sleepless in SeattleRomancing the StoneJust a few of what I consider the "Greatest Movies" of all time

  • Janet XX Werewolf
    Janet XX Werewolf Month ago

    My Opinion:The Old movies Looks Better Cause it's the Original.The New Movies Looks good too but they put something Slutty so much and so many Violence.(Actually i know The Old movies put some of it too but not so much i Liked the Old Movies(My Opinion)

  • AM FR
    AM FR Month ago

    That must be the most expensive movies ever made...

  • Kemm Patrick Jalandoni

    3 idiots,PK of india film

  • Denis Pepic
    Denis Pepic Month ago

    wheres the shinning

  • Swe Gamers
    Swe Gamers Month ago

    Where are the movies from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy?

  • ameer mossad
    ameer mossad Month ago

    My list ..
    The green mile
    Leon the professional
    Brave heart
    Thegood the bad the agly
    Donot breathe
    The revenant
    The imitation game
    Hunter killer
    Benjamen button
    The sixth sense

  • Rhina Dalgaard
    Rhina Dalgaard Month ago

    no lords of the ring ???