We Took A DNA Test • The Test Friends

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  • filminginprogress
    filminginprogress 21 hour ago

    daysha: "how do you do this? hahaha"
    ryan: "well i tend to use my mouth..."
    daysha: *smile drops* "listen, i don't have time for-"

  • sanjay garg
    sanjay garg Day ago

    It's in their DNA,DdddNa
    It's in their DddddNa

  • paloma kinsman
    paloma kinsman 3 days ago

    the beginning is so hard to watch

  • Zainab Ameer
    Zainab Ameer 4 days ago

    My mom is from bahrain even my grandma im arabic but all my family speaks iran 🇮🇷 when i grow up i will know iran

  • ggrks ググれカス

    I am 99.99999999999999% Asian

  • Alessandro N
    Alessandro N 4 days ago

    Jen are really 50% / 50% Lol, she is beautiful.

  • Jia J
    Jia J 4 days ago

    Why test friends ? You already have try guys so basically they try tests too right ?

  • IvantBurrito
    IvantBurrito 5 days ago

    That's true Mexicans are a mix of thing like me

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer 5 days ago

    how is a test tube filled with spit going to tell you what ancestries you have?

  • Steph amy
    Steph amy 6 days ago

    Shane is so cute at 3:33

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis 6 days ago

    My race is Cherokee

  • Lil_ Grem
    Lil_ Grem 7 days ago

    I've always said I'm half Mexican. My mom is full Mexican ( as far as we know) and my dad is... Scottish?I have no idea. I'd love to try this though!!!

  • Gwenhwyfar Aine
    Gwenhwyfar Aine 8 days ago

    stop being so ashamed of being white, ffs.

  • Christian Boatright
    Christian Boatright 9 days ago

    Test Friends VS. Try Guys

  • Bath House Becky
    Bath House Becky 11 days ago

    I want to try this so bad!

  • R. Sigmund
    R. Sigmund 13 days ago

    “I’m a little disappointed. I thought I might be something cool, but I’m just a basic white guy.” with this pathetic look on his face. How can somebody be this cucked. Europeans build the modern world, invented all kind of things and this guy is clearly ashamed of it. This is what buzzfeed and social justice does to these beta guys, make them feel guilt and hate themselves for their skin colour.

  • Josh Mellott
    Josh Mellott 13 days ago

    Isn’t Macey Ashkenazi Jewish?

  • NationalismBG
    NationalismBG 13 days ago

    Americans don't really appreciate European culture.

  • C Klan
    C Klan 14 days ago

    I thought I was Irish but it turns out I'm 50% Scottish & 50% sheep!!! Yippee

  • Hailsco
    Hailsco 14 days ago

    I am 99%gaming0.5%sleep 0.5%food

  • Kajsa S
    Kajsa S 14 days ago

    im so tired of Americans portraying europeans as boring and basic. Highly disrespectful towards the indigenous people of Europe..

  • Ricky_ Savege
    Ricky_ Savege 16 days ago


  • ElleJuzou Cheese
    ElleJuzou Cheese 18 days ago

    0.5% sexy
    0.5% sassy
    54% kawaii
    5% ravenclaw
    20% smart
    20% anime

  • Pyscho ArtistShine
    Pyscho ArtistShine 18 days ago

    Shane has the same intional as me

  • John Ernest
    John Ernest 19 days ago

    Gosh Buzzfeed! Why did you zoom in when they spit? I almost puke 😂😂

  • _no pe_
    _no pe_ 20 days ago

    Why are they being so dismissive about being European? There's so much culture and variety between the countries in Europe!

  • The unadmitted dog of the 2-D

    I would be very excited to take this test. I'm brazilian

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores 21 day ago

    Mexicans, like many Latinos are mixed Native and European. So that 24% European homeboy saw was more than likely from the Mexican side.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 21 day ago

    I really like watching these kinds of videos. I think it’s really interesting to talk about ancestry and learn about other people’s ancestry and lineage.

    I haven’t taken any dna tests, but family history is a big thing in my church and I know that my mothers side is mostly Irish with some English and a bit of German, has been in America since the revolutionary war, and has a bit of British nobility. My fathers side is completely Irish, with an Irish king in there.
    So just like Shane, I’m very white.

  • The Frøst Dragøn
    The Frøst Dragøn 21 day ago

    I have no idea what I am and the curiosity is killing me
    All I know is that both my parents and all my grandparents are Moroccan aka north African but I mean there's been French , Spanish and Portuguese people in Morocco , adding to that there are a lot of Algerians here , and there has been Turkish and Italian people in Algeria ... soooo ... That all adds to my curiosity . WHAT AM I ? DAMN IT

  • bubbles the duck
    bubbles the duck 21 day ago

    the Thubnail:*When You Find Out Your Parents Are Not Your Parents*

  • Kenya Renix
    Kenya Renix 22 days ago +1

    "I'm pretty black"

  • Jeffy Lol
    Jeffy Lol 23 days ago

    I'm half Canadian and half Italian

  • Damnmeyyy Wolf
    Damnmeyyy Wolf 23 days ago


  • Ximo
    Ximo 24 days ago

    What it is sure is thet the japan-ítalian girl is 100% lesbian.lol.

  • swesha24
    swesha24 24 days ago

    Hi , be careful about using these tests , and read the fine print (encrypgen.com/?thegem_news=thinkprogress) ;nin taking a test you give perpetual rights to ancestry.com on your and your relatives dna. you give others the right to use your information against you and your relatives and have no compensation when they sell your data

  • Alex Sunderland
    Alex Sunderland 26 days ago

    I'm half Japanese half alien

  • Kyen Cabesarez
    Kyen Cabesarez 26 days ago

    Why am I laughing so hard when they say that "i'm just a basic white girl/guy"? 😂😂😂😂😂

    • APgeneticgenealogylover
      APgeneticgenealogylover 26 days ago +1

      Kyen Cabesarez probably because they already knew their ancestry and took the test thinking that just maybe they might have a surprise, (not thinking about the fact that the test tells you more than just your ancestry). The black girl most likely would have had the same reaction if the test said she was purely black.

  • Lucas Green
    Lucas Green 27 days ago

    Also italian americans need to come back to earth alittle bit, you're not special :)

  • Lucas Green
    Lucas Green 27 days ago

    wtf is so gross about spit? ESPECIALLY your own. grow the hell up damn. our ancestors would be laughing at your silly asses

  • Kampf KartoffelTM
    Kampf KartoffelTM 28 days ago

    Race shame.

  • شهاب الدين ابو اليعرب

    Please subscribe to my channel and swear I will subscribe to your channel immediately from 4 accounts

  • Gaki
    Gaki 28 days ago

    im 100% alien.

  • YEE
    YEE 28 days ago

    I just got one for Christmas I'm 13 but I got the ancestors DNA different brand I think

  • Bleach Master
    Bleach Master Month ago

    “Tell me where I’m from”
    I love shane 😂😂

  • Luna Lamperouge
    Luna Lamperouge Month ago

    I hate the word "white", with this meaning......

  • uh hyuck
    uh hyuck Month ago

    i’ve had filipino ancestry dating all the way back to filipino tribes. but, i’m probably a small percent spanish.

  • Lauren's Games
    Lauren's Games Month ago

    I'm part Dutch, Italian, and alot more

  • _Psy_ Chosisck_
    _Psy_ Chosisck_ Month ago

    I M P R E T T Y B L A C K

  • m •
    m • Month ago

    It’s so weird when American people just talk about ”race” like is that the only reason you took this test?? The people in this don’t even know the different cultures and ethnicities in Europe lmaooo. The girl is so disappointed to be a ”basic white girl” when she should be researching her scandinavian or irish heritage and not feel boring anymore.

  • Griet Laridon
    Griet Laridon Month ago

    Can someone explain what's wrong with being europian???

  • Noremae Espineli
    Noremae Espineli Month ago

    I cringe.

  • BlueDreamKush23
    BlueDreamKush23 Month ago

    To the folks who may get offended because two of the white folks weren't as happy with the results, it doesn't mean they hate being white. The black lady at the end didn't seem too excited either.
    I think it has to do with the fact that people find it more fun when they are mixed because they can say they are part this and that and I think it takes the fun out when others find out they are pure.
    Like, if you're majority white and you look white but you also have 10 or 20 percent african in you, wouldn't it be fun to tell folks your are 20 percent african?
    I think thats the kind of mindset most people get into before they take the test and once they find out they aren't as "exotic" then of course they get upset because they are in the mindset of "I wonder what I'm mixed with". They hype themselves up too much.

  • padraig irish
    padraig irish Month ago

    You do know they tested every race on earth and they all descended down to the same two people. Aka Adam and Eve

  • Samuel Siebo
    Samuel Siebo Month ago

    Well, I tend to use my mouth

  • nicole
    nicole Month ago

    Ryan:i'm Japanese and Mexican
    Jen: I'm half Japanese and half Italian
    Daysha: I'm black

  • Joanne Karla  Consuelo

    I knew it ryan is a FILIPINO 💕💕💕

  • AceofEnder
    AceofEnder Month ago

    The little description text should have been “How possible is Jurassic park?” Or “So your 1/50th white”

  • Sydney P
    Sydney P Month ago

    My grandma was adopted so I don’t know what 25% of me is lol would not be surprised if I was 99.9% European

  • priya sarkar
    priya sarkar Month ago

    Nobody except fr native americans r frm America..
    Ohh trump should ban all of "non americans"

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power Month ago

    I've noticed that a lot of White people are really disappointed when they come back as almost full European.

  • Zyrel Vidal
    Zyrel Vidal Month ago

    They should do filipino

  • Molly Capperrune
    Molly Capperrune Month ago

    Why do people get mad when they are European? Like its boring? Do they not get how amazing the culture of Europe is and how diverse the different countries are? Embrace who you are no matter what!!

  • aprlshowers
    aprlshowers Month ago

    You can tell they didn't study history and migration patterns much haha

  • dan simpkins
    dan simpkins Month ago

    I want to know how u determine british as British are most mixed genetically from all corners of Europe and it differs from one Brit to the next. Ie Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Norman, Roman, Scandinavian etc so I find it strange as even Irish have less Celt in them than some English so it’s weird how they differentiate the british isles

    • mimiHTcat
      mimiHTcat Month ago +1

      i remember reading that the typical genetic makeup in a welsh town is different from that in an english town only a few miles down the road, so i think there is a difference. however, most british people are a mix of british and irish (celtic), french and german (norman and anglo saxon), and scandinavian (viking), it's just that you may have more of one that the other if that makes any sense. i'm not entirely sure what the criteria for this specific test and analysis is, but i'm assuming it is along these lines. could be an interesting question to bring up with them.

  • Ryan4233
    Ryan4233 Month ago

    so yes youre just white. but why act like thats super boring

  • Alpha Reaper
    Alpha Reaper Month ago


  • Smexy Hipsta
    Smexy Hipsta Month ago

    I had Doritos in my spit and they said i was
    30% south-cheesanian
    61% African
    Then it said i come from a "Spicy Decent"
    Who New?

  • Kate Lama
    Kate Lama Month ago

    I’d like to be a citizen of the world! Honestly, I’d like a bit of Asian (like Filipino, Thai, Japanese, Indian), a bit of African, as a white person. That mix would be cool because the people from those countries have naturally nice physical features. Totally superficial haha

  • I am Me
    I am Me Month ago

    Me and my twin sister (13 yrs), we found out last week that we are French. I was surprised bc i thought it would be odd to be African American and French. But, i am super Happy! But then, we found out the majority is Native American🤯

  • solojones1138
    solojones1138 Month ago

    It's actually really surprising that the "just a white guy" has almost no British Isles ancestry. That's pretty uncommon in the US. Seems like he had a lot of Eastern European, which is unique. Maybe his grandparents immigrated or something.

  • Шеста кралското

    1:45 this woman is the incarnation of Bill Burr’s expression of a woman.

  • Morgan
    Morgan Month ago


    • mimiHTcat
      mimiHTcat Month ago +1

      well ryan is japanese and eugene is korean so it's unlikely. i mean, unless eugene has a japanese cousin and ryan has a korean cousin. but still.

  • A Estrada
    A Estrada Month ago +1

    I was like how? Did I get Eskimo? Shocked!!!

  • macapigava
    macapigava Month ago +1

    There were a load of native people in Latin America/North America before invaders.

  • Phoenix Knor'malle
    Phoenix Knor'malle Month ago

    Ancestry.com was so much more detailed than this. Ireland is NOT "British" people!! I am 50% Irish and only 5% British (England)

    • mimiHTcat
      mimiHTcat Month ago +1

      i think they group irish and british as an ethnic group (celtic)

  • RandomVideosThatNoOneCares About

    Why are they sad for being European. I mean what did they expect if they are white?

    • RandomVideosThatNoOneCares About
      RandomVideosThatNoOneCares About Month ago

      mimiHTcat sorry, I have speak bad England

    • mimiHTcat
      mimiHTcat Month ago +1

      RandomVideosThatNoOneCares About they seemed more ‘unimpressed’ than sad to me but to each their own

    • RandomVideosThatNoOneCares About
      RandomVideosThatNoOneCares About Month ago

      mimiHTcat yeah I know they just didn't seem to happy about it

    • mimiHTcat
      mimiHTcat Month ago +1

      i got the impression that the tests basically told them what they already knew. these things are cool when you find out something you didn't know, like a surprise. for example, shane being largely eastern european is no surprise as he knows he's polish.

  • Yuki Shimizu
    Yuki Shimizu Month ago

    My parents are from Romania (Transylvania) but my grandma from my dad's side was Hungarian and my great grandpa on my mothers side was from Russia and it keeps going in circles over Romanian, Hungarian and Russian blood, although there might be something else mixed in here. XD

  • Lisa 815
    Lisa 815 Month ago +1

    I found out I was Jewish. My mom never knew what she was, she wasn't raised by her parents. AND she passed away as soon as I got the results. I wasn't able to tell her. I made a video, its kinda depressing.

  • D. Sebastiano Scalia
    D. Sebastiano Scalia Month ago +3

    "I'm sad that I'm just a white guy" cmon man you got those primo Slav genes you are unstoppable and stronk that should be interesting you can find out why you are this much eastie and that much western

  • CymbalKnight
    CymbalKnight Month ago +1

    "just a white guy" but... you're... a demon..... a demon white guy....

  • Where Are The Øther 19 Piløts?

    I'm 50% twenty øne piløts trash, 25% P!ATD trash, and 25% Other band trash

  • anonym mouse
    anonym mouse Month ago +2

    Maycie is such a white girl

  • øGlitter Swordø
    øGlitter Swordø Month ago +1


  • Theycallme Honeybee

    Filipino pride

  • RinTluangi Ralte
    RinTluangi Ralte Month ago

    I'm 100% pureblood

  • Kim Ga-young
    Kim Ga-young Month ago

    I really know about me. One of my ancestor was a king, at year 978. And.... I guess all of my ancestor lived in Korea. It will be shock for me if i see other country then Chinese,Japanese and Korea. And i also want to know the percentage of Korean in my dna lol

    • Flower Power
      Flower Power Month ago

      WOW You traced back you ancestry to the year 978. Now that is pretty impressive and cool.

  • Funny Waves
    Funny Waves 2 months ago

    WTF ! all the people came from Africa so this test does not make any sense ! you are making people more racist with this f/king test !

  • Oscar Chavez
    Oscar Chavez 2 months ago

    Daysha only has European in her because of...

  • CrankThatDank
    CrankThatDank 2 months ago

    I'm 99% European an 1% Asian (aka 54 Norwegian, 45% Irish and 1% Chinese)

  • Elia Acosta
    Elia Acosta 2 months ago +1

    That moment when Jen is more Italian than Ned 😂

  • David Kim
    David Kim 2 months ago

    I seriously hope that I have african and Scandinavian dna in me. Even though I'm Korean.

  • NuraNura Pop
    NuraNura Pop 2 months ago

    The only thing I know about my nationality is that I've been told I'm Irish, Italian, Mexican, and Romanian.

  • SAM Yee
    SAM Yee 2 months ago

    I’m half Mexican and half white, so I’m guessing most of mine would be like showing mostly European

  • Nomin S
    Nomin S 2 months ago

    I’m just a Mongolian 🇲🇳🇲🇳

  • Laura G
    Laura G 2 months ago

    its funny how white people are expecting something "cool" or "exotic" in their dna like African or Native Amerian. but then, they're racist to those races. like bish tf................

  • Laura G
    Laura G 2 months ago


  • Laura G
    Laura G 2 months ago

    wtf 99.9 percent european damnnn........

  • Laura G
    Laura G 2 months ago

    so that means jens mom is about 99.2 percent japanese

  • Laura G
    Laura G 2 months ago

    damn japanese mexican and filipino?