Relaxing Celtic Music: Beautiful Music, Relaxing Music, Flute Music, Meditation Music ★91

  • Published on Sep 17, 2016
  • Relaxing Celtic music (called "Dance of Life") by Soothing Relaxation. I produce relaxing music, meditation music, fantasy music, flute music, harp music, sleep music, soothing music, beautiful music and more.
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    I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit in order to chill out & relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.
    Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Have a wonderful day or evening!
    ~Peder B. Helland
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Comments • 5 661

  • Soothing Relaxation
    Soothing Relaxation  2 months ago +169

    If you had to describe how you are feeling right now in one word or sentence, what would it be? Thank you for listening to my music.

  • Suha Suha
    Suha Suha 11 hours ago

    Listening to it from Indonesia.... Very Beautiful

  • DelynnLove
    DelynnLove 13 hours ago

    I love how pleasant this music is to my ears... my dog loves it too, no joke!

  • Austurfell
    Austurfell 14 hours ago

    Great! Reminds me a bit of Jeremy Soule.

  • dalduri abdullah


  • Glenn Bankson
    Glenn Bankson Day ago

    This is Awesomeness Inc.

  • Phillip Christy
    Phillip Christy 2 days ago


  • silver catz
    silver catz 2 days ago

    I love this 3hr long one... It somehow helps me to relax enough so I can concentrate on things and still be my normal hyper self... I'm not a classical person so Celtic is the closest I ever really get to the instrumentals... Thank you for keeping this up!!!

  • Linda Sorong
    Linda Sorong 3 days ago

    always love ur music and vid..greeting from west papua indonesia..

  • Tahra Rashid
    Tahra Rashid 3 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this superb music, I went into deep thoughts of love and peace, gave me goose bumps. I closed my eyes and visualized so many beautiful thoughts, and feelings I want to experience.

  • V. Rita
    V. Rita 3 days ago

    Wonderful and very effective. Thank you. Rita.

  • Patricia Bernal
    Patricia Bernal 3 days ago

    Amazing, like flying in the best and beautifull word inspired me the best fellings is wonderfull thanks from cali colombia. South america

  • Luciano André
    Luciano André 4 days ago

    This is very very beautiful. Thanks for this.

  • GoogleR
    GoogleR 5 days ago

    Omg,beatiful :)

  • Sara Ricardo
    Sara Ricardo 5 days ago

    Very peaceful and relaxed tank you from Portugal

  • Deb Whalen
    Deb Whalen 5 days ago

    This music helps me breathe easy. I feel so at peace listening to it. Thank you!!

  • 남한산호랑이형님

    평화롭구나. 기쁜 세상으로 될것이다.

  • No Nairyoku
    No Nairyoku 5 days ago

    Wonderful music and image! Thank you for all your music! I will embrace you endlessly...!

  • Nixie Birtel
    Nixie Birtel 5 days ago

    I haven't been able to sleep for days. I'll always wake up in the middle of the night panicked. But I put your music on and now I sleep like a baby. Thank you!!

  • Rivkah Lau
    Rivkah Lau 6 days ago

    I have no idea why but this music makes many memories float back to me feelings I've forgotten
    thank you for your soothing music

  • eli zael
    eli zael 6 days ago

    On an infinite loop journey.

  • Vicki McGalliard
    Vicki McGalliard 6 days ago

    Your composition is gorgeous, please keep making this beautiful music. It reaches the soul.

  • Kitty Kamiyu
    Kitty Kamiyu 7 days ago


  • Lucas Mullen
    Lucas Mullen 7 days ago

    you're a soul genious

  • Malia Mori
    Malia Mori 7 days ago +1

    listening from Idaho and I'm feeling really stressed cuz im writing a paper for school but this music helps!!!!

  • Charlotte Knight
    Charlotte Knight 7 days ago

    Thank you so much... absolutely lovely.

  • J0SE MMC
    J0SE MMC 7 days ago

    Nice beat my fave

  • Michael Maddalena
    Michael Maddalena 8 days ago

    teleports me to my ex's was our sleep song

  • E T E R N A L
    E T E R N A L 8 days ago

    this is the only music I can study to

  • Rose Marie Willson
    Rose Marie Willson 8 days ago

    infinity feeling.

  • grant.lanier grant.lanier

    Hey dude good video it helped me with my meditation and I can now meditate better

  • Ken Bray
    Ken Bray 8 days ago

    I am American Irish !!! This music is Beautiful, my ancestors made beautiful music !!! There is a town in Southern Ireland named Bray and I'm proud to say it is also my last name, my Grandfather was born there, I live in the US also been to Ireland its a beautiful place .........greetings to my people in Ireland from the USA !!!

  • BJ P
    BJ P 8 days ago

    Jive ad annoying

  • Sally Heath
    Sally Heath 9 days ago

    Serene. Walking through a beautiful, lush green alpine meadow, soaking up the sun’s rays.

  • Benjamin Benjo
    Benjamin Benjo 10 days ago

    i will call it "the dream of the matrix"

  • EDarien
    EDarien 10 days ago

    I LOVE this set! There's quite a bit of Final Fantasy 6 influence for sure. This is beautiful.

  • Kathy Cortez
    Kathy Cortez 10 days ago

    This is so beautiful I love ❤️ it

  • Gloria Villegas
    Gloria Villegas 11 days ago +1

    This is GREAT background studying music. It drowns out my busy street- thanks for this.

  • Melinda Dani
    Melinda Dani 11 days ago


  • bradshaw Diana
    bradshaw Diana 11 days ago

    if there's a cure for a broken soul it's your music thank you continue

  • audrey pasquier
    audrey pasquier 11 days ago

    juste un pur moment d évasion!! thanks a lot .

  • Alva
    Alva 11 days ago

    This is so relaxing when taking a bath

  • Sue Condon
    Sue Condon 12 days ago

    These accompanying photos are exquisite, just gorgeous - I want to walk into every one of them. I wish there was a link to each photographer /artist. Stunning.

  • April Doscher
    April Doscher 12 days ago

    April, from Illinois

  • April Doscher
    April Doscher 12 days ago

    April, from Illinois

  • April Doscher
    April Doscher 12 days ago

    April, from Illinois

  • April Doscher
    April Doscher 12 days ago

    April, from Illinois

  • Neon Butterfly 8
    Neon Butterfly 8 12 days ago

    Dreamy soft echoing melodies that let ones mind run through the emerald forests like the whisp.

  • Francisco José Porto Ribeiro

    profound, deep into the hart and mind

  • Alan Gibson
    Alan Gibson 12 days ago

    At one

  • Danny Jackson
    Danny Jackson 12 days ago +1

    a mystic that's captured in beautiful music*

  • A Sad Afternoon
    A Sad Afternoon 12 days ago

    Makes me think of doctor strange

  • Igor Sena
    Igor Sena 13 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this amazing music. What kind of process you use in your creations, like the reverbs and other effects you use , how you master your music etc?

  • ilksu öztürk
    ilksu öztürk 13 days ago

    Güzelmiş ne diyelim.

  • Sound Wave Therapy
    Sound Wave Therapy 14 days ago

    Nice, thank you, how can people not like!

  • DotamcDotaFace
    DotamcDotaFace 14 days ago

    fairytail <3

  • Felice Cruz
    Felice Cruz 15 days ago

    I like the video photos, too. I like the forest/mountain view than ocean view. The autumn leaves truly beautiful. We only have two seasons...dry which is summer and wet which is rain,

  • B S
    B S 15 days ago

    I love this video, so relaxing when so much stressful thing's.

  • Felice Cruz
    Felice Cruz 15 days ago

    quiet and calm and praying in my mind as I go about my morning chores quietly.

  • Shizuka Kuchiki
    Shizuka Kuchiki 15 days ago +1

    Thank you for these lovely song...I need some peacefull moment after living in a city for years now...sometime I miss the peacefull moment with the nature around us....hearing this sound bring back those sweet moments when I was a kid....with my mom,dad,bro,sis & me....I....I want to go back to that time where we all live together...peacefully...surrounded by trees,bird,wild life & sound of nature while having picnic or going fishing.....but now I can only dream it....I hope that in heaven we'll meet and have great time together again...Rest In Peace...Mom...Dad..😢😢

  • Steven Hill
    Steven Hill 15 days ago

    is this what heaven sounds like

  • Secular Witch
    Secular Witch 15 days ago

    Im from Indonesia n i have always loved celtic culture.

  • Mazdy Soraya
    Mazdy Soraya 16 days ago

    I just returned from my grandma.

  • Mike Steelbootz
    Mike Steelbootz 17 days ago

    The apex of a peaceful mind, tranquility of the soul and exponential diminishing abatement of the body converging into the timeless, spaceless, exultation of the self, admits an eye of a fire-ice tempest we call the planet earth.

  • Insane eM
    Insane eM 17 days ago

    My naptime track

  • ulderico tirelli
    ulderico tirelli 17 days ago

    Grazie per queste melodie fantastiche

  • The Unknown Witch
    The Unknown Witch 17 days ago

    How can you do such long vids? 75 hrs and such. Just curious🌝

  • Persephone Martin
    Persephone Martin 18 days ago

    I put this on when I take a bath clean or to just sit on the couch with coffee it's healing,calming and over whelming in a bath with incense (sandelwood )candles...I have 4 kiddos 4,8,12,and17.thank you

  • Persephone Martin
    Persephone Martin 18 days ago


  • SongBird1059
    SongBird1059 18 days ago

    Very emotional. 1970's. back when things were maybe, just a little more sane Soothing Relaxation.

  • ferdiebear78
    ferdiebear78 18 days ago

    Thank you. This had helped me relax and sleep better. We lost our family cat and grandpa, I've had 2 nephrostomy placements, and 2 surgeries all in the last 5 weeks.


    This is sooooo beautiful and peaceful. Great images too. Thank you for this gift to the heart and soul!

  • Makena
    Makena 19 days ago

    This is absolutely beautiful. Love it and great job!

  • Draco Lucius Malfoy
    Draco Lucius Malfoy 20 days ago

    I am impressed....from EGYPT!! ❤️

  • Елена Аханова

    Beautiful music ❤️👌🏻💖

  • Jo Fiander
    Jo Fiander 20 days ago

    ok this is good

  • Dave Brooks
    Dave Brooks 20 days ago

    Wow - great stuff... Thanks!

  • Beruhigende & Heilende Musik

    Wundervolle mystische und geheimnisvolle Musik. Perfekt für mich zum Meditieren. Genau diese Art von Musik macht mich auch zufrieden und ruhig.

  • Nirovis
    Nirovis 20 days ago

    So relaxing.... it’s hard to not dream with that peaceful music on. It’s so elegant and peaceful like nature

  • Moldavite Life
    Moldavite Life 22 days ago

    Beautifully soothing music. Thank you for posting ~ nice glimpse into this serene realm of tranquility for a while!

  • littlegremlin12
    littlegremlin12 22 days ago

    I listen to this most nights to sleep to, it’s relaxing and takes all my negative thoughts away so no night demons, thank you 👍

  • Luumus
    Luumus 22 days ago

    The thumbnail really reminds of Sylvari.

  • Slavisa Petrovic
    Slavisa Petrovic 22 days ago

    sadness and sorrow,, who could gescribe it? about the music.

  • timesnewhuman
    timesnewhuman 22 days ago

    I want to leave this place better than it was when I entered it.

  • maria older
    maria older 22 days ago

    This is a beautiful piece/selection of music. Delicate details and just the pure beauty of the music coupled with the lovely images are helping me forget things going on around me. This is really helping to calm my mind, from over thinking. Thank you.

  • Olivia Cadena
    Olivia Cadena 23 days ago

    Thanks so very very much for the beautiful music you bring here peter!!!!! 😚😚😍😍🏆🎶🎶🎶

  • O nazarenegirl
    O nazarenegirl 23 days ago

    Such beauty here!! It's like you just get taken away into another realm with it, and can forget everything here, (for a while anyways ). Thanks so very much for this, I subscribed . Love it!! 😆😆😇😇😇

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 23 days ago

    This makes me feel like a proud Celt walking in the woodlands! I am proud of my Celtic roots and this music brings even more pride to me! Diolch!

  • Epic Manu
    Epic Manu 24 days ago

    The best music to feel, think,and be thankful to life and nature.

  • aleksa alexa
    aleksa alexa 24 days ago

    the best music

  • Aubrey Arneson
    Aubrey Arneson 24 days ago +1

    Your music is truly a gift. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kry Kry Stott
    Kry Kry Stott 24 days ago

    Legend of Zelda vibes

  • Radio & Static the Budgies

    My parakeets love this music,it is also nice for studying

  • قناة ندى فودة- Dudy Lifestyle

    From Egypt i really loved this track
    Its so magical and deep feelings memories
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌷🌷🌷🌷 just love it

  • Justyna Iskrzycka
    Justyna Iskrzycka 25 days ago

    not beautiful !!!

  • Gilbert Murdoch
    Gilbert Murdoch 26 days ago

    I love this so much !....

  • Sailing Sisu
    Sailing Sisu 26 days ago

    Hey! You guys are such an inspiration! Sailing Sisu started to follow you guys, because we are quitting the rat race too :-) We bought a Leopard 45 catamaran to escape this stressful life. Hope to see you on our adventures soon to see how we slowed down and started to enjoy life!

  • david Emokpae
    david Emokpae 27 days ago

    Mama and David

  • dogfuzzn
    dogfuzzn 27 days ago

    love this