Unsung- Trick Daddy


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  • consciousprogrammer
    consciousprogrammer 4 hours ago

    Trick: I was like Daddy I could rap.. he said listen: All I need you to do is cook that cocaine and count that fucking money LMAO

  • Shannon Roddy
    Shannon Roddy 6 hours ago

    Maaaan, I can't wait till I see him in 2 weeks

    JAMAL POLITE 21 hour ago

    I remember this song that's when I started beating my di@# after seeing Trina in the shorts

  • Michelle Walker
    Michelle Walker 22 hours ago

    Thats wat I love about Trick, he never switched up on his city. Never was faked. Didn't needed security to go to the mall or store. We respected him. I've seen him sooo many times. Stayed grounded... #ReppinMiami #DadeCounty

  • Redd Myles
    Redd Myles Day ago

    Thug holiday

  • Kabo Thabana
    Kabo Thabana Day ago

    Trick representing Dade County

  • David Singleton
    David Singleton Day ago

    Trick was the shit

    Tricks story kinda reminds me of Hustle & Flow

  • Par Lean
    Par Lean Day ago

    I grew up on trick bad respect


    Pilladelphia 💊

  • alday2450
    alday2450 Day ago


  • q perry
    q perry Day ago

    Back by thug demand was a good damn album and Finally Famous was incredible🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I brought them both the day they dropped

  • Ay Zoe
    Ay Zoe Day ago

    @18:45 is that MMG- Rick Ross

  • A W
    A W Day ago

    I'm surprised TVone didn't bleep out "Dyk*y B*tch" and "Nigga" lol.

  • Brevard Smith
    Brevard Smith 2 days ago

    tvclip.biz/video/cjg1xycdrda/video.html Extended commentary for Unsung Eat A Booty Gang. Started Eating Booty Now We Here!

  • Emari Carter
    Emari Carter 2 days ago

    Trick is fresh

  • Emari Carter
    Emari Carter 2 days ago

    Trina is hot

  • PhrozenReign
    PhrozenReign 2 days ago +1

    18:46 DA BAWSE

  • Ryzon Nathan
    Ryzon Nathan 2 days ago +1

    DAAAAAM Trina so fine

  • Colleen Brown
    Colleen Brown 2 days ago

    The boss

  • Contricia Russ
    Contricia Russ 2 days ago

    Remember being at Miami Carol City picking up my kids from School Trick daddy coming through in his green impala

  • Demetrius Moore
    Demetrius Moore 2 days ago +1

    18:46 Rozay!!!!

  • Angie B
    Angie B 2 days ago

    LET'S GO was on repeat in cheerleading competition. OMG SO MANY MEMORIES. He was rough around the edges but handsome every girls nightmare THEM BAD BOYS yesss HE could have GOT IT (in Texas....lol) hate he stopped performing, Trick and Trina had them bars I didn't know his wife was her cousin both GORGEOUS WOMEN. On the cool I need Trina to write a book.

  • no name
    no name 2 days ago +1

    Trick Daddy legendary Street King

  • q perry
    q perry 2 days ago

    I know Trina thank God everyday that she did that “Nan Nigga”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • q perry
    q perry 2 days ago +1

    All I need you to do is cook that cocaine and count that money🤣🤣🤣🤣 don’t know why this was so funny but Trick really does have an aggression promblem

  • Jose A Blanco
    Jose A Blanco 2 days ago

    Trina Respect trick daddy s gansta

  • Yoso Mejia- Moik
    Yoso Mejia- Moik 3 days ago

    uh huh ok whats up shut up

  • Yoso Mejia- Moik
    Yoso Mejia- Moik 3 days ago

    Joy looks the same - she on her benjamin button

  • DaNella S.
    DaNella S. 3 days ago +1

    Trick will always be a Legend to us Floridians.. The rest of the world doesnt have to feel the same!

  • Youngone1534 Young
    Youngone1534 Young 3 days ago

    Sad that this same story is told all over the world.

  • D. Bowie
    D. Bowie 3 days ago +1

    The night Trick’s brother Hollywood got killed that was killed, that was the bloodiest night in Miami..his brother was unfortunately was one of the victims

  • Marqueal Sandy
    Marqueal Sandy 3 days ago

    Trick and trick are legends that paved the way for fla artist. I feel he coming from when he said in a separate interview people so quick to give praise to a rapper outside of fla before they give him his. Trick,trina, and slip and slide represent fla to the fullest. 305 727 all day

  • Dejuan Johnson
    Dejuan Johnson 3 days ago

    damn his wife fine as hell

  • Cion Young
    Cion Young 3 days ago

    Im from Duval ,Jax Florida. & i was raised on Trixk Daddy, Jt Money, & Ugk. & if yon fuxk with trixk yoose a mutha fuxking lie bih

  • Khali Walls
    Khali Walls 3 days ago

    Luv trick SALUTE from Brooklyn

  • Kiero B
    Kiero B 3 days ago +1

    Pork and Beans projects???? Dammit that's ghetto

  • Shawn Ennis
    Shawn Ennis 3 days ago

    I'll burn Trina ass up

  • von gray
    von gray 3 days ago


  • Zuis AbSawad
    Zuis AbSawad 3 days ago


    ZOE SMITH 3 days ago

    I remember the days of boonking I can talk about it ni....I took 3 perks got me a a half a ball and finished it with some green and I was the King of Miami money was no issue but boi I’m paying the price now...

  • G Varela
    G Varela 4 days ago

    That I’m a Thug beat is so so soooooo cold still till this day 🤯🤯🤯

  • Robert Reed
    Robert Reed 4 days ago

    Legendary Artist....

  • Michael Daury
    Michael Daury 4 days ago

    And you wonder why black people hate these motherfuckers🤔

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 4 days ago

    He was locked up...he knew how to make a spread

  • Ron Mac
    Ron Mac 4 days ago

    Amazing cook.....let know how u spice ur food

  • Ira Leonard
    Ira Leonard 4 days ago +2

    Was Trina a minor 🤔🤔🤔

  • Kory Pettiford
    Kory Pettiford 4 days ago

    Now I gotta TVclip all these vids and watch smh. Took the bait 😃 much love trick and trina

  • Al Dennis
    Al Dennis 4 days ago

    18:45 Officer Ricky!!!! 😂😂😂

  • 7 11
    7 11 4 days ago +1

    Trina’s nose job is the most natural! Kim should’ve taken her doctors details! It suits her face 😍 Trina way

  • Victor C
    Victor C 4 days ago

    Trick daddy got fat as fuck

  • Rod
    Rod 5 days ago

    Now trick is a crack head broke fool and we can all see he's a nobody.

  • M. Lo
    M. Lo 5 days ago +1

    Did he say the pork and beans project? Damn I'm hungry now.

  • M. Lo
    M. Lo 5 days ago

    I wonder if Trump kicked Trick Daddy off of food stamps?

  • Real Richmond
    Real Richmond 5 days ago

    Man this nigga got my first name an his daddy got my daddy first name ,🤔

  • Tato Cuba
    Tato Cuba 5 days ago

    Growing up in Fl 98-too 2004 was the shit REAL TALK!!!!

  • Tashall Burch
    Tashall Burch 6 days ago

    Fuck yoooooooou

  • miami fl
    miami fl 6 days ago


  • nate
    nate 6 days ago

    trick daddy was the shit all i wanted to listen to then heard trina wow loved their music and trina so beautiful

  • Truth Stalker
    Truth Stalker 6 days ago +2

    *Wow. When I heard that he was raised by his single black mother, I wondered exactly how long it was until he started doing illegal stuff. Boy, THAT didn't take long to be brought up! By age 10 he was being arrested for drugs!! Damn!!*

  • larri alston
    larri alston 6 days ago

    Truly enjoyed this cause #Trick has his flaws but the brother is real!!!

  • Dexter Montgomery
    Dexter Montgomery 6 days ago

    Can't be in prison where i can't do nothing about something

  • Chase Rushing
    Chase Rushing 6 days ago +1

    Did anybody see #rickross at 18:46

  • Doug Funnie
    Doug Funnie 6 days ago

    No mention of the E.A.B.G.

  • RODNEY Boyd
    RODNEY Boyd 6 days ago

    My cousin lived in Miami if she ever rode through pork and bean projects she would not even stop at stop sign she just rolled on through that's how bad it was

  • Mikata Cleveland
    Mikata Cleveland 6 days ago

    @3:50 lol

  • Tactical Brotherz
    Tactical Brotherz 7 days ago +1

    "And when I drive by it's like I fly by"

  • ryublueblanka
    ryublueblanka 7 days ago

    Young Trina was incredible I had a huge crush on her she was it

  • ryublueblanka
    ryublueblanka 7 days ago

    11 kids? how come the poorest people in the worst conditions all over the world are pumping out kid's like that...I hate to say this but that's like something animals do...idk...I'll never understand people

  • ryublueblanka
    ryublueblanka 7 days ago

    Trick luh da kid's!

  • Andrea Goldberg
    Andrea Goldberg 7 days ago


  • lane andrews
    lane andrews 7 days ago

    "Opportunity" school is the most ironic shit I've ever heard

  • AlmostHalf Full
    AlmostHalf Full 7 days ago

    The late 90s was the truth. I was in my early teens listening to all these classic songs I Just never knew about the behind the scenes stuff like these young kids have access to now. There was so much leg work for artist to do if they really wanted to makw it. Now you can be a star without leaving your bedroom. Its not fair to the old heads who paved the way for theae mumble rappers who take the game for granted.... just saying. Prerry sure the 80s rappers felt the same way. Trick is the shit God Bless him and his family.

  • BrOwN3yer0$eBUD
    BrOwN3yer0$eBUD 7 days ago

    I want to spread Trina’s legs and suck up all her noni juice. I know she taste like grits with cheese.

  • Brevard Smith
    Brevard Smith 7 days ago +1

    Unsung Eat A Booty Gang.

  • james crown
    james crown 7 days ago +1

    Trick made anthems
    Him BG Soulja Slim n Juve
    were the best rappers ever

  • james crown
    james crown 7 days ago

    Trick ain't make a bad CD til like the 6 one

  • Undadawg Man
    Undadawg Man 7 days ago


  • Gregory Ravelo
    Gregory Ravelo 7 days ago +3

    Trick Daddy will always have Miami on lock

  • Camaronsmith Carlos
    Camaronsmith Carlos 7 days ago +1

    This dont make sence 4 yrs for 3 kilos😂😂😂..my uncel got 25 yrs for 1 kilo of cocaine....

    • ryublueblanka
      ryublueblanka 7 days ago

      I remember dudes getting the electric chair for a 5sack

  • smashley61587
    smashley61587 7 days ago

    Miami legend

  • Jeremiah Batiste
    Jeremiah Batiste 7 days ago +1

    louisiana hot sauce

  • Peshon Vanburen
    Peshon Vanburen 7 days ago

    Trina forever the queen of Miami and trick is forever legend... I see you DJ Khalid.. down south reppin

  • Clayton Holmes
    Clayton Holmes 7 days ago

    Respect Trick!🙌🏿

  • George 5
    George 5 8 days ago +1

    Trina is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

  • John Faison Jr.
    John Faison Jr. 8 days ago

    18:46 rick Ross is that you 👀

  • KenRobert1
    KenRobert1 8 days ago +1

    We as black people have the toughest life always.

  • Dayshawn Alexander
    Dayshawn Alexander 8 days ago

    12:25 that's DJ Khaled lol wowwwwwww

  • Ethix Barnes
    Ethix Barnes 8 days ago +1

    Rick Ross @ 18:45

  • mistasnak
    mistasnak 8 days ago +3

    Let's go is played at every sporting event in America

  • robby lebotha
    robby lebotha 8 days ago

    ....when the money goes....will the honeys stay....will the grey skies replace the sunny days... #staywokebretheren

  • blackericdenice
    blackericdenice 8 days ago

    Trick Daddy like so many other rappers, have had his dick sucked before by a man. I love drug dealers too. They are a very freaky bunch.

  • Slave Obey
    Slave Obey 8 days ago

    Loved this story

  • freddie latuhoi
    freddie latuhoi 8 days ago

    Trick a goon bruh!

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith 8 days ago +4

    Never knew he had illnesses and his wife is beautiful

  • Gerardo Slow Burn
    Gerardo Slow Burn 8 days ago

    Had no idea trick shot a man😳

  • Topez Taylor
    Topez Taylor 8 days ago

    Dade county Richmond heights stand up 💯 💯 💯

  • Topez Taylor
    Topez Taylor 8 days ago +1

    Rick Ross 18:46 Teflon don 💪💪💪

  • Big ProdaJ
    Big ProdaJ 8 days ago

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  • Uncle Kyle
    Uncle Kyle 8 days ago

    Yea, my white ass went right to The Bomb music store in Hammond IN and copped WWW.THUG.COM as soooon as that bitch dropped. I'll always bump Trick Daddy & any Souther rapper that's actually got something to say