Drake Maverick pulls out all the stops to try and win back the 24/7 Title

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • Follow Drake Maverick as he hatches another elaborate plan to crash Elias’ recording studio time and win back WWE’s 24/7 Championship.
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Comments • 980

  • TheMarkedWolf
    TheMarkedWolf 17 days ago

    Referee looks like Anderson the Spidaah Silvaaaaa

  • Miles The Narrator
    Miles The Narrator 22 days ago

    “Was that the plan?” Frickin refs😂😂

  • Jeremiah's vlog's
    Jeremiah's vlog's 25 days ago

    Sorry I just forgot that nxt guys name i do know he had a tag team partner tho

  • Jeremiah's vlog's
    Jeremiah's vlog's 25 days ago

    Wait were did that guy from nxt come from

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill 25 days ago

    OMG the roll-up didn't work

  • Evan Games
    Evan Games 26 days ago


  • omino lucaz
    omino lucaz 26 days ago

    "It was suge knight and eazy e sense"

  • Rooby Art
    Rooby Art 26 days ago

    Looking like an homeless man

  • DJ Bluetooth
    DJ Bluetooth 27 days ago

    So can a referee count himself as 24/7 champ

  • DJ Bluetooth
    DJ Bluetooth 27 days ago

    Apparently Drake is fine with other guys DMing his wife

  • esperCELL
    esperCELL 27 days ago +1

    *he still have not consummate their marriage? DAMN*

  • Shov Ki Creatiwitty
    Shov Ki Creatiwitty 28 days ago

    time to buy a new lens for the camera. 😁😁🤣

  • christopher doggett
    christopher doggett 29 days ago

    Yooo is that Willis from different strokes as the ref lol

  • Eduardo Silva
    Eduardo Silva 29 days ago

    Her eyes are so ugly, are those real eyes ou just eye lents

  • ghana news
    ghana news Month ago

    R truth come 24 7 title

  • Paolo Arbulu
    Paolo Arbulu Month ago

    His wife is Renee Michelle, why 24/7 championship? With Renee Michelle he won all!!!

  • PeterZeeke
    PeterZeeke Month ago

    “Don’t loose my fanny pack”
    “You mean your bum bag?”
    Wow, they really are married!

  • Maple Tauanuu
    Maple Tauanuu Month ago

    Give the poor refs a damn brake

  • Wesley C
    Wesley C Month ago

    That's a very great couple. :O

  • M S A
    M S A Month ago

    Why is Elias champ he borin

  • Zachry Zimmerman
    Zachry Zimmerman Month ago

    Mavericks back must be hurting pretty back carrying the WWE

  • richard lee
    richard lee Month ago

    The silent beating holy thrashing

    MIGUEL RAMIREZ Month ago

    Damn she's good looking

  • Avatar N
    Avatar N Month ago

    Since Drake still haven't consummated his marriage yet can I volunteer to do it for him?

  • Nivek
    Nivek Month ago +1

    Camera man forgot to shake the camera every punch 😂

  • A7teXan
    A7teXan Month ago

    Shocked! I watched the whole thing..this is better than smackdown unless ko (or mandy) comes out

  • Isabel Dutta
    Isabel Dutta Month ago

    The car's warranty expired.

  • Life Of Tae
    Life Of Tae Month ago

    Montez Ford crazy bruh 🤣🤣

  • sameen farouk
    sameen farouk Month ago

    Drake's British accent shifts from Mancunian to Brummie. It's so subtle.

  • sameen farouk
    sameen farouk Month ago

    "and we are going to consummate our marriage"
    Priorities ...

  • Brian Tigges
    Brian Tigges Month ago

    Why won’t drakes wife just marry drake

  • Honey Baweja
    Honey Baweja Month ago

    He didn’t wear seatbelt at last

  • Captain Africa
    Captain Africa Month ago

    Elias no does it dont touch our drake

  • pak you tube channel plz subscribe now


  • Captain Africa
    Captain Africa Month ago

    Drake you kill me you make your gun in wwe

  • The Great Fupa
    The Great Fupa Month ago

    maverick teaching us how to drive without looking at the road

  • sedra asali
    sedra asali Month ago +1

    Everybody talking about how R- Truth is making this "stale".... PEOPLE R- TRUTH IS THE ONE WHO MADE THIS TITLE ENTERTAINING!!

  • Kevin Harrison
    Kevin Harrison Month ago

    I think it would be hilarious if a referee snuck up on the 24/7 champion when they're sleeping, put one hand on them, and counted the 1, 2, 3 for themself with there other hand 😂

    • Kevin Harrison
      Kevin Harrison Month ago

      point to themself and say 'new 24/7 champion' and then run like hell

  • Jordan Nguyen
    Jordan Nguyen Month ago

    Dude drake man up

  • Anupam Mahato
    Anupam Mahato Month ago

    Ford is good.

  • Any topics wow place Movies

    Do u guys think that r-truth will always get a way to win his baby back after anyone takes it yes or no

  • Brandon Law
    Brandon Law Month ago

    It would be great if truth being the. Camera man

  • Ulil Amri Natsir
    Ulil Amri Natsir Month ago

    Randy orton to be new 24/7 champions hahahaha

  • Albert D
    Albert D Month ago

    Shot at Seth in the beginning

  • Narcodo Music
    Narcodo Music Month ago


  • LowKi420
    LowKi420 Month ago

    So this is what rockstar spuds been up too. Pretty entertaining I have to admit.

    REDLY Month ago

    That reflection from the cameraman. Got to love it.

  • My Name Is Mr Fucking confused

    This segment screams “ATTITUDE ERA”

  • WildBird2005
    WildBird2005 Month ago +1

    Law and order 3:44

  • Omprakash Banjara
    Omprakash Banjara Month ago


  • Marvin Guevarra
    Marvin Guevarra Month ago

    This guy is just wasting his time

  • D Sword
    D Sword Month ago

    If he "consummates" like he drives, that marriage doesn't stand chance...Smh

  • Shiju Varughese
    Shiju Varughese Month ago

    WWE please let this constipate his marriage. He is so backed up..

  • MagicMartin666
    MagicMartin666 Month ago

    Drake almost looks like a Rock Star... Hurm...

  • Hussein Ali
    Hussein Ali Month ago

    I feel sorry for her😭😭😭

    CAYETANO MATEO Month ago

    Who knew that Drake will be one of the most successful TNA wrestlers In WWE more than EC3, ROBERT ROODE, ERIC YOUNG and more

  • Varun Awasthi
    Varun Awasthi Month ago

    He looks like eminem in the thumbnail!!!

  • Donnell Coleman
    Donnell Coleman Month ago

    No seatbelt smh

  • Donnell Coleman
    Donnell Coleman Month ago

    Your lil glasses

  • tony bartlett
    tony bartlett Month ago

    its stupid drake not a wreastler hes a gm 205