The Voice Assistant Battle! (2017)


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  • Mayank Katela
    Mayank Katela 2 hours ago

    The way questions were asked to Siri vs Alexa and Bixby seemed that he's biased towards Siri

  • Jolly Kuo
    Jolly Kuo 4 hours ago

    Your missing Cortana too.

  • Akke
    Akke 5 hours ago

    damn siri is fast

  • laki2
    laki2 5 hours ago

    damn the alexa rap was lit AF

  • brainy willow815
    brainy willow815 6 hours ago

    Bixby nailed the rap

  • q碧君
    q碧君 6 hours ago

    lmao the Bixby rap

  • Mohammad Chandabhai
    Mohammad Chandabhai 6 hours ago

    why did you repeat the question to siri (what is Barack Obama's height) and you never repeated to bixby (what is the population of nepal) but you asked bixby what's the population

  • Gladz Mt
    Gladz Mt 7 hours ago

    Google assistant is the winner

  • Prabesh Magar
    Prabesh Magar 8 hours ago


  • Nasib Khatri
    Nasib Khatri 8 hours ago

    love your vids and i am happy that you ask the questtion 'what is the captial of Nepal ?'

  • Nk world
    Nk world 9 hours ago

    Google assistant

  • Shivam shivam
    Shivam shivam 10 hours ago

    Google assistant

  • Illes V-Illves
    Illes V-Illves 11 hours ago

    Alice by yandex??

  • Vaibhavi Pant
    Vaibhavi Pant 12 hours ago +2

    Google assistant is the best. Also its my fav❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rodder
    Rodder 13 hours ago

    You would think, after copying each other, they would nearly has the same competence. But Bixby and Alexa is just.. WTF! Not even close in some instances
    edit: 14:15 OK Bixby just blow me away with the download app and selfie shot

  • Siddharth Yadav
    Siddharth Yadav 13 hours ago

    Is it just me or Siri was significantly faster in recognition and response?

  • Best of Best Studio: Filming, Gaming, and more

    Siri is better than I thought. Good I only have Apple products.

  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar 15 hours ago

    Siri is light speed fast and also has a much better 'feel' to it , Android user here , gonna buy iPhone when I start earning my own money

  • danielle tovar
    danielle tovar 15 hours ago

    Google Assistant nailed it

  • Timothy Oliver
    Timothy Oliver 16 hours ago

    My choice easily would be Google Assistant

  • Mr Banananana
    Mr Banananana Day ago

    And im proud to have google 😀

  • Aerohk
    Aerohk Day ago

    Google is the best, pretty far from the rest too

  • Yona Sun
    Yona Sun Day ago

    16:17 I'm the baddest AI? What did she say?

  • Varun shrivastav

    Best rapper bixby

  • Abin Shakya
    Abin Shakya Day ago

    Love from NEPAL

  • Master Driver
    Master Driver Day ago


  • Hunter Bockman
    Hunter Bockman Day ago

    Who is the president of the United States? Donald J. Trump

  • HeyIts Jay
    HeyIts Jay Day ago

    *where's Cortana*

  • Richman demilade

    Google nailed it

  • anirud laks
    anirud laks Day ago

    Google is smart
    Siri is fast
    Bixby is dumb
    Alexa's voice is cringey

  • Link Kakariko
    Link Kakariko Day ago

    Google is good at whole conversations, Siri is good at quick bits of information, and Alexa and Bixby aren't good at much.

  • Sangster MLG
    Sangster MLG Day ago

    I like google and Siri

  • aryan mehta
    aryan mehta Day ago

    Google assistant

  • khizar khan
    khizar khan Day ago

    Hats off to bixby for the Uber thing

  • Suresh Nair
    Suresh Nair Day ago

    Bixby best rapper lol

  • Sara Abdeyazdan
    Sara Abdeyazdan Day ago

    I asked Google assistant: which one is better, you or Bixby? And it answered : hmmm that's a tough one 😁😂

  • Vander Von
    Vander Von 2 days ago

    Bixby is trash

  • Max soni
    Max soni 2 days ago +1

    Bixby is the rap god !

  • Max soni
    Max soni 2 days ago +1

    I wish there would be Jarvis also ,godfather of all assistanta

  • Kaushal Subeedi
    Kaushal Subeedi 2 days ago

    Wah coincidence am i only nepali here

  • Red Ken
    Red Ken 2 days ago

    Just because Obama is black doesn’t mean he’s a Nba player

  • CplJacob
    CplJacob 2 days ago

    Google Pixel is the phone to go for lmao.

  • imran gerdoo
    imran gerdoo 2 days ago

    you are apple fan. this is cheap compare 👎

  • Heime101
    Heime101 2 days ago

    If you were to pick one ! I don’t care what phone you have google is the master at this point and Amazon wow just terrible !

  • Tk S10
    Tk S10 2 days ago

    Google + Samsung = future of ai

  • Sunnyneko *
    Sunnyneko * 2 days ago

    O shit Google died- camera appppppp

  • Sunnyneko *
    Sunnyneko * 2 days ago

    Bixby is high but damnnnnn that rap lolololol it's hilarious

  • John Calton
    John Calton 2 days ago

    Bixby's beats + *SERIOUSLY SO FRICKIN GOOD!!*

  • John OuO
    John OuO 2 days ago

    Siri / Google is the best

  • John OuO
    John OuO 2 days ago

    Siri / Google is the best

  • Maesag
    Maesag 2 days ago

    Just got a Samsung Ad

  • victormanx
    victormanx 2 days ago

    i would like to have GLaDOS as an asistant like siri or cortana

  • Nicholas Mckenzie
    Nicholas Mckenzie 2 days ago

    Tell Siri 108

  • Everett Flynn
    Everett Flynn 2 days ago

    Hate Siri, Bixby kinda sucks, Alexa did pretty good, but Google Assistant is my fav

  • Omar Rashad
    Omar Rashad 3 days ago

    Alex's the worst assistant

  • weabomb
    weabomb 3 days ago

    anyone know the intro song ?

  • Uzair Ali
    Uzair Ali 3 days ago

    wow i cant believe bixby could do such complex actions

  • Pranjay Shekhawat
    Pranjay Shekhawat 3 days ago


  • Tyson the G.O.A.T Fury

    Siri is the best for sure.

  • Clara Marvella
    Clara Marvella 3 days ago

    Google Assistant is the best!

  • Manoj M L
    Manoj M L 3 days ago

    Bhruuu Jarvis is the best

  • Sahil Sagar
    Sahil Sagar 3 days ago


  • Enzo Casmiri
    Enzo Casmiri 3 days ago

    yeah the google assistant. btw Marques cheated by asking Siri "how tall is Barack Obama", even then it didn't win so

  • MonoType
    MonoType 3 days ago

    _Bixby. I like my name._

  • Thomas Kaldahl
    Thomas Kaldahl 3 days ago +1

    17:37 damn I didn't know you gave your phones burn tests

  • TurtleSauceGaming
    TurtleSauceGaming 3 days ago

    samsung needs to throw in the towel on bixby. Everyone seems highly inclined to use google assistant, and they've got a LOT of work ahead to change that. It doesn't seem worth it to keep forcing their voice assistant and spending their time to improve it when all their phones come with a far superior assistant anyway. At least make those bixby buttons programable

  • Katharina Littleperson

    Google is the best although siri is the fastest

  • NightBaseTV
    NightBaseTV 3 days ago

    What's the population?
    siri: It's human population...
    Thanks... makes sense.

  • Nick Li
    Nick Li 3 days ago

    It would be nice to have a table summarizing all the results

  • Andrew Hanson
    Andrew Hanson 4 days ago

    Did anyone else hold their breath when Siri took a bit to answer the moon question?

  • Lawrence Mashiyane
    Lawrence Mashiyane 4 days ago

    LOL! Bixby

  • Akshay Nagarmat
    Akshay Nagarmat 4 days ago

    @11:45 Anyone notice 'Open the play store, search boob and install the first app' before correcting it to Uber :P

  • Matthias Ilic
    Matthias Ilic 4 days ago

    so basically google is the best

  • Prinshika Stha
    Prinshika Stha 4 days ago

    Nepali here🇳🇵😊🙏

  • Master
    Master 4 days ago

    1. Siri
    2. Google
    3. Bixby
    4. Alexa

  • Bibek Guragain
    Bibek Guragain 4 days ago

    From Nepal

    SAKURA 4 days ago

    What is the population?
    Siri: It's human population.

  • ༺ڳOpernce.ฟ༻
    ༺ڳOpernce.ฟ༻ 4 days ago +1

    Didn't realise how slow siri is.

  • viru acp
    viru acp 4 days ago

    Cortana is better than all

  • Screwed ?
    Screwed ? 4 days ago +1

    Marques: Show Me Pictures of German Shephards..
    Bixby: **Shows his Own Photos (For A few Seconds **13:33**)** ...

  • CharismaticKid
    CharismaticKid 5 days ago

    Anybody can answer what time a Home Depot closes.
    And saying how far it is to the moon is out of your budget?\
    Also also, did anyone else notice at 9:31 when he said "How tall is Barack Obama it said "Brownie" or something?

  • Nancy Wang
    Nancy Wang 5 days ago

    'whatever the price, i'm sure it's out of my budget' LMFAOOO that's not WHAT I ASKED BIXBY

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    Google and Siri were spot on, google mostly, back then bixby wasn't as good but it is now. Google was accurate but Siri was faster, moreover Alexa was good too but it wasn't as good as the others. I don't know about it as much as the other. My apologies for my lack of knowledge but this is my opinion.

  • •MY_video丂
    •MY_video丂 5 days ago

    I have asked bixby about how far is the moon and she answered

  • ansh saxena
    ansh saxena 5 days ago

    You gave seri second chance rhat's unfair

  • Jake Hoàng Anh
    Jake Hoàng Anh 5 days ago

    What about Cortana?

  • Claude Justify
    Claude Justify 5 days ago

    You should said who is the point guard of the warriors

  • Charlike Mike Reagent

    Bixby is crashing the rap battle :D :D :D

  • N3rvous Wrek
    N3rvous Wrek 5 days ago

    I only use bixby for the beats and it's mad bars

  • Adam Poniatowski
    Adam Poniatowski 6 days ago

    there's 1 missing... Cortana

  • Spikes XD
    Spikes XD 6 days ago

    I pick siri.

    CRAFTYPOPS PJ 6 days ago

    U forgot Fontana on Windows phone.

  • Fraz Titus
    Fraz Titus 6 days ago

    Hahahahahahaha bixby

  • Lydvia MSP
    Lydvia MSP 6 days ago +1

    siri is rude and knows nothing.

  • Blanka Turtleday ツ

    Sirii❤️ XDD

  • Romualds Gricmans
    Romualds Gricmans 6 days ago

    Cortana on Android

  • Muhammad Aiman
    Muhammad Aiman 6 days ago


  • Samiya Sayed
    Samiya Sayed 6 days ago

    Google assistant is very impressive 😍

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 6 days ago

    The "lol sorry cortana"

  • Eric Wong
    Eric Wong 6 days ago

    Jarvis is the bestttttt