The Voice Assistant Battle! (2017)


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  • Pshdar Rasul
    Pshdar Rasul 2 hours ago

    16:30 oooo yea Rap

  • Narayan Karki
    Narayan Karki 2 hours ago

    sir Iove

  • aesthesticals
    aesthesticals 4 hours ago

    Just give bixby time, she knows she is slow.

  • zubair jeelani
    zubair jeelani 8 hours ago +1

    Considering how long it has been since the launch of voice assistants. We have no significant improvements.

  • Jallbreak—roblox Exploit

    I like siri but it will be better if siri don’t take the full screen when you active it

  • Karina Elise
    Karina Elise 14 hours ago

    I work on the Google Assistant and this made it around the team! Just thought you might like to know. How do you like our trivia game "Are You Feeling Lucky?" We recently redesigned all the mechanics and launched it with visuals on Smart Display.

  • Bashir Solomon
    Bashir Solomon 17 hours ago

    And now we have samsung galaxy s10.. 2019 anyone👋..HI.

  • Egemen Aydos
    Egemen Aydos 20 hours ago +1

    The Google AI was suprisingly good at conversations.

  • Arsalan Gran
    Arsalan Gran 22 hours ago +1

    he asked siri twice and he mentioned obama again in the sentence
    its cheating

  • Protomorph
    Protomorph Day ago

    Just wondering why you didn't use a Google pixel device for the Google assistant?

  • Valeria Rodriguez

    CORTANA??? I miss her Microsoft should've never gave up so easily

  • Mark Herbert
    Mark Herbert Day ago

    I was really surprised when Bixby downloaded Uber.

  • Liz
    Liz Day ago


  • Liz
    Liz Day ago

    wait Alexa is a brand of phone?

  • Code Orion
    Code Orion 2 days ago

    Google Assistant for sure. She knows how to have fun.

  • kingschorr
    kingschorr 3 days ago

    16:28 Bixby was the best rapper lol

  • The The
    The The 3 days ago

    9:31 you can't do that!!!!!! You are only allowed to say "How tall is he?" YOU CANNOT REPEAT THIS QUESTION!!!!

  • duffy the duff
    duffy the duff 4 days ago

    9:52 Siri got there instead of Their so thats why it failed the question and upcoming one, although its kind of its fault because their was clearly said.

  • Patel Ashwin
    Patel Ashwin 5 days ago +1

    Siri and Google asistance

  • Blocko
    Blocko 6 days ago +1

    Aww that's hot, that's hot.

  • reed
    reed 6 days ago +1

    Lmao to Bixby wins the rap battle. 😂

  • Sachin T Magar
    Sachin T Magar 6 days ago

    love from nepal bro... 🇳🇵❤️

  • Fasty35
    Fasty35 6 days ago

    *UH IS 6 1*

  • Martin Tho 003
    Martin Tho 003 6 days ago

    Well bixby is young and not ready
    All the others are more older

  • Sparkle Cat
    Sparkle Cat 6 days ago

    I think Google Assistant gave me the same result when I once asked her for a poem because I was into Doki Doki Literature Club

  • tommy bakes
    tommy bakes 6 days ago

    cortana: hey i exist too y'know

  • Roman kusmiy
    Roman kusmiy 8 days ago

    I have the google pixel 3xl in 2019 and ever question he asked works now

  • tahira haroon
    tahira haroon 8 days ago

    Bixby is the best

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze 9 days ago

    And for the Google "Rapping" - had you tried one more time, you'd get a real rap.

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze 9 days ago

    Filthy cheater: At 9:25 Siri FAILED the continued conversation on the "How tall is he" question. You can't mark it as correct as the question "How tall is Barack Obama" is a confined question completely unrelated to the question "Who is the 44th president".

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze 9 days ago

    I like how Google taught you how to pronounce Nepal, and that you corrected yourself on the second try when speaking to Alexa

  • Calum Smith
    Calum Smith 9 days ago

    So basically:
    Google- a nerd that Payed attention in school and is a solo player with a low sense of humour but Tries their best.
    Siri- a sarcastic person who knows some of their stuff but just can’t connect their conversations well 😂
    Alexa- Tries their best by their self to be a cool kid with a good sense of humour with their dad jokes. They like to have their drink now and again.
    Bixby- an alcoholic drinker who is good fun at party’s and can be helpful when sober. 😂

  • nation of bakchodi
    nation of bakchodi 10 days ago

    Sir is much faster thn goggle m shocked 😲

  • ImOkayItsJustAnAddiction _


  • Luffy
    Luffy 10 days ago

    I have both google and bixby on my phone...what can I wish for more than that ... I'm BLESSED

  • Alex Walters
    Alex Walters 11 days ago

    Google is the Best of all

  • Lukyamuzi Stephen
    Lukyamuzi Stephen 12 days ago +4

    Bixby nailed it with the raps, and beats too🙄😂

  • TheRealBandito
    TheRealBandito 12 days ago

    Voice assistants are useless as fuck 😂

  • Captain Rapid
    Captain Rapid 12 days ago


  • Venom _Yt
    Venom _Yt 13 days ago

    Mark ass brownie

  • daffa sima
    daffa sima 14 days ago

    yhhhaaaaa, markass brownlee

  • ashvin p benny
    ashvin p benny 14 days ago

    Google is a search engine and obviously google assistant should answer everything from the web more accurately. But as a sense of virtual assistant of your phone bixby can be the best i think. Bixby can do simple and basic operations in the phone as swiping the screen clearing notifications and so on. But google assistant and siri doesn't really do it. So my vote as my phone's assistant goes the BIXBY.

  • Thanos isHere
    Thanos isHere 14 days ago

    Wheres cortana?!

  • Yaritza Acevedo
    Yaritza Acevedo 15 days ago

    Markass Brownlee!

  • Sebastian Montalban
    Sebastian Montalban 15 days ago

    Marques Can you make an update about how this has improved and if there is a new king or queen of the AI assistants?

  • brandon :D
    brandon :D 15 days ago

    Seguro se los robo :v
    (Ok no)

  • Mariam M
    Mariam M 15 days ago

    16:32 This is gold 😂

  • Dipson Dawadi the commedy king

    Than you for invloving nepal in the questions

  • バロ吉
    バロ吉 16 days ago

    2019 plz

  • Quirktart
    Quirktart 16 days ago

    9:36 no. Doesn't count. You should've started again. You said the name Barack Obama unlike the rest.

  • 朝日
    朝日 16 days ago

    Your editing is bomb!

  • sam rulz
    sam rulz 16 days ago

    Alexa is a bitch

  • Mikabebis 17
    Mikabebis 17 16 days ago

    bixby vs google assistant vs cortana vs alexa vs sira vs samsungs old tablet assistant

  • Hope Michiels
    Hope Michiels 17 days ago

    Alexa go home... you're drunk

  • baby
    baby 17 days ago

    bixby is so cute ♡

  • Online
    Online 17 days ago

    0:16 no its not
    Its Mark Ass*

  • Mohamed Dahab
    Mohamed Dahab 17 days ago

    Thank you, great job 💚💚

  • Xefex
    Xefex 17 days ago

    even though i like android its really hard to actually chose the best ai because the all have their own specialities.

  • Ramit _
    Ramit _ 17 days ago

    Do this now. Let's see how is it different from almost 2 years ago.

  • Josè Antônío
    Josè Antônío 18 days ago

    Cortana does it nicer than bixby and alexa..

  • Kensley Innocent
    Kensley Innocent 18 days ago

    Open the camera and take a selfie actually work for me

  • psychomaniac189
    psychomaniac189 18 days ago

    imo google failed the home depo question

  • Aneil Kiisaa
    Aneil Kiisaa 18 days ago

    I’m from Nepal 🇳🇵

  • Martin Mburu
    Martin Mburu 18 days ago

    He is hot lol🙂🦄

  • sama ali
    sama ali 18 days ago

    Goggle assistance is really sense able and good

  • JuggleBoy
    JuggleBoy 19 days ago

    You said that you asked all ai's the same questions. Well at 3:20 you said something else

  • ohmkar vishal
    ohmkar vishal 20 days ago

    You asked Siri the wrong question. Instead of how tall is he. You asked how tall is Barack Obama

  • Edgez
    Edgez 20 days ago

    If you ask those questions to bixby today. They will all be right:)

  • anonymous tech
    anonymous tech 20 days ago

    Bhai menay koi meray channel ko b visit kar lo agar acha lagay tou subscribe kar do itni effort karta hun lekin subscribers he nahi a rahay plzz subscribe kar do or meray liyay dua kar do.

  • Ethan Heathers
    Ethan Heathers 20 days ago

    It taught him how to say Nepal 😂

    SMOKING EMPIRE 22 days ago

    bro did you really forget about cortana??

  • Manish Adhikari
    Manish Adhikari 22 days ago

    Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵

  • Jacob Weingarten
    Jacob Weingarten 22 days ago

    In my opinion its google

  • Carmelo Ibarreta
    Carmelo Ibarreta 22 days ago

    Google Assistant

  • humphrey jones
    humphrey jones 22 days ago

    Bixby CRUSHED IT with that beat yooooo!!!!!!!

  • rozz ocampo
    rozz ocampo 23 days ago


  • Wolf Pack Games
    Wolf Pack Games 23 days ago

    My Alexa did the stock price for tesla

  • Wilfred De la Cruz
    Wilfred De la Cruz 23 days ago

    This is legit. Ask google assistant "Give me a riddle" and she'll give you a riddle with a little bit of tour. Unless you say stop it will stop cause it will take you forever.

  • MaximilianMus' soldier
    MaximilianMus' soldier 23 days ago +1

    C o r t a n a

  • Time Traveller
    Time Traveller 24 days ago

    who tf uses the male voice on siri

  • Rupayan Tudu
    Rupayan Tudu 24 days ago

    Google assistant is superb.

  • Yahia Ramy
    Yahia Ramy 24 days ago


  • Frightwalker
    Frightwalker 24 days ago

    You kinda cheated it with siri

  • Isaac Bird
    Isaac Bird 24 days ago

    u forgot cortana

  • Raspberry Tech
    Raspberry Tech 24 days ago

    siri is dang fast compared to the others

  • Todd Slushy
    Todd Slushy 25 days ago

    Alexa is a joke 😂

  • Hey 0_0
    Hey 0_0 25 days ago +1

    Oh is this Mark Ass Brownie from TVclip Rewind 2018 😂
    👋🏻 Hello! 🤣

  • Miron Playz
    Miron Playz 25 days ago

    Who is their point guard? "Sorry idk that." How tall is he? *Barrack Obama's height is 6 ft and 1 inch*

  • Miłosz Kowalski
    Miłosz Kowalski 25 days ago

    7:10 how? it answered right lol

  • BlaZe Electro
    BlaZe Electro 25 days ago

    Hi Mark Ass

  • G. Oliver
    G. Oliver 26 days ago


  • Dan Kevin
    Dan Kevin 26 days ago

    Yep google assistant and siri won haha

  • badfeminist
    badfeminist 26 days ago

    Do an updated version of this please! It’s really hard to find anything comparing voice assistants with Bixby 2.0

  • Kitty Jewel
    Kitty Jewel 26 days ago


  • Hassan Menhal
    Hassan Menhal 26 days ago

    This guy have subscribers more than justin timberlank cool 😎

  • Tenderonies
    Tenderonies 26 days ago

    9:37 that's cheating

  • Alex wbzz
    Alex wbzz 26 days ago


  • Wery
    Wery 26 days ago

    Which phone do you use Marques?

  • Ankit Poudel
    Ankit Poudel 26 days ago

    I am watching from Nepal
    And i was kinda surprised when I suddenly heard you asking about capital of Nepal 🇳🇵

  • ehsan ebrahimi hossein abadi

    but what about Cortana??