The Voice Assistant Battle! (2017)

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
  • Siri vs Google Assistant vs Bixby Voice vs Amazon Alexa.
    Original Siri vs Google:
    Video Gear I use:
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  • nick a
    nick a Hour ago +1

    Actually if wanna ask another question to bixby from the previous questions's topic, you shouldn't tap on the bixby button because it refreshes the search. Wait for a sec then it ll automatically continue the conversation..

  • Sandip Subedi
    Sandip Subedi Day ago

    Hmm he said nepal.....
    That is cool

  • Jahurul Islam
    Jahurul Islam Day ago


  • Earnly Online
    Earnly Online 3 days ago +1

    6:16 you told Nepal and that's a great moment for us. thanks Marques

  • Decent Khongstia
    Decent Khongstia 3 days ago

    Google Assistant

  • PrithVi Raj
    PrithVi Raj 4 days ago +1

    JarVis&Friday- lmao 😂 noobs!

  • Chriscraft6190
    Chriscraft6190 5 days ago +1

    “mark ass brownly”

  • praveen jayakumar
    praveen jayakumar 6 days ago +1

    For google assistant,it does take a selfie when you say ‘ take a selfie’.

  • Toxic SK
    Toxic SK 6 days ago

    I glad he mentioned Nepal ♥️

  • The Kings
    The Kings 6 days ago

    U bitch you asked Siri difrent things

  • Hannah F
    Hannah F 8 days ago

    All I can think of is Clive Bixby, Phil’s awkward alter ego in Modern Family

  • Fasih Mosharraf
    Fasih Mosharraf 8 days ago +1

    Google is doing great 😅

  • RyanCanuck
    RyanCanuck 9 days ago

    He should've just said download Uber for Google Assistant, works for me.

  • RyanCanuck
    RyanCanuck 9 days ago

    Siri cheated for how tall is Barack Obama

  • Okt
    Okt 9 days ago

    Ok, so Google assistant just destroyed every competition again...

  • Bodhisatwa Roy
    Bodhisatwa Roy 9 days ago

    Why no cortana ?

  • Sosanation
    Sosanation 9 days ago

    2019 pls.

  • Abhishek Mallick
    Abhishek Mallick 10 days ago +1

    We want 2019 edition of this video

  • Navin Gharti
    Navin Gharti 10 days ago +3

    Feeling Grateful.
    MKBHD knows Nepal. Thanks

  • Vaishnavi Kumari
    Vaishnavi Kumari 10 days ago

    Alexa was the worst and google was the best

  • Extra Toast
    Extra Toast 10 days ago

    9:35 he elaborated

  • Vicente T Lopez G
    Vicente T Lopez G 11 days ago

    Everybody gangsta until Bixby start rapping

  • voxdotcum
    voxdotcum 11 days ago

    I showed this video to my bixby now I'm looked down in the basement

  • kanceri iz dacije
    kanceri iz dacije 13 days ago

    We see that you hate bixby. And that you are a siri and alexa fan.

  • CyclingLand
    CyclingLand 13 days ago

    Would like to see this video again with how far ai has come now

  • Kiarash Maleki
    Kiarash Maleki 14 days ago

    Damn Bixby nailed them on raping

  • Anthony Bane
    Anthony Bane 14 days ago

    Who pronounces Nepal like that? xD

  • Khaled Masri
    Khaled Masri 14 days ago

    9:33 that wasnt fair. you asked siri how tall is obama when he didnt answer how tall is he

  • Nithesh Kalyan gorja
    Nithesh Kalyan gorja 15 days ago

    RIP Cortana

  • Crashy Games
    Crashy Games 15 days ago

    The Best is Google Assistant and Siri

  • Win Tutorials
    Win Tutorials 15 days ago

    Bixby looks like a copy from siri

    • Alex 2017
      Alex 2017 13 days ago

      That feeling when a copy is better than original...

  • The Master of Science and Invention

    Marques: Alexa, open Instagram
    Alexa: ...

    Marques: OpEn PlAyStOrE, SeArCh UbEr, AnD InStAll ThE fIrSt ApP

  • Henry Aheisibwe
    Henry Aheisibwe 16 days ago

    siri performed as bixby in the followup questions

  • Katam Karthik
    Katam Karthik 16 days ago

    UK Google Assistant can rap

  • Masterboy SKS
    Masterboy SKS 16 days ago


  • AkaCr4zy
    AkaCr4zy 16 days ago

    ǝᴉuʍoɹq ssɐ ʞɹɐɯ

  • todi997 Safady
    todi997 Safady 16 days ago

    9:27 that's a siri failure.....

  • Ali Abdul-Kareem
    Ali Abdul-Kareem 17 days ago

    Google assistant is just the best

  • Steven Savoie
    Steven Savoie 17 days ago

    Bixby totally won the rap battle. I wouldn't say she was trying too hard, but rather gave a good effort (despite unnecessary echoes and what not). The others definitely lacked effort.

  • ted lorax
    ted lorax 18 days ago

    bixby the best rap

  • Roxtar Amir
    Roxtar Amir 18 days ago

    Cortana has left the chat.

  • Destroyer007
    Destroyer007 19 days ago

    make 2019. I'd bixby improved considerably but still doesn't understand much

  • Ayo GG!
    Ayo GG! 19 days ago

    Bixby it's adorable xd

    KOMAR ART 19 days ago

    Bixby is special ed asf

  • Brawl Stars Gameplay
    Brawl Stars Gameplay 19 days ago

    I think Google won, Ans I think that Siri Is trash, Just sounds so bad...

  • TenToTu
    TenToTu 19 days ago +1

    9:24 That's cheating

  • Squidkid
    Squidkid 20 days ago

    bixby's rap = LIT
    google assistant rap=bruh
    siri=cringey af
    alexa= you tried that what matters

  • salim mohammed
    salim mohammed 21 day ago

    When I asked Siri couldn’t answer the time but it could answer the population

  • John Lester
    John Lester 21 day ago

    he assist siri to get the rigth answer hahaha

  • Jacob Deutscher
    Jacob Deutscher 21 day ago

    Siri is just the best and most refined

  • Svetozar Linkovski
    Svetozar Linkovski 21 day ago

    markass brownie

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 21 day ago

    what about cortana?

  • Raihan Ahamad
    Raihan Ahamad 22 days ago

    If you say "Let's take a selfie"
    It will do so for you
    You may try "Its selfie time"

  • William Font
    William Font 22 days ago +1

    am I the only one who thinks google assistant should be tested on a Pixel?

  • Abdullah Enes
    Abdullah Enes 22 days ago +1

    Do a 2019 version pls :)

  • tech world عالم التقنية

    Looks like Google Assistant is scared from marques

  • Ian Tembo
    Ian Tembo 23 days ago

    I'd pick Google. I have Google. I was rooting for Google 😂. But the Bixby impressed me with the opening apps and carrying out tasks. Google assistant can't do that. I've tried..

  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT 23 days ago

    Bixby is kinda cute because it's trying but it's so terrible

  • khaled al zoabi
    khaled al zoabi 24 days ago +3

    Marquez: wake me up tomorrow at 7:30
    Bixby: I've set the alarm for *7:30 PM* 🤣🤣

  • For You
    For You 25 days ago

    I was like 😯😯
    When he asked what is the capital city of nepal..👌👌