Making Things APPEAR By DESTROYING Them!

  • Published on Oct 24, 2018
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    So we found a PERSON WHO SUPPLIES INVISIBLE ITEMS! WE BOUGHT TONS OF INVISIBLE STUFF! We realized they were magical fruits and we could make them appear buy causing a bit of mayhem!
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  • REKT
    REKT  10 months ago +444

    Do You Want To See More INVISIBLE STUFF?

  • Rose Lovely
    Rose Lovely 15 days ago

    Gunner: These are some sick cards
    Me: Pokèmon cards the sickest cards there are

  • skiddz stone
    skiddz stone 22 days ago

    if they were invisible, then why couldn't i see ur hands behind them

  • The odd TRASH CAN
    The odd TRASH CAN Month ago

    I can’t enjoy this when the editing is so bad

  • walter mcdermott
    walter mcdermott 2 months ago

    if your watchin in 2019 why is the INVISIBLE fruit making EVERYTHING INVISIBLE like when someone holds it it cuts off their hand

  • Chelsea Bryce
    Chelsea Bryce 2 months ago

    What was that last thing?!

  • Merve Küçükköse
    Merve Küçükköse 3 months ago

    I’m laughing my eyes off 10:41🤣🤣🤣

  • SweetieMAC9781 :D
    SweetieMAC9781 :D 3 months ago

    gunner : hey connor you wanna *see* this *invisible* apple?

  • Tanner Kendall
    Tanner Kendall 5 months ago

    Hey guys I play island and forest in magic The gathering I am pretty good at it

  • Hon3yBunny
    Hon3yBunny 5 months ago

    Y'all need to use invisible weapons

  • Dapper Husky
    Dapper Husky 5 months ago


  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow 6 months ago

    I ended up on the wrong side of TVclip again.

  • Antonio Rebollo
    Antonio Rebollo 6 months ago

    How can we see them when it is invisible

  • Carole Trosley
    Carole Trosley 6 months ago

    Did you guys just paint it green

  • The snowy Brick
    The snowy Brick 6 months ago

    It’s green screened

  • Jojo Love
    Jojo Love 6 months ago

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. People asking I this was real..... of course it’s real.

  • zurzu 007
    zurzu 007 7 months ago

    Did thay paint the fruits green

  • Lina sartawi
    Lina sartawi 7 months ago

    The invisible fruit are a green screen

  • TraceTheBase
    TraceTheBase 7 months ago

    Four words GREEN SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TTV LTK__Jayden_
    TTV LTK__Jayden_ 7 months ago


  • Decs Rowand
    Decs Rowand 7 months ago

    I'm not a doofus it's the green screen

  • Jelly Mark
    Jelly Mark 7 months ago

    People actually got mad at this..? Jeez

  • George Mayo
    George Mayo 8 months ago

    Oh wow its green

  • unicorndiysandmore
    unicorndiysandmore 8 months ago

    9:53 u forgot to green screen gunners hand out to make it truly invisible 😂😂😂😂 this vid made my day thank you rekt

  • Michael Nienaber
    Michael Nienaber 8 months ago


  • Star Wars Info
    Star Wars Info 8 months ago

    Pat is so gullible omg that hurt me. Either that or he's insane at acting

    • CurryKingWurst
      CurryKingWurst 8 months ago

      You don't have to be "insane at acting" to act that out.

    • Star Wars Info
      Star Wars Info 8 months ago

      And Conner is such a fun buzzkill

  • jonathan bresee
    jonathan bresee 8 months ago

    abraca fake

  • jonathan bresee
    jonathan bresee 8 months ago


  • jonathan bresee
    jonathan bresee 8 months ago

    avada cadabra

  • jonathan bresee
    jonathan bresee 8 months ago


  • jonathan bresee
    jonathan bresee 8 months ago

    greenscreen on the fruit fake

  • Sofia Romano
    Sofia Romano 8 months ago

    At first I really believed the fruits were invisible!! Lol it looked to real

  • Seth Littel
    Seth Littel 9 months ago

    Green screen

  • Jelix Clips
    Jelix Clips 9 months ago

    When Connor said “what is this, the walking dead” quite obviously talking about negan I stopped and got mad for a sec. I havnt been able to watch an episode after he did what he did in the first episode or too with him in it🤧

  • The Purple Butterfly
    The Purple Butterfly 9 months ago

    What in the actual hell did I just watch and why am I still laughing 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this was actual weirdly awesome.. You guys are the best😊😊😊😊

  • The Unicorn Ricicle
    The Unicorn Ricicle 9 months ago

    Omg so fake

  • Matt Hoskin
    Matt Hoskin 9 months ago

    nice green screens! where can I get one???

  • Alexandra Simpson
    Alexandra Simpson 9 months ago

    Dope my dudes

  • Stanislav sekacov
    Stanislav sekacov 9 months ago

    man these are getting boring, its just the same stuff over and over -_-

  • David Agudo
    David Agudo 9 months ago

    I miss playing with Magic Cards... my mom burned them

  • Bri Vazquez
    Bri Vazquez 9 months ago

    So like did they pay for green fruit or just used fruit that’s naturally green?

    • CurryKingWurst
      CurryKingWurst 8 months ago

      They bought normal fruit, painted them in one specific color (wouldn't have to be green, just some colour that isn't anywhere in the background) and chroma-keyed that one colour out.

  • babyem
    babyem 9 months ago

    The beginning almost made me pee 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ree yee
    ree yee 9 months ago

    Wow it's invisible! *Dabs*

  • John Crutchfield
    John Crutchfield 9 months ago

    F to pay respects for pat after the amount of editing required for this video

  • Your Excellency
    Your Excellency 9 months ago

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I got clickbaited, and so did you.
    Yeeaahhh, uh, sorry REKT I had to say it, but I didn't come up with this, I stole it from a comment for an entirely different video.

  • Jessica Rollins
    Jessica Rollins 9 months ago

    Youbuy the invisabke fruit at the gorcery store lol

  • McKenna Aurore
    McKenna Aurore 9 months ago

    Tanner was me when I was carving pumpkins and opened one with bugs in it. 😱10:40

  • Star Wars Fan
    Star Wars Fan 9 months ago +1

    It’s green screen man does whatever a green screen can

  • Campbell Herring
    Campbell Herring 9 months ago

    When gunner had short hair he looked like logic

  • Miranda Mauck
    Miranda Mauck 9 months ago

    Gotta love green screen

  • Miranda Mauck
    Miranda Mauck 9 months ago

    You should do more slow-mos in the video

  • Declan Draper
    Declan Draper 9 months ago

    They only used green fruit for the greenscreen

  • DJ gamer Boi
    DJ gamer Boi 9 months ago

    I bet this was just an excuse to smash fruit for fun

  • TacoTuesday 35
    TacoTuesday 35 9 months ago

    It’s obviously edited, but still satisfying😁

  • Caden Kasian
    Caden Kasian 9 months ago

    It is fake

    • Caden Kasian
      Caden Kasian 3 months ago

      Who you calling idiot your channel sucks more than TVclip‘s 2018 rewind

    • TheMangledTriangle
      TheMangledTriangle 9 months ago

      It's a green screen idiot

  • Amber Stanclift
    Amber Stanclift 9 months ago +1

    REKT? where are you?

  • Marco Ramirez
    Marco Ramirez 9 months ago

    Are the Fruit painted green? Or wrapped in green?

  • CDilly 75
    CDilly 75 9 months ago

    Green screen fruits

  • Abbie_ 2048
    Abbie_ 2048 9 months ago


  • Abagayle DeBuck-Earl
    Abagayle DeBuck-Earl 9 months ago +1

    When are y'all gonna upload again. It's been two weeks💔😭

  • Peingun Dude47
    Peingun Dude47 9 months ago

    i just wanna say this really annoys me that you would just lie and use a green screen and say its "invisible" because there is nothing that exists that is invisible.
    i just get so mad when somethings clearly fake and they say "its totally not fake" and like 2 year olds are like "oh my god thats so cool". like its clearly can literally see the green screen too. how the fruit is like lit p a little bit.

  • Alex Lascano
    Alex Lascano 9 months ago

    you edited them out

  • sureena murray
    sureena murray 9 months ago

    It's a green sheet

  • simple person
    simple person 9 months ago

    Green screen

  • Savvy J
    Savvy J 9 months ago

    Connor ruined it lol

  • Caleb
    Caleb 9 months ago

    so many packs of cards

  • Slade Mcclurg
    Slade Mcclurg 9 months ago +2

    What happened to Rekt? Haven't seen em make a video for 2 weeks now

  • Khye Stanfield
    Khye Stanfield 9 months ago

    its a green screen on it all of the fruit

  • EntityLvr
    EntityLvr 9 months ago

    CONNOR!!!! ....oh he's not here.

  • nureryna sofia
    nureryna sofia 9 months ago

    Green screen

  • Liza.Z 210
    Liza.Z 210 9 months ago

    Woop woop woww

  • boot gang clan
    boot gang clan 9 months ago

    there painted green and they made it see throw

  • Grotto Bear
    Grotto Bear 9 months ago

    Tomorrow is 2 weeks since last upload. Y'all got some time off for 1 mill?

  • Amsay Vloging
    Amsay Vloging 9 months ago

    I can see invisible nes

  • Brittany Ananas
    Brittany Ananas 9 months ago

    Omg Tanner 💕💕💕💕 I love you