• Published on Jan 27, 2016
    Firstly I'd like to thank Tony Hawk for making this whole thing happen. I hope we raise a tonne of cash for sufferers and families affected by muscle wasting conditions. Thank you so much, Tony, I had a lot of fun making this video.
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    More information can be found on the charity and how the money helps those affected by these diseases at:
    Thank you to Creative Skate Store for donating a board I could actually use!
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    My name is Mike Boyd and I make videos documenting my process of learning stuff really fast! Subscribe for more upcoming videos and feel free to tell me what you'd like me to learn next in the comments.
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  • xFormulaCS
    xFormulaCS 4 hours ago

    sad thing is he is giving a skateboard to a charity for people with muscular issues maybe they cant move at all. didnt think there did ya bud?

  • Jackson Vanstrom

    Inspired me to learn to heelflip...thank you

  • CorkCityOasis
    CorkCityOasis 4 days ago

    You've started now, might as well continue skateboarding

  • Russell Kerr
    Russell Kerr 5 days ago

    I’m Scottish two

  • BeastMode 28
    BeastMode 28 6 days ago

    I can't believe he heel flipped and landed primo at the end

  • Walker Owens
    Walker Owens 7 days ago

    Anyone notice that the first time he did pretty good was 4 hours and 20 minutes

  • נרי זאבי אדלר

    so easy

  • milo piva
    milo piva 9 days ago

    its easier if you wear the right shoes

  • Ian Bee
    Ian Bee 10 days ago

    It took me 5 months to heelflip but about 5 days to kickflip

  • Darius Srouji
    Darius Srouji 12 days ago

    Aye! Dope video fam😁🔥🔥😄

  • fleetato
    fleetato 15 days ago

    mike’s reaction to landing primo was priceless lmao

  • Nicholas Inman
    Nicholas Inman 17 days ago

    His right arm

  • Saiyan Blood
    Saiyan Blood 20 days ago +1

    Skateboarding that for mah dick

  • Rene Garcia
    Rene Garcia 21 day ago +1

    Get a victory Royal on fortnite

  • Anonymous Idiot
    Anonymous Idiot 22 days ago

    Learn 360 flips

  • Fernando Vélez
    Fernando Vélez 22 days ago

    0:47 u look like a dying racoon with siphilis

  • Pokie
    Pokie 22 days ago

    Dude, huge props for keeping trying despite a rolled ankle, if it were me I'd quit immediately. Displaced my arm last year trying to learn a trick (the bloody thing pops out of the socket yearly) and never touched the skateboard since lol

  • Jason Shaulov
    Jason Shaulov 22 days ago

    Learn varial kickflips

  • Rectrix Gaming
    Rectrix Gaming 23 days ago

    3:51 there is a guy staring at him lmao

  • Trolling Peeps
    Trolling Peeps 23 days ago

    Do em tricks while riding puss

  • Kill Metal
    Kill Metal 26 days ago

    Learn bulgarian languadge

  • Jakub Kozubek
    Jakub Kozubek 29 days ago

    4:57 play this in 0.25 speed

  • Devante S
    Devante S 29 days ago

    Thats wasnt a land i know u could do better shouldn't have stop the timer

  • Thijs van Gisbergen

    wow primo landing, you could have stayed on there mate, you don't know how precious that moment was hahaaha like 1 in a trillion chance at the least for the time you have skateboarded. such a waste aaaaahahhahaha it actually hurts me, its pretty easy to just turn the board from primo stand (board on it's side) to the regular board stance, so you could have landed a very high advanced trick but you let it go man, you let it go. Now you'll have to do that again

  • Thijs van Gisbergen

    4:59 hey mike that exactly what happened to me yesterday my inferior extensor retinaculum has been strained to be specific

  • robert ramey
    robert ramey Month ago

    next up, hardflip xD

  • Pseu
    Pseu Month ago

    I am genuinely impressed with this video. I know it’s old, but I’ve only just recently started watching your channel. I’ve been skating for little over two years and it took me quite a while before I landed my first heelflip, and I still can’t do it rolling. Albeit, I wasn’t has persistent as you, but you might have some luck if you’ve ever considered skateboarding a hobby.

  • Mehrzod Hasan
    Mehrzod Hasan Month ago

    did anyone see the guy spying on Mike on right at 3:51

  • Mehrzod Hasan
    Mehrzod Hasan Month ago

    did anyone see the guy spying on Mike at 3:57

  • Laurits Campostrini

    Lmao doesnt count it wasnt clean

  • jam choi
    jam choi Month ago

    what wrist guards are you using?

  • Dodo Flexy
    Dodo Flexy Month ago


  • Dodo Flexy
    Dodo Flexy Month ago


  • Miguel Go
    Miguel Go Month ago

    why don't you try finger boarding this time

  • andy azlan
    andy azlan Month ago


  • andy azlan
    andy azlan Month ago

    Mike boyd plz plz plz plz plz learn to freeline skate

  • D Michetti
    D Michetti Month ago

    Mike: does a kickflip
    Gets sponsored by Tony hawk lol

  • Javier Sds
    Javier Sds Month ago +1

    I have a suggestion for a video: learning to drop from the edge on a vert ramp at a skatepark.

  • Deek Man
    Deek Man Month ago

    The song at 5:30 is the song I'm using for my comouter project lmgao

  • Ben Ja Min
    Ben Ja Min Month ago

    Get better skate shoes it'll make it easier

  • Ian Bee
    Ian Bee Month ago

    Geez, I can’t even heel for two months, this guy lands almost first try? What is this sourcery?

  • TuxedoCreeper ツ
    TuxedoCreeper ツ Month ago +1

    4:15 sync

  • David Tv
    David Tv Month ago

    Do a hardflip pls

  • Rekt Minecraft boi
    Rekt Minecraft boi Month ago

    You should become a skateboard channel primarily bc dood you're a natural

  • Abigail Bulaong
    Abigail Bulaong Month ago

    At 3:50 there is a guy peeping

  • Josh Peña
    Josh Peña Month ago

    He kicks his left foot out too much making him loose balance

  • Matthew Abel
    Matthew Abel Month ago

    I love that feeling in skateboarding at 6:29. When you are so excited but don't want people to know until you just can't keep it in any more

  • Jedimani
    Jedimani Month ago


  • S pook
    S pook Month ago +1

    All the add revenue is going towards a charity? Too bad the bot demonetized it :(

  • Mika Goovaerts
    Mika Goovaerts Month ago

    It took me less than an hour

  • Cesar Durocher
    Cesar Durocher Month ago

    360 flip now ?

  • //Royal_ Riot//
    //Royal_ Riot// Month ago

    3:17. I don’t know how he got away with that! Neither of English notes look anything like Australian noted

  • CurtRockz
    CurtRockz 2 months ago

    Mike: ahh i think this could be easy
    Me: Nani!!!
    You will get KARMA

  • Orin Bartlett
    Orin Bartlett 2 months ago

    who the fuck is this creepy mother fucker at 3:51

  • Kool Aid
    Kool Aid 2 months ago

    He almost hit his balls three times 😆 😆 😆 😆 😝

  • sarah prettejohn
    sarah prettejohn 2 months ago

    You should skate for real youd b good

  • Rusty x
    Rusty x 2 months ago

    You're a national treasure of Scotland.

  • Patrick O'Donnell
    Patrick O'Donnell 2 months ago

    The first one was not a make.

  • Plubbb0
    Plubbb0 2 months ago

    U should learn to one foot manual a skateboard next!

  • Kieran LittleTA
    Kieran LittleTA 2 months ago

    Sick video, I made a response to this

  • C.O.C Dexar
    C.O.C Dexar 2 months ago +1

    Who will progress faster? Lance from *braille* or Mike Boyd. 😮

  • Kellen Frias
    Kellen Frias 2 months ago

    Mike didn’t fully land it, he stepped off right after since he was unbalanced

  • FlickGames PH
    FlickGames PH 2 months ago

    This guy deserves even more subs.

  • Oskeer
    Oskeer 2 months ago

    I like you

  • Joel Uppal
    Joel Uppal 2 months ago

    Do a video dropping in on a vert ramp

  • Galactic Gamerpro
    Galactic Gamerpro 2 months ago

    Someone was watching you at 3:49

  • Skate4Life
    Skate4Life 2 months ago

    haha the last one when you didn't realise you're rodney mullen xD

  • LuckyBunz
    LuckyBunz 2 months ago

    My greatest weakness is switch heelflips

  • vurous gamingXD
    vurous gamingXD 2 months ago

    im so sorry but i laugh so hard when he almost broke his ankle because of his reaction to it sorry

  • idc about yt
    idc about yt 2 months ago

    You had the same problem as me while trying to heelflip. My frontfoot would always miss the board. What I did to fix it is I made my back foot fall off or miss the board and make my front foot land in the board.

  • Reaction Lists
    Reaction Lists 2 months ago

    I feel so bad for your BALLS man...

  • IanisVas 67
    IanisVas 67 2 months ago

    At 3:51 I think that in that corner is Tony

  • Ryan Varcoe
    Ryan Varcoe 2 months ago

    u did it at 2:58 then slipped out from under u

  • Big Sexy
    Big Sexy 2 months ago

    I wish you'd roll when learning Skateboarding tricks

  • Ryan Baudisch
    Ryan Baudisch 2 months ago

    Pro tip: if you have fear of anything, take a deep breath and say fuck it

  • NANI??!!
    NANI??!! 2 months ago

    But my question is : do you still have balls?.? ( not offensive )

  • NotSoProGamer XDDD
    NotSoProGamer XDDD 2 months ago

    You’re Australian?

  • Tiago menezes
    Tiago menezes 2 months ago

    I learn hell first 😂

  • Rocco Sirianni
    Rocco Sirianni 2 months ago +1

    Is it just me or it looks like he is doing a kick flip

  • Noahscape
    Noahscape 2 months ago

    3:40 looks like a fuckin gimp

  • John Redcorn
    John Redcorn 2 months ago

    The soul crushing part is that none of these tricks really even count if you don't perform them moving and roll away.

  • Skulllock Power
    Skulllock Power 2 months ago

    Funny how he almost lands the board at 4 20

  • PsychoCow101
    PsychoCow101 2 months ago +1

    my man, are you Australian??
    if you are you F**king legend

  • Gamer Pro
    Gamer Pro 2 months ago

    Do u have to put the most annoying music?

  • Gr8er10u
    Gr8er10u 2 months ago +1

    Where is your helmet

  • Fossilwaif00
    Fossilwaif00 2 months ago

    Do 360 flips

  • Konstantin Savin
    Konstantin Savin 2 months ago

    Let's just take a moment to appreciate the huge support of his girlfriend(or wife, idk). You just feel that she is there for Mike and that's just beatiful. You are a very lucky guy, Mike

  • Jullian Bacsal
    Jullian Bacsal 2 months ago

    4:58 rip your ankle

  • Flying Pancakes
    Flying Pancakes 2 months ago

    3:50 anyone else notice that creep

    DIGGERS 2 months ago

    Cuz live in aus?

    OMEGAPOCALYPSE 3 months ago

    would you rather
    background music

  • Christian Bisgaard
    Christian Bisgaard 3 months ago

    I just watched a ad, which means Im a good person.
    And why the fuck is PUBP on mobile now that's just dumb

  • T M
    T M 3 months ago

    Learn a tre flip

  • e. spoon
    e. spoon 3 months ago

    you look like Charles Boyle from Brooklyn nine-nine

  • Putra P
    Putra P 3 months ago

    try to challenge lance from braillie skateboard pls that awsome

  • Astro Gamer13
    Astro Gamer13 3 months ago

    at 4:58 look at his ankle at 0.25x speed....ouch...

    LEMONDODJ !!! 3 months ago

    Does he live in Australia?

  • RillDoge
    RillDoge 3 months ago

    You handed over an Australian $5 note at 5:13, but you live in England or something?

  • Alex Bevan
    Alex Bevan 3 months ago

    How much abuse did that board take? Also this Chanel is amazing

  • Karen McIntosh
    Karen McIntosh 3 months ago

    he could have landed it easily if he just jumps forward a little bit