• Published on Jan 27, 2016
    Firstly I'd like to thank Tony Hawk for making this whole thing happen. I hope we raise a tonne of cash for sufferers and families affected by muscle wasting conditions. Thank you so much, Tony, I had a lot of fun making this video.
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    Thank you to Creative Skate Store for donating a board I could actually use!
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Comments • 2 792

  • Glenn Bortels
    Glenn Bortels Day ago

    Every 4 minutes a try???? Wtf

  • Gemma-Ann Strydom

    3:51 random guy

  • _/LightPalidin \_
    _/LightPalidin \_ 3 days ago

    What a Trooper he did something to his foot and he still rolling I’m impressed

  • Namboss Awesome
    Namboss Awesome 6 days ago +3

    tony hawk still recording with a 1995 VHS camcorder

  • Live Tahoe
    Live Tahoe 7 days ago

    Balls of steel!

  • Master Maple
    Master Maple 7 days ago +1

    mike boyd isnt good at any skill hes good at learning any skill 😉

  • Master Maple
    Master Maple 7 days ago

    thats fucken sick dude 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤟🏼❤️❤️❤️

  • Husqyarmy
    Husqyarmy 8 days ago

    But why sign at the end🙄 It will get removed over time

    ICONIC GAMEZ 8 days ago

    All I’m saying is the first one didn’t count

  • aleph null
    aleph null 9 days ago

    Christ, Scotland looks good these days...

  • Kraze Walkit
    Kraze Walkit 12 days ago

    6:09 really... that counts

  • hobletop
    hobletop 12 days ago

    try the 900

  • DrDoom
    DrDoom 14 days ago

    Next time try learning on grass the board doesn't roll away

  • Robert
    Robert 17 days ago

    Funny, cause if he was moving forward while trying that trick it would have only taken him a few hours hahahaha

  • Kris Rutan
    Kris Rutan 17 days ago

    Says he's not a skateboarder but shows all the symptoms of being one. (Sorry I'm late to the party)

  • Dominic memeathon Leighton

    Wait that was Australian money

  • Two Eye
    Two Eye 20 days ago

    You didn't really land the one you counted as your first one because your weight wasn't balanced. Still very impressive. Basically for every hour it takes you to learn something it takes me a month.

  • Colin Rodenburg
    Colin Rodenburg 21 day ago

    Next time you should use skatertrainers to overcome your fear! Really helps

  • Seth D
    Seth D 21 day ago

    Anyone else notice he almost lands his first one right at 420?

  • Rico Clarke
    Rico Clarke 21 day ago

    you didn't even land it probably dude

  • Daniel Salcedo
    Daniel Salcedo 22 days ago +1

    5:14 Fortnite ?

  • Zachary Hoyer
    Zachary Hoyer 23 days ago

    Hey so dont know if you will care but if you lean back a little bit almost like a really pathetic wall sit as you start to ollie, it will help your odds of not eating it
    But since you do it this doesn't matter

  • the damn train
    the damn train 23 days ago +2

    He is not going to have kids probably

  • chris R
    chris R 24 days ago

    5:03 worst feeling

  • Arqunos 101
    Arqunos 101 24 days ago

    Learn to bar ride a skateboard

  • Joosu Kairisto
    Joosu Kairisto 24 days ago

    *It's gonna be easy*

  • Patrick d'Argent
    Patrick d'Argent 24 days ago +2

    Mike what are you doing in Australia?

  • Mikael Tafesse
    Mikael Tafesse 25 days ago

    Someone should count the number of attempts

  • Patriot1
    Patriot1 25 days ago

    Tony! You were torturing poor mike you should’ve come down and given him a tutorial you know? At least give him a few tips or something lol

  • Freighttrain
    Freighttrain 26 days ago +1

    “Skateboarding is hard” dude you kickflipped in like 5 hours it took me years to land my first shuvit you absolute madman

  • Freighttrain
    Freighttrain 26 days ago

    This is awesome haha, he obviously is new to skating so his form is very strange, but it’s funny because every time he has form that adds that “finesse” that comfortable skaters have, he seems to keep the board controlled and almost land it. It’s funny how crucial form can be! Awesome video

  • Edrian7
    Edrian7 27 days ago

    I have the same problem with fear. The foot i use to pop the tail with, never lands on the board no matter what. I can do the flip and ollie and stuff. But my foot wont land on the fucking board

  • Declan Woods
    Declan Woods 28 days ago

    Wait do u live in australia

  • Mainman 101
    Mainman 101 Month ago

    3:51 that guy is wired why is he watching him

  • Sean Workshop
    Sean Workshop Month ago +1

    You are so brave to keep going even when you got hurt

  • Stephano By the way

    Go to 3:51 and there’s a stalker watching him on the right

  • Dash Muir
    Dash Muir Month ago

    where do you come from?

  • dat lemur
    dat lemur Month ago

    Pls do more skateboarding videos maybe learn a varial kickflip or a nollie flip

  • Bertil Petri
    Bertil Petri Month ago +2

    Credit to Mike, for having so much patience, but also to his wife for constantly being there.

  • Brett Milligan
    Brett Milligan Month ago

    7:55 when he realizes he did the coolest thing he will ever do on a skateboard lol

  • Stan Bergs
    Stan Bergs Month ago

    Its cool your sponserd by huf

  • Ιορδάνης Αρβανιτιδης

    duuude you need elbow guards for this kind of stuff

  • L.c.d. Sythe
    L.c.d. Sythe Month ago

    Your scared of landing on the board and it rolls out from underneath you i know that feeling

  • ΩßrewerΩ
    ΩßrewerΩ Month ago

    Learn to actually skate tho

  • David Johnston
    David Johnston Month ago +1

    An idea is to learn how to backflip!

    • Dissatisfied
      Dissatisfied Month ago

      He already has a video on the backflip, 👌🏻

  • infinitenonsense
    infinitenonsense Month ago

    I can heelflip but I can't kickflip...

  • Rain Man
    Rain Man Month ago

    Barspin a bmx next

  • JA Loyz
    JA Loyz Month ago +1

    the people who disliked this vid are scooters or they do not support charity... ( or the skaters that think this guy is a noob (not saying ur a noob ) )

  • #Liams Life!
    #Liams Life! Month ago

    3:53 tony hawk in background

  • #Liams Life!
    #Liams Life! Month ago

    3:35 tony hawk in background

  • Da Werd Nugget
    Da Werd Nugget Month ago

    "Yea I think this is gonna be easy"
    **then proceeds to take another 4 hours to learn the trick**
    Lol love your content man you truly inspire me to try new things each time I watch your channel

  • Sebastian Carnegie
    Sebastian Carnegie Month ago

    Jesus i would lose it

  • Rylee Smith
    Rylee Smith Month ago

    I think at 3:52 boydie lost his left nut

  • Toothie
    Toothie Month ago

    2019 anyone

  • Irfan Arif
    Irfan Arif Month ago +49

    8:04 That's a real man's voice right there

  • Richard Gu
    Richard Gu Month ago

    fucking learns how to land premo without knowing

  • Matess351 Pekara
    Matess351 Pekara Month ago

    2 times to balls 😂

  • Mia mari
    Mia mari Month ago

    id consider you a skater if you ollie in ten minutes and kickflip in under 6 hours

  • The Washout!
    The Washout! Month ago

    This was like me except it was years, months and days instead of hours, minutes and seconds!

  • Keyshawn Smith
    Keyshawn Smith Month ago

    I was spaming the like botton

  • pickle river
    pickle river Month ago +1

    So it took him about ten hours to learn how to kick flip and heel flip
    I’m a disappointment 😢

  • Lenn 17
    Lenn 17 Month ago

    For charity? So what are they going to get with your heelflip

  • Zexin
    Zexin Month ago

    lol the first landed one was fake you fell off the board

  • Mini Stephen Sharer
    Mini Stephen Sharer Month ago +1

    Awsome that you try agian ewen when you get hurt😀👍

  • FBI -
    FBI - Month ago +1

    Don’t you need to spin the board the way you’re looking for a heelflip?

    Or does it always have to turn to the left?

    • Merp Merpinson
      Merp Merpinson Month ago

      FBI - he was spinning it the way he was looking and it depends on your foot position, whether your goofy or regular

  • Dwight Shrute
    Dwight Shrute Month ago +1

    Bruh almost at 4:20

  • Reverticel
    Reverticel Month ago +75

    "Skateboarding is hard" lands heelflip in 4 hours as it took me 2 weeks of skating for 3 hours a day

    • Master Maple
      Master Maple 7 days ago

      so true aye

    • Lil Yoah
      Lil Yoah 26 days ago

      Putrid Reaper Exaclty, this man is talented

    • Putrid Reaper
      Putrid Reaper 26 days ago +3

      He did an ollie in less than ten minutes too.

  • zazzle777i
    zazzle777i Month ago

    Try to kickflip and heelflip in the same jump without touching the ground

  • King of Ibex
    King of Ibex Month ago

    3:50 who’s that creepy guy in the corner

  • Mr Vee
    Mr Vee Month ago +3

    i just found the channel!!you are question how much sold tonys board for?????

  • Samuel Tavolino
    Samuel Tavolino Month ago +1

    Do people notice the guy in the background at 3:46

  • galaticruby
    galaticruby Month ago


  • Mark Warren
    Mark Warren Month ago

    do a tri flipm/360 flip

  • saran pranavv
    saran pranavv Month ago

    When I heard the plants vs zombies BGM .....

  • God
    God Month ago

    7:58 he turned into rodney mullen

  • Slavanin
    Slavanin Month ago +3

    If he got more Comfortable on riding his board he'd get it in 10 mins

  • Gabriel Archuleta
    Gabriel Archuleta Month ago

    After he hurts his ankle and starts riding again he looks like he's trying to heelflip foot switch

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Month ago

    Learn to sing like an opera singer :o

  • KimpieLiam Nolet
    KimpieLiam Nolet Month ago +2

    4:44 ahh shitoplotupiplong

  • hehe hehehe
    hehe hehehe Month ago +1

    learn how to drop in

    ALEX VEGA 2 months ago +2

    I tried my first heelflip in June 2018, and landed my first one in January 2019, good shit brother

  • Denis Zimin
    Denis Zimin 2 months ago

    "A lot of people cringed over my board choice"
    I cringe really hard over your headwear choice.

  • x bascirts x
    x bascirts x 2 months ago

    4:59 my ears hurt

  • PortalSniper420
    PortalSniper420 2 months ago

    This made me smile so much

  • Magí Aristondo Alzina
    Magí Aristondo Alzina 2 months ago

    Can you learn to do powerlifting?

  • s dhdhdhx
    s dhdhdhx 2 months ago +1

    3.50 my uncle hiding in the cupboard.

  • DJSM- Daniel Mariano
    DJSM- Daniel Mariano 2 months ago +3

    You should of tried it on the grass so your skateboard can stop moving
    But I think it’s bad for the bearings

    • Len Bauer
      Len Bauer 2 months ago +2

      No the bearings would be fine but you don't have pop in the grass.

  • tyler reid
    tyler reid 2 months ago

    Man i love the determination

  • maple
    maple 2 months ago

    he nearly landed it when the times was at 4 20 what does this mean?

  • MobHead S
    MobHead S 2 months ago

    4:49 gotta love the shins
    (I had to write this comment 4 times)

  • Liam Shaer
    Liam Shaer 2 months ago

    *lands one kickflip in a crack*
    *thinks hes a skater*
    *wears HUF hat*

  • Clay Soggyfries
    Clay Soggyfries 2 months ago +1

    You stepped off

  • Lachlan Brazier
    Lachlan Brazier 2 months ago +1

    Wait do you live in australia?

  • Lui
    Lui 2 months ago

    Ok. This is my 3rd time watching this and I just noticed that it’s in Australia! Did he ever address why he was there? People in the comments are saying he was in my home city of Perth. Why???
    Edit: Now that I’m thinking about it, he was probs visiting family

  • Veritas
    Veritas 2 months ago

    Wait you're in Australia!?

  • Silagane
    Silagane 2 months ago

    I love your fucking wife always being in the background of the video cheering for you :D

  • Noah Scholz
    Noah Scholz 2 months ago

    Learn to fingerboard in the next vid

  • Riding With Finn
    Riding With Finn 2 months ago

    When you learn at the start use a think called skater trainers

  • Churmmmcuz
    Churmmmcuz 2 months ago

    Hate to say it but that first heelflip he landed absolutely did not count but the others did

  • Notched17
    Notched17 2 months ago

    Mike Boyd do you live in Australia
    Because that was Australian Currency