• Published on Jan 27, 2016
    Firstly I'd like to thank Tony Hawk for making this whole thing happen. I hope we raise a tonne of cash for sufferers and families affected by muscle wasting conditions. Thank you so much, Tony, I had a lot of fun making this video.
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    More information can be found on the charity and how the money helps those affected by these diseases at:
    Thank you to Creative Skate Store for donating a board I could actually use!
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  • Kieran Grant
    Kieran Grant 58 minutes ago

    Dare you to learn roller skating

  • 8 hours ago

    Why oh why did I miss this first time round?! Props to you Mike, MDUK is a charity very close to my heart.

  • Laszek#LSZ
    Laszek#LSZ 10 hours ago

    How much did people pay for this TH deck?

  • Coalman Gaming
    Coalman Gaming Day ago

    Can you pop shovit next?

  • Nikolaj Madsen
    Nikolaj Madsen Day ago

    What is the song at 2:37 called

  • Allysha Nguyen
    Allysha Nguyen Day ago

    He should learn how to skate in a bowl next

  • thrashtronaut
    thrashtronaut Day ago

    As a skater for 3 years, I'm at the stage where I'm obsessed with switch (tricks with the opposite foot) and thus video made me think "if he can do it then its possible" and bwcause of you I had the mental state to learn switch heel flips!! The last switch basic trick I needed

  • Keenin Nordwick
    Keenin Nordwick Day ago

    Creepy old guys 3:50

  • Nathaniel J. Hoskin

    Creepy dude 3:52

  • fogtok0
    fogtok0 2 days ago

    Pro tip from someone who has never touched a skateboard before: if Tony Hawk challenges you to do something on a skateboard, chances are it’s going to be far from easy.

  • Riley Wilson
    Riley Wilson 2 days ago

    Tony Hawk is the person we should all strive to be honestly

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller 3 days ago

    gasp is that Australian money I see

  • James Morrow
    James Morrow 3 days ago

    I'm a skater for over ten years and I enjoyed this

  • wyn
    wyn 3 days ago

    7:59 thats even better than what he learned and has been challenged to do by tony

    FÄLCON BĘȺṪṦ 4 days ago

    i like your HUF hat, because i am Hungarian and we Hungarians call our money HUF or Forint!

  • Adam_gold2003
    Adam_gold2003 4 days ago

    Around 5:16 you can see the note is a 5 dollar Australian note I think

  • Marc Rousseau
    Marc Rousseau 4 days ago

    I think it's great what you have done with this channel. I don't subscribe often so you did a good job.

  • tatemon 3
    tatemon 3 5 days ago

    how much did the board go for?

  • Matt Garrelts
    Matt Garrelts 5 days ago

    3 minutes too slow

    HAZARD VLOGS 7 days ago

    This is a challenge for you try kickfliping and healfliping while rolling

  • strawser Amsberry
    strawser Amsberry 8 days ago

    Change your clothes bruh

  • Esteban Meneses
    Esteban Meneses 8 days ago

    Imagine he does it on first try

  • Eddie Wilkinson
    Eddie Wilkinson 9 days ago

    mike the next time you do a skating video you should put on skater trainers they make it so the board doesnt move

  • Aden Channells
    Aden Channells 9 days ago

    Do you live in aus cus that’s the money I say you get

  • Charlie Pakenham-walsh

    4:51 wowwww that skateboards huuuge

  • Charlie Pakenham-walsh

    My dad genuinely has muscular dystrophy

  • Galactant
    Galactant 9 days ago

    my mums friend is 33 and has muscular dystrophy and she had to get a walker, she is a mother of 3 and is married. she finnished her speech recordings in september 2018 cause she is prepaired to lose her ability to speak. thanks mike for donationg to research

  • Bojan Hercegan
    Bojan Hercegan 9 days ago

    Did you notice that guy 3:49 behind mike

  • lach11003
    lach11003 9 days ago

    He lives in AU??? I saw that $5 note

  • Serum Zero
    Serum Zero 9 days ago

    419 dislikes: who would even dislike thi...
    420 dislikes: okay fine
    421 dislikes: WHO EVEN

  • DeadMeme
    DeadMeme 10 days ago

    Anyone else noticed he puts his right arm up when he jumps?

  • Jamie Yates
    Jamie Yates 10 days ago

    If you have a fear of landing then do a few kickflips first

  • Curtis Murray
    Curtis Murray 10 days ago

    Try a heelwhip on a scooter

  • Tanmay Bhatia
    Tanmay Bhatia 10 days ago

    Who saw the man at the right at 3:50

  • super lit litten
    super lit litten 10 days ago

    Learn how to Tre flip

  • The Milkman
    The Milkman 10 days ago +1

    Barspin a bmx please

  • Matchu Madori
    Matchu Madori 10 days ago

    420 dislikes

  • Oldwale
    Oldwale 11 days ago +2


  • Mitch Crow
    Mitch Crow 11 days ago

    Learn to bri flip a scooter

  • Kevin Reyes Kev
    Kevin Reyes Kev 11 days ago

    Imagine doing it first try..

  • Benjamin Wilson
    Benjamin Wilson 11 days ago

    You didnt land that one...

  • Misan
    Misan 12 days ago

    learn to draw

  • OPservator
    OPservator 12 days ago

    Well, i know how your ankle hurts, but never got a shot /w skateboard in my balls LOL

  • just dum
    just dum 12 days ago

    ive done like 2 heelflips ever

  • KiwiBroz
    KiwiBroz 12 days ago +1

    why he always shoot his right hand up?

  • Tony Cross
    Tony Cross 12 days ago

    Good cause. My cousin had the disease.

  • Owen Jansky
    Owen Jansky 12 days ago

    Skater trainers or grass will help wl him being afraid of landing on the board

  • Jayden White
    Jayden White 12 days ago

    My cousin has that

  • Cubes Made Simple
    Cubes Made Simple 13 days ago

    How do u Ollie

  • George Kneebone
    George Kneebone 13 days ago

    he's in Australia! i thought he was in England or Scotland or something

  • Neon [GD]
    Neon [GD] 13 days ago

    Is that a $5 note and $2 coin from Australia I see? 5:17

  • Lyzandra Ortega
    Lyzandra Ortega 13 days ago

    What is he wearing

  • Yeeterson Peterson
    Yeeterson Peterson 13 days ago

    I’d love to see you learn how to backflip! That’d be awesome!

  • LightningInMyVeinZ
    LightningInMyVeinZ 13 days ago

    I skate everyday and it took me forever to kick flip and he learned how to in less than day.... kinda makes me jealous cuz he doesn’t even skate

  • Soviet Bear Claws SBC
    Soviet Bear Claws SBC 14 days ago

    Landing into primo! Then you should’ve done the pri flip

  • local9
    local9 14 days ago

    For the record, I learn heelflips long before i learnt kickflips. Maybe even a year. Both tricks are a lot easier to learn and do while rolling also due to phyhics oddly enough. Well done though... still TRE-FLIP!....

    1. 360 Shuv-it
    2. add Kickflip....
    3. Profit

  • geoff swan
    geoff swan 14 days ago

    3:34 Cue the royalty free music.

  • Derpface101
    Derpface101 14 days ago


  • NuTty FoRce 7
    NuTty FoRce 7 14 days ago

    yooooooo is in perth australia damn

  • Shubhankar Singh
    Shubhankar Singh 14 days ago

    3:02 mike lookin like boogeyman

  • Rene Sotomayor
    Rene Sotomayor 14 days ago

    You have so much talent like honestly. Learned how to kick flip less then 5 hours. Learned how to heelflip. I’ve been skating for a couple months and I can’t kickflip know matter how much I practice

    MUSIC_ANIME _COVER 14 days ago

    Do free skateboard

  • Tanner Bradley
    Tanner Bradley 14 days ago

    I like his choose of footwear😂 nah I'm just kidding, good job

  • Lynx_Gaming 37
    Lynx_Gaming 37 14 days ago

    You are a natural at everything

  • Sp Edits
    Sp Edits 15 days ago

    My dude rockin the huf hat

  • Henry Laird
    Henry Laird 15 days ago

    Try learning to get a fortnite win IDK I'm terrible at that game

  • Alergies
    Alergies 15 days ago +1

    Just raise that left arm and you’ll be dabbing in no time

  • Jack Hawkins
    Jack Hawkins 15 days ago

    Do a learning how to surf video

  • Nori
    Nori 15 days ago

    No balls were given to the charity

  • Carpigg
    Carpigg 15 days ago

    That creepy old dude tho.

  • BarbarianBK
    BarbarianBK 15 days ago

    This man is not wearing a helmet

  • SmartMozart
    SmartMozart 15 days ago

    Notice how his right arm is always at a 45 degree angle

  • Tomas Wolf
    Tomas Wolf 16 days ago

    Link for the donation isn't working :/

  • Jack Caverswall
    Jack Caverswall 16 days ago

    do you live in australia cause i swear i saw our $5 note

  • Yato gami
    Yato gami 16 days ago

    3:52 you got a visitor ;)

  • Forsan42
    Forsan42 16 days ago

    at 5:15 why are you given a australian $5 note if you live in grate britain can some one please explain

  • dylan flemming
    dylan flemming 16 days ago

    What are you doing in Australia??

  • Christian Carman
    Christian Carman 16 days ago

    his back trucks barely come off the ground! But great work michael

  • Musicante94
    Musicante94 16 days ago

    Bahh, i dont like skateboarding.. I prefer waterboarding

  • Panda Gaming
    Panda Gaming 16 days ago +1

    Did anyone else see that guy watching him at 3:50 hiding behind the building?

  • Levi Steed
    Levi Steed 17 days ago

    I can flip it and land with one foot and it's been like than for about 2 1/2 MONTHS!! I know all my tricks before a heel flip and I can varial flip consistantly and a lot of half pipe tricks and I've been skating for 3years how does he do this stuff so fricking easy

  • The Fresh Prince of Renton

    Nice monopoly money

  • Kav Weis
    Kav Weis 17 days ago

    Mike do you live in Australia cause that was an Australian 5 dollar note

  • Cuber Person
    Cuber Person 17 days ago

    My friend Tommy has muscular dystrophy

  • Big Jillo
    Big Jillo 17 days ago

    At 1 hour he could’ve lamed it he just needs to commit good job tho

  • Antogs
    Antogs 17 days ago

    It looks like he's trying to dab!

  • blake martsch
    blake martsch 18 days ago

    I bet tony really got a KICK outta this

  • Joan Flores
    Joan Flores 18 days ago

    Most of these heel flips don’t count because your supposed to stay on the board for at least 1 second for it to count

  • streetygonzales
    streetygonzales 18 days ago

    Bar spin a bmx thats fucking hard

  • Lama Juice
    Lama Juice 18 days ago

    4:52 Looks like Mike needs a smaller board😏

  • Ruby van Erven Dorens
    Ruby van Erven Dorens 18 days ago

    Homie got talent!!

  • Erik Fausko
    Erik Fausko 18 days ago

    mike boyd is so good at everything!!!!

  • Adam G
    Adam G 18 days ago

    To me Heel Flips are easier than Kick Flips

  • David DeTar
    David DeTar 18 days ago

    Oddly enough I find heel flips to be easier for me than kicks. I never knew most skaters found heels harder until I attempted a heel, someone asked me to do a kick, and I told him I didn't know how

  • Benton Kann
    Benton Kann 18 days ago

    5:06 this is for Charlie ??

  • SHAZEpoopy_doggo
    SHAZEpoopy_doggo 19 days ago

    3:42 he almost got obliterated

  • SHAZEpoopy_doggo
    SHAZEpoopy_doggo 19 days ago +1

    Was tony recording on a android

  • MilkBrain
    MilkBrain 19 days ago

    Just discovered this channel. You're and genuine inspiration and good dude! Keep up the good work my guy

  • jacob and will
    jacob and will 19 days ago

    Are you australian?

  • Corran Cully
    Corran Cully 19 days ago

    He throws his arms back so much