• Published on Jan 27, 2016
    Firstly I'd like to thank Tony Hawk for making this whole thing happen. I hope we raise a tonne of cash for sufferers and families affected by muscle wasting conditions. Thank you so much, Tony, I had a lot of fun making this video.
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    More information can be found on the charity and how the money helps those affected by these diseases at:
    Thank you to Creative Skate Store for donating a board I could actually use!
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    DA KING PANDA!!! 3 days ago

    lmao he landed premo on the last one

  • Akmal1089
    Akmal1089 4 days ago

    0:48 I’m dying his reaction is funny af

  • Mathew Kenshin
    Mathew Kenshin 4 days ago

    Nice job

  • Mathew Kenshin
    Mathew Kenshin 5 days ago


  • O1010111/01101001/01101100 00001101

    That first one doesn’t count

  • Now That's a supply DROP!

    Watch the ankle sprain in 0.25 speed u can really see how bad it is😂

  • Restless Beats
    Restless Beats 8 days ago

    more skateboarding!

  • Shrinath Mendigeri
    Shrinath Mendigeri 9 days ago

    Try front flip !!! I'm ur big fan !!
    Do it for ur fan !!
    And I want to see u next video with front flip challenge!!

  • Kyle Meeker
    Kyle Meeker 9 days ago

    ‘This is for charity, this is for charity, this is for charity...’ 🤣🤣🤣

  • Laurenz Garcia
    Laurenz Garcia 10 days ago

    can you learn juggling in soccer...

  • viltsu
    viltsu 10 days ago

    5:20 i- is that pou music?

  • Yorzen Gaming
    Yorzen Gaming 11 days ago

    7:59 LOL

  • Yorzen Gaming
    Yorzen Gaming 11 days ago

    5:54 4h 20m 00s

  • MasterMidget21
    MasterMidget21 12 days ago

    i tried an ollie on a skateboard and it slid away and i hit my head on the floor never touched a skateboard since

  • Sandon Schultz
    Sandon Schultz 12 days ago

    3:50 Look at the guy awkwardly watching in the background off to the right.

  • Project Deluxe
    Project Deluxe 12 days ago +1

    Can you please Learn to grind On a skateboard

  • Project Deluxe
    Project Deluxe 12 days ago

    Karnataka how to grind on a skateboard:) please

  • Electro XTR
    Electro XTR 13 days ago +1

    Whos watching 2018

    GHOST RIDER A.A.G 13 days ago

    You are hard working man you can do anything for your fans

  • Mr Coon
    Mr Coon 13 days ago

    Soy ankles

  • lif3andthings
    lif3andthings 13 days ago

    I think it took him longer because he stopped skating after he landed the kickflip that why it took so long

  • Johan Solheim
    Johan Solheim 14 days ago

    He says it is from the monitization money but hes demonitized

  • I Poleroid I
    I Poleroid I 14 days ago

    Anyone else notice the guy at 3:53 just watching? No? Ok

  • Gribbo9999
    Gribbo9999 14 days ago

    Never mind the board - Great trick getting those palm trees to grow in Scotland. It doesn't look like Plockton.

  • Imadinne Imad
    Imadinne Imad 14 days ago

    do handstand

  • Tarczy Mate
    Tarczy Mate 15 days ago

    Can you learn the aggressiv rollering

  • Killing Frenzy
    Killing Frenzy 17 days ago


  • Valerie Rohwer
    Valerie Rohwer 17 days ago


  • Grant Bruce
    Grant Bruce 18 days ago

    Mike is honestly my favorite utuber because he is smart and has lot of patience. I learned how to dice stack cuz of his video. Thanks Mike for what u do:)

  • adriencheese135
    adriencheese135 19 days ago

    I feel like if he was rolling, it would've been much easier.

  • JawaSniper
    JawaSniper 20 days ago

    i ThInK tHiS oNeS gOnNa B Ez

  • TheGamingPharaoh
    TheGamingPharaoh 23 days ago

    this is gonna be ez........ four hours later

  • Jason
    Jason 23 days ago

    Unless you can do it while riding it doesn't really count but I guess that was good enough

  • antoni Corona
    antoni Corona 25 days ago


  • Variety of Everything
    Variety of Everything 25 days ago

    I don’t understand how this works, same music every time

  • Kirk Lee
    Kirk Lee 28 days ago

    Try to Ollie while riding. It is pretty hard

  • Jacob Wachtler
    Jacob Wachtler 28 days ago

    They doesn’t count

  • Miles Hirchak
    Miles Hirchak Month ago

    props to you if you went over an hour without falling

  • payton turner
    payton turner Month ago

    Learn to ride a RipStik

  • gage cain
    gage cain Month ago

    Ive been skating half of my life and can hardflip and treflip better than i can heelflip lmao. impressive👌

  • FreezY
    FreezY Month ago

    Let’s start a charity to help Mike’s balls go back to normal!

  • Ofus
    Ofus Month ago

    5:53 would've been dope if you hit it at 4:20 lmaooo

  • Jordan Burnside
    Jordan Burnside Month ago

    I know that $5 note. He is/was in Australia.

  • Magnus Gissel
    Magnus Gissel Month ago

    Good job, Mike

  • Pigman 43
    Pigman 43 Month ago

    He almost had 4 hours and 20 minutes

  • ruubz001
    ruubz001 Month ago

    the timeframe is interesting, sure, but has anyone counted how many tries it took?

  • jam
    jam Month ago

    I have muscular dystrophy and I just wanna say, thank you mike

  • Banyar Myo Tin
    Banyar Myo Tin Month ago

    5:16 the old quid

  • Bgtip
    Bgtip Month ago

    what did the board go for ?

  • Ellison Le
    Ellison Le Month ago

    He looks like Charles Boyle with the goatee! Bianca.

  • Tristan Thomas
    Tristan Thomas Month ago

    Not just the ankle but how many times did you tag yourself in the balls for charity? :O

  • AJ G
    AJ G Month ago

    7:58 heelflip to rail dang freestyle skater in the making?

  • RyanJesty
    RyanJesty Month ago

    Your face when you landed premo in the final clip of the video ahahahahah! So scary when you don't mean to do it

  • Rick Hostetler
    Rick Hostetler Month ago

    He goes I think this is going to be easy . my friend says to you mike karma a bitch ain't it lol

  • Gamingdragonboy35 Kpaw35

    The one thing I like about you is that you don't give up even when it's hard

  • J.T.S. videos
    J.T.S. videos Month ago


  • Max Howard
    Max Howard Month ago

    Bruh who with muscular distrophy is gonna buy a skateboard

  • gond hq
    gond hq Month ago +1

    That feels of relief when its done

  • Gilani Rogushvili
    Gilani Rogushvili Month ago


  • Guilherme D.
    Guilherme D. Month ago +1

    this is for chairiri

  • zyios proaction
    zyios proaction Month ago

    I wish i can give infinite likes

  • Kris Jones
    Kris Jones Month ago

    3:52 that's called the credit card and it hurts like hell

  • NutellaPixelArt
    NutellaPixelArt Month ago

    You didnt stay on the board though

  • Trevor forret
    Trevor forret Month ago

    Learn a handstand fingerflip 😉 rodney mullen style!!!

  • xFormulaCS
    xFormulaCS Month ago

    sad thing is he is giving a skateboard to a charity for people with muscular issues maybe they cant move at all. didnt think there did ya bud?

  • Jackson Vanstrom
    Jackson Vanstrom Month ago

    Inspired me to learn to heelflip...thank you

  • CorkCityOasis
    CorkCityOasis Month ago

    You've started now, might as well continue skateboarding

  • Russell Kerr
    Russell Kerr Month ago

    I’m Scottish two

  • BeastMode 28
    BeastMode 28 2 months ago

    I can't believe he heel flipped and landed primo at the end

  • Walker Owens
    Walker Owens 2 months ago

    Anyone notice that the first time he did pretty good was 4 hours and 20 minutes

  • נרי זאבי אדלר

    so easy

  • milo piva
    milo piva 2 months ago

    its easier if you wear the right shoes

  • Ian B
    Ian B 2 months ago

    It took me 5 months to heelflip but about 5 days to kickflip

  • TheToxicSoul xXx
    TheToxicSoul xXx 2 months ago

    Aye! Dope video fam😁🔥🔥😄

  • fleetato
    fleetato 2 months ago

    mike’s reaction to landing primo was priceless lmao

  • Nicholas Inman
    Nicholas Inman 2 months ago

    His right arm

  • Saiyan Blood
    Saiyan Blood 2 months ago +1

    Skateboarding that for mah dick

  • Rene Garcia
    Rene Garcia 2 months ago +2

    Get a victory Royal on fortnite

  • Anonymous Idiot
    Anonymous Idiot 2 months ago

    Learn 360 flips

  • Fernando Vélez
    Fernando Vélez 2 months ago

    0:47 u look like a dying racoon with siphilis

  • Pokie
    Pokie 2 months ago

    Dude, huge props for keeping trying despite a rolled ankle, if it were me I'd quit immediately. Displaced my arm last year trying to learn a trick (the bloody thing pops out of the socket yearly) and never touched the skateboard since lol

  • Jason Shaulov
    Jason Shaulov 2 months ago

    Learn varial kickflips

  • Rectrix Gaming
    Rectrix Gaming 2 months ago

    3:51 there is a guy staring at him lmao

  • Trolling Peeps
    Trolling Peeps 2 months ago

    Do em tricks while riding puss

  • Kill Metal
    Kill Metal 2 months ago

    Learn bulgarian languadge

  • Jakub Kozubek
    Jakub Kozubek 2 months ago

    4:57 play this in 0.25 speed

  • Devante S
    Devante S 2 months ago

    Thats wasnt a land i know u could do better shouldn't have stop the timer

  • Thijs van Gisbergen
    Thijs van Gisbergen 2 months ago

    wow primo landing, you could have stayed on there mate, you don't know how precious that moment was hahaaha like 1 in a trillion chance at the least for the time you have skateboarded. such a waste aaaaahahhahaha it actually hurts me, its pretty easy to just turn the board from primo stand (board on it's side) to the regular board stance, so you could have landed a very high advanced trick but you let it go man, you let it go. Now you'll have to do that again

  • Thijs van Gisbergen
    Thijs van Gisbergen 2 months ago

    4:59 hey mike that exactly what happened to me yesterday my inferior extensor retinaculum has been strained to be specific

  • robert ramey
    robert ramey 2 months ago

    next up, hardflip xD

  • Pseu
    Pseu 2 months ago

    I am genuinely impressed with this video. I know it’s old, but I’ve only just recently started watching your channel. I’ve been skating for little over two years and it took me quite a while before I landed my first heelflip, and I still can’t do it rolling. Albeit, I wasn’t has persistent as you, but you might have some luck if you’ve ever considered skateboarding a hobby.

  • Mehrzod Hasan
    Mehrzod Hasan 2 months ago

    did anyone see the guy spying on Mike on right at 3:51

  • Mehrzod Hasan
    Mehrzod Hasan 2 months ago

    did anyone see the guy spying on Mike at 3:57

  • Laurits Campostrini
    Laurits Campostrini 2 months ago

    Lmao doesnt count it wasnt clean

  • jam choi
    jam choi 2 months ago

    what wrist guards are you using?

  • Dodo Flexy
    Dodo Flexy 2 months ago


  • Dodo Flexy
    Dodo Flexy 2 months ago


  • Miguel Go
    Miguel Go 2 months ago

    why don't you try finger boarding this time

  • andy azlan
    andy azlan 2 months ago


  • andy azlan
    andy azlan 2 months ago

    Mike boyd plz plz plz plz plz learn to freeline skate