G-Eazy On Stepping Away From H&M, Being A Crazy Gemini, Halsey & More

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  • Carlos Guzman
    Carlos Guzman 41 minute ago

    Yadada real cuddi right there

  • Ccd Eaddy
    Ccd Eaddy 4 hours ago

    Envy bringing up some dumb shit, we turned you down, somebody should turn his ASS around

  • Leigh Rosik
    Leigh Rosik 5 hours ago

    Damn I guess I haven't heard him in an interview before. I'm surprised how deep his voice is.

  • Izaiah Davis
    Izaiah Davis 7 hours ago

    In the thumbnail this nigga look like a mexican mobster

  • s5white
    s5white 9 hours ago

    I FEEL HE'S JUST TRYING TO FIT IN WITH THUG LIFE........Dabbling, drinking, snorting

  • s5white
    s5white 9 hours ago


  • Charmaine Hidalgo
    Charmaine Hidalgo 12 hours ago

    Gemini ♊️

  • Beautiful
    Beautiful 12 hours ago

    G Eazy 😻😍💋💋😘😘 delicious

  • Cali GirL Pretti
    Cali GirL Pretti 14 hours ago

    Charlamagne funny. Butt rape😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vera Vik
    Vera Vik 15 hours ago

    Haha He got a swedish coffee mug...:P not that he hate Sweden because of H&M, but it was funny anyway :P

  • Cali GirL Pretti
    Cali GirL Pretti 15 hours ago

    Great Interview👌🏾

  • Cali GirL Pretti
    Cali GirL Pretti 15 hours ago

    Hi G. Eazy🖐🏾

  • DeniseG
    DeniseG 17 hours ago

    How haven’t they interview Lana Del Rey ?

  • Soy David
    Soy David 18 hours ago

    “What continent got the best pussy”

  • Dee M
    Dee M 21 hour ago

    Something about when a white man says “oh I’m a psycho” idk.... lol best of luck to him I think he’s dope (no pun intended).

  • Jacobo
    Jacobo 22 hours ago

    TBC are a bunch of race baiters that are looking to divide rather than unite. Some of these questions are mad dumb and disrespectful

  • Casper Knudsen
    Casper Knudsen 23 hours ago


  • Luke Fry
    Luke Fry Day ago


  • Jai the Conqueror

    G-Eazy is a real one. Period.

  • flclub54
    flclub54 Day ago

    Look Charlemagne wanting dude's dick. What a surprise.

  • Superman231985 W

    Angela Yee called DJ Envy out. Funny ass hell!!! "Running on stage being a thot" around the 28 min mark.

  • DeniseG
    DeniseG Day ago

    His voice is so fucking sexy

  • Ana León Martin

    taking ashot for every time he says period

  • JeRz3y MiKe
    JeRz3y MiKe Day ago


  • Shay
    Shay Day ago

    He's cute.

  • mmm
    mmm Day ago

    so handsome

  • New Era
    New Era Day ago

    G-Easy calm as ever...
    He got that Mafia look.

  • XscoreZ
    XscoreZ Day ago

    do you know what i am saying

  • David Davenport
    David Davenport Day ago

    G needs to do a comic in his trademarked outfit. I’d read that.

  • CityLoch
    CityLoch Day ago

    So much talent in The Bay and this is the guy that blows up....ugh

  • Danny Lang
    Danny Lang Day ago

    Omg his voice is like vocal blackface

  • TheWraithProject

    "Askrology" ??? 0_o

  • Adam Purcell
    Adam Purcell 2 days ago

    Have you ever wished white people could rap, and just act white? It's pretty ridiculous that at this day and age he can't be like "I have to rap like that because I can't rhyme the words." It groses me out.

  • Rajan Kumar
    Rajan Kumar 2 days ago

    At 17:15 the funniest shit happens, G admits he’s privileged and Charlagmagne deletes a whole bunch of his notes! Hahaha too funny

  • Jada Cabanos
    Jada Cabanos 2 days ago

    When he said he would buy a girl a YSL bag😍😍😍😍😍>>>>

  • Adam Brokas
    Adam Brokas 2 days ago

    damn. used to be a fan until he spoke. jimmies nothing but a mess waiting to go South. too bad.

  • Brandin Foster
    Brandin Foster 2 days ago

    Did Angela say cancers are vex? @2:28

  • James Doakes
    James Doakes 2 days ago +1

    I'm now on a different respect level for this dude. Respect level: 0. Dude is so fake it's embarrassing.

  • Johnny Wolf Dalcour
    Johnny Wolf Dalcour 2 days ago

    My nigga
    I remember when I first heard him on the radio I thought he was black

  • Jennifer Williams
    Jennifer Williams 2 days ago +1

    he don't sound right when he raps. and I know people write his music. it doesn't seem like he knows what he's rapping about. when Miley Cirus was in her twerking and ratchet phase, she called some coons to teach her the behavior. when she was done using black people and wanted to come off as more mature and polished, she tossed those said coons she was using, denounced them and their culture. it's so easy for white people to use yall. yall stupid. his music wasn't working because those were the days when he wrote his own stuff. after he called some coons to come in and write for him, that's when his music started selling.

    • Nathan Gold
      Nathan Gold 2 days ago +1

      Jennifer Williams facts sister.
      Blacks love them some white people.

  • Jeffrey Burke jr.
    Jeffrey Burke jr. 2 days ago

    I rocks with G-Eazy you can tell he a real and genuine guy

  • Josh Maldonado
    Josh Maldonado 2 days ago +1

    Great interview,felt the truth in his answers,very relatable 🔥💯

  • DCProductions
    DCProductions 2 days ago




  • Catira App
    Catira App 2 days ago

    Hey can someone ask this guy about his 300 night stands. This guy didnt have sex for 65 days out of a year lmaoo

  • Gavin Gilson
    Gavin Gilson 2 days ago

    G fuckin nailed this interview.

  • luis barreras
    luis barreras 2 days ago

    I was dead at 32:25 lmao

  • Az Plasma
    Az Plasma 2 days ago +1

    G eazy is an illuminati faggot

  • Aisha Time
    Aisha Time 2 days ago

    His honesty is just so great I live for it ❤

  • Shantia Allen
    Shantia Allen 2 days ago

    Awesome interview

  • Leslie Traylor
    Leslie Traylor 2 days ago +1

    Been on G-Eazy. Too fine. Plus he gets it on the White Priv shit. He went to Loyola and graduated with a 2.6 and still out here chillin. He just keeping it a buck.

  • JMK
    JMK 2 days ago +1

    "This H&M is bad for his image" *proceeds to do cocaine multiple times after being caught*

  • selassie thegoat
    selassie thegoat 2 days ago

    He’s an alchoholic lol sucks to be a slave

  • Alehandro Fuego
    Alehandro Fuego 2 days ago

    This H&M scandal is ridiculous. You really think they tried to be racist ? Are 70% of you retarded ? I now realize what's what. You are playing the victim of EVERYTHING.
    Bunch of fucking crybabies. Men acting like women, women acting like men.
    You are fucking yourself over people. G eazy kept it pussy and fake. No respect for this BS.

  • Shandaeya Caldwell
    Shandaeya Caldwell 2 days ago +1

    Char called his girl Hayley 😂😂😂☠️

  • Zapsst
    Zapsst 2 days ago

    Dam throwing Logic shade boi

  • LaMetria Virgo28
    LaMetria Virgo28 2 days ago

    I respect him even more after this interview! 💚🎤❤👏👏For 1st his honesty. 2nd his respect and love for his mom. And the trauma he overcame as a teenager. Gods blessings

  • John DoMoe
    John DoMoe 2 days ago

    Angela yee never met a group of Pisces

  • welle robens
    welle robens 2 days ago

    It's condescending of people on how information can be found so easily, but people still only go gain what they want to know, not what they should know; so as a whole we are crabs in a bucket. I live with an idiotic humanity........

  • Kyle Squirtmac Sexton

    *F A C T S*

  • Ki Ki
    Ki Ki 2 days ago

    Gemini! Completely awkward or the life of the party.

  • Regine Jerome
    Regine Jerome 2 days ago

    I enjoy his voice....thoroughly.

  • Samuel Massawa
    Samuel Massawa 2 days ago

    . period

  • BerLynnWall88
    BerLynnWall88 2 days ago

    Did anybody else hear someone tell Angela to stfu? Or was that meant towards someone else? I think Envy said it. Idk lol

  • Quinn McDonald
    Quinn McDonald 3 days ago +1

    Coke head G Eazy

  • Silence Gains ED
    Silence Gains ED 3 days ago +1

    G easy is actually a legit white rapper unlike that post melone guy.

  • tanky
    tanky 3 days ago +9

    he scares the shit outta of me

  • Dennis Marshall
    Dennis Marshall 3 days ago

    “Gerald Earl Guillum” 👏🏾👏🏾the homie. These girls wanna tie a kid down, and lead me around. But i wont ever change ima dog ima hound...

  • Payson PMG
    Payson PMG 3 days ago

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  • 6 ix
    6 ix 3 days ago


  • 6 ix
    6 ix 3 days ago


  • Joi Love
    Joi Love 3 days ago

    I’m glad G-Eazy isn’t a dummy and he answered that dumbass white privilege question.

  • Hannah Baliad
    Hannah Baliad 3 days ago

    I LOVE him! 💞

  • love, Pepe
    love, Pepe 3 days ago

    When it’s dark out had hits before no limit tho even these things happen did too

  • Tenisha Kemanis
    Tenisha Kemanis 3 days ago


  • Jeff White
    Jeff White 3 days ago +1

    3rd best white rapper. Mac is better but Gerald right close behind

  • Sam Akins
    Sam Akins 3 days ago

    G-Eazy makes good music.

  • Stephanie Hollis
    Stephanie Hollis 3 days ago +1

    CHAR is ugly. He's short and his skin is uneven.

  • Darmbie
    Darmbie 3 days ago +1

    I’m ready for all the hate for this comment... but No Limit is trash in my opinion. The rest of the album was fantastic though

  • absee oromo
    absee oromo 3 days ago

    Did he said alhamdulillahi?

  • absee oromo
    absee oromo 3 days ago

    Did he said alhamdulillahi?

  • ZeeDa Reefah
    ZeeDa Reefah 3 days ago +1

    G crazy look like he could play a bad ass Joker roll

  • QuibblingComet
    QuibblingComet 3 days ago

    hes a handsome man but holy shit the way his forehead wrinkles creeps the shit outta me

  • Henry Wakefield
    Henry Wakefield 3 days ago

    this guy sucks.

  • JohnnyInfamous
    JohnnyInfamous 3 days ago

    G just being honest. Char pressing for drama and nobody knows Halsey's name. These three are music experts and radio announcers? Maaaaaaannnnnn

  • Walt Jackson
    Walt Jackson 3 days ago

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  • theplourde
    theplourde 3 days ago

    Halsey sucks. She was better before people started talking up Badlands.

  • Deмøø
    Deмøø 3 days ago

    To save you all time, the majority of this interview is about G-Easy's view on drugs.

    You're welcome.

  • ASAP Dylan
    ASAP Dylan 3 days ago

    C has no boundaries

  • ASAP Dylan
    ASAP Dylan 3 days ago +1

    Probably his first and his last interview

  • zxcvbnmmasdfghjkl
    zxcvbnmmasdfghjkl 3 days ago

    28:12 damn that "stfu" by envy at angela

  • Concise Music
    Concise Music 3 days ago

    Logic didn't say he's not a rapper. Logic is a phenomenal rapper. He just said he doesn't want it to end with rap. Charlemagne just makes shit up to start shit with everyone for a living.

  • Alan Vinten
    Alan Vinten 3 days ago

    Says more about him if he thinks the H&M thing was racist.

  • lisaarroyo30
    lisaarroyo30 3 days ago

    out the coke down g. you better than that

  • Ms.
    Ms. 3 days ago

    He's true blue I respect his decision. Respect!😎 God got better things for him🙏💗

  • latisha lovealace
    latisha lovealace 3 days ago

    Wow! I like him

  • M. A. C. Lopez
    M. A. C. Lopez 3 days ago

    He’s a dope cat - likeable, chill, honest, educated, with character and principles.

  • Red Cee
    Red Cee 3 days ago

    CTG was a real dick in this interview. Obviously he wants to speak about his album and even though yes it consists of drug usage, TRY to make your questions compelling. The most basic ass questions in a tone that wasn’t very respectful. Just my opinion anyway

  • Shayne McCory
    Shayne McCory 3 days ago

    Cdagod wanted smoke early 😂 first and last nah atlast 😁