G-Eazy On Stepping Away From H&M, Being A Crazy Gemini, Halsey & More


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  • Brave Heart
    Brave Heart 17 hours ago

    G Easy looks like an investment banker,what the hell is happening to the rap game?

  • MMA_Anonymous_Legend

    G-Eazy gtfoh you may be privileged as a white male but i sure the hell am not. #Alllivesmatter #colorblind #charlamagnedisagrees

  • Jessica O
    Jessica O 2 days ago

    DJ envy was rude when he said "STFU" to Angela E. Disrespectful.

  • Millicent T. Wilson
    Millicent T. Wilson 2 days ago

    g easy is fly

  • Anas ff
    Anas ff 2 days ago

    Can someone count how many times did he say "you know what I am sayin"??? and put it in a comment

  • Meissa Haddad
    Meissa Haddad 3 days ago

    31:03 she actually dissed him in that song and called him a loser!!! You still think he broke her heart cuz I don't!!

  • Vet3Events
    Vet3Events 5 days ago

    Damn, shame Hollywood got to him, Cocaine is one hell of a fucking drug man.... He gon fall off if he don't stop.

  • i Vee
    i Vee 5 days ago

    This interview made me love him even more!

  • Rn N
    Rn N 6 days ago

    He doesn't really have any answers with substance everything this guy says is so fake and money driven. The only reason he left h and m was because his name was on the line and I'm glad the hosts pointed that bs out. Him talking about actually caring about art is such bs when you're trying to plug to some crap whiskey just to squeeze a little more revenue out of your name. Just saying if you have the gall to advertise your shitty alcohol depreciating your name you probably don't care about a few shirts that offend black people. It's like hearing mark zucc talk lol so passionless and empty.

    DOT COM 6 days ago

    4:28 that's what she said

  • FLdancer00
    FLdancer00 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought he looked awkward and expressionless the whole time??!!

  • elchucofried
    elchucofried 6 days ago

    "H&M wearing" ASAP Ant

  • Osagie Stuart
    Osagie Stuart 6 days ago

    Go figure, period.

  • Goddess Diamond
    Goddess Diamond 7 days ago

    Bay Area stand up

  • Daniel An
    Daniel An 8 days ago

    This H&M shit urked me.... like you know damn well the parents of the boy that wore the king of the jungle shirt knew what his shirt said. They just wanted the GUAP. IDK why people complaining.

  • Curls 1998
    Curls 1998 9 days ago

    That long ass pause in the intro of his name hahah

  • Secret
    Secret 9 days ago

    I’m a crazy fucking Gemini. 🤗😝

  • J Bercier
    J Bercier 9 days ago

    Are you aware that your white? LMAO....

  • IH-the99
    IH-the99 10 days ago

    "Not got butt raped" 😔 this man Envy bruh....

  • IH-the99
    IH-the99 10 days ago

    Makes some of the most generic ass hip hop music to date but he a cool dude lol

  • Dana Guthrie
    Dana Guthrie 11 days ago

    Scorpio is definitely the most crazy sign

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson 11 days ago


  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson 11 days ago


  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson 11 days ago

    10:34 that’s so cringe

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson 11 days ago


  • OVERCOMER by the Blood

    He's dressed like Ryan Philippe in Cruel Intentions.

  • OVERCOMER by the Blood

    He looks like the white guy from Cadillac Records

  • Gabriel Polanco Polanco

    G-eazy, did you smash? (cardi)

  • Cynthia Happy
    Cynthia Happy 13 days ago

    I ENJOY LISTENING TO E-EAZY. i love the way he thinks :)

  • Ivy Postell
    Ivy Postell 13 days ago


  • Ivy Postell
    Ivy Postell 13 days ago

    So sexy...

  • Book Thoughts
    Book Thoughts 14 days ago

    you kna what aym sayin

  • SetOnKill
    SetOnKill 14 days ago

    Do you know why he can't give a good answer on how he has white privilege? Because the whole idea of white privilege is bullshit. He just has to say these things because it's the popular thing to say in the current industry, pretty sad.

  • dustin rose
    dustin rose 14 days ago

    he couldn't maintain eye contact with the lady in this vid. every time she asked him a question he would immediately look at the guys. He also never turned his body towards her. probly means nothing. just interesting.

  • Lil HM
    Lil HM 14 days ago

    Lil HM need to collab wit G-Eazy meanwhile check out this link of Lil HM tvclip.biz/video/xW1ZBz3yO8M/video.html

  • Christy Hendry
    Christy Hendry 14 days ago

    I remember his myspace days

  • Jay Cash
    Jay Cash 15 days ago

    Mac dre is god. Period!

  • Joe King
    Joe King 15 days ago +1

    Did G-Eazy steal his name from Jeezy?

  • windshield washer
    windshield washer 16 days ago

    hate how they tried to play my boy, thank god he sharp, gota respect a man been
    grinding for this rap thing for so long

  • Alex Risley
    Alex Risley 16 days ago

    Sad part about this is these guys can usually see through BS. He’s different than the other white rappers they engage with Post Mgk Eminem yella etc so they’re kinda having trouble seeing how lame he is and from one white dude to another this guy is corny and lame. I see through it.

  • Logan Gerling
    Logan Gerling 17 days ago

    Terrible Interviewers!!! Talk about what makes him great instead of attacking!!

  • Alexis Newcomb
    Alexis Newcomb 17 days ago

    when watching this interview and realizing it was made on your birthday and makes you love geazy more

  • Veronica Renaker
    Veronica Renaker 18 days ago +5

    Hate to say it, but what exactly does he mean by surrounding himself with supportive people? It sounds like they're right there with him doing a line. I know that the substance abuse conversation was prompted repeatedly- but it really is frightening. He needs to sober up. It actually makes me sad for him. It's a dark path to lead.

  • chris wood
    chris wood 18 days ago

    you know what I'm saying

  • Ariel Rodriguez
    Ariel Rodriguez 18 days ago

    I watched this interview, PERIOD.

  • Kayla DuBray
    Kayla DuBray 18 days ago

    Sleep,water,detox.teamwork is everything that undying commitment

  • Lyndsey Byrnes
    Lyndsey Byrnes 19 days ago

    i hope he not a bad influence for that girl vise versa

  • chiabambam
    chiabambam 20 days ago

    Charlamagne, interview right bro, don't just pry to annoy.

  • Rezalion
    Rezalion 20 days ago

    Charlemagne really asked about his dad 25:50

  • Giggles Bloody Murder
    Giggles Bloody Murder 20 days ago

    Hayley???? So disrespectful lol

  • 561REALTLK
    561REALTLK 20 days ago

    CTG`s skully is hilarious.

  • Alexis Maria
    Alexis Maria 20 days ago

    Ugh hes cute but finding out hes a gemini...I'll pass

  • Carianne R. Hixson
    Carianne R. Hixson 20 days ago

    lmao Charlamagne calling him out on unprotected sex at 15:48 made me nearly spit my drink out

  • Clap4TheMoment
    Clap4TheMoment 20 days ago

    No G, Do you know what im saying?

  • obi juan
    obi juan 21 day ago

    wack ass foo

  • Fabian Powell
    Fabian Powell 21 day ago

    All things are relative to our situation.

  • cheapsokks
    cheapsokks 21 day ago

    "u know what Im sayin" hahaha cali

  • Tommy Davis
    Tommy Davis 21 day ago

    That’s Little Joey, Vino’s little brother! He almost got whacked by the Gabazzioli family. I guess he’s in New York to pay his respects to the boss.

  • Mugisha Cutsimpumu
    Mugisha Cutsimpumu 22 days ago

    a shot for everytime he says "know what im sayin"

  • Floor Floor
    Floor Floor 22 days ago

    Bro ur sus and ur music lame

  • Brandon Castillo
    Brandon Castillo 22 days ago

    Grown men discussing signs....smh.......

  • Manuel E. Peña
    Manuel E. Peña 23 days ago

    This dude is a fag

  • Destiny Nwankudu
    Destiny Nwankudu 23 days ago

    "You have a record with Hayley.... 😂😂😂😂

  • Notorious
    Notorious 23 days ago

    6:40 Fucking Legend you are Gerald

  • 24oz pinesolcan
    24oz pinesolcan 24 days ago

    getting real tired of "naw'm sayin'". you're a grown ass man. quit talking like a kid.

  • MissNisyah
    MissNisyah 24 days ago

    Awkward ass questions from Charlamagne

  • CantStopFallin
    CantStopFallin 24 days ago

    butt rape? G-Eazy's face when he said that.

  • lilbarbiee92
    lilbarbiee92 25 days ago

    "have you seen a devil with a halo" 👌♊

  • Ill Will
    Ill Will 26 days ago +3

    I'm not a fan. I'm shocked Charlemagne knew his lyrics. He seemed to go easy on Eazy. Eazy seems like a nice guy just has bad habits. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.

  • Jessica
    Jessica 26 days ago

    31:30 tf

  • FireRage21
    FireRage21 26 days ago

    Damn "That must of been some good weed" That was messed up hahah

  • Pedro Al
    Pedro Al 26 days ago

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  • Bobbbyyy Booiii
    Bobbbyyy Booiii 27 days ago

    G-Eazy: Okaayyyy.. Welp.

  • Robert Borunda
    Robert Borunda 27 days ago

    a little late to the show but shit he's good with words

  • Samuel Reilly
    Samuel Reilly 27 days ago

    32:30 had me crying 😂

  • Tom Proudlock
    Tom Proudlock 27 days ago


  • Christipher Claus
    Christipher Claus 27 days ago

    Gerald I worked next door to you at GameStop at the rockridge center in Oakland. U talked me into buying your bay boyz cd. It was awful. Now you a “top dog” for real. Hahah. Still can’t believe it. Good for u tho

  • Lenzel Koskela
    Lenzel Koskela 27 days ago +1

    You know what I'm saying.

  • Nibba
    Nibba 28 days ago +1

    G eazy seems like a cool guy but he comes off as a sensitive snowflake simp, that ad wasnt racist, its only racist if you make it racist. And white priviledge isnt a thing in hip hop, white people are disadvantaged

  • marissa christina
    marissa christina 28 days ago

    he has a good soul

  • King Quan
    King Quan 28 days ago

    White privilege must be nice

  • King Quan
    King Quan 28 days ago +1

    He is a druggy

  • Gunbnelch Maui
    Gunbnelch Maui 28 days ago


  • Stephanie Johnson
    Stephanie Johnson 28 days ago

    Never change who you are G there you go honesty hes honest with his life honesty in his music stays true to himself we need more people in the world and the world of music like this. Him n I is an anspiring song which will stay with me forever the video is way better than any contrived one out there mind blowing, makes me feel like i want that life love 👌👌when music pulls you in that much something truely special #halseynGeazy💜💜💜

    • Stephanie Johnson
      Stephanie Johnson 28 days ago

      Ps why they asking him really personal stuff you wouldnt just ask these questions in real life dont just randomly on air ask about traumatic situations thats wrong to much.

  • Robert Dean
    Robert Dean 28 days ago

    Dont die what dick move saying that the twat..........

  • Adam Fraga
    Adam Fraga 28 days ago

    He said. The first and last? His face was clueless

  • Daisy Flower
    Daisy Flower 28 days ago +3

    G-Easy looks like a Vampire from Vampire Diaries lol

  • jennifer K
    jennifer K 28 days ago

    God I love him!!!

  • Arifurrr
    Arifurrr 28 days ago

    does he say alhamdulillah at @1:45 ?

  • Rey S. Parker
    Rey S. Parker 29 days ago

    "Black on black with hair slick back. Boy I got the hardest style. All that swerve and spill my bourbon brody that's a party foul" - Eazy. My dude fresh

  • kguknow
    kguknow 29 days ago

    I don't like this fake.

  • Josh Weaver
    Josh Weaver 29 days ago +1

    White privilege? smh...racist term for invalidating someone's hard work

  • Tolga Yuce
    Tolga Yuce 29 days ago

    What an idiot. z minus celeb. social justice idiot. Career suicide? What career?

  • Lisa G.
    Lisa G. 29 days ago

    Lawdt this man is so damn fine! These white men getting finer & finer every damn year. smh. I need to switch sides lmao

  • mad.x.kät 21
    mad.x.kät 21 Month ago

    Take a shot everytime he says 'know what I'm sayin' . Knocked out within 5 min.
    Love his music tho

  • DrfaT mAn
    DrfaT mAn Month ago +2

    iheart radio stimulus package 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DrfaT mAn
    DrfaT mAn Month ago +2

    Puff party 😐

  • Russell Neill
    Russell Neill Month ago

    31:49 - S/O to the dude in the back just chilling on his phone. If I were in the same room as G-a car mother fucking crash wouldn't stop me from giving him my undivided attention.

  • Maricella Alaniz
    Maricella Alaniz Month ago

    Sexy ass😍😜😜😜

  • GreyPoupon
    GreyPoupon Month ago +2

    I call bullshit. He specifically got out of that H&M collab to protect his ass. Was not because of the "principles"