Shocking Asian Makeup Tricks 2019 😍😱

  • Published on May 29, 2019
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  • Diamond TV
    Diamond TV  Month ago +54

    must have 2019 WHITENNING AND WATERPROOF SPRAY buy here

    • Dank Duck
      Dank Duck 3 days ago +1

      @Claire Pettie Lmaooooooo honestly if i didnt search the seven seas of the internet in order to find a way to get perfect skin, it honestly would be so hard to find

    • Claire Pettie
      Claire Pettie 3 days ago +1

      @Dank Duck Thank you!
      I was briefly imagining a Mission Impossible futuristic face printer for spies on-the-go. 🤔

    • Dank Duck
      Dank Duck 3 days ago +1

      @Claire Pettie neutrogena light therapy mask usually found in pharmacies

    • Claire Pettie
      Claire Pettie 5 days ago

      1:54 What is the purple light (UV light?) mask thing the young man is using? What does it do?

    • fuzzy static
      fuzzy static 7 days ago

      I was wondering what that was

  • IcOnicxDilz
    IcOnicxDilz Hour ago

    Who cares about makeup? We just wanna know their skin care routine-

  • s¡rawrah Mornin
    s¡rawrah Mornin 10 hours ago

    What is this song

  • firavell
    firavell 19 hours ago +2

    my mom told me she did same stuff in 90s then was deficit and she had only one lipstick lol

  • aurora aestas
    aurora aestas 19 hours ago

    2:41 JUST WHYY

    why making urself so white??

  • Dan Kane
    Dan Kane 21 hour ago

    Someone tell me that white spray for a pale boi that’s perfect wtf

  • Bob Kay
    Bob Kay 23 hours ago

    they make their skin so pearly it looks like marshmallow 😬

  • Mikrokosmos
    Mikrokosmos Day ago

    Don't forget to go for swimming on your date with Asian woman.

  • BTS lover
    BTS lover Day ago

    These people be like how to catfish in real life

  • Cara
    Cara Day ago

    1:43 wow didn't expect this

  • sharas army
    sharas army 2 days ago army...

  • Unicorn Yoonmin
    Unicorn Yoonmin 2 days ago

    Korea’s a bitch

  • I want to love my lil meow meow sarang

    Okk i can try this but

    How is their lips SOOOO BEAUTIFUL?

  • Mesha _girl
    Mesha _girl 2 days ago +1

    Why does everyone make themselves look lighter, instead of getting a foundation that matches their complexion

    • E
      E Day ago

      It's an Asian beauty trend. You should google it. You'll learn a lot.

  • Vrushali Raut
    Vrushali Raut 2 days ago +2

    I am gonna have a nightmare today. She looks so scary . AHH help 😵

    • Vrushali Raut
      Vrushali Raut 2 days ago

      😂 thank you 😂

    • LilTomboy
      LilTomboy 2 days ago

      @Vrushali Raut 😂 hope you dont have nightmares.

    • Vrushali Raut
      Vrushali Raut 2 days ago

      Hmm... okay u like it
      Don't think so you are alone but for me it's ghost . Okay your opinion

    • LilTomboy
      LilTomboy 2 days ago

      I think I'm the only person that likes the look

  • Gemsmini
    Gemsmini 3 days ago

    Sooo... that's a damn earring. 7:19

  • kasi kasi
    kasi kasi 3 days ago

    Music is ugly

  • b.maaax
    b.maaax 3 days ago +1

    1:41 the best one KASJKAHS love him

  • b.maaax
    b.maaax 3 days ago +4

    4:18 is that Pony makeup?

  • b.maaax
    b.maaax 3 days ago +2

    3:45 dude she's really pretty

  • Moit Baruah
    Moit Baruah 3 days ago

    Whts the song ???????

  • kim mvrie
    kim mvrie 3 days ago

    Asian people are so beautiful... 😍

  • Marie Soppie
    Marie Soppie 4 days ago


  • Crumbled Cookie
    Crumbled Cookie 4 days ago +1

    i need their skin bruh

  • Mounaissa Kiri Tounao


  • Carol ca
    Carol ca 4 days ago


  • Binnie Ah
    Binnie Ah 4 days ago

    What name the first music?

  • DaeJa Shaw
    DaeJa Shaw 4 days ago

    What is that spray?? I need 10 bottles 😂

  • Mọt phim hoa ngữ

    Wow..5:39 môi vừa đẹp son cũg đẹp nữa 😊

  • ルカ
    ルカ 4 days ago

    2:30 NANI

  • هاله احمد
    هاله احمد 5 days ago +1

    اموت وأعرف اسم الدهان الابيض دا ايه

  • Areee Ash
    Areee Ash 5 days ago

    Lmao im from asia and i remember when i was little we were going to a picnic and my aunt was getting late so she grabbed her lipstick and a powder and when we got in the car she quickly slapped some powder on and put on lipstick and used the same lipstick as blush and eyeshadow... But here ive never seen anyone do this type of makeup shown in the video.

  • زهرا اکبری
    زهرا اکبری 5 days ago

    Omg their too white it hurts in the eyes

  • Tokki
    Tokki 5 days ago

    2:29 am i the only one that thinks he looks like Key from Shinee?

  • Ira Puspita Sari
    Ira Puspita Sari 5 days ago

    backsound ??

  • Happydoll Productions
    Happydoll Productions 5 days ago +2

    I’m a westerner and I totally respect trends in different countries but I noticed in the comment section that a lot of westerners are very ignorant

    Not cool bud (I apologize)

  • ___ lanonyme
    ___ lanonyme 5 days ago

    They are cute without makeup

  • Alliuchi
    Alliuchi 5 days ago

    who is she 3:04 ? she is so pretty even without make up wow

  • Jordan Piuila-Hogan
    Jordan Piuila-Hogan 6 days ago

    1:40 anybody else thinkin of Christian Delgrosso lmao. *awkward silence* (me) welp okay imma go now baaii 😤😧 tough crowd

    -SNOOKUMS- 6 days ago

    1.10 it seems someone's crying

  • ali gouchi
    ali gouchi 6 days ago +1

    مين سارق حواجب البنات يرجعهم 😂😂

  • ali gouchi
    ali gouchi 6 days ago +1

    هي فونديشن ولا طلاء جدران 😂

  • Chung Ae
    Chung Ae 6 days ago

    First song?

  • Anita nita
    Anita nita 6 days ago +2

    0:52 she is so beautiful😍

  • Queen AMV
    Queen AMV 7 days ago


  • Mystery Cache
    Mystery Cache 7 days ago

    I like the first song!

  • Liana LOLO
    Liana LOLO 7 days ago

    6:46 what happened???

  • Raghda B.A
    Raghda B.A 8 days ago

    so stupid videos i never seen!!!!

    DAVİCHİ HAYATIM 8 days ago

    4.19 my friend

  • Alien Invader
    Alien Invader 8 days ago

    Wish I could be beautiful like them

  • Mary Vianney Pajo
    Mary Vianney Pajo 9 days ago

    ba't ang nipis ng kilay nila?🤔🤨🤨🤨

  • Fatima Saddiqa
    Fatima Saddiqa 9 days ago +1

    4:15pony syndrome😊

  • Chimmy Chim
    Chimmy Chim 9 days ago

    Sad boi hours when you can’t even wear concealer

  • If I only can bring back the old Kpop

    4:10 pony syndrome❤

  • Sofia Franco M
    Sofia Franco M 9 days ago

    como es que todas son tan blancas yo en mi país siempre me dicen que estoy demasiado blanca ,
    ya me imagino como reaccionarían al ver a esta chicas, capas que les dirían que parecen fantasmas o transparentes. pero cada uno con su opinión :)

  • Bread Genie
    Bread Genie 9 days ago +4

    Lmao the guy at 1:43 xD hes so funny i liek

  • Janet Low
    Janet Low 10 days ago

    2:56 what's the name of the music??

  • Abdul Moez
    Abdul Moez 10 days ago

    I want claer skin like these people have

  • Abdul Moez
    Abdul Moez 10 days ago

    I do not know why these girls do over makeup that really change their look!

  • Nancy Ramirezz
    Nancy Ramirezz 10 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what brand and product the girl is using at 5:55?

  • Mon Đoreamon
    Mon Đoreamon 10 days ago

    Mấy cái chai xịt trắng đó Là gì vậy m.n

  • Ratan Mallick
    Ratan Mallick 11 days ago +1

    4:09 it's pony

  • Ventiny Mohan
    Ventiny Mohan 11 days ago +1

    I want the name of that product at 0:44

  • Mari Juana
    Mari Juana 12 days ago

    Omg at 4:00 is probably every asian family's rice scoop

  • Natsuki Shizumi
    Natsuki Shizumi 12 days ago

    Why so White?

  • Ina
    Ina 12 days ago

    who can tell me the name of the boy n 1:38 he so funny!

  • A A
    A A 12 days ago

    What's the song at the beginning

  • monazite548
    monazite548 12 days ago

    7:20 she tryna look like an indian or smth? lmao

  • MarianneTheFox
    MarianneTheFox 13 days ago +6

    Please someone kill me, I CAN'T BELIEVE IS THE SAME PERSON!

  • Kiran Shah
    Kiran Shah 14 days ago

    No offense but the girl at 5:15 looks like a ghost i guess she would be much more prettier without that makeup