Top 20 Asian Makeup Tricks 2019 😍😱

  • Published on May 29, 2019
  • Top 20 Asian Makeup Tricks 2019 😍😱
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  • Diamond TV
    Diamond TV  4 months ago +138

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    • Sylvia Kariuki
      Sylvia Kariuki Day ago

      @uwu uwu yall pretty dont worry about those people saying pale people look sick

    • Mika Ritsu
      Mika Ritsu 2 months ago

      No thank josé i love my dirty mexican skin lol i really need to get a new profile pic thats old af

    • Hung Hung
      Hung Hung 2 months ago


  • P e a c h m i l k
    P e a c h m i l k 9 hours ago

    2:29 , he looked like Shownu from MONSTA X

  • Q29 qr3
    Q29 qr3 6 days ago

    2.34 song

  • Glitter Better
    Glitter Better 7 days ago

    5:59 who is she?

  • fofo Alsarayri
    fofo Alsarayri 8 days ago

    وين العرب يا نااااااااس

  • the pretty woman
    the pretty woman 12 days ago

    oh no Amazing😱😱

  • 세븐틴崔总管夫人

    can someone tell me what is the first BGM?

  • low a
    low a 23 days ago

    im struggling to see the tricks? lol

  • Grace Kharmaw
    Grace Kharmaw 23 days ago

    That guy with full make up......gosh 😂😂

  • 兔子牛逼
    兔子牛逼 24 days ago

    It’s not make up its magic

  • Sandra Tanchot
    Sandra Tanchot 25 days ago

    1:20 it looks like she's having an allergy

  • Isabella Hernandez
    Isabella Hernandez 26 days ago

    1:40 is me doing my makeup lol

  • Al_ J
    Al_ J 26 days ago

    Are you sure you took permission from the original creators??! Cauz i have a strong feeling you might have not cauz if you did why would you crop alot of the footages

  • Nurul Atikah
    Nurul Atikah 27 days ago


  • Nurul Atikah
    Nurul Atikah 27 days ago

    Tetibe Ade lelaki..hahahhaha

  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee 28 days ago

    Anyone know what lip gloss she used at 00:46?

  • Oh Okay
    Oh Okay 28 days ago

    1:40...Im lowkey scared .. HYPER ACTIVE WHO?

  • 부랫서
    부랫서 28 days ago

    대충 이런거 볼때마다 드는생각

    아니 분명 우리는 저렇게 입술 열심히 안바르는데..........

  • Sarah Kim
    Sarah Kim 29 days ago

    How are some of their lips so pale? Is that okay?

  • gg g
    gg g 29 days ago

    남자 존나 부담스럽다

  • shivangi singh
    shivangi singh 29 days ago

    5:31 is so beautiful and makeup technique is really good😍😍😍

  • Bella
    Bella Month ago +1

    Some of those foundations looks really nice 🤔 Wonder what they're using

  • Hamnah Sohail
    Hamnah Sohail Month ago

    Please someone tell me the name of 2nd last song

  • J. C
    J. C Month ago

    3:47 Beautiful girl😍

  • Noel The Lunatic
    Noel The Lunatic Month ago

    They have skin as smooth as mine when i have a snapchat filter on

  • Mirian HM
    Mirian HM Month ago

    Que envidia sana... su cutis perfecto... I Like me!!! 😍

  • Graciela Cancino Gonzalez


  • let's play all guys

    First song name

  • D34th R34p3r
    D34th R34p3r Month ago

    I should use some of these tricks!

  • ยิงหัวแม่ง

    6:36 very fake 😅

  • 맴우지
    맴우지 Month ago

    엥 중국인만 있을 줄 알았는데 포니도 중간에 껴있네....;; 저작권 안녕한 부분인가

  • 여자서정미
    여자서정미 Month ago

    왜 눈하고. 볼에다가 립스틱 발라 이상하네

  • hxney
    hxney Month ago

    Y'all they are using filters I've seen them up close they have good skin but they aren't like this 😂

  • Angel Macey
    Angel Macey Month ago

    They are putting contacts on that have a circle of dark brown to make their irises look almost as large as their entire eye, then with the makeup it's too much. They are beautiful without all of that, but I guess all that work is what's in fashion there.

  • Yo Hani
    Yo Hani Month ago +1

    A vontade de ser coreana é grande...

  • avenge the falken
    avenge the falken Month ago +1

    Hey what's the song?

  • 이나김
    이나김 Month ago

    this is not makeup.. this is plasticsurgery

  • Tomato Sauce
    Tomato Sauce Month ago

    3:23 any one else anoyyed that the cream got onto her hair

  • I'm Fire
    I'm Fire Month ago

    How did get here?

  • Sharra-ann Jaji
    Sharra-ann Jaji Month ago

    What's with that spray ????


    6:10 she is already cute and omg they have nice skin😭

  • Linguiça Luiza Lulu


  • Linguiça Luiza Lulu


  • Esra Darcy
    Esra Darcy Month ago

    0:55 "Fuck, I forgot my make up!"
    "Hold on, I have red lipstick"

  • 다노
    다노 Month ago

    4:08 포니다

  • Darling Tzuyu
    Darling Tzuyu Month ago

    Their skins are so clean
    Maybe i can eat there XD

  • Minatozaki Sana
    Minatozaki Sana Month ago

    3:33 she is pretty but i hate her when she started doin that shit.

  • There's literally soap eeEEvvErYyywHeeEErE

    1:39 me getting ready to go buy bread at Walmart at 6pm

  • s ara
    s ara Month ago

    4:07 Pony❤ 포니다>< 역시 지금까지 나왓던 사람들중에서 젤 이쁘네 개입허...❣

  • s ara
    s ara Month ago

    3:24 3:34 3:40 ??????????

  • Tia-jade Weber
    Tia-jade Weber Month ago

    1:41 this guy is hilarious

  • Hope and Nice
    Hope and Nice Month ago

    Using lipstick for all types of parts One for all all for one

  • L LL
    L LL Month ago

    Almost chinese...

  • laviniaft g0d
    laviniaft g0d Month ago

    0:57 her name plz

  • Cheater Become Legit

    Now i will turn into woman and troll my friends

  • Hello Melo
    Hello Melo Month ago

    What's the white stuff they spray on

  • dalelife
    dalelife Month ago

    Hope everyone who is reading this comment has a beautiful day today :)
    I’ve recently started to film makeup videos of my own, and it would mean the world to me if someone could stop by and have a look🥰
    Anyways, hope whoever had the patience to read this has a wonderful day☺️☺️

  • Shaghil Rayyan
    Shaghil Rayyan Month ago

    Here is also pony syndrome video clip 😁

  • Achan
    Achan Month ago

    5:56 she looks like tzuyu🤔

  • HOY PO!
    HOY PO! Month ago

    Not all asians does that kind of makeup o.0 I just like the simple makeup and we do not put that spray whitening thingy^^