Japanese Food - YELLOWTAIL AMBERJACK Sashimi Braised Fish Kanazawa Seafood Japan

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018

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  • Justin Alvarez
    Justin Alvarez 29 minutes ago

    Raw seafoods??!! oh hell nah

  • mustafa Karakuscu
    mustafa Karakuscu 3 hours ago

    adam balığı patates soyar gibi soydu lan

  • Ренат Абдуллаев

    жрать охота

  • South labor
    South labor 16 hours ago


  • gon ta
    gon ta Day ago +1

    調理師の技術、皿は良いが… 部屋、食べ方がお粗末で残念。

    • DJしおあめ
      DJしおあめ 9 hours ago

      gon ta

  • ThOmAs Huckle
    ThOmAs Huckle Day ago

    the raw meat looks like beef

  • arman ahmad
    arman ahmad Day ago

    Where is the cooking part

  • DhulqarTen
    DhulqarTen Day ago +1

    Triple XXX rated food porn right here..

  • LurdesMaria Alves

    Nossa que talento me dar uma fome que dá vontade de comer um peixe só com água é sal kkkkk fico me vendo diante desse prato delícia!

  • wlod nat
    wlod nat Day ago


  • Gil Bispo
    Gil Bispo Day ago


  • Mehbub Hassan
    Mehbub Hassan 2 days ago

    tum japanese toh tatti khate ho 🤢

  • 義孝徳本
    義孝徳本 2 days ago


  • clydekkamanaful
    clydekkamanaful 2 days ago

    Excellent video, mouth watering just by watching :)

    • Виктор
      Виктор Day ago +1

      +clydekkamanaful Ok

    • clydekkamanaful
      clydekkamanaful Day ago

      +Виктор hawaiian, chinese, luv that yellowtail, $18.00 a lb (US) here in Hawaii.

    • Виктор
      Виктор Day ago

      +clydekkamanaful are you Japanese?

    • clydekkamanaful
      clydekkamanaful Day ago

      +Виктор japanese name for yellowtail tuna, very delicious, naturally sugary sweet taste of any meat.

    • Виктор
      Виктор Day ago

      +clydekkamanaful I don't know what hamachi is, it sounds disgusting, and I don't like everything about Asians food.

  • Svetlana Grichina
    Svetlana Grichina 2 days ago

    Один вопрос , кто это съел ??? Ну , конечно обработка рыбы была просто супер !

  • 生茶
    生茶 2 days ago


  • Кирилл Квасов

    много понтов и лишних движений

  • Matías Vásquez
    Matías Vásquez 3 days ago

    Is this ASMR?

  • Ikramuddin Zwane
    Ikramuddin Zwane 3 days ago

    4000 Dollars later.

  • Салат Нарезов

    excessive, the aesthetics of preparing and eating meals. Never felt sorry for the fish, but in this case it is a pity, because it is supremely the adoration to the food brought to the state of necrophilia

  • lita feronisa
    lita feronisa 3 days ago

    Apa enak nya barang mentah,apa ngak amis tuh

  • Elia Green
    Elia Green 3 days ago

    Which knives this guy uses?

  • It's just me.
    It's just me. 4 days ago +3

    i want to see your facial reaction when you eat this shtuff

    RITCHI3 4 days ago

    who eats a fuckin fish raw with wasabi and soy sauce

    • Nutt Cracker
      Nutt Cracker 3 days ago

      Well a stupid ami only knows about BBQ

  • Merry yangfo Merry yangfo

    U don't cook them uncle.?

  • Владимир Курбатов

    Это что карп такой странный, болеет

  • Rose Mary Ortega
    Rose Mary Ortega 5 days ago

    What a beautiful 🐟😍 it's mouth watering!

  • Rhea Smets
    Rhea Smets 5 days ago +6

    Using chopsticks but still using other hand 🙄

    • Rhea Smets
      Rhea Smets 7 hours ago

      Michaela Reid why should I use chopsticks !? Not interested tho

    • Rhea Smets
      Rhea Smets 7 hours ago

      Michaela Reid you owned TVclip!?

    • Michaela Reid
      Michaela Reid Day ago

      That's how it's done.
      I doubt you can even use chopsticks.
      Fuck outta here.

    • Виктор
      Виктор 2 days ago +1

      Is that a problem??

  • สุทธิพงษ์ แสงจันทร์


    CDTV TVK 5 days ago


  • Starguard !
    Starguard ! 5 days ago +11

    9797 Yellowtail Amberjacks did not like this video

  • Исака А
    Исака А 6 days ago

    Японцы жрут сырую рыбу, лимонники полусырое мясо, пиндосы горелое мясо. Высокая кухня))))

  • สุริยัน จันทรา

    NoNoNoooooo I don't eat black.

  • Scorpius
    Scorpius 6 days ago

    Don’t know how to cook?

  • Scorpius
    Scorpius 6 days ago

    Don’t know how to cook?

  • Scorpius
    Scorpius 6 days ago

    Don’t know how to cook?

  • Khalil Gamal
    Khalil Gamal 6 days ago

    Как изысканно..!)

  • Poypoy Germinal
    Poypoy Germinal 6 days ago

    where is the lamb sauce?!

    SAO SYBORATH 6 days ago

    you made me hungry!

  • rawan we
    rawan we 6 days ago +1

    سبحان ربي الرازق💙

  • Eastwood Monster
    Eastwood Monster 6 days ago

    This is why americans are overweight and lazy. Our food is processed and mass produced so much it isn't even real food anymore. Asians takevsuch pride and care in every detail it's astounding. Beautiful and delightful

  • Azmar .b
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  • Anas rullah
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  • Sundar Parameshwaran

    Why eating raw without cooking

    • Christopher Kirby
      Christopher Kirby 5 days ago +1

      That's what sashimi is. These videos make me like it less, cooked please.

  • Reike Reeks
    Reike Reeks 7 days ago

    Dude just peeled the fish uh?

  • glob was here!
    glob was here! 7 days ago

    Imagine if someone skinned your body, chopped you into pices, cooked you, and then ate you :)

  • Jake Sanchez
    Jake Sanchez 7 days ago

    For those weak hearted ex vegans who don't want to see too many bloods, and going to start eating non vegetable foods, skip to 11:00 ... Thank me later

  • Bintu Farid
    Bintu Farid 8 days ago

    Why he didn't cook it first???

  • Анна М.
    Анна М. 8 days ago

    What knifes they used, anybody know that firm?

  • Miguel Bernal
    Miguel Bernal 8 days ago

    I'm watching this video while eating pretzels

  • Sergey Kalabin
    Sergey Kalabin 8 days ago

    Don’t watch this if you’re hungry!)

  • BlueRedGooGoo
    BlueRedGooGoo 9 days ago +1

    I bet that VG10 steel would hold up longer if he used a heavy cleaver to process the head instead.

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    Hubert Cumberdale 9 days ago +2

    Quick,pass me my tuna sword.

  • Sisai Kiyo
    Sisai Kiyo 9 days ago +1


  • song song
    song song 9 days ago

    nhật bản toàn ăn đồ sống, ghê

    HAO TRAN 9 days ago

    Look how is it hard when the man try to cut the fish's head, so pro

  • Faye Salvador
    Faye Salvador 9 days ago

    He skined the fish and then what happen to the skin.

  • ولـاد و بنات بلادي

    I donno why but this is so relaxing 😌

  • Rimmi Khan
    Rimmi Khan 9 days ago

    Now I know how to turn black fish into white

  • Cepay Brokoli
    Cepay Brokoli 9 days ago

    The hand is clean ???? O.o

  • 社會工作
    社會工作 9 days ago


  • あさ妃ミニスカート


  • Nightfury Owner
    Nightfury Owner 10 days ago

    I would not have the GUTS to do this job.

  • Aililingus Sen
    Aililingus Sen 10 days ago

    its the best ASMR vedio ive ever heard

  • stranicvvv
    stranicvvv 10 days ago +2

    Ох японцы повара яхуею. От вас

  • Ly Lê
    Ly Lê 10 days ago

    quá đỉnh luôn

  • collin
    collin 10 days ago +10

    Bro the fact he spent 20 minutes to cut the scales off just to skin the fish is infuriating

    • karakun1
      karakun1 7 days ago

      your over reacting pal it was only 6 minutes.

    • Landon Main
      Landon Main 7 days ago

      Thought the same thing...

    • Gayeb Khan
      Gayeb Khan 9 days ago

      Omg, I didn't even notice that

  • majidesukasuka
    majidesukasuka 10 days ago


    • South labor
      South labor 16 hours ago


  • shay_ patrick
    shay_ patrick 11 days ago

    Its fcking raw 🤮🤮

  • hokiangateroroa
    hokiangateroroa 11 days ago

    Truly incredible knife skills. I've never seen a fish skinned like that before. In New Zealand we call those fish Kingies, and that is a small one. We call those small ones rat-kings and throw them back. Ideally, we wouldn't use fresh water while preparing the fish to eat, salt water is better for the flesh, fresh water hardens and degrades it. I would love to try this way though, it looks amazing.

    • Liam Cronin
      Liam Cronin 11 days ago

      explain how fresh water degrades fish

  • nanda asmara
    nanda asmara 11 days ago

    Belah kepala ikan ribet amat

  • Jorge Uvalle
    Jorge Uvalle 11 days ago

    Peces de plastico???

  • Hendrik Putra
    Hendrik Putra 11 days ago


  • emmi khan
    emmi khan 11 days ago

    why u eat uncooked fish …..ewwwweeee

  • A Bizarre World
    A Bizarre World 11 days ago

    Sale...1 fish done me betichod ka 10 ghnta lg raha h

  • 斉藤はじめ
    斉藤はじめ 11 days ago


  • Maaz Khan
    Maaz Khan 12 days ago

    The raw fish hahahah

  • KoffingKush
    KoffingKush 12 days ago

    Yellowtails have a ton of worms

  • singa motion
    singa motion 12 days ago +5

    This fish was treat with honor, respect and gratitude..

    • george taotao
      george taotao 9 days ago

      this fish ,eaten with honorand respect kai gratitude ...first time ,i hear this !!!

  • Mahmuda Sultana
    Mahmuda Sultana 12 days ago

    What a mess

  • Pancho villa
    Pancho villa 12 days ago

    Wow estos japoneses en realidad tienen arte culinario que delicia

  • Trần Tấn Phát
    Trần Tấn Phát 13 days ago

    Cá này giống cá chàm ở Việt Nam vaỵy

  • miamiwax
    miamiwax 13 days ago +1

    I love how japanese respect animals and use EVERYTHING

    • Gren Moyo
      Gren Moyo 12 days ago

      Its more the fish costs an arm and a leg so using as much as they do is important economically

  • 엘라엘
    엘라엘 13 days ago +3

    I arrived here after a wood-turning video... yup. totally related
    By the way, cleaning this fish's skin looks like a pain in the ass.
    And the sound of that grllled fish cut by the chopsticks... soooo satisfying

    • Johan Pauw
      Johan Pauw 12 days ago

      The same happened to me😁

  • MarioGarcia YT
    MarioGarcia YT 13 days ago +2

    Like Si eres mexicano😂
    Y no entiendes Nada de los Comentarios.😂

  • combo gogoi
    combo gogoi 14 days ago


  • AlphaLeetGaming
    AlphaLeetGaming 14 days ago +1

    Dude is destroys the head
    on my mortal kombat finisher type shit

  • Brend De Vries
    Brend De Vries 14 days ago +1

    So clean!! It's so importend to clean the fish right!

  • Chanz Land
    Chanz Land 14 days ago

    Yo I'm so fucking sad rn wtf

  • Iran FPS
    Iran FPS 14 days ago

    GORE .

  • azro iflene
    azro iflene 14 days ago

    The chef who doesn't cook.

  • Jay Paz
    Jay Paz 15 days ago

    They torture the head. . .

  • Esmeralda Setzer
    Esmeralda Setzer 15 days ago

    Those water chestnuts looked amazing

  • Дмитрий Ветров

    Бееее, как можно сырую рыбу кушать. Это жесть. Я один раз пробовал. Потом с желудком проблемы были. 😖😖😖😖

  • juan10k106
    juan10k106 15 days ago +2

    Any sea creature: *exists*
    Japanese people: Yummy!

    • Prot
      Prot 14 days ago

      I guess im Japanese haha. My motto is "If it swims, I'll eat it. That includes small children..."

  • DoNot Need
    DoNot Need 15 days ago

    Aahhh, shoot! Now I want some tuna. From the ocean to the fish market to the restaurant to your mouth.

  • Riding Gans
    Riding Gans 15 days ago +1

    I love long videos. Sadly most videos on TVclip are under 20 minutes.

  • Mikhail Sokolov
    Mikhail Sokolov 15 days ago

    А где комменты на русском?

  • sai akhil
    sai akhil 15 days ago

    Vupu n Karam edhi ra sapiddikudaa