Does Royal Purple Fuel Max Cleaner Actually Work (with Proof)?

  • Published on Nov 28, 2015
  • In this video I test Royal Purple Max Clean Fuel System Cleaner in a Ford Explorer. I use a borescope camera to look into the engine and see how dirty the engine is before the fuel treatment and then after the fuel treatment. This is the first time I looked at intake runners and valves, and I also looked at the piston head.
    I followed the instructions on the container and Royal Purple did clean some carbon off the intake runners, valves, and piston heads. This is the best in fuel system cleaner I have used that goes in the gas (so far)
    Here is the fuel cleaner I used:
    Here is the borescope camera I used:
    Seafoam in Car:
    Seafoam in a Lawn Mower
    Here is the Techron Test:
    Gumout "all in one" fuel system cleaner test:
    Lucas Fuel System Cleaner test:
    CleanBoost Maxx Test:
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Comments • 3 051

    PURPLEFISH 5 hours ago +1

    It Royal Purple what do you expect.

  • Senen Hernandez
    Senen Hernandez 12 hours ago

    I use chevron

  • Ryan Sullivan
    Ryan Sullivan 15 hours ago

    What makes a car to keep slipping time 2011 chevy equinox 2.4 its slipped 3 times

  • Hajji Daoud
    Hajji Daoud 17 hours ago

    Try E85, I run that shit 24/7 in my engines and even my tail pipe is free of carbon.

  • Francis Callahan
    Francis Callahan 21 hour ago

    Can you run this through your break booster line like seafoam? 07 F150 here

  • Lightspeed Snail

    Can you pour several cans of each kind in the tank and then run the engine on that stuff alone? That might do a better job cleaning, if the engine will run properly.

  • Jeff Franks
    Jeff Franks Day ago +1

    2 and 4 have coolant in the intake valves Bad intake manifold gasket

  • Daniel Rusch
    Daniel Rusch 2 days ago

    Looks like purple snake oil to me...
    Excellent video though, as always. Thank you.

  • James Benhart
    James Benhart 2 days ago

    Change in gas mileage..?

  • R. Moon
    R. Moon 4 days ago

    Do a test 500 miles before after only gas no Cleaner to see if carbon deposit shifts...

  • In Korea
    In Korea 4 days ago

    For best results don't pour it in the gas tank, pour it in the valve and on the piston heads

    • In Korea
      In Korea 4 days ago

      @ChrisFix I didn't claim it was. I was just giving you the best way to clean up. Try it and see how well it works.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  4 days ago

      That’s not following manufactures instructions tho

  • Isaias Nunes
    Isaias Nunes 4 days ago

    Hey Chris could you do a review on cat-a-clean please!!!!!!!!!!!@ChrisFix

  • sk8punk318
    sk8punk318 4 days ago

    Use every 10k miles? Ballsy

  • Mrtscrp30
    Mrtscrp30 5 days ago +1

    I think the cleaners that do work like royal purple should be tested after a few uses after all carbon builds up over time and no cleaner onthe market can remove thousands of miles of carbon after one bottle.

  • sk8punk318
    sk8punk318 5 days ago +2

    I wish on all your videos like these, the before and after looked the same as in The before pictures look like it has a tint of red to the picture

  • Brittain Ursiny
    Brittain Ursiny 6 days ago

    Hey Chris i dare you to try out Royal purple oil oil in your next oil change as a freind dared me to in my old 1988 chevy c30 454 i dont think its had an oil change in about 5 years its been used and abused bad. My freind who tried it has a gdi style engine and he it looks emaculate now and it was bad before. I want to know your opinion about what results you see i will be doing it as well and let you know how it goes

  • Bobby Dukes
    Bobby Dukes 7 days ago

    You should never put any additives in your engine. It’s all a crock. 💩😂

  • scubbarookie
    scubbarookie 8 days ago

    It considered one of the top-shelf products... I think it worked. 👍

  • Stephen Crabb
    Stephen Crabb 13 days ago

    Pore striegh into the piston and leave for 2 hours then start the car. Let it soak in. Then see the diferace.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  13 days ago

      That would be a bad idea. Removing all of that carbon at once could damage the engine.

    RAMSEY TRUTH BROS 777 18 days ago

    Have you tried gum out the call to run a few tankz of gas but it's crazy how clean it gets

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  17 days ago

      Yes I made a video on Gumout too

  • Lenny D.
    Lenny D. 29 days ago +1

    Use good gas. No problem.

  • rollertee
    rollertee Month ago

    Ay chris fix have you tested anything amsoil? My new go to car products

  • Joaquin Mireles
    Joaquin Mireles Month ago

    But ur supoise do it on a full tank

  • Texican 84
    Texican 84 Month ago

    These videos are so interesting!!!!
    Great job Chris and thanks!!!
    How about Lucas?

  • David Harper
    David Harper Month ago

    Does all this carbon just end up in the oil?

    • MatthieuAmherst
      MatthieuAmherst Month ago

      It gets shot out through the exhaust valves into the exhaust system. I'm sure a small amount probably does in older, worn out engines..

  • Waugy 370z
    Waugy 370z Month ago

    I just put this in my gas. It said on the bottle i got that it'd treat up to 19 gallons but for best cleaning results use the entire 6ozs in 10 gallons (so it doesn't dilute as much I guess) so my tank had just under a quarter tank and i put 9 gallons in it. And you know the smell you get after you run a hill or just going wide open throttle playing around? Well im getting that burning carbon smell with just medium acceration pulls! Its definitely cleaning off the tops of the pistons and probably the cats as well.

  • Alexander Coura
    Alexander Coura Month ago

    Can I stick a long q-tip with alcohol inside the cylinders and clean the top of the piston to get better results?

  • Danny Mitchell
    Danny Mitchell Month ago

    Did he say how many miles were on the cars he tested? If he did I have totally missed it.

  • sportsmansparadice42

    How does the royal purple compare to BG 44K fuel system cleaner?

  • 5ifty9ine
    5ifty9ine Month ago +1

    Probably might need to use it a few times for it to do something

  • The Burnhams
    The Burnhams Month ago

    No surprises here...ain't no such thing as "mechanic in a bottle." Jus' like there's no "liquid plumber." Snake Oil, on the other hand IS a thing.....

  • Kaden harrison
    Kaden harrison 2 months ago

    I have a product I can send to u it will blow ur mind away

  • mogtrader8
    mogtrader8 2 months ago

    I think like anything else, it's preventative maintenance. If someone were to use it every 10K-20K for the life of the car or in segments, you might actually see it maintain itself. But to use it 'AFTER" build-up and expecting 1 bottle of treatment to cure it all is far-fetched and illogical. I think using it every oil change or annually might yield plausible benefits. Great video !

  • Kyle Bittle
    Kyle Bittle 2 months ago

    Did anyone else see green antifreeze on some of the valves in the beginning?

  • Ahmad Didik
    Ahmad Didik 2 months ago

    Chrisfix.. May i know Wich brand are u very satisfied for fuel cleaning?

  • Abbottpotumas
    Abbottpotumas 2 months ago

    Basically a total waste of your hard earned cash.

  • ASM Flight
    ASM Flight 2 months ago +1

    Ok but got a question for you, when these fuel system cleaners clean the system and remove some of carbon deposits, will it cause my catalytic converter to fail?
    I mean they take of the removed carbon deposit through the exhaust system, so will it mess up the CATs?

    • ASM Flight
      ASM Flight 2 months ago

      I believe at this point (145k) it should be normal to replace the CAT but I’m really curious to see if these additives have had any effect on it

    • Dakota LaBarr
      Dakota LaBarr 2 months ago

      I use this stuff regularly and now my cat is bad at 145,000. Idk if that is normal but in know that was a though I had also

  • Richard Wilson-Moore
    Richard Wilson-Moore 2 months ago

    Please do an engine overhaul

  • brentfoto
    brentfoto 2 months ago

    Love your videos. Very helpful! But where is your Redline Complete Fuel System Cleaner review? It is noticeably absent. Thanks!

  • Cara de watdafuk
    Cara de watdafuk 2 months ago

    what product from royal purple isn't purple?

  • Kayd Unge
    Kayd Unge 2 months ago

    So which on works best, for those who actually watched them all

  • IRATA plumber
    IRATA plumber 2 months ago

    These cleaners aren't going to have drastic results over 1 or 2 times of using them. It's something that needs to be done regularly.
    They could put more powerful cleaners but if they aren't used up fast enough would rust up your tank inside.
    Besides it's like Chris said if your looking in the cylinder head where the combustion happens for every bit that gets cleaned new carbon will form.
    Just keep using these every 10k at least and your fuel system will be the best it can be.

  • hermes alejandro cerdenia

    Please do a test on PERTUA OIL ADDITIVE.

  • Mike Brennan
    Mike Brennan 3 months ago

    I'd really like to see like 20 tanks of gas run with the best cleaner.

  • Edmond Hung
    Edmond Hung 3 months ago

    Can you do a controlled experiment so a before and after compare between one tank of gas but without any product use

  • Brandol Morales
    Brandol Morales 3 months ago

    Hi test how cataclean works is very good

  • Judith Elkins
    Judith Elkins 3 months ago

    Ay, old school tech here. I used to use plain water to clean carbon. When and what are you gonna test it on?! I suggest an old school carb vehicle test, then a fuel injection car.

  • Mike Morrison
    Mike Morrison 3 months ago +2

    Hey Chris thank you for all your videos and all of us enjoy every single one of them! With that said and these fuel system cleaners, when it comes to the combustion chamber I wonder if it would just be better to run the highest octane available as well as some fuel stations have racing fuel that is 100 octane plus and just run your car really hard causing higher fuel combustion temperatures there for getting rid of some of the carbon that would have the same effect. so somebody who puts this in their vehicle when they're getting on the freeway happens to floor it causing high RPMs and higher temperatures in the combustion chamber. Maybe possibly adding a higher octane racing fuel or 91 + adding the fuel system cleaner to it as well as a octane booster that is sold at most automotive stores. This would be the cleaner and a higher octane booster causing a higher temperature in the cylinder possibly cleaning out some of this carbon buildup. thank you so much for your videos look forward to the next one.

  • J.B. J.B.
    J.B. J.B. 3 months ago +1

    Nice work , clear and concise..keep up the good work

  • Chance Santellano
    Chance Santellano 3 months ago +5

    Berrymans b12 is cheaper and does clean. If you have water in the gas it will get you back to normal. Hope this helps someone. ✝️God Bless✝️

  • Dave Duzzy
    Dave Duzzy 3 months ago

    From the amount of oil/carbon build up on those intake valves, you'd think that engine is direct injection. I've never had build up like that on one of my Nissans, even my 350z, which is known for oil consumption. Yet after replacing the valve covers and looking down the intake manifold my intake valves were all shiny new at 110k miles. Reasons to stay away from cars that are direct injection. No cleaning of the intake valves by the fuel = an engine that is doomed to break down.

  • GalatraProductions
    GalatraProductions 3 months ago +3

    ChrisFix, I want to see a review about BG 44K Platinum.

  • firebird14420
    firebird14420 3 months ago

    Do liquid moly

    • firebird14420
      firebird14420 3 months ago

      @Dave Duzzy thanks

    • Dave Duzzy
      Dave Duzzy 3 months ago +1

      LiquiMoly is good stuff. Although if you're looking for cleaner valves and pistons, you need to use the engine flush oil additive, not the fuel system cleaner. Be careful though, it's like adding straight acetone to the oil. I recommend 1/2 dose over 2 oil changes. It's added to the old oil and ran through the engine at idle for 10min before draining the oil out. Do not use it as an oil additive, it will cause oil leaks!

  • Brazen Bull
    Brazen Bull 4 months ago +1

    What kinda Psychopath shows the After First?! Its was driving me crazy 😂 Before then After for sanity sake lol

  • solohoh
    solohoh 4 months ago

    Looks like a waste of time and money, in other words, a scam.

  • Philip Rivers
    Philip Rivers 4 months ago

    Used this and got a p0420 code and now I need a new cat on my LS460. This fuel additive is gonna cost me $784.

  • Ben Paul
    Ben Paul 4 months ago +1

    Doesnt look that different

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  4 months ago

      Exactly lol. They clean but not what you expect.

  • XingXi Xayadeth
    XingXi Xayadeth 4 months ago

    Can you show fuel pump test on a 2002 toyota celica gt

  • Dwight Chenoweth
    Dwight Chenoweth 5 months ago

    After 3 times should be super clean, 1 half tank and 2 more times.

  • fastcrxzc
    fastcrxzc 5 months ago

    Why did he only fill it halfway with gas?