Does Royal Purple Fuel Max Cleaner Actually Work (with Proof)?

  • Published on Nov 28, 2015
  • In this video I test Royal Purple Max Clean Fuel System Cleaner in a Ford Explorer. I use a borescope camera to look into the engine and see how dirty the engine is before the fuel treatment and then after the fuel treatment. This is the first time I looked at intake runners and valves, and I also looked at the piston head.
    I followed the instructions on the container and Royal Purple did clean some carbon off the intake runners, valves, and piston heads. This is the best in fuel system cleaner I have used that goes in the gas (so far)
    Here is the fuel cleaner I used:
    Here is the borescope camera I used:
    Seafoam in Car:
    Seafoam in a Lawn Mower
    Here is the Techron Test:
    Gumout "all in one" fuel system cleaner test:
    Lucas Fuel System Cleaner test:
    CleanBoost Maxx Test:
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  • Judith Elkins
    Judith Elkins 8 days ago

    Ay, old school tech here. I used to use plain water to clean carbon. When and what are you gonna test it on?! I suggest an old school carb vehicle test, then a fuel injection car.

  • Mike Morrison
    Mike Morrison 12 days ago +2

    Hey Chris thank you for all your videos and all of us enjoy every single one of them! With that said and these fuel system cleaners, when it comes to the combustion chamber I wonder if it would just be better to run the highest octane available as well as some fuel stations have racing fuel that is 100 octane plus and just run your car really hard causing higher fuel combustion temperatures there for getting rid of some of the carbon that would have the same effect. so somebody who puts this in their vehicle when they're getting on the freeway happens to floor it causing high RPMs and higher temperatures in the combustion chamber. Maybe possibly adding a higher octane racing fuel or 91 + adding the fuel system cleaner to it as well as a octane booster that is sold at most automotive stores. This would be the cleaner and a higher octane booster causing a higher temperature in the cylinder possibly cleaning out some of this carbon buildup. thank you so much for your videos look forward to the next one.

  • J.B. J.B.
    J.B. J.B. 14 days ago

    Nice work , clear and concise..keep up the good work

  • Blessed By God
    Blessed By God 16 days ago +5

    Berrymans b12 is cheaper and does clean. If you have water in the gas it will get you back to normal. Hope this helps someone. ✝️God Bless✝️

  • Dave Duzzy
    Dave Duzzy 17 days ago

    From the amount of oil/carbon build up on those intake valves, you'd think that engine is direct injection. I've never had build up like that on one of my Nissans, even my 350z, which is known for oil consumption. Yet after replacing the valve covers and looking down the intake manifold my intake valves were all shiny new at 110k miles. Reasons to stay away from cars that are direct injection. No cleaning of the intake valves by the fuel = an engine that is doomed to break down.

  • GalatraProductions
    GalatraProductions 17 days ago +2

    ChrisFix, I want to see a review about BG 44K Platinum.

  • firebird14420
    firebird14420 18 days ago

    Do liquid moly

    • firebird14420
      firebird14420 17 days ago

      @Dave Duzzy thanks

    • Dave Duzzy
      Dave Duzzy 17 days ago +1

      LiquiMoly is good stuff. Although if you're looking for cleaner valves and pistons, you need to use the engine flush oil additive, not the fuel system cleaner. Be careful though, it's like adding straight acetone to the oil. I recommend 1/2 dose over 2 oil changes. It's added to the old oil and ran through the engine at idle for 10min before draining the oil out. Do not use it as an oil additive, it will cause oil leaks!

  • Brazen Bull
    Brazen Bull 22 days ago +1

    What kinda Psychopath shows the After First?! Its was driving me crazy 😂 Before then After for sanity sake lol

  • solohoh
    solohoh Month ago

    Looks like a waste of time and money, in other words, a scam.

  • Yugo Manic
    Yugo Manic Month ago

    Used this and got a p0420 code and now I need a new cat on my LS460. This fuel additive is gonna cost me $784.

  • Ben Paul
    Ben Paul Month ago +1

    Doesnt look that different

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Month ago

      Exactly lol. They clean but not what you expect.

  • XingXi Xayadeth
    XingXi Xayadeth Month ago

    Can you show fuel pump test on a 2002 toyota celica gt

  • Dwight Chenoweth
    Dwight Chenoweth Month ago

    After 3 times should be super clean, 1 half tank and 2 more times.

  • fastcrxzc
    fastcrxzc Month ago

    Why did he only fill it halfway with gas?

  • Austin hargett
    Austin hargett 2 months ago

    In valve 2

  • Austin hargett
    Austin hargett 2 months ago

    I see a head gasket leak

  • Compton ChuckZ
    Compton ChuckZ 2 months ago

    My wife’s suv idles loud when we start it in the am..any ideas why? Or what could I add to Reduce the idle noise? thanks

  • Mike Wilmoth
    Mike Wilmoth 2 months ago

    Not worth the money.i stick with lucas

  • The Traveler
    The Traveler 2 months ago

    Need to do a seafoam test in he tank.

  • Calvin Pennix
    Calvin Pennix 2 months ago

    Its supposed to clean out trash pretty much thats it .all of them do the same thing

  • michael gill
    michael gill 2 months ago

    Sometimes I think the amounts they give you. Are only enough to clean one or two cylinders. Which is retarded but hey that’s the market.

  • Bill Bird
    Bill Bird 2 months ago


  • Mohit JP
    Mohit JP 2 months ago

    Hello Cris how to fix low compression at cylinder 4 i have subaru legacy 2004

  • carlos lopez
    carlos lopez 3 months ago

    make sure you dont drive too far, what about u get out of gas n u have 2 walk 4 a long distance!!!!! jajajaaa

  • Eric Oler
    Eric Oler 3 months ago +1

    waist of money you would be better off spraying water on there

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous 3 months ago +1

    Just spray a full can of wd40 into your tank works better and cheaper 👍

  • Nick Schafer
    Nick Schafer 3 months ago

    Where is the Redline or Amsoil cleaners? It's been 3 years now.

  • ngbanks
    ngbanks 3 months ago

    With your treating I highly recommend trying AcesIV from BND Automotive. It's got many elements in it. Google it

  • Solo-man A
    Solo-man A 3 months ago

    OK. So it did get rid of some of the carbon. What does that translate into ?? What benefits/difference does that make ??

  • Jackie Ramos
    Jackie Ramos 3 months ago +1

    How do I replace a head gasket leak on a 1999 mustang gt??

  • Anton Kaloyanchev
    Anton Kaloyanchev 3 months ago

    Hello there, awesome videos just wanted to ask what kind is your camera that you are using, the one you put in the cylinders.
    I have one but is not even close to be so sharp. Thanks

  • Janine McLaren
    Janine McLaren 3 months ago +1

    Please do one of these on CRC Intake valve cleaner!

  • Reginald Guillaume
    Reginald Guillaume 3 months ago

    Does anyone notice that at the beginning he explains that he uses it opposite to how the directions say to use it ... directions clearly say use it in nearly empty tank then fill up

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T 3 months ago

    Chris, is there anyway to see how much difference the cleaners make to the injectors?

  • T Ritchie
    T Ritchie 4 months ago

    So from this video it looks to me like it would need to be used often to do much more than be a Preventive measure. Is that the jist of it? Or has it done more than I thought?

    -PARADOX- 4 months ago

    I normally use a soft brush and clean out the cylinder head then vacuum out the loose dirt. Quick fix.

  • ecosby100
    ecosby100 4 months ago

    Running till your empty probably throws more shit on your in your engine then anything

  • MrTheomighty1
    MrTheomighty1 4 months ago

    Hi mate could you do a video on trying to use paraffin or what is known as kerosene as I fuel addictive and liqui moly

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez 4 months ago

    Chris can you review cataclean

  • roadkill serna
    roadkill serna 4 months ago

    I never knew you were a red head!

  • Dalton Robert Pepple
    Dalton Robert Pepple 4 months ago

    You shouldn't touch a quarter of your tank.

  • Wildcandygirl
    Wildcandygirl 4 months ago +1

    Where does the carbon go when it gets cleaned?

  • Mc007Queen
    Mc007Queen 4 months ago

    See there's your problem right there it's a Ford Explorer come on now how many miles does it have on the engine ... If you f****** neglect your vehicle for so many thousands of miles you think one treatments going to f****** clean everything get real ...

  • Ish Ish
    Ish Ish 4 months ago

    Next time you test the product make sure the valves and piston are super dirty

    DURABLEOIL.COM 4 months ago

    Hey Chris I follow your channel but never found the Video Test For the AMSOIL Cleaner?

  • Joe S.
    Joe S. 4 months ago

    The only thing I want this product to do is make my fuel injectors spray better, and possibly clean off my intake valves. Which probably aren't very dirty cuz I always use shell premium gas.

  • Trung Vu
    Trung Vu 4 months ago

    Would you please test the BG 44k ?

  • Christopher Cook
    Christopher Cook 5 months ago

    Decent. You should test ISO HEET from walmart

  • Mike D
    Mike D 5 months ago

    Wooooooow... you didn't follow the directions. 1/2 tank of gas doesn't equal a full tank of gas. Basic math dude. Plus, "carbon thinning on the wall, but no obvious carbon removal"? Carbon thinning on the wall (like it was on every valve wall) is obvious carbon removal. Cleaners like this take a lot longer than your test allowed. It takes several treatments to see real results. It also heavily depends on the purity of the fuel, how well the fuel injectors are working, and if all of the cylinders have equal compression & a complete fuel burn. Try again, but do it right. Dump the bottle in, then completely fill the tank. Check it. Then repeat the treatment with another full tank of gas, & check it again. I'm willing to bet the results will be far better.

  • Justin W
    Justin W 5 months ago

    Generally speaking, they are less needed for modern cars that are run more or less constantly. Where these shine more so, is on smaller, simpler, carburetor based engines, especially ones that sit for any length of time. Ethanol attracting water into the fuel is very hard on these, and cleaners and stabilizers become almost a necessity (unless you want to be constantly doing carb rebuilds, replacing fuel lines, etc). Carbs get blocked and/or gunked up enough to cause problems rather easily.
    Until I've started to use these, I've had lot's of issues with my motorcycle, scooters, generator, chainsaw, and lawnmower. I live in a consistently high humidity climate. If you live in the desert or more desert like conditions (consistently very low humidity), you probably won't need to use these near as much.
    After trying a few things, as well as doing a lot of research, I've come to the conclusion that a combo of Marvel Mystery Oil and the large, concentrated version of Star Tron is the most economical long term. MMO costs about 3 cents per gallon treatment and Star Tron costs about 5 cents per gallon treatment at the places where you can get them cheapest.
    Ideally, one would only use ethanol free gas, but these are regularly a dollar to 3 dollars more per gallon (!) than their same octane, but with ethanol added, equivalent. And for me, the only places close by that have them; one sells only 87 octane, and the other only sells 100 octane, low lead fuel. Neither of these are ideal for my purposes, except the lawmower, generator, and maybe chainsaw. I don't want to use lead, but I would need to buy specialized octane booster if using the 87 octane stuff for my motorcyle and scooter, raising the price per gallon even more.
    Besides, the combo of MMO and Star Tron even at 9 cents (rounded up slightly since there are fractions of a bit more involved for each) per gallon of treatment, besides being much cheaper than ethanol free gas per gallon, also have cleaning and lubricating action that gas lacks in comparison. MMO I use primarily for the lubricating and anti-rust/corrosion properties (and I actually use a little less than recommended, so for me, the total price per gallon drops back down to 8 or 7 cents per gallon) and the Star Tron primarily for the fuel stabilizing properties. But both have some minor cleaning attributes as well, and MMO also helps to stabilize fuel a bit as well (though Star Tron is MUCH more effective than MMO in that aspect). I also occasionally use MMO in my oil.
    Not nearly as economical for regular use, but I've found helpful, is occasionally, like every 4 to 6k miles, is to use a concentrated P.E.A. based cleaner. I've tried BG-44K and the Gumout one that is reported to have higher P.E.A. content. And sometimes I'll combine these with Shell V-nitro gas, at least for the engines that need higher octane fuel (my motorcycle and scooter), as this gas has P.E.A. in it.
    At some point, I would like to try Amsoil and Redline to see how they compare to the above. It's hard to say, but BG-44K seems to be a bit more concentrated than the Gumout version that is reported to have moderately high P.E.A. content. I know Amsoil tends to make really good products in general, so despite their high price point, willing to try.
    Important: I've heard that P.E.A cleaners should only be used once in a while as they can actually contribute to carbon build up in clean engines. There is a balancing point where they will clean fairly well with carbon build up already there, but once fairly clean, don't use them (until dirty again) because they can contribute to re-building it up. And generally speaking, I prefer to use gentler stuff over longer periods as these will gunk things up less while cleaning and is easier for the fuel system to handle.

  • claponclapoff6
    claponclapoff6 5 months ago

    full time water injection will keep pistons clean, bumps horsepower up also. ask me i"ll tell you.

  • Terance Erving
    Terance Erving 5 months ago

    Then hit it with the walnut blaster

  • Terance Erving
    Terance Erving 5 months ago

    Chris try making a cocktail with them all and see what happens

  • Daniel Lau
    Daniel Lau 5 months ago

    Huh. Marvel. Must have been working for so long cuz the avengers are whuppin that carbon ass.

  • HaOz0r
    HaOz0r 5 months ago

    What happens if you combine multiple fuel system cleaning products for one engine clean ? ( instead of using a full bottle of a certain cleaner , use a fifth to a half of each product depending on the number of cleaners you want to use in order to use about the same amount as a full bottle of a single cleaner )

  • Colin D
    Colin D 5 months ago

    How many miles did the Explorer have on it when you ran this experiment?

  • kustomTooth
    kustomTooth 6 months ago

    You should do a test with “Polytron Fuel Treatment”

    XxWYZTHIFAxX 6 months ago

    I think there was coolant on one of the valves 4:47

    MSTWNTD 6 months ago

    I wish you made a video on the redline. I have that stuff is one of the only additives that work for cleaning the top of the cylinders

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V 6 months ago


  • Daniel V
    Daniel V 6 months ago


  • Daniel V
    Daniel V 6 months ago


  • Daniel V
    Daniel V 6 months ago


  • Daniel V
    Daniel V 6 months ago


  • Daniel V
    Daniel V 6 months ago


  • HackHunter1835
    HackHunter1835 6 months ago

    You can add a fuel pump to the list now that he ran it dry. Fuel cools the pump, never run it dry. At least he has a great mechanic like you to do the replacement if dies on him.

  • Kiniferus Xj
    Kiniferus Xj 6 months ago

    All those chunks of carbon will f$&@ you’re engine up.! It’s got to go somewhere

    • Deep Beet
      Deep Beet 4 months ago

      It's all good, it just clogs up the CAT

  • Mustang Guru
    Mustang Guru 7 months ago

    It’s actually an Endoscope. Lol🤪

  • John Doe
    John Doe 7 months ago

    Seems to me if you wanna use this stuff you gotta do like six months of adding a bottle every other last quarter tank . It's working but times what works best . Sea foam all the way

  • Saul Paxton
    Saul Paxton 7 months ago

    How often should you apply this?