10 Disturbing Facts You Didn't Want to Know

  • Published on Jan 24, 2018
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Comments • 3 383

  • sabarlow1807
    sabarlow1807 Year ago +4878

    after hair is removed people can still be successful youtubers

  • Dr. Limbo
    Dr. Limbo 3 hours ago

    I wouldn't say "disturbing", these are just facts after all.
    Things that humans do *intentionally* on he other hand, can be horrifying...
    Serial killers, sociopaths and violence based on prejudice are disturbing.

  • Keitra Sanders
    Keitra Sanders Day ago

    I really like that background really cool

  • Cat Dogg
    Cat Dogg 10 days ago

    Love your sense of humor

  • Susan the Zombie girl Fanter

    I'm going to sterilize my phone now.Eww

  • Corinna Carlson
    Corinna Carlson 11 days ago

    The last one is why i shake my head at germaphobes.

  • Corinna Carlson
    Corinna Carlson 11 days ago

    So glad we have an immune system.

    SOPHIA MORROW 12 days ago

    Why did I even need to know this, but I watched this anyway

  • Peg Vanore
    Peg Vanore 12 days ago


    5:55 I played with those things every day 0-0

  • Melissa Wheeler
    Melissa Wheeler 13 days ago

    Iโ€™m dying inside!

  • Danielle W
    Danielle W 13 days ago

    Hahaha, poor vegans!!๐Ÿ˜“

  • melissa Bean
    melissa Bean 14 days ago

    Oh lord my OCD just went into over drive lol

  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo 14 days ago

    Sucking snot!?!
    When your nose goblins just donโ€™t fill you up

  • Anima Is cool
    Anima Is cool 14 days ago

    Iโ€™m watching this on my phone

  • IdiotKid
    IdiotKid 15 days ago

    then why did i watch this

  • karla ramirez
    karla ramirez 15 days ago

    Your so adorable, I can watch your videos everyday!

  • Inonge Dorothy Mwila
    Inonge Dorothy Mwila 15 days ago

    Matthew, in Namibia some people still suck out snot from babies noses, I saw one of my "aunts" do it for a child that even wasn't hers

  • Inonge Dorothy Mwila
    Inonge Dorothy Mwila 15 days ago

    Eww the smelling fact It is true I Wish I didn't know..

  • angel smith
    angel smith 17 days ago

    5:16 pulled a fast one on ya

  • Lester Hubert
    Lester Hubert 17 days ago

    On now the vegans gonna sue crayola

  • Pixlecat
    Pixlecat 17 days ago

    I was watching this on my phone and I honestly had to think about whether I wanted to pick it up or just leave it on the couch...

  • Minecraft dude 12
    Minecraft dude 12 17 days ago

    Oh my God when he said your cat will eat your face my cat came up to me

  • Latanya Hardy
    Latanya Hardy 18 days ago +1


  • LuckyDal
    LuckyDal 19 days ago

    The snot one actually made me queasy

  • the magicalhamster
    the magicalhamster 23 days ago


  • Laila Shryock
    Laila Shryock 24 days ago

    Well, hmmm. I've actually thought about the fact that our cat would eat me? And yeah, if I was dead and her dish is empty, my face is next. Bad kitty. But kitty's gotta eat. That's weird to think about

  • Josh B
    Josh B 25 days ago

    The only thing Iv learnt is that you are the biggest worry wort on the planet.

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 25 days ago

    my life is a goddamn lie.

  • ThePrufessa
    ThePrufessa 26 days ago

    Getting a cold is nothing if you take Airborne soon enough. For the first time in ~20 years I took it as soon as my throat started to itch. My cold never advanced past that. A few sneezes and coughs and that's all it was. I usually wait until later in the day to take my first dose because I don't have any readily available. Doing that allows the cold to advance but never get full-blown once you start taking it (if you wait too long it won't work at all). I'm still able to function without feeling any malaise. The post-nasal drip is the worst but if you use a neti pot with that akanal solution that becomes much more easier to deal with.

  • ThePrufessa
    ThePrufessa 26 days ago

    Number 8 I've known for a long time. And after humans are gone there will never be anymore. Ever.

  • ThePrufessa
    ThePrufessa 26 days ago

    Number 9 isn't all that disturbing.

  • Rin - Chan
    Rin - Chan 26 days ago

    So we had "fur" (hair)- so we were all furries

  • smv_productions Followme

    I watched an episode of myth busters where they found that toothbrushes even before removal from the packaging had fecal matter on them as well. Nice to know your morning coffee and brushing your teeth both have poop involved.

  • Randomcwke
    Randomcwke 29 days ago +1

    Why so much poop

  • Kirti Mishra
    Kirti Mishra Month ago

    I never knew a bald person can be that cute and funny.

  • Steven Martinek
    Steven Martinek Month ago

    My puppy will eat me when I die?This stinks!

  • Emmanuel Jack
    Emmanuel Jack Month ago

    my mom did the same to my younger sibling.. she sucked out the mucus off his nose

  • Kylo uber
    Kylo uber Month ago

    I watched this with my cat on my lap... help

  • shits and gigs
    shits and gigs Month ago +1

    Your gay

  • Clay Fullthorpe
    Clay Fullthorpe Month ago


  • The great Papyrus
    The great Papyrus Month ago

    I am eating hot Cheetos and green tea....yay

  • Fuzzy Logics
    Fuzzy Logics Month ago

    Dear god why did I watch this and also why wore there so many poop facts

  • Nonna's Nursery
    Nonna's Nursery Month ago


  • 3rd and 10
    3rd and 10 Month ago

    I found this to be more informative than disturbing. Perhaps I'm not normal...

  • MrRandomationStudioz
    MrRandomationStudioz Month ago +1

    Well obviously over a million people did want to know

  • G-f Panro Homo
    G-f Panro Homo Month ago

    10: Huh. That's cool. Was wondering about that.
    9: Interesting.
    8: Yay!!!!!
    7: And people say that cats are evil. Pff! That's nice of them to eat your face.
    6: Lovely.... That's something I didn't want to know.
    5: Yeah, I actually know that. But that's cool how my skin is floating around me.
    4: Glad I don't drink coffee or work in an office. Or...work.
    3: Didn't want to know that. ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข
    2: Yeah, I knew that.
    1: Yeah, that's a given. Knew that. Known that a long time.

  • Innocent Lyfe
    Innocent Lyfe Month ago

    Them crayons ain't giving a damn about the vegans

  • Icantdraw
    Icantdraw Month ago

    After no. 10. Nope! I'm leaving!

  • 06izzy12
    06izzy12 Month ago

    Another gross thing you didnโ€™t want to know.
    Ice from vending machines is grosser then your toilet.

  • Real Music
    Real Music Month ago

    Wasn't Professor Kane Bruce Lee's Philosophy Teacher?

  • Ian Kammerman
    Ian Kammerman Month ago

    Humans will never go extinct.

  • Layla Appleby
    Layla Appleby Month ago +3

    'Princess whiskers fancybottom' ๐Ÿ˜‚lol

  • sumayyah maryam
    sumayyah maryam Month ago

    Why do you tell us

  • Amanda s.
    Amanda s. Month ago

    No more Matt at dinnertime.

    GLITTER BLITZ Month ago

    Bruh my phone goes on my face.... No wonder I can't clear up my acne

    GLITTER BLITZ Month ago

    The Inuits are tough af.

    GLITTER BLITZ Month ago

    Number 7....... See this is why I have a dog lol

  • fluffy bunny
    fluffy bunny Month ago

    8:35 a rare photo of baby Mr. Clean

  • Sans Tem
    Sans Tem Month ago

    U so funny

  • The Moon
    The Moon Month ago

    I find the fact of our potential biological evolution to be extremely fascinating. I'm extremely curious about what we may look like in a few thousand years

  • Hamza A M De Barros

    So now I get why thereโ€™s so much dust in the UK thereโ€™s way more population I wonder how badly dusty must China and India be.

  • Hamza A M De Barros

    Stardawg smell like creola creons or however it is spelled

  • eggitor
    eggitor Month ago

    5:16 dang he got us

  • Christian Rendon-trejo

    Is that why your bald baldi

  • Candace Pitt
    Candace Pitt Month ago

    Well now that's a big fat anxiety attack and a half! Thanks Matt โ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • babyem
    babyem Month ago

    I love how heโ€™s grossed out by the skin thing and Iโ€™m like eh not as gross as picking up chunky vomit ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Abril ACNL
    Abril ACNL Month ago

    Am I the unique one who went to clean their phone?

  • Loopy Lurchy Lego
    Loopy Lurchy Lego Month ago

    Says cellphone is really unhygienic ***lick the phone**

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn Month ago

    NO ONE can live on other planets and NO ONE has EVER been to ANY other planet or to the MOON. The Moon is FLAT. TRANSPARENT and you can see eight through it very easily and very often see Stars, Clouds, Sky etc right through it. Notice how the patchy parts are blue in the day and dark at night ??! Also "Dinosaurs NEVER Existed". Look that title up here on YT.

  • Hula Girl
    Hula Girl Month ago

    Why? Why did I listen to this? Inuit snot slurping made me gag. Again why?

  • Foxehhใƒ„
    Foxehhใƒ„ 2 months ago

    its scary knowing what i will see or what life will be like when i die i'm use to breathing and seeing ._.

  • Kai Gomez
    Kai Gomez 2 months ago

    Yup gotta move them hands and arm

  • Keely groshong
    Keely groshong 2 months ago

    Dude, your teeth are so white! I need the name of your dentist. So funny, by the way!

  • shelton nelson
    shelton nelson 2 months ago

    Number 3 was me my mom told me

  • Misty sharrar
    Misty sharrar 2 months ago

    Matt i have 6 cats. They will feast on my flesh untill theres nothing left 4 the dogs. Lol

  • Sophieโ€™s Cool channel

    If we donโ€™t want to know these facts....

    *then why are watching this?!?!*

  • Sharissa Davis
    Sharissa Davis 2 months ago

    Well...I knew humans would go extinct

  • W. C. Orielly
    W. C. Orielly 2 months ago

    I was eating lunch.. got to the inuate tribal part... Nope...

  • hailey of the fandoms
    hailey of the fandoms 2 months ago

    my little sister is going through a tough time and all the small comments you made her laugh. so good to see her smile. thank you

  • The Retard
    The Retard 2 months ago

    When I was born, according to my mom, I had crap in my mouth, ears, and eyes! So I crapped inside my mom and I took it out with me!

  • Gwendolyn Apperson
    Gwendolyn Apperson 2 months ago

    Who cares if we go extinct Iโ€™ll be daed

  • Leigh Duncan
    Leigh Duncan 2 months ago

    princess whiskers fancybottom sound like a teenage band name.

  • The Third Media
    The Third Media 2 months ago

    Cooking breakfast while I watched this, and my phone was propped up against my cutting board. Ahhhhhh!

  • awesome games
    awesome games 2 months ago

    I didn't mind any

  • Diaper Milk
    Diaper Milk 2 months ago

    I threw up

  • Marie Duran
    Marie Duran 2 months ago

    That's why I wash my sponges and washcloths in the washer or dishwasher once a week. Meanwhile, I am going to take a shower for a week..ew.

  • Kyle D.
    Kyle D. 2 months ago

    They are making Mario maker 2 with slopes

  • KK :D
    KK :D 2 months ago


  • ุจุดุงุฑ ุดุฌุฑุงูˆูŠ

    It's actually kind of funny fact, but little disturbing, cats eat their passed away loved ones as an act of showing remorse, that's why you often see a mother cat eat her child after he die but never touch a dead body of a stranger cat

  • Lelin Chao
    Lelin Chao 2 months ago

    Kewl.... really didnโ€™t want to know deez but it wos kewl anyways.

  • Theo Kalitozee
    Theo Kalitozee 2 months ago

    Has anyone else just took all their kids crayons?

  • Theo Kalitozee
    Theo Kalitozee 2 months ago

    Being bald really makes u smart

  • Gabrielle Russell
    Gabrielle Russell 2 months ago

    das poopie

  • Misty dawn
    Misty dawn 2 months ago +1

    That must be why my cat stares at my face while I'm asleep. I wake up and she's looking into my eyes...she wants to eat my face!!! Gee thanks Matthew ๐Ÿ’œโœŒ

  • Jeremiah H
    Jeremiah H 2 months ago

    For the last time, antibiotics are useless against viruses. Antibiotic means "against bacteria". The common cold is a viral infection. Taking an antibiotic does literally no good and in fact can be bad for you. If you don't have any bad bacteria for the antibiotic to attack then it will attack the good bacteria in your gut that is vital to your health. Any doctor that prescribes an antibiotic to someone suffering from a cold should have their license revoked.

    OSC WOL 2 months ago

    okay everything done

    OSC WOL 2 months ago

    but he be cool

    OSC WOL 2 months ago

    he need sum milk

  • Finka Riz
    Finka Riz 2 months ago

    inuit mother? My mom did the same to me when I was a kid

  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee 2 months ago

    Another reason to hate cats. Who knew?