Pilot´s alphabet history explained by Captain Joe

  • Published on Apr 17, 2016
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    Back in the early days of aviation radio communication wasn´t as clear as it is today. Antennas picked up all sorts of static noises which made it difficult to understand the transmitter at the receiving end.
    So in the 1950´s, the ICAO (The International Civil Aviation Organization) developed a so called „spelling alphabet“ or „phonetic alphabet“.
    The whole idea of developing this alphabet was to reduce misunderstandings whilst communicating via radio and to standardize one spelling alphabet for the entire aviation industry at the time.
    The final choice of code words for the letters of the alphabet was made after hundreds of thousands of comprehension tests involving many different nationalities to agree on 26 codewords for the 26 letters in the alphabet which are the most least similar to each other when being pronounced.
    I´ll give you an example. When you transmit a message containing letters and numbers, you use the spelling alphabet to avoid confusions, because many letters sound very similar, for example the letter „M“ and „N“ or „B“ and „D“.
    If you would have to read back this clearance, „proceed to beacon MIQ“ you could mistake M for the letter N, so therefore the air traffic controller will say, „proceed to beacon Mike-India-Quebec“ to minimize the chance of misunderstanding.
    Similar solution with numbers.
    For example, the air traffic controllers very often give you clearances like: „Speedbird-125-Hotel climb flight level two five zero, free speed“ you could mix up the „free“ with the english number three, so therefore the three is pronounced as „tree“ like the english word for tree. The same goes for the number „nine“, nine sounds like the german word „nein“, which means „no“, therefore you pronounce the number nine as „niner“.
    Also important, numbers are always pronounced separately, for example, „climb flight level „tree-niner-zero“" instead of „climb flight level three hundred and ninety“.
    Of course exceptions prove the rule, for example Flight level 100/200/300 are pronounced Flight level 100/200/300 and airline callsigns can be „EasyJet one-hundred Xray“ or „Lufthansa Triple-six two“.
    I hope I was able to answer this aviation related question for you, and I´ve uploaded another video where you can practice the spelling alphabet with pictures relating to the coded letter. Make sure to check it out !
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  • Cleuza Barros Barros

    Obrigado pela sua visita.Volte sempre, uma ótima semana.

  • ReCoM Sce
    ReCoM Sce 5 days ago

    I was able to learn the alphabet on my own pretty fast and I use it in school although all my classmates lough at me - can someone tell me what to do about it?

  • Sachin Hatkar
    Sachin Hatkar 5 days ago +1

    How to become a line captain

  • Kongping Chang
    Kongping Chang Month ago

    Captain joe how do you read this? N923AN

  • Mugofbrown
    Mugofbrown Month ago

    I use the NATO phonetic alphabet all the time whether I'm using my radio on duty or sorting out something over the phone. I learnt it as a kid in the Red Cross.

  • Noob_Dev
    Noob_Dev 2 months ago

    Delta force is also a game, I have a copy

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    What does bravo mean?

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    Anyone in 2019?
    I dont remember these german subtitles lol

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    Lima Echo Sierra Sierra Oscar November

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    What is callsign?

  • Junita Soesanto
    Junita Soesanto 7 months ago

    I studied the phonetic alphabet while studying travel & tourism 12 years ago hahahaha, it was really fun, and flight codes and city codes too :).

  • Sparky max
    Sparky max 7 months ago

    It's actually named the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet. Created in 1956, it replaced the international telegraph union one from 1927, although the army didn't adopt it till like '65.

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    Adhira Rajesh 8 months ago

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  • Sevi Lay
    Sevi Lay 9 months ago

    I get why 3 is pronounced tree now, but why is the r in it pronounced with a German accent? Does it also make it easier to understand?

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    The horrible to learn

    phonetic alphabet

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    November India Charlie Echo Victor India Delta Echo Oscar

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    Ich leibe hunchen fleugel
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    Žan Pekošak 9 months ago

    I used the alphabet to first say a good thing about a teacher in class loud enough for them to hear it. If they didnt have a clue at what I meant we would also invent insults or adjectives for teachers. To this day my favourite is Mike India Lima Foxtrott six niner. Damn that was fun...until we had a teacher who was in the army....🤣sadly he knew what Oscar Lima Delta Foxtrott Alpha Romeo Tango meant 🤦‍♂️

  • Ian McGreevy
    Ian McGreevy 9 months ago

    I learned this as the “NATO” alphabet.
    Also The word “ nought” should never be used because it can confuse with “eight”
    Use “zero” and never “nought” or the letter “o” when you mean zero.

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    Thanks for this one 🙏👌

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    Alex Thoppil Year ago

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    nine er, no wonder why my atc game i was playing said runway zero nine er

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    Imagine 2 pilots apply for a job. One has for example 5000 flight hours. The other one has for example 3000 flight hours but he/she experianced some failures ( because of things that he/she can’t control like bird strikes ), and he/she successfuly has done what he/she supposed to have done. Which one would the company choose?

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      Serhat Yüngül company’s would chose the one with less hours as they have landed and survived the crash with bird strikes etc but also they might take the higher hour one depending on casualties and damage done to the plane

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      Donovan 9 months ago

      David Sanchez Plaza atc comes through a lot clearer then that on videos it can be 100% clear like it is for pilots to atc or atc to pilots

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    Lobzang Dorjay Year ago

    thanks captain juliet oscar echo.

  • Lobzang Dorjay
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    that's why i, love the phonetic alphabets of aviation, a lot.

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    Captain , please make a detailed video of radio communication types , the frequency changes and intercom on board communication

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  • Agent Smith 007
    Agent Smith 007 Year ago +1

    Hi Joe. I have a question that do every aircraft have an emergency rescue parachute for both pilot and assistant pilot?

    • Jeg Heter
      Jeg Heter 5 months ago

      Quite rare, mostly gliders and military aircraft.

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    I was always wondering why pilots pronounce 9 and 3 like that, thank you Joe!

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    Omg CaptainJoe I have to be your BIGGEST FAN. All of my aviation experiences and even applying for an RPL, PPL and now the CPL, have been inspired by you. Thankyou so much!

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  • Aviator Phantom
    Aviator Phantom 2 years ago

    As a trainee pilot i was not knowing abt this there was many questions why they call the number nine as ninner why they call ZS-KNS as kilo November sierra and many things thank u very much for letting us know and clearing my doubts 👍👍

  • Captain Boeing
    Captain Boeing 2 years ago

    Great vid ..

  • Ian Leitch
    Ian Leitch 2 years ago

    I believe that it is the NATO phonetic alphabet, which was later adopted by ICAO.
    Prior to the NATO version from 1950, there were at least two previous phonetic alphabet versions used by the RAF. The earlier version using words like Ack, Nan etc. and during WW2 Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog etc.
    BT telephone operators, formerly the GPO, in the UK used their own version with domestic words like Sugar.
    Five is Fife.

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    Same as the NATO alphabet.
    Isn't "fuenf" in German often read out as "fuen-eff" to make it distinct?

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