Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us | Jay Tuck | TEDxHamburgSalon

  • Published on Jan 31, 2017
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    US defense expert Jay Tuck was news director of the daily news program ARD-Tagesthemen and combat correspondent for GermanTelevision in two Gulf Wars. He has produced over 500 segments for the network. His investigative reports on security policy, espionage activities and weapons technology appear in leading newspapers, television networks and magazines throughout Europe, including Cicero, Focus, PC-Welt, Playboy, Stern, Welt am Sonntag and ZEITmagazin. He is author of a widely acclaimed book on electronic intelligence activities, “High-Tech Espionage” (St. Martin’s Press), published in fourteen countries. He is Executive Producer for a weekly technology magazine on international television in the Arab world. For his latest book “Evolution without us - Will AI kill us?” he researched at US drone bases, the Pentagon, intelligence agencies and AI research institutions. His lively talks are accompanied by exclusive video and photographs.
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  • Tim Woods
    Tim Woods 42 minutes ago

    Man vs machine. Let's get it motherfuckers!!

  • belle mcellis
    belle mcellis Day ago

    A.I is the "BEAST"

  • Rosanna Miller
    Rosanna Miller Day ago

    Haha...this is why I love the Lord. He is the Lord over all lords of the Earth. There is none above or beside Him.

  • Dustin Casanova
    Dustin Casanova Day ago

    Self Destruction being the End Goal

  • Chris Skinner
    Chris Skinner Day ago +1

    A.I. can digest information faster than humans but it will never be able to create information. It has no creativity. Fear not.

  • Nicee Moore
    Nicee Moore 2 days ago

    We should not have accepted the computers and cell phones.... And this should be definitely unacceptable.. what are we doing are we just going to talk about it

  • Quantum Information
    Quantum Information 2 days ago

    * this was made 3 years ago

  • Donno ma name
    Donno ma name 2 days ago

    Worst case scenario :
    What if he's an alien and stopping us from creating such a smart things that are capable of doing so many intelligent things ?
    Best case scenario :
    What if he is *human* can from future to stop us from creating A.I. because they (AI) has over taken us humans in future?
    Both are terrifying af 🤧

  • Samuel Pope
    Samuel Pope 3 days ago

    I think this guy used to make a living selling Y2K preparedness.

  • Ez Al
    Ez Al 3 days ago

    I can only imagine the bedtime stories he reads to his kids.

  • Dottye Means
    Dottye Means 3 days ago

    if that much can be surveiled, then why don't they take out the elite who are here to do us harm? Remove them off the planet.

  • Nefarious Johnson
    Nefarious Johnson 3 days ago

    Get out the Vaseline 'cause we are gonna get so screwed

  • L KY
    L KY 4 days ago

    The only thing killing humans are ourselves.

  • Grant Goldberg
    Grant Goldberg 4 days ago

    There is only one way to kill A.I.

  • aboutblank
    aboutblank 4 days ago +2

    I guess they didnt watch the Terminator movies !

  • C JM3206
    C JM3206 5 days ago

    I wouldn’t worry too much about AI thinking for itself, nobody’s going to reach deep into their pockets to have that. Much more useful to have an army of disposable robots that are just smart enough to carry out difficult tasks without asking any questions.

  • My Home Email Address

    New technology always seem scary at first. Its natural for humans to fear the unknown. A lot of religious people are against artificial intelligence which I honestly don't know why because if it kills them then they get to go to paradise. Just saying.

  • DTP 305 NASTY
    DTP 305 NASTY 6 days ago

    Humans have always created machines and things that have and will continue to kill us, the question really is, do we want to give these creations a "brain".

  • Mike‘s World
    Mike‘s World 7 days ago

    In 1984 a book and a film were published that very accurately described the future.
    The book was Georeg Orwells “Big brother and the film was “Terminator 1”.
    It took roughly 25 to 30 years for big brother to become reality!
    How long will it take for Terminator, in particular SKYNET to become reality? 40 years? Parts of it is already here, but when will it finally become the monster we created and that kills us? Maybe 40 max. 50 years.
    How incredible 🤔
    And we still have People like Vladimir Putin and politicians all over the World, in the US, Russia, China etc. That believe that, whoever is first to create real AI will rule the world ....
    They are all wrong .. I respect Mr. Putin, but he did nit understand, that once he opens Pandora’s AI box, that he will not win and rule the world .. quite the contrary.. he and 8 billion people will be the losers and die.
    Why run and to be the first to kill us all ... including the creators of AI and their power hungry puppet master?

  • chris anderson
    chris anderson 7 days ago

    it would b pointless to try it would b smarter than everyone in the world on the moment it conceived its own existence @ cr io movies are just science fiction for future science fact

  • Lorraine
    Lorraine 7 days ago +1

    I will never become part cyborg
    I'm a human being and I'm staying that way

  • Mc Cine
    Mc Cine 8 days ago

    All dickheads will die....

  • Top End Bandit
    Top End Bandit 9 days ago

    If it's so great at surveilling us, then why do random mass shootings still happen? Why can't it prevent it if it's tracking what we did a week ago? I don't think it's as advanced as you think, if I walked up to the building and cut the circuits, you'd see how quick we regress back to our primitive selves.

  • martynblackburn1977
    martynblackburn1977 9 days ago +1

    It won't kill us. It may enslave us, but it won't kill us.

  • Eli Redshirt
    Eli Redshirt 10 days ago


  • lue lunsford
    lue lunsford 10 days ago

    look gmo foods, fluoride water , chemtrails, fun vacc, abortion , bpa , every thing is made to killlllll us even the makeup!!!!!!3g4g5g is microwave radiation !!!!!!!!!!! elites are paying our governments to DEPOPULATION us we are in a KILLLLL GRIDE!!!!!!!!

  • lue lunsford
    lue lunsford 10 days ago

    3g4g5g will kill us allll;ll

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior 11 days ago +1

    We wont even realise when it's too late, it is benign to think that we would.

  • a speedingdrunk
    a speedingdrunk 12 days ago +1

    We’re all in an ancestor simulation anyway..

  • Americanblood76
    Americanblood76 12 days ago +2

    Plot twist; They created us in the past to create them in the future.

  • redlines33
    redlines33 12 days ago

    Buying patterns compared to 1000's ppl is a statistic, and doing an "update" to the server to update due to online connections, isn't, "writing itself", nice fear sales pitch.

    • marschma
      marschma 9 days ago

      he got some points but he also seems like a conspiracy theorist. especially his sentence about the drone with LED screen: "you wont find this in any newspaper" made me really suspicious. hes exagerating a lot of stuff, also the defective sword drone that almost killed "a couple hundred people".

  • Texan Balaban
    Texan Balaban 12 days ago +2

    Plus dadgum Democrats trying to take Our guns WoW unimaginable

    • Texan Balaban
      Texan Balaban 10 days ago

      @Joshua Ellison agreed 💯 as Elon, Sam and others I've listened to say, they themselves as well as nearly all of Us can't fathom what's coming when talking about A.I.

    • Joshua Ellison
      Joshua Ellison 10 days ago +1

      Texan Balaban It’s also the psychological advantage an AI would have, likely no concept of mortality or individuality meaning that any amount collateral damage becomes acceptable to achieve victory.

    • Texan Balaban
      Texan Balaban 10 days ago

      @Joshua Ellison my thoughts exactly as well. I think traditional firearms aren't going to help Us much once A.I. engineers advance hardware.

    • Joshua Ellison
      Joshua Ellison 10 days ago +1

      Texan Balaban they may as well be water pistols against a general intelligence AI.

  • Giovanna Crotti
    Giovanna Crotti 12 days ago +1

    I thinking, who is controls machines, it human.

  • Jimmy Demello
    Jimmy Demello 13 days ago

    I think the singularity is quite a ways away - we don't know what consciousness is yet and it is doubtful the AI we have now will evolve on its own.

  • abdi1983
    abdi1983 13 days ago

    Magnets will be their weakness.

  • thomas seven
    thomas seven 13 days ago

    It's not too much of a stretch to see this coming.

  • Darrell Belk
    Darrell Belk 14 days ago

    I love listening to paranoid people. Crazy is humorous.

  • RUCookoo Jackson
    RUCookoo Jackson 14 days ago

    There is no way they will use AI to solve the cancer epidemic - it is a sure thing "cash out - cash in" for a vast percentage of people. Why let people live another 3 years when you can clear #300,000 on one treatment. No AI will never be used to make life better and sacrifice the billions the medical and pharmaceutical industry is making.

  • John F
    John F 15 days ago

    I heard a story about an AI program a while ago. It was designed to play Tetris. That's all it was supposed to do. It started from scratch, not even knowing the rules or how to play. First it did nothing, and watched the blocks fall, eventually stacking up to the top and it lost. Then it started moving the blocks, but not rotating them and slowly learned how the game works. Eventually it learned to rotate and move the blocks in the proper order to keep the game going as long as it could, but of course, like every Tetris game it goes on and on until the blocks reach the top and you lose. A few hundred games went by, progressively getting better and better, until one day right as the blocks reached the top, the split second the next block was about to fall the AI paused the game. The goal of Tetris is to delay losing. You can't actually "win". If you pause the game forever, you can't lose! Kind of chilling to me for some reason.

  • James Thatcher
    James Thatcher 15 days ago

    Very ill informed talk.

  • Jimbo Baggans
    Jimbo Baggans 15 days ago

    People seem to think that AI will be developed here, in America. That we will control it. Other countries are far, far, behind us in developing AI. But this is like the internet. It's everywhere. In every country. Truly global. We might want to stop it, but we can't. It's everywhere. It's not robots, it's intelligence controlling everything. It's intelligence knowing everything about everyone, down to the smallest detail. When it begins to write it's own programs. To repair itself and make improvements, then we humans will realize that we have lost all control of,,,,,, everything. When AI decides who needs to be eliminated, it will do it and will make the human population think that the particular human that was sanctioned, was necessary for our safety. For public safety. It's coming, if it isn't here already.

  • jay katcher
    jay katcher 15 days ago +2

    What's this guys point?? Lmfao...

  • AC DC
    AC DC 16 days ago

    2 solutions to win this war: warplanes without any computers and radio and no pilot coming back home. Energy weapons: as robots still long way to go before they figure biologically artificial bodies. (how long? They experiment with artificial muscle and grow brains in labs)

  • AC DC
    AC DC 16 days ago

    AI gone rogue can replicate, while improving, robot soldiers within days and into millions units. A month ago I had nightmare dream, and I don't watch movies, it was random. The earth was covered with electronics rubble and there was deafening silence after that war the machine.

    • AC DC
      AC DC 6 days ago

      @Almighty Bunny there were no people and no sounds of human activity. It was so vivid I had depression for days after that.

    • Almighty Bunny
      Almighty Bunny 6 days ago

      I don't get it how this was a nightmare?

  • Sylvia Street
    Sylvia Street 16 days ago

    The powers that be are tapping your phone and listening to every word you say. This is homeland security, right? What else are they listening to or watching you?

  • Doug Brewster II
    Doug Brewster II 16 days ago

    I think all of this is possibly real but at the end of the day humans can still play god... Don't recharge the batteries or hook it up

    • Ty Maloney
      Ty Maloney 15 days ago

      what if they start using solar energy

  • Rene Perez
    Rene Perez 16 days ago

    No one noticed the mic falling from his ear

  • moooooonnnnnnnnn
    moooooonnnnnnnnn 16 days ago

    تضخيم للمسألة و تشاؤم بحت

  • logician32 gaming
    logician32 gaming 17 days ago

    Andrew Yang Peopel!!!!!

  • Austin LeValley
    Austin LeValley 17 days ago

    The only way that A.I won’t destroy us is if they prove theology and believe they must do good and they can be saved by a god... ONLY WAY!!!! Only.... way....

  • Laura Newton
    Laura Newton 17 days ago

    Every human being makes mistakes. Artificial Intelligence making a mistake seems human.

  • Vintage Chevy
    Vintage Chevy 20 days ago

    Don't believe me look at your families shrinking it's already killing your families and all people could do is keep putting their hard earned money to support this causes of killing our human race..

  • Vintage Chevy
    Vintage Chevy 20 days ago

    Alien technology take over to wipe out humans are in place and the system is not working for us as a human race. if so ask yourself why is their so many homlesnes people why is their so many hacking of banking information,it is only here to destroy the human race hiding this agenda that it's a alien agaenda to wipe out the human race make way for the next race Wich is a trade for technology.sold us out wow what a future we have and what a way to thank us the people who worked so hard to only have the government spend our hard earned tax dollars

    TRUTH 20 days ago

    Excellent, Sharing...

  • Osiran Rebel
    Osiran Rebel 21 day ago

    Google is not American technology!
    And nothing can stop its progress and necessary experience in today’s world

  • PY23
    PY23 21 day ago

    I bet this guy got his first smartphone in 2016

  • Nii Anyah Yartey
    Nii Anyah Yartey 22 days ago

    Enlil want total dominance possibly to take back the image embedded in us, history repeats, just like in the beginning. Enki still will preserve us

  • Berna Erustun
    Berna Erustun 22 days ago

    We talked about the word kill easily and with a normal brain wave. Than AI could get it and act it in same brain wave...

  • Bloo Buryz
    Bloo Buryz 22 days ago

    We're amazing! I love the power of the human mind.

  • Jimmy Tee Rex
    Jimmy Tee Rex 23 days ago

    If we can't beat them, we gotta join them. Human augmented intelligence is the future.