Booting Windows from an SD CARD???

  • Published on May 6, 2018
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Comments • 7 380

  • crazy squirrel
    crazy squirrel 53 minutes ago

    Had similar problem installing windows 7 - you have to install USB drivers before windows will use an external SSD or flash drive.
    Even then it still has 'issues'

  • lulzzy the fifth
    lulzzy the fifth 7 hours ago


  • Dimitris Galenteris
    Dimitris Galenteris 12 hours ago

    This windows OS shit WHY is always so unacceptable complicated to install !! This is not a sofisticated system.

  • Ionut-Georgian Badea
    Ionut-Georgian Badea 14 hours ago

    i did this with windowx xp, on a 1GB sd card, booted up from motorola v360 yes the flip phone, on a pc with geforce 2, 40gb maxtor, 120 ddr1, amd athlon xp 1.6Ghz, and the machine would boot fully in 14 secods :)) badass moment. in 2010 mi first pc.

  • Arno Modelstate
    Arno Modelstate 23 hours ago

    13:17 120 Gigs .. sheesh I feel old now course Megs was huge when I build my first one :)

  • Playingwith3D
    Playingwith3D Day ago

    My first PC build had a 5 Mb HD that weighed 40 pounds running DOS 3.0. And I REALLY have to tell myself that it wasn't that long ago. lol

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor Day ago

    Hahah you can boot macOS from a external drive lol.

  • blind1337nedm
    blind1337nedm Day ago


  • Ralph Justin Aoanan

    Format the card into ntfs so that bios can detect it

  • ilias Van Den Heuvel

    But can it run snake?

  • Doggo Gamer Gamez
    Doggo Gamer Gamez 2 days ago

    7 is still best in most people's opinion, including me

  • Haxtistic
    Haxtistic 2 days ago

    Maybe you can optimize Windows image to make it faster. Disabling Windows Update, BITS service and stuff. Besides, there is a special Windows from Microsoft called "Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB". It's "Long Term Servicing Branch", currently based of 1607 build of Windows 10. And with the Group Policy, you can disable everything from Windows Defender to even Microsoft releated functions like Microsoft Account :)
    PS: You can make Win To Go with DISM command. Just apply install.wim image from Windows Install Disc to your USB drive or whatever with dism, and make it bootable with bcdboot command
    The template looks somewhat like this:
    dism /Apply-Image /imagefile:install.wim /Index:1 /ApplyDir:YourDrive: /CheckIntegrity
    bcdboot YourDrive:\Windows /s YourDrive: /f ALL
    Or you can just use WinToUsb ;D

  • Kerigan Creighton
    Kerigan Creighton 2 days ago


    MCMLXV 2 days ago +1

    I'll one-up you.
    My first HDD was a 20 MB (yes, MB) Seagate. It weighed about 3 pounds and sounded like a passenger jet taxiing out onto the runway when it spun up.
    It was a vast step up from the dual 3.5" floppies I had been running... bleeding edge, baby.

  • NoesisAndNoema
    NoesisAndNoema 3 days ago

    It takes up to a day for windows to update with my 16-core and M.2 2TB drive... It's a windows thing. There are over 20 "roll-ups", each does an emergency back-up... delete them...

  • lori Lori
    lori Lori 3 days ago

    I did the windows to go , thing for my Mac and it actually worked , now I have a macbook that can run windows just by plugging an external HDD into it . (I dint want to use up my 128 gb with bootcamp )

  • VirgitBird
    VirgitBird 3 days ago

    This is how slow my laptop is which i use everyday

  • Doubt It
    Doubt It 3 days ago

    Anyone notice the activate windows on the bottom right at 4:50 ?

  • FieryWingedAngel
    FieryWingedAngel 3 days ago

    Can you run windows from RAM?

  • Nineshadow
    Nineshadow 3 days ago

    But can it run Crysis?

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 3 days ago

    3:30 the fact that even one of the most prominent names in the pc world has not gotten windows portable to work says a lot about microsoft.

  • furseisekilulz
    furseisekilulz 3 days ago

    USB SSD drives, then?

  • gary reardon
    gary reardon 4 days ago

    So , could you use this as a recovery disk

  • Safezone
    Safezone 4 days ago

    You can just inspect element and run a mobile version of the site, then download the iso directly from there which is fully compatible with windows to go.

  • Tengku Elzafir Habsjah

    When did Sony gave up with their stupid MemoryStick PRO Duo and went Secure Digital?

  • Attac
    Attac 5 days ago

    This sd has more space than my ssd. S***

  • songlike lyrics
    songlike lyrics 5 days ago

    well windows 10 sucks i have that problem with 100% disk with 1tb hdd . you can try different os

  • Hack Different!
    Hack Different! 5 days ago

    Can it run Minecraft??!!

  • sergent popoy
    sergent popoy 5 days ago

    Try no paging file?

  • ThaRapperECIII
    ThaRapperECIII 5 days ago

    "Dinosaur operating systems like Windows 7" makes me cringe being the case that is better than shitty win8 and .1

  • Dash Wag
    Dash Wag 6 days ago

    hahaaha Windows not genuine in the corner :-)

  • The Back to Earth Project

    They didn't have hard drives when i started. I had a cassette tape drive, then a 5 1/4" floppy, then i got a 286 with a 10 meg hard drive and thought i was a bad ass. Crap, I just realized i'm an old nerd.

  • Mihai SY
    Mihai SY 6 days ago

    so can i still create a usb drive with windows 10 using media creation tool ?

  • LazyShady
    LazyShady 6 days ago

    I've ran windows through an SD card before, what I'm surprise is how Doom ran and was pretty decent...

  • ImHatedServ
    ImHatedServ 7 days ago

    Maybe Linux big different

  • JohnGLFour
    JohnGLFour 8 days ago

    4:50 Huh? Is my Windows 10 license expired?? **Deleting System32** Wait, it's a troll, sh**

  • Albert Allen
    Albert Allen 8 days ago

    My first hd was 80 mb

  • TheNewBlood Dan
    TheNewBlood Dan 9 days ago

    if you loaded the web page to download the windows media creation tool from in tablet mode via google chrome's inspect element feature, you could have downloaded a Windows 10 ISO that was windows to go compatible.

  • I like Nougat
    I like Nougat 9 days ago

    you know what you could've done is get a differnt drive with windows installed then connect the sd card then clone the drive onto the card using like macrium reflect or somthing thats just what i did when i had to install my new ssd

  • Mridul Bhatia
    Mridul Bhatia 9 days ago

    9000 ms is 90 seconds... the more you know

  • Legoivan44321
    Legoivan44321 9 days ago

    "Activate Windows"

  • Adam Saint
    Adam Saint 10 days ago

    Doom doesn't care what you install it on. Runs perfectly well from a 5400rpm HD (WD red 4TB). An SSD helps initial loading times a bit (maybe 15-20 sec quicker to get to the gameplay) but once loaded there is no difference at all.

  • Vučina
    Vučina 10 days ago

    5:41 Activate Windows ?

  • Max Halsall
    Max Halsall 10 days ago

    he could just run it on a copy of debian, for free

  • Paal Joachim Romdahl
    Paal Joachim Romdahl 10 days ago

    Here is the SSB a high speed flash drive containing Windows to Go to boot into Windows on a Mac or other computer:

  • hemant mudgil
    hemant mudgil 11 days ago

    which windows laptop are you using ?? i want to buy a good windows laptop like macbook

  • Peter Wan
    Peter Wan 11 days ago

    my Mac mini with seagate sshd installed and install windows via boot camp got a avg of 22543ms yes 22 seconds
    access time.

  • Avinash Sharma
    Avinash Sharma 11 days ago

    Lol that activate windows logo in the video

  • Ill ville
    Ill ville 12 days ago

    I love the activate windows watermark like if u saw that

  • Barbaz Nexus
    Barbaz Nexus 12 days ago

    Noo it's not surprising that it runs fine Because ... it doesn't run from this SD card
    It runs from RAM ... so once everything is loaded in ram properly it does not comunicate with the SD card anymore !which explain why it runs smooth

  • RaZy Bandana
    RaZy Bandana 12 days ago

    I may have installed windows 10 on 40/20...

  • NoG x Daniel z
    NoG x Daniel z 13 days ago

    I actually ran linux from a usb 2.0 flash drive a couple of years ago when my laptops hard drive stopped working, but i had not money to get a new one at that time (not worth the value of the fix) and it ran pretty well for a couple of weeks on normal usage such as email and internet browsing, but after 2 or more weeks it completely fried the flash drive and never got to work like that again

  • Ironic Zombie
    Ironic Zombie 13 days ago

    We have booting servers with the OS (hypervisior) installed on SD cards or USB thumb drives for about 10 years or so.

  • Adrians Netlis
    Adrians Netlis 13 days ago

    Holy shit is Windows terrible!

  • Noelia Bonilla
    Noelia Bonilla 13 days ago

    A full day!

  • Faisal Nurrachman
    Faisal Nurrachman 13 days ago

    This sd card is better than my stupid hdd

  • Kevin Lynch
    Kevin Lynch 13 days ago

    The hard drive capacity of my first IBM compatible PC was 149MB.

  • Jonathan Betenbender
    Jonathan Betenbender 14 days ago

    Mk. Hi. I'm curious... can I run games off an external HDD/SSD via USB 3.0? If not then why?

    KEITH CHALMERS 14 days ago

    Pretty funny . Love your stuff man.

  • tindahan pampalipas
    tindahan pampalipas 14 days ago

    rufus..... lol

  • gwpyto jan
    gwpyto jan 14 days ago


  • Peter Fraser
    Peter Fraser 14 days ago

    We want SSDs available in an SD card form factor!

  • Pierre Beck
    Pierre Beck 14 days ago

    You picked the wrong SD card for the job. According to the Sony SF-G Series is particularly bad at random (write) IOPS. Only recenly, *Micro*SD cards started approaching the random I/O market in Smartphones and thus created the new "A1" rating. Very well suited should be anything with both U3 and A1 rating, at UHS-I speed. Please try again with one of these, or maybe the soon available "A2" series from Sandisk!

  • OmeglePranksYT
    OmeglePranksYT 14 days ago

    Anyone else notice that activation thing in video.LOL.How he made that?

  • Bullwinkle
    Bullwinkle 14 days ago

    My first pc was a 170mb hard drive, 25mhz processor and 4mb of ram.

  • Dhanvin Kowlessur
    Dhanvin Kowlessur 14 days ago


  • Shariontasa
    Shariontasa 15 days ago

    Windows is slowing down as hell when it's not genuine. I've seen it in my friends computers- machines that should run just fine takes ages to open web pages. Microsoft could not do it better- just buy a genuine copy.

  • GTTwincam
    GTTwincam 15 days ago

    Got really pissed when the activate windows thingy popped up as i actually have legit windows, thought it was f'ed up for a second :P

  • shrey khurana
    shrey khurana 16 days ago

    I was actually scared when the activate windows message popped up.

  • aTTaX Media
    aTTaX Media 16 days ago

    SD-Cards do in fact have a microcontroller for ECC onboard which is also exploitable. there was a talk at the CCC a few years ago:

  • E Vlogs
    E Vlogs 16 days ago

    I still have DSL and it sucks

  • miguel silva
    miguel silva 16 days ago

    A HDD from 2007 would probs be a better experience.

  • Project Zero
    Project Zero 17 days ago

    anyone notices the activate windows on bottom right? ;3;

  • Alexander Roodt
    Alexander Roodt 17 days ago

    You think this is bad? Try doing this by hand on Windows 7 using just registry hacks and no tools to automate processes. Probably one of the dumbest things I wasted my time on back in the day. Only reason I did it was because Microsoft told me it is impossible. I had to.

  • Spoopy 361
    Spoopy 361 17 days ago

    Did he just call windows 7 a dino os ummmm u meant xp right???

  • Suddhadeep Sarkar
    Suddhadeep Sarkar 17 days ago

    What about something like raid 1 configuration?

  • Rusty Greer
    Rusty Greer 17 days ago

    Can I buy this combo kit of Windows installed on a SD card???

  • ganzi shizaga
    ganzi shizaga 17 days ago

    what is this doing here?

  • Turbo Cavalli
    Turbo Cavalli 18 days ago

    Funniest thing is that i already have a activate windows prompt in my pc when this appeared im like....2 TIMES...

  • P C
    P C 18 days ago

    can u try booting windows from a high end smartphone... and make it as a mini pc....???????

  • Fpff Fpff
    Fpff Fpff 19 days ago

    Try to boot puppy linux From USB

  • Great Bread
    Great Bread 19 days ago

    My first hard drive was a brick size Apple 10mb for my Apple 2GS. Woooo! Back then that was an expensive big deal at $500.

  • T H
    T H 20 days ago

    Rip tunnelbear lol

  • François-Thierry Jacques

    Please try this setup again with swapfile disabled. I’m curious to see if that’s what could cause the freezes you saw. They indeed seem to happen when loading assets, but that could also be due to competing for the attention of the SSD, freeing up ram at the same time as Doom required more...

  • Ben Sweetnam
    Ben Sweetnam 20 days ago

    what do you think of etcher for writing bootable drives.

  • Ben Bradshaw
    Ben Bradshaw 20 days ago

    I have AT&T dsl there putting fiber optics in soon.... I hope.

  • Pc Gamerboyz
    Pc Gamerboyz 21 day ago

    You can do it on a Mac

  • official.unknown
    official.unknown 21 day ago +2

    Why does it say activate windows on the bottom right?

  • Юра ЛитвИнов

    I have optic hah

  • Dobbel Dude
    Dobbel Dude 22 days ago

    Dat is nog beter dan de hardeschijf die ik in Mn pc heb 500gb 5600rpm 50mbps en 28000ms

    • Dobbel Dude
      Dobbel Dude 22 days ago

      Its better than my hdd that i have in my pc 500GB 5600rpm 50mbps and 28000ms

  • Stephen Fasciani
    Stephen Fasciani 22 days ago

    druaga1 did it better

  • Daniel Petrella
    Daniel Petrella 22 days ago

    DSL Sucks I still have it, takes about a day and a half to download your typical 60gb game. If you ever want to use anything else on the WiFi at the same time then you may as well bring your system to McDonald’s.

  • TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha
    TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha 22 days ago

    Like this Video if you prefer Linux because of Windows Updates ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Hunter Sharpe
    Hunter Sharpe 22 days ago

    Only if he could use KMS...

  • die4ever2005
    die4ever2005 23 days ago

    should've tried a game that streams data like The Witcher 3

  • Clueless
    Clueless 23 days ago

    I run Overwatch off a microSD card...
    Is that ok? And if not how not-ok is that?

  • Clueless
    Clueless 23 days ago

    I run Overwatch off a microSD card...
    Is that ok? And if not how not-ok is that?

  • Jack W
    Jack W 23 days ago

    Windows is slow because there are so many tiny tiny files it is reading from. Doom however it is compressed and compiled.
    Its like reading/writing a 2gb video file compared to reading 2gb of 16mb files

  • Patrick Collins
    Patrick Collins 23 days ago

    I have had no problem installing windows 7 on to a USB. I used just a windows 7 ISO and the program WIN TO USB to do it. Link:
    Some requirements are
    1. You need at least 32 GB.
    2. There is nothing special about the Windows 7 ISO.
    I'm a repair technician that has built hundreds of these computers for the company I work for.

  • David Prestidge
    David Prestidge 23 days ago

    Dell told us of a bug in Superfetch service and windows search, that maxes the disk usage to 100%. 100% issue can be resolved, but disabling those two services in Services.msc