Booting Windows from an SD CARD???

  • Published on May 6, 2018
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Comments • 8 007

  • Sahil Ithape
    Sahil Ithape 4 days ago

    Windows to go never works, i always use Rufus XD

  • doubledragon
    doubledragon 6 days ago

    Dude you are amazing Linus!

  • Troy May
    Troy May 6 days ago

    So should I buy a Micro SD card to run Windows and play games? Your games ran pretty well, but the OS seemed to lag a bit. My nephew has his OS portable on an MSATA external, but asked me if I could help him get Windows working on even smaller tech. Not sure if I should help him waste $400 for a 1TB msd card now or not.

  • branchyapple
    branchyapple 7 days ago

    Lol and i still got a 500MB SD card for my psp from 2012 or something 😂

  • Real love
    Real love 7 days ago

    No podia concentrarme 😯

  • Matan Official
    Matan Official 7 days ago

    Why is there an activate Windows thing?!!

  • Icy
    Icy 10 days ago

    Lol 128gb that is sad considering my pc has only 119 gb of storage, and what's ironic is that it has a sd holder

  • Whatever You Want with Jairo

    You can get the ISO from Microsoft, if you go to the site on a machine not running windows. You can also emulate a different browser on your windows OS to make the site think you're on a different OS and it will let you download the ISO. Then you can use rufus to create the bootable drive.

  • 200K
    200K 10 days ago


  • bobsobol
    bobsobol 11 days ago +1

    My first hard drive was 20... MEGABYTES!!! This was acceptable, since the best removable media could only store 360K on a 5.25" disk, and most of the time that was in two 180K partitions that you had to take the disk out and flip it over to get to the other side. ... Meaning I also felt *very* privileged to have a "dual-sided" drive that *didn't* need me to do that thing. XD

    Seriously... It's actually *not* that long ago. ;) Also, this was such a great improvement over the years I'd spent loading my software in from compact audio cassettes.

  • johnnyhun1
    johnnyhun1 11 days ago

    have you tried disabling the "windows search" ?

  • Dennis Fontanos
    Dennis Fontanos 11 days ago

    base on my personal experience,sdxc cards accumulate heat too when used extensively even with compatible card can run windows but using it as main drive,you're lucky it would still work longer than a month..

  • Osman Kovan
    Osman Kovan 13 days ago +3

    Next level : Boot Windows 10 from RAM.

    • Osman Kovan
      Osman Kovan 8 days ago

      +Anim Mouse I mean, the full version of the Windows 10. Of course, Windows Recovery Environment is actually bootable from RAM. But if the boot entries created correctly, unpacked version of Windows Recovery Environment can be booted from HDD/SSD.

    • Anim Mouse
      Anim Mouse 9 days ago

      Windows Recovery Environment

  • An12854
    An12854 14 days ago

    Did you used NTFS?

  • Danny V
    Danny V 14 days ago +1

    When Linus yells at me during his sponsor plugs, I get all scared.

  • Davitron Rudolph
    Davitron Rudolph 14 days ago

    I legit cringe at the way Linus handles everything.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 15 days ago

    Don't you just windows updates ? Just spent the weekend updating my neglected laptop and my main rig. And these are only using WIN7. I know, I know, but I never got around to updating the laptop, forgot I had it, and lost my Win10 license when my HD killed itself. Was planning to migrate to the 1T HD I bought but...And the Win 7 disk was the most current OS I could find. At least it is the Home Pro version.

  • static insanity
    static insanity 15 days ago

    Anyone else watching this May 6th 2019?

  • uruk
    uruk 15 days ago +1

    11:40: Not "anomalies", just loading a resource for the first time. So if a game isn't loading a lot of stuff dynamically, it would be as smooth as on an SSD. But most games load stuff dynamically, especially games that uses very detailed environments.
    I'd also like to add that most Linux file-systems are faster than anything from Windows, and XFS can actually increase i/o to a great extent compared to other file-systems, especially for spinning drives. But I think Linux would handle everything from an SD card a lot better. Especially as it's not updating secretly in the background.

  • FluttGTI
    FluttGTI 15 days ago

    Inspiration: druaga1

  • ShadoWolf
    ShadoWolf 16 days ago

    Try with linux next time... please?...

  • Mark Pickard033
    Mark Pickard033 17 days ago

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  • Jammit Timmaj
    Jammit Timmaj 17 days ago

    I have a story. I installed a legit Windows 7 Pro (latest I had) onto a SATA laptop drive and registered it with Microsoft. I used Windows update to get the latest service packs, updates, and drivers for 7 Pro (necessary for the next step). I then used the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade program (original name "windows10upgrade24074.exe". I think they still have it somewhere on their website and it might actually still work) when they were offering Windows 10 for free if you had 7, 8, or 8.1 already installed. After getting that working and getting all the necessary service packs, updates, and drivers I shut the machine down and removed the SATA drive. I installed the SATA drive into a USB3 enclosure. I've tried booting it from every machine I had and other borrowed machines I had permission to do boot from and only had issues with older machines that wouldn't run Windows 10 natively. I've had a few driver issues (easily solved by getting on the internet and doing a Windows update or scan for drivers. I keep a USB WIFI and USB ethernet adapter that works on Windows 10 with it to make sure I can get on the internet). I've never had a registration issue or an unregistered copy message at any time. This works really well with USB3 ports, slow but workable on USB2, and useless on anything else (too be honest if the machine doesn't support USB3 or USB2 on the mainboard, it's probably not going to run any copy of Windows 10). Been using it for a while to fix other peoples machines.

  • techniktyp YouTube
    techniktyp YouTube 17 days ago +1

    4:50-6:01 The activation message is fake because I am watching on iPad!

  • Tyler - Strucid Roblox, etc

    Linus has as many 1 tb hard drives as iJustines amibos

  • antti touhuu
    antti touhuu 17 days ago

    Try to bsod that pc

  • ALBY Walker
    ALBY Walker 18 days ago

    Dude u don't need the actual disk u can download the iso file online

  • Serge Terryn
    Serge Terryn 19 days ago

    Curious about a linux install with steam

    LOGICALMAGNET 19 days ago

    amazing i wonder if u can RAID them for increase Performance

  • DJ Harris
    DJ Harris 19 days ago +1

    your voice is not as bad as that squirly f*** but almost..

  • Prosper Ooi
    Prosper Ooi 19 days ago

    I learned IT from the school of hard knocks, started with Dos 3, right till Windows 3.1 and later Windows 95, and worked my way upwards to Windows 10. How time flies and technology has changed over time. I started with a 1.2 Mb floppy drive with DOS on it, RAM was 512 KB which was ample at that time. My first hard drive was physically huge, 5 MB MFM drive with DOS 4. It was connected on a special MFM card on an 8 bit ISA sound card existed at that time, video was an amber text only screen, printer was a tractor fed dot matrix that is so noisy, It can't he operated at night...those were the days....

  • Sybren van den Akker
    Sybren van den Akker 19 days ago

    Buy a SSD with a USB to SATA adapter

  • Russell Cleverly
    Russell Cleverly 19 days ago +2

    The reason the disk shows 100% usage at 1MB/s is because of random access. Windows task manager measures "active disk time" and when you access a disk randomly, like you would do just poking around windows, that is using up the disk's random 4k bandwidth which doesn't necessarily translate to high sequential accessing of the disk.
    I kinda wish you talked about the reason SD cards (And flash drives) don't run windows well: it's because they lack a dedicated on board controller that helps with 4k random performance, which is what an operating system needs to run well.

  • Dee Jayh
    Dee Jayh 20 days ago

    @Linus Tech Tips Actually, you don't need Windows-To-Go, and seeing as how you need Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Education editions to even access it, it's kind of silly to go that route.
    You just need VirtualBox. Plug in the drive you want to install Windows 10 on, right click the start button and go to "Disk Management", right click the disk you're using and put it in offline mode in disk management. (Note the PhysicalDrive# of the disk you're using)
    Go to your Program Files> VirtualBox folder in Command Prompt as Administrator, then run "VBoxManage.exe internalcommands createrawvmdk filename /path/to/file.vmdk -rawdisk \\.\PhysicalDrive#" replacing /path/to/file.vmdk with whatever you want your virtual disk to be named (doesn't really matter, affects nothing on the actual install) and replacing # with your PhysicalDrive number for the disk you want to mount.
    Now open VirtualBox as Administrator, mount that .vmdk drive by using "Add existing drive" instead of "create new drive" and add the Windows 10 install iso to the virtual disk drive.
    Boot up and >DO THE FIRST PART OF THE WINDOWS INSTALL ONLY< (when windows finishes copying files and is rebooting the VM, close the VM and choose Power Off Machine)
    Now just eject the USB and pop it into whatever machine you want to actually install Windows 10 on, finish installing, and boot right into Windows 10.
    More information on mounting the USB as a hard drive in VirtualBox here:
    You guys should do a video on this, just put "DeeJayh > Intentional Windows Limitations" in the tech tips intro title

  • samanth shyaam
    samanth shyaam 20 days ago

    what i we install chrome os through the same process ?

  • Jei-sKappa
    Jei-sKappa 21 day ago

    What is the name of his laptop?

  • czMike
    czMike 22 days ago

    love u

  • Blacksunshine
    Blacksunshine 22 days ago +2

    Wow. you really overcomplicated that. W2Go works fine direct to the SD card. I'm running my plex server off of one for the last year or two. BUT its slow as crap cause the SD Card slots are slow slow slow .

  • 64 Sam
    64 Sam 22 days ago +2

    Someone just discovered how to make a boot device lol

  • Magnus Nilsen
    Magnus Nilsen 23 days ago

    Im not watching on a PC lol 5:10

  • Zacarriss
    Zacarriss 25 days ago

    Could have told you not to try it... My Eyes now Bleed...

  • Sung sam
    Sung sam 25 days ago

    Waste of time

  • Hasse Andersson
    Hasse Andersson 25 days ago

    dinosour OS... like Windows 7? are you kidding me?
    *sigh* start to grow tired of comments like that, so please use W10 and sell (sorry give away) your privacy...
    Just a notice, I remember in the 98's days when "we" the users that is, created a re-"movable" Windows 98 installation (not installation disk) it worked, yes there where a lot of work and a bit buggy, but it was removable...

  • Dipesh Sen
    Dipesh Sen 26 days ago +1

    That's the best pic of yours in thumbnail.( I love it)

  • Cooe14
    Cooe14 27 days ago

    ..... all SD cards have on device controllers Linus. Just like an SSD (or any other storage device). If they really were just "dumb" chips of NAND flash, they wouldn't work.

  • TheRaptor1967
    TheRaptor1967 27 days ago

    I must be older than you. Well, considering my next comment, I think we can take that as a given.
    My first Hard Drive was a 20MB. :( and that seemed HUGE at the time!
    In fact for the first several years of my computing, there was no such thing as a Hard Drive (not for home of small office use anyway)
    Yeah, we run off of several 5.25" Double sided single or double density floppy drive. from memory, about 120KB to 400KB . (cringe).
    Then came the 10, 20 and finally 40MB 5.25" X about 3" high bricks! and MAN they were great! Happy days (if you could get past the about $2K price point). Early 80's I believe.
    You also needed a set of earmuffs. loud as hell. I remember friends putting them in largish foam padded boxes (I quickly followed suit).

    Edit. I originally had 20GB above. I meant MB. I didnt even see it when I proof read it before posting. :( Corrected now.

  • Stuff1646
    Stuff1646 28 days ago

    Could use Windows Enterprise, and create "Windows 2 Go" and boot via usb ...

  • TechnoFlame213
    TechnoFlame213 Month ago

    its called windows on arm b*tch

  • Dueygamer
    Dueygamer Month ago

    6:15 even the computer feels happy in this vid

  • Ksandur
    Ksandur Month ago +3

    This reminds me of the 5400rpm hdd in my laptop...
    It's a skylake laptop released in 2016...

  • Henry Sullivan
    Henry Sullivan Month ago

    If anyone wants this you can contact microsoft support and keep telling them you are on linux and then they will give you a direct download that has WTG support. just be persistant

  • Pepino8A
    Pepino8A Month ago

    Dinosaur operating systems like windows 7....
    Me sitting here waiting until the windows 7 updater finally downloads 300mb updates

  • Mike G
    Mike G Month ago

    my first built computer was running windows 98 on a 3GB HARD DRIVE, later updated to windows XP on the same HD

  • Omega Rugal
    Omega Rugal Month ago

    painfuly slow...

  • Chris aka Schulbus
    Chris aka Schulbus Month ago

    even though i knew that the "activate windows"-message is in the video... i still exited fullscreen for some reason :D

  • Tim VeePee
    Tim VeePee Month ago +1

    But your GPU is still running the game. The SDcard isnt really running the game. The game is loaded into memory.
    And the reason Windows doesnt boot from such is as you said, it's not optimized for how Opersting systems access them

  • DrUsalty
    DrUsalty Month ago +3

    Linus did you try reducing the page file to zero, I would imagine the PC would be forced to load the page file to ram, of course with some buggy side effects...and new found speed

  • A YC
    A YC Month ago

    Hello amigo. Is this corsair m65 pro mice?
    I have MSI GM60 and steelseries 60. If you recommended m65 pro please tell, thanks.

  • Noah Lear
    Noah Lear Month ago

    I don't think Microsoft ever actually discontinued the media creation tool, they just made it harder to find. I recently created a windows 10 boot USB for a laptop and it worked fine

  • Fufner Keywheel
    Fufner Keywheel Month ago

    A FULL DAY! Lmao now thats funny!

  • SimplTon3s
    SimplTon3s Month ago

    linus "it was just an anomaly" sebastian :)

  • SimplTon3s
    SimplTon3s Month ago

    "When I was doing an audit of our software around here"
    lol, sounds like linus. lmao.

  • Johnny Vegas
    Johnny Vegas Month ago

    would have preferred to have been told certain things don't work instead of sitting through it. Doesn't add value to my viewing experience lol

  • Cody Schr0der
    Cody Schr0der Month ago +1


  • xXArmageddon1382Xx
    xXArmageddon1382Xx Month ago

    did you just call windows 7 a dinosaur operating system..?

  • Greenstorm
    Greenstorm Month ago

    im trying to run android off of an sd. any ideas?

  • Federico Calello
    Federico Calello Month ago

    4:50 *_AcTiVaTe WiNdOwS_*

  • TheRobMozza
    TheRobMozza Month ago

    You summed it up perfectly Linus, "it's like a mechanical drive" it doesn't matter if it's an i7.. in fact I dare you to install a mechanical boot drive on your i7.. it kinda takes all of the glory away from the fact you've got an i7. Try it

    GAREEB RIDER Month ago

    I run my windows os from a CD 😏

  • Rum Runner
    Rum Runner Month ago

    The first computer I had ... had a 10Mb HDD. The thing was 2 bays tall. It was king of the shit back in the day. It even had the spindle axle visible on the top where you could add a little bit of lubricant. No Joke.
    This was when I was umm.... 13 or 14, in Computer I class.
    I am 39 now. LOL.

  • Rum Runner
    Rum Runner Month ago

    I still have DSL

    MINER PLAYZ 974 Month ago

    WHAT?????!!?? You cant install windows from windows installation media

  • Sledgehammer
    Sledgehammer Month ago

    Linus. you could of mounted the iso

  • David Pitts
    David Pitts Month ago

    Very disappointing. I found your lack of preparation for making a video of this kind very disturbing. You're no longer held as high as you once were in my Jedi minds club of geeks. Bye 4 now at least. Shameful truly

  • Pusheen VIII
    Pusheen VIII Month ago


  • Kermit Sipping Tea
    Kermit Sipping Tea Month ago +1

    Wow an sd card

  • jsebean
    jsebean Month ago

    ADSL here rockin the 4Meg line!

  • Kef103
    Kef103 Month ago

    WTF my first hard drive was 4 Megabytes

  • Samer Rustom
    Samer Rustom Month ago

    It would be nice if you giveaway some of your stuff to your audience. Please show us how to install WIN in the SD since you cut the part of the installation.

  • Gdfserdy Fgregnm
    Gdfserdy Fgregnm Month ago

    You could just have installed Windows to a normal hard or SSD drive and then migrate the installation to an SD card, AFTER all the necesary updates and stuff. It might have taken much less time and effort, that way. Don' t you agree?

  • Isak Lindgren_
    Isak Lindgren_ Month ago

    Let’s do a gaming from a micro SD haha

  • Isak Lindgren_
    Isak Lindgren_ Month ago

    Or......... you use a Windows enterprise ISO. Enterprise does support windows to go

  • Trystan Marshall
    Trystan Marshall Month ago

    If I download games from steam do I have to worry about virus's

  • Matthew Doutt
    Matthew Doutt Month ago

    "This might be slower than a mechanical hard drive."
    Mate, them's fightin words.

  • Jansel
    Jansel Month ago

    I have also 128GB Storage, but my storage has over 70% free

  • Neel Mittal
    Neel Mittal Month ago

    “ I haven’t played much doom...” 116 hrs shown in the library

  • Kalvin Mitrofan
    Kalvin Mitrofan Month ago +1

    I'm watching this on mobile and I still got scared my windows was stolen

  • doge gaming
    doge gaming Month ago

    My response time is 9ms :D

  • jackthegamer
    jackthegamer Month ago

    "dinosaur operaring system like windows 7" just fuck you linus

  • Month ago

    I would like to see this video made again But instead of just using the SD card try to use Intel optane together with the SD card

  • kingneutron1
    kingneutron1 Month ago +2

    Not only am I surprised you actually got the install to work at all, but thanks for posting a Howto on what *not* to do ;-) Running an OS from an SD card is really not something you want to do!

  • Guillermo Fernando Riquelme Valenzuela

    You can create an ISO file from the Media Creation Tool downloaded ISO compatible with Rufus with NTLite. It converts the ESD installation file (that is not compatible) into a WIM file compatible to make a Windows To Go installation.

    • TheRobMozza
      TheRobMozza Month ago

      It's smple to convert between .esd and .wim, Google is your friend

  • Gary Heaton
    Gary Heaton Month ago

    So, all i need to do to install win 10 from a mem chip, is to get a portable DVD drive and install win 10 on it from a windows ten disk..that I don't have?
    Makes total sense.

  • MrSugar YT
    MrSugar YT Month ago +1

    Linus techtips


  • Fresh Trees
    Fresh Trees Month ago

    I recently installed windows 8.1 using an ssd

  • Hasan Dönmez
    Hasan Dönmez Month ago

    Activate windows?

  • Lawrence Johnson
    Lawrence Johnson Month ago

    I have 4 slots for sharing my Netflix 3 Screen UHD account. For $2 a month. Email me at

  • Kaid Trnava
    Kaid Trnava Month ago

    When task manager uses 80% of your cpu

  • PC Studio
    PC Studio Month ago +9

    Starts talking about how some of his copies of windows aren’t legit
    Activate Windows Watermark appears

  • Rick Marcarelli
    Rick Marcarelli Month ago +1

    His first hard drive was 128 Gig? Mine was 10 Megabyte Compaq hard drive which replaced one of my dual floppies.... Yeah ... I'm OLD.