Booting Windows from an SD CARD???

  • Published on May 6, 2018
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Comments • 7 622

  • Vatemir Retro Silver

    Every time I do upgrades or mods with devices I act like how you were installing it. :V

  • Dennis Simmons
    Dennis Simmons Day ago

    I still have DSL 😩

  • dunealex73
    dunealex73 Day ago

    Your first drive was measured in GB already? O.o

  • Brazilian Joe
    Brazilian Joe Day ago

    What about SD cards with the A2 specification? Sandisk has some cards with this spec which allows for 1000+ IOPS.
    That should be able to run a OS much more decently. You should do a follow-up with that kind of SD card.

  • joe demeter
    joe demeter 2 days ago

    If you like wasting time use windows.

  • crystal
    crystal 2 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if you got one of these sd cards and put it on a 3DS

  • Shadow77999
    Shadow77999 2 days ago

    11:58 must have loaded all the data into the ram

  • Shadow77999
    Shadow77999 2 days ago

    8:23 still faster than my pc..

  • Shadow77999
    Shadow77999 2 days ago

    4:00 what laptop is that? anyone?

  • Shadow77999
    Shadow77999 2 days ago

    3:45 hey, that makes us 2.. lol

  • Shadow77999
    Shadow77999 2 days ago

    i still run windows 7.. still beats 10 and all its bullshit

  • benji butler
    benji butler 2 days ago

    what is this? a duraga1 video?

  • Blockschrott
    Blockschrott 3 days ago

    My first self build Computer had two hard drives each was 10 GB big, and I am not even 30 years old...

  • T1AOShiBBy!
    T1AOShiBBy! 3 days ago

    so i would assume that this technique would work off a portable hdd?

  • Spike Minecraft
    Spike Minecraft 3 days ago

    Umm why is there a activate windows in the bottom right corner
    I suggest a re upload without it

  • Ben Kladivo
    Ben Kladivo 3 days ago

    Is this tiny tower music in the background?

  • HappyRage
    HappyRage 3 days ago

    hey now windows 7 isn't a dino. maybe xp but 7 has feelings

  • Pedro Cabezas
    Pedro Cabezas 3 days ago

    OMG I thought the Windows Active message was on my PC....LOL almost panicked.

  • Fr. Simon Rundell
    Fr. Simon Rundell 3 days ago

    13:20 My first HDD was 10Mb and cost me more than £100 in 1990. I promised my wife we'd never need to upgrade ever again as it was soooo much bigger than the floppy disks we otherwise had. Within a month it was full.

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH 4 days ago

    I use SD cards to install software on portable devices. Seems okay, although a little slow to start.

  • James Russel
    James Russel 4 days ago

    How about using the DIY usb drive you made last time

  • Wings Fpv
    Wings Fpv 4 days ago

    You never used Rufus? Ancient tech! Hahaha

  • MrSupershowwatcher
    MrSupershowwatcher 4 days ago

    *oh look I have a 128GB SD card.......changes to a 64GB SD card*

  • Tim W
    Tim W 5 days ago

    fore 5 hours i Installed windows 10 from a 8gb sd Card to my 250 gb ssd because i havent found a usb Stick

  • itai anastasia
    itai anastasia 6 days ago

    dear linus if i put two ssd in my lap top will it be faster then one ssd? or should i buy 2 and put them on raid to get max performance ?
    its a mac book pro mid 2009 8 giga ram

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan 6 days ago

    for windows 10

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan 6 days ago

    i need a product key can you get me one

  • 4565klaas
    4565klaas 6 days ago

    what about raid config?

  • AarolTheHunter PXVP
    AarolTheHunter PXVP 6 days ago

    Its called a bootable flashdrive

  • Brent Dyson
    Brent Dyson 7 days ago

    would it be better if you had USB 3.1 or thunderbolt

  • mario kart
    mario kart 7 days ago

    I just got done dual-booting windows 10 and Kali on my Windows 10 laptop after a many month break due to giving up. I managed to do it and was using 1 500GB external HDD for a 3GB install partition.

  • Mr. Carroll Ware Yes I Am Really A Guy

    Well I will continue to use dinosaur Windows 7.

  • Zammy Wang
    Zammy Wang 8 days ago

    That’s so stupid... Download iSO and Rufus, and... done. No disk, no disk reader

  • Victor Cano
    Victor Cano 9 days ago

    En la forma en que coloca el CD se nota que no le cuestan las cosas

  • Francisco Vazquez
    Francisco Vazquez 9 days ago

    Booting Windows from an SD CARD for Ultra super Dummies....

  • GA K
    GA K 9 days ago

    1 dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:install.esd (see the index you want)
    2 dism /export-image /SourceImageFile:install.esd /SourceIndex:1 /DestinationImageFile:install.wim /Compress:max /CheckIntegrity (put the desired index number)
    After make the Sd-Usb Boot files by doing the bellow
    cd (drive letter (K:)) then
    bcdboot.exe K:\Windows /s K: /f ALL
    Video Ref
    Like that you can also clone your entire windows system by copy all files from your (c:) including the hidden files and run ( bcdboot.exe K:\Windows /s K: /f ALL ) in case your sd-card has the K letter
    Thanks ^^

  • Victor Kidd
    Victor Kidd 9 days ago

    I used wintoflash. That’s even better than Rufus for windows installation ISO’s in particular.

  • Kiansjet RBX
    Kiansjet RBX 10 days ago

    You can use a utility called WinToUSB if you don't want to make a Windows To Go USB. All that work wasn't required lol.

  • Mikah Andony
    Mikah Andony 10 days ago

    back in time?!?! that is MODERN!!!! 5:12

  • utrafuego
    utrafuego 10 days ago +1

    Activate Windows

  • utrafuego
    utrafuego 10 days ago +1

    Activate Windows

    DILLIGAF 10 days ago

    Don't ya just love how Steam Updates every time and takes for ever!

  • Dennis Benedict
    Dennis Benedict 11 days ago

    Actually, I do this on my old school DOS/Windows computer, except I use compact flash. I have one CF card with DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1, and another CF card with Windows 98SE :) Been working great for about ten years now :) The computer is a Pentium II running at 350MHz and 128MB of RAM. It uses ATI's Rage II PCI card, and consists of: A 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 floppy drive, a 250MB Zip drive, a DVD burner and no hard drives :)

  • ZakarooNetwork
    ZakarooNetwork 11 days ago

    More people would use Linux if you showed us how. F*€K Windows 10.

  • ZakarooNetwork
    ZakarooNetwork 11 days ago

    Windows-7 was the first time I approved of Windows as a Mac user. Then they and ruined it with 10.

  • The Demon Lord
    The Demon Lord 12 days ago

    answer your god damn phone

  • S O L O M O N ツツ A T E N C I O

    Play all my game on steam with ad card because it less stress on my hdd. I have 64 gb micro sd,

  • mcseport
    mcseport 14 days ago

    LOL, I had better results with Xubuntu and steam on a usb stick... much better. My2cents...

  • Tyler Crowe
    Tyler Crowe 14 days ago

    Windows 7 isn’t THAT’s more like a departed grandparent. If you really wanna talk about dinosaurs systems however, let’s talk about Windows XP

  • Parzival
    Parzival 15 days ago

    Maybe you should start Windows To Go application IDIOT

  • Gavin Endsley
    Gavin Endsley 15 days ago

    eject the drive and see what happens

  • Obed David Perez Uri
    Obed David Perez Uri 16 days ago

    Linus, you can actually format the memory in NTFS and try a normal install? or did you try it already??? maybe the memory was in FAT32 and that is (maybe why) windows was so slow??

  • SEO Sunshine
    SEO Sunshine 17 days ago

    Don't need the shitty music. Degrades the quality of your videos.

  • God Fist
    God Fist 17 days ago

    there is a software named wintousb .u can do that easily

  • Elytrius Ventra
    Elytrius Ventra 18 days ago

    "Help" * negative zoom in *

  • Lamorak Godfrey
    Lamorak Godfrey 18 days ago

    I run windows 10 on a late 2012 mac from an external USB 2.0 hard drive:)lol

  • Bulwark AC
    Bulwark AC 18 days ago

    The other problem is every time you connect the USB to a different computer you will need to update drivers

  • thor CoolGuy
    thor CoolGuy 18 days ago

    4:50 bottom right

  • Dead Bunny
    Dead Bunny 18 days ago

    What is that screen!?
    It's soooo huge..

  • Mitko Nikov
    Mitko Nikov 19 days ago

    It's seems to be faster than my HDD :D

  • Dante Spina
    Dante Spina 19 days ago

    i un fullscreened to check if the activate windows was me

  • Jake Watson
    Jake Watson 19 days ago

    Anyone else notice the Windows water mark?

  • Philip Caddick
    Philip Caddick 20 days ago

    Wow, wtf... I've been around since 10 megabyte MFM hard drives and I don't even have a youtube channel. I guess I've failed at life.

  • Philip Caddick
    Philip Caddick 20 days ago

    When your hoodie matches your office chair...

  • Doruk Yıldırım
    Doruk Yıldırım 20 days ago

    Boot windows from tape

  • Keefe Lehman
    Keefe Lehman 21 day ago

    Can anyone explain why I can run games from an SD on my Switch with an unnoticeable difference over the internal drive? Well was not thinking about the Switch game card as 90% of my games on the Switch have been digital but probably not much difference between those game cards and an SD card. If anyone can explain the difference there also or could recommend some reading or video on the subject would be much appreciated.

  • MAD- X
    MAD- X 23 days ago

    what a name of the game /??

  • Ole Martin Snuggerud
    Ole Martin Snuggerud 23 days ago

    What external optical drive is that?

  • Ndlanding
    Ndlanding 23 days ago

    Er, my first HDD was 40 MB. It seemed big for a few months. Bigger than a floppy, that is.

  • Daniel Souza
    Daniel Souza 23 days ago


  • Venketesh Pra
    Venketesh Pra 23 days ago

    9:31 he is pissed off XDXD

  • Ram Nas
    Ram Nas 24 days ago

    fuck your long ass beating around the bush video!!

  • Jennifer Springhorn
    Jennifer Springhorn 24 days ago

    I remember my Osborne computer that ran CP-M 2.2. Took Fortran in college with keypunching, we sure have come a long way from IBM-370

  • Justine Pavlovich
    Justine Pavlovich 25 days ago

    My first HDD was a Quantum Bigfoot TX 4gb.

  • I ran
    I ran 25 days ago

    it was fun to watch

  • Sephiroth Bahamut
    Sephiroth Bahamut 25 days ago

    man i only use mechanical drives they're infinitely faster

  • Aditya
    Aditya 25 days ago

    How bout having a steam drive on a NAS

  • PhantomLordMXVI
    PhantomLordMXVI 26 days ago

    DSL? We have VDSL! And in the near future UltraVDSL

  • Mr. Carroll Ware
    Mr. Carroll Ware 26 days ago +2

    If you think Win 7 is a dinosaur hate to see what you think of XP.

  • Pratik Agale
    Pratik Agale 26 days ago

    This thing runs way better than my computer

  • Syed Rizvi
    Syed Rizvi 27 days ago

    You should try Linux mint

  • XPlanz
    XPlanz 27 days ago

    Lol activate windows

  • Tagson
    Tagson 27 days ago

    dsl? pfft i can't do anything... 600kb/s when on a very good day

  • Raghu Vamsi Kodaboina
    Raghu Vamsi Kodaboina 27 days ago

    What is the model no of the monitor from Asus

  • Ttrucker
    Ttrucker 28 days ago +1

    In other words a modern floppy drive?

  • jlawson910
    jlawson910 29 days ago

    Question: Did you disable Superfetch in the system services and turn off indexing on the SD card? If you didn't you might get better performance out of it by doing so.

  • Nitish Kumar
    Nitish Kumar 29 days ago

    Use digital MMC to sata converter for actual results

  • Jrua
    Jrua 29 days ago

    2:06 "Minor Details"... xD

  • Tech Handy
    Tech Handy 29 days ago

    YOU SAY THAT WINDOWS 7 IS OLD?! my parents still use Windows Vista, lol #getwindows10

  • arrowghost
    arrowghost Month ago

    Hey Linus, this video may one day need a revisit when SD Express comes out. Both card & reader.

  • Денис Владимирович

    my first 2gb seagate hdd still in working condition even without bad's

  • PH10 AD600
    PH10 AD600 Month ago

    Have you tried SD Express 128Tb?

  • Computer Craker
    Computer Craker Month ago

    Love you

  • Pichu Master
    Pichu Master Month ago

    dsl team?

  • The Roaming Kilt
    The Roaming Kilt Month ago

    My first computers didn't even have HDs. My first HD was only 300M.... And you think you're old.

  • blackneos940
    blackneos940 Month ago

    Yeah, I remember putting Ubuntu and it's derivatives on good SD Cards..... :) Lasted a good while, but alas..... :) And don't even get me started on putting Linux Mint on a PNY USB!..... XD Thing got REKT!..... :D

  • XSypherx
    XSypherx Month ago

    Should I buy that or a ssd

  • Live Noteworthy
    Live Noteworthy Month ago

    Try running windows on a smartphone

  • TAPriceCTR
    TAPriceCTR Month ago

    You youngin... my first HDD was 300 mb