Booting Windows from an SD CARD???

  • Published on May 6, 2018
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Comments • 8 046

  • Mental Gujju
    Mental Gujju 2 hours ago


  • Robert Wilde
    Robert Wilde 7 hours ago

    You need Windows 10 Enterprise to make "Windows to Go" correctly. I have several, they work great

  • J. Gona
    J. Gona 11 hours ago

    4:05 - What machine that, if I may ask..? Looking for a new laptop for my lab, and I tend to be very particular, but I love the back-lit keyboard. Is that a standard laptop, touch-screen laptop, laptop/tablet two-in-one? I assume it likely has an updated version by now, but if anyone can identify it I would greatly appreciate it..

  • J. Gona
    J. Gona 11 hours ago

    Stop ragging on Windows 7, man! 😄 I keep a spare laptop specifically *for* running a copy of Windows 7. Personally, I hate Windows 10 because of all of the changes to the task-bar menus, device manager, and control panel layouts, etc.. Performance on windows 10 is great and all, but I absolutely hate the aesthetic and new menu arrangements. Anyone remember alternate Windows "themes" is Win Xp? I'd kill for a "theme" or "skin" that could take me back to Windows 7 or 8 just aesthetically! Maybe I'm just being stubborn or resistant to change, but I do despise virtually all of Win 10's aesthetic elements..

  • Nightcore Club
    Nightcore Club 12 hours ago

    lol 9000ms is normal for me

    HARI KRISHNAN 14 hours ago

    Which is that monitor or is that a tv?

  • denvera1g1
    denvera1g1 19 hours ago

    Just an FYI, those driver installs at least used to extract those drivers before doing the hardware/windows version checks, so if you go into device manager, update the driver and manually browse you should have no issue installing, this is how i get around dell hardware requiring 5 year old dell drivers, and instead using month(s) old nvidia drivers for our older CAD machines

  • TAG Media
    TAG Media 20 hours ago

    I think it would be interesting to do an update to this video using a USB thumb drive with the built-in hard drive controller.

    SHAYA SQUAD Day ago

    If I do this can I download games with it

  • Thomas Luggiero
    Thomas Luggiero 2 days ago

    A lot of Dell laptops allow booting from SD cards. Years ago, I've run XP off usb 2.0. Once booted up wasn't bad at all.

  • 266xUser
    266xUser 2 days ago

    Use wintousb

  • Roman Ozzam
    Roman Ozzam 3 days ago

    you can still boot windows 10 and install it from usb use rufus select the usb and iso file and click the start when you install to activate it use your microsoft account

    VITOR SOARES 4 days ago

    back time and RIP XD

  • EHoward64
    EHoward64 4 days ago

    Putting that Activate windows message almost freaked me out for a second because I JUST HAD TO REACTIVATE MY WINDOWS after RMAing my motherboard and I was worried that I'd have to call microsoft AGAIN

  • dream salt
    dream salt 4 days ago

    *_A C T I V A T E W I N D O W S_*

  • Films XP Professional

    oh shutup windows 10 noone cares about you

  • Matthew Yee
    Matthew Yee 5 days ago

    The windows 10 disk utilization compared to its observed peak iops. So, on a new pc it will always show 100% to start.

  • fiereke
    fiereke 6 days ago

    my first pc had a 160 mb harddrive dblspaced to 320 mb. I played the orginal doom and doom II on it.

  • Zannah
    Zannah 7 days ago

    but can i run crysis off a micro sd card?

  • ExceptionalWorld
    ExceptionalWorld 7 days ago

    Is a PCIe (2x) to Card Reader-Adapter like this not faster ...?
    Cauz my Chromebook (Lenovo Thinpad Yoga 11e) have only a bad 16 GB eMMc Storage -.-
    I get a modified UEFI Bootloader on it and install Windows 10... only 3 GB free storage.
    Or is a NVMe PCIe Adapter for this A +E Key miniPCIe Slot better?
    And USB is not faster like PCIe 2x ...Mhhh ... I need help :D

  • go die
    go die 7 days ago

    Is that "Activate Windows" prompt edited in or are you recording with a pirated version of Windows?

  • Josh Riolu
    Josh Riolu 8 days ago

    ...couldn't you have just like... mounted the ISO to a virtual disk drive and install it that way?

  • Revin Gaming
    Revin Gaming 8 days ago

    I kept thinking I have to activate windows=

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan 8 days ago

    I removed windows 10 from my media workstation and put 7 pro on it. They could have just kept on upgrading 7 as a universal os but capitalist greed gave us clunky junky 10 instead. 7 Pro is better even than any Linux flavor.

  • - NathanTheCollector -

    You need to activate windows man

  • matty Taylor
    matty Taylor 9 days ago

    So exciting frigging off the wall dude.

  • matty Taylor
    matty Taylor 9 days ago

    Crazy insane

  • 0x66 fe40
    0x66 fe40 10 days ago

    Could someone tell m which laptop is he using ?

  • Silver XT
    Silver XT 11 days ago

    Dude. Use win2usb. Seriously? I've done it plenty of times. The only issue is the USB heats up. But I do it for free.

  • JC James
    JC James 11 days ago

    "dinosaur operating systems like Windows 7" *sheds a tear*

  • Rob
    Rob 11 days ago

    300 mbyte or 300 mbit?

  • Brian Link
    Brian Link 11 days ago +2

    Seen him putting in OEM Windows disk made me have to question when this video is made. Only Linus would have a CD reader laying around.

  • xXArmageddon1382Xx
    xXArmageddon1382Xx 12 days ago

    I mean... 7 isn't that old.. I still have windows 2000 activation keys and xp machines..

  • xXArmageddon1382Xx
    xXArmageddon1382Xx 12 days ago

    Oh.. dinosaur windows 7..?
    On the other hand.. THIS WINDOWS 95 IM USIN IS AMAZING!

  • Adittya Abir Dhrubo
    Adittya Abir Dhrubo 12 days ago +1

    4:50 now my tab feels like my computer lol!

  • CTSM07
    CTSM07 13 days ago +1

    Linus, why go through all those hoops. What I do is just install Windows 10 to a regular disk or SSD, then use Clonezilla or whatever cloning SW to clone it onto the SD card done.

  • 陈Oscar
    陈Oscar 13 days ago

    in china we can do this by using painstaller ! it is much easiet

  • qmzp2
    qmzp2 13 days ago +1

    12:23 someone needs to photoshop the screen when Linus looks back here

  • Joshua Haataja
    Joshua Haataja 13 days ago

    His first build...120gb Maxtor diamondmax "plus" 9...
    My first build... 1.2gb Quantum Fireball...
    Am I older than linus or did I just start with worse equipment.

  • Matīss Brants
    Matīss Brants 13 days ago

    but i have dsl and its faster.. hmmmm

  • Andrew Hawkins
    Andrew Hawkins 13 days ago

    i made an iso from the windows media a few days ago and installed on usb using rufus. my build booted fine and installed from usb to my ssd.

  • James Settles
    James Settles 13 days ago

    actually microsoft did not fully stop letting ppl use the media creation tool i just used it not even 2 weeks ago....just gotta know where to look

  • Benjamin nope
    Benjamin nope 13 days ago

    why does it say activate windows it it a joke or something does windows sell edit software???

  • Windows XP
    Windows XP 14 days ago

    Can't you just copy every last windows file onto the SD Card

  • surjit singh
    surjit singh 14 days ago

    my laptop is from ASUS!

  • JohannaMueller57
    JohannaMueller57 14 days ago

    don't blame the sd card for the pile of shit that windows is.

  • AbdullahPlayz
    AbdullahPlayz 14 days ago

    Why did the activate windows watermark showed up at 4:50?

  • Stay awhile and listen

    Complains about windows 7, then he proceeds to use 10 and have 10000 issues, having the system really slow by windows auto-installing crap that is not telling him and even not being able to install graphic drives.
    Then complains about an HDD speeds and compare it to and ssd card O.o
    Seems legit.

  • CyberVehicle
    CyberVehicle 14 days ago

    Wow so this is probably what it takes to shoot a Sony A9 at full multishot throttle without a buffer.

  • TheSmilingXenomorph
    TheSmilingXenomorph 15 days ago

    Legit better than my doom load times

  • Ron S
    Ron S 15 days ago

    I remember booting windows from multiple 3.5 inch floppy disks. Times have changed.

  • Chris W
    Chris W 15 days ago

    my first hdd was WD 40gb in 2000. just a few years before i remember marveling at 1 gb.

  • Seamingly
    Seamingly 15 days ago

    Serial ata gentoo

  • Imperator Augustus
    Imperator Augustus 15 days ago

    Too much arse pain... simplest USB flash is enough for that

  • Kid Crumple
    Kid Crumple 15 days ago

    “I haven’t played a ton of doom” has 116 hours on doom.

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen 16 days ago +2

    Hey Linus, maybe next time try using a different software such as WinToUSB.

    • Silver XT
      Silver XT 11 days ago

      I know. The fact that he bought it instead of using win2usb threw me off.

  • mygame595
    mygame595 16 days ago

    Hey Linus, I have cloned my OS drive to an M.2 drive several times now and with several different softwares. Each time it shows a good clone but it will not boot in my system. I remove all drives except this m.2 and it fails at the splash screen. What am I missing? Thanks.

  • xandro heirbaut
    xandro heirbaut 17 days ago

    rip homegroup

  • Xasmanius Völk
    Xasmanius Völk 17 days ago +2

    XP would handle that

  • Crypto World
    Crypto World 18 days ago

    is it possible for this guy not to have a d*ckhead face on all of his thumbnails?

  • VoltageLP
    VoltageLP 18 days ago

    My first PC had 8 GB hard drive and I'm like twice younger than Linus haha

  • Tito Simoes
    Tito Simoes 18 days ago

    would running it from an sd card connected to a USB 3.0 adapter be the same as just running it on a USB 3.0 flash drive??

  • mguerra79
    mguerra79 18 days ago

    My first computer WITH HD had 2.1GB, ahhahahah! Mid 90s... Pentium 1, 166MHz, don't remember, but I think 16MB of RAM... Had a SoundBlaster card, 32MB... Nice machine at the time...

  • Benjamin Fuller
    Benjamin Fuller 20 days ago

    I have DSL 3 MB so slow at time

  • Mr. Dragon
    Mr. Dragon 20 days ago

    I just wish you could boot from an SD card in the SD card slot. Would make the HP stream a bit more interesting.

  • TheMacGuy
    TheMacGuy 20 days ago

    Linux and Mac boot off of usb it’s much less hassle. Once you got them installed driver issue become your life.

  • %username %
    %username % 20 days ago

    My first HDD was Samsung SP0411N 40Gb IDE hard drive and i treasured it with all it was abel to offer to me back then.

  • Sven Heilbrunner
    Sven Heilbrunner 20 days ago

    3:41 "We have to create what is called a Windows-to-go-Installation. I've never sucessfully gotten that to work before."
    Linus, please... you might be a really nice guy and so on but whats wrong with you? This is a tech channel (so i thought) and i've recently seen many tech-related beginners-"problems" here that made me cringe! Its totally fine not to be familiar with stuff like this but then again, you're a tech-channel with over 7.7 million subscribers.
    Rufus is just one of many great tools for such a windows-to-go-solution, normally copied onto a usb-stick (thumbdrive is, what you call it, i guess?!) or in my case for older Windows XP-stuff i just burnt it onto a disc. I've never had problems with those installations and as long as i copied the correct device drivers (like raid-drivers ) with rufus it all just worked well right from scratch.

  • Depressed-Eggman
    Depressed-Eggman 20 days ago

    Pfft chumps, try booting off of a tape drive.

    • %username %
      %username % 20 days ago

      They should run win10 from perforated tape and cards, or from vinyl.

  • renars mikus
    renars mikus 20 days ago

    use power iso if you want to use it like winrar demon tool and ruffus

  • potatocubes 30875
    potatocubes 30875 21 day ago

    4:58 i thought my windows just got deactivated for some reason...

  • CurbThePain
    CurbThePain 21 day ago

    Wow didn't expect to see DeSinc here. Anywayssss yes you can install regular windows to a USB flash drive. It requires a bit of fuckery that I don't remember how to replicate. But hell back when I had myself a Pentium dual-core Acer Aspire I had to install windows 7 on to a USB flash drive because my hard drive took a crap and as a 14 year old I didn't have the means to appropriate a new laptop HDD. In the end, I was able to get a respectable boot time of about 20-30 seconds (mind you this was on a USB 2 flash drive). I even fit borderlands on the drive and played it at a respectable 30 fps. Ahhhh those were the days.

  • [KC] DarkPit
    [KC] DarkPit 21 day ago +2

    I installed Windows Vista on a Cloud Server, so I've got the best speed of 6,25MB/s because of the German internet connection LMAO

  • Ethan C.
    Ethan C. 21 day ago

    Dude, you were running a Windows 10 1507 build version, which was seriously obsolete. Off course the driver would not work!

  • Brett Hagey
    Brett Hagey 22 days ago

    A full day? Aww poor baby, welcome to Windows.

  • izools
    izools 22 days ago

    Lmao, the hard drive in my first self built PC was a 52MB Quantum drive. Yeah boi, rocking a 386 SX40, 4MB RAM, Sound Blaster clone and playing Wolfinstien 3D like a freakin' BAWS 💪😀

  • M3KI YT
    M3KI YT 23 days ago


  • Matthew Gaksch
    Matthew Gaksch 23 days ago

    wow this pc is even better playing games then my -pc

  • Johnny Wulff
    Johnny Wulff 23 days ago

    Lol “activate windows” on the side

  • Lazer-Tech
    Lazer-Tech 23 days ago

    Activate windows on your ANDROID Samsung Galaxy! Hmmm... What to do, what to doooo....? _MICROSOFT! WTF!!!_

  • GamingIzWhatIDo
    GamingIzWhatIDo 23 days ago

    11:25 "I haven't played a lot of DOOM" If you look back a little, it says 116 hours of game play.... (I know it isn't his own account but i thought I'd point it out).

  • John Maksym
    John Maksym 23 days ago

    I have a asus t100 and I ran Rage off a 128 gig SD card. So the on board 32 gigs just had the os and everything else ran on the sd card. While it did burn out quickly I never noticed any slow down.

  • Farid Rudiansyah
    Farid Rudiansyah 23 days ago

    Physical disk, why not mount virtual disk ISO?

  • Patrick Seitz
    Patrick Seitz 23 days ago

    come on what shitty sd-card did you buy? I'm sure it will work really well on a good SD-Card better as on an HDD for sure...

  • BlueOcean13
    BlueOcean13 24 days ago +2

    Linus you need me for this kind of stuff SMH 🤦 I would have gotten it running in minutes

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M. 24 days ago

    Windows 10 off flopy

  • SagBobet
    SagBobet 24 days ago

    How is it acceptable that Windows Update took over a full day? I can't imagine the frustration and anger I'd feel.

  • Dev mister
    Dev mister 24 days ago

    That face creeps me out

  • Side
    Side 25 days ago +6


    *can you boot window from a ram stick*

    • Belagerungsmörser the Sheep
      Belagerungsmörser the Sheep 22 days ago +1

      Probably as a VM, otherwise you can't actually store an OS in ram and be able to boot up from it as your ram gets wiped clean after turning your pc off

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 25 days ago

    good video's man keep on

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 25 days ago

    this sd card is way better than my hdd

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan 25 days ago

    Ahh yes, a return to the days of booting an operating system from removable media. Nice to see you, 1985.

  • Dr. Derp
    Dr. Derp 25 days ago

    Linus: This is actually SOOOOO smooth!!! running at 1mb/s when there are nvme and m.2 drives around.... Well done Linus, you have yourself a Gold Star!!!

  • Kurt Semler
    Kurt Semler 26 days ago

    LOL. Your first biuld was 128 GB. Mine was 128 MB, and I thought I'd never fill that drive up. (I actually never did manage t fill it, since I was using FDD's)

  • Mohit Bling
    Mohit Bling 26 days ago +3

    I have dsl😢

    • Geoffrey
      Geoffrey 22 hours ago

      Don't worry I have DSL too

    • Chris W
      Chris W 15 days ago

      I am so sorry about your plight...

  • Yosuke Rechain
    Yosuke Rechain 26 days ago

    I played game pc from sdcard. Is playable

  • The Real Modder
    The Real Modder 26 days ago

    What about older windows?

  • Haseeb Gillani
    Haseeb Gillani 26 days ago

    Which display you are using?

  • Andy T
    Andy T 26 days ago

    Games are running off ram