How to Get Accepted into Hogwarts!

  • Published on Jul 28, 2017
  • Sure you need to get your acceptance letter, but how the heck do you get one!?
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Comments • 6 021

  • Carrie
    Carrie 8 hours ago

    Ravenclaw was probably responsible for getting the letters to the students. I believe this because Ravenclaw valued wisdom, which is what Athena was the goddess of. Owls are sacred to Athena and deliver the letters to the students, so it makes sense that Ravenclaw, and not the one of the other founders, would have owls, an animal associated with the goddess of wisdom, deliver the letters.

  • Gryffindor boi Blake Binks


  • Darragh Mchugh
    Darragh Mchugh 10 hours ago

    I am not going to hog warts because I am 12 tomorrow 😭😭😭

  • 5000 subscribers with no vids challenge

    When I was 11 my best friend gave me an envelope with my Hogwarts letter written on a sticky note no it was a index card with green ink on it I have the best friend

  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord Day ago

    Where mah Huffelpuffs??

  • Sara Firesea
    Sara Firesea Day ago

    Where the Ravenclaws at!!!!!!!🦅💙

  • luuk groot
    luuk groot Day ago

    How can any other names have been written down if neville took 8 years?

  • • Scar the Dutch Angel wolf •

    I have a wand........shouldn't I get accepted soon?

  • An Average Person
    An Average Person 2 days ago

    I’m 11 still waiting for my letter....

  • mere3snuffles 359
    mere3snuffles 359 2 days ago

    RavenClaw, confusing other houses since 990 A.D. Are we sure that Rowena didn’t trademark the stairs? Where my fellow RavenClaws at???

  • Gacha girl 476
    Gacha girl 476 3 days ago

    Helga hufflepuff achely came up with the idea of the shifting stairs but ravenclaw designed it

  • Ajay Jayasundar
    Ajay Jayasundar 4 days ago

    .. the trace??....

  • Kaitlyn Brown
    Kaitlyn Brown 4 days ago

    Do a why dose Aberforth like goats video

  • emily cheetham
    emily cheetham 4 days ago

    I definitely think in Peter petigrews case the hat made the wrong choice.

  • My Music World
    My Music World 5 days ago

    MOM IM LEAVING SEE YOU FOR CHRISTMAS Or I might stay with harry but YEAH.

    Mom: huh?


  • Andrea Wing
    Andrea Wing 5 days ago

    gryfindor for life!!!!

  • Cool Girl 3000
    Cool Girl 3000 5 days ago +1

    I’m 11 when’s my letter coming???

  • Maddy Ke
    Maddy Ke 6 days ago

    Neville has some horrible family members.
    He was being held out the window by his uncle or something. His uncle hot distracted by desert. DESERT? And then he dropped Neville. All it takes to be accepted by that darn book is get dropped out of a window because of dessert. I could have been at Hogwarts a long time ago. 🦁🐍🐹🦅

  • Matthew Desrosiers
    Matthew Desrosiers 6 days ago

    dang its hard to decide but I think my favorite artifact from harry potter would be the Marauder's Map.

  • Demicorn11
    Demicorn11 6 days ago +5


  • Cherry Chipmunk
    Cherry Chipmunk 6 days ago

    @SuperCarlinBrothers, which house are you in? I'm ravenclaw!

  • Weng Rosales
    Weng Rosales 6 days ago

    Out of all the vids a watched this is the first time I noticed tje slotherin pillow on the sofa

  • Molly’s World
    Molly’s World 7 days ago

    Only 18 years difference from the 11-year-olds sorry

  • Scarlett Jensen
    Scarlett Jensen 7 days ago

    I'm awaiting my letter. Turned 11 in March

  • Lucy
    Lucy 7 days ago

    My Hogwarts letter is a few months late but it may be because I don’t live in London. It will take a while for the owls to get here.

  • Quen Loust
    Quen Loust 7 days ago

    "Never let a squib into Hogwarts.." Wasn't there a squib that sat down to get sorted into a house but was revealed to be a squib? I can't remember that piece of lore though.
    Edit: It was Angus Buchanan and he also never received a letter. He just came along.

  • redpupp 67
    redpupp 67 8 days ago

    I literally said thank you when I saw this😂

  • Micah Woods
    Micah Woods 8 days ago

    I was so close.

  • Christina Mansen
    Christina Mansen 9 days ago

    What about that one squib that got to the sporting ceremony

  • gamer girl x234
    gamer girl x234 9 days ago

    I’m Hufflepuff and they aren’t boring is newt Scamander Boring noooooooooo

  • Stelar Goose
    Stelar Goose 10 days ago

    1:23 And Percy.

  • Gummi
    Gummi 10 days ago

    When i have kids, im gonna attach a toy owl to the porch with a acceptance letter in its beak

  • Laura TheKitKat
    Laura TheKitKat 11 days ago

    I'm ten iv always believed in magic my mum's a.wiccan witch I really hoped I'm accepted next year1

  • Galaxian
    Galaxian 11 days ago +1

    **sends this to petunia**

  • Dani Sparrow
    Dani Sparrow 11 days ago

    What about students in other parts of the world who wouldn't go to Hogwarts?

  • Paul
    Paul 11 days ago

    #Ravenclaw life!

  • Anika Likes Tacos
    Anika Likes Tacos 11 days ago

    I Need that book to accept me badly muggle school sucks

  • Anika Likes Tacos
    Anika Likes Tacos 11 days ago

    NO NO NO
    Hermione is a Griffindore (ingore my spelling)
    Hermione is like the perfect Griffindore

  • Gabbylillyella 18
    Gabbylillyella 18 12 days ago

    I’m turning ten sooooo I’m exited for next year cause I know I’m going

    • smarties
      smarties 9 days ago

      Gabbylillyella 18 awwwwww just wait 😢

  • Dan Diehm
    Dan Diehm 12 days ago

    Acceptance and admittance are not the same thing! I can be "accepted" to a particular college, but if I don't have the funds, I will not be "admitted". It is not FREE to attend Hogwarts. When Harry first discovered he was a wizard, he told Hagrid that he didn't have any money to pay for school, and that Uncle Vernon certainly would not pay. Hagrid basically said, "don't worry, your Mom and Dad left you plenty of money". Dumbledore even said to young Tom Riddle that funds were set aside for special circumstances.

  • moon god
    moon god 13 days ago

    🐍💚#TeamSlytherin 💚🐍

  • robloxmaster
    robloxmaster 13 days ago

    you can get accepted into Hogwarts but miss some Years for some people in late 2018 knows about the leaked footage

  • Evil Otto Jr. Productions

    Tell us about Angus Buchanan, the real-world rugby player who was also the only Squib to have ever managed to sneak into Hogwarts to get sorted!

  • GgGaby55
    GgGaby55 14 days ago


  • JCinLapel
    JCinLapel 15 days ago

    I think that the quill is ravenclaws seeing the potential the books is slithein the hat is Gryffindor. They all fight helga's wish to train them all

  • Shy Potato
    Shy Potato 15 days ago

    My letter is a year late..........

  • Piper Lesmann
    Piper Lesmann 15 days ago

    "How to influence your Hogwarts house" Next video!

  • Lil Val
    Lil Val 15 days ago

    Waitt Wheres My Letter!!!!

    Only True Fans Will Know Its Meaning Lol

    • smarties
      smarties 9 days ago

      Lil Val or half the population

  • Galexy Playz
    Galexy Playz 15 days ago

    I got my letter last year..ILL GET YOUR LETTER DUDE somehow

  • Emmy Leoparddawn
    Emmy Leoparddawn 15 days ago

    Probs a lie

  • The Emerald Thunder
    The Emerald Thunder 15 days ago

    Maybe Ravenclaw designed the silver instruments in dunbledore's office

  • gabiluch87
    gabiluch87 15 days ago

    So if the Sorting Hat had sorted Pettigrew in Slytherin.. He wouldn't have become friends w James, Sirius and Lupin... Huh... Interesting... Who's the real murderer now?

  • Talia Draws
    Talia Draws 16 days ago

    Imma Hufflepuff

  • Madilynn Alyse Crumbly-Franklin

    J's answer to everything "Yes and noo"

  • Gio Guzman
    Gio Guzman 17 days ago

    Im 11 I'm sure it's almost here

  • Syrus Cloud
    Syrus Cloud 18 days ago

    im pretty sure hogwards did not forget about harry in those 10 years lol, dumbledore probably set an alarm for harrys super sweet 11. as for being sure if harry was magical: they got figgs watching over him all the time. so yeah, they would know.
    i see the book and quill as two opposites working together. acceptance for all(hufflepuff) and choosing the powerful(slytherin).
    the hat also has two sides. the one that says what rationally would be the most efficient choice(ravenclaw) and the one side that tests your guts to stand for what u want(gryffindor). neville wanted into hufflepuff, but the hat saw gryffindor more fitting. harry was immediately sorted into slytherin, but was determined to choose gryffindor. and now think: who of those two had more willpower?

  • lana fox
    lana fox 18 days ago

    harry ppotter store at platform 9 3/4 you can buy personalised acceptence letters

  • Jasmin Scheiber-Jakob
    Jasmin Scheiber-Jakob 18 days ago

    how about ravenclaw added the point-system to hogwarts? for me that would make sense.
    Hufflepuff: This jung child could have magical powers - lets try to teach them
    Slitherin: We should only teach children magic if they have any real magical powers
    Gryffindor: We should teach them based on their strenghts only
    Ravenclaw: We need to measure the magical powers of each child to determine their success

  • Kyle Noe
    Kyle Noe 19 days ago

    I like how you distinguish accepted vs admitted

  • Thoraskin
    Thoraskin 19 days ago

    The school itself represents ravenclaw. It bestows knowledge.

    CAROOT CAKE 20 days ago +1

    My favourite magical artefacts is by far the prophecies

  • coc小屁股
    coc小屁股 20 days ago

    I wish I can go to hogwarts and be in grifendore

  • Jordyn Lee
    Jordyn Lee 21 day ago


  • Christopher Hill
    Christopher Hill 21 day ago

    You guys are awesome I'm your biggest fan it is my personal dream to meet you guys you're my heroes

  • Kayla Murray
    Kayla Murray 21 day ago

    Please explain the moraders map!

  • Kingston Straw
    Kingston Straw 21 day ago +1

    Triwizard Cup

  • Loyal Ravenclaw
    Loyal Ravenclaw 21 day ago

    I wonder what house Loyal RAVENCLAW is in

  • sueycoo
    sueycoo 21 day ago

    Hufflepuff did the pen
    Slytherin has the book
    Gryffindor created the hat

  • Hateful Gait
    Hateful Gait 22 days ago

    Gryfinndor = Hat
    Slytherin = Book
    Hufflepuff = Pen
    Ravenclaw = Education

  • April's Gacha world!
    April's Gacha world! 22 days ago


  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards 23 days ago

    How about the Marauder's Map

  • shamim uddin
    shamim uddin 23 days ago

    But I don't have any magical powers and this finally means that I will never be able to go in Hogwarts. But their is also one more reason that I live in India origin and Hogwarts students are mostly choosen from Western sides😞😞😞😞😞

  • Cat Crookhanks
    Cat Crookhanks 24 days ago

    I got my Hogwarts letter!!!!!! 😃

  • FallenAngel
    FallenAngel 24 days ago +43

    *Professor Dumbledore would like to know your location*

  • The Mobbros
    The Mobbros 25 days ago

    Ravenclaws deliver the letters the owls represent birds or eagles

  • Bronaldo Collins
    Bronaldo Collins 26 days ago

    The mauraders map is my favourite item

  • Chewbacca the Ravenclaw


  • Chewbacca the Ravenclaw


  • Will Cox
    Will Cox 29 days ago

    Who here is slytherin I am

    NERD IS GIRL 29 days ago

    How can you find wizarding schools in the US?

  • Harli Howard
    Harli Howard 29 days ago

    Ravenclaw pride!

  • Gretchen Weiners
    Gretchen Weiners 29 days ago +1

    *Till this day I’m still waiting for my hogwarts letter*

  • Utkarsh Mehta
    Utkarsh Mehta 29 days ago

    Are the quill and book takes look for muggle borns as at any point any muggle born will show magical skill

  • Chloe Lim
    Chloe Lim 29 days ago

    2 not 3

  • Chloe Lim
    Chloe Lim 29 days ago +1

    Lile if u r a pitter head 3 BTW im a Ravenclaw 🤗

  • 77FantasyAngel77
    77FantasyAngel77 Month ago

    Well it WAS Gryffindor's hat. I'm guessing he's a bit biased.

  • Ameute
    Ameute Month ago

    That sounds so sad. The book won’t let the name be written if the magic user will die before they can enter wizard school. That would be awkward. Sends hundreds of letters to find out that the kid died 4 years ago falling from a cliff.

  • Potterhead 2007
    Potterhead 2007 Month ago

    My favourite magical artifact is the pensive.

  • Potterhead 2007
    Potterhead 2007 Month ago

    I’m turning 12 soon, and I’m still waiting for my letter.

  • Kimberly Mizhquiri
    Kimberly Mizhquiri Month ago

    “How to get into hogwarts”

  • Nem Nem Naemh
    Nem Nem Naemh Month ago

    Please explain the elder wand!! It's so confusing!

  • Emily Schlei
    Emily Schlei Month ago

    Will you sort Marvel characters

  • Jennifer Barron
    Jennifer Barron Month ago

    Ravenclaw's sorting contribution was the magic wall in Kings Cross Station. Clearly you must show knowledge of the wizarding world to be given access.

  • JRae Munoz
    JRae Munoz Month ago

    ok so there is this thing in one of the hogwarts towers no one goes in the room and no one goes out ( well the headmaster goes in ) there are two magical items a book and a quill when a witch or a wizard is born and shows a sign of being magical the quill will write in the book they're name and last name and then the the head master goes in and sends acceptance letters

    • JRae Munoz
      JRae Munoz Month ago

      : EDIT : sorry i was not even half way in when i wrote that lol

  • Lynn Ruegsegger
    Lynn Ruegsegger Month ago

    I think Ravenclaw invented the Hogwarts platform entry, it’s quite hidden and you would need to use your brain to get there.

    How do Muggle-Borns figure out how to get to the platform??
    Lucky Harry, Imagine if he would have missed Hogwarts express!!!

  • Lynn Ruegsegger
    Lynn Ruegsegger Month ago

    Can you get to any Wizarding school if you don’t love near any?? If not, how are other wizards from other countries away from wizarding societies become wizards?,

  • Jennifer Barron
    Jennifer Barron Month ago +1