How to Get Accepted into Hogwarts!

  • Published on Jul 28, 2017
  • Sure you need to get your acceptance letter, but how the heck do you get one!?
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Comments • 6 848

  • CreatiVia
    CreatiVia 12 hours ago

    Ravenclaw never gets any credit :'D Got used to it, but it's still a great house to belong to :3

  • Jana Maria Trattner

    flitwick is also a hat stall the hat could‘t decide whether to put ihm into Ravenclaw (the House he get‘s sorted in) or Griffindor
    It is mentioned in „Short Storys from Hogwarts Heroism Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies“ that McGonagall and Flitwick ocassionally have a conversation about how their lifes could have taken the way the other one took

  • Sohm Nemo
    Sohm Nemo Day ago

    Us Ravenclaws are always neglected😡

  • Sohm Nemo
    Sohm Nemo Day ago

    How did it get Ron, Harry, Crabbe, Goyle wrong? Also you mean Peter in slytherein, Snape in gryffindor and hermione in ravenclaw right?

  • King Squidney
    King Squidney 2 days ago

    Ravenclaw is underappreciated

  • Fade-away
    Fade-away 2 days ago

    I still wondering how old you have to be because I am 11

  • W.O Gamez
    W.O Gamez 4 days ago


  • I1layloh
    I1layloh 4 days ago

    I got my Hogwarts letter year ago .

  • Lauryn Walton
    Lauryn Walton 6 days ago

    Not the stairs. Rowena was clearly more practical and realized this is all well and good, but a mode of transport would maybe be good as these are KIDS! Ba da bing, ba da boom: Rowena made the train.

  • Jason Riley
    Jason Riley 7 days ago

    1.muggle born students get to see a professor

  • Shadowgirl 2002007
    Shadowgirl 2002007 7 days ago


  • Maddison Blue
    Maddison Blue 7 days ago

    I'm 13 still waiting for my letter 😅

  • Yusuf ytunceroglu
    Yusuf ytunceroglu 8 days ago

    I am 10 years old right now and I HAVE shown magical talent. So when I am eleven, I might get my letter.

  • The Purple Demon
    The Purple Demon 8 days ago +1

    I. Ant choose between the time turner and the mauraders map lol

  • osher
    osher 11 days ago

    i should have been accepted because I've had so many injury's that should have broken my bones and make me gush blood. but nope i only get a bit of blood when i injure myself.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 11 days ago +1

    Still no letter...................
    They must have my address wrong........

  • Faze Clone
    Faze Clone 12 days ago

    Super Carlin brother: HEY BROTHER
    James Charles: hey sister
    Hmmm something going on

  • SkoczMiNaPukiel
    SkoczMiNaPukiel 13 days ago

    where would you put Crabbe and Goyle if not Slytherin?

  • Inspirational Turtle
    Inspirational Turtle 14 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what is the wizarding school in Australia?

  • Oz Brown
    Oz Brown 18 days ago

    Wait ur slitheren? I’m ravenclaw

  • Annie L
    Annie L 20 days ago


  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 20 days ago

    This man is terribly misinformed, acceptance and admittance are nooooot the same thing trust me also JK I think I get why you did that so thanks😀

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 20 days ago

    I know this might sound like I’m just saying it bc it’s opposite to popular opinion but Gryffindor in the worst!!! For instance there cocky and self righteous and think there better than everyone else and they are arrogant slytherin simply thinks how to further himself in ln life no one else Hufflepuff make good friends but there a bit dull when it comes to brains and Raven claw is excepting of there own skill set and share there knowledge without seeming like annoying-know-it-all’s

  • Darth Know-It-All
    Darth Know-It-All 20 days ago


  • osa Ikponmwosa
    osa Ikponmwosa 20 days ago

    I don't even know if you really get accepted to Hogwarts

  • Shawn Strode
    Shawn Strode 20 days ago

    When Hagrid gets Harry from the Dursleys he mentions the book then. "He's had his name in the book ever since he was born"

  • Some nerd 157
    Some nerd 157 21 day ago

    I have seen too many ten year olds in the comment who actually, genuinley think they will get their letter.

  • Thayer Oosterman
    Thayer Oosterman 22 days ago

    I think that I am getting mine soon since I am 11 but I am kinda scared

  • Someone its me
    Someone its me 23 days ago

    I'm muggle:( oh no just half wizzard lol mud blood

  • Iana Potinga
    Iana Potinga 23 days ago

    How to get accepted to Hogwarts
    Step 1:Be a wizard or a witch

  • Chris Compton
    Chris Compton 24 days ago


  • Chris Compton
    Chris Compton 24 days ago

    this is how it goes
    the quill of acceptance and the book of acknowledgement have to agree on the kid and insuring that no squibs get into Hogwarts because the quill can be fooled by squib magic but the book takes a lot more convincing

    TAYLOR WARD 25 days ago +1

    i'm in ravenclaw the best house to be in

  • Qinglin Yang
    Qinglin Yang 25 days ago +1

    When the kid is 7 they usually give their first sign of magic

  • FizzyPinkLemonadeCat
    FizzyPinkLemonadeCat 25 days ago +5

    Someone: You know if you don't get a Hogwarts letter it means your not a wizard.

  • Teresa Purdie
    Teresa Purdie 28 days ago

    Fin I went to hogwarts and was going up the stairs, they would probably change just as I’m getting off...

  • leila is cool
    leila is cool 28 days ago

    I'm in,Ravenclaw. Now I feel left out.

  • Kaidyn Sherwin-Sheilds
    Kaidyn Sherwin-Sheilds 29 days ago +1

    What happens if you turn 11 once school has already started?

  • Ciara
    Ciara Month ago +2

    12 years old Hufflepuff 🌻💛
    Wheres my letter Dumbledore ?!?!?

    • lucija dežman
      lucija dežman 17 days ago

      dumbledore wont be sending any letters from the grave ciara skakkssksk

  • shyamenjeti
    shyamenjeti Month ago

    Marauders map

  • VelkanKiador
    VelkanKiador Month ago

    What about students in other schools? Does the quill and book decide what school they end up in? And what if my wizard and witch parents don't want to send me to Durmstrang because of it's bad reputation? (I am Scandinavian so it would likely be Durmstrang for me)

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee Month ago

    I’m pretty sure my brother burned my letter because he was mad that I got in

  • Little_Miss_CRAZY!
    Little_Miss_CRAZY! Month ago

    I’m almost 11 wish me luck !!!!!!!

  • Water Penguin 11
    Water Penguin 11 Month ago +1

    I'm 10 and a muggleborn. I got sorted into Ravenclaw got a Sycamore wood wand with unicorn hair and is 12 1/4 inches. I also discovered my patronus which is an osprey. AND IM 10 HA. I totally am in hogwarts and didn't find that out on Pottermore......

  • hello, i ship sope
    hello, i ship sope Month ago

    the school closest to my home is durmstrang :(

  • Maz Terbate
    Maz Terbate Month ago

    I was watching a recent video about how Credence is Dumbledorrs Obscurial extracted and the Philosophers stone made his body and while I'm not here about that I am curious...
    How did Harry not develope an Obscuris!?! He lived a very loveless life early on?

    • Maz Terbate
      Maz Terbate Month ago

      @Evelyn thanks!

    • Evelyn
      Evelyn Month ago +1

      Maz Terbate because he didn’t know he was a wizard, so didn’t try to keep the magic inside of him

  • Talon Moody
    Talon Moody Month ago

    Just like how my dog ate my math homework, it ate my Hogwarts expectance letter too. He must have digestive issues.

  • Someone Human
    Someone Human Month ago +3


  • Someone Human
    Someone Human Month ago

    i think ravenclaw came up with special enchantments and spells that makes these objects do their assigned job.

  • Juuul
    Juuul Month ago

    But if the sorting hat has legilimens, what if you learned your 10 year old occulumency

  • DarkHeart
    DarkHeart Month ago

    I'd rather be a squib then a muggle..

  • Piger Doggos
    Piger Doggos Month ago

    Ravenclaw is the school itself. They help the students learn.

  • Twish Sinha
    Twish Sinha Month ago

    I'm a second year and in ravenclaw

  • Savannah Thaanum
    Savannah Thaanum Month ago +1

    Ravenclaw added the owls as a mode of geting the letters to the kid

  • luis soto
    luis soto Month ago

    Wait wouldn’t the hat also be ravenclaw since it is wise

  • luis soto
    luis soto Month ago

    I went to Hogwarts this year and I’m 11

  • Doroteja Pesic
    Doroteja Pesic Month ago +2

    I have a few questions. Have do they know when to send the letters to kids? For example if Harry was born in 2000( I know he wasn't but is easier for the math😅) and he got written in the book imediatly his letter would be sent 11 years later in 2011, but then Neville would be written in the book 8 years later than Harry so that means in 2008. But have do they know that Neville turns 11 also in 2011 and they don't just assume that he was born in 2008 and send him his letter when he's 19 in 2019? And who writes the letter? Because the signature is from McGonnagal but how does she or anybody else navigate in the book and how do they know where they live like exact location? And how and when do the kids get a tracer? Does it also evolve around a book of admitance?

  • Hello my name is Jon

    Hufflepuff always wins

  • Miss Brooklyn
    Miss Brooklyn Month ago

    I turned eleven this year and on my birthday my mom got a letter but threw it away and she reads all of her letters. im starting to become suspicious...… GRYFFINDOR NEEDS ME!

    PAIN TENDO Month ago

    Imagine Snape Was Love You...

  • WenzelSays
    WenzelSays Month ago

    My thing was always that they kept saying "best school of magic in Great Britain"
    A) Seamus is from Ireland which is not part of Great Britain and B) "best" implies that there are others. So, my question is; are there public magic schools in the UK then?

  • Turtwig Twinleaf
    Turtwig Twinleaf Month ago

    I'm 11 and I'm still waiting for my letter

  • The Young Family
    The Young Family Month ago

    Plz do a vid on the Marauders Map

  • Attomik Clan
    Attomik Clan Month ago

    jus join Ilvormorny

  • Jenny Mortera
    Jenny Mortera Month ago +2

    I got the Letter! Give one like if u want me to send it to face book

  • Brian Burke
    Brian Burke Month ago

    I have a different explanation as for why the Sorting hat is considered never wrong by the faculty at Hogwarts. If the headmaster and staff openly and publically acknowledge that the sorting hat can make mistakes then that throws open the doors for parents to come into the headmaster's office and demand that the Sorting Hat be used a second time for the sorting process if the parents and/or child doesn't like the house that the kid was placed into. I'm certain that the founders got together and one of them said, "ok, look, we're all going to agree to tell everyone the sorting hat is never wrong, because I don't want to have to deal with dozens of parents wanting their kids placed into different houses that THEY think the kids should be in and having to argue with all of the parents and kids all the time at the beginning of the first year's attendance. I just won't have the patience for that kind of dragon's sh!t year after year, especially now that I'm getting older. Do you guys really want to have to argue with every parent that doesn't like that their kid got sorted into hufflepuff instead of Griffendor, or Ravenclaw instead of Slyverin? No? That's what I thought. SO, the Sorting Hat is never wrong, understand? Besides, they're basically just dormitories, who is going to take this house stuff that seriously, especially after they graduate and leave the school to go off into the real world and deal with bigot muggles and having to work and pay bills?"I mean, it could have happened that way.

  • Namtan B
    Namtan B Month ago +2

    Hufflepuff pride!!! :)

  • Xxlunar_playzxX fox furry

    Can you explain the ravenclaw diedem
    - a slytherin who is kinda curious

  • Roure Negre
    Roure Negre Month ago +2

    Ravenclaw are the classes. If you don't attend and follow the rules you are out of Hogwarts

  • Love Many Fandoms
    Love Many Fandoms Month ago

    I got an add for the Harry Potter Wizards Unite app right before this

  • Yzen k0w
    Yzen k0w Month ago

    I'm Omnipotent, i'm in the 4 houses a time.

    Nope, Joking, #Hufflepuff4Life

  • Devil Queen
    Devil Queen Month ago +1


  • Ligit Potatoe
    Ligit Potatoe Month ago +1

    💛❤ Gryffindor Gang ❤💛

  • Spirit Wolffe
    Spirit Wolffe Month ago

    Do t forget about Filius flitwick