How to Get Accepted into Hogwarts!

  • Published on Jul 28, 2017
  • Sure you need to get your acceptance letter, but how the heck do you get one!?
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Comments • 6 281

  • Braeden Greer
    Braeden Greer 7 hours ago

    Oh I’m 11, I haven’t gotten my letter yet, I’m still waiting

  • Ravenclaw Tyler
    Ravenclaw Tyler 9 hours ago

    Mine is the diadem

  • Jamie _Gil
    Jamie _Gil Day ago

    Gryffindor squad where u at

  • mrjegre
    mrjegre 2 days ago

    I'm 10 and I'm a witch and I don't go to Hogwarts but I want to

  • Amy Li
    Amy Li 2 days ago

    you did not even tell us how to get into Hogwarts

  • Hermione Granger Girl

    Hermione got in Griffendoor because her Bravery is stronger then her smarts

  • Ben h
    Ben h 7 days ago

    the sword of gryifindoor

  • Parfeit Star Orbit Gacha

    I’m Hufflepuff! I forgot magic. But, I was very,VERY powerful while I was a child and also could learn magic by reading one page of the entire spell book.

  • Sasha _paper squishys

    Im in slytherin but MY mom have buy a f*****g griffendor roap from wish SORRY for my texst fails im from danmark

  • Bryce West
    Bryce West 8 days ago

    The golden snitch

  • Tornado Taylor
    Tornado Taylor 9 days ago

    did u know ur a 494 im arithmancy

  • CrazyKuku Unigirl
    CrazyKuku Unigirl 9 days ago


  • Winter Soldier
    Winter Soldier 9 days ago


  • Victoria Zurovchak
    Victoria Zurovchak 9 days ago

    Who you calling bottom of the barrel!
    Gryffindors are awesome except for Pettigrew

  • Harry Potter fan
    Harry Potter fan 9 days ago

    I'm graduating on Christmas!

  • Rachel Bell
    Rachel Bell 9 days ago

    could you look into hogwarts it's self

  • Oliver Wood
    Oliver Wood 10 days ago

    neville shifted his blanket right after he was born but no one saw him do it

  • Equestrian Daisy
    Equestrian Daisy 10 days ago

    Next year...

    Waiting at the door step come on owlie i don,t bite

  • Levi Montgomery
    Levi Montgomery 10 days ago

    got my letter

  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba 10 days ago


  • Lisa Shaughnessy
    Lisa Shaughnessy 11 days ago +1

    No hufflepuff for life

  • Animal Life
    Animal Life 12 days ago

    And he said...

    Read more

  • Victor Claw of Hogwarts

    Talk about the time turner

  • Shweta
    Shweta 12 days ago

    {me child} i love my mummy!!!!!

  • _ pylime _
    _ pylime _ 13 days ago

    I read in the back of a Harry Potter book that a squib once made it all the way to the sorting hat before it was revealed who he was. Is this not canon????

  • Sami Gazzane
    Sami Gazzane 14 days ago

    Explain the marauders map and the mirror

  • Lexi Trabs
    Lexi Trabs 14 days ago +1

    I’m gonna be 11 next year so I want to go to Universal so that I can go to the Harry Potter sections. Or I can travel to Massachusetts and go to Ilvermorny... Also I like the Maurarder’s Map!

  • The Montesano’s
    The Montesano’s 15 days ago

    I my 11 and I got my letter ......❤️💛❤️💛❤️ Gryffindor for life!!

  • Karsen McCarrie
    Karsen McCarrie 15 days ago

    I am Raven claw

  • Teddy Wunna
    Teddy Wunna 15 days ago

    Then how do you get accepted into ilvermorny?

  • Mairead Betker
    Mairead Betker 17 days ago

    I am 15 no letter and no pokemon starter

  • Savi Dwarakinath
    Savi Dwarakinath 17 days ago

    Marauders map

  • Anything by Alex
    Anything by Alex 18 days ago

    Clickbait. I thought this was going to tell me what to do to get into Hogwarts, not what decides if I get into Hogwarts. 😡

  • Grae Jordan
    Grae Jordan 18 days ago

    my favorite magical item is the mauroders map. please explain it.

  • Snowy Demon
    Snowy Demon 19 days ago

    I should be in hufflepuff but I’m in Ravenclaw

  • Coteata Mara
    Coteata Mara 19 days ago

    I don't get why Hermione ever had the option to be in ravenclaw, she has NO imagination and NO creative thinking... She's book smart, not actually smart.

  • Korbin Kidwell
    Korbin Kidwell 20 days ago

    Make a Pottermore account and take the house quiz

  • SmolSushi
    SmolSushi 22 days ago

    I started screaming when he listed all houses but Ravenclaw with magical choosing objects, because I'm a Ravenclaw, lol.

  • Baldo Mangayayam
    Baldo Mangayayam 23 days ago

    Un muggle

  • LEGO Marvel Collector
    LEGO Marvel Collector 23 days ago

    At this time, Hogwarts students would be at Hogwarts by now...I’M A MUGGLE!

  • rando
    rando 23 days ago

    Hermione could have been in Ravenclaw but she chose not to be during her Hatstall. Ron could have been in Hufflepuff because Ruper Grint but again he chose not to be. The other mentions were sorted correctly so I don't see your reasoning.

  • moony
    moony 23 days ago

    Mfw it was my eleventh birthday on the 20th nov and I still haven't got my letter, feelsheccinbadmybroskinoodle

  • Selene Riddle
    Selene Riddle 25 days ago

    Maybe they have access to security cameras

  • fluffball playz
    fluffball playz 25 days ago


  • BeggletetheDemon
    BeggletetheDemon 26 days ago

    It's times like this that I wonder if magical folks do exist in real life like in Harry Potter and are hidden as well. And it's like so secretive that most of the time we only see non magical folk.

  • Saihaj Boparai
    Saihaj Boparai 26 days ago +1

    gryffindor for life who agrees

  • CoolgirlAnna Anna
    CoolgirlAnna Anna 26 days ago

    J.K. Rowling says that the sorting hat made 7 MISTAKES! My favourite magical artifact is the ravenclaw diadem, which is a's MAGICAL!

  • LilyCat08
    LilyCat08 26 days ago

    I'm turning 11 in March, I really hope I get my letter!!

  • Pokemon Fan
    Pokemon Fan 26 days ago

    Maybe the mysterious silver liquid equal rights and is unicorn blood from the movies

  • Admiral Nutty B.B.
    Admiral Nutty B.B. 27 days ago

    In Deathly Hallows Part 1, Ron says that the wizard trace is removed after 17, so before 17 when a wizard is born, we can assume that there is a trace(hence how the book and quill knowing when a young wizard does magic for the first time to get that wizard's name written down.)

  • Bloxy Shark
    Bloxy Shark 27 days ago

    Where are my hufflepuffs at

  • Ivan Drgalic
    Ivan Drgalic 27 days ago

    Yer a wizard harry

  • EZ YT VideoZ
    EZ YT VideoZ 28 days ago

    My 11th birthday is this December so I’m forging a letter that says from McGonagall and tying it to my snowy owl toy then chucking it as far as I can in the air. That should work.

  • Ana Núñez Ortiz
    Ana Núñez Ortiz 28 days ago

    I am SO happy I came accross this channel. Guys you are AMAZING! Your Harry Potter content is so good. Thank you so much for your hard work!!

  • Reese Eugenio
    Reese Eugenio 29 days ago

    11 years old? Looking forward to next year!

  • TheBirdy 10
    TheBirdy 10 29 days ago

    be magic lol

  • Emily White
    Emily White 29 days ago

    I GOT MAH HOGWARTS LETTER! my parents pranked me...I cried tears of joy then she said its a prank,I was so exited!I wanted to see that I was actually a Ravenclaw but NOPE

  • A ȼ E
    A ȼ E 29 days ago

    I have an idea how the Quill and the Book might decide who's name gets written down - sorry if it sounds a little bit complicated :)
    For tests in medicine for diagnosis there are often two important values mentioned:
    1. The test sensitivity:
    test sensitivity is the ability of a test to correctly identify those with the disease (true positive rate)
    2. The test specificity:
    test specificity is the ability of the test to correctly identify those without the disease (true negative rate)
    In some cases to confirm a disease, first a test would be done that has a high SENSITIVITY, but a lower specificity. This means that the aim is to detect all people which have the disease (true positive), but as a downside also a number of people will be detected eventhough they are healthy (false positive). To filter the false positive people a second test could be performed which has a high SPECIFICITY, but a lower sensitivity. This test is more efficient in filtering the people which are healthy (true negative), but will detect diseased people not as efficiently (false negative).
    So the first test is designed to find the disease and the second test is designed to confirm the disease as accurate as possible.
    Now my thought:
    What if the Quill resembles the high Sensitive test, that will detect the children that show the weakest sign of magic and the Book is the second, high Specificity test that makes sure that the "amount" of magic is sufficient for Hogwarts.
    So the Quill in some way allows any sign of magic to be written down and the book accepts it, but only if it is powerful enough.

  • annapinkrose gameing
    annapinkrose gameing 29 days ago

    With mugle borns how do they get the money to get the stuff on the list

  • Callum Guthrie
    Callum Guthrie Month ago

    I have an idea for Rowena’s thing. See, after you are sorted by griffindor, you learn magic. Ravenclaw favours scholars who LEARN. Ravenclaw’s ‘thing’ is the learning and knowledge of Hogwarts

  • Andy Tsengel
    Andy Tsengel Month ago

    Where are my fellow huffelpuff

  • OptimusPhillip
    OptimusPhillip Month ago

    Something tells me that actually contesting the Hat's decision pretty much automatically lands you in Gryffindor, since it would seem to take a lot of gall to go against the Hat

  • Craig Burdes
    Craig Burdes Month ago

    GUYS: legendary Do it. Ur childhood dream will be fulfilled.

  • Giann Jeffrey
    Giann Jeffrey Month ago

    I hope you guys get into rewind 2018

  • Ymir Lokiborn - The Mad Prankster

    I want to argue Hermione. People think that she should have been a Ravenclaw and... I personally think that is WRONG. Yes, she's INTELLEGENT, but as a Ravenclaw, she doesn't have the wit or creativity of it. She, however, has the courage and determination of a Gryffindor.

  • Ein Hobbit
    Ein Hobbit Month ago

    In which house crabbe and goyle should be?

  • Nina Diekmann
    Nina Diekmann Month ago

    Fun fact: there are no moving stair cases in the books. Now read it and try to prove me wrong, which you can't. :p

  • Alberts Choise
    Alberts Choise Month ago

    Raven claw is so underrated

  • Eli  Sanders
    Eli Sanders Month ago

    To sum it up you have to be born to wizard and witches or have random magic happen around you we learned this from Hermione

  • SansX101
    SansX101 Month ago


  • Michael J. Landon
    Michael J. Landon Month ago

    The sorting hat made the right choice putting Neville in griffyndor. Like look at him he goes from a clumsy scared little boy. To a man who is courageous and brave, HE EVEN KILLS THE FINAL HORCRUX. So thank you JK Rowling for making Neville a griffyndor

  • Scine Bamm
    Scine Bamm Month ago

    Ravenclaw for life

  • Theory Of Awesome
    Theory Of Awesome Month ago

    The paintings must be ravenclaw

  • Waterysea 39
    Waterysea 39 Month ago

    Marauders map pls

  • Hayden Low
    Hayden Low Month ago

    The veil and the thing in dombledors office

  • lonely but not when you hold me

    I'm 12 im too old?

  • Augusta Rodgers
    Augusta Rodgers Month ago

    It is possible that Ravenclaw represents the owls physically taking the letters, cause, you know, like BIRDS.

  • FreyaHasFun !
    FreyaHasFun ! Month ago

    I'm a ravenclaw. But the sorting hat did stall between griffindor and ravenclaw lol.

  • Charlotte Leach
    Charlotte Leach Month ago

    the houses in hogwarts seem like segregation to me for some reason...

  • Jasmine Qubain
    Jasmine Qubain Month ago

    Its my 11th b-day in less then a month

  • DollsRus
    DollsRus Month ago +1

    Hey who else is from the UK?? No just me..

  • Jeremiah Moore
    Jeremiah Moore Month ago

    I bet Ravenclaw contributed platform 9 3/4...

  • Nae Nae
    Nae Nae Month ago

    ❤️ Any Gryffindors? ❤️

  • Alessandro Galbiati

    Also flitwick is an hatstall

  • Amir LEVY
    Amir LEVY Month ago +3


  • Lyla Murphy
    Lyla Murphy Month ago

    The silver ink is probably unicorn blood

  • Thee porcelain doll

    I would have had so much fun at hogwarts

  • MooLava MooLava
    MooLava MooLava Month ago

    I'm 11 I want my letter

  • Mr. Boomguy
    Mr. Boomguy Month ago

    Damb, 9 years too late, and counting.
    Oh well... What do we need magic for, it's just mysterious science.

  • Nibble Fish
    Nibble Fish Month ago

    I got an add for a Harry Potter kit thing. It’s my first time getting a Harry Potter advert as well. Maybe I watch too much Harry Potter videos and it just randomly played when I pressed it

  • Hogwarts Nerd
    Hogwarts Nerd Month ago

    Fix my mistakes if I am wrong but did't Ravenclaw find the location of Hogwarts