How to Get Accepted into Hogwarts!

  • Published on Jul 28, 2017
  • Sure you need to get your acceptance letter, but how the heck do you get one!?
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  • angelnjph
    angelnjph 8 hours ago

    ravenclaw's magical item/contribution is actually the school's entire magical curriculum - what needs to be or not to be taught to the students throughout their education at Hogwarts

  • Caleb Browne
    Caleb Browne 17 hours ago +1

    Nearly have my letter

  • Charles Does Everything

    What about Ravenclaw what does she contribute to?

    *Thinks hard*


  • Lony Lope
    Lony Lope Day ago +1


  • Andrei Pufu
    Andrei Pufu 3 days ago

    I... have this one thought sitting on my tongue...
    Oh, yes, maybe Rowena Ravenclaw has to do with the bloody birds delivering the letters.

  • Randy93
    Randy93 3 days ago

    I would think that Ravenclaw being about intellect wouldn't have worried about the enrollment of students but on the course work they would have to complete therefore she did not contribute to enrollment but more to the courses and the requierments... I know sounds like a cop out but hey what ever

  • Sophie Flinn
    Sophie Flinn 3 days ago

    Can u talk about the goblet of fire if it is magical then it would know not to pick Harry Potter

  • Dreamie Dream
    Dreamie Dream 4 days ago +1

    am i the only gryffindor?

  • TaterToticus -_-
    TaterToticus -_- 4 days ago


  • Vic Guide
    Vic Guide 4 days ago

    Lol thought it was gonna give me web link to pay 10 or so bucks to send me a letter had debt card in hand and all said lol but I sad now

  • Xx_Makeouthill_XxX 1st

    Next video: what house was the sorting hat in

  • kid destroyer's
    kid destroyer's 7 days ago

    They were mentioned

  • Remus Lupin
    Remus Lupin 7 days ago

    My letter came a year early ;-;

  • OneSimpleHello
    OneSimpleHello 7 days ago

    even if Hogwarts was real, I still wouldn't get my Hogwarts letter.
    my family is kinda psychic but like, I got no magic. lololololol

  • Big Tony
    Big Tony 8 days ago +1

    I just wanna say this to every Harry Potter fan (including myself)

    All 7.6 billion people on Earth are muggles

  • Sophia Chavez
    Sophia Chavez 9 days ago +3

    I know that owl stole my letter or they just lost it in the mail !!!!! I AM MAGICAL

  • Margaret Luke
    Margaret Luke 9 days ago +2

    Ravenclaw is the most underrepresented house.

  • Jimbo Jumbo
    Jimbo Jumbo 9 days ago

    I'm in Britain, this year I should be getting my Hogwarts letter, and me and my friends are always accidentally prediction the future, and almost always being right!

  • SoulFire39
    SoulFire39 10 days ago

    Now, now, I wear Hufflepuff yellow proudly, and I would have cut off the snake's head too. And two cool things: Newt Skamander was a Hufflepuff, as was the founder of Hogsmede. We take all comers.

  • Wolfie theDJ
    Wolfie theDJ 11 days ago

    I wanna go to Hogwarts....Bc I love wizards....

  • Mr_Moose 0259
    Mr_Moose 0259 11 days ago

    Where all me ravenclaws?

  • Mr_Moose 0259
    Mr_Moose 0259 11 days ago

    My fav artifact is Tom Riddle’s notebook

  • víσlєttє Եհҽ kαաαíí

    I'm 11 and Im waiting

  • wetinyturtle
    wetinyturtle 13 days ago

    wait what if a wizard made us magical,it has to work right like if yes reply if no

  • Devan Villegas
    Devan Villegas 13 days ago

    My letter was lost in the mail :(

  • Aditya Mendiratta
    Aditya Mendiratta 15 days ago

    Yeah they are I just reread the series

  • Cynaline xx
    Cynaline xx 16 days ago +1

    I still think my neighbor got my letter instead

  • *•. .•*
    *•. .•* 17 days ago

    Sorry, only UK residents can attend Hogwarts 😝

  • Teyla Davieau
    Teyla Davieau 20 days ago +3

    I'm a wizzard. OH NO I ADMITTED IT IN FRONT OF MUGGLES!! :( My Ravenclaw reputation is ruined. No more Ravenpuff. Now I am just Hufflepuff. : D good but bad.

  • aldrin alejandro
    aldrin alejandro 21 day ago

    im still convinced that my letter got lost in the mail

  • Dominick Gamboa
    Dominick Gamboa 23 days ago

    Im 10 im waiting for my birthady then i will get my letter!! ✉

  • Hope Overweg
    Hope Overweg 25 days ago

    Ravenclaw is the Barrier to platform 9 3/4

  • im kasia
    im kasia 26 days ago +1

    james Charles:Hi sisters!
    super Carlin brothers:Hey brother!

    Sorry I had to

  • Wesley Adams
    Wesley Adams 26 days ago

    How did it get Harry wrong? or Ron?

  • إ براهيم ١٢٣

    Marauders map

  • Corey Perez
    Corey Perez Month ago

    Please dont call Gryffindor "bottom of the barrle"

  • M B
    M B Month ago +1

    Marauders map is the best it even works away from the school

  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

    *I turn 11 next year! Can't wait to get my letter! Hogwarts or Ilvermorny, I don't care!*

  • Haley Spring
    Haley Spring Month ago

    I love the marauders map

  • Peter B
    Peter B Month ago

    im a raven claw! like if you are ravenclaw too, if hufflepuff comment #Yellow. If griffindor comment #Red. If Slytherin comment #Green

  • Aran Sonnad-Joshi
    Aran Sonnad-Joshi Month ago

    @2:31 Flitwick was actually a hatstall between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor.

  • Shellyunicorn558
    Shellyunicorn558 Month ago

    On pottermore i was sorted into slitherin but i know im in hufelpuff did this happen to anyone else?

  • Jia Kong
    Jia Kong Month ago

    The stairs!

  • H Meise
    H Meise Month ago +1


  • ItzFluffyUnicorn
    ItzFluffyUnicorn Month ago +1

    My mum ripped up my letter! (She is a muggle, she thought it was weird to have a witch child. I’m a muggle born!)

  • Molly Cushman
    Molly Cushman Month ago

    Hi! Where are my fellow Hufflepuff!?

  • Birdie Watts
    Birdie Watts Month ago +1

    Where are my fellow HufflePuff
    Like if you are

  • Birdie Watts
    Birdie Watts Month ago +1

    I think that what ravenclaw Contributed is the fact that they know you location no matter where you are

  • Romée Bosgoed
    Romée Bosgoed Month ago

    *Professor Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore wants to use your location*
    *Accept Deny*
    | |

  • hey _it's_ me -__-
    hey _it's_ me -__- Month ago +1

    Gryffindor- the good guys
    Slytherins- the bad guys
    Ravenclaws- the smartasses
    Huffelpuffs- the canadians

    That's how stereotypes work people

  • Tina parys
    Tina parys Month ago

    I am 11 next year I have a idea I am going to harry potter land with my mum and my 5 year old sis is going to Italy so I will print a fake later show it to my sister and i will say I am going to hogwart and i will take photo in harry potter land my sister will freak out

  • Ben Noyce
    Ben Noyce Month ago

    Maybe the stairs are to test your intellect and memory the 4th

  • Anca Varzaru
    Anca Varzaru Month ago +1

    I'm 11 so...

  • Midori Gurin
    Midori Gurin Month ago


  • Midori Gurin
    Midori Gurin Month ago

    I got that letter!! For REAL!

  • ahmad3652
    ahmad3652 Month ago

    you can still posses traits from other houses the sorting hat goes on what traits define you for snape it was ambitiom but he invented alot of spells and was academically brilliant like ravenclaw in fact smarter than most members of that house moreover he had the courage and loyalty of a griffendor

  • Flipsters Flip
    Flipsters Flip Month ago

    I’m only ten so I REAlLyYyYyYyYyyYyYyY hope I get mine!!!!!

  • Angry Munkey
    Angry Munkey Month ago

    I got one and I’m eleven
    and I’m a hufflepuff

  • Sadie gamer
    Sadie gamer Month ago

    I’m still waiting for my letter next year I’m in year 5 so I would be in grade 1 at hogwarts next year yay

  • Reggie Sharma
    Reggie Sharma Month ago

    I have a letter from Hogwarts and I'm 11

  • Love
    Love Month ago

    By the way I'm new to your channel. 😍

  • Love
    Love Month ago

    I have made copies of the letter to send to harry potter fan's on TVclip. There Hogwarts letter is ready to go... I work for the school wizards & witches.

  • Amethyst Lee
    Amethyst Lee Month ago +6

    I didn't get my letter yet...


  • Mariana Skaggs
    Mariana Skaggs Month ago

    Got nothing to do saw title of video I NEED TO KNOW THIS IM 10!!!!!

  • lyra1905
    lyra1905 Month ago +2

    You know some kids might be 10 turning 11 receiving their letters

  • Lincoln Clarke
    Lincoln Clarke Month ago

    what day do you think and month the letter will atend

  • My name is none of your Business

    You have no idea how fast I clicked

  • KickAssBill 1968
    KickAssBill 1968 Month ago +1

    I’m disappointed. I thought this was a tutorial...

  • Angel Bryan
    Angel Bryan Month ago +1

    Am I the only one here who plans to get a pet owl and train it to deliver letters to people for me?

  • A_squish_queen
    A_squish_queen Month ago

    Nonononono i have a theory about what Rowena ravenclaw contributed! The paintings that let the prefects let the students into the common rooms! Cus u have to have a password and you need to be smart...? Just a thought

  • Lucky Artist
    Lucky Artist Month ago

    I'm a ravenclaw :'(

    💙🖤💙🖤💙 ravenclaw4ever

  • Lucky Artist
    Lucky Artist Month ago

    4:00 yeah they are!! That's how - I thought - I knew that! Didn't Dumbledore say that? Like if he was explaining how whatever person they were talking about wasn't in Hogwarts or explaining squibs don't show enough magic for both objects to agree?! Oof

  • Lucky Artist
    Lucky Artist Month ago

    The book and quill sense their magic they dont just say oh hey a wizard was just born! I don't know if you say that later in the video but that the obvious answer?

  • Yesdiel Velazquez
    Yesdiel Velazquez Month ago

    Book + quill good hat ez stairs with my luck will drop me 10000 feet 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Yesdiel Velazquez
    Yesdiel Velazquez Month ago

    Ministry exclusive magic? we've heard of it and seen it in the books.
    Edit: okay I was wrong why you don't comment before watching entire vid

  • Dark.Angel
    Dark.Angel Month ago

    I’m 11 but in June I’m going to be 12 and I’m still waiting for my latter :( ( if I said something wrong sorry English is not my first language )

  • mikara marie
    mikara marie 2 months ago +1

    my 12th bday is tomorrow.....

    I hope I get my Owl tonight saying I’ve been accepted into Hogwarts otherwise I have to make a new plan for my future....

    edit: It didn’t come. RIP my dream of working for the Ministry.


  • Annie Liu
    Annie Liu 2 months ago


  • Maeve Maushard
    Maeve Maushard 2 months ago +4

    Harry: Where's my lette-
    Hagrid: Ur A wIzArD hArRy
    Harry: Ur A hArRy WizArD

  • Lachlan Wigg
    Lachlan Wigg 2 months ago +3

    I think i got the letter but my mum thought that it was a trick so she burned it

  • zibbiez23
    zibbiez23 2 months ago

    I mean technically does the group your in really madder

  • xXCoconutXx
    xXCoconutXx 2 months ago

    The mauraders map (I think that's how you spell it?)

  • Junglebug 4
    Junglebug 4 2 months ago

    If you have magical blood, I’m pretty sure the moment you’re born you’re classified as magical and you have records (most likely at birth.) if you’re muggleborn, your name is written down in a book, where a teacher goes to explain to your family what you are.

  • Junglebug 4
    Junglebug 4 2 months ago

    There is still a way you can ACTUALLY go. The Bothwell school of Witchcraft is a school where students stay for four days to learn magic, role playing. You’re sorted into your houses, and have classes. There are even owls and gnomes. But it’s not Harry Potter, it’s similar. So you can cast a spell on someone and they have to react. There are sports, games, banquets, and even falconry classes. Look it up on TVclip, and see people’s experiences. It’s amazing, but you can’t go till ur 19 :(

  • Vanillan MellonDrop
    Vanillan MellonDrop 2 months ago

    I think that the acceptance vs admittance is like the two letters you recieve when applying to college. One is the auto-reply based on meeting the baseline prerequisites and the second letter is the one you get after the entrance exams that says you are officially enrolled. I could be totally off about this one but I am thinking along the line of schools. The Quill of Acceptance could simply write a name of a child born with magical abilities which would be the baseline prerequisite and The Book of Admittance is what could determine whether or not the child meets their level of magical competency because Hogwarts doesn't have entrance exams. Just a thought.

  • AmeliaRose Gaming
    AmeliaRose Gaming 2 months ago

    so the quill is mine, i do like silver!!!
    also at my school is a harry potter club and i joined
    i got my letter and im bringing my toy owl
    ravenclaw = enchantments
    WIZE!!!!! RAVENCLAW IS WIZE!!!!!!!! omg omg omg i just noticed that

  • Purplewolf22
    Purplewolf22 2 months ago +1

    yay i'm not 11 yet I still have a chance :) and sometimes i can tell the near future like one time i thought ohh this hasn't happened in a while, hour later it happens.stuff like that happens to me hehehe

  • Bethany Hill
    Bethany Hill 2 months ago +1

    Origins of the Rememball? It was a part of the first book etc and then I can’t remember (lol) it being mentioned again!

  • KittenCupcake Lover74
    KittenCupcake Lover74 2 months ago +2

    I thought I was ravenclaw..... Then I did the pottermoore test... I guess I'm a hufflepuff!

  • YeeYee Queen
    YeeYee Queen 2 months ago +2

    I'm turning eleven tomorrow, wish me luck ❤️

  • Alittlebitofeverything 123

    My theory: the quill writes in unicorn blood, and draws it magically from the unicorns in the forbidden forest.

  • Henrietta Anne Ele S
    Henrietta Anne Ele S 2 months ago

    Is it just me, or is neville at least emotionally abused and suppressed in that house? And how does no one notice when he blatantly TELLS that his own great uncle throws him out a window, or tried to drown him? That is SO child endangerment!

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller 2 months ago

    My favorite artifact is the invisibility cloak because it helps them break the rules

  • Ani Bryan
    Ani Bryan 2 months ago

    Okay, your self-pep talk at the start sounds like my life story...

  • Dino Nuggets
    Dino Nuggets 2 months ago


  • Snow and thorns Catpanda1

    Wait... What?
    *Says somebody who never read harry Potter*

    • Annie Liu
      Annie Liu 2 months ago

      My friend never had readed Harry Potter i am 9 years old almost 10

  • Lucy Caulfield
    Lucy Caulfield 2 months ago +4

    2:22 WHERE MY ANNOYED HUFFLEPUFFS AT? just me...okay.

  • KittenCupcake Lover74
    KittenCupcake Lover74 2 months ago +4

    You know what I'm talking about:
    1. Hermione
    2. Dumbledore
    3: Luna
    4: Ron
    5: Draco
    6: Harry
    7: Mcgonagal
    8: Neville
    9: Snape

  • Jenny Mortera
    Jenny Mortera 2 months ago

    I hope my letter will come😖

  • Merna Merna Tamim Said Alqadi