Injuries & Being Sick

  • Published on Dec 23, 2017
  • gross.
    also how to unplug your nose when you're sick:
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  • Thomas Shock
    Thomas Shock Hour ago

    yeah doctors have lots of heelys and got suregey on there chin

  • Katsuro - Kun
    Katsuro - Kun 2 hours ago

    3:00 that happens to me in sixth grade too at break time! It was all foggy and it looked like the light after dying (just an example), but my brain did not explode, I was fine and after a while I could see even better. Pretty strange :3

  • Kdog Domnator
    Kdog Domnator 2 hours ago

    Who else ate dirt when they were a kid I did

    A7MDOX_GAMER XX 4 hours ago

    I got stitches on my chin when I was at kindergarten

  • 송예강
    송예강 4 hours ago

    My most serious injury is bleeding in my kidney so staying in the hospital for 6 months

  • 송예강
    송예강 4 hours ago

    I also got a cut on my chin

  • CurlySue 1977
    CurlySue 1977 6 hours ago

    5 times I Ben sick

  • CurlySue 1977
    CurlySue 1977 6 hours ago

    Ya stupid for being your nose blocked

  • Amino Abuker Dhiblawe
    Amino Abuker Dhiblawe 8 hours ago

    My sick wasnet that my mom just have me ch ps and said sleep.....

  • Hiền Đào
    Hiền Đào 9 hours ago

    iiiiii can't hear your disgusting voice

  • Chris LaCourse
    Chris LaCourse 19 hours ago

    its 2019 though

  • Chris LaCourse
    Chris LaCourse 19 hours ago

    my favs part was jaiden:I'm sick.SICK OF YOUR BULLCRAP BAAAAA

  • Johnny Vieaux
    Johnny Vieaux 20 hours ago

    I cut my cin open to

  • Ms Rose 626
    Ms Rose 626 20 hours ago

    I have a scar on my chin from gashing it in, too!

  • It_me Gracie
    It_me Gracie 20 hours ago

    When she said she had a migraine in 6th grade i was like “WOW” because that describes my first migraine in 6th grade

  • Kaleb Verst
    Kaleb Verst 20 hours ago

    Oh my gosh when I was younger I fell on a bowling ball and had to get stitches on my chin

  • Princess unicorn scarlet

    And the nurse said you can go back to class to the other girls and I was just saying there waiting for my brother to pick me up and he did and he gave me some tea and I forgot what else baby with stuffy nose he got me food

  • Princess unicorn scarlet

    I'm sick to buy still go to school because like I just called Running nose because I was walking on the cold floor my mom said I can eat anything but my mom says I can eat anything cold Economy Inn and if it's hot but not cold but Eric I'm still sick but but I'll wake up and see her turn look and see Jaden is Jaden look and see hey Mom can I have a hug she said yes baby did she call me baby so don't call me baby in the comments cuz I'm not a baby study can I see can I have a hug Atlanta Hawks game beautiful told you and I'm sick CM just said I be Hungry Howie's I'm a little bit sick play someone to school today I have to go to school that's just a little running nose or poofy nose little kids about pooping hurt when you have a fever or did you vomit in the class actually two times in the class first grade Jessamine 2nd grade the first grade 2012 sunrise I don't like when they're doing math Miss Mouse eyes I raise my hand to smell the smell I said Miss Mel vomit and then she said Okay and she let me run to the the black trash can she said you're wasting my time but then on that moment when she said you wasting my time and she was done I was trying to bomb it Elsa and the vomit Miss bala sharks all the kids were in the media are doing math and that was trying to happen to me I don't know what happened to me on that day all the kids are doing math and reading area what do you want okay sorry about that and then I started vomiting the whole class with sharks in the morning I have to go to the nurse's office and the nurse said I had to go home and stay in there someone have to get my bag and stuff and now I'm single with the classmate and then doctor said the doctors the nurse said

  • Thing 3
    Thing 3 21 hour ago

    I had a migraine for a week once because My shoulders were super tense and my doctor didn’t take my mom seriously and was “but she can still sleep right.” And my mom was like “nope” the migraine was so bad I didn’t sleep the whole time I had a headache

  • crystal crazy
    crystal crazy 21 hour ago

    Nah we just see everything blurry I know I'm blind 😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😑and I feel like my brain is beating out of my head and I have long strokes of depression I also have anxiety and I'm sick


  • watusi 1175
    watusi 1175 22 hours ago

    It only salamanders that regrow thier limbs not lizards

  • Fuu Hibg
    Fuu Hibg Day ago

    Don’t Break your arm it happened to me

  • Ogen Youssef
    Ogen Youssef Day ago

    Well if you live in a clean house you have a great chance to getting allergies

  • Korde Grubbs
    Korde Grubbs Day ago


  • Mage The Gamer
    Mage The Gamer Day ago

    What do you know I have strep throat right now

  • Emma Lyons
    Emma Lyons Day ago

    Heeleys are still a thing

  • Isobel Da gacha gurl

    I’ve once fell over on the road and my face was all cut and bruised and i had to go to the hospital

  • Gettriggered _Ian

    me too i only got sick

  • Bunbunzy YT
    Bunbunzy YT Day ago

    Lol I’m sick while watching this to 🤣

  • khairiyah shareef
    khairiyah shareef Day ago +1

    I was sick for 4 weeks we had to buy 20!!!!!! Tisos for MEH

  • KaleDog Comic
    KaleDog Comic Day ago

    (Checks date)
    Sick on Christmas

    CSN_BALCO Day ago

    I’m actually got a bit of a virus 🦠 *coughs* I’ve actually had a few migraines here and there if you’ve never had a migraine just take two minutes to just APPRECIATE that because they r 1 of the worse things EVEEEEEER. Well I mean there r things that r even worse but there on that list.

  • Dawn Audet
    Dawn Audet Day ago

    I’m losing my voice and I sound like a strangled cat

  • Emilie J.
    Emilie J. Day ago

    How to fix stuffy nose (according to Reddit):
    1. Take a really deep breath in, then let it out until you have very little air left.
    2. Plug your nose and keep your mouth shut while nodding your head until you NEED to breath.
    3. Breath.
    4. Profit.

  • roseplayz 101
    roseplayz 101 Day ago

    I am sick to lol

    DRAS PORT Day ago

    I have got stiches and I get a lot of sympathy from my teachers and students

  • Kucing miu miu
    Kucing miu miu Day ago

    I was doing a research in biometric sensors, an eye scanner, and accidentally responsible for the spread of pink eye in my university. Wohoo!

  • Undertalefnafgacha BOI

    Who is watching the a year later and is watching this and is sick? ME🤧🤧🤧😷😷🤒🤒

  • Fatima Munir
    Fatima Munir Day ago

    I have heeles lol im a pro

  • Imran Javed
    Imran Javed Day ago

    I'm sick too

  • lil _dark_angel
    lil _dark_angel Day ago

    The Best excuse ever to not go to shool...

    "Im sick.."Im litteraly using this excuse every time i dont want to go to school 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Starrywolfart Studio

    everytime im sick i watch this sick

  • anton bhawan
    anton bhawan Day ago +1

    Who’s on an iPhone while watching this


    Mom:i got better things to do
    Neighbor:like what?
    Mom:rush my daughter to the hospital!

  • 1forrest1
    1forrest1 Day ago +1

    And then my brain exploded

  • Fab Antonio
    Fab Antonio Day ago

    If you're drowning in cheese graters, then you would be screaming by now.

  • brandi love
    brandi love Day ago +1

    I've been sick for 1 week... Is suck😓

  • Kevin Laureano
    Kevin Laureano Day ago


  • D-DAY wyatt lute

    I don't really bad headache and tummy ache today and I had to bring me my mouth before I doodle normal breathing OK

  • lkirbyderbyl
    lkirbyderbyl Day ago

    I had like 20 migraines in 6th grade 😅 (your right it was terrible. I puked alot)

  • Pocket Penguin17

    But now I don’t really get migraines, mainly just foggy vision and dizziness

  • Pocket Penguin17

    I’ve had like 5 migraines in the span of 3 weeks, I physically died

  • Abby Rosales
    Abby Rosales Day ago

    I can feel your pain 😑

  • Cupcake 7!
    Cupcake 7! Day ago

    Me: Happy I haven’t had a migraine

    Jaiden: Curled in the corner contemplating life.

  • King Sizemore
    King Sizemore Day ago

    And I also open my chin

  • King Sizemore
    King Sizemore Day ago

    I always get migraine it's kinda cool


    I'm sick right now with the flu and I get everything I touch

  • Seb Tan
    Seb Tan Day ago

    Blind people don't see anything.

  • Tiffany M
    Tiffany M Day ago

    can i see a picture of ari because he's cute;]

  • Jeffrey Presley
    Jeffrey Presley Day ago

    Lol my first migraine was in 6th grade too!...