Injuries & Being Sick

  • Published on Dec 23, 2017
  • gross.
    also how to unplug your nose when you're sick:
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Comments • 87 589

  • Peaches Withcream
    Peaches Withcream 8 minutes ago

    I feel the same, but instead i hit my forehead and got a 'kinda' huge scar... and ended up having 18-ish stitches... i dont really remember

  • Jonatan Pagan
    Jonatan Pagan 14 minutes ago

    im a little girl

  • Jonatan Pagan
    Jonatan Pagan 18 minutes ago +1

    just saying this is my first time commenting on your vids so hello,the same thing happened to me when i was 3 years old!

  • That guy Needs a name
    That guy Needs a name 31 minute ago

    *She had a migraine because she was SKOLED to much in 6th grade*

  • Acey Fortnite
    Acey Fortnite Hour ago

    3:18 Pokémon refrence

  • Milly Colomb
    Milly Colomb Hour ago

    Oh boy... I hate migraines it was like swimming through hell 👿🤯

  • suan and firends
    suan and firends 3 hours ago

    me and my classmates and me are just like
    welp im sick and im going to school!!
    im just gonna do nothing anyways

  • Angel M
    Angel M 4 hours ago

    Don't cough on the cookies
    Comment if you know where this is from!

  • The Derp Disorder
    The Derp Disorder 4 hours ago

    I just threw up while watching this. Lovely.

  • audi Oro
    audi Oro 5 hours ago

    It's funny how I had the stomic flu when u uploaded this video.

  • Armand Lorenzo Tatel
    Armand Lorenzo Tatel 5 hours ago


  • Armand Lorenzo Tatel
    Armand Lorenzo Tatel 5 hours ago

    I’m sick also

  • Kanoozy Ali
    Kanoozy Ali 6 hours ago

    I had it too😂😂

  • Paxton 1000
    Paxton 1000 6 hours ago

    2 months?it took me 2 years to use my heelies aka to scared

  • Punny Gaming
    Punny Gaming 6 hours ago +1


  • Toxic Void
    Toxic Void 6 hours ago

    Same with me

  • Emiir_44i
    Emiir_44i 6 hours ago

    Jaiden's immune system: I defend her body from bacteria 99999999999times!

    My immune system: I love bacterias and viruses sooooooo....

    I let them in!

  • TheMysteriousGigi
    TheMysteriousGigi 8 hours ago

    I'm gonna ask my parents to get my heelys for Xmas or my b-day so i can skrt skrt through the hallways at school

  • FilmBucket
    FilmBucket 9 hours ago

    Migraines are a gift from Satan, like Fruitcakes

  • Mixxed Gamer123
    Mixxed Gamer123 10 hours ago

    The only serious injury I’ve had was when I was in 1st grade I got an ear infection and my eardrum basically just cracked it took more then 3 days to heal

  • mama'B patenaude
    mama'B patenaude 10 hours ago

    be me and have your brain hurt almost EVERYDAY

  • Roberta Fox
    Roberta Fox 11 hours ago

    I got bit by a doy and I'm happy

  • heiby Alvarado
    heiby Alvarado 11 hours ago

    i cant take a big breath through my nose rn, cuz im sick, also instead of anything i touch is now mines, everything i drink or eat is mine so thats kinda lucky \_(._.)_/ ( if there is still some left of it )

  • Emma's roundhouse
    Emma's roundhouse 11 hours ago

    At the end you said to breath through your unless you're sick. Guess what? I'm sick

  • Emma's roundhouse
    Emma's roundhouse 11 hours ago

    Im sick 😐

  • Michael Branham
    Michael Branham 11 hours ago

    I feel you. I ha migraines in 1st grade

  • Gabdab Krat
    Gabdab Krat 11 hours ago

    My mom has hit her chin on the bottom of a pool and that was a big problem 😐

  • Kill me Please
    Kill me Please 11 hours ago

    All of my two friends

  • the ridiculous gamer
    the ridiculous gamer 11 hours ago

    I was out from school for 3 weeks with flu and strep troat yes at the same time

  • Lillian Burns
    Lillian Burns 11 hours ago

    Jaiden: unfortunate to have a really good immune system I never get sick

    Jaiden: Starts coughing

  • Nicole Peng
    Nicole Peng 11 hours ago +1


  • JoeJoe Rojo
    JoeJoe Rojo 11 hours ago

    Migraines suck

    They hurt like shabooboo

    No really.I get migraines

  • Ian Rogers
    Ian Rogers 12 hours ago

    I'm faking sick tommorow because I'm in Montana and my mom makes me do so much and gets me up so early and i threw up two weeks ago so.......
    Mom, I threw up again last night.

  • Trevor Trent
    Trevor Trent 12 hours ago +1

    I have an ear infection right now

  • tyler branch
    tyler branch 12 hours ago

    Nurse joy from the POKEMANS?!?!

  • Maddox
    Maddox 12 hours ago

    I cant breath threw my nose.

  • Jia-wen Lee
    Jia-wen Lee 12 hours ago

    I cracked my head open it was painful I have a scar

  • GamerGodDoesEverything
    GamerGodDoesEverything 13 hours ago

    “And all of my..... 2 Friends were like woahhhhh”
    It’s sad because it’s true to me

  • Nate Reid
    Nate Reid 14 hours ago

    When she described being sick I was like yeah that’s just normal me
    EDIT: I have the same scar! Love you keep it up!

  • Harjot Deol
    Harjot Deol 14 hours ago

    I'm sick too

  • Powa_ Bongo
    Powa_ Bongo 15 hours ago

    1:07 Sometimes I purposely pretend I forget to wash my hands

  • Puffy clouds gacha Smith

    So that means I can have my sisters mouth because I sneezed in it

  • LPS Unicorn
    LPS Unicorn 15 hours ago

    I am sick to my throat fells like Scrunchie

  • Dai Akasuki
    Dai Akasuki 15 hours ago

    bro i'm in 5th grade and i've had almost 100 days off

  • DeathWishGaming
    DeathWishGaming 15 hours ago

    Your lucky I get migraines almost daily it sucks butt P.S. I also only have two friend😭

  • Winterlovelife! Cockrell

    I’m really 9 and now I want heelis (I cant spell good :( ) just let get a hole in head

  • Elizabeth Saldana
    Elizabeth Saldana 16 hours ago +1

    But I went unconscious when I tried to walk to the exit

  • Elizabeth Saldana
    Elizabeth Saldana 16 hours ago +1

    And I also had a towel on my chin

  • Elizabeth Saldana
    Elizabeth Saldana 16 hours ago +1

    I also has a mouth on my chin because I slipped on monkey bars and fell on a metal bar

  • Animated Meshach Stratmann

    Guy: Wanna hang out?
    Guy 2: I’m sick....
    Guy: oh o...

  • Llama Fan
    Llama Fan 16 hours ago

    Lol. xD

  • Spartan 8layer
    Spartan 8layer 16 hours ago

    I didn't realize chin injuries were so common but i guess it makes sense, i had one too when i was super little. Got 2 stitches in that bad boy. Though the story is quite embarrassing. I slipped getting out of the tub. Dumb ol' 4 year old me.

  • Aiden Leary
    Aiden Leary 17 hours ago

    I had small migraines

  • sanchangoleon
    sanchangoleon 17 hours ago

    Wanna hangout I'm sick oh sorry it's ok sick of your bull crap

  • Cristobal Mondragon
    Cristobal Mondragon 17 hours ago

    Once I oppened my hand with a rock

  • Zane Lazar
    Zane Lazar 17 hours ago

    I also have a scar on my chin... guess it's a common injury

  • Cora Ross
    Cora Ross 17 hours ago

    I have scar on my chin to because i fell on the floor 😑

  • Epic games
    Epic games 17 hours ago

    One bad injury I had was when I was six years old and me and my dad were riding a bike and then I decided "hmmmmmm what if I did this?" And stuck my leg in the front wheel of the bike and twisted my leg and it took four weeks to heal (it hurt immensely )

  • xX-NyxNom-Xx
    xX-NyxNom-Xx 17 hours ago

    I have super bad allergies and my throat and nose are always itchy and clogged. I hate summer, the only good thing about it is swimming. 😢

  • Jaxson Jumper
    Jaxson Jumper 17 hours ago

    i was just in 2nd grade and I missed literally 10 days that school year and this is what I act like 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. ew

  • GreyFromSpace
    GreyFromSpace 18 hours ago

    When my nose is all clogged up I eat the spiciest food I can get my hands on. It works wonders if you dont mind spicy stuff.

  • CottenCandy Hippo
    CottenCandy Hippo 18 hours ago

    First migraine in 6th grade... Me two!

  • benji bro
    benji bro 18 hours ago

    Im dying

  • Araya Gaming
    Araya Gaming 19 hours ago


  • Peter Ryback
    Peter Ryback 19 hours ago

    Haed axe are the worst
    Head axe aka mingrans

  • ItsDarkNebula
    ItsDarkNebula 19 hours ago


  • Lilac Sakura
    Lilac Sakura 19 hours ago

    I have only gotten sick 1 day in school but I stayed home once because I told my parents I was sick, and just like that I had a full day of watching tv and eating chips.

  • sneeks leeks
    sneeks leeks 19 hours ago

    Jaiden:weeee im going down a hill
    Pebble: im gonna end this womans whole career

  • Janet Lopez
    Janet Lopez 20 hours ago

    Funny story I actually broke my arm from a bouncy house and also a kids tooth went in my chin and know I have a scar on my chin😆

  • Kael Roberts
    Kael Roberts 20 hours ago

    Your lucky with the chin, I got a machete to the forehead because my brother was bout to show me a trick with it but I looked to early to say something, they said it was like a 3rd eye, but it was so deep I almost died but I didn't because of my brother's quick reflexes and needed 7 stitches and he promised to bye me a kukrie (look it up) when I become 16, I'm 11 now this happened September 2018, it was tromitizing, FFFFFFMMMMMMLLLLLL