E3 1997 - Scott The Woz

  • Published on Feb 26, 2018
  • Combatting the iron grip of a wet floor sign, Scott decides to talk some E3 1997!
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  • KingOfGames
    KingOfGames 13 days ago

    The 19th of June 1997? I was but a wee fetus back then.

  • Brenden Lauer
    Brenden Lauer 21 day ago +1

    2:22 When you're trying to get Tails attention but he has AirPods in

  • Maria Jimena Figueroa
    Maria Jimena Figueroa 28 days ago

    2:13 Emmy? Who's Emmy?

  • Damaylor M
    Damaylor M Month ago +1

    Why! I live in Georgia and I wasn't born then!

  • Bloxed
    Bloxed Month ago

    Final Fantasy VII
    Zelda: OoT
    Metal Gear Solid
    Banjo Kazooie
    Crash Bandicoot 2
    StarFox 64
    Conker / Twelve Tails

    Some how all these legendary games were shown in Georgia...

    God Help us.

  • Lol Topkek
    Lol Topkek Month ago

    5:28 oh shit Idris Elba?!?!

  • Evan Smet
    Evan Smet Month ago +2

    2:22 but miles is on the worse cover art

  • DecapMuffin
    DecapMuffin 2 months ago

    EarthBound 64 was also shown on video at E3 1998.

  • Epi Sepdiatmoko
    Epi Sepdiatmoko 2 months ago

    Who is scott wozniak?


    sega: here’s some games now PLS PLS *PLS* BUY OUR CONSOLE *_WE EVEN GAVE YOU SONIC R AND QUAKE_*
    nintendo: wow, look at all those games sega has, hey guys check this o- oh right
    sony: (arrives) (clubs sega in the skull with a metal bat)
    microsoft: cough cough

  • The Stupicide
    The Stupicide 3 months ago

    At least we still have NHL '97

  • MemeCoffee
    MemeCoffee 3 months ago

    They had a fucking Wario animatronic there.

  • Mr blu Eagle
    Mr blu Eagle 3 months ago +1


  • 18matts
    18matts 3 months ago

    Does anybody know why the barcodes all over the Sega brochure?

  • Marie Antoinette
    Marie Antoinette 3 months ago

    I would have been 4 years old when this E3 rolled around.
    Shame I wasn't old enough to know about it or care.

  • Xcorpz
    Xcorpz 3 months ago

    F Zero X.....F0X... FOX OWNS F-ZERO

  • DerpyWeavilePlays
    DerpyWeavilePlays 4 months ago

    It's great how every character in the thumbnail is now in smash

  • nixsoup
    nixsoup 4 months ago +1

    I can´t believe all the characters in this thumbnail are now in Smash!

  • Rynex -
    Rynex - 4 months ago

    Mega Man X4 was another great game for 97. Saturn and PS1

  • beaN
    beaN 4 months ago


  • Bugster Lincapoop
    Bugster Lincapoop 4 months ago

    1997 Sony proving their hard hitters

  • Yacov B
    Yacov B 4 months ago

    omg im so happy i lived the best era

  • Wil Ward
    Wil Ward 4 months ago

    Personally, I'd like to see E3 2000

  • CarrotisDead
    CarrotisDead 4 months ago

    Music: Coming Soon
    Take your time Scott

  • Vlad Quake
    Vlad Quake 5 months ago

    @1:50 quake was originally the name of the main protagonist. It was going to be an action rpg and his melee would be hammer that makes earthquakes

  • WhyIsTheMooseLoose
    WhyIsTheMooseLoose 5 months ago

    You deserve twice the subs easily! Keep up the fantastic work though and you'll get there (:

  • Mike Hurt
    Mike Hurt 5 months ago +1

    Atlanta might seem random but Atalanta held the 96 Olympics so they did bulid a bunch of new bulidings and was the hot new town

  • McJohnson
    McJohnson 6 months ago

    "And great stories generally don't start with 'the year was 1997 in Atlanta...'"
    I can't tell if that was an intentional dig at WCW or not lol

  • The Canadian Askew
    The Canadian Askew 7 months ago

    Sonic's Schoolhouse to me is basically Baldi's Basics but not scary and made by SEGA.

  • galactic glitchTV
    galactic glitchTV 8 months ago +1

    I actually liked the saturn I loved the games it could have ended differently but that e3 (1995) choice sega made was...... bad if only😔😔😔😔

  • McKnight
    McKnight 9 months ago

    Vectorman for smash

  • aceclutchh
    aceclutchh 9 months ago

    can we get a scott episode on spaceworld 2000?

  • Abe
    Abe 9 months ago


  • Soundwave
    Soundwave 9 months ago

    I was born this year

  • kemfic
    kemfic 9 months ago +1

    yeah thats cool and all but where's Dick Vitale's "Awesome Baby" College Hoops?

  • Christopher Calvert
    Christopher Calvert 10 months ago

    Lol California easily assessable

  • Mychael Arias
    Mychael Arias 10 months ago

    GWCC wasn't structurally appropriate for something like E3 with 3 different buildings set like a maze.

  • Jenna Fearon
    Jenna Fearon 10 months ago

    I was at this E3 in '97, back when I worked for n-Space. Looking back now, it's insane to see how many amazingly great , classic games were featured that year. As a side note, I won a Game.com system in some contest Tiger was having, and I still have it today. I also got drunk af and partied my ass off while there, hahaha. Good memories, thanks for the video!

  • WiffyLight
    WiffyLight 10 months ago

    Were you even born by 1997? You talk about this history as if you remember it. You look 15.

  • Fritz McYeet
    Fritz McYeet 10 months ago

    If only E3 was on the east coast. That would make going to it a LOT easier for me.

  • Tooplaynator
    Tooplaynator 10 months ago

    W/ my broken headphones it sounds like you said "Sonic Damn"

  • GenoCL
    GenoCL 11 months ago

    Music Used:
    Coming Soon

  • black and silver diamond
    black and silver diamond 11 months ago

    selph theme, epic win.

  • Emergence
    Emergence Year ago

    nigga i dont see postal

  • Ben Willock
    Ben Willock Year ago


  • TNTJonesYT
    TNTJonesYT Year ago +1

    (Files lawsuit against Scott Wozniak)

  • CritCat
    CritCat Year ago

    Hey I heard vectorman music in there nice touch!

    I used to play that game sad to see it never gained attention

  • Blu
    Blu Year ago +1

    Madden 08 the bet game

  • icarus212001
    icarus212001 Year ago

    Nintendo: a couple of games
    Also Nintendo: a couple of the greatest, most innovative games ever

  • Fletcher Reed
    Fletcher Reed Year ago

    SEGA: Yeah, we have nothing. Sorry.
    Nintendo: We're handing our E3 over to Rare. It would be a shame if something happened to our partnership...
    Sony: We're killing SEGA once and for all.

  • referral madness
    referral madness Year ago

    Sonic r is trash but it could have been a much better game than it was if sega refined the gameplay and added more content

  • Incognito D
    Incognito D Year ago +3

    5:30 - Idris Elba won't be the first black James Bond after all

  • jar jar bink
    jar jar bink Year ago

    Sega mega hits.
    Where all the paun started.

  • Crono Sapien
    Crono Sapien Year ago

    Sonic’s Scoolhouse>Baldi’s Basics

  • Sesh20
    Sesh20 Year ago

    Hey Scott? When are you gonna list the music used?

  • Josesito Comunica

    I was born in 1997, this is my e3

  • J D
    J D Year ago

    Zelda OoT, StarFox 64, MSG, Castlevania SOTN... probably the most important year in modern videogame history. Also around the time I stopped buying new games since everything after that just became sequels

  • Spaghetti Man?
    Spaghetti Man? Year ago


  • laoup26
    laoup26 Year ago

    What about the porn games ?

  • Sonicfan3421
    Sonicfan3421 Year ago

    0:32 namco museum vol 4 demo woah I want this link