Could digging up the ocean floor help save the planet? - BBC News

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • Scientists are looking at what would happen if we were to dig up the ocean floor for metals.
    They're particularly interested in cobalt, which is a prime ingredient of the rechargeable batteries found in phones and electric cars.
    As more and more of us choose to move away from fossil fuels, the demand for cobalt is even greater.
    But what damage could mining the seabed do to marine life?
    Video by Laura Foster
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  • BBC News
    BBC News  26 days ago +4


    • Jesse Wetherell
      Jesse Wetherell 22 days ago

      @Julberry Juan wow thats very biary and ideological, do you not think there is enough misinformation with the bbc in the first place ?

    • Julberry Juan
      Julberry Juan 22 days ago

      The jew does not worship the creator.... Its an empty word... They hurt those who love Jesus... Remember... Germans love Jesus, Russians love Jesus. In return God gave them beautiful nations. Jew is only privying with zionism and marxism and their liae atheistic fake news maker presence.
      They say that White people are racist.... But we Filipinos know the Germans and Austrians are not racist. They know if the person is good. May the influence of international jewry be reduced and their lies and environment of lies gone.

    • stacy skywatch
      stacy skywatch 23 days ago

      freemasonic fake science and environment,,, environment is dying encase you haven't notice thanks to two decades of none stop geoengineering/climate engineering /weather control/weather warfare programs raging in our skies ,,,, go to hell bbc and take all your script reading sell outs with you,,

    • Jesse Wetherell
      Jesse Wetherell 23 days ago +1

      This is madness, all the resources we need are in space. BBC you are not doing you job of informing people, the video and the article are both bias towards these harmful activities and you make it seem as though there are no other options. Your article is clasified under science-environment !? I would say its more like multinational tautology.
      What the hell is wrong with you all?

    • D Greenidge
      D Greenidge 23 days ago

      Alert......There goes the fish 🤔 🔊🔊🔊

  • Mark Plain
    Mark Plain 12 days ago

    Wow, 'MORE' cobalt will be needed for batteries for Electric Vehicles. This is one of the biggest fallacies. It is gut wrenching to see this statement being bounced around. Cobalt is used to refine oil into petrol/gasoline in such vast quantities that if all cars had to switch to electric we will actually decrease the mining of Cobalt. Cobalt is used once per EV car battery and can be recycled into a new battery once the battery is exhausted. In petrol/gasoline manufacture it is burnt into the air.

  • Martin
    Martin 15 days ago

    Take a look at the alternatives. Robert Murray-Smith's channel for example shows the development of a hemp-based battery that he has shown outperforms lithium! Sounds crazy but he shows exactly how he has achieved it over the years. His company has just partnered with eestor with a view to industrialising the process. (I have no link to either company.)

  • Anthony Bissett
    Anthony Bissett 16 days ago

    What about all the nuclear waste that was dumped, and then disturbed,it does not make sense.

  • O Duarte
    O Duarte 17 days ago

    Arte imita guerra e avant mort ingnobil

  • Zanzibar979
    Zanzibar979 18 days ago

    Lots of theriocidal malzoans here, all pretending to give a fuck about the planet: all of them funding the destruction by using fossil fuels and eating sentient beings.
    Deeply selfish hypocrites; educated in a moral vacuum, brainwashed by the violent ideology of the current dominion of carnism, in which palate preference is more important than the infliction of unnecessary suffering.

  • Zanzibar979
    Zanzibar979 18 days ago

    With our track record what could possibly go wrong?

  • Golden Gandoo
    Golden Gandoo 19 days ago

    Save the planet from what?

  • Judy Thomas
    Judy Thomas 20 days ago

    Lets destroy our planet for a greener life , conflict of interests or what , you morons.

  • Andy N
    Andy N 20 days ago

    Bury Trump and all world leaders under the ocean bed.. That will save the world. It all about money money money. Its the root to all things evil.

  • blunty
    blunty 20 days ago

    man . ? justed keep away for fuck sake

  • Public Public
    Public Public 21 day ago


  • Ok 2019
    Ok 2019 21 day ago +1

    What is wrong with you people?!

  • spf_fishing
    spf_fishing 21 day ago

    "Save the planet" are people still believing this nonsense. It was here Billions of years before us and will remain when we're long gone. Also CO2 makes up 0.0391% of the earth's atmosphere......but 97% of Agenda pushers want you to think we are the problem.

  • Southpaw
    Southpaw 21 day ago

    I find it ironic that people express outrage at this through their mobile devices the batteries of which require the metals that they are seeking to mine from the seabed. If you're so unhappy perhaps consider not adding to the demand for these products by buying them. You're all hypocrites.

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 21 day ago

    EU and its greedy white Jews want to destroy our oceans next, all they care about is making money. Always telling people what they need....we need iPhone30, we all need to buy electric cars, we all need fly and go on holiday, we all need to save the planet......blah blah blah

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 21 day ago

    Feisty white people are going to destroy our planet, it's never enough, with all the stockpiles of gold and other minerals, they still want more. Being billionaires isn't good enough 😂

  • Wally Wally
    Wally Wally 21 day ago

    So electric cars are the way to go i see 🤣🤣🤣

  • Luxx
    Luxx 22 days ago

    So if everyone is using electric cars, where do we get all the electricity? Wind turbines kill shit tons of birds and solar panels only have a 30 year life span.

  • mojor struś
    mojor struś 22 days ago

    To yall crying over it and saying no. FIND AN ALTERNATIVE OR GO BACK TO FOREST/STOP WHINING

  • Volcano-Cat on Youtube

    Of Course... if you dig out the ocean floors deep enough... we wouldn't all need swimming lessons in twenty five years. Hmmmm... (SPOILER ALERT: We're fucked)

  • Volcano-Cat on Youtube

    The fatal flaw in Human thinking is the timescale it can process. We think in terms of the immediate; but one day, whatever else we manage to fuck up, this planet will, with 100% certainty be destroyed - even if mankind survives itself, a big rock will slap us or Yellowstone goes off or - even if we make it Billions of years, the Sun goes Nova and flash-fries the Earth anyway. So, the only logical move we have is to use the limited resources we have WISELY. And it's not building more cars. We need to get off this rock before the next one comes along - and the resources we need to do that? We are PISSING them up the collective wall.

  • Ameera Meera
    Ameera Meera 22 days ago +2

    Don't disturb mother 🌏

  • Juls 3
    Juls 3 22 days ago

    Stupid humans 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia

    Force the fake turks from blowing up mountains for cash crops...

  • shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia

    Maybe promoting home grown products and sell them...put a ban on any more german nazi jew shops from .opening anymore .

  • shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia

    Maybe stopping the chemtrails being sprayed 24/7 day and night help

  • shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia

    Ha ha well did the Mexican gulf oil spill help when they dug that floor up ?

  • I N.C H 4D
    I N.C H 4D 22 days ago

    Isn't that just harvesting just not from Moon or Mars or an asteroid.
    Good luck environment.

  • ASMR simple
    ASMR simple 22 days ago

    Are we realy this stupid enough?

  • pigsareit
    pigsareit 22 days ago

    wow. that is a bad idea.

  • warattada p.
    warattada p. 22 days ago +1

    Have we done enough damages to the oceans and the planet!?

  • Windsor & Epstein Babysitting Services

    Hopefully no Royal pedophiles down there.

  • Cookie Crumbs
    Cookie Crumbs 22 days ago

    Public doesn't need it. Find another solution with Ur money

  • Anna Lieff-Saxby
    Anna Lieff-Saxby 22 days ago

    Should we strip-mine the ocean floor for profit?

  • ZoZo B Jones-life’s too short for ironing

    Seriously??? That just made me so angry! I’m getting to the stage where the only solution I see for the planet is us lit becoming extinct! The planet will be a whole lot better off without us. If they seriously consider that a potential solution to a massive issue that is so out of control that it’s almost beyond us... I say beam me up Scotty I need to escape from these bloody humans!

    • Arnie2-D2
      Arnie2-D2 19 days ago

      Scary that in 12,000 years the human population has grown by 7.7 billion .. 700 million in the last 8 years alone .. I see no hope for the planet what so ever :((

  • S M
    S M 22 days ago

    The heading "Could digging up the ocean floor help save the planet? - BBC News
    " makes no sense for this video. What's the link between this and saving the planet?

  • Ibrahim Leqhani Omar
    Ibrahim Leqhani Omar 22 days ago

    " Scientists" are looking at what would happen if "we" were to dig up the ocean floor for metals.
    "They're particularly interested in cobalt", which is a prime ingredient of the rechargeable batteries found in phones and electric cars.

    i wonder how the title itself will going to save them (scientists ) because it is we who are digging and not them a cording this title their work here is to predict what could happen

  • AKA Shaggy
    AKA Shaggy 22 days ago +1

    Can't wait for humans to die off and let the world live in peace, because all we do, is destroy everything

  • robin hood
    robin hood 22 days ago

    It’s gonna piss off the locness monster

  • M Y
    M Y 22 days ago

    Could you imagine tech in the next hundred years where we could safely bring objects from space. Like the asteroid loaded with diamonds. Diamonds for everyone!

  • M Y
    M Y 22 days ago

    So who's going to be profiting of this? You can't just go and dig up land on the ocean floor it's ridiculous. Who owns the sea bed?

  • Bug Eye
    Bug Eye 22 days ago +2


    • Lyle Koch
      Lyle Koch 18 days ago

      I take it by your remark, that you do not consider yourself a human

  • center builder
    center builder 22 days ago

    Build a building and then start drilling this way your only affecting the building area. No where for the dust to fly around.

  • Truck Taxi
    Truck Taxi 22 days ago

    That was sea dust to begin with -- sweep it up and make a mountain out of it.

  • Alexander quintero
    Alexander quintero 22 days ago

    Let me give you one idea smarts scientist watch and learn ........ why you don’t use less heavy material use lighter material think think. Less cable soooo much we have outside but you wa t to destroy the planet 😒😒😒😒not nice not nice think for own safety kids

  • Alexander quintero
    Alexander quintero 22 days ago

    Poor animals ... no more homes for them 😏😏😏😏😏😏

  • jrukawa11
    jrukawa11 22 days ago

    Yeah, like creating haze in the ocean

  • Max Davies
    Max Davies 22 days ago

    Battery powered cars won’t save you, especially if you are gonna dig up the ocean to make them.

  • Noturtarget
    Noturtarget 22 days ago

    No !

  • Martha
    Martha 22 days ago

    No because it doesn't need saving as you and your David Actorbore know BBC. See Windows on the for the truth on this matter.

  • Jack Young
    Jack Young 22 days ago

    This is so retarded, how anyone could support this is beyond me. Focus on nuclear and renewable energy before you go making electric cars. If the cars don’t run on clean energy, they are far worse for the environment then gas cars. Also, the ocean holds most of our CO2 so this is reckless. Honestly, all of these people claim to be for the environment, but they only care about profit. I think I speak for everyone, FUCK OFF with this

  • Devon Salazar
    Devon Salazar 22 days ago

    Please no

  • dafuzzymonster
    dafuzzymonster 22 days ago

    There will be a new battery in 8 years

  • Hallands Menved
    Hallands Menved 22 days ago

    Not sure the planet can take more "saving" by scientists...

  • mimi&lili hijab
    mimi&lili hijab 22 days ago

    Ohh so now we gone f up th oceans, the lands are its not enough already...humans😔

  • d dd
    d dd 22 days ago

    Just find whatever desperate country you can give them a shit load of loans so they don't create any decent regulation. Should be alright.

  • outbacktrek
    outbacktrek 22 days ago +1

    BDS chineseCorporatism4profits that has no respect4naturalLife nor environmentalEcology (Y)

  • Paul Schenkel
    Paul Schenkel 23 days ago

    Stop before we screw up our planet even more.

  • Daughter Of Zion, iron, like a lion, in zion

    Dont even done fucked up the land and sea now you want to fuck up rhe sea bed...what a piece of shit