"Russians" | Russell Peters - Almost Famous

  • Published on Jun 22, 2017
  • Why do Russians sound like they're talking backwards? Here's a clip from my 2016 special, "Almost Famous."
    Watch the full special on Netflix! Click here: nflx.it/2pIWkbQ
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  • Sam
    Sam 38 minutes ago

    Trevor Noah king of comedy

  • kerayzey
    kerayzey 9 hours ago

    So, Saint Petersburg is Saint Faggotburg?

  • Artyom3400
    Artyom3400 12 hours ago

    У тебя трубы забиты, сука бля, прочистим же!!!

  • Kevin Rowe
    Kevin Rowe 16 hours ago

    Freaking hilarious.
    I am so proud you are Canadian.

  • Sakata
    Sakata Day ago +1

    Apparently Omar means "lobster" in Russian

  • Maksym Bykov
    Maksym Bykov Day ago

    The most funny jokes about Russian language, thank you, .... ahahahahah!!!!111

  • Илья Какафобиев

    Cock dealer! Я ебу алибабу

  • haha huhu
    haha huhu 2 days ago

    who's laughing now? he got money from the joke

  • Riftsplitter
    Riftsplitter 2 days ago +1

    me personally i would love to learn russian their language is cool

  • Papa Enot
    Papa Enot 2 days ago

    Забавно )

  • 민윤기오빠
    민윤기오빠 3 days ago +1

    I died when he said v l a d m i e r

  • Salad SALAD
    Salad SALAD 4 days ago

    nice castle bed faggot

  • Mikko S.
    Mikko S. 5 days ago

    Reminds me... there was a 500 richest people in the world, one of them was Pascal Viddu. I'm from Finland and here that roughly means, "Taking a Dump, You Cunt"

  • Shahrullo Lutfulloxonov

    wooooow, there is a guy from UZBEKISTAN

  • BuggetNuster
    BuggetNuster 6 days ago

    pidor= short for pederast

  • Epoch plus5
    Epoch plus5 7 days ago

    Why do all Russians think they in the mafia?

  • Назаров Никита

    Im russian and i think that this guy is realy good comic
    Upd : about mr pidor is cool

    • Raind Resh
      Raind Resh 7 days ago

      я твою мать в очко трахал, сын дуры

  • Языковой Канал LingvostudiA

    If you tell your name or surname to a Russian guy, you'd better watch out. Especially if you see a grin on his face once you introduce yourself.

  • Kevin Abarca
    Kevin Abarca 8 days ago

    как твои дела!

  • D. Peiris
    D. Peiris 8 days ago +7

    so the people in St. Peterburg must always be giggling.

    • Yeva Sinchugova
      Yeva Sinchugova 3 days ago

      D. Peiris Peter in Russian is pronounced Pyo-ter

  • Nikki Nikac
    Nikki Nikac 9 days ago


    H2KR SQUAD 10 days ago +2

    ЕБАТЬ Я ПРООРАЛСЯ ДО СЛЕЗ :D Спасибо мистер Пидор

  • Jamie Nolan
    Jamie Nolan 11 days ago

    CSGO be like.....

  • Nabilya Bloomgarden
    Nabilya Bloomgarden 12 days ago

    That feeling when I speak Russian 😂 Good Morning, Mr Pidor 😂😂😂😂

  • Сергей Белоусов

    Блять, я под столом))))))))))))))))

  • Rahil Barnabas
    Rahil Barnabas 14 days ago

    If peters means faggot who named st Petersburg

  • bitchoflivingblah
    bitchoflivingblah 14 days ago

    Russell Peters - the world's comedian - he unites us all.

  • Mathu
    Mathu 16 days ago

    When he started walking backwards hahahaha

  • Idris
    Idris 16 days ago

    I had tears laughing! Haha

    TASHIMAYO kun 16 days ago

    All i know is blyat

  • J Lannister
    J Lannister 17 days ago +1

    The Russian language sounds like Klingon...LOL

  • Combine Combat
    Combine Combat 18 days ago


  • Klarion Faith
    Klarion Faith 18 days ago

    This blyat

  • Fahd Badra
    Fahd Badra 18 days ago

    still the powerful country in the world keep mugging

    • Mason Blackwell
      Mason Blackwell 15 days ago

      Which world? Because in this world America reigns supreme in every way possible comrade.

  • Luka Pavlovic
    Luka Pavlovic 18 days ago

    Trevor Noah rip off

  • Aaaa saaad
    Aaaa saaad 18 days ago


  • You-Know-Who
    You-Know-Who 18 days ago

    Okay, so I watched one of Trevor Noah's vids the other day, and he used the exact same joke of 'Russian sounds like they're talking backwards', but his vid was posted earlier than this vid, so my question is who picked it up from who?

  • Juan A Rivera Rosa
    Juan A Rivera Rosa 19 days ago

    Cock dealer?

  • Alliance 37rus
    Alliance 37rus 19 days ago

    Ахуенный мужик - nice guy
    Владимир Putin наш любимый президент!!!



  • Jasmine Lambert
    Jasmine Lambert 19 days ago +1

    To me Russians always sound angry. Even if they aren't.

    • Mobile Cyclop
      Mobile Cyclop 16 days ago +1

      Same but I’m not sure ur listening right vids
      When I see videos with Russian speaker his name is usually PASHA and his voice recorded on sh__ microphone
      There’re like poets who made beautiful Russian poems like Pushkin

  • Justin McBride
    Justin McBride 19 days ago

    But Russel accuses Trevor Noah of stealing this joke?
    But according to the sources below, one actually posted in 2015 on You Tube, notes that Trevor did the Russian joke in 2015 at the Monteral Just for Laughs Festival, whereas Russel posted his joke as coming from his 2016 show "Almost famous".
    tvclip.biz/video/9OB72GZOS4c/video.html Trevor 2015 (Just for laughs Monteral festival) Posted by Just for Laughs themselves
    tvclip.biz/video/BtMd6PbscwE/video.html Russel (Almost Famous) Posted by Russel in 2017
    and Russel did his in in 2016 (Almost famous).

    Here is a link that confirms that Trevor performed and did his Russian accent joke in 2015 at the Just for Laughs festival. the article was posted in 2015.

    So is Russel claiming that Trevor invented a working time machine solely to rip off his jokes????

  • Ron Albertson
    Ron Albertson 20 days ago

    The comedy is that “us” who called them self from Russia are product руссификация. We think, speak, and know the culture of “slav Russia “ better than Slav Russian and yet we are not slavs.

  • The Resurrection
    The Resurrection 20 days ago

    Pidor the Great of Russia.

  • Borman36
    Borman36 20 days ago

    Бля, годно

  • Zay
    Zay 20 days ago

    как твои дела, kak tvoi dela. I guess it sounds like cockdealer

  • MrDudeInTheSuit
    MrDudeInTheSuit 20 days ago

    Russell Peters:
    Русский - язык наркоторговцев и иммигрантов.
    Арабский - язык террористов.

    русские дурачки в комментах "я русский и не считаю это оскорбительным", кек.
    Попробовал бы он сказать подобное про африканцев, китайцев или итальянцев, например, его с гoвнoм бы смешали в комментах, но русские заглотнули и рады.
    По остальным языкам в выступлении он слегка проехался, причём, наполовину в позитивном ключе.
    Но русские и арабы ониж козлы отпущения, враги и террористы - про них можно всё что угодно.
    Ещё можно про северных корейцев, но тогда можно от южно-корейцев огрести - у них язык похожий

  • M S
    M S 20 days ago

    Russia had a king - Peter The Great

    CHAVIN 20 days ago +1

    Like = russell peters
    Comment = trevor noah

  • i Zes
    i Zes 21 day ago +2

    0:51 when he started walking backwards 💀💀💀💀💀😂

  • Wan Danial Asyraf
    Wan Danial Asyraf 21 day ago

    Stealing trevors joke..

  • Gerald Cheo
    Gerald Cheo 21 day ago

    Trevor noah did something similar like this about Russian language

  • Aleksey Bykov
    Aleksey Bykov 22 days ago

    let me start off by saying that Russia is mostly a homophobic country, and what Russell said is true, there is a well known joke in Russia that illustrates a subtle difference between gays and faggots (пидор's):
    ...Victorian England...
    - hey Barrymore, what's this noise outside?
    - faggots, sir
    - ugh, what do they want?
    - free love, sir
    - well, is there anyone who stops them?
    - no, sir
    - so why the hell are they making this noise!
    - faggots, sir
    bottom line is that gay is not a faggot unless he acts like a faggot

  • Julia UP
    Julia UP 22 days ago

    Exactly correct name 👍🤪

  • 김영근
    김영근 22 days ago

    Even I could laugh .

  • Mehmet Aslan
    Mehmet Aslan 22 days ago


  • Agus Kurniawan
    Agus Kurniawan 23 days ago


  • joutiar ghaderyan
    joutiar ghaderyan 24 days ago

    Anan???? Omar???! Jamal???!

  • Ivan Lk
    Ivan Lk 24 days ago

    американо-индийский Фоменко этакий :-)

  • Some Guy Searching In YT

    Mr. Pidar *giggle*

  • Call me Daddy
    Call me Daddy 25 days ago


  • Alex Slota
    Alex Slota 25 days ago

    Гуд монин мистер Пидор! :)))) Ок, Рассел Пидор! :)))

  • Тимур Новосёлов

    You knew that the name of Superman (Kal-El) in Russian sounds like eating shit!
    Kal-El - ate shit!

  • Neural Network
    Neural Network 26 days ago +5

    "Mr. Pidor..." a, ok, this explains a lot.

  • MS Khan
    MS Khan 27 days ago

    Ты русский ? привет Я из индии

  • aa70queen01
    aa70queen01 27 days ago

    @Russians sounding like they talk backwards... Isn't that a Trevor Noah joke??

  • harvester
    harvester 27 days ago


  • Artful Dodger
    Artful Dodger 27 days ago +1

    Russians are drunks and retards

  • BinoZzZ
    BinoZzZ 27 days ago

    second Joke lmao oof, Noah where u at

  • Thrilla from Manila
    Thrilla from Manila 29 days ago +2

    Who came up with this joke...Trevor Noah or Russ?

    • DrAxe Dharme
      DrAxe Dharme 25 days ago +1

      Russell. He proved it on the Breakfast show

  • D4Damager
    D4Damager 29 days ago

    When we swear like hell saying "someone was fucked in a mouth" in English it sounds like "your bunny wrote" 🤣

  • Niko Elias
    Niko Elias 29 days ago

    Как дела мистер Пидер :D

  • criztu
    criztu 29 days ago

    Almost funny

  • Feronme Adekunle
    Feronme Adekunle Month ago

    Who’s here after watching his interfaith sway?

  • Andriy Syniawski
    Andriy Syniawski Month ago

    ибучий индус

  • Виктор Соболев

    мы то поняли лучше вас)

  • Алексей Никольченко


  • ッПетровичッ

    Jestem z Polski i umiem mówić nie tylko po polsku, ale także po rosyjsku.
    Я из Польши и я умею говорить не только на польском, но и на русском языке.
    I am from Poland and I can speak not only Polish, but also Russian.

  • Churro Operator
    Churro Operator Month ago

    So St. Petersburg is St. Faggotburg?

  • Bepe Gabianni
    Bepe Gabianni Month ago

    this is very sad

  • Константин Братищев

    Few people knows, but we specifically speak backwards to confuse a potential opponent

  • ter ret
    ter ret Month ago

    Russian humor:
    One man does not have a dick, and his wife sucked him,
    and between the Boobs she thrust,
    and jerked off first with the left,
    then with the right, and in the end says:
    - Throughout. I just can't. My hands hurt. And her husband is:
    - A what the fuck you with sick hands married went?

    SOBER Month ago


  • Помпей Новости


  • Ashton Chin
    Ashton Chin Month ago


  • Gene Ivanoff
    Gene Ivanoff Month ago


  • Rashibunukashka
    Rashibunukashka Month ago +1

    Mister Pidor eeehehehehehhehehehe)))))))))))

  • Vanshot Machine neip

    Нихуя знатно затролил лол

  • Rachel Taylor
    Rachel Taylor Month ago


  • Tanya Sheleg
    Tanya Sheleg Month ago

    он отвратителен

  • Nanditha Narendran
    Nanditha Narendran Month ago

    Wow Trevor Noah really is going around stealing this man's jokes how disappointing :/

  • nomine, terra mea, religionis

    Isnt Usbekistan turkish? Why does this guy say he is russian???????

    • A K
      A K Month ago

      It's actually a separate independent country that used to be part of the USSR. All people who live in X-USSR Republics with very few exceptions call themselves Russians when abroad. Probably because nobody knows their countries even exist and it's more troublesome explaining where they are from than just saying that they are Russian. See - you didn't know they are an independent country

  • Nyahahaha
    Nyahahaha Month ago

    So? What'd he call out the guy for?

  • Лунтик
    Лунтик Month ago

    шутки для долбаёбов

  • Уютная Коробка

    I saw this cock dealer in himky! He trades a wooden dicks

  • RK_1MY3N
    RK_1MY3N Month ago +1

    How many accents can he do?! 😂

  • Инкогнито 73

    Гыгыгыгыгыгыгыгы пидор.

  • Hari Menon
    Hari Menon Month ago

    Trevor Noah, you rat bastard..you ripped it from Russell.

  • Илья Райтфайта

    I was ready to start the fight.
    But this pidor is funny)
    Hard to take it, but his jokes not really offensive and pretty good.
    He messes pronunciation a bit, but the punches are tight. Nice job, mood dilla (asshole, like always))