Super Smash Bros - Trailer Analysis


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  • Stuff
    Stuff 48 minutes ago

    R.I.P Waluigi

  • Ethan Wood Music
    Ethan Wood Music Hour ago

    it is in fact, not a port

  • Waxer Productions
    Waxer Productions 5 hours ago

    “I’m fishing for a fight brother!”

  • Fuckin Oddity
    Fuckin Oddity 18 hours ago

    what is this mans music at the end and middle of the vid?

  • Vamp Adventurer
    Vamp Adventurer 18 hours ago

    I am dying :,)

  • David Hoyos
    David Hoyos Day ago +1

    Wait, am I the only one who noticed that in the thumbnail their's the Sun from the Smash Dream Roster video he made a while back?

  • tame rocet pika give to me

    *cum bruddas*

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 days ago

    Knack is too tall for smash bro

  • Yusuf Othman
    Yusuf Othman 2 days ago

    Shit I lost it when he said Machoke.

  • 5 litre family friendly content

    Hey anyone seen the minions in the trailer?

  • HAROLD420 369
    HAROLD420 369 3 days ago

    Yess! Jimmy neutron is finally here!

  • Griff
    Griff 4 days ago

    Macho Man with a fishing pole riding the sun confirmed for Smash 5

  • Imalive
    Imalive 4 days ago

    its not jimmy its Neil Patrick Stuart

  • Ville Haapamäki
    Ville Haapamäki 4 days ago +1

    This big dumb head think he right but its not right the cahaajracters have already been leakedd so yeah hes dumb

  • Yeee t
    Yeee t 4 days ago +1

    He got the gamecube right kinda

  • izmirizzy
    izmirizzy 6 days ago

    100% right

  • Satanic Chocobo
    Satanic Chocobo 6 days ago


  • Joe
    Joe 6 days ago +1

    2,018 characters - EVERYONE IS HERE! except waluigi

  • rafael moran
    rafael moran 7 days ago +1

    Lol how could we be so dumb

  • DaeGiTron
    DaeGiTron 7 days ago +1

    Thanos from Spiderman 2, anyone?

  • My name? : Jeff
    My name? : Jeff 8 days ago

    This reminds me of the time when
    Dunkey smashed Sky......
    oops.. I mean, when - you know what I mean

  • skyler lee
    skyler lee 8 days ago

    I’m fishin for a fight

  • No Clickbait
    No Clickbait 8 days ago

    I hope they finally add Jonas brothers in this one

  • Maxthegreat 888
    Maxthegreat 888 8 days ago +2

    why did they even try to hide Mario and links face

  • GodfatherPayne
    GodfatherPayne 8 days ago +2

    Well, joke's on you, because there IS a line in the new SSB logo.

  • James Blake
    James Blake 8 days ago +3

    lol this is even more funny now that we know its not a port but its sorta a port xD

    • -Jang Kenet-
      -Jang Kenet- 4 days ago +1

      James Blake it’s a port of ALL the games

  • Cal Blake
    Cal Blake 9 days ago

    Sans would be cool in Smash Bros.

  • Talk and Reaction
    Talk and Reaction 9 days ago +1

    ***e3 update still no jimmy neutron get it together reggie lol

  • skipper54361
    skipper54361 10 days ago +2

    I'm maining shrek

  • PEEBUM07
    PEEBUM07 10 days ago

    Wait... The new E3 Trailer announces that everyone is gonna be there, but I thought of how EA would make it. Everyone *COSTS MONEY*

  • PEEBUM07
    PEEBUM07 10 days ago

    My god the E3 Trailer is amazing.

  • Jesse Hughes
    Jesse Hughes 10 days ago

    Way to show all those people who thought it wouldn't be a port

  • CraveCrumbs E
    CraveCrumbs E 10 days ago

    tony the tiger from CEREAL!!!!

  • Beastnode Gaming
    Beastnode Gaming 10 days ago

    *sam and winding*

  • McKnight
    McKnight 10 days ago +1

    Who else came here after the new smash reveal just to find out Jimmy Neutron and Jack Skellington

  • gun
    gun 10 days ago +2

    This is a video fans have been asking for for years.

  • A Random tomato
    A Random tomato 11 days ago +1

    S A M A N D W I N G D I N G

  • Subb Sticksus Trees
    Subb Sticksus Trees 11 days ago +1

    actually, there IS a line.

  • Sergio Otero
    Sergio Otero 11 days ago +1

    Wow, I never thought I would see another TVclipr reach the level of work that PythonSelkanHD puts out. Just amazing Dunkey. Bravo!!!

  • Scott Jones
    Scott Jones 11 days ago

    This blew my mind.

  • PidgyPod
    PidgyPod 11 days ago

    Wow it’s so cool that not only did Nintendo get (the now 3rd party characters) Samus and ZZS but retro studios allowed them to introduce Ridley as well!

  • Maulen. IDC Florez
    Maulen. IDC Florez 11 days ago

    But where is LIttle Zach.

  • Daniel Parks
    Daniel Parks 11 days ago

    well he was right its not a port, WOW

  • PikaPlayer Gaming
    PikaPlayer Gaming 11 days ago +1

    There is a line in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so it's a port.

  • angery doggo
    angery doggo 12 days ago +5

    This was 100% accurate. Thank you dunkey for your reliability

  • Basic Bacon
    Basic Bacon 12 days ago +9

    I can't believe sakurai removed these characters last second because dunkey figured them all out.

    • Red Hawk
      Red Hawk 11 days ago

      Basic Bacon Sakurai the mad man

  • pyejc 123
    pyejc 123 12 days ago +5

    After watching the new reveal video, I can confirm that this is all 100% true. Can't wait to play boss baby!

  • Lucas Cunningham
    Lucas Cunningham 12 days ago +12

    boss baby is an echo character

    • santiago manga
      santiago manga 5 days ago

      No,carl wheezer is an echo fighter of jimmy neutron

    • Zachary Brisso
      Zachary Brisso 11 days ago +1

      Lucas Cunningham I don’t know why they made him an echo of Knack.

  • Bonelezz Pizza
    Bonelezz Pizza 12 days ago +1


  • Crazy L/P
    Crazy L/P 12 days ago +1

    Dunkey must feel sick as shit now that it’s not actually a port or he was just 100% serious about the whole line thing.

  • Señor Sandkastle
    Señor Sandkastle 12 days ago +8

    After seeing the Smash Ultimate trailer, I can say for certain...

    This is completely accurate and has no flaws whatsoever, thank you for this glorious prediction. May Knack be with you.

  • Hurp Derp
    Hurp Derp 12 days ago +8

    they just announced the full roster and im amazed Dunky got em ALL right!

  • Robot Krabs
    Robot Krabs 12 days ago

    Well dunkey it looks like ur wrong babyyy!

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue 5 days ago +1

      Is he really tho?

  • M2
    M2 12 days ago +1

    Who would've guessed he was right the whole time

  • Luis Guerra
    Luis Guerra 12 days ago +1

    The line was the key…

  • Harriso Jay
    Harriso Jay 12 days ago +4


  • Stephanie Rector
    Stephanie Rector 12 days ago

    That's probably not Jimmy neutron it's probably DK

    • Rigo Talks
      Rigo Talks 3 days ago

      It's definitely jimmy neutron

    • The Batman
      The Batman 12 days ago +2

      Stephanie Rector it’s jimmy neutron

  • Shay Hansen
    Shay Hansen 12 days ago

    Ooh ooh ooh um uh Mario bruthers

    DEDEDESTROY 12 days ago +5

    You were quite accurate.

  • Anna Lee
    Anna Lee 12 days ago +6

    Dunkey analysis confirmed now at E3

  • Shaun Cullado
    Shaun Cullado 12 days ago +7


  • Hero of Rinku
    Hero of Rinku 13 days ago +4


  • Pelican Player
    Pelican Player 13 days ago +1

    I see what u did with that clipart.
    "What if the sun would say I'm fishing for a fight!" Lmfao

  • Will the Willhelm
    Will the Willhelm 13 days ago

    lmao where'mst the frick is geralt

  • EN7171
    EN7171 13 days ago +1

    Dunkey Gives Me LYF!!! XD

  • Schlonger
    Schlonger 13 days ago


  • Random kid That no one likes

    Jack The Skeleton is my new main

  • theFareulookinat
    theFareulookinat 13 days ago +2

    It took me around the 4th watch to notice he called link zelda

    • theFareulookinat
      theFareulookinat 10 days ago +1

      Eivind Kvitberg no one cares about splatoon

    • Eivind Kvitberg
      Eivind Kvitberg 11 days ago +1

      I was thinking about the part where he called the inkling for Splatoon. It's the same as calling Link for Zelda so it's not that obvious. Took me like three watches to notice it. The Zelda thing, I noticed right away.

    • theFareulookinat
      theFareulookinat 11 days ago

      Eivind Kvitberg yeah... that was obvious

    • Eivind Kvitberg
      Eivind Kvitberg 11 days ago +1

      theFareulookinat did you also notice he said "a giant Yoshi in Splatoons eye"?

  • Krisp
    Krisp 13 days ago +1

    I hope bobby shmurda is freed so he can be in da new smesh

  • Joseph Ellis
    Joseph Ellis 13 days ago +1

    Some people disliked this because they were angry and didn't take this as a joke

  • Joseph Ellis
    Joseph Ellis 13 days ago

    That thumbnail tho....

  • Person Pacman
    Person Pacman 13 days ago

    Lineup for smash 6
    -Dami tu cosita
    -shreck 5
    -carl wheeser
    -despasito 2
    -despasito 3
    -the goblins from clash of clans
    -emojis from emoji movie
    -literally a ceiling fan

  • Person Pacman
    Person Pacman 13 days ago +1

    This video is actually so stupid like these are all wrong!!!

    you forgot dami tu cosita

  • smite 077
    smite 077 14 days ago

    totaly fake

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue 13 days ago

      No actually sakurai said it's real. He's also bringing in despacito as a playable character

  • I NeedSomeNuggets
    I NeedSomeNuggets 14 days ago

    Can't wait for Jimmy Neutron reveal trailer!

  • Digital Gamer
    Digital Gamer 14 days ago

    Ask for gamera the flying turtle in smash since I was a sperm.

  • Blazed Looey
    Blazed Looey 14 days ago

    cindy from jimmy neutron is dlc

  • xxXFreedomFighterXxx
    xxXFreedomFighterXxx 14 days ago +1

    Smash 5 roster:
    Jimmy Neutron
    Bert and Ernie
    Jack Skellington
    Tony the Tiger
    Sam and Wingding
    Boss Baby
    Troupple King

  • Rawlis Cox
    Rawlis Cox 14 days ago +1

    *no fears*

    “Yo, what if they legit fucking put Sans in Smash Bros?”

    *One Fear*

  • ElNoArtista
    ElNoArtista 15 days ago

    2018 character oh yeah

  • Link YouTube
    Link YouTube 16 days ago

    Btw who's wanting Sans or some other Undertake Character to be in.

  • Link YouTube
    Link YouTube 16 days ago

    It's funny and cool but when he said Jimmy N. I said... '''Are it could be donkey kong...'' In a really pissed off way

    • Link YouTube
      Link YouTube 16 days ago

      Tony (Or whatever) Tiger got me mad IT'S MARIO

  • Monetization Man
    Monetization Man 16 days ago


  • Ethan Corran
    Ethan Corran 16 days ago

    tony is Mario red hat big nose its Mario dumbo

    • Rigo Talks
      Rigo Talks 3 days ago

      Or it could be dumbo

    • AwareHarry99
      AwareHarry99 10 days ago +1

      Snowhue Don’t you mean Bambi?

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue 13 days ago +2

      You're might be dumbo like you said.

  • Nova
    Nova 16 days ago

    what about biggie smalls

  • Tobbias fan 2017
    Tobbias fan 2017 17 days ago

    Large yoshi

    FABIANJD 17 days ago

    I just noticed it was a joke after the Mario one 🤣

      FABIANJD 2 days ago

      Rigo Talks I was being sarcastic of course I noticed

    • Rigo Talks
      Rigo Talks 3 days ago

      FABIANJD Took you that long?

  • KillJoy
    KillJoy 17 days ago +1

    Actually the 2018 in the end will be the price for the game. Better save up bois. Thank me later

  • Derpy Hooves
    Derpy Hooves 18 days ago +1

    Went from 100% jimmy nutron confirmed to nothimg is confirmed

  • Joe Neri
    Joe Neri 18 days ago

    Replace all Pokémon with Looney Toons Character.

  • newgaara37
    newgaara37 18 days ago

    I love you bibby.

  • deep spaghetti
    deep spaghetti 18 days ago

    I could actually see Troupple King as an assist trophy.

  • Savage Tomato
    Savage Tomato 18 days ago

    You might call me stupid, but, with the evidence put together, I think that shadow of the man in hat and overalls COULD be, just a thought, Mario? I know it’s stupid but ya know, it’s just a theory.

    • Savage Tomato
      Savage Tomato 3 days ago

      Rigo Talks well who could’ve guessed! Mario’s in! Bout time we got a Mario representative!

    • Rigo Talks
      Rigo Talks 3 days ago

      Idk tony the tiger is more likely😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Official_MadoX
    Official_MadoX 19 days ago +3

    Funny that they can't add Samus cause they don't own them anymore, yet they get character's that they don't own.

  • Hexfinity
    Hexfinity 19 days ago

    *nintendo looks at this video*

  • dillondagamer
    dillondagamer 19 days ago

    im gonna prob main steve urkel

  • Socially Pessimistic
    Socially Pessimistic 19 days ago

    I think I would like Shrek to return for his second outing.
    He only appeared in the first Smash Bros, and Nintendo lost the rights to include Shrek. (After the Bethesda law-suit)
    So I'm kind of grabbing straws here