Super Smash Bros - Trailer Analysis


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  • Sien Wei
    Sien Wei 2 hours ago

    videogameDONkey? no no no, you're dunkey. Get your shit together, man.

  • Kyuurix
    Kyuurix 2 hours ago


  • not sundk
    not sundk 3 hours ago

    more views than the actualy trailer

  • White Night
    White Night 4 hours ago

    2018 is actually the number of pixels used to make the original Smash Bros on SNES before it became SUPER Smash Bros on the Dolphin or whatever. They included the number as a tribute. Reggie actually snapchatted this information. Pretty sure everyone knows this. Dunkey is dumb AF I'm unsubbing.

  • Alex the Memelord
    Alex the Memelord 12 hours ago

    I'm fishin' for a fight, brother

  • Kobe Manning
    Kobe Manning 12 hours ago

    Toni the tiger from cereal

  • Derek Malhoit
    Derek Malhoit 14 hours ago

    Well I still hope that this new Super Smash Bros. will be GRRRRRRReat!!!

  • Souza's Saniwa
    Souza's Saniwa 14 hours ago

    I love this man, PLEASE keep the videos coming! You are gold

  • HaggardDiva
    HaggardDiva 15 hours ago


  • Anthony Wray
    Anthony Wray 17 hours ago

    Isn't this the sun from the Smash Bros 4 Dream Roster Video?

  • Aric Fabian Espinoza
    Aric Fabian Espinoza 17 hours ago

    Its mario not tony LOOK AT THE HAT AND THE MUSTACH

  • Retro Stage
    Retro Stage 19 hours ago

    I think sans a papyrus can be in cuz undertale in going in switch. I crazy

  • MacCauley Crawford
    MacCauley Crawford 19 hours ago

    Is that Soul Calibur Music?

  • Lord Bootyquake
    Lord Bootyquake 20 hours ago

    Metal Gear Harold confirmed

  • a gaming turtle
    a gaming turtle 21 hour ago

    I’m fishing for a fight

  • An Average Gamer
    An Average Gamer 23 hours ago

    Whats up with the dislikes? Do they not understand that he is joking?

  • Noah Cook
    Noah Cook Day ago

    he just put that thear

  • Noah Cook
    Noah Cook Day ago

    WOAH WOAH WOAH he is link

  • Sayori Viruscomputerbad2003

    Inb4 the Yokai watch avatar guy gets 100+ likes and gets top comment

  • Expressbean 64
    Expressbean 64 Day ago

    I'm fishing for a fight

  • giantpoopbutt Plays

    Nice reference to that animation you did. With macho man on the sun.

  • k k
    k k Day ago


  • Meme God Not Taken

    nobody notice the full stop so it is confirmed that it is smash 6

  • Rizu ._
    Rizu ._ Day ago +1

    *Steve from Minecraft as an unlockable character*

  • Hendrix Paitai
    Hendrix Paitai Day ago

    Not a port

  • Valevma
    Valevma Day ago

    That’s not Tony the Tiger that’s Mister Chief you dunkus

  • EmanThe Dawg
    EmanThe Dawg Day ago

    “the next guy is Kirby”
    Followed by 2 seconds of silence...

  • Pumpkemm -
    Pumpkemm - Day ago

    brain blast op

  • Jelke Hoekstra
    Jelke Hoekstra Day ago

    I agree im 100% aure this is real

  • an anonymous person

    I’m excited to see tony’s moves you know i’ve been waiting for him to be in smash for sooo long btw I think the number at the end is how many days we will have to wait until minecraft 2 is released

  • 21 Pirates
    21 Pirates Day ago

    Finally they have a character Fromm cereal love that franchise

  • Divine Wine
    Divine Wine Day ago

    LOL, I shit you not, you're one of the funniest TVcliprs I've ever watched, if not THE funniest. I love all of your videos, but this one stood out a lot. I fucking love you, bro, keep it up!

  • MC.Kenna.XC
    MC.Kenna.XC Day ago

    Reminder: this has more views than the actual trailer

  • Educated turkey
    Educated turkey Day ago

    I just noticed in the thumbnail the smash logo is the sun from his "dream smash 4 roster" video

  • Bruno Hawkins
    Bruno Hawkins Day ago

    Seems legit

  • Gaydin Hester
    Gaydin Hester Day ago

    How could someone dislike this??

  • Core of Life
    Core of Life Day ago

    Its regie that got me😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brice Lowe
    Brice Lowe Day ago

    "Sams and Wingding"

  • RedShamrock
    RedShamrock Day ago

    Jimmy Neutrons final smash is sodium chloride

  • My Channel
    My Channel Day ago +1

    Eric Cartman for Smash 5

  • Phantom_IceWolf Gaming

    im dying thats so funny

  • Aaron Mathews
    Aaron Mathews Day ago

    Yo the new tamagotchi looks lit.

  • Lisa Castillo
    Lisa Castillo Day ago

    That's Mario not that tiger

  • The Fantastic Paul

    I'd nut if Gamera was in the the game.

  • TheCheezWizz
    TheCheezWizz Day ago

    also you missed frog to the left of boss baby

  • tugatom
    tugatom Day ago

    i laughed so hard... KEEP IT UP DUNKEY :)

  • Mmmm_Crunchy
    Mmmm_Crunchy Day ago

    If you look at the far right you can see Sam Puckett from iCarly

  • TheCheezWizz
    TheCheezWizz Day ago

    I know you're using it as a joke but nobody serious is saying it's not a port because of "the line", they'd be saying it because they're not using the existing title, and instead a plain logo with the usual font they've been using since brawl (and melee too, but they didn't bend the melee text so it doesn't even count) and a smash symbol that isn't slanted. USUALLY, that means they don't have a logo yet. Why would they need a new logo for a port?

  • Renan David Soria Ahumada

    BErT AND ERNIEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • Maximillian Wolfe
    Maximillian Wolfe 2 days ago +7

    Who else maining Jimmy Neutron?

  • carlos perea
    carlos perea 2 days ago

    Dunkey I'm expecting a smash 5 dream roster I betta see batman on a boat with human legs coming out of the closet and says I'm looking for my parents bro

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones 2 days ago

    I hope they add the paddle from pong in this one

  • Jacopo Barberis
    Jacopo Barberis 2 days ago

    The thumbnail is fishing for a fight bruh

  • Shawn Elston
    Shawn Elston 2 days ago

    the sans and papyrus silhouettes kinda look like light and ryuk

  • Pink Droid
    Pink Droid 2 days ago


  • G Dudes Club
    G Dudes Club 2 days ago

    So real

  • XYWgames 07
    XYWgames 07 2 days ago

    The number at the end is the price
    The game is going to cost $2018 because they have to pay all the characters or they will quit

  • shalev ohayon
    shalev ohayon 2 days ago

    Where is banjo?

  • KriegReptileMaster
    KriegReptileMaster 2 days ago

    This is the funniest Dunkey video I've seen in a while. Fucking dying laughing.

  • Maxton Huff
    Maxton Huff 2 days ago

    I wasn’t impressed until boss baby

  • ThetrueMarksmen
    ThetrueMarksmen 2 days ago

    6.9k people thought this was a real analysis

  • ISeeU
    ISeeU 2 days ago


  • TheGoldenMop
    TheGoldenMop 2 days ago +1

    Dunkey come on man who the heck is Samus? I think you called him by his wrong name his real name is Metroid

  • nicc revell
    nicc revell 2 days ago

    Who else is maining troupple king?

  • Corey Smith
    Corey Smith 2 days ago +2

    My consultant Sky Williams (whom I beat in Smash)

  • Toasted Anime
    Toasted Anime 2 days ago

    I'm fishing for a fight.

  • Swoul Machi
    Swoul Machi 2 days ago


  • Zulf
    Zulf 2 days ago

    And now I can only see these characters... Damnit I can only see Bert and Ernie

  • Gaems
    Gaems 2 days ago

    "I'm fishin' for a fight brother."

    Anyone remember that?

  • Ethan Alker
    Ethan Alker 2 days ago

    Cinq is pronounced sanc

  • PretzelDonutPotato
    PretzelDonutPotato 2 days ago +1

    On the thumbnail it shows macho man riding the sun and the sun has sunglasses

  • IeFrenchGuy
    IeFrenchGuy 2 days ago

    Can someone make a game with those characters ?

  • John Mead
    John Mead 2 days ago

    I heard Gabe Newell is the final boss.

  • Your Friendly Hacker

    better be on PC

  • Kyle Kelly
    Kyle Kelly 2 days ago

    Fucking wingding

  • Steven Kelley
    Steven Kelley 3 days ago

    Super Knack Bros.: Six Golden Knacks

  • Omen Stance
    Omen Stance 3 days ago


  • AlliDidWasPressA
    AlliDidWasPressA 3 days ago

    0/10, no Dora, Bigley, Shrek or Barney

  • Sarah Halley
    Sarah Halley 3 days ago

    Been waiting for Tony the Tiger from cereal for years

  • WatAngelin
    WatAngelin 3 days ago +1

    I Think We Need Micheal Jackson As An Moonwalking unlockable.

  • Mekishiko
    Mekishiko 3 days ago

    I can't wait to main Jimmy Neutron. Shits gonna dope. kappa

  • DeathFromBelow 11
    DeathFromBelow 11 3 days ago

    Smash Bros.: Retarded Edition

  • artman40
    artman40 3 days ago

    No Tarzan? Come on, CD Project Red! Get your shit together!!

  • Max Ortiz
    Max Ortiz 3 days ago

    he's wrong. it isnt jimmy neutron. its clearly Staravia

  • roseily reyntjes
    roseily reyntjes 3 days ago

    Yes i love same bras fove

  • Neonal
    Neonal 3 days ago +1

    that is clearly Ryuk from Death Note not Papyrus

  • An random issac has appeared

    Remember when dunkey beat sky in smash?

  • Colin Driscoll
    Colin Driscoll 3 days ago

    Boss babbbbbbbyyyyyy!!!!

  • does this work?
    does this work? 3 days ago

    I think I wanna main Bert and Ernie they are pretty op.

  • miss misanthropist
    miss misanthropist 3 days ago

    and for a moment i thought this wasn't satirical

  • ItsYee
    ItsYee 3 days ago

    i was like *ugh another cringey youtuber, what is there to analise any way?*
    but then *this was pretty funny!*

  • Super shadow The hedgehog the gamer

    Let’s see the next game of the year

  • Peter Indy
    Peter Indy 3 days ago


  • NareshPlays
    NareshPlays 3 days ago

    I geel that the undertale is probabky wrong but right

  • Bobby Peru
    Bobby Peru 3 days ago

    Realized it was a joke when he said "Troople" King. Everybody the right way to pronounce Trouple!

  • HoosYaNicka
    HoosYaNicka 3 days ago

    All brilliant analysysts.. the man, the myth... the dunkey.

  • Taco limited
    Taco limited 3 days ago

    They replaced donkey kong with jimmy. FINALLY

  • Blackimar
    Blackimar 3 days ago

    “In Splatoon’s eye”

  • OSNM 362008
    OSNM 362008 3 days ago


  • Mazri Mazri
    Mazri Mazri 3 days ago +1

    we want krystal from star fox she can use her staff