Super Smash Bros - Trailer Analysis

  • Published on Mar 10, 2018
  • Dunkey takes a closer look at the new Smash Bros trailer to reveal some juicy new info about the upcoming game.
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  • Justin Y is cancer
    Justin Y is cancer 5 hours ago


  • The Anime Crew
    The Anime Crew 15 hours ago

    Jimmy Neutron! Bert and Ernie!
    Hes just kirby

  • Roman Smith
    Roman Smith 22 hours ago


  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 2 days ago +3

    It is shocking how many things he got correct

  • Bum B
    Bum B 4 days ago

    I’m here one year late.

  • Evan Petrolle
    Evan Petrolle 4 days ago +1

    Oh so it’s a port?

  • AmazingNintendoNerd
    AmazingNintendoNerd 9 days ago

    Can’t believe this was almost exactly a year ago...

  • heyitserick
    heyitserick 10 days ago

    I ‘ M F I S H I N G F O R A F I G H T B R O T H E R

  • Spit
    Spit 10 days ago

    this is a year old wow

  • Benjamin Wilkin
    Benjamin Wilkin 11 days ago

    I'm fishing for a fight brother

  • NF Salty
    NF Salty 13 days ago

    This was the first dunkey video I have ever watched

  • Jocy Aguilera
    Jocy Aguilera 14 days ago +1

    2:link I think
    3:donkey kong
    4:ice climbers
    6:zero suit samus
    8:I have no idea
    Yep half of them are wrong

    • Shourik Banerjee
      Shourik Banerjee Day ago +1

      I can't believe you took this seriously

    • Wixon Wicker
      Wixon Wicker 6 days ago +1

      Jocy Aguilera he actually got them all so uh you're wrong

  • Atomic Dynamite
    Atomic Dynamite 15 days ago +1

    I don't know whether to cringe or laugh 😂😖

  • Asriel Ra
    Asriel Ra 16 days ago

    Why would tony be there xdd

  • Jadon
    Jadon 16 days ago

    I think mario is in this game

  • Political Memes
    Political Memes 18 days ago

    Jimmy neutron is my main

  • Sam Holder
    Sam Holder 25 days ago

    Personally I think that the “Tony the tiger” looking character is Reggie. They didn’t want us to know yet because Reggie’s body wasn’t quite ready.

  • Cesar Gatica
    Cesar Gatica 28 days ago

    Skye Williams, (who I beat in smash) 😂😂

  • Arnav Negi
    Arnav Negi 28 days ago +4

    Did I see a ....

  • Navid Jalali
    Navid Jalali Month ago


  • POWERnug 77
    POWERnug 77 Month ago


  • Ravex Lasanga
    Ravex Lasanga Month ago


  • HawkinsGaming H20
    HawkinsGaming H20 Month ago


  • Wil Dewey
    Wil Dewey Month ago +4

    Why she lookin @ me like dat

  • Christopher Cleto
    Christopher Cleto Month ago

    Cant wait to play Sam

  • Norma Espana
    Norma Espana Month ago

    My favorite video by him

  • hittzilla streams
    hittzilla streams Month ago

    Jimmy newtron is donkey kong confirmed

  • Qu1nn Playz
    Qu1nn Playz Month ago +2

    I wish knack was in smash

  • Raging Raving
    Raging Raving Month ago

    He was right about it not being a port due to no line though, ill give him that

  • sasuke65743
    sasuke65743 Month ago

    omg XD

    • Nothin
      Nothin Day ago

      thank you for your contribution through this incredibly insightful comment

  • Connor D
    Connor D Month ago


  • brayan a&r gamer
    brayan a&r gamer Month ago +1

    Is mario

  • itsNickHilliard
    itsNickHilliard Month ago +1


  • LanternGames
    LanternGames Month ago

    Smash for 64 best smash

  • Lord TRex
    Lord TRex Month ago

    This is super fake it is Mario not a tiger

    • Spicy Boi
      Spicy Boi Month ago +6

      +Lord TRex That's tony the tiger what are ya stupid

    • daddy paddy
      daddy paddy Month ago +6

      +Lord TRex smh, people now a days keep hacking their consoles to get games early, smh my head...

    • Ned Flix
      Ned Flix Month ago +6

      Mark de Smit yeah I don’t get why he’s doing this to us

    • Mark de Smit
      Mark de Smit Month ago +8

      +Ned Flix this TRex guy is defenitely trolling us.

    • Ned Flix
      Ned Flix Month ago +7

      Lord TRex please stop trying to prank me

  • I am incapable to go erect, anyway

    0:24 he warned us from the start

    BEEG YOSHI Month ago +4

    BEEG YOSHI 0:26

  • Ec ci02
    Ec ci02 Month ago

    The ultimate bamboozle would of been if they actually had 2018 fighters in the game.

  • Billybobjoe 0201
    Billybobjoe 0201 Month ago

    This is honestly one of Finley’s best videos

  • Expo Marker Man
    Expo Marker Man Month ago +14

    After getting the game, I can confirm that every single thing said in the video happened

    • Expo Marker Man
      Expo Marker Man Month ago +1

      Kaitozian his side special is way too strong

    • Kaitozian
      Kaitozian Month ago +2

      dude they need to nerf jimmy neutron, his final smash is so op

  • This Gen Last Gen
    This Gen Last Gen Month ago +6

    Turns out 2018 was the number of characters after all

  • Cassun
    Cassun Month ago +1

    This reminds me of that time dunkey beat sky in smash

  • John Giannakopoulos
    John Giannakopoulos Month ago +3


  • Fejrskov
    Fejrskov Month ago +1

    This is fake

    • Spicy Boi
      Spicy Boi Month ago

      Get out of here you're not one of us anymore

    • AndiThe
      AndiThe Month ago

      No boss bay is innit i checked

    • Kaitozian
      Kaitozian Month ago +1

      no it isnt idiot, have you even played it?

  • War Mac88
    War Mac88 2 months ago

    I want Godzilla in Smash!

  • 843 A.D.
    843 A.D. 2 months ago

    That thumbnail... looks familiar.
    "I'm fishing for a fight!"

  • Olli Olivine
    Olli Olivine 2 months ago

    You missed out on Hey Arnold in the shadows there though, he was just to the right of Jack Skellington

  • cannon
    cannon 2 months ago

    Why did this dumbass think it was a port

    • Spicy Boi
      Spicy Boi Month ago +1

      He never said it was a port dumbass

    • Aunt Jemima
      Aunt Jemima 2 months ago +4

      Because there we're lots of games being ported to the switch and he was not the only who thought this

  • ChampionGold
    ChampionGold 2 months ago

    What if they put macho man on the sun and he’s got a fishing pole and the suns got sunglasses and he says “I’m fishing for a fight brother”

  • Treyworld
    Treyworld 2 months ago

    I died at Jimmy Neutron... XD

  • Clarence Tuurngait
    Clarence Tuurngait 2 months ago +1

    Smash players smell bad.

  • Ninja jack 64
    Ninja jack 64 2 months ago +1

    Well........he got 2.

  • Electri
    Electri 2 months ago

    Not to spoil to joke or anything, but the character he is calling Kirby actually is pac man
    If nobody saw that

    • li he
      li he 2 months ago

      Electri I don’t think it is, he has little arms

  • Yordy martinez
    Yordy martinez 2 months ago +1

    Tony the tiger = Incineroar , he knew all long!!

  • Kai Lovlin
    Kai Lovlin 2 months ago +4

    I dunno if the Mario Brothers will make it into this one as dlc. Nintendo has had a pretty shakey year with the NBA which of course owns Mario

  • Adel Tidjani
    Adel Tidjani 2 months ago +1

    Where is Batman I wanted the next smash to make me feel like Batman

  • Tyler Fox
    Tyler Fox 2 months ago +1

    You lied

    • Tyler Fox
      Tyler Fox 2 months ago


    • Shaggy hair Dude
      Shaggy hair Dude 2 months ago +4

      CoastLineLocal ye how did u not realise this comment was a joke

    • Aunt Jemima
      Aunt Jemima 2 months ago +1

      How did you notice, this video is totally not a joke and it's very serious.

  • Ace Warrior
    Ace Warrior 2 months ago +1

    If u really strain your eyes at the upper left section of the fiery smash logo you can clearly see an outline of someone and that someone is only one character that matters:


    Edit: it appears that this character was removed right before launch, which sucks. Hopefully he’ll return as a dlc.
    Edit #2: Actually, now that I have looked deeper into the matter it appears that it may be an entirely different character:
    Psycho Mantis?
    (Idk for sure)

  • Troy Smith
    Troy Smith 2 months ago

    That’s Kirby

  • Daniel Bowling
    Daniel Bowling 2 months ago

    Pretty good 👍

  • Fat kid Productions
    Fat kid Productions 2 months ago

    gamera doesn't shoot lasers at godzilla

  • TJ Greener
    TJ Greener 2 months ago +4

    After a month i can confirm all his analysis are true

  • Egg Dude
    Egg Dude 2 months ago

    It's funny watching this after the game is out

  • Lucas Gowdy
    Lucas Gowdy 2 months ago

    Sam and wingding are my favorite

  • Chu Palutena
    Chu Palutena 2 months ago


  • Felix Auger
    Felix Auger 2 months ago

    i HOPE they put luigi in this one

  • WiLiZ
    WiLiZ 2 months ago +2

    2019 anyone?
    Give likes

  • FreeWxll
    FreeWxll 2 months ago

    My ribs hurt so bad from laughing for the entire video

  • Jimmy Acevedo
    Jimmy Acevedo 2 months ago +1

    Lmaoo Machoke

  • clay guys studio
    clay guys studio 2 months ago +7

    That dose look like jack skeleton 2:12

    • Ryan Gaon
      Ryan Gaon Month ago

      Well obviously your not good at observing

  • Susie Cidal
    Susie Cidal 2 months ago +2

    Great first video.

  • Burgundy Gold
    Burgundy Gold 2 months ago +1

    Wheres deadpool

  • Satanic Chocobo
    Satanic Chocobo 2 months ago +6

    Had to come here to say he called it all folks, every single thing.

  • How to properly clean your metal computer

    But Dunkey, if you had watched the latest Game Theory you would’ve known that sans is actually already in the game as Ness from Steven Universe.

    • 333
      333 2 months ago +2

      No likes for you this time

  • Big nibba
    Big nibba 2 months ago +1

    Yeah he pretty much got the whole thing right

    UMBRA 2 months ago

    Theres the guy sitting on the sun and hes fishing for a fight

  • ThicBoi Austin
    ThicBoi Austin 2 months ago +4

    It sucks that Jimmy nutron wasn't in ultamate

    • Zachary Wallace
      Zachary Wallace 2 months ago

      +Satanic Chocobo Reggie had to remove him because Dunkey figured it out

    • Satanic Chocobo
      Satanic Chocobo 2 months ago

      What do you mean, he was 100% confirmed you cant just say hes not in the game... REGGIE? HELLO?

  • Salt. Just Salt.
    Salt. Just Salt. 2 months ago


  • Roodly F Buts
    Roodly F Buts 2 months ago +1

    Ya what is the number 2018??

  • Marian Vargas
    Marian Vargas 3 months ago

    Weegee copy

    • DrPenguini
      DrPenguini 2 months ago

      other way around

    • Pervis Edmonds
      Pervis Edmonds 2 months ago

      Marian Vargas Nah he’s definitely a Dunkey clone

  • Brandon Dekeyzer
    Brandon Dekeyzer 3 months ago +7

    He said tony the tiger and he actually made it in

  • Nekra Krithei
    Nekra Krithei 3 months ago +2

    Dang. I am disappointed that Bert and Ernie are not in the new Smash game, along with Tony the Tiger. Regardless, all these hypothesis you laid out were really good.

    • Spicy Boi
      Spicy Boi Month ago

      That's because they're gonna be dlc

    • Huntgbunt
      Huntgbunt 2 months ago

      Nekra Krithei What are you talking about? :3

  • Nardo Polo
    Nardo Polo 3 months ago +1

    Wow, now that Smash Ultimate is out, I'm surprised how much Dunkey got right

  • Scared Cookie101
    Scared Cookie101 3 months ago

    im so scared when my friend is going to use jimmy...hes going to be OP!!

  • Scared Cookie101
    Scared Cookie101 3 months ago

    OMG yass ive been wanting Jimmy for YEARS!!! and also, thanks for pointing out theres a smash logo, never saw it until you mentioned it!!\

  • Jai Mc
    Jai Mc 3 months ago +1


  • Happy Cat
    Happy Cat 3 months ago

    At least he got Zelda

  • Omega Pirate
    Omega Pirate 3 months ago +4


  • BlueBubbleBox 13
    BlueBubbleBox 13 3 months ago +9

    i just found the answer for the number at the end. we have exactly 74 fighters. and there are exactly 103 stages in the game
    74 + 103 = 2018. so you're kinda right about the whole number of characters we're getting

  • ChiefMitchcraft Gaming
    ChiefMitchcraft Gaming 3 months ago +1

    I can't wait to play as Boss Baby once I get my hands on Ultimate!

  • Lukas Provetti
    Lukas Provetti 3 months ago

    Why the video title is in portuguese?

    • blazerlazer
      blazerlazer 2 months ago

      youtube does this auto translate shit now

    • Tatsei
      Tatsei 3 months ago

      Lukas Provetti it’s not

  • Annihilasian
    Annihilasian 3 months ago

    After the release of SSBU, I can confirm that Dunkey has scored an impressive 88.5% accuracy rate. He is an amazing prediction wizard

  • ewins40thday
    ewins40thday 3 months ago

    Definitely DLC 😏

  • Pudding Cup Nation
    Pudding Cup Nation 3 months ago


  • Pudding Cup Nation
    Pudding Cup Nation 3 months ago

    Glad to see that every single one of Dunkey's predictions came true.

  • Bandrew
    Bandrew 3 months ago

    So sad to see jimmy neutron not in the game. Other then that, spot on!

  • SuperAbleTie
    SuperAbleTie 3 months ago

    Well hindsight is 20/20

  • Fre
    Fre 3 months ago

    holy shit he got them spot on

  • benfm22
    benfm22 3 months ago +1

    And it turns out all the predictions were right. Dunkey is a genius.

  • Atsu Asano
    Atsu Asano 3 months ago

    Just coming here 1 hour before the game releases to hype me up a bit more