Dog Reviews Food With Girlfriend | Tucker Taste Test 12

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • Dog Reviews Food With Girlfriend | Tucker Taste Test 12
    Tucker had his girlfriend Journee over today and she wanted to join in on the food reviews and taste testing fun!
    Info: All foods used in this video are safe for dogs IN MODERATION. Before feeding these foods to your dog, always test them in small amounts. Each pup is different!

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  • Tucker Budzyn
    Tucker Budzyn  4 months ago +17013

    FYI: Dogs are carnivores that have the ability to eat plants when needed. Tuckers main meals consist of 90% fresh meat, bone and organ, with a small amount of plant matter. He rejects the veggies in the video since he normally gets all meat. I would never feed my boy anything that would harm him and I have months of research to back that up. Thanks for your constant support frens 🤗

    • Rainbow Poo
      Rainbow Poo 7 hours ago

      @R Baz What do you mean by that?

    • Steve Carras
      Steve Carras 13 hours ago

      Journee made that Journee all the way over and she didn't get enougfh??() Anyeway, amazing!

    • rainbow twins
      rainbow twins 3 days ago

      Tucker Budzyn how this

    • Moonflower Luna
      Moonflower Luna 6 days ago

      Tucker Budzyn what kind of dogs are Tucker and his friends?

    • Human
      Human 7 days ago

      Dogs can be vegetarian, or eat meat. Both can be very healthy for dogs. Dogs are omnivores, they get protein from meat and plants.

  • Ghost
    Ghost 26 seconds ago

    If this was my dog he would be on the table eating the food.
    This is adorable btw

  • gfox gfox.
    gfox gfox. 53 minutes ago

    I love your dog's there so cute

  • L i g h t y a g a m i

    0:31 pause.

  • Jeffica Gacha
    Jeffica Gacha Hour ago +1

    This is how many people like dogs over cats

  • Akeela J Miller
    Akeela J Miller Hour ago

    I just wanna know how tucker asked journey out? Like when did she give consent to be his girlfriend 😂😂

  • Tiffany Nguyen
    Tiffany Nguyen 2 hours ago

    Whoever disliked this video is a mad man ;)

  • Foxy YT
    Foxy YT 3 hours ago

    My dog: see steak

  • Isabella O’Halloran
    Isabella O’Halloran 3 hours ago

    Soo cute

  • Johan Lindqvist
    Johan Lindqvist 4 hours ago

    How can someone dislike this :(

  • Yekta MO
    Yekta MO 4 hours ago


  • hoff toffe
    hoff toffe 5 hours ago

    Hand over chimkens over there but it give some carrots

  • Athallia Qatr
    Athallia Qatr 7 hours ago

    As long as the veggies/fruits not contain cellulose in it, then your dog can eat them. Carnivores don't have the enzyme that catalyze cellulose that's why they can't eat most veggies/fruits.

  • Jovaughn Serna
    Jovaughn Serna 11 hours ago

    Omg tucker is so cute when he try’s the food 😆

  • Hot bay
    Hot bay 12 hours ago

    *only eat the watermelon*

  • Delilah Scheffen
    Delilah Scheffen 12 hours ago

    1:46 I couldn’t help to replay it 😂😂😂

  • Remoel Aldepolla
    Remoel Aldepolla 12 hours ago

    Tucker's girlfriend is really pretty

  • REaL toothless
    REaL toothless 12 hours ago


  • Kuns How
    Kuns How 13 hours ago +1

    So cute

  • April Martin del campo
    April Martin del campo 14 hours ago

    Ur dog looks like my puppy madison my dog is a mix of a golden retrever.Tuker also acts like my dog🐶😄😇😀😁😂😊😆

  • RYANtheGREATEST truely
    RYANtheGREATEST truely 14 hours ago

    me need C H I M K E N

  • Lisa Peterson
    Lisa Peterson 17 hours ago

    whos linda?

  • Julie Dicks
    Julie Dicks 20 hours ago +1

    This was cute as hell 🧡🐶

  • Faith Brown
    Faith Brown 22 hours ago

    Ok so I know this video came out 4 months ago but I can’t STOP obsessing over how cute those dogs are and how the words above them fit PERFECTLY

  • Beautifully Kayla
    Beautifully Kayla 22 hours ago

    Journee is the enthusiastic vegan friend and tucker is me

  • kawaii potato is dumb lol

    Why is all the girls the only ones who like healthy stuff 😑😑

  • Adriana Amaro
    Adriana Amaro 23 hours ago

    Journey’s on a diet I guess

  • Drippy_ BrittTv
    Drippy_ BrittTv 23 hours ago

    Tucker just wanted sum that involved meat 😂😂❤️

  • Jessica Cracknell
    Jessica Cracknell Day ago +1

    Did anyone else think that when they were eating the lettuce they made a love heart shape?

  • John Dombrowski
    John Dombrowski Day ago

    Your dogs 🐕 are sooooo cute.

  • Golden o Magnífico!

    Adoroooooo 😛

  • Egg Gacha
    Egg Gacha Day ago


  • Yuria
    Yuria Day ago +16

    „What’s that?”
    “oh cool”

  • Ivy VergakisCrawford

    So cute. My Lab loves Green Beans

  • Mario Cruz
    Mario Cruz Day ago +1

    All im saying is that this dogs are proving broccoli tastes like shit

  • doctor bright
    doctor bright Day ago

    what happened to maya

  • Cupcake master vids and play time Orlando magic

    So your name is linda right so it's kinda budynz

  • Emery Gaskins
    Emery Gaskins Day ago

    Poor little dog getting laughped at in the commentes cauze thout it was something else pasides the brocaalie

  • Sunshine Unicorn Gacha

    1:22 Me when i see broccoli on my plate

  • Amber the fwoofy Dogs life

    And why is he cheating on maya?

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Day ago +1

    I love them hahaha$$$$

  • mie oon mie
    mie oon mie Day ago

    I want Watermelon!

  • Bardha Coka
    Bardha Coka Day ago

    Ummm tomato is a fruit:)

  • yisus
    yisus Day ago

    Que raza es eson esos perros

  • Shibi Sr
    Shibi Sr 2 days ago

    Oh I wish I had two adorable dogs like that

  • Peachy milk _
    Peachy milk _ 2 days ago

    So today I feel terrible but this makes me so happy 😁

  • Amelia-Roze brooke jordan

    My dog was named Tucker but he needed to be put down because he couldn't walk properly :(

  • DogeBreadForLife -Every slice matters

    Tucker needs to try and like more food ;-;

  • Youtube Acc
    Youtube Acc 2 days ago

    They are SO CUTE!! 🐕

    JOURNI KING 2 days ago

    You wanna know something funny?
    *my name is Journi UwU*

  • Chanderpaul Jagmohan

    My dog ain't like vegetables.
    These golden retrievers ate vegetables..what??
    Some cool dogs

  • iisxnny• blushii
    iisxnny• blushii 2 days ago +1

    Do your dogs every get diarea sorry if i spelled it wrong but like for real

  • Kathryn Harrington
    Kathryn Harrington 3 days ago

    I have 5 cats. Ozzy, Rogers, Rascal. Plus Rogers & Rascal 2 kids. Floki & Ivar. These guys will eat anything. Watching these 2 babies are very enjoyable

  • Tony flores
    Tony flores 3 days ago +1

    U should Mack more videos rut with all the dogs :3 *I wove ur videos

  • Angela W
    Angela W 3 days ago

    So funny. they are adorable!

  • Bindoo Maraye
    Bindoo Maraye 3 days ago


  • Bindoo Maraye
    Bindoo Maraye 3 days ago


  • Rod & Mi
    Rod & Mi 3 days ago

    Tucker, ma fren, you can’t deny your delish chimken no matter how mucc you try. Much agree