Bannon Suggests Trump Defund Robert Mueller's Investigation

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • Just because Steve Bannon was let go as White House chief strategist doesn't mean he can't keep giving the President terrible ideas.
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Comments • 2 014

  • Larry Luster
    Larry Luster 22 days ago

    That's the best O.J. joke ever

  • AwesomeMom1234
    AwesomeMom1234 7 months ago

    I'd donate to Mueller!

  • Losaiko Go Blue
    Losaiko Go Blue 7 months ago

    Bailing out of Syria ix a good destraction, unfortunately America woll pay the price. I think this was Putin's Christmas present.
    I want an Impeachment for my present. Write your Senate.
    I'd help fund Mueller with a "Go Fund Mueller page"!!!

  • Giotto
    Giotto 7 months ago

    Money, money,'s NEVER enough. These people are insatiable, psychopathic monsters.

  • Andrew Muñoz
    Andrew Muñoz 7 months ago

    I hate when the band leader does that annoying ass noise over the song every time "eeeaaahhhhh"

  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime 7 months ago +1

    I don't know if I'd rather see him die in prison or on the way to prison.

  • m3 talent agency
    m3 talent agency 7 months ago

    The word of the day is: Fake

  • killerjhul
    killerjhul 7 months ago +2

    "Maybe it's a surprise party"
    I died!

  • Christopher Moyer
    Christopher Moyer 7 months ago +1

    Hooray, not that same exit music clip again. Please continue to post the clips this way! It's too repetitive.

  • FedUpFederation Worldwide

    Dude in the background is a nuisance

  • Mahir Fredericks
    Mahir Fredericks 7 months ago

    I'm sure i'm the only person who thinks that john Baptiste needs his mic turned off during the show

  • lillallelillalle
    lillallelillalle 7 months ago +1

    Colbert makes me ugly laugh so much 😂

  • H S
    H S 7 months ago

    Wtf is wrong with Jon Baptiste? Worst side kick ever. Seriously hw just makes noises instead of contributing to the show. Worthless.

  • Michael Ou
    Michael Ou 7 months ago

    I'll put in 100$ if they defund him LOL, I'll put 1000$ to see trump in jail right away XD

  • richard alvarado
    richard alvarado 7 months ago

    Make a GoFundMe and I bet we'd raise 5B in a week!

  • Earl Gray
    Earl Gray 7 months ago +1

    After Donny J (for Jackass ) Trumputin's impeachment we will see and hear the Sensational Barbara Streisand sing "Happy Days Are Here Again" in person through the corridors of the new supermax prison that will be constructed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to house the Trump and his posse. After all that vile pig Donny J. has one coming from her. OiVey ! Vote to impeach at: We Must Do This For Our Children.

  • Earl Gray
    Earl Gray 7 months ago +2

    * * * Trump has just lifted a ban on importing elephant trophies from two African nations - Zimbabwe and Zambia. These beautiful animals are listed as threatened on the endangered species list. I have added clips from the story below. There is already a problem with poachers killing these animals. Please help by signing this petition to reverse his decision. These intelligent giants need our help. We need a minimum of 100,000 signatures in 30 days, so PLEASE sign and forward to all your friends to get the word out.
    WASHINGTON - The Trump administration will reverse an Obama-era ban on the importation of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia after determining that sport hunting in those countries will help conserve the species, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed Wednesday.
    The decision was made public not by the federal agency but via a celebratory news release early Tuesday from Safari Club International, a trophy hunting advocacy group that, along with the National Rifle Association, sued to block the 2014 ban.
    African elephants have been listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act since 1978. A provision of the law, however, allows for sport-hunted trophies to be imported if the government determines that hunting will help safeguard the population, But the number of Savanna elephants continues to dwindle. From 2007 to 2014, the population dropped by 30 percent, or about 144,000 animals, across 18 African countries, according to the 2016 Great Elephant Census. In Zimbabwe, it fell 6 percent. And “substantial declines” have been recorded along the Zambezi River in Zambia, although the population elsewhere in the country remained stable.
    President Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, are also avid big game hunters. In a photo that surfaced in 2012, Trump Jr. can be seen holding the tail of an elephant he shot and killed in Africa.Impeach Trumputin at We MUST do this for our children. Oivey !

  • Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens 7 months ago

    Nixon in shark infested waters. , jumped out , to me it seemed like a surprise , " what." skull duggery tis this? " this promises to drag on an on ,,,it feels far worse , 59%wise .

  • Eugene Ellis
    Eugene Ellis 7 months ago

    I can't stand that dude in the background. He's f****** and annoying. Stop making all them extra sounds....

  • Paladin auag
    Paladin auag 8 months ago

    He looks like a kiddy fiddler facilitator!

  • Paladin auag
    Paladin auag 8 months ago

    Is this comedy?

  • Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 8 months ago

    When trump is impeached the world is gonna laugh so hard

  • David Beaulieu
    David Beaulieu 8 months ago

    kinwa is bad for the environmsnt. Clear cutting the rainforest and enslavement and dislocation of indigenous people. Freaking health nuts

  • Bill Baldwin
    Bill Baldwin Year ago

    Trump is incompetent. What else can you say?

  • thetexanfan
    thetexanfan Year ago

    If only we had a president that acted and looked presidential verses one who is being presidential(like Trump). I can name about a half dozen personal things or flaws I see in Trump that I don't like, but I see where his experience and knowledge of business and his passion for America is far greater than his negatives. Skip all the insults about looks and personal life and let's take a test after his term is over and do the grading. I had this same attitude with Obama even when family and friends were knocking him before he ever took a step inside the White House. "Give the guy a chance" was my motto. Trump's horn blowing and need for attention might rub "me" the wrong way but the effect he is having on America is far better. To have people working, feeling of having a purpose and hope means far more to me than his hair, hat or how he speaks to others.
    This walk softly and carry a big stick is bologna. You carry a big stick and don't conceal it. When it comes to taking care of America first, the feelings of our allies or enemies and how they feel doesn't concern me. We can play nice but that only got us a 804,000,000,000 deficit. There is nice and then there is just plane stupid. The need of many out-weight those of the few, or the one. Forget about the 1% or the Hollywood stars, I care more about the majority and how they are doing. Majority= People of all colors and how happy they are. Hollywood? Is a joke and pretend they are better people than most. Their words and opinions equate to more than ours. Just how many are upset Hillary didn't win? Please get real and next time, try to support a person who is capable of doing the job and not just looking the part or "acting". At least we will not hear Trump going on an apology tour and tell all the other nations how awful we are and ashamed he is of us. Obama? 2 terms to divide the country and he could of done it one. Got a Nobel prize for....? shortly after becoming President?...Really? That sure dilutes the passion in trying to better yourself when you are given something and not earned. Obama was a sissy and coward which knew nothing about business.

  • Axel Lindquist
    Axel Lindquist Year ago

    Anyone else wish he used the last part to talk about how ppl are more politically involved and can see the effect of resting on our laurels and allowing these things to happen? Could’ve had an honest and deep message but chose talk about chuck e. fucking cheese

  • daniel job
    daniel job Year ago

    Stop bagging on Wholefoods, guys.
    As a man who knew how to grow potatoes in his own excrement long before Andy Weir wrote 'The Martian', I have absolutely no objection to hosing them off and selling them to strangers for $10 a kilogram!
    Yay Wholefoods! :)
    P.S: 40Lt per cubic foot? In America that might be soil, in Coober Pedy it's a fricken Swimming Pool!!!

  • Penelope Hunt
    Penelope Hunt Year ago

    Oh Jesus 😂😂😂😂

  • aon10003
    aon10003 Year ago

    Vox as a source, i think i trust Manaforte if thats the choice. I even trust Bill Clinton.

  • jpkjnn
    jpkjnn Year ago

    lol.. this was so great.

  • Grace Padilla
    Grace Padilla Year ago

    Hahaha. A new orange jumpsuit and pair of “bracelets”.

  • O.H.M. Aethera ab Regnum.

    Haha! I told you! Even made a pick of it via comedy twitter rant.

  • Paco Vasda
    Paco Vasda Year ago

    He needs to do something cuz Trump is nowhere near smart enough for Mueller not even close

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler Year ago

    Dumb libtards pout about this while the market booms and jobs are soaring. Haha

  • Michiro
    Michiro Year ago

    (A bit off topic), I wonder if people realize how talented John Batiste is. 🙂

  • Gabrielle Barron
    Gabrielle Barron Year ago +1

    If Bannon is the picture, where is the actual Dorian Gray?

  • Enrique Garcia
    Enrique Garcia Year ago +1


    NDFOOTBALL Year ago

    Trump is the greatest president since Reagan. No collusion no obstruction no case. Trump 8 years strong

    • Frank Garrett
      Frank Garrett Year ago

      I love you delusional morons, keep it up with the comedy!

  • Mahthah
    Mahthah Year ago

    NO OREOS!!! They moved most of the manufacturing to Mexico, I boycott them. You don't have to? But I do, on principle - and they were MY FAVORITE COOKIE!!!!!!!!

  • Mahthah
    Mahthah Year ago

    Go Mueller! Go Mueller! Go Mueller! Go Mueller!

  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch Year ago

    cornholebert still disrespecting Potus fire this asshole

    • Atticus Finch
      Atticus Finch Year ago

      I've never seen any disrespect like this ever. what a horrible monologue.

    • Frank Garrett
      Frank Garrett Year ago

      Is there a law that says we must respect the president?

  • Robert Lee Arnold Jr

    Do they have Millions $ I'll call Beverly in Texas s.o.b.s

  • JKN
    JKN Year ago +1

  • Petitio Principii

    Only about 384,000 results for "Donald TrAmp". SAD.

  • Petitio Principii

    Obviously them liberals prefer daily death tolls of 2001-9-11s than days with Trump as their president and just regular deaths plus the eventual mass shooting deaths. They hate Amerca, that Tramp is maeking graet agaen, evryday.

  • Dave D
    Dave D Year ago

    Obstruction of justice.why would an innocent man want to halt an investigation into his innocence?he should welcome it and let it show his innocence.

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore Year ago +1

    Steve Bannon looks like a fermenting fungus in a Petrie dish. Eww😖

  • Mac Clark
    Mac Clark Year ago

    You really have to be a Complete idiot to see this guy as Comedy. Or a Communist Left Lover.

  • Margaret Womacque
    Margaret Womacque Year ago +1

    Yes Trump should defund Mueller since Mueller already made millions on Uranium trade/ actually sale since America got nothing in return from sale. Mueller is just covering up his connection to Russia!

  • dingguhlbary
    dingguhlbary Year ago +1

    John batiste is prettttty freaking annoying

  • CButtonshaw
    CButtonshaw Year ago

    STEVE! Tell Trump to keep being President! quick! OH OH! Tell Trump to breathe

  • BurneR BlasT CasT
    BurneR BlasT CasT Year ago +1

    Get Rid of the Piano Player with someone more hip. He's more of a distraction.

  • Rogue Vigilante
    Rogue Vigilante Year ago +1

    Youre just not funny

  • imgrado
    imgrado Year ago

    I love this show, but can they turn down John's mic?

  • Shuen Ray
    Shuen Ray Year ago +1

    Oh my oh... the dude with the band should know when to shut it. So distracting...


    A surprise party with an orange jumpsuit, a pair of new bracelets, free healthcare, and food and lodging. But, no double scoop of ice cream! Bhahahahaha. God speed Robert Mueller.

  • Alonso Moya
    Alonso Moya Year ago

    Wheel hot bacteria east opportunity twin bombing each easy dismiss colleague.

  • Patrick Xavier
    Patrick Xavier Year ago

    Love you so much Stephen!

  • Machinedead
    Machinedead Year ago +1

    there's a seagul in the studio again!

  • ElzinTheAnomaly
    ElzinTheAnomaly Year ago

    Is it just me or did he slip into his old Colbert Report self towards the end there?

  • Mike Mcneill
    Mike Mcneill Year ago +1

    Trump will get re elected in 2020 and you triggered snowflakes will still be saying what about Russia guys your making yourself look stupid

  • Mike Mcneill
    Mike Mcneill Year ago

    Praise the 2nd amendment so we can arm ourselves against these hoax mass shootings

  • Russ Tul
    Russ Tul Year ago

    I love this guy. Remember how he made George W look even more diciculous than he is?

  • Methrael
    Methrael Year ago

    ...Unfortunately, you can't search that at 41.858266 lat, -74.761642 long ... that place went from bustling to ghost town with the railroads.

  • Al Sübhi
    Al Sübhi Year ago

    Bond007 o lord that's also my internet password.

  • Ultimate Zeno Russell


  • the TOMSTER
    the TOMSTER Year ago

    he missed the opportunity - on a serious note - here to tell america thats its the best its ever been, because it finally gets involved!

  • Mindy Hitchcock
    Mindy Hitchcock Year ago

    Let's hope Manafort and his hench boss both go to jail...where they belong.

  • Bocas Cabañas
    Bocas Cabañas Year ago

    Just here in Panama wondering when USA people with their social media, pick a facebook pic agains TRump and who will share.... Rebel against this payaso and STRIKE agains your president. Show them what you think so your coward politicy know that time has come to show their true colors! Viva USA you can do it! Get up, stand up! This Trump is not representing USA a all, he is a *** clown! Unite!

  • Miles Deighton
    Miles Deighton Year ago

    Trump and co are awful but this show is so forced laughs sometimes

  • Sinead Quilter
    Sinead Quilter Year ago

    A surprise party 😂😂😂😂

  • Ali Haji
    Ali Haji Year ago

    You getting boring dude

  • Viscera Trocar
    Viscera Trocar Year ago

    I joined the army during OIF. I was trained to kill strangers with my bare hands to secure President Cheney's personal petroleum investments. I hate Drumpf more. Albeit not much. But Drumpf somehow managed to lower Dubya's standards in empathy, human decency, compassion, and intellegence. Dubya AT LEAST can blame the obvious heavy alcoholism. Drumpf doesn't drink! He is the epitome of every American stereotype in one. No wonder other countries hate our culture.

  • RiverSmash
    RiverSmash Year ago +2

    Please turn off Jon Batiste's mic!!! His sound effects are awful, and they take away from the jokes. He throws everything off.

  • D Mack
    D Mack Year ago

    It's all collapsing around Trump...this comedy is writing itself. Trump's it's just a matter of how many get locked up.

  • DrMossydog
    DrMossydog Year ago

    I have a pen, I have a indictment, Indictment pen!

  • Emily King
    Emily King Year ago

    Confirming as a former Chuck E Cheese employee that Chuck E.'s really name is, in fact, Charles Entertainment Cheese.

  • Kashia Ivy
    Kashia Ivy Year ago +1

    Tell John Baptiste to shut tf up

  • Whatever Happened To Fun?

    Stop dreamin' about Trump in jail remember what happened with Watergate and Iran Contra?
    Presidential pardon, you can do whatever you want and you will never go to jail!

  • dat vergil doe
    dat vergil doe Year ago

    Charles entertainment cheese 😂

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen Year ago

    3:42 the media just acknowledged that black supremacy is even a possible concept? shouldn't the universe be collapsing? or pigs at least start growing wings?

  • railspony
    railspony Year ago

    You can't even pronounce quinoa, how am I supposed to take you seriously?

  • Jon E
    Jon E Year ago

    Holy shit, imagine there is WW2 vet out there who lived through that shit and essentially said "Nah, Trump is the worst thing in US history, I'd rather storm the beaches of Iwo Jima again."

  • jmmacb03
    jmmacb03 Year ago

    Gawd, I love this man. He is the only reason I have been sane for the last 2 yrs…

  • unifieddynasty
    unifieddynasty Year ago

    The liberal fever dream actually sounds pretty good...

  • Carl Bailey
    Carl Bailey Year ago

    anyone who lived through the depression and then world war 2 woulda laughed at all you pussies.

  • Carl Bailey
    Carl Bailey Year ago

    all of those rich bitches will scrabble for extra bucks at any and every opportunity.

  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch Year ago

    colbert wants us to believe the left is better.

  • ‘Cave Beast Demon'

    Manafort is NOT facing 15 years in prison, as I’ve heard! If he gets more than 5 years I will eat my hat.Trump will probably pardon him and / or everybody and this will all be for nothing.

  • paul fogarty
    paul fogarty Year ago

    Paul Manafort? How 'bout Paul Manypassports.

  • Dicky Wang
    Dicky Wang Year ago +1

    Can someone please shut john baptiste up. He's so annoying and he sucks. Get a new Band Colbert.

  • Juan Pablo Fuentealba

    bond I dont wanna go to jail

  • atilla hun
    atilla hun Year ago

    So NY terror attack didn’t work ?

  • Kar Fos
    Kar Fos Year ago +1

    The laugh of his band leader-Batiste-is so damn annoying!!!!

  • D Chase
    D Chase Year ago

    You are a very angry, bitter, and mean human being. Maybe your delusion that it's the fault of a President you and others are so broken is a cover for your anti social behavior. Truth is often deemed to be blunt, rude, and to the point, which is why so few make it their friend.

  • kchiem
    kchiem Year ago +1

    Music guy is getting annoying.

  • HarryHardhead
    HarryHardhead Year ago

    4:20. "Yea, there just rounding up all your friends and family and asking them questions about you. Maybe Robert Mueller is planning you a surprise party. They're going to give you an orange jumpsuit and a new pair of bracelets." OH YEA, BABY!!

  • Bimse frandsen
    Bimse frandsen Year ago

    Damn, Jon Batiste's contribution to this show have been comletely reduced to making stupid noises... a five year old with a keyboard could hold his job now. He's basicly just anyoing now..

  • ag
    ag Year ago

    What is up with your piano guy and his constant wailing?

  • Kevin Sugia
    Kevin Sugia Year ago

    What is wrong with the audience and producers of this show?? Can you not see?........that Jon Batiste is clearly having a violent seizure episode every time he starts randomly yelling garbled nonsense? This poor man! It has happened so many times, the sheer number of net aneurysms he has now suffered....he cannot even notice base comedic timing, even spelled out to him excrutiatingly right in front of the audience over years.......why do you all so cruelly laugh, and jest, while this poor simpleton has seizure after obnoxious seizure, becomes simpler and simpler?? Oh the humanity!.....