Names That Are Banned In Different Countries


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  • Swazainab A. Hassan

    My name is maged is that not ban

  • Namita Singh
    Namita Singh 3 days ago

    Ronaldo chateerji

  • PotatoGod
    PotatoGod 3 days ago

    Imdidnt hear USA in here

  • republic of simsakastan

    My son name is burger king

  • Legendary Foot
    Legendary Foot 5 days ago

    Daughter: Dad, I'm hungry!
    Dad: hello Hungry! I'm Dad!
    Daughter: Why did you call me that name?

  • Arturo Ochoa
    Arturo Ochoa 6 days ago

    What about usnavy

  • Meowgical Pusheen
    Meowgical Pusheen 7 days ago

    why the hell is tom a illegal name?

  • Arshad Marzuq
    Arshad Marzuq 7 days ago

    3:17 lol who want to name a child a sex fruit or circumcision, how ridiculous!

  • Iam Ded
    Iam Ded 9 days ago


  • Matthew Parker jr
    Matthew Parker jr 10 days ago

    I Don't Have A Weird Name But My Dad Has My Same Name Like My Full Name

  • bedor
    bedor 12 days ago

    im turkish

  • anaid at gacha HAS LOST HER JAMS

    I will name my baby boi "oof"

  • Tashawn memes
    Tashawn memes 14 days ago

    I wonder what it will be like to be called *sex fruit*

    CRICKET GUY 15 days ago

    Kim Jon Un
    Banned in North Korea

  • truth
    truth 16 days ago

    and also, some one is named huguuguuhoohoogogogouujiik. tf

  • Justin Ekka
    Justin Ekka 18 days ago +1

    my friend name is prince

  • Ivana Sorrells
    Ivana Sorrells 18 days ago

    craziest name ive heard was Jayjalooah (pronounced JAY~jah~LOU~uh)

  • Ivana Sorrells
    Ivana Sorrells 18 days ago :Lianna allowed??? cuz ive been wanting to name my child (if its girl) Lianna if i ever have one

  • Capitalist Anonymous
    Capitalist Anonymous 20 days ago

    Immigration Officer:
    Can I See Your Passport
    Guy: My NAME is Burgerking
    Immigration Officer:
    Are you Joking? WTF

  • Wes The Gaming Guy
    Wes The Gaming Guy 20 days ago +1

    My buddys name is chestlavakia

  • Domantas Gaming And Mapping

    Banning the name Tom is so stupid!

  • Acash The LeBron Fan 2018

    ILLEGAL NAME AROUND THE WORLD: Uvuvwewewe Onyetenyeye Ugwemubem Osas

  • Acash The LeBron Fan 2018


  • Kebab Mapping
    Kebab Mapping 26 days ago

    wheres jkdsjfkjflfjadkljfdkslfj daslkjfdmsnmfknjfnjfeaknfd

    pronounced "Alvin"

    GAMEN_MET _JOOST 26 days ago

    My name is most famous ali

  • Uhlee Pascual
    Uhlee Pascual 27 days ago +1

    Can i name my son Die?(or Die Already?)

  • slug2012
    slug2012 27 days ago

    Calling me "evil/unfriendly slug2012" will result of getting thrown off my apartment

  • Eni Possible
    Eni Possible Month ago

    How about?...

    Ella Nutella

  • GabV
    GabV Month ago


  • Xxsever_ ShadowxX
    Xxsever_ ShadowxX Month ago

    Lol burger king hhahahaha lol

  • GabPlayz/Physical Player

    the craziest names i see is dovahkiin

  • Zamika Playz
    Zamika Playz Month ago

    That's wrong I had a friend whose name was Linda

  • Jan Lawniczak
    Jan Lawniczak Month ago

    what are the banned names in Poland?

    GOD OBEY Month ago

    Have you guys heard of a last name called Dickinson
    It should be embarrassing to have it as a last name

  • SmugOwl
    SmugOwl Month ago

    kok chooi.

  • Mystic55
    Mystic55 Month ago

    WHY PLUTO!?!?

  • iGarbage
    iGarbage Month ago

    Some dudes name is Batman Bin Suparman

  • France
    France Month ago

    I’d name mine

  • Insub0rdination AJ
    Insub0rdination AJ Month ago +1

    My name is too basic. It ain't banned nowhere. 😐

  • Молодые крылья

    My name is band in Saudi Arabia I’m Elena

  • TheGoldenPC
    TheGoldenPC Month ago

    name your son *uvuvyemyemyemuonyettienwenwenugmehugmeh osas*

  • Ran, Zheng,
    Ran, Zheng, Month ago

    in China there are people literally named Climax(高潮). the most common names in the old days are numbers such as "three" or "four", or even "big dog". For example, if your family name is Li, then most likely you will be "Four Li"(李四)

  • TheYTPShow
    TheYTPShow Month ago +1

    What if we we don't have name

  • Mathar Bebe
    Mathar Bebe Month ago


  • Mathar Bebe
    Mathar Bebe Month ago

    its a giys name

  • Mathar Bebe
    Mathar Bebe Month ago

    the craziest name i heard was anaconda

  • Annie Marina
    Annie Marina Month ago

    The craziest name I’ve ever heard is Bazamolika Marterrior. What? I am telling the truth!

  • boneless books
    boneless books Month ago

    my teacher had students named general and diamond princess I'm not even kidding

  • boneless books
    boneless books Month ago

    BATMAN IS DC NOT MARVEL. This has been a psa

  • Ana Luisa Tuplano
    Ana Luisa Tuplano Month ago +1

    When my baby is born, we’ll name her or him 📀.

  • Road X
    Road X Month ago

    The world's weirdest name i heard was Mercary

    RANDOM CHIKARA Month ago

    ASK WHY?


  • Doodle Dino•
    Doodle Dino• Month ago

    I remember I saw in a vid someone say their kid will be named "Mr. Punch."

  • Liliana Cecena
    Liliana Cecena Month ago

    The crazyiest name I herd was on tv a soccer game a guy was named michaltalitvc I wa like wth

  • Luiz Fernando Almeida

    The worst name ever is Kim Jon-un

  • Nikita Amelia
    Nikita Amelia Month ago


  • Galaxy Gamer 321
    Galaxy Gamer 321 Month ago

    I dont want my child (if i had want) name hamaltin 😂😂😂😂

  • hellfire films
    hellfire films Month ago

    The craziest name ever is Ben dover

  • Minecraft fan 101 AUTTP ATHDTC

    Jeffy is a banned name

  • Bernardo Sousa
    Bernardo Sousa Month ago


  • PeanutButter23 chocolate

    My name is Sequioa and I'm the only person complaining about it 😂😂

  • Heather Sawyer
    Heather Sawyer Month ago

    If I have 3 children. I'll name them Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.

  • BloxxingCuber
    BloxxingCuber Month ago

    The weirdest name that I know is Chessieheas when I was in UK

  • Gd Maggy1234
    Gd Maggy1234 Month ago

    mom:go to your room.hulk!
    son:CUZ IM HULK

  • standing out girl
    standing out girl Month ago

    Jesus YYY PPL

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr Month ago

    My name is Sandra, I don't really like it, but I can deal with it

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago

    Craziest Name?: Applecrust... not even joking. I went to school with a girl whose first name was Applecrust.

  • iced coffee noctule

    I once met a girl named TimothyThe name really suited her

  • mayonnaise
    mayonnaise Month ago

    Can I name my kid Shadow?

  • Gian Leandro Cruz
    Gian Leandro Cruz Month ago

    "Anus"? Why would that exist?

  • Jenalise Morales
    Jenalise Morales Month ago

    My friend is named Linda so that should not be a legal name

  • Elaine Postrano
    Elaine Postrano Month ago

    But my name is Elaine ;~;

  • Bobdam Fortnite
    Bobdam Fortnite Month ago


  • Salman Warsama
    Salman Warsama Month ago

    Robocop must be a reference to Miraculous

  • Ravethecat12
    Ravethecat12 Month ago

    My mom is a nurse and she’s had someone come in with the name Jack Russell and L-A (Pronunciation L Dash A)

  • Francisco Perez
    Francisco Perez Month ago +1

    You got burned read with Clark said wow

  • Rippleskip
    Rippleskip 2 months ago

    I know someone named Watermelondra

  • Panqueca chan
    Panqueca chan 2 months ago

    My portuguese teacher (im brazilian) told us there was a woman called "Delicia" ("Delicious" in english)

  • TimeGate84 ll History and Events

    My friend's name is james bond,i am serious

  • VideoShow App
    VideoShow App 2 months ago

    Do you guys remember to Fire penguin disco panda or batman bin superman?

  • Kelly Gregory
    Kelly Gregory 2 months ago

    Lady dai??? HAHAHAHA But the story is pretty cool

  • Christopher Painter
    Christopher Painter 2 months ago +2

    They would name their kid after superman
    Where the parents superman die hard fans?

    • hackman669
      hackman669 Month ago

      Should name the kid Clark, Kent, or Kalel.

  • Mitchell Zakharia
    Mitchell Zakharia 2 months ago

    Dylan is illegal really

  • Deserted User
    Deserted User 2 months ago

    There's someone named "d" yeah literally it's called "d"

  • fubukifangirl
    fubukifangirl 2 months ago

    Any parent who names their kids like that are abusive. They want their child to be bullied growing up.

    CRAZY CLAN 2 months ago

    My name is Dylan but I am in the uk

  • Ava Hill
    Ava Hill 2 months ago


  • kalwinder sran
    kalwinder sran 2 months ago +1

    mom:go back
    child:cause i'm batman

  • Michelle Darmawan
    Michelle Darmawan 2 months ago

    There's this one korean girl who name is 0, like literally only 0, no middle or last name, her dad named her 0, she doesn't even like her name and begged her dad to changed it, but her father doesn't want to

  • Hunky the fat dog
    Hunky the fat dog 2 months ago

    Weirdest name I ever heard?
    Well duh, its Adolf Hitler.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago


  • CoolPandaPlayz
    CoolPandaPlayz 2 months ago


  • TheCuteFunnyArtist
    TheCuteFunnyArtist 2 months ago

    My name is weird cause.....

    It’s Madonnaraye...

  • realsonic gaming
    realsonic gaming 2 months ago

    It is Carl weezer

  • GameyAnimationOfficial
    GameyAnimationOfficial 2 months ago +1

    Sometimes I hate my name because I'm literally named after Wolverine.

  • Pabstar47 !
    Pabstar47 ! 2 months ago

    I can understand some name bans but banning Dylan, Tom ,and Pablo?! That is beyond stupid!

  • The FamilyGuy
    The FamilyGuy 2 months ago

    Dr Whet Farth

  • Cheeseburger Monkey
    Cheeseburger Monkey 2 months ago

    if i could create a country you could name your son whatever you want

  • asriel plays RBLX
    asriel plays RBLX 2 months ago

    XD ben hur = ben how

  • medz onwo
    medz onwo 2 months ago

    ovvu fuefuefue ennetew osas