Names That Are Banned In Different Countries

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
  • What names are illegal around the world?
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  3 months ago +15

    Let's make a list of funny/weird/crazy names that no parent should use as his childs name...

    • Gopi Gajwelly
      Gopi Gajwelly 4 days ago

      You can pronounce Al-bin if you can spell this: A. Albin is banned in Sweden due to this: Watch Half as Interesting's video on illegal names.

    • Gopi Gajwelly
      Gopi Gajwelly 4 days ago

      The weirdest name ever is Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmmprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (pronounced 'Al-bin')

    • localni decak
      localni decak 4 days ago


    • Bobby Thehog
      Bobby Thehog 13 days ago +1

      The infographics show


    • Mew Lizzy Mew
      Mew Lizzy Mew 13 days ago

      Christian Roblox Server

  • AMPHE Gaming
    AMPHE Gaming 2 days ago

    What if yur name was damian A. NESS

  • M Cordon
    M Cordon 2 days ago

    Sebastian Squire

  • Laura Ly
    Laura Ly 2 days ago

    mom: go too your room nathan
    nathan: no

  • Laura Ly
    Laura Ly 2 days ago

    my name is nathan

  • Firefalcon41
    Firefalcon41 3 days ago

    *G O T O Y O U R R O O M S E X F R U I T*

  • Gopi Gajwelly
    Gopi Gajwelly 4 days ago

    Mom: Go t'your bedroom Burger King!
    Burger King: No
    Mom: Why not?
    Burger King: bc I am older than you
    Mom: I'm reporting you t'the cops
    NubNeb: You're under arrest Mr. BK
    Court judge: Mr. BK will be sentenced to life in prison
    -Mr. BK is in jail-
    Mr. BK: rlly?

  • localni decak
    localni decak 4 days ago

    The worst name I heard


  • Springtrap Orginal
    Springtrap Orginal 6 days ago

    Your mom

  • JKAbigail Cruzata
    JKAbigail Cruzata 8 days ago +1

    She kinda looks like Dua Lipa

  • Darryl Thompson
    Darryl Thompson 8 days ago

    2:06 they gave circumcision the chop 😂😂👌

  • Space Dorito
    Space Dorito 9 days ago

    My name is IJustShartedLolPoopWithFarts

  • alejandro estrada
    alejandro estrada 11 days ago

    My classmate has a prince in the first name....

  • patriotgirl330
    patriotgirl330 12 days ago

    I've heard of a woman naming her daughter....wait for it... Placenta.

  • controlfreak1284
    controlfreak1284 12 days ago +1

    *nu burger king for u burger king*

  • Luna and lily Plays
    Luna and lily Plays 12 days ago

    0:09 gacha life

  • N Fernandes
    N Fernandes 18 days ago

    i think portuguese dontlike other relegions

  • Mingkay Ming
    Mingkay Ming 19 days ago

    We had a neighbor once who named his kids after brands of cigarettes. Never liked the guy.

  • Luke Falciani
    Luke Falciani 20 days ago

    Oh hi brick!

  • R 3
    R 3 22 days ago

    Imma name my son Robocop

  • action.chuck08
    action.chuck08 23 days ago

    Can you name a child disappointment?

  • CerealTV
    CerealTV 23 days ago

    Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 meets Kkwazawazzakwaquikkwalaquaza '* Zzabolaza at Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu

  • yakir pinkhasov
    yakir pinkhasov 26 days ago

    1:07 he isn't lying. Gesher is bridge in Hebrew. I live in Israel

  • Pichu Тне Сuте Роскет Моиsтея

    Son: Why is my sister named Rose?
    Dad: Because your Mother likes roses.
    Son: Thanks, Dad!
    Dad: No problem, Big Chungus.

  • Nate Thompson
    Nate Thompson Month ago

    Blanket should be on there

  • Tagmaster95
    Tagmaster95 Month ago

    Superman is DC not Marvel.

  • X Leshens
    X Leshens Month ago +1

    Kwazzawazza kwa-koo-ko-la (CKE) Lablazza

  • 5parakeets! vlogs
    5parakeets! vlogs Month ago

    Son: Why is my sisters name Daisy?
    Dad: Because me and your mom like Daisies.
    Son:Thanks dad!
    Dad: Your welcome, UglyAss

  • Spectre YT
    Spectre YT Month ago

    Werid names out there like Email or FaceBook

  • Infinity Girl
    Infinity Girl Month ago

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  • FloppeyPyro
    FloppeyPyro Month ago

    I have a friend in the states who's buddies' name is Br5inn. The 5 is not a typo...

  • Anirban Shams
    Anirban Shams Month ago

    Ur video has 666k views

  • X101GD
    X101GD Month ago

    This song has 666K views

  • Emil Michalowski
    Emil Michalowski Month ago

    Sooo you are saying that Sweden is weird!?!?

  • That Gacha thing
    That Gacha thing Month ago

    There is a girl in my school called nutella sooooo you are a liar

  • Lani Lacson
    Lani Lacson Month ago

    my name is Caizer Xymo L. Daguno im live in Philippines

  • YuyuEdits
    YuyuEdits Month ago

    The craziest name I heard was “Yuan” is that banned?

  • Burger Man
    Burger Man Month ago

    I'm Burger Man

  • Håkon Sætre
    Håkon Sætre 2 months ago

    english Aim koming from Norwei Norwegian eg kommer fra Norge english Haakon Norwegian Håkon

  • Felix Larios
    Felix Larios 2 months ago

    Hi my name is chicken nuggets

  • Ahmed Ur Rahman
    Ahmed Ur Rahman 2 months ago

    Did I spell it right?

  • Sverre _Ingemar1
    Sverre _Ingemar1 2 months ago

    Im from norway

    SUB TO ME 2 months ago

    'Nishikanto' this is a name

  • Yuna Hayashi
    Yuna Hayashi 2 months ago

    My mom had a girl in her school named Moon Landing. She was born on the day the US first landed on the moon...

  • Luis Vargas
    Luis Vargas 2 months ago

    Ive heard hwuehsisaanus

  • IeuanWD2006
    IeuanWD2006 2 months ago

    I met a person who worked at a toddlers school and his name was Moe Lester and you can kind of see the problem of both names are added to each other

  • Rayhaan Ahmed
    Rayhaan Ahmed 2 months ago

    Funny enough in Africa there is a drug dealer ovuvuvowasawenweyetwawaay

  • Everything Becca Channel

    Girl at my school named Paris

  • Yungy Plays
    Yungy Plays 2 months ago

    No Deadpool Dummy its Anus

  • IAmTrash-w-
    IAmTrash-w- 2 months ago

    2:11 is a background(remove the people) in Gacha life!

  • Ishaan Gupta
    Ishaan Gupta 2 months ago


  • ferdous111
    ferdous111 2 months ago

    son: why is my sisters name rose?
    dad: 'cause your mom likes roses
    son: ok, thanks dad
    dad: no problem golden scar from fortnite ( goldenscarfromfortnite )

  • Isra Usmani
    Isra Usmani 2 months ago


  • nasi itu enak
    nasi itu enak 2 months ago

    The craziest name i ever heard is


  • Darks9 J.
    Darks9 J. 2 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 2 months ago

    Son: Dad why is my sister's name Rose?
    Dad: Because your mother loves roses.
    Son: Thanks dad!
    Dad: No problem Modern Warfare 2.

  • deepak deepu
    deepak deepu 2 months ago +1

    What is the software name he is using for animation ?

  • Brechinbhoy 13
    Brechinbhoy 13 3 months ago +3

    I’m gonna call my son son, so when I forget his name I can say come here son and not look stupid because I have a terrible memory

  • Jati Prasetyo Nuso
    Jati Prasetyo Nuso 3 months ago

    I know a person named Superman Tarigan. He works as a property salesperson instead of at the daily planet

  • Lumbago
    Lumbago 3 months ago

    Cant name him anus so ill name him uranus
    Austrailia: NO TITLES

  • Republic of Harper micro nation

    G O T O Y O U R R O O M B U R G E R K I N G

  • Toastyz
    Toastyz 3 months ago

    mom: ill name her emily
    doctor: sorry mam but emily is taken would you to call her emily67 or emily_- instead

  • 42 Paper
    42 Paper 3 months ago

    how about I heard a name in Myanmar Like (Pann Ei Phyew) means (soft white penis) how about that??????? HAHAHAHAHA is that allow we have a lot of ridiculous names In Myanmar that has so nonsense meaning in English...!

  • 42 Paper
    42 Paper 3 months ago

    in anime there is a kid named Alice and also fairy named Elaine HAHAHAHAHA

  • 42 Paper
    42 Paper 3 months ago

    COME ON do you really understand Japanese kuma is a bear akuma is a devil did you said
    a kuma? AhKuMa one word (a kuma=a bear)

  • Kyla Dunn
    Kyla Dunn 3 months ago

    But Superman is a DC character..

  • Blue Creeper Productions

    The craziest name I’ve ever heard was Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 which is pronounced Albin

  • Nanay Odet
    Nanay Odet 3 months ago

    The weirdest name i heard of is sitoumi

  • Reem Mohammed
    Reem Mohammed 3 months ago

    0:07 Gacha Life confirmed.

  • Marian Sanguenza
    Marian Sanguenza 3 months ago

    No one wants to name someone after that part next to the rectum at the end of the digestive tract.
    Is anyone ever in for chemical element names?

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous 3 months ago

    Azzip,they said I love pizza

  • KamaFaakauTipz685
    KamaFaakauTipz685 4 months ago

    Son: why is my sisters name Justin
    Dad: cause that’s your aunties name
    Son: wt* hmmmmmm thx btw
    Dad: no problem Bieber!

  • Island Beach productions

    The craziest name I Hurd was captain Jack ass Jack was the first name n the a word the last

  • Blue Angel
    Blue Angel 4 months ago

    I shall name my girl *SEX FRUIT*

  • Can I get 1000 subs with no videos

    Wendy's: May I know your name?
    Kid: My name is burger king
    Wendy's: get da fack outta here

  • Alex The Ringneck
    Alex The Ringneck 4 months ago

    Mr.Fatah means open that is the wierdest name I ever heard

  • CharcoalSieg
    CharcoalSieg 4 months ago

    What happens if you name your kid and you go to live in a country where its banned?
    Edit: you get legal papers in the previous country before moving to the different country.

  • Peashooter fan
    Peashooter fan 4 months ago

    But my classmate names are prince,Duke and more

  • Ainslee Poole
    Ainslee Poole 4 months ago +1

    Abcde-- pronounced Ab-city

  • Victoria Estolano
    Victoria Estolano 4 months ago

    my classmate name princess and prince

  • FadedX
    FadedX 4 months ago


  • techspot
    techspot 4 months ago


  • Devil's Tango
    Devil's Tango 4 months ago

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  • C A N A D A :3
    C A N A D A :3 5 months ago

    Go tO yOuR RoOM BUrgEr KinG

  • Tobiah Collins
    Tobiah Collins 5 months ago

    what about that guy in sweden whose name was gonna be Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 in sweden? its real copy and paste this to look it up

  • Odd_ Girl
    Odd_ Girl 5 months ago

    My Name is Abbi people said hi Abbiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Ughh

  • Tom Borisov
    Tom Borisov 5 months ago


  • Ramsey Schaefer
    Ramsey Schaefer 5 months ago

    He just said Marvel can when he was talking about DC superheroes🤣🤣

  • Stinky Breakfast
    Stinky Breakfast 5 months ago

    Son:dad,why is my sisters name nutella?
    Dad:because she likes nutella
    Son: ok dad!
    Dad: no problem, burger king!

  • Troublebrew
    Troublebrew 5 months ago

    Saw a kid in 6th grade with the name...

    Aphesmier Skyroskin
    Definitely a warrior's name, but he wouldnt be my bodyguard

  • Spain
    Spain 5 months ago

    It’s Spain

  • dakingofdonutsplsnoticemesenpai plss

    Ive heard thanos aka the anus thats her real name

  • Ayden Martinez
    Ayden Martinez 5 months ago

    My friends name is dylan

  • Nii Goji
    Nii Goji 5 months ago


  • Mis E
    Mis E 5 months ago

    My older cousin has friends called Princess,Ocean & Diamond
    When I was like 3 years old I had a classmate called Necklace

    What the heck parents?

  • Last Equation
    Last Equation 5 months ago

    I'll name my baby Bobba Fett

  • Cloudii Skii
    Cloudii Skii 5 months ago

    Dat thumbnail tho

  • RoBlOx AnD FoRtNiTe UlTrA GaMeR

    I heard someone named their child Adolf Hitler

  • olga gazsó-fodor
    olga gazsó-fodor 5 months ago


  • PomLover123
    PomLover123 5 months ago

    I will name my kids Scott,Nathalia and Lauren.