Every Diss On EMINEM's "Music To Be Murdered By" Album [MGK, Cardi B, Jamar, Mumble Rap etc.]

  • EMINEM Music To Be Murdered By All Disses, EMINEM Godzilla, EMINEM Destroys The Rap Industry By Dissing Mumble Rap & Critics
    He goes after Nick Cannon, Machine Gun Kelly, Lord Jamar, Cardi B, Tee Grizzley & more.
    Eminem - Godzilla [ft. Juice WRLD] (Official Music Video) by Lyrical Lemonade is out!
    While Eminem’s surprise new album, Music to Be Murdered By, doesn’t come packed with quite as many diss lines as 2018’s Kamikaze, there’s still plenty of bars directed at Mumble Rap & his competition. Over the course of 20 tracks, Em takes aim at perennial rivals like Machine Gun Kelly, Nick Cannon, Lord Jamar, and Joe Budden. He also saves some bars for fellow Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley as well as Odd Future cohorts Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator.
    Tracklist to EMINEM's Music to Be Murdered By (2020):
    1. Premonition (Intro)
    2. Unaccommodating
    3. You Gon’ Learn
    4. Alfred (Interlude)
    5. Those Kinda Nights
    6. In Too Deep
    7. Godzilla
    8. Darkness
    9. Leaving Heaven
    10. Yah Yah
    11. Stepdad (Intro)
    12. Stepdad
    13. Marsh
    14. Never Love Again
    15. Little Engine
    16. Lock It Up
    17. Farewell
    18. No Regrets
    19. I Will
    20. Alfred (Outro)
    To help fans keep track of his shots, Genius breaks down each artists he disses below:
    Machine Gun Kelly & Nick Cannon:
    We first hear him name-check Machine Gun Kelly on the album’s second track, “Unaccommodating.” The two rappers' feud boiled over in 2018 following the release of Kamikaze, and led to an exchange of diss tracks with “RAP D*V*L” (MGK) and “K*llsh*t” (Eminem). Things have quieted down since then, and according to his new lyrics, Em views the beef as finished.
    Finally, he uses some wordplay on “No Regrets” to reference beefs with both MGK and Nick Cannon by evoking his “K*llsh*t” diss track. This is the only time on the album that he seems to address Nick Cannon directly.
    Soon after, he goes off about how MGK’s comments about Em’s daughter first kicked off their feud.
    Joe Budden:
    Although Joe Budden was formerly a member of Eminem’s Shady Records label as part of Slaughterhouse, his transition from a rapper into a media commentator has put him at odds with his ex-boss. After taking shots at Joe on Kamikaze, Em doubles down with “Lock It Up”.
    Lord Jamar:
    Another long-term beef that spilled into Music to Be Murdered By is Em’s ongoing feud with Lord Jamar. The album’s penultimate track, “I Will,” finds Eminem calling Jamar the weak link in his former group Brand Nubian. Em also addressing Jamar’s claims that he’s a “guest in the house of hip-hop” by saying Jamar is only fit to clean said house:
    Tee Grizzley:
    On his 2019 track, “No Talkin,” Tee Grizzley claimed to “run Detroit” and dismissed Em’s reign in the city. The Shady Records boss finally fired back on “You Gon' Learn,” saying Grizzley lacks skills on the mic.
    Tyler, the Creator & Earl Sweatshirt:
    Both Tyler and Earl were Em targets on Kamikaze, but “No Regrets” finds Em wondering why he even bothered.
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  • Hip-Hop Universe
    Hip-Hop Universe  2 months ago +6351

    Shady is back with another classic album! Shout out to EMINEM for being the only rapper who doesn't block videos from poor youtubers. And shout out to Quavo for flexing at 10:30 while Em rhymes "oxygen" with "boxing gym". I felt that. This is a part 2 to my "EMINEM Destroys Mumble Rap & Critics" video (You can watch part 1 here: tvclip.biz/video/-fToGHhnGO0/video.html). That video summed up the "Kamikaze" album and has over 10 million views. It's definitely a classic, let's see how you'll like this video (my first video for 2020). I had to trim down the fat to have a 12 minute video (was originally 20 mins long). Part 1 from 2018 was 10 minutes long, so for part 2 I gave you 2 additional minutes. But anyways, EM finally released his album "Music To Be Murdered By"! What do you think? I personally love the album! Like, share & subscribe for more Hip-Hop videos! Hip-Hop beefs playlist: tvclip.biz/p/PLNxrdTjgEbxzMdBF-NQwbs-GyZf8x2OIX

    • astro vlogs
      astro vlogs 11 days ago

      Im not fuckin readin that

    • Armando Colon
      Armando Colon 16 days ago

      @Hip-Hop Universe Can u make a top 50 mid school rappers list? From the rappers who blew up from 2005- 2009 for example Lil Wayne, Tyga, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross etc.

    • 0davy debrycke
      0davy debrycke 17 days ago

      @F Your Opinions don't have to defend u listening NAS, he all time top5

    • 0davy debrycke
      0davy debrycke 17 days ago

      @Tyler Smith Norman Bates appears several times throughout his songs

    • Alfred Barnow
      Alfred Barnow 17 days ago

      Hip-Hop Universe have u ever writed so much before?!😂

  • Gunter Stark
    Gunter Stark 3 hours ago

    Cardi B is god, right Ariana?

  • Diz One
    Diz One 8 hours ago +1

    It's all a matter of taste and perspective. Thing is, a true hip hop head knows who Lord Jamar and Brand Nubian is. I grew up in a time where the majority of White people HATED rap! The more white boy's started rapping the more acceptable and main stream it became. Yes, Eminem definitely is a dope emcee who made his mark in the game of hip hop however, hip hop music is more than just rhyming words, it has to have soul to what your saying. So Em is nice but at the same time Lord Jamar has a point, Black people made up rapping, it's just an extension of our African ancestry. I'm an old school hip hop head and while I've bumped plenty of Eminem song's he's by far from the "greatest rapper ever" in my opinion.

  • Ata Korkut
    Ata Korkut 20 hours ago

    All these suckers dying for the publicity em don't do it to em they take it as a favor when they get dissed by him bun as so called rappers

  • Ata Korkut
    Ata Korkut 20 hours ago

    Why is this even a discussion mgk isn't a .0001%the rapper em is Nick is a 2yr old drulling over him mad that he bangged his wife and rest I haven't even heard of what are they talking about

  • Alan Lloyd
    Alan Lloyd Day ago

    69 is the weakest popular rapper ive ever heard

  • Alan Lloyd
    Alan Lloyd Day ago

    Gucci ain't no Eminem

  • Alan Lloyd
    Alan Lloyd Day ago

    First of all, this "house of hip hop" is metaphorical ... It don't exist.. But if it did, Eminem would own it

  • Thomas Entertaining

    ok you may be the king of rap

    but eminem the god of god of god of rap bitch

  • Pratish Vishwasrao

    em shoud response to gucci and jamar on being shot dead if he talks abt his hometown

  • carter wheat thins

    I wouldn't say eminem is trying to be like the "old" him, but if the "old" eminem means rapping cleverly and fast with aggression then would one rather him rap poorly? Dont most rappers strive to have clever lines and lots try to be fast or at least creative rhyme schemes? Im js saying eminem is trying to be his old self is kinda unfair or just flat out incorrect

  • Kamal Santoso
    Kamal Santoso Day ago

    2:25 kill me🤣

  • Andres Xavier
    Andres Xavier Day ago

    Krazie bone has some rough lyrics. Eminem has gotten better.

  • Luke McGruther
    Luke McGruther 2 days ago

    Damn right Eminem's a guest. He's the guest of honour.

  • Luke McGruther
    Luke McGruther 2 days ago

    Why does Nick Cannon pretend he's a rapper?

  • Shadow
    Shadow 2 days ago

    That was the only time i heard 6ix9ine spitting something understandable

    Sadly, (and obviously) it wasn't good enough

  • overlex
    overlex 2 days ago

    “Trash that hates together, sticks together” -.-“

  • Dc fontaine Nelson
    Dc fontaine Nelson 2 days ago

    Machine took it ! It's 3 albums ago because he don't keep up with yo ass !

  • Leo Santos
    Leo Santos 2 days ago

    We can all agree that nick cannon is like a Chihuahua. He’s all bark when he’s on the ground but as soon as you pick him up he’s whimpering and pleading that he doesn’t end up like MGK, Ja Rule, or Benzino

  • Dean Anderson
    Dean Anderson 2 days ago

    Eminem's new album is a classic now.

  • A. Theil
    A. Theil 2 days ago +1

    I would tell Nick Cannon to try harder with his disses, but that would imply that he even tried in the first place

  • Magick Savage
    Magick Savage 3 days ago

    3.6k cannon fans disliked this video

  • Lucas Bicske
    Lucas Bicske 3 days ago +1

    Eminem is so verbally dangerous, you can say what you want, but everytime someone is a Eminem target, it's done.

  • Glass Gaming
    Glass Gaming 3 days ago

    "im not a hypocrite"
    *is hypocritical in a song*

  • Momo
    Momo 3 days ago

    Just know em will fuck u up if u talk shit about him or family

    ЯФGЦЭ 3 days ago

    Cardi B makes a diss
    nobody cares

  • CJ Mirch
    CJ Mirch 3 days ago

    I feel like Eminem is the John Wick of rap.

  • Zig Man
    Zig Man 3 days ago

    I feel like Joe Budden and Lord Jamar are the same person. Same type of hater and neither would ever make a diss song about Emenim

  • Zig Man
    Zig Man 3 days ago

    MGK was the only person with a legitimate diss record against emenim. Ever

  • Granth Khetan
    Granth Khetan 3 days ago +1

    3:37 what the fuck do you mean "black music" do you think only black people can rap

  • Tizi 1388
    Tizi 1388 4 days ago

    Could anyone tell me the song used at 11:40?

  • Dark Assassin
    Dark Assassin 4 days ago

    mgk did't even write the song

  • Ribhu Dubey
    Ribhu Dubey 4 days ago

    Top 5
    Jay z

  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank 4 days ago

    And Gucci is just a hater plain and simple. You say you're the best? Then you're not entirely here pal. I like Gucci's music and his style, but he's not the best ever. And I can see why Gucci doesn't listen to Em's music, I wouldn't expect him to like it. It's not for everyone

  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank 4 days ago

    Everyone he disses is irrelevant to hip hop and rap today. He is wasting his time because these idiots are so ignorant and arrogant that they actually believe the shit they're saying about Em. He's the greatest lyricist bar none, he's sold the most by a fucking landslide, his mentor and producer is a founding member of hip hop music, he hasn't lost a step and is actually getting better with age with his speed, his metaphors are so complicated it takes 10 minutes to get applause, and he's the most humble person until you fuck with him. I don't think they're will ever be a G.O A. T. because music continues to evolve, but he is the greatest of his generation and better than anyone of this generation. He's pure rap hands down. In other words, Slim you so crazy!

  • Vylet Vallie
    Vylet Vallie 4 days ago

    Guess he forgot that Eminem has multiple generations of support and a whole state that got his back lol.

  • Daniel Beharry
    Daniel Beharry 4 days ago

    ive really grown to like MGKs newer stuff but Em really murdered a man twice.

  • KooPakoo
    KooPakoo 4 days ago

    Guys, I don’t think MGK is a hypocrite

  • iraves bellevue
    iraves bellevue 4 days ago

    11:09 you guys think when he said "yall better worship the water i walk on" he was referring to his song walk on water with beyonce?

  • GamingFist Everything

    Man Eminem can get coronavirus and still rap

  • EpicWolf
    EpicWolf 4 days ago

    I died laughing at the fact that Gucci mane thinks he's the king of hip-hop lmao 😂

  • Elwood Riley
    Elwood Riley 4 days ago

    Eminem G.O.A.T

  • Slippy Jones
    Slippy Jones 4 days ago

    Jamar is a born hater. Brand Nubian barely sold in the 90's!!! And I'm a student in the culture of Hip Hop. I first took hold with Digital Underground's "Sex Packets" and Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black Planet". Those were the first two Hip Hop cassettes I ever got back when I was around 8 or 9 years old and then came N.W.A.'s "Efil4zaggin". Which blew the doors off for me. Dre's production, Ren's and the DOC's lyrics... Eazy's delivery. That is in my top 5 of all time along with the latter 2 albums.

  • Kaz
    Kaz 5 days ago

    Its weird that Em dissed mumble rappers and used Juice Wrld because he died (lets be real he featured him because he died, look at xxxtentacion) knowing that Juice is a mumble rapper.

  • Adam Whittingham
    Adam Whittingham 5 days ago

    What did sway mean by.. You gonna get hit though!!!!

  • salim omar
    salim omar 5 days ago

    Some of the people in the video are delusional. Gucci Mane thinks he is the best. The bitch isnt even top 20. Who even listens to his crap. That kodak blak idiot cracked me up. He thinks he is up there with the best?lol

  • Richard Angelus
    Richard Angelus 5 days ago

    lord (small 'L') Jamar said Eminem is like a guest in the hip hip, like 'some' Malaysians who says the Chinese are outsiders... Who says who's who in or out? The strong shall live, the weak shall die... or left behind... Jamar is wayyyyy behind Em

  • Paxton LaFromboise
    Paxton LaFromboise 5 days ago

    yo i just watch this i feel offended cuz of jamar

  • Royce Jethro
    Royce Jethro 5 days ago

    He ain't destroying the rap game. He's cleaning it.

  • T Po1994
    T Po1994 5 days ago

    Only gays like tyler the creator

  • Mystic Gen
    Mystic Gen 5 days ago

    God 6ix9ines diss was so gay.

  • gus kts021
    gus kts021 5 days ago +11

    the only way the coronavirus would go away if eminem would diss it

    • DrunkenMaster
      DrunkenMaster 17 hours ago

      gus kts021 or if I catch feelings for it

  • NeonAlexander
    NeonAlexander 6 days ago

    “He picked the worst beats” no one really care about the beats the lyrics Eminem makes matter

    • NeonAlexander
      NeonAlexander 5 days ago

      Connor F your dumb asf

    • Connor F
      Connor F 5 days ago

      NeonAlexander Eminem’s beats are generic and horrible and his lyrics are just as bad

  • NeonAlexander
    NeonAlexander 6 days ago

    Yo like he saying that Eminem would be shit but guess what Eminem is 47 why is he still alive huh because he is a legend just like 50 cent surviving 9 shots legends won’t die that quick bro they have a purpose in this world they legends can no one see that like these mumble trash rappers?

  • Shady
    Shady 6 days ago

    Jamar is ignorant

  • Shady
    Shady 6 days ago


    GVN PRM 6 days ago

    They need to do a thing were the classic rappers rap battle the new ones

    AJIB MEMES 6 days ago +1

    Eminem didn't diss them
    He just *RECOVER* the real rap

  • Jones Philip
    Jones Philip 6 days ago

    Woah this video gave me a lot of new haters

  • jeff jeff
    jeff jeff 6 days ago

    Black music?

  • Max Müller
    Max Müller 6 days ago

    5:34 should have better listened to 50 Cent : "Hip Hop is black music, without question. And unfortunately, for some people it's tough to accept that you got a white artist that does it better than black artists." Jamar's to stupid to understand that.

  • Charles Ndung'u
    Charles Ndung'u 6 days ago

    Eminem is the king of rap! Lyrically, delivery, brains!
    That's why they call him a "guest." The green feeling!

  • Ben Dodd
    Ben Dodd 6 days ago +2

    When I saw 69s “diss” I cringed so hard that I dislocated my right shoulder

  • EpicWolf
    EpicWolf 6 days ago

    Lord Jamar like: "Lyrically, he's better than me"
    Nigga, every single rapper better than you, shut yo irrelevant ass up

    GOSSIP TEAM420 6 days ago

    Jamard shut up the fuck off !

  • Foreigners God
    Foreigners God 7 days ago

    This album is for rap industry to be murdered by Eminem

  • Isaac
    Isaac 7 days ago

    did kodak just say he should be in the same catagory as pac and big

  • Isaac
    Isaac 7 days ago

    gucci mane talkin bout comin up with names

  • Canon Wilson
    Canon Wilson 7 days ago

    Name of the song at 8:15

    • Remoke
      Remoke 6 days ago

      You gon’ learn

  • marcell marcell
    marcell marcell 7 days ago

    The only good diss was from mgk it was actually some good bars

  • David Jones
    David Jones 7 days ago

    Mgk is trash can't rap at all you think you can be on the level with em ha that's hysterical getting skinny crackhead looking ass out of here

  • Hkp
    Hkp 7 days ago

    I'm not a hypocrite

  • adam chapman
    adam chapman 7 days ago

    MGK who. All these other rappers suck they wish they were half as good as Eminem. They just jealous. They think a white guy can't rap em is the best. All the broke rappers are mad now.

  • Vashta
    Vashta 7 days ago

    I really still don't understand why MGK came to battle Eminem. I mean, this guy is just average.

  • Justaweeb
    Justaweeb 7 days ago

    The house of hip-hop ?
    Is that like a metaphor for like the greats of hip-hop like a wall of fame

  • Hokage The Great
    Hokage The Great 7 days ago

    Love Em or hate Em. Give him massive props for never turning down a battle , never

  • Andrew&Barbara Kane
    Andrew&Barbara Kane 7 days ago

    Dumbasses😣😒😠:mgk,nick cannon,jamar,m.rap

  • BH Ice
    BH Ice 7 days ago

    EMINEM ain't the rap king...... he's the RAP GOD.

    • Connor F
      Connor F 5 days ago

      BH Ice he’s trash. And his stans are even worse

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    em was so good when he was on drugs actually tho

  • Stan Shady
    Stan Shady 7 days ago

    People shouldn't forget that Eminem grow up battling and destroying other rappers.