Vsauce and Sean Evans Test Spicy Food Remedies | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Sep 26, 2017
  • How do you make spicy food less spicy? With nearly 100 Hot Ones episodes under his belt, Sean Evans is in desperate need of an answer. Anxious to ease the pain caused by capsaicin-the active component in chile peppers-Sean enlists the help of Michael Stevens, the creator of the wildly popular science channel, Vsauce. Together, Sean and Michael gargle with olive oil and rinse their mouths out with rum, before combating the Last Dab with a special, capsaicin-busting sundae engineered at Vsauce HQ. Find out which antidote stands up to the heat in all new episode of Sean in the Wild.
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    Here are the restaurants and dishes featured in this episode:
    Cochinita Pibil Tacos - Guisados
    El Diablo Burger - Hopdoddy
    Ghost Chili Lamb Vindaloo - Badmaash
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Comments • 4 721

  • Gormstorm
    Gormstorm 7 hours ago

    I love spicy food but hate peppers, can anyone explain this?

  • Bongo
    Bongo 19 hours ago

    Michaels tackling this like he's going to won a Nobel prize! I'd love him on Hot Ones bringing experimental solutions for the crazy wings. It'll add to his awesome mad scientist vibe.

  • Jim Hebert
    Jim Hebert 2 days ago

    BTW I frequently cook with hot peppers, pretty much every day.

  • Jim Hebert
    Jim Hebert 2 days ago

    the most effective thing I have found is bread and butter and honey, so skip the baby shampoo.

  • Chaotic Raisin
    Chaotic Raisin 6 days ago

    I get that they wanted to use food variety for appealing to the food aspect of the video but from a scientific perspective, it makes the experiment flawed. Alternating which foods that contain the peppers alternates the results from being true due to there being no constants in the experiment. Thus, you won't know entirely, from your experience, if the remedies work better or worse on a certain meal. Of course dousing a constant sample of capsaicin over and over isn't as appealing on a food channel.
    Resolution: Looking at it from a 'laboratorical' pov is wrong (of me) as there are many things apart from the alternating food sources that go against real results.

  • AwesomeDS Scott
    AwesomeDS Scott 6 days ago

    Before the soap, the last remedy sounded good.

  • Steven Laurin
    Steven Laurin 6 days ago

    why not try a tide pod next?

  • Dakila Lozano
    Dakila Lozano 8 days ago

    i never thought michael would be able to annoy me but at least he did not do it in his channel

  • Dakila Lozano
    Dakila Lozano 8 days ago

    when you thought wow a pretty smart host from another channel this will be great then it turns out to be a
    _Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb_
    _neo ttaeme haru jongil gominhajiman_
    _neol eotteokhaeya joheulji jal moreugesseo nan Oh_
    _Baby baby baby baby baby You~_
    _Play me play me play me play me play me_ 🎶

  • Arjun Sudhir
    Arjun Sudhir 8 days ago

    No wonder why post Malone did so good, he was drinking beer😂😂

  • Alepap
    Alepap 9 days ago

    0:39 good job "selling" his channel

  • Dashall  Vazquez
    Dashall Vazquez 9 days ago

    11:45 has me dying lol he almost puked

  • Mari Anna
    Mari Anna 9 days ago +1

    You should've tried rye bread! And I don't mean like wheat bread with 10 % rye but I mean like 100% rye bread!!

  • Chris Schuttert
    Chris Schuttert 10 days ago

    I've never heard anyone pronounce casein that way before. I'm tilted

  • ColdL0rD
    ColdL0rD 10 days ago

    Pour some salt in your hand then lick it . Thank me later

  • iBeenBlaze
    iBeenBlaze 10 days ago

    lmao when he said it wasn't that bad and proceeded to blow a bubble of shampoo

  • Alethea Lenning
    Alethea Lenning 11 days ago

    Peanut butter! Try eating it.

  • Grandad Certified
    Grandad Certified 13 days ago

    Bread and oil.

  • Big Nasty
    Big Nasty 13 days ago

    yoghurt works, especially if you pre-prime before chilly.

  • Clevertrevor246
    Clevertrevor246 14 days ago

    2 very iconic bald men on this platform. legendary.

  • Ben Ferguson
    Ben Ferguson 14 days ago

    Excellent video!
    I use ghost chili hot sauce on a fairly regular basis, but when I have something that is really hot, I will eat a wedge of orange to help cut the capsaicin oil.

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 16 days ago

    The first thing I spotted was a lovely lady in the loft.

  • Chie Chie
    Chie Chie 16 days ago

    "you feel that life because you feel like you're closer to death" - michael stevens.

  • Eirik Skogstad Andreassen

    "Like, just wrap your lips around, get all that juice out; you don't have to swallow ..."

  • the NECK
    the NECK 18 days ago

    This was a great video !! Educational and funny .. it’s great when science makes for a great video plus the man makes science relatable and humorous

  • Harlon Barnes
    Harlon Barnes 19 days ago

    They show the green last dab then eat the red one

  • PB Babe
    PB Babe 20 days ago

    I learned, I laughed, I loved. Good show.

  • Cocky Comments
    Cocky Comments 20 days ago

    I just chewed on a habanero because I didn’t believe the lemon thing and safe to say it still hurts.

  • Tortuga Verde
    Tortuga Verde 20 days ago

    I've come into all the First we Feast shows with Sean and I love them...binge watching for a couple weeks now. The interviews are epic! My suggestion for knocking back the spice with an acid/oil, if that's your goal, is threefold: Rinse with something similar to an Italian dressing, but made with olive oil and lemon/lime juice (pretty common). Also, for a stronger lemon/lime flavor, zest the whole of the peel right into your "dressing" and add a lot of sugar (acidic). Heat it up! Tea or coffee hot will break down the capsaicin more efficiently. Part 2: Don't use baby shampoo!!! Jeez, that's disgusting. Use Dr. Bronners 18-in-1 Baby Unscented pure-castile soap. At least you know the ingredients are basic, and what they are. Part 3: Test powders. If you need acidic, try a Gatoraid powder, totally dry, right in the mouth. That will also get you salivating and thus bring enzymes to break down the capsaicin.

  • Sumit Kundu
    Sumit Kundu 21 day ago

    Fun and information. A perfect receipe for a perfect episode

  • Joe K
    Joe K 21 day ago +1

    white people need NASA to help them eat spicy food

  • thejakeness26
    thejakeness26 22 days ago

    And tide pods

  • Mila Petkova Ph. D.
    Mila Petkova Ph. D. 24 days ago

    Almost ice - cold Bulgarian sour milk (not any yogurt!!!) 6-8% fat.
    It is quite acidic fat dairy. And tastes like heaven!
    You'll eat so much hot food, so you'd want to put yogurt on your but the next day :D

  • Fresh Pickles
    Fresh Pickles 25 days ago

    dude ethanol is so polar

  • alZiiHardstylez
    alZiiHardstylez 25 days ago

    12:15 - Ahaha.

  • Danny Mountain
    Danny Mountain 26 days ago

    Jack daniels and coke is my remedy

  • casey trader
    casey trader 26 days ago +1

    Sour cream. Swirl it around in your mouth and spit it out.

  • Frackus
    Frackus 26 days ago

    "I don't think it'll kill ya..."
    -Michael Stevens, 2017

  • Captain CRUNCH
    Captain CRUNCH 27 days ago

    Micheal took that sauce like a badass, he just sat there and took it

  • CSlaught02
    CSlaught02 28 days ago

    I would've eaten that last thing if there wasnt fucking shampoo in it Michael

  • chasegaming
    chasegaming 28 days ago

    I’m weird but I eat whole lemons without flinching

  • jeongins district 9
    jeongins district 9 28 days ago +1

    canola oil also works!! not just olive oil :)

  • Stein Dicker
    Stein Dicker 28 days ago

    There's someone on the stairs on the back. Is it micheal from the future or the past?

  • Jose Andrade
    Jose Andrade 28 days ago

    God I fucking love Michael, made me learn something from the first words that came out of his mouth

  • Thomas Richter
    Thomas Richter 28 days ago

    wot u talking about? olive oil is delicious!

  • Dan Osborne
    Dan Osborne 29 days ago

    Haha you guys see Vsauce trying to blow a bubble after eating the shampoo heh...

  • 1DMapler18
    1DMapler18 29 days ago

    Plain yogurt always works the best for me when dealing with spicy food, also that bubble that Michael blew with his mouth was so funny haha

  • King Of cringe
    King Of cringe 29 days ago

    Michael should replace Sean.Seans face is bloody red and Michael looks normal.

  • Carter Sonnenberg
    Carter Sonnenberg 29 days ago

    stop finding my favorite people... I've got flipping schoolwork to do...

  • Mango Meow
    Mango Meow Month ago

    I love Michael

  • Pete Nolin
    Pete Nolin Month ago

    Michael blowing a shampoo bubble made me laugh my ass off.

  • Louw Nieuwoudt
    Louw Nieuwoudt Month ago

    For science!

  • Gabriel Penance
    Gabriel Penance Month ago

    Yo anyone catch that they're using sailor Jerry's rum?

  • Sir Saucington von Awesomeshire

    I heard drinking something really fizzy helps.

    But seriously don't. It fucking hurts BAD.

  • mason kinion
    mason kinion Month ago

    A spoon full of sugar, let it sit on your tongue, the a sip of water, and spit it out. It's alway worked for me.

  • Eric Kanis
    Eric Kanis Month ago

    The way Michael nonchalantly says "okay I almost puked" 😂

  • Justin Why?
    Justin Why? Month ago

    My boy Sean and my boi Michael

  • Artūras Gruzdev
    Artūras Gruzdev Month ago

    tomato juice is ultimate heat-killer. instant relief and heat will not come back

  • Michael S
    Michael S Month ago

    6:26 Michael drinks water like a Trump

  • Outdated Tastes
    Outdated Tastes Month ago

    I think we need some spit facts

  • peachy buoy
    peachy buoy Month ago

    You gotta have him on hot ones

  • Tomislav Matic
    Tomislav Matic Month ago

    raw olive oil is not disgusting, you are just not used to it (a lot of Mediterranean folk will eat it with no problem), and you need good quality oil to eat it by itself

  • Cameron Stuhler
    Cameron Stuhler Month ago

    “You took a bite of the pepper”
    I bit the tip of it.
    Continues to bite pepper
    “That wasn’t a good idea”

  • duncan ecclestone
    duncan ecclestone Month ago

    its killing that they're not eating the whole food

  • lymanz88
    lymanz88 Month ago

    Just keep shoving crushed ice in your mouth. Easily the best remedy.

  • Jj Woo
    Jj Woo Month ago

    The best way to fight off spicy is just not to eat it at the first place😂

  • Yecine Megdiche
    Yecine Megdiche Month ago

    In tunisia we have a *very* spicy salad called Grilled Salad (or "Slata Mechwiya"). It's very hot and spicy, but when we serve that to the kids, or anybody who doesn't like very spicy food, we add olive oil. It does wonders!

  • Forest Green
    Forest Green Month ago


  • Sister Fister
    Sister Fister Month ago

    The two blonde gods of TVclip

  • Jacob&Evie Frye
    Jacob&Evie Frye Month ago

    11:43 my grandpa's motorcycle (town mate) from my village in Greece !!! :D :D :D

  • Kickback Woodwork
    Kickback Woodwork Month ago

    That’s the exact shampoo I used after my pepper spray training. Got sprayed and that stuff helped clear it out a bit. Not a ton, but it’s in your eyes lol

  • Pe Co
    Pe Co Month ago

    secret answer: gravy

  • Toxic Tenacity
    Toxic Tenacity Month ago

    all that food looked so fuckin good holy shit

  • SpyengoEen
    SpyengoEen Month ago +1

    So instead of cool water or milk, why not drinking iced milk to relieve the pain?!

  • Amira Abbas
    Amira Abbas Month ago

    hi joji

  • Christopher Day
    Christopher Day Month ago

    Alcohol is actually almost just as polar as water AND it's vapor pressure probably just pushes capsaicin more...?

  • Cidiaco walker
    Cidiaco walker Month ago

    Never forget that vsauce likes baby shampoo

  • Skintel N.Keychain
    Skintel N.Keychain Month ago

    How much shame would you have if, in an attempt to stop people from eating u, people want to eat u MORE thanks to masochism?

  • The real Slim Shady.

    Gaviscon, Had an awful stomach ache after eating 2 scotch bonnets, I've been getting progressively worse at processing hot chili.

  • Harris Lidrapranoto

    Just try hot water, spicy cure instant

    CUISINED Month ago

    Special solvent: A whole meal.

  • Matthew Bergeron
    Matthew Bergeron Month ago

    Have Micheal or the other Vsauce people for an interview!

  • Christian Price
    Christian Price Month ago

    I'm a smart person...
    When I see Michael, I click.

  • Davis Tuck
    Davis Tuck Month ago

    I swear to god, when he said the thing about eating boogers, i was picking my nose

  • The Bunker Podcast
    The Bunker Podcast Month ago

    Who is the king of baldness

  • adamzez
    adamzez Month ago

    *takes bite* " I don't.............."

  • gperdomo426
    gperdomo426 Month ago

    I wish they hadnt used clear glasses.

  • Claudia Greene
    Claudia Greene Month ago

    I was totally on board with the anti-spice sundae until the shampoo came out. But I would definitely eat gelato with honey and crackers.

  • ThrillHaus
    ThrillHaus Month ago


  • Matthew Schilling
    Matthew Schilling Month ago

    Alcohol is an apolar solvent? Lol that's a lie

  • snuggle bunny
    snuggle bunny Month ago

    i usually drink an energy drink (monster) with spicy foods. it kills the spicy.

  • FragMisterGeneral
    FragMisterGeneral Month ago

    With foods with less spice you can use lemons, milk or yogurt, but if you go beyond a certain point the only solution is ice which if you use enough can numb the mouth.

  • The FBI
    The FBI Month ago

    when you *swallow*

  • Tayto Gaming
    Tayto Gaming Month ago

    I feel as if Michael only did this for free lunch.

  • Ade Aye
    Ade Aye Month ago

    Yo, if that’s Vsauce’s crib in the back-ugh, too fleek 😌👌🏾

  • JagRider923
    JagRider923 Month ago

    The rum didn't work because alcohol starts being taken in by the body as soon as it hits the mouth. A lot of that 90 proof was nerfed in its ability to destroy the spice. As a result, the remaining water swished it around, causing more pain

  • Kim Jensen
    Kim Jensen Month ago

    How about cucumbers.. The Thai always have cucumbers on the side for the most spicy food they serve.

  • Juan Suarez
    Juan Suarez Month ago +1

    Its joji

  • Mark Sadejev
    Mark Sadejev Month ago

    Don’t drink shampoo at home, kids

  • Tfuinsah
    Tfuinsah Month ago

    do we really have to see their spit? couldnt it have been into bins or something?