Cleaved BREAKDOWN! Star vs the Forces of Evil SERIES FINALE Explained!

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Star vs the Forces of Evil concludes with it's series finale, "Cleaved" and we're here to break it down for easter eggs, references and hidden meanings within this half hour episode! Dissecting Star destroying magic, Eclipsa's Mewberty Form, Glossaryck's agenda, Earth being cleaved with Mewni and more!
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    Written by: Kevin Williams
    Hosted by: Kevin Williams
    Edited by: Kevin Williams
    Produced by: Kevin Williams
    Graphics by CabooseJr
    Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
    This video, including all pictures and clips used is a critique and is covered under "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Act 1976. If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full. Purchase them online or the DVD sets by their respective owners.
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Comments • 3 519

  • RainbowShineLove
    RainbowShineLove 6 hours ago

    I'm going to just say it...I hated the series ending and I don't think destroying magic was the right call.

  • DJ GingerBread
    DJ GingerBread 10 hours ago

    Anybody else hear him say “tear the frabric”.

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  • TheGuyThatmakeThingsUp Nathan

    Disney lately ends the series with great cliffhangers that really makes us want to riot

  • Chase Branson
    Chase Branson Day ago

    U messed up 1 thing mew mans do not come from earth the humans come from mewni

  • Jackie Loves her daddy

    So if you touch the wand and feel magic you get them cheek things permanently until theirs no more magic

  • Queen VyVy
    Queen VyVy 2 days ago

    Is father time still there ? Will past Ronald be able to go to a time wherw he didnt exist ?

  • Betalisetax Ansafox
    Betalisetax Ansafox 2 days ago

    17:03 I think that since the first Mewmans to arrive to Mewni were actually humans who accidentaly entered the Realm of Magic they went back where they belonged (Earth) when the magic was destroyed

  • Jacky Anderson
    Jacky Anderson 3 days ago

    Pudding. Is there nothing it can't do? I mean, besides math?

  • TimothyWii
    TimothyWii 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who realized that many of the people have only 4 fingers?

  • Isaac Freed
    Isaac Freed 4 days ago

    Whyyyy just why are all of my favorite childhood series ending it’s sad that now I can only see repeats and won’t see any new episodes

  • AshleyDoes
    AshleyDoes 4 days ago

    Wait he said.. ~break the bond, tear the FRABRIC~ ;~;

  • luna wolf
    luna wolf 4 days ago +1

    disney~ends siries

  • luna wolf
    luna wolf 4 days ago

    I also notice that in the episode where eclipsa was on trial at the end star realize that she not her great grandmother and that she wasn't a butterfly but j thought only butterfly was aloud to acsees the thrown but is she isn't a butterfly then what's is her mother? Is she a butterfly?

  • Why Me
    Why Me 5 days ago


  • Why Me
    Why Me 5 days ago

    Tom has the same name and hair as tom from eddsworld. Plus black eyes from time to time. Holy Glossaryck

  • kie rushram
    kie rushram 5 days ago

    Are Marco and one of the Queen's related because of the crescent moons

  • Quincy Payton
    Quincy Payton 5 days ago

    how did they fuger out that putting was the answer

    BILLY LAMB 5 days ago

    shut the hell up and just show the episode

  • Cooper Ochsenbein
    Cooper Ochsenbein 5 days ago

    I don’t think that earth and mewni are one in the same I think that it transformed into a completely new demension

  • Robonomix Fallout
    Robonomix Fallout 6 days ago

    Hey what about father of time? I mean, time is no magic right? It legit can be bent and modified, so It would make sense if he us still alive. I also think Glosarick is still alive, he may have said he dissapeared with magic but he grew up and was alive as in a physical form. So if magic went away, he would still exist! And by the way, there is something called space travel, they can use it to get to the other planets maybe... I don't know, I just don't want it to all end :(((((( This was my favorite cartoon from my life! Trust me I have seen a lot of them, but this one is definitely special.

  • CCaptainDavid
    CCaptainDavid 6 days ago

    Star and Marco time watching this show is complete.

  • Ayano Attacks
    Ayano Attacks 6 days ago

    Its Not mewberty forms it’s butterfly forms

  • Moon and Lily Gachalixs


  • talk less
    talk less 7 days ago +2

    Me: *looks at all the good series with unresolved and dissatisfying endings on the floor*

  • Charles Brown, Jr
    Charles Brown, Jr 7 days ago

    Gravity falls
    Adventure time
    What else r they gonna take from us

    • Storie Jervay
      Storie Jervay 5 days ago

      Charles Brown, Jr Toy Story
      Mlp Fim, How to train your dragon,etc

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez 7 days ago

    You forgot to mention the mole on the cat bomb which is the best part 😂

  • blob fish
    blob fish 7 days ago

    pony heads flying is magical, pony heads are made by magic

  • blob fish
    blob fish 7 days ago

    the whispering spell has two incantations and you could hear it in season 1 just it was very quiet, one to destroy the wand and the other to destroy magic

  • Laurel Mcginnes
    Laurel Mcginnes 7 days ago

    i just wanted one last starco moment, like a kiss or a hug or something, seeing as disney decided to do us all over and end the show just as starco became official, but no. I Ioved the sequence at the end so much, but to me it didn't seem like they were as overjoyed as they should've been when the saw eachother again. Idk i just wanted tears and a kiss or an embrace or somethinnnggggg

  • blob fish
    blob fish 7 days ago

    holding season 1 ecountable for lore is unwise, it was a point in the show when it was to see how everyone would react

  • fabio
    fabio 7 days ago

    if thought that glassirik and bill cyper are same specis of creature(thats another crossover i would love to have)

  • techtro che
    techtro che 7 days ago

    No evil Marco who else is mad ?


    Anyone know where can i see the last episode?

  • slenderslayer
    slenderslayer 8 days ago

    well star is no more in disney xd that sad

  • Ruby W.
    Ruby W. 8 days ago

    Just imagine all the fan fictions that are going to be written about what happens after

  • Ruby W.
    Ruby W. 8 days ago +1

    Can we just all about the last words of this series?

  • George Shen
    George Shen 8 days ago

    Yeah sure queen solaria didn’t help Mina because of what she did to monsters, but I think it’s more of the fact that Mina tried to kill her daughter

  • Maria Martich Pineda

    If you actually think about it.... actually all the universe has been collide together

  • Yulissa Delgado Armenta

    Wait is Marco related To Silania The queen who hides her face with a fan?They both have moons for they're cheeks

  • Kenechukwu Obi
    Kenechukwu Obi 8 days ago

    Age of magic? What comes after magic? Is magic the only thing out there? Can magic be brought back? Where did it come from? Can the MHC members come back? Why are there so many questions?!

  • Emi Ice
    Emi Ice 9 days ago

    I think that when they were saying the spell the dark magic disappeared

  • Isabella Fuller
    Isabella Fuller 9 days ago


  • K9 5667
    K9 5667 9 days ago +1

    This is not going to be the end when my new book in 2020 arrives

  • Stephen Wain
    Stephen Wain 9 days ago

    The ending reminds me of Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour ending (Scott pilgrim vs the world comic) but with svtfoe I thought the ending was bittersweet but I enjoyed it all anyway

  • Areeb Qureshi
    Areeb Qureshi 9 days ago

    Celena the shy 🌕🌔🌓🌒🌙🌑
    Marco's cheek Mark 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕
    I think celena's cheek mark represent the cresent moon slowly hiding in the shadows
    While Marco's cheek mark represent the the crescent emerging after the "new moon day"

  • Katherine biscuit
    Katherine biscuit 10 days ago

    Spider with a top hat is dead :(

  • Andre Somerville
    Andre Somerville 10 days ago

    I wonder if all the people sealed in Crystals are free now. At least some of them had to be evil and not wrongly accused like eclipse.

  • Cozy Cody
    Cozy Cody 10 days ago

    Hmmm i don’t actually think that Glossaryck is actually dead

  • Diamond Cat
    Diamond Cat 10 days ago +1

    I hope one day a new installment of this show comes to life someday

  • Boubacar Ba
    Boubacar Ba 10 days ago

    What if it was glawceric that made both dimensions merge

  • Shazel Fable Art
    Shazel Fable Art 10 days ago +1

    This opinion might not be shared amongst the fans but..... I think this was the best ending they could have made. Killing off characters isn't always the best thing, but it ties the story together. Making everything in the seasons, come to a FULL close. No implied cliffhangers, no secret second endings, end. I like how the show was finished off and left me with no unanswered questions. Which is the way I like series to end. :)
    Gosh I love this show so much and now everything makes sense! Thanks for the breakdown, my poor brain really needed it XD

  • Antwon Fernando
    Antwon Fernando 10 days ago

    Hey I thought that you only did Steven universe crestly clear

  • JoshPlayz
    JoshPlayz 10 days ago

    Wait a second... if all magic was destroyed... what happened to Spider In A Top Hat?

  • Movie Fans
    Movie Fans 10 days ago

    So cool

  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond 10 days ago

    I will never forget tgis day for cuz i dared my friend to go home

  • Chase Pinheiro
    Chase Pinheiro 11 days ago

    RIP Spider with a top hat

  • rdalhaug61
    rdalhaug61 11 days ago

    I believe that you forget about the storm originally appearing in the past of the show

  • Visulent
    Visulent 11 days ago

    So does this mean that Toffee was technically good? Didnt he have a quote about how star and Marco were delaying the inevitable? That means he knew that magic would be erased, but star and Marco stopped him from ending something that was going to happen In the first place. Interesting. Toffee was a great villain, I really hate how he was cut short. The whole mystery and danger behind eclipse was really useless to me. Globgor literally had no purpose but to give hope for a new villain that turned out to be nothing. Makes me wonder if the show went in a different direction.

  • Lucas Vinicius
    Lucas Vinicius 11 days ago

    Star doing a genocide to stop a genocide

  • Irinas Wodka Palace
    Irinas Wodka Palace 11 days ago

    I am still whondering how meteora can still be a baby 😕

  • Lucille O'Connor
    Lucille O'Connor 11 days ago +1

    I've been avoiding Star for two weeks because I'm frankly disappointed

  • Robert Zapata
    Robert Zapata 12 days ago

    Guys there is a petition out. Just look up star vs the forces of evil season 5. A youtuber started a petition to convince disney to let the writers to another season.

  • David H
    David H 12 days ago

    when baby meteora crawling around on ceiling like exorcist trainspotting baby... hilarious; when baby meteora says "dip down" in retarded baby stupidly bad i felt embarrassed for the show!

  • ZombonicHD
    ZombonicHD 12 days ago

    I feel like it’s not complete

  • John Davenport
    John Davenport 12 days ago

    Who else noticed that Elcipsa and Meteora’s Mewberty forms are moths and Star and Moon’s are butterflies?

  • Dylan Gruna
    Dylan Gruna 13 days ago +1

    I have a theory for you guys to crack. What if the portal joining the two worlds was caused because the severing stone didn't cut the blood moon curse. It was stated that the blood moon wasn't the memory that needed to be cut, which means that the curse remained in Star and Marco. So the portal joining Earth and Mewni could be caused by Star and Marco using one last ditch effort to be together, thus causing the curse to create a portal joining the two worlds
    Just a thought of mine

    DANIEL TV 13 days ago

    That means that world was supposed to be only for monster but then humans can along

  • The Pokemon Master245
    The Pokemon Master245 13 days ago +2


  • Majestic Hotwings
    Majestic Hotwings 13 days ago

    I don’t know, the whole season felt really rushed to me, lots of unanswered questions and things that happened off screen too

  • lulbabyy.jayyy edits
    lulbabyy.jayyy edits 14 days ago

    Im tired of disney ending everygood series

  • King KenJinTerry
    King KenJinTerry 14 days ago

    I love star vs the forces of evil but to me the ending was not right it left on a cliffhanger cause so much need to be answer for is it Marco dimension & Star hold dimension th@ got cleaved or was it just all of Echo Creek & Star area th@ got cleaved it needs another season or movie

  • A Flicking Badger
    A Flicking Badger 14 days ago

    *I said no to enjoying the finale only because it ment the show ended, other than that I loved it*

  • tyler garrett
    tyler garrett 14 days ago

    Anyone else think Skywynne looked weird as a magic ghost queen

  • tyler garrett
    tyler garrett 14 days ago +3

    I always wondered what Eclipsa’s relationship with her uncle jushtin was like

  • DrDoomRay
    DrDoomRay 14 days ago

    thx for spoiling endgame

  • Misty Dear
    Misty Dear 14 days ago

    The ending though beautiful felt like a rushed cop-out. Ive seen it happen to good shows before. They are not ready to end but the net work says your done. It hurts because so much more could have been done so much could have been changed or fixed. The ending left me in a state of dismay. But thats my opinion and im just one human.

  • Bella Blondon
    Bella Blondon 14 days ago

    I always thought the hearts, diamonds, clovers, and spades were there because they’re the suits for a card deck

  • Bella Blondon
    Bella Blondon 14 days ago

    “I used the stones to destroy the stones”

  • Franklin Damico
    Franklin Damico 14 days ago

    I already miss this show.

  • cute pappy
    cute pappy 14 days ago

    ♠️ she have 4 hand

  • Christian Carr
    Christian Carr 15 days ago


  • Sophie Ma
    Sophie Ma 15 days ago

    She has 4 fingers

  • DJ CJ
    DJ CJ 15 days ago

    Wait I am so confused. I keep seeing people say that we didn't know the whispering spell, but I was pretty sure I did. Idk

  • 12345678abracadabra
    12345678abracadabra 15 days ago

    i hate that everyone base their opinions on how well a show is concluded by how well it solved it mysteries. yeah, some things were left resolved, but the characters story arcs are resolved. that's how you end a show. not every show is about world-building and explaning mysteries. some mysteries are just mcguffins, used to propel exploration of a character or a relationship.

    think Lost vs The Leftovers. Both made the same guy, both about mystery, but Lost was about the mystery itself (which failed spectacularly) while The Leftovers was about the people affected by the mystery. By the end of that show, audiences never even got close to understanding what happened or why. But the characters arcs got closure.

  • Unicorn tastic
    Unicorn tastic 15 days ago +5

    Don’t cry because it ended,smile because it happened..

  • scarlet rose
    scarlet rose 15 days ago

    I think eclipsa's butterfly form should have been introduced when she casted the total annihilation spell. Like imagine the part where her hat covers her face then slowly revealing her cheekmarks glowing then boom! She turned into a butterfly.

  • Malgorzata Polska
    Malgorzata Polska 15 days ago

    I guess that if they went throw the portal it would put all the humans flipped to mewni and mewmans that flipped to earth would go back where they started and star and marco would probally vanish then in season 5 meteroa would save them

  • Noboru senpai
    Noboru senpai 15 days ago

    Haven't anyone noticed that marcos cheek emblems is the blood moon curse emblem

  • nami umi
    nami umi 15 days ago +2

    wait...that means D: *gasp* spider with a top hat is DEAD nOooOOooo ;-;

  • FlamingMarshmallo OwO
    FlamingMarshmallo OwO 16 days ago

    *mewni mayham*

  • Feng Leigh
    Feng Leigh 16 days ago

    Sad see hekapoo go, really loved her character. And totally ships her with marco lol sad to see her go. Who knows maybe in altnerate universe things playe don't

  • ari shimada
    ari shimada 16 days ago

    know anything aboot the Danny Phantom Trans thing please make a vid on it

  • kyle barnes
    kyle barnes 16 days ago

    every star shines in its own time and all stars burn out but they are all forever remembered

  • Twilight Sparkle
    Twilight Sparkle 16 days ago +2

    I’m actually really upset about Hekapoo dying. She was my favorite character!

  • Aj Briseno
    Aj Briseno 16 days ago


  • Bear Shi
    Bear Shi 16 days ago

    Guys but what about the hole the purple unicorn hit Marco on his stomach what did it do

  • TTV Nevada
    TTV Nevada 16 days ago

    I hope there’s a movie

  • Autumn Ari
    Autumn Ari 16 days ago

    Anyone else notice Skywynne is standing behind Star?

  • Mike G
    Mike G 16 days ago

    Everyone make sure to sign the change petition that is going around! It can really help keep the show alive or at least get the proper ending it deserved!

  • Ahah ahah
    Ahah ahah 16 days ago

    So sad to see star go like I’m actually depressed thinking about it 😭😭