The Story Unfolds... | 2018 Halloween Special Part I

  • Published on Oct 2, 2018
    **PLEASE READ** I hate that I have to do this, but for sake of transparency I will break the illusion a little bit. This WILL NOT interfere with regular scheduled uploads, art content and Drawlloween content. I WILL STILL MAKE REGULAR ART UPLOADS, I AM NOT CHANGING MY CHANNEL
    Also, I LOVE my son. He is on my mind 24/7. He is my little buddy and I cherish him dearly. This is meant to be SPOOPY and CUTE. I've been dropping little hints about this for MONTHS, and have really enjoyed doing so! It's bee fun laying out the easter eggs for you guys (some left unfound!!) I want him to look back when he's 9, 16, 25 and laugh! I think it's pretty twisted people (lol, one person really) thinks this is me trying to capitalize on my son. My son is my inspiration, so he comes out in everything I do creatively. You'll see in my eventual sketchbook tour, he is EVERYWHERE! Also, every video I make is *automatically* monetized and is always an after thought to me. I barely make anything off of youtube, it's not why I make my videos (otherwise all I would make is Sketchbook Storytimes and do rushed daily videos)
    I put so much time and effort into what I make and for people (a person lol) to try and rally people against me and claim that I am somehow abusing my child is ludicrous. I made this because I LOVE my baby and I want to share his sweetness with the world. I know you all love his sweetness, too. YES, I made some shirts with his face on them, but they were CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR MY DAD AND HIS GRANDMA! My goodness!
    Thank you for watching! I love you ALL and thank you SO MUCH for sticking with me through this very confusing upload schedule! xD
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  • Emily Artful
    Emily Artful  11 months ago +74

    Guys... this is supposed to be BAD and CAMPY. Can't believe how serious people are taking this. Love you guys who are being supportive and for those who are supportive but just don't care for it, regular scheduled programming is coming up, sit tight and thank you for being mature about it! 💕 Happy Spooptober!💕

    • MovieTrollop
      MovieTrollop 11 months ago +1

      I snort laughed.

    • TiggerFellini
      TiggerFellini 11 months ago

      I'm loving it and all the little easter eggs I've found (not all it seems)

  • cactussdoll
    cactussdoll 4 months ago

    Did anyone get ASMR vibes from the beginning

  • That’sTheTeaSis
    That’sTheTeaSis 7 months ago

    Okay why have i jot found this till now???? This is great!!

  • kittycatspow
    kittycatspow 7 months ago


  • Ashleigh Bence
    Ashleigh Bence 8 months ago

    Wow this is amazing! Da babes (although he is evil) is adorable! ALL HAIL DA BABES!

  • woofdispenser
    woofdispenser 11 months ago +3

    Honestly, it's gonna be awesome when he grows up and shows his friends what his momma did for him when he was younger. This is so cute.

  • The Hammurabi Chode
    The Hammurabi Chode 11 months ago

    Well...Im curious wtf this all is adding up turning back n-now

  • Ruthellen Martinez
    Ruthellen Martinez 11 months ago

    Ah love this! Yer awesome!

  • Grapieuwu c:
    Grapieuwu c: 11 months ago

    Omg he is so precious ;0; I really dont understand why are people taking these joke videos seriously

  • akane1412
    akane1412 11 months ago

    Ahahahahah xD I love this (and identify so much with)

  • skylar allison
    skylar allison 11 months ago +9

    I'm voting da babes as the best horror movie villain of 2018

  • AdamarisCraftsss
    AdamarisCraftsss 11 months ago +10

    Oh my gosh when that little diapy butt ran towards you I just cracked up! My sister had a son and he's 3 months old so I'm in googoo gaga land right now and I love all things baby!! So cute!!❤️♥️

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  11 months ago +1


  • Jillian Leigh
    Jillian Leigh 11 months ago +15

    Ah demon babies... I have a few of them myself and love them dearly... lmao

    • Jillian Leigh
      Jillian Leigh 11 months ago +1

      People often get offended when I refer to my children as Demon spawn... because you know, making your children look evil is bad... but I was the original demon spawn of the family, they're just like their mommy and I call them demon spawn in the most endearing way. lol

  • Daryl Richard
    Daryl Richard 11 months ago +3

    I am looking forward to each and every video, even if the creepy, nightmare inducing Gloworm keeps coming back! Anyone who who thinks negatively about these videos doesn’t understand you, your sense of humor or your super relationship with Da Babes.
    Signed, Da Dabz

  • Torana Torana
    Torana Torana 11 months ago

    hehehehe!! 🐴🐴🐴 love your channel. you're one of a kind 😘

  • Brit
    Brit 11 months ago +20

    Omg the moment when he walks towards you with the baby laugh in the background, I died, 😂😂😂 this made my day!!!

  • Abby Hatton
    Abby Hatton 11 months ago +10

    I love you and dah babes. Screw all these haters 👌💞.

  • rai
    rai 11 months ago

    he attack

  • Izzy is emo-tional💕
    Izzy is emo-tional💕 11 months ago +2

    Wtf kinda asmr...

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  11 months ago +1

      Izzy 💕 Wait seriously? FUCK YES

  • John Watson
    John Watson 11 months ago +2

    I can't believe that people would actually take that type of format seriously. When you are talking about a serious topic you state it outright and in a respectful manner. These videos are filled with horror movie tropes and are clearly staged.I loved da babes cameo!!

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  11 months ago +2

      John Watson YES! Had to delete 3 comments (I think all from the same 'hater' on sock puppet accounts) saying I was abusing my child and trying to get money from him. LOL $10 DOLLARS BABY IM ROLLING IN IT!
      Also someone else said if I make ANY money it all goes right back to baby anyway! Which is also true! People are poop poops and like to rain on parades.

  • Franki Miller
    Franki Miller 11 months ago

    This reminds me of my baby for some reason 😂

  • Taynan Nataly
    Taynan Nataly 11 months ago

    Spoopy and cute I couldn't describe better

  • sinisterbutterfli
    sinisterbutterfli 11 months ago +2

    I think these videos are hilarious and a lot of fun. The haters gtfo. Seriously, with a toddler around you need to have a little fun. They are demanding gods. Who cares if you make a little money? Money is how you feed and clothe Da Babes. People need to get over themselves. Enjoy making spoopy baby videos. Much love from a fellow momma.

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  11 months ago

      sinisterbutterfli YES! My life is so much more bright and colorful with Da Babes around! He's my everything !

  • Sharleen Tebb
    Sharleen Tebb 11 months ago +36

    I can’t believe some people are being so negative about this! I’ve loved the storyline of this series, and I bet Da Babes is going to love looking back on these when he’s older!

  • Mari Darjania
    Mari Darjania 11 months ago +3

    We love dababes

  • Logi Pinko
    Logi Pinko 11 months ago


  • The Real Mythril
    The Real Mythril 11 months ago

    Monster babies find their naughty ways into every thing! Especially when on they get up on their chubby little paws! Fantastic!

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  11 months ago

      The Real Mythril Those fat lil stink hooves get into EVERYTHING!

  • Izzy
    Izzy 11 months ago +70

    This is great. People who are "unsubbing" just can't see in the fun in things in which case BYE 👋🏻
    Keep on doing you Emily. Everyone who supports your content loves you and da babes.

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  11 months ago +9

      Izzy Everitt Thank you so much! I think some people who subbed in the last few days thought this was a serious ARG. It's a parody! It's like reviewing the movie without seeing it! Thank you so much for the support 💕

  • metallicamayhem
    metallicamayhem 11 months ago +11

    Those cute little hams!!! So damn cute!!!

    • metallicamayhem
      metallicamayhem 11 months ago

      @Emily Artful Yar! The little king has some serious hams as well. Healthy boys are happy boys!

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  11 months ago +3

      metallicamayhem RIGHT? I call them hams, too!!! They're just so cute and pudgy!!

  • Sydney Rendell
    Sydney Rendell 11 months ago +1


  • Sage S. Adoren
    Sage S. Adoren 11 months ago +2

    Awww this is sweet!

  • Nakita Melo
    Nakita Melo 11 months ago +22

    Emily, these videos are awesome! I’m so sorry that some sour spirit is trying to rain on you but try not to let it snuff your creativity. I think what you’re doing is fun, spoopy, and super creative! I actually jumped watching this one 😂
    Sending positive vibes to ya and the fam!

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  11 months ago +2

      Nakita Melo Thank you, sweet babes ❤️

  • Creative CardiaX
    Creative CardiaX 11 months ago +14

    lol I was waiting for the "jump scare." Also yes, this was very "spoopy and cute." Good job as always.

  • Rose
    Rose 11 months ago +1

    Yee, I can't wait!

  • HannaDidThat
    HannaDidThat 11 months ago

    What the fuck is up with these videos? Damn. 😂

  • Dragon Lotus Art
    Dragon Lotus Art 11 months ago +1

    That's just too cute!

  • Dai Ghost
    Dai Ghost 11 months ago +1

    Oh snap she's back yeee ❤️

  • maceyloubrown
    maceyloubrown 11 months ago +18

    This is great!!! Haha!! I love it

  • irem eren
    irem eren 11 months ago +2