Dalton Harris SLAYS "Creep" And Leaves Simon Cowell SPEECHLESS! Live Shows 3 | The X Factor UK 2018

  • Published on Nov 3, 2018
  • #Full Segment | The X Factor UK 2018 | Live Shows Week 3
    Dalton Harris sings Creep by Radiohead
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Comments • 1 145

  • Dominic
    Dominic Hour ago

    His Voice is clearer than Vincent PERIOD

  • billiejean baccus
    billiejean baccus 2 days ago

    NO PRINCE slayed that shit.

  • Brianna Bogans
    Brianna Bogans 3 days ago +1

    Dalton Harris and Tokio Meyers would make a fabulous song together

  • Jeanette Bowden
    Jeanette Bowden 3 days ago

    He's the best I've ever heard

  • Trevor Morris
    Trevor Morris 3 days ago

    Fulsome praise indeed. A superb voice. However, I'm not so sure about sensitivity. Once he got past the opening section he cranked it up, and then the dynamics just stopped, and he was belting all the time, and often often over the top with his runs. I haavena listened to anything else by him so I'm just giving my opinion based entirely in this performance. I must listen to some more, but suspect I'll find it overdoing the runs as I think he does here. is this modern Gospel influence. I've noticed that Gospel singing is far more ornate than it used to be in the days of Mahalia Jackson and Rosetta Tharpe. Dalton puts me in mind of that style

  • gabrielle fae
    gabrielle fae 4 days ago

    Stunning performance. Very unique rendition of that iconic song. I think i now prefer this version.💜🖒🖒🖒

  • CR Jr.
    CR Jr. 6 days ago

    Sorry he might of took a little of your runs but he perfected and his performance was of a super star

  • Bobi Wangk
    Bobi Wangk 6 days ago

    Wow! Excellent performance
    Hey people dont forget to watch "The Four " Vincent performs Creep

  • Mihle Zizo Mbanga
    Mihle Zizo Mbanga 9 days ago

    Shit 😍😍😍

  • Glenn Rivers
    Glenn Rivers 10 days ago

    I love this dudes rang.

  • Toria Alexander
    Toria Alexander 13 days ago

    He is sexy

  • Cassandra Dennis
    Cassandra Dennis 13 days ago


  • Tiago ZB
    Tiago ZB 14 days ago

    This song was not successful in the 90's because of the vocal technique, but because of the vocalist's interpretation that can convey with mastery the feelings that lyrics evokes: sadness, depression, melancholy, impotence and low self-esteem.
    This cover is technically impressive but for me it didn't evoke the feelings the original song makes me feel.

  • Arthur J Dale
    Arthur J Dale 15 days ago

    Not as good as Brian Justin Crum's version.

  • Zenon
    Zenon 16 days ago

    the younger Stevie Wonder voice with some modern RnB style.. Awesome!

  • Abraham Wanggai
    Abraham Wanggai 17 days ago

    That's incredible voice

  • Tara Raynal
    Tara Raynal 17 days ago

    You were being disrespect and humiliate yourself by saying this is better than the original. This has no impact to music and generation. And i know there's so many cover that better than the original. But this is not one of them.

  • Ella xo
    Ella xo 18 days ago

    I bet Simon still has those bootcut jeans under that costume

  • Lena A.
    Lena A. 18 days ago

    2:49-2:53 on REPEAT! Amazing vocals!

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    Dudes trying to steal Simons identity

  • Florence Okosun
    Florence Okosun 20 days ago

    been on replay since yesterday I just CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS AWESOMENESS mhen what planet are you from

  • Video Keren Dj
    Video Keren Dj 20 days ago

    wow cool sound like dalton ... make it feel good and the subject is cool cool like this ... super greetings from me *Video Keren Dj* ... hi friends friends like each other the subscriber thank you very much .. i'm from Indonesia

  • Kenneth Eilor
    Kenneth Eilor 21 day ago

    This has Vincint written all over it

  • JoAnn Brannon
    JoAnn Brannon 21 day ago

    I am sure he dnt no Vincent he's from Jamaica.he proablly never heard Vincent arrangment

  • Lulu M
    Lulu M 21 day ago

    He’s got an awesome voice 😃 did they change a word of the lyrics? I heard “winner” instead of “loser”

  • hal
    hal 22 days ago

    I am a fan...wow!

  • Karease Williams
    Karease Williams 22 days ago

    I was so close to shedding tear

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones 22 days ago

    Why is this dude singing Vincent's killer version. It's a no for me. Vincent got me not wanting to ever hear the original again

  • Vicki Garner
    Vicki Garner 23 days ago

    Best song by Dalton, wish I could download it,but I can't find it without all the clapping etc

  • Altika Jay
    Altika Jay 25 days ago +2

    Wow this is so off putting. This is Dalton's version, which is great, Vincent has his own clip of this song. If you like it, great, but don't go onto another man's page and say someone's better. Just compliment the guy and go compliment Vincent on his page.

  • Tammy Libby
    Tammy Libby 25 days ago

    Just from heaven... and you have it all!!!

  • Sola Sunny
    Sola Sunny 27 days ago

    Just one word...... WOWWWWW...!!!!!!😘👍

  • qdmazo
    qdmazo 27 days ago

    Wow, cannot wait for his album to be released.

  • Sam Davis
    Sam Davis 27 days ago

    2:03 high note sounds like Stokley Williams high note especially on the song Mint condition breakin my heart

  • Linda Gill
    Linda Gill 28 days ago

    When you said he sang creep...I was so happy...I thought..TLC..CREEP

    DELIANA SIANIPAR 28 days ago


  • Translation Services
    Translation Services 29 days ago

    Dalton is such a sweet and humble artist! Love him

  • Translation Services
    Translation Services 29 days ago

    WHAT is mr Simon wearing :)
    truly unique hhh fright nite is theme i see (y) cool

  • Donna Williams
    Donna Williams Month ago +1


  • Rachael Clarke
    Rachael Clarke Month ago

    I will be look for his CDs in the stores to have my collections. 💯

  • the a's sis
    the a's sis Month ago

    What happened to his eyes?

  • li z
    li z Month ago

    Im sorry this is in no way a comparison to Vincent's lol

  • Anyiamin Julie
    Anyiamin Julie Month ago

    Oh my gosh love Dalton

  • 빵군엄마
    빵군엄마 Month ago

    its over!! lets go home!!

  • Aaron Wallis
    Aaron Wallis Month ago

    Good voice. Not Thom Yorke

  • FallOut Gamer
    FallOut Gamer Month ago

    Why's the dude lookin' like modern day Heimdall? Anyways he's great!

  • Bolly Dien
    Bolly Dien Month ago

    what the fuck is simon wearing

  • arn seyer
    arn seyer Month ago

    He performed a very beautiful rendition of this song inspired by Vincint's (the four).
    But for some who are really arguing who's better, for me, they both sang it the best they could. They both can sing. But the major difference i saw after watching both performances, Dalton sang the song "creep" while Vincint told us what the song really means. For me, (for this song) Vincint's version is better. But I love them both.

  • Grace McLean
    Grace McLean Month ago

    Dalton sings from his soul! He made that song his own. It reflects his story. His stage presence and his interpretation are awesome! Authentic performance.

    MARILYN SAMAR Month ago

    amazingggggggg!hug from europe

    MARILYN SAMAR Month ago

    beautiful voice

  • Trinitee Bell
    Trinitee Bell Month ago

    ehh...as much as people were comparing to Vincint i thought it was gonna be great :/

  • Pat East
    Pat East Month ago

    Unstoppable continual progressive motivated successful Dalton every one love yu
    I thinking if you is my son I had to do a research

  • Pat East
    Pat East Month ago

    My boy love yu xxx

  • Drax
    Drax Month ago

    Vincint sang this song muchhhhh better than this. Don’t believe me? Go watch it for yourself

  • minnie saab
    minnie saab Month ago


  • Veo Dark
    Veo Dark Month ago

    dalton or vincint?
    first time

  • C J
    C J Month ago

    Dalton, Dalton you slay

  • louis leuellyn
    louis leuellyn Month ago


  • Zeljko Trifunovic
    Zeljko Trifunovic Month ago

    said it before and sayin' it again......this becoming more of a freak show with every passing season.
    Is he a natural blonde all of a sudden ?
    Did simon get caught in a giant fan ?
    An old man making a complete ass of himself .

  • hadiansyah tan
    hadiansyah tan Month ago

    Its a creep's radiohead come on mate,.. Alternative turn into R&B or else and we all dont noticed where or when it transforms,.. It just flewing like that

  • Patrick Neal
    Patrick Neal Month ago

    Wtf is Simon wearing....

  • Jheuzmarcoh Marcoh
    Jheuzmarcoh Marcoh Month ago

    You nailed it! Storm!

  • Jorge Carcamo
    Jorge Carcamo Month ago

    Vincent in the four sing this song better

    • karen Karen
      karen Karen Month ago

      Song belongs to radiohead. Both did different variations. Dalton totally captured every element of the song. So yes he outdid Vincent. Why are you here with the comparison's.

  • vince s
    vince s Month ago

    that was *chef's kiss* amazing

  • April Robles
    April Robles Month ago

    What the hell is Simon wearing?

  • Black Beauty
    Black Beauty Month ago +1

    Boom boom go yardie.

  • José Díaz
    José Díaz Month ago

    Kimberly nichole The Voice

  • Carlyle Flash
    Carlyle Flash Month ago


  • CK112
    CK112 2 months ago

    Dalton Harris version of this song is one of the best I have heard in a long time!! I like his version better than the original!! Real Talk!! Just Thinking out loud!!

  • Yani Williams
    Yani Williams 2 months ago

    Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • Caesar Wright
    Caesar Wright 2 months ago

    This was cool and I can tell Dalton really tried his hardest to make a good impression and honestly I think he tried too hard because he was pitchy and some of his runs were just not on point. However Vincent's was flawless. The bar has been set to the ceiling by Vincent. He did not over sing the song, he did it just right with all the Accents in all the right places and a stellar ending. Vincent you really sound like a pro next to the amateur sounding Dalton. Not taking anything away from Dalton he really did try his best so hats off to him

  • temilola1
    temilola1 2 months ago

    Love the range and delivery! Plus, Simon is on board which makes for an interesting outcome!

  • Barbara Elizabeth Jones

    What a lovely person Dalton is !

  • Ari Walls
    Ari Walls 2 months ago

    Not impressed. Vincent did this better than anyone could.

  • Julie Villasa
    Julie Villasa 2 months ago


  • Jus- Sayin
    Jus- Sayin 2 months ago

    All I can say is WOW WOW WOW.

  • Yolanda Anaya
    Yolanda Anaya 2 months ago

    Try watching Brian Justin Crum this was good but I think Brian's is slightly better in a different way

  • Mary Williams
    Mary Williams 2 months ago

    Dalton this is my bestest besses best, best best. If u were in my age group I would of hunt u down my prince. Gods blessings b upon u.

  • jammy delicioso
    jammy delicioso 2 months ago

    i really hope this guy won because he proved that he is an amazing artist with this song only i'm amazed to see stars like him not being popular

  • aësthëtíc msp
    aësthëtíc msp 2 months ago

    best singer EVER!!

  • Jesusa Lim
    Jesusa Lim 2 months ago


  • mai nesnia
    mai nesnia 2 months ago

    gifted voice....

  • Ayo Felepa
    Ayo Felepa 2 months ago

    Damn the video was pausing and I’m thinking my phone fucked up 🙄

  • Nanette Cormier
    Nanette Cormier 2 months ago

    That song was waiting to be sung by Dalton Harris! OMG!

  • Mandy Lee
    Mandy Lee 2 months ago

    Thats how to sing this song

  • Carlo Saavedra
    Carlo Saavedra 2 months ago


  • Evlinda D Pratita
    Evlinda D Pratita 2 months ago

    He's my second favo after athur😍

  • Thaisplum Plum
    Thaisplum Plum 2 months ago

    Dalton is a beautiful Sing

  • BruisesBlack&Pink
    BruisesBlack&Pink 2 months ago

    Phenomenal. Brought tears to my eyes, just as the original did the first time I heard it.

  • 10000 subs with no vids challenge _1

    Why don't they say the "run run run

  • vanessa sanders
    vanessa sanders 2 months ago

    Who is vincent?

    • Nianna Long
      Nianna Long 2 months ago

      He was on that one show, the four I think it is. He sang this song as well and people have gotten into a bit of a rivalry over who sang this better lol

    • JaySoLate
      JaySoLate 2 months ago

      Someone who has more talent than you ever will

  • Kelly Rae
    Kelly Rae 2 months ago

    Pull my heart & hold it. So, beautifully done.

  • Chris Lew
    Chris Lew 2 months ago

    NO 1 has done radio head like this!!!

  • Robert Manley
    Robert Manley 2 months ago

    Awesome rendition. Good job !
    I still believe Justin Crum owns this song.......he is in another league all together. Still....this man is amazing.

  • Elsa Chambers
    Elsa Chambers 2 months ago

    Vincent you did justice to the creep song also

  • Johanne E.
    Johanne E. 2 months ago

    That was super! Simon is having fun now, his outfit kills.

  • Aaliyah S
    Aaliyah S 2 months ago

    HE TOOK IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL also im so proud of my hunny bunny louis

  • Aeron Aeron
    Aeron Aeron 2 months ago

    Just like zayn malik....the voice.....

  • Vxbe
    Vxbe 2 months ago

    theres no way she said "radiohead who?"